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Dead child resurrected by the grace of Lord Shiva: The glory of the Shwet Madhav shrine.

Dead child resurrected by the grace of Lord Shiva: The glory of the Shwet Madhav shrine.

Once the sages-saints united and said to Lord Brahma - Lord!  You ever said that you will tell the whole story of Shwetamadhav.  Let us tell that story today, we all are very curious about who founded the Shwet Madhav Shrine.
Brahma said - In the Satyuga there was a powerful king named Shwet.  He was a very wise, brave, truth-loving and compassionate care taker of subject.  People used to lived for ten thousand years under his rule.  At least no one died in childhood.
The rule of King Shwet continued in the same way that an event occurred after many years.  Righteous Rishi Kapal Gautham used to live in the reign of King Shwet.  He had a beautiful son.
This beautiful little son of Kapal Gautam passed away before the tooth came out.  This was unthinkable in the rule of king Shwet.  So sage Kapal reached the court of Gautam Raja with him on his lap.
When the king saw Rishi Kumar, he could not believe that, he thought that child had either slept or was unconscious.  When it was found out that it had passed, he prayed for his to survive.
Seeing the no effect of the prayer, the king said - If I could not able to bring this child who has gone to Yamlok to the earth within seven days, then I will jump on the burning pyre.
Saying this, the king chanted Shiva mantra by worshiping Mahadev Ji with one lakh Nilkamal(Blue lotus).  Lord Shiva appeared with Parvati and respected the devotion of the king and said - O 'Rajan!  I am very happy with you.
On hearing this words of Mahadev Ji, King Shwet looked towards him.  Bhasma on body, wearing baaghamber on waist, adorned the moon on the forehead, the king bowed on the earth as soon as he saw Lord Shiva with eyes.
'God!  If you are happy with me, if you have mercy on me, then this Brahmin-boy lying in the control of Kaal(death) should come back alive again.  I have made this pledge.  Take care of my words, Lord.
Hey Mahesh!  You give him full life and whatever age it is, he should complete it well, just do it, Lord.  Mahadev ji was very happy to hear this king Shwet thing.
He commanded Kaal, who gave fear to all the creatures , and Kaal made that child alive .  When the child was weeping, Mahadeva became disappeared with Parvati Devi.
After this grace of Lord Shiva, King Shwet ruled with ease for thousands of years and then, when he became old, after considering the worldly dharma and Vedic rules, left everything and worshiped Lord Keshav.
King Shwet went to the Purushottam region of the South Sea and built a beautiful temple near the temple of Jagannathji there and revered the statue of Lord Shwetamadhava made of white stone in it.
After the installation and worshiping of the idol, he gave a lot of donations to Brahmins, poors, orphans and ascetics and offered obeisance in front of Lord Madhava and chanted and worshiped the Mantra by remaining silent and without food for one month.
Jagadguru Srihari came in front of the king along with all the gods on praising King Shwet in this way.  God said - 'Rajan!  Your intelligence is very good.  You think for the people, I am happy, ask for some good boon.
Hearing the word of God, Maharaj Shwet said - 'God!  If I am your devotee, then give me this wonderful boon that I should only get the imperishable Vaikunthadham above Brahmaloka.  May your wish be fulfilled by your grace.
Lord Narayana said - Rajendra!  You will go to my world by crossing the whole world.  The fame that you have received here will spread in all the three worlds.  I will always stay here.  This pilgrimage will be called Shwetgangaes by deity and demon etc. .
Vishnu ji said, who will sprinkle water of Shwetganges from the front of Kush, he will go to heaven.  One who will visit and pay respect to the idol named Shvetamadhav installed here, he will attain the ultimate post after death.

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How lord Nara-Narayana destroyed the ego of Indra and Kamadeva.

How lord Nara-Narayana destroyed the ego of Indra and Kamadeva.

Lord Vishnu took avatar as the Nara-Narayana Rishis on earth to save the earth.  So know about this story…
There is mention of various gods and goddesses in Hinduism as well as many avatars taken by them from time to time and their leelas.  It is believed that Lord Vishnu has taken many avarars on the earth from time to time.  Out of which the number of devotees of Lord Rama and Shri Krishna is very high. But there were two more avatar of Lord Vishnu about whom we will tell you today. Narna and Narayan were two brothers who later propagated dharma on earth.

Lord Vishnu gave a boon to Shri Dharma and Ruchi that he would definitely be born in their house.  To fulfill this boon, he was born as Nara and Narayan as children of Shri Dharma and Ruchi. Lord Vishnu took avatar as two sages named Nara and Narayana through Shri Dharma's wife Ruchi. They were ascetic from birth.  So, after taking birth, they went to Badrivan to do penance.  Both sages penance leads to expansion of happiness and peace in the world.  Many sages-saints blessed their lives by receiving sermons from them.  Even today Lord Nara-Narayana continues in austere penance. They were took the avatar of Shri Krishna and Arjun in Dwapar yuga and destroyed the sinner from earth.

Nar-Narayan's tenacity was so strong that Devraj Indra himself started to be afraid of them. Once, seeing their fiery austerity, Devraj Indra thought that they wanted to take my Indrasana through penance. Because of this fear of his mind, Indra started making plans to dissolve the tenacity of Nar-Narayana. Therefore, he sent Kamdev and Apsaras to dissolve their penance.  But Kamadeva and Apsaras used to many attempt on them but had no effect on them. Kamadeva tried his best to distract Nar-Narayana with the help of the Apsaras, but they were completely unsuccessful.  Both were looking at Apsaras and Kamadeva with their divine eyes.

Kamadeva and apsaras start to tremble with fear of curse.  Seeing his condition, Lord Nara- Narayana said - You all do not affraid.  We welcome you all with love and happiness.

After listening to these words of Nara- Narayana, Kamadev was extremely ashamed and said that he did all this at the behest of Devraj Indra.  Kamadeva said, "You are completely knowledgeable and completely beyond the vices of Kama, keep your grace on us."

Great enlightened men become victorious on Kama due to the effect of serving your feets.  Gods have such a nature that when someone wants to rise above penance, then they disturbed his penance. They get angry even after conquering Kama.  Their penance is destroyed.  But you are Devadhidev Narayan.  How can Kama, angry ,disorders etc. comes in front of you? Please keep your blessings on us always.  This is our request to you. Lord Nara-Narayana was very pleased with the praise of Kamadeva and showed amazing leela through his yogamaya. Everyone saw that beautiful women like  Lakshmi were serving Nara.  Nar-Narayan said, you can take one of these women to heaven.

She will be the form of gem for heaven.  By obeying them, Kamadev departed with the best Apsara Urvashi among the Apsaras.  He went to Devsabha(Heaven) and introduced everyone to the incredible glory of Lord Nara-Narayana, hearing of which Devraj Indra was astonished and frightened. He felt special remorse over his thought  and misdeed towards Lord Nara-Narayana.

After seeing all this, Devraj Indra himself started to feel remorse and reached to apologize to Nar-Narayana.

Lord Nara-Narayana pardoned Indra and said that this is the land of Bholenath, by coming here all the disorders of the mind disappear.  You too should here do meditation to get the blessings of Mahadev. It is believed that Badrikashram is the place where Lord Shiva appeared to Nar-Narayana and Devaraja Indra.

According to the Hindu Puranas, the dharma was propagated on the earth by the penance of Nara-Narayana. It is also said that in Kedarnath and Badrikashram, Nara-Narayana still lives in austerity.
This is not a big miracle for Lord Nara-Narayana.  This shows the incredible glory of the effects of their tenacity.  

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Lord Ganesha is very glorious and inspiring.

Lord Shree Ganesha is very glorious and inspiring.

Vighnaharta, Pratham Pujya, Ekadanta Lord Shri Ganesh is known by many such names.  Be it to start any auspicious work or to pray to remove any disturbance, Gajanan name is the first to come remember.  Any siddhi or sadhna is not considered complete without the Vighnharta Ganesha. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great pomp on the Chaturthi of Bhadraprada Shukla Paksha.  Vishnu as Ganesha was born as the son of Shiva-Parvati.  All the gods came to bless him on his birth. Vishnu blessed him with knowledge, Brahma blessed fame and worship, Shiva blessed with generosity, intelligence, strength and self-control.  Lakshmi said that where Ganesha will live, I will stay there. ”Saraswati provided speech, memory and oratory.  Savitri gave wisdom.  The Tridevas gave Ganesha the boon of Agarpujya, the first god and the provider of Riddhi-siddhi.  Therefore he is gods with universal, everlasting and universal popularity.

The story of the birth of Ganesha is very interesting .  In ancient time, when the terror of demons had increased on the earth, Mahadev Shiva had gone away from Shivaloka to help Gods.  Mother Parvati was alone in Shivlok.  When Parvatiji wished to take a bath, she was worried about Shivalok's safety. Although no one could enter Shivlok without Shivji's permission, but she feared that any other could be easily enter in Shivaji's absence.  Therefore, as a protection, she created a child with her power and named him Ganesha. She appointed Ganeshji with great powers and gave strict instructions to prevent anyone from entering the house.  Here the gods were start to defeat to the demons.  Shivji won the battle and happily walked towards Shivaloka.  Upon reaching Shivlok, he first desired to tell Parvati Mata the news of his victory. But unaware of Shiva's dominance, Ganesha stopped him from entering the house.  Shivji's anger gone to the peak point when he was prevented from entering his own house.  He severed Ganesha's head and entered inside the house.  When he told this story to Maa Parvati, she was very angry to hear the news of Ganesha's death.  She blamed Shivji for killing his own son and requested him to revive Ganesha immediately. Apart from persuading worried Parvati Mata, Shivji had no other way.  Then Shivji said that the head of Ganesha cannot be connected to torso again, but the head of a living creature can be installed.

According to Shivji's instructions, Shivaganas set out in the forest to find such a creature, who was sleeping with his head towards the north.  One such elephant was sleeping in the forest facing north.  Shivji's ganas brought him up.  Shivji connected the elephant's head with the trunk and Ganesha's body, and thus the life of Ganesha was revived.  Not only this, Shivji also announced that the people of Earth would worship Lord Ganesha before starting any new work.

Lord Shiva's thought is extensively behind the entire anatomy of Ganesha.  All the qualities of a skilled, just and strong ruler and god have been included in him.  Ganesha's forehead is of elephant, that is, he is the god of wisdom. He is intelligent .  His memory power is very sharp.  His memory power is very sharp.  Like the elephant, his instincts are the origin of inspiration in the steady, serious, calm and calm consciousness. Elephant's eyes are relatively small and it is very difficult to understand the expressions of those eyes.  Actually Ganesha is the ideal form of the leader .  The leader of the gana should have gravity and seriousness.  That gravity lies in his gross body. His huge body also inspires to be alert and ready to face all situations and difficulties.  His Lambodar's form teaches the secrecy of others, evils, weaknesses in themselves and inspires them to stick to their duty path by keeping all kinds of condemnation, criticism in his stomachs.  The small face is indicative of being low, logical and soft-spoken.

Since then Ganesha is the presiding deity of happiness-prosperity, Riddhi-Siddhi, fame, knowledge, and auspiciousness.  In the world unfavorable with favorable, inauspicious with auspicious, ignorance with knowledge, unhappiness happens with happiness.  Ganesha is the only savior for a person troubled by adverse, inauspicious, ignorance and sorrow. He is the Satvik deity and is the Vighnaharta. He is not only permeate every aspect of Indian culture and lifestyle, but are also present in abroad's home-cars, offices and factory.  Ganesha is prevalent everywhere. Ganesha is first remembered and worshiped for his success in daily activities, wishes for happiness, prosperity, development of intelligence and knowledge, and for any smooth functioning of auspicious work.  Along with being the first god, his personality is multi-faceted, the character of Loknayak(leader), he is the god of wisdom.

All types of cosmic works, big and simple, begin by remembering his divine nature.  Traders start the new year by writing 'Shri Ganeshay Namah' on their books.  Each work is started with Ganpati Pujan and Ganesh Vandana. Ganpati is first remembered in the temple, whether it is a celebration of the (Pran Pratishtha) life of the idol or the theme of the Shodas(Shodas Sanskar) ceremony in life.  According to Skanda Purana, who worships Ganesha devotionally, there is no hindrance come in front of him.  Ganapati Ganesh or Vinayaka All words mean Lord or Leader of the Gods.
Ganesha is a sattvik deity, his feet are small, which are symbolic of the sensory and sattva qualities of the senses.  Mooshak is the vehicle of Ganapati, which is a motivator to control the tendency of fickleness and perforation of others.  Actually the Mooshak is a very small and weicked animal.  By making him own vehicle, Ganapati has enhanced his dignity and has given the message that the Gannayak(leader) should also have affection for a person who is insignificant.  The four arms of Ganesha impart knowledge of four types of devotees, four types of creation and four (Purusharth) efforts.
Riddhi-Siddhi is Ganesha's wives.  She is the daughters of Prajapati Vishwakara.  If worshiped Ganesha is duly worshiped, his virtous wives Riddhi-Siddhi are also happy and give happiness-peace-prosperity in the house and family, and pure wisdom and intelligence to the children. Siddhi had son named 'Kshem i.e.  Shubh(auspicious)' and Riddhi had son name Laabh(Benefit). Where Lord Ganesha is Vighnharta, then his wives Riddhi-Siddhi makes devotees to famous, magnificent and prestigious.  At the same time, with good luck and good fortune, keep it permanent and safe.  Mankind will always be indebted to him for the welfare of the people, for giving practical principles of Dharma and for establishing happiness-prosperity-smooth governance.  Today's rulers(leaders) need to follow in the footsteps of Ganesha.
Ganeshji is considered to be the first writer(Proof reader), he wrote the Mahabharata composed by Ved Vyasji on the prayers of the gods.  Ganesha worship is also practiced in Jain and Buddhist religions.  Ganesha is also considered as Adidev in Hindu culture.  Since eternity, Ganesha has been worshiped by many names as the destroyer of sorrow, fear, anxiety etc., and has been destroy the suffering of human beings.  In present times, the worship of Ganesha for the protection of freedom, national consciousness, emotional unity and integrity and to celebrate the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi enthusiastically has its own special significance.

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How Kansa was come to end.

How Kansa was come to end.

If we see the relation of Mama(maternal uncle )then there is a very respectful relationship.  The sound of the word Mama is pronounced twice in the sound of the word Maa(mother).  But in the mythological history of Hindus, there have been two maternal uncles who have made this relationship the object of ridicule and cruelty forever.  A maternal uncle Shakuni, a maternal uncle Kansa and both happened at the time of Lord Sri Vishnu's Krishnaavatar. While Shakuni was the maternal uncle of the Kauravas, Kansa himself belonged to Lord Krishna. Let us know why Kansa became so cruel and how Shri Krishna killed Kansa.

Birth of Kansa

Everyone knows that Kansa was killed by Lord Krishna but very few people know how Kansa was born.  Once upon a time, Yaduvanshi King Ugrasen used to rule in Mathura city.  He was married to Padmavati, the daughter of King Satyaketu of Vidarbha. After marriage, Maharaj Ugrasen fell in love with his wife Padmavati so much that he does not like to eat without her.  Time passed that one day Maharaj Satyaketu started remembering his daughter.  He sent the messenger to bring her.  The messenger went and asked Maharaj Ugrasena for his condition and informed about the restlessness of Maharaj Satyaketu. The heart did not agree, but Ugrasen also thought that it has been long since Padmavati too remembers her father.  Now Padmavati goes to Vidarbha with the messenger.  What happens after going there is that one day while walking with her friends, she reached a mountain, there was a very beautiful forest at the foot of the mountain and an equally beautiful pond was built there. The name of that pond was Sarvatobhadra.  All the girls started bathing in the pond.  At the same time, a monster named Gobhil passed through the sky, and his eyes fell on Padmavati.  He was fascinated by that and after getting information about her, Gobhil took the form of Ugrasen and went to the mountain and started singing songs in a sweet voice from his illusion. Padmavati feel this sound like Ugrasena and ran towards the mountain.  Seeing Ugrasen there she was shocked and happy , she asked how did you come here, Goghil, who became Ugrasen, said that he could not feel happy without her, so he came.  The two began to lose in each other that sudden Padmavati had see on his body and saw a scar that was not on Ugrasena's body. Then Padmavati came to know the truth of Gobhil but by then it was too late.  The monster Gobhil told her that the whole world will tremble with the cruelty of the children born of our union.  Time passed and Padmavati came to Ugrasen, Ugrasen loved Padmavati equally after known all this.  After conceiving for ten years, Padmavati gave birth to a child.  Whose name was Kansa.

Kansa also had a sister, named Devaki Both siblings had a lot of love.  If Devaki used to scratch, Kansa used to suffer.  Devaki also got married with time.  Devaki's marriage with Maharaj Vasudev was completed happily, but when Devaki was being sent off, it was Akashvani for Kansa that the eighth child of Devaki would kill him.  Kansa was terrified at this and thought of killing the sister whom he loved so much.

Birth of Shri Krishna

Vasudev suggested to Kansa, who had made the idea of ​​killing Devaki, that he would hand over each of his children as soon as they were born, so therefore he should not kill Devaki.  Kansa found Vasudev's suggestion appropriate and Vasudev and Devaki were put in jail. Now after the birth of the child, he was handed over to Kansa and Kansa would kill him.  When the turn of the seventh child came, shortly before his birth, Lord Vishnu, with the help of Yogmaya, placed Devaki's womb in the womb of Vasudeva's first wife Rohini.  Balarama was the child born from Rohini's womb. Gradually, the time also came when Shri Krishna was born as the eighth child.  All the Kansa's soldiers went into deep sleep, Vasudev's fetters opened, the gates of the prisons opened automatically.  Like any way Vasudev managed to reach friend Nand baba house with Shreekrishna.

Slaughter of kansa

At the same time, Nandarai and Yashoda had a daughter, which Nandarai handed over to Vasudeva.  Vasudev came back to jail with that daughter.  As soon as Kansa got the news of Devaki's eighth child, he reached the jail and started demanding Devaki's eighth son.  Kansa did not take pity on hearing that the daughter is not the eighth son, and as soon as he went ahead to kill her, the girl went into the sky and told Kansa that his killer  had been born.

Now after the eighth child, Akashvani came again and Kansa came to know that the one who killed him has been born.  He ordered the killing of all newborns.  Many attempts were made to kill the child Krishna but did not succeed.  Krishna and Balarama grew older.

Krishna continued to show his leelas and the day also came when Kansa summoned his death by inviting Shri Krishna and Balarama to Mathura.  Kansa had woven a trap for Krishna and Balarama, but when is God trapped in someone's trap? When the mad elephant was left behind them, his trunk was cut and killed. After this, they were challenged for the battle of Malla(wrestling), one by one, all the nobles of Kansa went to death.  Now Shri Krishna said that Kamsa uncle the pot of your sin is over.  After this, Shri Krishna killed Kansa. In this way, by killing Kansa, Lord Shri Krishna liberated the people of the earth from an oppressor.  The day the world was freed from the terror of Kansa is considered to be the day of Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month.

The zodiac names  of Shri Krishna and Kamsa are also similar to those of Rama-Ravana. It signifies intense hostility or friendship. In both cases, a clear description of the victory of justice over injustice and fierce enmity.  At the same moral of story, both Rama and Krishna had to face terrible conspiracies of elusive demons before the final victory.

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Why was Surpanakha and Shri Krishna married?

Why was Surpanakha and Shri Krishna married?

 It is necessary to know about Surrapanakha before main story.

Shurpanakha, sister of Ravana and wife of Sri Krishna, yes this story is very interesting.  This story from Treta Yug to Dwapara Yuga is very interesting.  Know what Shurpanakha did, due to which she got the privilege of becoming the bride of God herself.
Hardly you know about Dandakaranya forests's ruler, Ravana's much-loved sister, Shurpanakha, that she had the privilege of being the wife of Sri Krishna.  The image of Shurpanakha in the common man is of a demon.  A woman who decided to take revenge on Sri Ram and Lakshman after being frustrated(that mean after cutting nose...after feeling insult) and inspired Ravana to fight. In the end it led to the destruction of its own dynasty.  But despite all this she became the wife of Shri Krishna, she was got salvation .  The great sages -saints is not able to achieve this happiness even after rigorous penance, but Shurpanakha got this blessing.

Hello friends, in this blog today we will talk about what was the name of Surpanakha or Surpnakha's husband, and the real name of Surpanakha!
 Friends, Surpanakha was the sister of Ravana, her real name was Supnakha which means beautiful nails's woman.
Because Surpanakha was so beautiful that men were fascinated by seeing her nails, that's why her name was Supnakha.
What was the name of Surpanakha's husband: - Surpanakha's husband's name was Vidhutjivh, who was the commander of a king named Kalakeya. Once there was a war between Kalkeya and Ravana and where Kalakeya's army was headed by Vidutjivah, on the other side of Ravana.  Ravan himself was leading the army.
The situation was difficult in front of Vidhutjivah as it was his duty to protect his kingdom but if he did so, he had his own brother-in-law in front.
Surpanakha had explained to Ravana that do not invade the capital of Kalakeya, but Ravana was blinded by the longing for the expansion of his kingdom.
 Vidhutjiv also decided to stand firm on his duty and stood in the battle in front of Ravana.
Ravana and Vidutjivah fought and Ravana killed Vidutjivah because Surpanakha was the wife of Vidutjiva so she was very sad and swore that one day she would destroy the entire family of Ravana.
 Therefore, she went to Shri Rama and started harassing him because she had understood that only Rama can defeat Ravana, so she encouraged enmity.
 And because of Surpanakha, there was war between Ram and Ravana.
 And in the end, Shri Ram won.
Now let's move on to today's basic topic: -
 Since birth, Shurpanakha's image has always been viewed with hatred due to the demonic kami and brutally massacred.  Even after doing penance for crores of births, even sages and saints are unable to see God.

Not only did Shurpanakha get the privilege of talking to Shri Ram, but Shri Ram also give her a oppertunity to talking Lakshmanji and also provide darshana of Bhaktiswaroopa Adhya Shakti Jagat Janani Jani Sita Mata.  Actually, the mystery of all this story is hidden in Shurpanakha's former birth.
There remains a curiosity as to what works Shurpanakha had done that resulted in her getting the privilege of meeting God. Humans and wise people always contemplate her, so let us know the story of Surpanakha's previous birth.
Surpanakha was Indra's nymph named Nayantara in a previous life.  It was counted among the prominent Apsaras like Urvashi Rambha Maneka etc.  Once the dance of Apsaras was going on in Indra's heaven, at that time Nayantara was also pointing with eyes while dancing. On seeing this, Indra was distracted and pleased over her.  Since then Nayantara became Indra's beloved.  At that time, a sage named Barja was doing penance on earth. Indra sent her to the earth to dissolve the austerity of the sage as he was pleased with Nayantara. But when the sage's penance was broken, he cursed her to be demonic.  On apologizing to the sage, the sage told her that you will have darshan of God in demonic form.  Then the same Apsara was born as Surpanakha after body sacrifice.
She had determined that, she would receive him when she saw God.  She went to Sri Rama Prabhu, making the same Nayantara form. But she is making a mistake that she has expressed her desire to get Lord Shri Ram as her husband. There is the process of attaining Parabrahma, only through devotion or vairagya (quietness ) can one achieve Parambrahma.  Surpanakha did not go to Bhakti Sita and Vairagi Lakshman, but she directly to Parambrahma and that was her biggest mistake. She wanted to separate Bhakti by becoming the wife of Shri Ram directly.  Apart from this, if she had taken shelter of vairagya, definetly  she had gained God. But not even taking renunciation, that is, not going to Laxman in the form of vairagya, and having come in ego and went directly to God, ego had come in her.  She says that there is no woman like me in the whole world, this means that there is no woman eligible in the world like me to be your wife.
It is not possible for the egoist to find God, yet he is sent to Laxman in the form of vairaga to get proper knowledge, so that she can know the correct process of meeting God.  Vairagya's form Lakshmana thought that the demon could not be to vairagi, so sent her back to the Lord, then the Lord said to her that I am in control of the devotee, then Surpanakha went to Sita Mata .
She thought that if the Lord is in control of this devotee, then I should eat this devotee. Therefore, Laxman ji got angry and cut his nose and dislocated the organ.
Then Surpanakha's Gyan Chakshu(Knowledge eye) opened up and became his assistant to carry out the work of the Lord.  After killing Ravana Kumbhakaran Meghnath etc. demon by the hand of God, She went to Pushkar to adopt the proper process of attainment of God and standing in the water started meditating on Lord Shiva.
10000 years later Lord Shiva appeared to Surpanakha and gave her a boon that in the Dwapara Yuga, Shri Rama would take the incarnation of Shri Krishna.  Then you will get Lord Shri Krishna in Kuvja form, then Shri Krishna will correct your hump and he will give you your beautiful Nayantara Apsara seductive form.  So friends, this was story according to which Lord Shri Krishna married Surpanakha.
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To write the Mahabharata of Ved Vyas, Lord Ganesha had laid this condition and got a name Ekadanthari,

To write the Mahabharata of Ved Vyas, Lord Ganesha had laid this condition and got a name Ekadanthari, know the whole story

Ganapati Bappa is the most popular deity among the deities, who is worshiped by devotees in many beautiful forms and names, and the stories associated with his name are equally interesting.  One such name of Lord Ganesha is Ekadanthari, behind which there are not one, but three stories.

A story of his being called Ekadanthari is found in the Bhavishya Purana, according to which his elder brother, Kumar Karthikeya, broke his teeth in childhood due to his naughty behavior .
 The second story is that he had a broken tooth due to Parashuram ji's ax .. Apart from these, there is a third and interesting story.

Ganesh ji made a pen by his teeth 
According to the third legend, all the gods were troubled by the terror of a monster named Gajmukhasura.  After which they requested Gajanan to kill that monster.  According to beliefs, Ganesh broke his teeth and challenged Gajmukhasura for the war.
Gajmukhasura, upon seeing his death near, took the form of a rat and started running here and there.  Then, holding him, Ganesh made his vehicle.
Apart from these, there is a fourth and interesting story
 Whose context is related to Mahabharata.  Everyone has known this writing of Mahabharata by Sri Ganesh, but before writing Mahabharata, he had placed a condition in front of Maharishi Ved Vyas, but few people know about it.  This condition is related to the interesting subject of Shree Ganesh being called Ekadanthari….

For the creation of an epic named Maharishi Ved Vyasa Mahabharata, he was looking for a writer who would not interrupt the pace of his thoughts.  In this sequence, he remembered Lord Ganesha, the lord of wisdom, and insisted that Shri Ganesh be the author of his epic.  Ganesh ji agreed to him, but also placed a condition.

Sriganesh had told Maharishi Ved Vyas that if my pen does not stop even for a moment while writing, then I can become the author of this book. Then Ved Vyas ji would say some such verses that it would take some time for Shree Ganesh do not write without understand them .. Meanwhile, Maharishi Ved Vyas used to do other things.

In this way, two maharathis started to play their roles sitting face to face together.  But in the meantime, an incident happened .. Maharishi Vyas started speaking the story at a very fast pace just to break the pride of Ganesha .. And at the same speed Lord Ganesha continued to write the epic, but due to this speed immediately  Ganesh ji's pen broke, he failed to keep pace with the speed of the sage.
Giving up in this situation, Ganesh ji broke one of his teeth and continued to write it by dipping it in ink. Seeing this, the sage understood that Gajanan's quick wit and dedication was no match and he gave Ganesha a new name Ekdanta.  At the same time, Ganeshji also understood that he had become a little proud of his writing speed and he was underestimating the ability of the sage.
After both sides accepted each other's strength, ability and intelligence, the work of writing the epic began to take place with equal passion and energy.  It is said that this epic took three years to complete. In these three years, Ganesha did not stop the sage even for a single moment, while Maharishi also fulfilled the condition.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Why did Mata Parvati curse Samudradeva to be salty?

Why did Mata Parvati curse Samudradeva to be salty?

When the seas were built by the sons of Maharaja Prithu, the seven seas were liquids like fresh water and milk.  Everyone must have heard at some time that Lord Vishnu sits on the bed of Sheshnag in Kshirsagar.

Yes, Kshira means milk, you must have thought that whether it is written wrongly in the Purana.  If this idea has also come to your mind, then we want to tell that what is written in the Purana is true.  Mythological time, the sea, which is also called Kshirsagar, was filled with milk instead of salt water.

Kamdhenu, Mata Lakshmi, Apsaras and Amrit Kalash were obtained from the churning of the same Kshirsagar, but this is not the reason behind the saline sea water.  It is about the time when the goddess Uma, the daughter of the Himalayas, started austerities to get Lord Shiva in her husband's form. Due to this difficult austerity, Earth, Hades and Dev Lok started to tremble with all the gods, because of this problem, all the gods discussed among themselves. Meanwhile, the Samudradev( god of seas) started giving many taunts and even started speaking worse things  about Lord Shiva.   Seeing the beauty of the goddess Uma, Samudradeva was fascinated by her and he did so by being subjected to own feelings.

Not only this, when Lord Shiva and other gods forgave him for this activity, his courage increased.  Samudra Dev directly approached Goddess Uma and proposed to marry her in front of him, but Goddess Uma turned down his request, saying that she has accepted Lord Shiva as her husband in her heart, so she can not marry anyone else. According to Hindu religion, if a woman accepts a man as her husband, then thinking about another man is also a heinous crime.

Hearing this, there was no limit to the anger of the Samudradeva and he was full of annger & proudly and said a very worse thing about Lord Shiva.  By marrying that Aghori, you will have to live in the midst of ghost vampires on Kailash. There is still time to change your decision and marry me and live with me like a queen in my palace.  My seas are full of milk and sweet water, so I am entitled to be your husband.  Hurt by these harsh words, Goddess Uma cursed him that the sweet water and milk you are proud of will become salty.  And since then the sea water has become salty.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Mandodari told Hanuman ji the secret of Ravana's death.

Mandodari told Hanuman ji the secret of Ravana's death

The present time is becoming so amazing.  People have started quarreling over small things and nowadays a new news is published in the newspapers which people call as "Road Rage".

What a wonderful activity that someone's car touched your car and you are in anger, if any overtook your car, then you turn in anger and a quarrel begins.  We also forget that our parents or wife and children are waiting at home.  What will happen to them if something untoward happens?  What will happen to their expectations?

Competition is good, but what is there that can kill someone.  It is only natural to feel angry, but what if the family suffers from it?  Competition also takes place among devotees but in a healthy form.  The purpose of the devotee is to serve God and please him. While serving God, gradually his mind becomes so clean that it becomes his nature to encourage others.  Jealousy is not visible at all.  Perhaps this is why our elders used to tell us that son do everything but also worship God because he knew that this will make our mind clean and at least we will not quarrel with anyone and we have a sense of respect to others and we will not be jealous by someone's progress.

When Lord Sri Rama went to Lanka to take Sita ji, Ravana sent his relatives and sons to battle, but the war between Rama and Ravana continued from Tritiya of Ashwin Shukla Paksha till Dashami Tithi.  For a total of thirty-two days, there was a war between Rama and Ravana, Ravana was knowledgeable as well as very powerful.  It was very difficult to kill him.

The world knows that Vibhishan ji told Lord Shri Ramchandra ji that Ravana would die if he shot an arrow in Ravana's navel. God knows to everything , did he not know that Ravana would die by hitting with an arrow in Ravana's navel?  He knew, but the lover of devotees despised his honor in order to increase the value of the devotee.

But Vibhishan told Prabhu Shriram that Ravana could be killed only when his navel was hit.  Also, Vibhishana had also told about a special arrow.  With which Ravana could be killed.  Without this it was impossible to kill Ravana.

Vibhishana gave the solution to kill Ravana, Ram Bhakta Hanuman ji allowed Rama devotee Vibhishan to take credit for this, while Ravana's slaughter is at the root of Shree Hanuman. Ravana, Kumbhakaran and Vibhishana did hard penance to please Brahma. When Brahma ji appeared and everyone asked for his boon.  Ravana asked that he be immortal.

Brahma Ji said, "To give immortality is not to possible of his power."

 On Ravan's request again, Brahma Ji gave an arrow to Ravana and said that take this arrow and I can do so much that till this arrow is not hit in your navel then you will not end.  Ravana took that arrow and got it placed inside the pillar just in front of his royal throne inside his palace.

In the battle, when Lord Shri Ramchandra separates the head of Ravana from his body, then Ravan's head falls on the ground, but in a few moments he again gets back to his place.  Many times when this happened, Vibhishan gave the reason for Ravana not to die.  Hearing everything, Hanuman Ji said that you should not worry and tell where the arrow is.  Vibhishan ji said that I do not know this but only Ravan or his wife Mandodari know where this arrow is.

What was it then? Hanuman Ji took the form of a Brahmin after taking orders from God and started touring the famous places of Lanka as a great astrologer.  In the form of Jyotishacharya, Hanuman Ji used to tell the future of the people of Lanka wherever he went, and also tell the glory of Ravana to everyone.

After several days, the news reached the ears of Mandodari that a Brahmin is telling amazing things about Ravana.  Mandodari was also anxious and called the Brahmin.  The Brahmin told wonderful things about Ravana also say another thing that Mandodari did not know.  In many cases, he also told about the penance of Ravana and the boon of Brahma ji and some started speaking in such a way that the arrow is not safe.  Mandodari came to his notice and said to him, making sure that the arrow is safe.

The Brahmin said that I also know that the arrow is safe in every way and only Ravan and you know about it, but I am afraid that if you will let anyone in your female society fellow or any spy of those forest dwellers show that arrow. Impressed by Hanuman's eloquence, he left Mandodari's mouth that O Brahmandev!  You can be absolutely sure that any detective can not find or see that arrow because that arrow is very safely placed in the pillar in front of his throne in the royal palace.

On hearing this, Hanuman ji came into the real form and with a punch with the slogan of "Jai Shri Ram", he broke the pillar and took away the arrow from it and gave it to Lord Shri Ramchandra Ji and after then Ravana's slaughter was possible .

Shri Ram  attacked Ravana's navel with the same arrow.  In this way Ravana came to an end.  If this mystery could not be known, Ravana would not have ended despite the fact that Vibhishan had told Shri Rama that Ravana's death was in the navel. Despite this, the truth is that Mandodari, even though mistakenly, had given such information about Ravana to the opposing side which should not have been given.  … And if this information had not been made public, Ravana would never have been killed, Sita ji would never have been released and Sri Rama's vow to kill Ravana would never have been fulfilled.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Ashwatthama: Why say the most 'hateful' character of the Mahabharata period.

Ashwatthama: Why say the most 'hateful' character of the Mahabharata period.

Every part of the Mahabharata, each character has the ability to capture the mind of any people.  Whether you like any character or dislike it…
But you can't ignore any character!
 In spite of all these characters, if any character of Mahabharata is considered to be the most abominable, then it is not Duryodhana, not Dushasan… Shakuni or any other… but he is Drona-son Ashwatthama.
Yes!  The same Ashwatthama who was a big archer like Arjuna and Karna, then what is the reason behind it being considered the most disgusting?
He only supported Duryodhana and Duryodhana was also supported by Maharathi Karna… Then history consider him as Danveer, Maharathi Karna, so why does history hate Ashwatthama?
If there is talk of supporting Duryodhana, then he was also supported by Gangaputra Bhishma and Ashwaththama's father Acharya Drona, then why does history not blame them as much as Ashwatthama!
Come, to understand this, let's go on a journey to the Kurukshetra…
After all the efforts of peace were unsuccessful, the Kaurava and Pandava armies were face to face in the battle field.  When Maharathi Bhishma was appointed the commander in chief on behalf of the Kauravas, the Pandavas made Drupada-son Dhristadhumna as their chief commander. 
There was a fierce genocide for the first ten days of the war.  Blood shed heavily on both sides, many warriors were killed… but there was no scope of finding results.  Disappointment was growing in the Pandavas' side with the Ganga-son Bhishma standing unbroken wall on behalf of the Kauravas. He had the boon of wish-death.  Then at the behest of Shri Krishna, Yudhishthira himself went and asked Gangaputra Bhisma for the remedy of his death.  After that, we all know that Arjun removed Pitamah Bhishma from the battle ground by raising Shikhandi forward.
But the Pandavas' trouble is not over here!
 After that, like Acharya Drona and Bhishma, who became the chief commander of the Kauravas, he was also a disciple of Parshuram and was also a Guru to teach the Pandavas.  Now the Guru is a Guru… He is well aware of his disciples.
In such a situation, the Guru Drona had taking  four more days during the war and by then the Pandavas realized that like Bhishma, Acharya Drona could not be defeated in direct war. It was to be realized that a conspiracy was hatched against Guru Drona and this conspiracy can be considered as the seed which made Ashwatthama the most despicable character in history.
The Kaurava side was adept at conspiring!
 The killing of Abhimanyu under the command of Dronacharya himself had ruined all the rules of war.  In such a situation, if there is any conspiracy by the Pandavas, then there is a straightforward logic.
Well, Dronacharya stood up as alike wall and every day the 'Chakravyuh' type plan by started causing trouble to the Pandavas.  In this case, call it a conspiracy or a plan… It was plan around the son-fascination of Dronacharya.
What was it that Dronacharya was very upset since his poverty days and then his heart was broken when he saw that his son ie his wife Kruipi was applying rice paste on his mouth .  That is so that Ashwatthama's friends understand that Ashwatthama has come by drinking milk.
Well, that is another story.
 Understand in simple terms that Dronacharya loved his son a lot, without him he was sure to get senseless.
 So the plan of the Pandavas in Dharmakshetra-Kurukshetra was clear that-
 Mahabali Bhima will kill an elephant named Ashwatthama and make a noise that he "killed Ashwatthama".
Hearing his victorious noise, Dronacharya will be shocked, but he will also verify this with the truthful Yudhishthira.
 Dharmaraja Yudhishthira at first deny  to give false verification, but the department ie… Pandavas including Shri Krishna had tremendous pressure on Yudhishthira.
 Seeing no other way, Yudhishthira was finally ready…
We all know the story ahead -
 After Yudhishthira verified the news of Ashwatthama's death, Dronacharya's mental balance was disturbed and he sat in one place and started controlling his disordered breath.
 Meanwhile, Drupada-son Dhristadhumna, who was born for this occasion… cut Dronacharya's head with his sword.
 Later, when Ashwatthama came to know all this, he took it as 'personal'.  It mean how…
Suppose he thought how Pandavas could kill his father by lying like this!
 Shocked him and then he made a dangerous vow to his heart, which made him the most despicable character of Mahabharata.
The war of Mahabharata had ended.
 Many warriors had been killed, even their dynasty had ended.
  Mahabali Bhima had breaking Duryodhana's thigh and he was counting the last breath of death.  Five sons of Pandavas were also killed by Ashwatthama at bedtime.
 In such a situation, there was no hope left of the Pandava dynasty…
 Or was it left?
 Yes, there could have been a child who would have carried the lineage of Pandavas!
 Abhimanyu's wife, Uttara, had a hope of the Pandava dynasty in her womb, and Drona-son Ashwatthama knew this.
Just then he did the worst work of Mahabharata!
 Even after killing the five sons of the Pandavas at bedtime, he was not full of heart…
 Then… to end the hope of the Pandava dynasty, he gave up Brahmashirastra, however, Arjuna also used Brahmashirastra in response, but he later withdrew Brahmashirastra for the good of creation, while Ashwatthama did not know to withdraw this weapon. 
So finally, Uttara's womb was destroyed ... It was Yogeshwar Shri Krishna's grace that the child born out of Uttara's womb got life and later he became famous as Maharaj Parikshit.
 But Ashwatthama was yet to be punished for his act!
Yogeshwar Shreekrishna became enraged by the act of Ashwatthama and this was perhaps the first time of the Mahabharata, when very harsh words came out of Shri Krishna's own mouth!
 Earlier, Shrikrishna had given moksha to other sinners like Shishupala, Kansa.
 But Ashwatthama's crime was not worthy of salvation!
 That is why the 'Mani' of his forehead was snatched at the behest of Shri Krishna and Ashwatthama received a cursed  that he would bear the punishment of his sins for long time.
Not only this, Ashwatthama's forehead where the gem was seated, made a wound, which according to the references, it was cursed and leaking of blood for long time.
 Since then it is believed that Ashwatthama is alive and is still facing the punishment of his sins.
 This work done by Ashwatthama in Dwapar Yuga was the most heinous.  Apparently, despite being a great archer warrior, despite being a paternal-devotee, the act Ashwatthama did in anger and jealousy… no value for his qualities!
It is doubtful whether history will ever forgive Ashwatthama?
 What is the opinion of you readers on Ashwatthama's character and his act?

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