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Duryodhan's death was the cause of his mother Gandhari.

Duryodhan's death was the cause of his mother Gandhari.
A woman was the cause of the destruction of the Kauravas.  We all know that the Kaurava dynasty ended due to  Draupadi's insult .  But are you aware of the fact that the cause of Duryodhana's death was not Draupadi but his mother Gandhari.
Let us know how Gandhari caused the death of her own son.

The era may have been there, but the mother and child's relationship has remained unbreakable.  A mother has always wanted that her child be away from every problem .  Direct evidence of this is found in the Mahabharata that took place in the Dwapara era.

Gandhari was a devoted woman.  It was her dedication to blind husband Dhritarashtra that she too blindfolded.  Its also tell that Gandhari was the unique devotee of Lord Bholenath.  It was her reverence and worship that Shivji gave  Gandhari to a wonderful boon.

According to the story, according to the boon given by Bholenath, if Gandhari would see anybody by removing the cloth on her eyes.  His body would become like Vraj.  This was the reason that she never removed the cloth on her eyes.
As such, Gandhari always kept cloth on her eyes .  But when the war of Mahabharata reached its final stage.  The great warriors of the Kauravas and 99 sons of Gandhari died, then Gandhari facinated by son's love and she was afraid of the death of her son Duryodhana.  In such a situation, Duryodhana was ordered to take a bath in the Ganges and come to naked.

As per the orders of his mother, Duryodhana went to bathe in the Ganges.  After bathing, when Duryodhana started going to appear in front of her in a naked state as his mother said.  At this time he met Shri Krishna on the way.  Shri Krishna knew the reason for Duryodhana to go to his mother in naked.

That is why he cleverly asked Duryodhana to take his trap of words that you do not feel ashamed, in such a situation how can you go towards the palace?  When you were a child, you could go in front of your mother in any form, but now you have grown up, it is unfair to go in front of mother Gandhari.

Duryodhana came to the words of Shri Krishna and covered the lower part of his waist with leaves and then appeared before Gandhari.  As soon as Duryodhana came, she opened her eyes , her eyes fell on Duryodhana's naked body, due to which his body became as hard as Vajra.  But the part on which Duryodhana tied the leaves.  Gandhari's vision could not fall on that part and the thighs part of the body could not become rigid.
Due to which this part of his body remained weak and he died as a result.  During the battle of Mahabharata, Duryodhana died only after  when Bhima attacked Duryodhana's thigh.

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Perhaps the location and time of each destiny event is fixed.

Perhaps the location and time of each destiny event is fixed.

Today I have brought an article on such a subject, on which there can be a long debate. Some people may accept it or reject it.

1st story:-

Once it was very cold.  All humans, animals and birds all were suffering.  In such a way, a vulture was sitting on a tree's top in the sunlight to overcome his cold.  At the same time, Yamraj came out from there.

As soon as he saw the vulture sitting on the tree, his eyes got stressed but he said nothing and went his way.  He went own way, but the vulture's life dried up after seeing his attitude.  Now he was shivering with fear not to cold .  In the meantime, Narada ji came to pronounce 'Narayan-Narayan'.  Narada ji saw the trembling vulture and stopped and asked,  vulture are your health good?  You trembling very badly, what's the matter?  Tell me if you need any help.

The vulture stuttering with great difficulty told that Yamraj had just left from here.  I did not even make any mistake, knowingly or unknowingly, yet he has gone to see me with a very crooked eye.  Looked very angry.  This makes me feel very fear.  Narada ji thought after two minutes and said that you do one thing. There is a hill called Ramtek at a distance of 100 yojan(one yojan=12 to15 KM) from here.  Go hide in his cave , till then I talk to Yamraj and ask the reason for his displeasure.

The vulture obeyed him and took refuge in the hill of Ramtek.  In the meantime, Narada ji went to Yamraj and asked what happened today, Maharaj, you had attained anger at that helpless vulture early  morning. Yamraj said, "Oh nothing, as soon as I got out, I saw that vulture in front."  Tonight is the culmination of his life which is to be completed in the hills of Ramtek a hundred yojan (one yojan=12 to15 KM) away.  I was thinking that it should be there, what is it doing here.

 Now , Narada ji could not understand whether he did good or bad.

2nd story:-

One day the thought of Garuda Dev, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu, came to mind that why not visit the earth once.  During his visit, when Garuda Dev reached Lord Vishnu's patil putra temple,  then he saw a pigeon trembling while sitting on the platform.  Seeing his position, he wondered in the courtyard of the Lord's temple there is no fear and why is this pigeon trembling despite sitting in the sun? He asked the reason for trembling with that pigeon, that pigeon first bowed to him and after that said that Yamraj came here shortly before the you came.  When his eyes fell on me, he said that this unfortunate creature will die as soon as the sun rises tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is the last day of my life, how can anyone know how to control themselves?  That is why I am trembling with fear of death, I do not want to die yet, please protect my life and save me from this trouble. Hearing the scorn of that pigeon pleaded, he felt pity on him as well as his thought that why should not Yamraj be challenged.  He pressed the pigeon in its huge claws and led it away from the temple courtyard to a safe cave.  Garuda Dev flew away by making the cave situated on the Malayagandh mountain safe.

From there, he flew directly towards Yamraj's city of Yamlok, in his mind he was eager to tell Yamraj about his success in protecting pigeon's life.  He wanted to tell Yamraj that he had failed his plan by protecting the life of the pigeon. When Yamraj came to know that Garuda Dev himself had come to Yamlok, he honored him and placed him on the sit and asked the purpose of coming to Yamlok.

Then Garuda Dev very proudly told him that the pigeon that was about to die today has saved by me.  On hearing him, Yamraj smiled and asked Chitragupta about that pigeon.  Seeing in his book, Chitragupta Maharaj said that the pigeon living in the temple of Lord Vishnu's patil putra temple will become the food of the snake in a cave in the Malayagandh mountain just after sunrise today, and that incident has been completed just a while ago.

Hearing this, Garuda Dev's surprise  and he went directly to the cave where he saw that the snake had eaten that pigeon.  He was very sad to see that instead of protecting the pigeon, he himself had brought it to the mouth of death.  After reaching Baikuntha Lok, Garuda Dev was sitting in solitude with a sad heart, then Lord Vishnu understood his agony and explained to him that at the time of birth,  the time of death is also be fixed and the law of Brahma cannot be changed.

Even if we look at the ancient texts of Hinduism, we also see many such incidents in which prophecy has been spoken.  Like it was already predicted that Krishna would kill Kansa.  In the Ramayana, it was already determined that Lord Rama would come to Shabri's ashram and also give moksha to Ahilya.
One such mention is made in Tulsidas ji well in Ramcharitmanas.  In which he is explaining that no one can do anything in whatever is already scheduled.
That means, it is what Sri Rama has already decided .  Who can expand their thinking by arguments ?

A prediction can be made only when something like a future exists.  If nothing has happened then how can it be told with clarity beforehand.  This also proves that whatever is happening with us has already been determined.
There have been many sages in our history who were trikaldarshi.  Maharishi Valmiki had written before the Uttarakand of Ramayana when incident were took place.  Even today, there are such sages-saints in the ancient caves of the Himalayas who have the ability to see past and future by meditating.
It is mentioned in the Balmiki Ramayana that not only Rama and Sita but also Dashrath ji and Guru Vashistha knew beforehand what was going to happen in the future.
Durvasa Rishi had already told Dashrath ji that his son Rama would have to suffer 14 years of exile.  Guru Matang also knew that Shreerama would come to his ashram one day and give  darshan to Shabri.
Devaki's eighth son would kill Kansa, but Kansa himself also knew this prophecy.

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Story of Kubja's previous birth

In Indian mythological texts, Kubja is one such character whose interesting and surprising stories are found in relation to births.  In the eleventh chapter of Garga Samhita, there is a story of King Bahulashv.
Once, while listening to the story from Narada Muni, Bahulashv asked him, “Muniver.  That Sairandhri Kubja had done which type of  hard penance in her former life, as a result of which the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna pleased upon her.
Because his less happiness is also rare for the gods?  On this, Devrishi Narada told him that it was a long time ago.  In the Treta Yuga, when Surpnakha saw Lord Rama in the Panchavati, seeing his attractive human form, she became enamored with facinated by her heart.
But she saw that Rama's affection is not going on her at all, while Suparnakha was wandering as a very lavanayamayi( beautiful) at that time.  She noted that Ram was extremely disgusted and no interest  upon seeing her and his only affection was towards Bhagwati Sita ji.
Due to seeing this scene , Surpnakha burning in this jealousy, rushed towards her to eat Sita ji, but Lakshman ji was alert.  He (Laxman ji) also immediately cut off his nose and ears.  Laxman ji wanted to kill her but Lord Rama forbade him to do so, he only asked Laxman ji to punish her and as a result Laxman ji cut off the nose and ears of that Surpnakha.
Disgusted by her insults, Surpnakha, burning in anger, came to her brother Ravana and prayed to Ravana to kidnap Sita.  When Ravana kidnapped Sita ji, she once again found Rama Lakshmana alone in the forest and came to pray (to Lord Rama) to marry her.
But even this time her wish was not fulfilled.  Now she was completely disappointed.  In the end, when Ravana was killed and also Rama without sita did not interested by her beauty, she was sadded and disappointed, she remained in the Pushkar region, meditating on the form of Lord Shiva and started penace.
In the end, when the Lord Mahadeva appeared and asked her to ask for boon, she wished Rama as her husband.  On this, Lord Shankar gave her the boon of getting him from Krishna form in the future i.e. Dwapara Yuga.  The same Suparnakha became Kubja in Dwapara.
She was born in Mathura as Kubja, a demon named Surpnakha, who had the ability to change the form according to her desire and she became beloved of Krishna only by the boon of Devadhidev Mahadev.  

The story of Kubja is given in Sri Lomash Ramayana in another way.

According to that texts, at the time of Ramavatar, Kaikayi Maid Manthara was Krishna Priya Kubja in Dwapar yuga.  In a summary , the story goes like this: The people of Ayodhya came to know that instead of crowning their beloved Prince Rama, he was being sent for exile for fourteen years. And behind all this,  Kaikeyi's maid Manthara has the hand of this incident , so they all were enraged at the Manthara and those enraged Ayodhya's people asked Shri Lomash ji, “Lord! Why is this manthra opposed to Rama?  Whereas animals, birds, fools, schloar, trees etc. are  lovers of our Rama ”.

To this Lomash ji replied, “Manthara was the granddaughter of Prahlada and daughter of Virochan in the previous birth.  Even in that birth, its name was Manthara. When her younger brother Bali was in his mother's womb,  then the gods plan to cheated Virochan,  gods taking the form of a Brahmin and asked Virochan to donate his entire life to the Brahmins. So Dani(donor) Virochan gave up his body.  After which the demons became destitute.  They went to the shelter of Manthara.  Manthara assured them of defense.  Due to which the demons Shambar, Maya, Baan etc. came out for war, but they lost to the gods.
Then Manthara became fiercely angry at the gods and  in anger she tied all the gods through Nagpasha.  Narada Ji requested  to Lord Narayana for solution to this misfortune of gods  . Lord Vishnu gave immense power to Indra by which Indra not only cut the bond of Nagpasha but with the same power Indra defeated Manthara and made her unconscious.
Due to the influence of that divine power, Manthara's body became crippled, it became Kubja.  The demon women also ridiculed her from behind.  In the next birth after death, she was born in the same form in the Kashmir region and became the maid of Kaikayi to seek vengeance from Lord Vishnu, and she interrupted the establishment of Ram Rajya, due to which she was in infamy the whole world.
Due to her this infamy the lord saved her at the time of Krishnavatar.

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Why there was a dispute between Shree Ganesh and Devi Tulsi.

Why there was a dispute between Shree Ganesh and Devi Tulsi.

Who does not know Lord Ganesh, the younger son of Mahadev Shiva Shankar and Goddess Parvati.  But hardly you will know about a secret associated with him that Lord Ganesha had vow to be a lifelong brahmachari. You must be thinking that if this is the case then who is Riddhi Siddhi.  And if he was married to Riddhi Siddhi, why he not obey to own vow?

But this is not true, there is a very interesting story behind it, which will make you stunned, so let's know about this hidden aspect of the life of Lord Ganesha. When his head was cut off by Lord Shiva in anger, Mahadev came to know about his being the son of Goddess Parvati.  Knowing this, he was very sorry for his actions and asked him to go to his vehicle Nandi bull and cut the head of a child.

On getting his permission, Nandi set out in search of a new born child and his search ended by going to an elephant child.  In a hurry, he cut the head of the elephant's child and Lord Shiva attached the head to Ganesha's torso and brought him alive.  After getting a new life, Lord Ganesha decided that he will remain a lifelong brahmachari because no woman will be ready to marry him after seeing his appearance.  Lord Ganesha went to the forest with this desire and became engrossed in hard penance. As time went on, so his influence was increasing due to his tenacity.  Gradually, his intensity increased as if it seemed that other sun had risen in the forest.
Seeing the same bright light, Tulsi reached near him and proposed marriage to him.  But Ganesha had pledged to be a lifelong brahmachari, so he politely refused Tulsi.
On hearing him, Tulsi's anger cross the limit and cursed Gajanan that he would be married not to one but two women.  Now because of getting curses, he had to marry two women.
But being enraged by this action of Tulsi, Ganesha cursed her to turn into a plant and also removed her leaves from his worship.  Even then, his anger did not subside, so he cursed Tulsi for suffering terrible pains.

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Why did Balarama not participate in the Mahabharata war?

Why did Balarama not participate in the Mahabharata war?
After all, even after being the most powerful, Balaram did not fight the war of Mahabharata, what was the reason behind it, know

In the war of Mahabharata, all the great warriors of that time were involved, some were fighting in favor of Pandavas, some were fighting against Pandavas, but in that war there was a warrior who was stronger and more powerful than all the warriors.  But still that warrior did not take part in this war, this warrior was none other than Shri Krishna's brother Balarama. Balarama had fought many wars in his life and won all but still did not take part in the war of Mahabharata.

Despite being the most powerful, Balarama  strongly refused to take part in the battle of Mahabharata to Shri Krishna. He told Shri Krishna that both Arjuna and Duryodhana are his friends, he has given knowledge to both of them many times, They are all the same for him, how he can fight with them. And he also advised Shri Krishna not to join this war, but Shri Krishna also solved this problem and told to Duryodhana that he  choose one of me and my army and after hearing this, Duryodhana thought that "how would I win the war with the help of alone Krishna and he chose the Narayani Sena (army) of Shri Krishna.

In the Mahabharata, it is said that when the preparations for the war were going on, Balram reached the cantonment of Pandavas, where Shri Krishna Arjuna and Yudhishthira were already present. Seeing Balarama , they all were very happy and Balarama sat down with Yudhishthir and said with a very sad heart that how many times I told Krishna that both the Pandavas and the Kauravas are the same for me. I do not discriminate against anyone. But the foolishness in these two minds is now understood and both of them are going to war in vain, we do not need to fall into it, but Krishna has so much affection with Arjuna that he is now fighting in the opposition of Kauravas, now such a situation how can I go against Krishna?

I have taught both Bhima and Duryodhana to war skill of gada, both are my disciples and I love them both equally.  I cannot see these two fighting amongst themselves, that's why I am going on pilgrimage. Saying so, Balram departure for the pilgrimage and did not participate in the war of Mahabharata.

Why did Balarama want to drown Hastinapur in the Ganges.

Why did Balarama want to drown Hastinapur in the Ganges.

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Today's story is described in the 25th chapter of the 5th verse of Vishnupurana, according to the story ....
Balabhadra or Balarama was the step elder brother of Sri Krishna who was born from Rohini's womb.  Balaram, Haladhar, Halayudh, Sankarshan etc. he has many names. It is said about Balarama ji that in anger he was adept at teaching all the warriors to the good thing.  It is written in the scriptures that Balram ji had a special attachment with the Kauravas.  Especially from Duryodhana.  Duryodhana was his beloved disciple. Balarama had also reprimanded the Pandavas on his death.  Then what was it that he was going to do while Duryodhana and his entire clan were dragged from the earth and drowning in the Ganges.

 Many love stories have been mentioned in the Puranas.  There is deception in some love stories, and in some stories there is a feeling of colliding with the world to get love. The love of Sri Krishna and Rukmini was also something that affects the youth very much.  Sri Krishna collided with the entire army to get Rukmini and  after victory he married with Rukmini in Dwarka. 
Shamba was the most affected by the love of Shri Krishna, and he was do fight the world in love like father, but the result was different.  Shamba, son of Jambavati and Shri Krishna, was equally beautiful and virtuous as Shri Krishna.  Once, Duryodhana's daughter Lakshmana fell in love with Shamba when she saw him.  Samb was also impressed by Lakshmana and fell in love.

Both wanted to get married.  But Duryodhana did not agree on this.  One day, seeing the opportunity, Shamba  taking Lakshmana in his chariot and going toward  Dwarika.  When the Kauravas came to know about this, the Kauravas came to battle Shamba with their entire army.

The Kauravas took Samb captive and brought him back to Hastinapur. When the Yaduvanshis came to know, they started preparing for war with the Kauravas, but Sri Krishna's elder brother Balaram stopped them and came to Hastinapur to talk to the Kauravas themselves.

Coming here, he said to the Kauravas to send Shamba and Lakshmana to Dwarka.  Then the Kauravas greatly insulted him.  Duryodhana and his family, already angry, did not agree to this.  Even on the repeated request of  Balarama, the Kaurava side was not ready to listen to him.

Balarama became enraged by the behavior of the Kauravas.  Angry Balaram took own plow in hand.  He bound the entire Hastinapur from the plow and proceeded directly towards the Ganges.  Angry, he warned Duryodhana that if he did not leave Shamba, he would immerse the entire Hastinapur in the Ganges.

Seeing the anger of Balaram, the Kauravas made sense in reconciliation.  When Samb was released, he  got Lakshmana married with vaidic rituals in Dwarika by blessing of Balrama.

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Maharishi Dadhichi donated his bones to the gods

Maharishi Dadhichi donated his bones to the gods
                  Who does not know Muni Dadhichi, who sacrificed his body and protected the gods and all the three worlds,  Vishwakarma by making Vajra from his bones gave to gods, then Indra killed the monster called Vritrasura. But do you know that once Maharishi Dadhichi drank the weapons of all the gods, which is described in the Brahma Purana .

According to the story:-

Once all the gods including Yamraj and Indra come to the ashram of Maharishi Dadhichi, they all came there after defeating the demons and monsters, due to which all the gods were very happy. Muni Dadhichi also paid due respect to all the gods and asked the reason for coming to the ashram, then all the gods said that Munivar, we have conquered all the great demons and monsters, now we have no fear of them. We are very happy, so we do not see any benefit of keeping our weapons, we cannot even carry the burden of these weapons, when we keep these weapons in heaven, the demons detect them and steal them, so we Keep these weapons in your holy ashram.

Here, there is no fear of demons and monsters. Because of your chanting and austerity, the whole region is holy and safe and there is no one to equal you in austerity, then Muni Dadhichi said that it is okay as you all think it is appropriate. But then the Muni's wife said, "What do you need to do in this? If you place these weapons in the ashram, then the enemies of these gods will also envy you, and if any weapon is stolen or destroyed, then also these gods will be angry. Therefore, I do not think that your thought is appropriate, after listening to his wife, Dadhichi Muni said that "I have already said yes to the requests of the gods, so it is a great sin to be dissuaded. 

Hearing this, all the gods put their divine weapons and arms in the Dadhichi muni ashram and went back to their respective abode, after the gods had gone, Muni Dadhichi stayed in the ashram with his wife and did penance. Thus 1000 divine years passed but none of the gods came to take back their weapons, then Muni Dadhichi said that "Gods and Goddesses do not want to take their weapons from here. And the demons envy me, now you tell me what to do, then the  Muni's wife said that I had already said that this work is not right, now do what you think is appropriate.

Because the great brave and ascetic warriors of the demons will surely steal it today or tomorrow . Then Dadhichi Muni to get bathed those weapons with water while reciting the holy mantra to protect those weapons. After then sage Dadhichi drank that water. Due to this all weapons were became powerless and useless. All weapons was destroyed one by one according to the time, this was the reason for which Maharishi Dadhichi's bones were needed to kill Vritrasura.
Because the great brave and ascetic warriors of the demons will surely grab it today or not tomorrow, then Dadhichi Muni bathed those weapons with water while reciting the holy mantra to protect those weapons. 
Then this holy water drank by Dadhichi , and all these weapons became simple and inferior and lost their power one by one in time. This was the reason for which the bones of Maharishi Dadhichi needed to kill Vritrasura.

Later the gods came and said to Dadhichi - ‘Muniver!  Great fear of enemies has come upon us.  Therefore, give the weapons that we had kept with you at this time. ”Dadhichi said -“ You have not come to take them for a long time. Therefore, in fear of the demons, I have drunk those weapons.  Now they are located in my body.  Therefore, whatever is appropriate, say it. ”Hearing this, the gods said to respectfully -“ Munishwar!  At this time, we can only say that to give weapons. ”The Brahmin said -“ All weapons have been absorbed in my bones.  So take those bones only. " At that time, the wife of Dadhichi, who spoke dear words, was not with him.  Gods were very afraid of her. Not seeing her, then gods said to Dadhichi- 'Viprawar!  Whatever you have to do, do it fast. ”Dadhichini, abandoning his life, said -“ Gods!  You happily take my body.  Take pleasure in my bones.  What job do I have for this body? ' Then sage Dadhichi gave up his life.

Seeing this, the gods said enthusiastically to Vishwakarma - "Now at this time you have to make many weapons ." Vishwakarma said - "Gods!  This is a Brahmin's body.  How do i use it. Then only his bones will be left, then I will make their weapon. ”Then the gods said to the cows -“ We make your tongue like Vajra.  For the sake of our interest, for the purpose of making weapons, remove skin of Dadhichi's body in a moment and get the pure bones. 'By the order of the gods, the cows did the same. They took bones by licking Dadhichi's body and gave it to the gods.  The gods went into own abode with enthusiasm and the cows also returned to their place.

When sage Atreya created heaven on earth.

When sage Atreya created heaven on earth.

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The creation of heaven on earth is strange to hear, but it is true, it is described in the Brahmapuran, which tells how sage Atreya created heaven on earth, let us know how and why it incident occured, and what happened after that.

According to story:-

Atreya was the son of Maharishi Atri.  Maharishi Atri Maharaja received wealth from Prithu and gave it to his sons and went to the Vanaprastha Ashram himself.  His son Atreya was living an ascetic life with his wife by building an ashram in Tapovan.

Once he went to Amravati, the capital of Devaloka with some sages and was stunned to see Indra's assembly in the splendid city of Amravati. So much opulence, splendor, beauty, amazing and wealth. After seeing all this and thinking about this, his mind got confused.  Comparing Indra in his life, he was distressed by the ascetic life of his Tapovan and he started thinking, "What is my life like disgusting. How is it going in the absence.  See the life of Indra in heaven, how magnificent it is and my life is that of a monastic ascetic ascetic. " Just like a beggar.

The seeds of jeolousy fascinated with desire grew in his mind.  Chanting and penance were forgotten when he returned.  There was only one concern as to how to get prosperity like Amravati. Stoicism and devotion had forgotten.  Now 24 hours, life's like Amravati and Indra started worrying.

Seeing his condition, his wife explained a lot that why have you fallen in love with wealth & prosperity, you are a sage?  Our own dharma-karma is superior.  It is painful to look others with jealousy . 
But when nothing came to Atreya's mind, the wife said, "You go to the sage Twasta and tell him own sorrow."  He is very capable.  He can do anything with his Tapobal, if he will be happy, then by creating Amravati for you, he can even give you Indra's post. ”

A person suffering from desires has no conscience.  Atreya immediately went to the sage Twasta and told his wish, "Maharishi!  Please give me the opportunity to enjoy the same pleasure like heaven once with your Tapobal. "
Sage Twasta understood all thing that Atreya's mind would not calm down once he enjoyed the same happiness, so he said, "Instead of following the tradition of sage Atri, you started wishing for the glory of Indra.  Ok, I manage to fulfill your wish.  For you I create the opulence of Amravati. "

After being convinced, Atreya went.  When he came to his ashram, the scene there was changed.  It felt as like heaven had come down.  He forgot his tapovan and ascetic life. In the grandeur of heaven, he found himself as Indra & his wife got herself as Shachi form, and began to enjoy the happiness like as gods.

The demons came to know that another  Indra has also been born on the earth.  Amravati is settled.  The opulence  of heaven has also been there, so just the demons said that  we will have chance to conquer another heaven . Now we will defeat another Indra.

All the demons attacked Atreya's Amravati.  Indra of heaven was full of divine power.   He could face the demons.  Atreya was a  ascetic. So he did not knowledge of war skills and weapons?  He ran away as soon as demons were attacked.

Till some time ago, he was happy by enjoying the pleasure of heaven.  Now to save his life, he ran away with his wife to find a hiding place.  At last he did not find any shelter, then  again he run away and went to the sage Twashta and say, "Rishivar!  Life is under threat. If life will not exist now, what will opulence do to enjoy?  You remove this Amravati generated from your Tapobal.  I also saw the sadness of being Indra.  My hut was the best. "

The sage Twastha laughed and said, "Atreya!  Man has this tendency that he is not satisfied and happy with what he has. He is dissatisfied and unhappy to get what he does not have, but keep one thing in mind, the opulence and grandeur which is seen from outside, how much sorrow and tragedy is going to be seen from inside, thats does not  come to visible. Seeing the splendor of Indra, you fell in fascination, but when you saw him directly, you came to know that even in that happiness, he is always unhappy with the fear of the attack of his enemies. "

Then the sage Twashta immediately assimilated that heaven, and returned to his ashram with laughing, the demons also returned to Patalaloka(Hades), and Muni Atreya also resumed the ashram with his disciples and wife after learning the lesson. On seeing both aspects of happiness and sorrow, Atreya became enlightened and he became happy in an ascetic life.

**** At some places, there is also a description that on the insistence of Atreya, Vishwakarma created heaven on earth. The story is just like the first.  At the request of Atreya after the demon invasion, Vishwakarma assimilated the heaven of the earth.

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The story of Vrishakapi,

The story of Vrishakapi, an incarnation of Lord Shiva and Vishnu.

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              Lord Shiva and Sri Hari Vishnu both took Anshaavataar in the same body, named Vrishakapi, which is described in the Brahma Purana . The story is described  in Brahma Puraana, Chapter 129 .
According to the story:-
            In the ancient time, the king of demons Hiranya son was called Mahashani, whose wife's name was Parajita.One time he attacked heaven and brought Indra captive along with Eravat elephant and brought him to Hades. And after being conquered Indra, Mahashani also attacked Varun to win him, but the wise Varun got his daughter married to Mahashani. Here, all the gods were troubled by the existence of all the three worlds without Indra, and went to the shelter of Shri Hari Vishnu and told all the things, then Shri Hari Vishnu said, O Gods monster Mahashani is impossible  to slaughtered for me .

Saying this, Shri Hari went to Mahashani's father-in-law Varunadev with all the gods, and said that Indra's captivity matter & also said, "O Varunadev take such a step so that Indradev comes back to heaven, after all Mahashani is your son-in-law, he will not avoid your request . 
Having obeyed Shri Hari, Varun Dev went to the Daityaraja Mahashani and said, "O demon king, you have taken captive by defeating Indra, because of Indra's absence in heaven, there is turmoil there, so now you free him,  Because if the enemy is defeated and free him after taken capative,  then the king be eligible of great fame.

Then the demon king Mahashani freed Indra along with the Airavat elephant, and said, "Indra, from today you are my father-in-law's disciple, if you misbehave with him, I will capative you again and put you in prison . And smilingly said, "Go go respect my father-in-law Varun Dev forever, Indra came back to heaven, but demorlized by shame and humiliation by the enemy . One day Indra said to his wife "My heart is on fire because of being humiliated by the enemy, now you tell me what to do . Shachi then said, "Swami Daityaraja Mahashani has attained all powers by austerity, so no action is impossible with austerity, so you too can achieve your desired boon by doing austerities to Lord Shiva, by his grace you will sure defeat Mahashani.  

Then Indra did very harsh penance of Lord Shiva which lasted for thousands of years, then Lord Shiva appeared and said to Indra "Tell me what you want, then Indra said" O Devadhidev Mahadev, what is hidden from you . You all know for what purpose I am doing your penance, then Shivji said, "O Indra alone I cannot kill your enemy, so you first pleased to Shri Hari Vishnu, only then this work is possible . Then Indra went to the sage Aapastambha on the south bank of Gangaji as told by Lord Shiva and took him along with various mantras and austerities and started the penance of Sri Hari Vishnu.

Pleased with Indra's penance, Shri Vishnu appeared to him and said, Indra tell me what you want, Indra said "Lord give me such a brave warrior, who can kill my enemy monster Mahashani . Then Shri Vishnu said thaastu, then a divine man was born from the water by the Shiva, Gangaji and Vishnu, in which both Shiva's and Lord Vishnu's power were appear . 
He had the appearance of both Lord Shiva's and Lord Vishnu's form , he also had a chakra and Trishul in his hand, after that the divine man went to Patalalok and killed the demon king Mahashani, and became famous as Vrishakapi.

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Story of enmity with Piplad Rishi and Gods

Story of enmity with Piplad Rishi and Gods
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            Everyone knows Maharishi Dadhichi but very few know about his wife Gabhasthini and his son Pippalad, where while Gabhasthini had sacrificed his life by entering Chita(Funeral pyre), Dadhichi's son Pippalad had pledged to kill all the gods.  Know about it in detail…

According to the 1st story: -

When all the gods failed to kill Vritrasura, then all the gods went to Sri Hari Vishnu, and Vishnu Dev sent all the gods to Maharishi Dadhichi . To bring the skeleton of Maharishi Dadhichi so that Vrittasura could be killed by making a Vajra of his bones, then all the gods went to Maharishi Dadhichi according to the order of Shri Hari VishnuAt that time Maharishi Dadhichi's wife had gone to fetch water, meanwhile Maharishi Dadhichi gave up his life and took the structure of his bones, all the gods went to VishwakarmaWhen Maharishi Dadhichi's wife came back to the ashram with water, not seeing her husband, she asked Agnidev where is my husband , then Agnidev told the whole thing about Maharishi Dadhichi's sacrifice . On hearing the news of her husband's death, Gabhistini fainted when she became conscious, decided to enter the funeral pyre with her husband's remaining flesh and skin .
But at the time she was pregnant, Gabhistini ripped her belly and took out the child, and said that this child in my womb is inferior to the parents, there is no brother nor any relative, so the entire world and Lokpal protect it . Saying this, Gabhastini placed the child under the Peepal tree and bowed to the fire and entered the pyre, then all the flora and medicines together took the best nectar from their king Som and fed the child, after drinking the nectar, that child started growing . The  Peepal tree had reared him, so he became famous as Pippalad .

Growing up, he asked the Peepal tree that it is generally seen that humans are produced from humans, animals from animals and birds from birds, but how did I originate from Peepal in human form . On hearing Pippalad's talk, the trees narrated the entire description of his father Dadhichi and his mother's death, which Pippalad was very angry and said, "Whoever is responsible for the death of my father and mother, I will slaughter him," . Piplad, burning with anger, reached Lord Shiva and said, "Lord, give me some power to destroy the enemies .

As soon as Pippalad had said so, a fierce Kruitya like a mare appeared from the eyes of Lord Shiva, who was hiding a fierce fire in her womb for the destruction of entire creatures.
As soon as she was born, she said to Piplad that "Tell me what to do, then Piplad said," All the gods are my enemies, so go eat them, then she ran towards  Devaloka, seeing all the gods got scared and went to the shelter of Mahadeva and asked to protection.
Then Mahadev himself along with all the gods came to Pippalad and said, " Son even if the Gods is destroyed, your parents will not come back. Your father sacrificed his life only for the benefit of the gods and whole world, because of which today all the three worlds and gods are happy, you are the son of him, give the safe-conduct  by giving up anger . Then at the behest of Mahadev, Pippalad granted pardon to all the gods, causing all the gods to ask Piplad to ask for the boon . Then Piplad said that "He never saw his parents, so I want to see them now, then the gods  show Pippalad to Maharishi Dadhichi and his mother Gabhastini .

According to 2nd story:-

The son of sage Dadhichi was named Piplad.  He was also virtuous and ascetic like his father.  He blamed the gods for the death of his father.  These gods were not at all ashamed to ask for his bones from his father for their selfishness.  Therefore, taking vow to destroy the gods, he started the penance of Lord Bholenath.

Pleased with the harsh tenacity of Piplad, God pleased and asked him to ask for boon .  Piplad asked for the boon - 'Lord!  Open your third eye and destroy these selfish gods. ' Lord Bholenath explained to Piplad - 'Son!  You cannot bear the glory of my Rudraparup, so I have appeared before you in a gentle form.  The whole world will be destroyed by this statement of yours.  So ask for some other boon. '

In Piplad's heart was deeply filled with bitterness of gods.  He said - 'Lord!  I am not at all fascinated with this universe run by the gods.  You consume the gods, no matter what happens to them. ”Lord Bholenath smiled softly at Piplad's argue .
He said - 'Son!  I am giving you another opportunity to think.  You see my Rudraparup in your conscience. ”Piplad saw the bright form of God in his heart. From that fierce fire ravaged form, he felt as if his hair was being consumed.  He did not bear it and called Lord Bholenath again.  God stood in front of him smiling.

'Oh God!  I had requested to destroy the gods, you have started to destroy me. ”Piplad said fearfully.  God explained to him affectionately- 'Son!  Destruction starts from one place and becomes widespread . And always starts from where it originates. Son!  Understand that when we want others bad, first one gets their own bad.  Every decision taken in anger proves to be wrong in future.

Your father even gave his life's sacrifice for the welfare of others.  You are his son, you should wish for the good of all, according to your father's glory. ”Piplad's anger was calmed by these soft words of God and he bowed his head at the feet of God and apologized for his activity.
** You must have read both the stories.  In this context, there is another story which is a different form of the first story. When Piplad received the Kruitya from Mahadev ... then he ordered the Kruitya to destroy the gods.  Then Kruitya ran to kill Piplad. Then Piplad got nervous and asked Kruitya the reason for this. Then Kruitya told that every particle has the abode of gods and at this time also I am seeing god in your body so I have to do this . Then Piplad called Mahadev. Mahadev then pacified his anger by telling Piplad the greatness of Maharishi Dadhichi.  Somewhere mentioned Piplad's father name was Maharshi Kaushik .... It is also an interesting story related to Shani Dev. We will discuss it  sometime later.

 1. The evil seekers of others first do their own harm.
 2. Do not make any decisions in anger.

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