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Goddess had breastfed the lord Shiva.

Goddess had breastfed the lord Shiva.

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The story that I have brought today is described in the Linga Purana.

There was a great Asura named Daruk who received a boon through penance and under the influence of this, he started tormenting the gods ,sage and saints like the fire of holocaust. Then  the gods, Brahma, Ishaan, Kumar, Indra, Yama, along with other deities, went to the shelter of Vishnu who was suffered by demon Daruk and said that "O Maharaj, this monster is eligible slaughtered by a woman. And all the gods took the form of women and went to fight.  But the demon Daruk tortured all of them and sent them back.

 Then the gods again went to Brahma ji and narrated the whole agony. Then Brahma ji went to Lord Shiva with all the gods and bowed and said, "O Devesh, solve our problem.
Slaughter of this monster is possible only by a woman, in such a way, you protect us from this terrible monster.  Hearing this, Lord Shiva smilingly said to Mata Parvati that "I pray you for the welfare of world ! O Goddess Kalyani please  kill this monster, who is eligible for slaughtered by women. Hearing this, Goddess Parvati entered Maheshwar's body in a fraction.
Even Brahma could not understand this mystery with Indra etc.  Because all of them were seen sitting undone with Goddess Parvati with Shiva.  This happened because they were all deity fascinated by the maya of goddess Parvati.
Goddess Parvati entered Shiva's body and took her body from the poison located in Shiva's throat. Which was black in color.  Then Lord Shiva produced him out of his third eye. At that time for destruction of demons, and happiness of Shiva, Goddess parvati took new form Kali. Seeing Kali, who is black with poison, the deity ,Brahma and sages started running out of fear.  The third eye in the forehead of that Kali, the moon on the head, the sign of the poison in the throat, and the trident in the hand, showing many types of jewelery and wearing clothes were very terrible.
After that Goddess killed the demoness Daruk, who tormented the Gods,sages and saints by order of Mother Parvati.  But her fire of anger did not calm.  The whole world started burning with the fire of their anger, then to calm their anger, Lord Shiva took the form of a small child in the crematorium and started crying like a small kid.
After all, mother is mother, when the mother look at this little child by motherhood, who was fascinated by maya of God, lifted the child in her lap and started feeding her milk with the aim of silencing him. Then Shiva ji as a child also drank her anger with milk.  Her anger caused eight idols to be called Kshetrapalas. Thus, Shiva in the form of a child drank the wrath of the goddess and the goddess became unconscious.

Then Lord Shiva danced the Tandava to bring the Goddess to her conscious . After some time his consciousness returned. At that time, all the gods including Brahma, Vishnu praised and paid obeisance Goddess Kali and Goddess Parvati .

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Consipiracy of lakshagrih against Pandavas

Consipiracy of lakshagrih against Pandavas

The princes of the Kuru dynasty, the Kauravas and the Pandavas, were now growing up.  When Duryodhana saw that the power of Bhimsen, the younger brother of Yudhishthira, was infinite and Arjuna's archery knowledge and practice were unique, his heart started burning. He was deeply jealous.  He, along with Karna and Shakuni, took many measures to kill the Pandavas, but the Pandavas survived the all consipiracy.  With the advice of Vidur, they did not reveal this thing to anyone. Vidur was their true well wisher.  Seeing the virtues of the Pandavas, the citizens and the people there began to speak about their qualities in  gatherings. Wherever they would gather on the platforms, they would orgnised meeting, while insisting that Pandu's eldest son Yudhishthira should get the kingdom.  Dhritarashtra did not get the kingdom already because of being blind, now how can he be king. Shantanunandan Bhishma is also a great religious and obey own promise, he has rejected the kingdom in the past, so how will he take it now? That is why we are right that only Yudhishthira, the eldest son of Pandu, should be made the king, the adherent of truth and compassion. There is no doubt that Bhishma and Dhritarashtra etc. will also not have any inconvenience due to he being king.

He will take care of them with great love. Duryodhana was jealous of jealousy after hearing this matter of the people.  He went to his father Dhritarashtra after getting burnt and bruised and said to him, "Father!  we are hearing very bad things from peoples's mouths. They want to remove Bhishma and you and make the Pandavas king.  Bhishma has no objection in this, but it is a big danger for us.
Already made a mistake, your brother Pandu accepted the kingdom and you also rejected the state you got due to your blindness. If Yudhishthira gets the kingdom, then it will run in his lineage and no one will ask us.  we and our children do not have to suffer like hell by being dependent on others, for this, you think of some trick. If you had already taken the kingdom, there would be nothing to say.  What to do now?
Dhritarashtra got confused on hearing of his son Duryodhana and the policy of his general minister Kanik.  Duryodhana, thinking with Karna, Shakuni and Dushasan, said to Dhritarashtra, "Father! Thinking of a beautiful tactic, send the Pandavas to the Varnavata from here.  Dhritarashtra got into thinking. Dhritarashtra said, "Son!  My brother Pandu was very religious.  He was very good with everyone and especially with me.  He did not even care about own food and drink, would have told me everything and considered my kingdom. His son Yudhishthira is also similar to religious , meriorious, almighty and dignified.  How can we forcefully dislodge him from the dynasty traditional state, especially when his assistants are also very big. Pandu has nurtured minister, army and his dynasty tradition.  All citizens are satisfied with Yudhishthira.  If they spoil and kill us ”?
Duryodhana said, "Father!  I have already regale  to the people by thinking about this future objection with wealth and respect. They will mainly help us. The treasure and the minister are under me.
At this time, if you send the Pandavas with humility, then I will completely capture the kingdom.  After that even if they come there is no harm ”.  Dhritarashtra said, "Son!  I also want the same. But how should I tell them this sinful thing? Bhishma, Drona, Kripacharya and Vidur do not have consent in this.  They have the same love for Kauravas and Pandavas. They may not know this oddity.  If we do this, then why will not those Kaurava nobility and public be angry at us? Duryodhana said, "Father!  Bhishma is a mediator. Ashwatthama is on my side, so Drona cannot goagainst him. How will Kripacharya leave his sister, brother-in-law and nephew.  The remaining thing is Vidur, he has met the Pandavas in secret, I know this but what will he do alone? Therefore, without doubt, send Kunti and her sons to Varanavat, only then my jealousy will pass away ”.
Saying this, Duryodhana was pleased to please the people and on the other hand Dhritarashtra appointed some clever ministers only for this task, who praised Varanavat and encouraged the Pandavas to go there. According to Dhritarashtra, if someone praises that beautiful and prosperous location, then some would praise the city. Somebody talks about the annual fair there.
In this way, the Pandavas' mind became eager to go there after hearing the praise of Varanavat city.  Seeing the opportunity, Dhritarashtra told them, “Dear sons!  People praise Varanavat city very much. If you all want to go there, come there once. Nowadays there is a big boom of the annual fair there.  Look, you all will give lots of donations to Brahmins and singers and come back here with joy and glory, like the deities. ”  Yudhishthira immediately understood Dhritarashtra's demeanor.  Seeing himself helpless, he said, "Okay, command like you, what objection do we have". He humbly said to the elders of the Kuru dynasty, Bhishma, Somadatta etc., Dronacharya, Kruipacharya etc. ascetic Brahmins and Gandhari, Vidurani etc. The Pandavas humbly said, “We are going to Varanavat with my companions with the permission of King Dhritarashtra. You all bless us with a happy heart that sin cannot touch us there ”. Everyone said,

"May you be benefitted everywhere. There should be no harm to anyone.  Always have a good welfare  ”. According to Duryodhana's devious tricks, Duryodhana was very happy when Dhritarashtra ordered the Pandavas to go to Varanavat. He called his minister Purochan in solitude and holding his right hand said, “Brother Purochan!  As I have the right to enjoy this earth, so are yours. I have no such trust and support other than that with whom I can get such secret advice. I entrust you with the task of overthrowing my enemies from the root.  Work carefully, no one should even know.  Pandavas will stay in Varanavat for a few days with their mother Kunti, according to father's order. You go there already with your assistants.  On the edge of the city, build a building with flax, resin and wood, etc., which should be easily kindled by fire. Apply ghee, oil, fat and lacquer mixed soil on its walls.  Even after examining the Pandavas, they do not know this at all.  To keep Mother Kunti, Pandavas and their friends in it. Then if they sleep confidently and set fire to the door.  In this way, when they burn in their house, we will not be blasphemed either by anyone. Purochan vowed to do as Duryodhana had said and left for there.  Going there, he prepared a grand palace according to Duryodhana. On the other hand, when the time of celebration came near, the Pandavas added fast and superior horses to their chariot for their Varanavat journey .
They humbly touched the feet of the elders, embraced the younger and then started their journey. At that time, many great and old, wise Vidur and all the subjects of the Kuru dynasty started following Yudhishthira.  Seeing the Pandavas depressed, the fearless Brahmins said among themselves, 'King Dhritarashtra's wisdom has slowed down. That is why they favor their boys.  His religious vision seems to be fading.  The Pandavas have not spoiled anything.  They are getting their father's kingdom, then why does Dhritarashtra not tolerate this as well.  Do not know how the divine Bhishma is suffering this injustice.  We don't want all this.  We can not even tolerate all this. We will all leave Hastinapur and walk there, where King Yudhishthira will live.  Hearing this kind of talk of the people and knowing their grief, Yudhishthira said to them, “Well wishers!  King Dhritarashtra is our father, supreme recognition and guru.  Whatever they will say, we will do it silently.  This is our vow. If you are our friendly and well wisher people, then greet us and blessedly leave us and return. Hearing the religious talk of Yudhishthira, all the citizen gave blessings and returned to the city after praising them. On returning everyone, Vidur ji, who knew many languages, said to Yudhishthira in sign language, “The moral man should understand enemies's mentality and protect him from it.
There is such a weapon, which is not of iron, but can destroy the body.

If anyone understands this enemy's fetch , then he can avoid death.  The fire burns the grass and the whole forest. But the living beings in the hole protect themselves from it.  This is the way to survive. The blind do not know the way and directions.  Do not understand without patience.  Understand my point well. Traveling leads to knowledge of the path.  The constellations indicate direction.  Whose five senses are in control, enemies cannot harm him.
Hearing Vidur's gesture, Yudhishthira said, "I have understood all your things very well".  After this Vidur returned to Hastinapur. When the five Pandavas reached Varanavat with their mother, after hearing the news of the Pandavas' presence, the citizens of Varanavat came to their arrival site to receive the offerings of auspicious items according to the ritual law .
 All directions were echoed by his cheering and sound of praise .  Yudhishthira used to look like this among the people, as if Devraj Indra himself. Duryodhana's minister, Purochan, held them with respect at the place fixed and tried to satisfy them with food, beds, postures etc.  The Pandavas started living there happily.  There was often a crowd of citizen at their residence. Similarly, after ten days, Purochan discussed the Pandavas with that beautiful name but conspiracy palace .  With his inspiration, the Pandavas went there with their house materials and started living in that grand palace (Laksha Bhavan).  Dharmaraja Yudhishthira, seeing the house from all around, said to Bhimsen, “Brother Bhima!  Look?  Each corner of this house is made of fire-burning materials.  This is evidenced by the mixed smell of ghee, lacquer and fat. The artisans of the enemy have cleverly constructed it by drenching flax, resin, bulrush, grass, bamboo etc. with ghee.  Certainly, the idea of ​​purochana is that when we start defiantly staying in it, then set it on fire and burn it. Vidur had already understand this thing.  That is why they gave us the information with affection ”.  Bhimsen said, "Brother!  If this is the case, why should we not return to our first place Yudhishthira said, "Brother Bheem!  We should stay here with great care by hiding our information. There is no anybody know doubt about our face or expression or behaviour. Let us find the path of exit.  If Purochan gets to know from our mood, he can burn us with force.  He no longer cared about condemation or wrongdoing. If we are dead then why would Pithama Bhishma and others be angry at Kauravas or will they be angry?  The anger of that time will also go in vain. If we run away from fear, Duryodhana will find out from his spies and get us killed.  He is currently an officer.  He has assistants and treasure.  We do not have all three things.  Come, we stay here and wandering in the forest and explore the paths.  Once the safe tunnel is built, we will escape from here and no one will be able to know that the Pandavas have survived. ”
Bhimsen agreed to his elder brother and calmed down.  There was a great confidant of Vidur digging a tunnel.  He came to the Pandavas and said, "I am very skilled in excavation work. I have come to you by order of Mahamana Vidur.  You trust me  Vidur has told me as an indication that 'While walking I had said something in

Yudhishthira in code-language and he said' I have understood your things well '. Purochan is about to set fire soon.  What should I serve you? Yudhishthira said, "Brother!  I believe in you. There are like-minded Vidur like us, so are you. Treat us as your own and as they protect us, so do you. You save us from the fear of this fire. This house has high walls all around, there is only one door ”.  Then the tunnel digger assured Yudhishthira to work on the pretext of cleaning the trench. He built a big heavy tunnel in the middle of that house and put it on par with the ground.  Purochan was always at the door of that palace.  Purochan may does not get know and see something, so the mouth of the tunnel is kept completely closed.
The Pandavas used to spend the night in that palace with their weapons carefully.  Throughout the day, they roamed in the jungle on the pretext of hunting.  Even if there is no faith, they make similar efforts as if they are full of believers.  Apart from that digging artisan, no one knew about this situation of the Pandavas. Purochan saw it happen for about a year, and the Pandavas are living in it with great faith.  He was very happy. Seeing his happiness, Yudhishthira said to the brothers, “The sinful Purochan is thinking that we are cheated.
But actually he has got cheated.  So, now we should leave this place.  We should flee from here by burning the arsenal and Purochan ”. One day Kunti made a Brahmin meal to give alms.  Many women also came.  When everyone ate and went away, then by chance a Bhil woman came with her five sons to ask for food. All of them were already drunk after drinking alcohol, so the consciousness was empty and sleeping in the lakshabhawan.  The midnight when everyone was asleep, at that time the storm was going on, there was darkness. Bhimsen reached the place where Purochan was sleeping.  Bhimsen first set fire to the door of that house and then ignited it all around.  Highly flames started coming up. The five brothers entered the tunnel with their mother.  When the unbearable heat and ferocious light of the fire spread all around and the crackling and falling of the building began to rage, the citizens awoke and ran there.
Seeing the terrible plight of that house, everyone started saying that “Purochan must have created this trap with the inspiration of wicked Duryodhana.  Its sure, this is his conspiracy . Dhritarashtra's selfishness is damned! Alas Alas ! They directly and truly killed the Pandavas! Purochan also got good results!  That ruthless one also burnt to ashes in this.  In this way the citizens of Varanavat surrounded the palace crying and weeping all night. The Pandavas went out of the tunnel with Mata Kunti into a forest.  Everyone wanted to run away from here soon, but all were helpless due to sleep and fear.  It was impossible to walk quickly due to Mother Kunti. Then Bhimsen took Mata on his shoulder and Nakula-Sahadeva on his arms and took Yudhishthira and Arjuna with both hands and took them quickly.  At that time Bhimsen reached the banks of Gangaji at a great speed.

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God, avatar and divine stories -5

God, avatar and divine stories -5

Welcome friends…  Today I am present with the service of all of you by taking remaining part in the The Avatar series , the fifth part of the series. Thank you for the love and affection you got from people.  If today's articles is also liked by you, my happiness lies in this. Thank you from the heart and thank you for expressing your happiness through mail to me. All of you are requested again to share the article on social media.  So that keeps me excited and writing power.  At the end of the article, all of you will get a link to the fourth part. ................Thank you

Vyasa's son Shuk Dev Paramhans is going to recite the Bhagavata, the king Parikshit is the listener and the one who is Bhagwata in relation to it is Shri Krishna. Shukdev Ji is said to Lord Vishnu's main devotee and Parikshit to be safe by Vishnu.
Shukdev ji stayed in his mother's womb for 12 years, when his father Vyas ji assured him that maya would not even touch you, then he came out of the womb and left home as soon as he came.

According to Devi Bhagwat, his father told him to accept the married life, then he refused. Then he said "Father tell me, what happiness is there in this world which is not filled with sorrow? .. By marrying, I will be in control of a woman. "Vyas ji sent him to King Janak, King Janak explained to him:" How can you live in the forest? The disqueitness of food will be with you and the deer etc. will also be live with you. You will be worried about your deer skin like I worried about  my kingdom. Then both of us have the same concern. " When Raja Janak persuaded him, he entered the Grihastha Ashram. After that Shukdev Ji Maharaj left his father and went to Kailash where he was entered in the Samadhi. On getting siddhis, his posture rose above the peak and started shining like a great bright sun in the sky. His father Vyas ji felt very sad. Then Shankar ji came and explained to him that Shukdev ji had great achivement and told Vyas ji not to grieve. Shankar ji showed him the shadow of his son to calm Vyas ji. And Vyas ji came to his ashram. These same Shuk Dev ji has admitted that despite being formless worshipers, he was attracted to the legend of Lord Krishna and studied Bhagwat. How is Krishna the one whom Shukdev Ji was attracted towards? It is described place to place in the Bhagavata, especially in the dasham skandha. Bhagwat is the story of Jeeva and Brahm. This is the story of us and our God.
Between us both - God and the living being - there is another power that puts the curtain of ignorance called Maya. Prima facie it seems that Maya is a villain. Actually it is not. Maya is the power of Krishna, therefore it is good, it cannot be bad.

If it does not hurt by giving sorrow to us again and again,  how we will  go towards God . There is also the story of this Maya in Bhagwat. The incarnation of God is because we leave Maya and turn to God. In this way, we are disconnect to God and are in front of Maya.  One day when we get tired and turn to God, God will embrace us, he will not push.
Five chapters related to Raas are said to be five elements of Shri Madbhagwat.  It is the test of the listener and the speaker in understanding and explaining them, such as the friend and wife in the time of calamity and the doctor in the disease of Tridosha. Only God knows own true concept and meaning. The power that a bird has, it can fly as high and as long stay in the sky, similarly according to the power of own intellect, saintly people, learned people have interpreted the leelas of God, described according to their own understanding…........God's leelas are endless.  It is not ability for anyone to fully understand it.
Come enjoy Krishna story!  Krishna says, explaining Arjuna in the Gita, that both his birth and karma are divine.  Who is known to it then he is attain to Krishna. There is a divinity in his birth that Krishna does not take birth due to the bondage of nature from the mother's womb, but subjugate nature and appear. His body is not as natural as our body.  It is divine, chinmaya and eccentric. There is no difference between body and soul, both our body and soul are separate. When God goes to his abode after finishing the leela, he does not leave this body on the earth, he goes along with the body. This was done by Meera Tukarama etc. also. Dhruva also gone to Bhagwat dham from the divine body. Shri Krishna appears
willingly. His karma have divinity that by listening, reciting and remembering , the inner conscience of man is to be purified and ignorance is removed.  The second divinity in their deeds is that God is not bound to do karma. God is not required to do any karma nor is there any need to get anything. God performs karma for the welfare of the creatures which is called Leela. Thus keeping the mystery of the birth and deeds of Shri Krishna, enjoy the leelas of Shri Krishna.
First of all, Krishna entered the mind of Vasudev ji. Due to this, his face became glow, no one could able to see his face. He became the abode of Krishna. With this, Shri Bhagwan entered into the mind of Devaki Ji.  Devaki's body became the abode of God. She became beautiful, like the east direction becomes beautiful after getting the rising moon. Due to the confinement of Kansa, no one could see this beauty that arose from holding God. They began to illuminate the entire atmosphere, which made Kansa realize that my slayer has come into Devaki's womb. By giving darshan, God told both the spouses about their past lives, that they were Prishni and Sutpa, and that God had become their son and that the name of God was Prishnigarbha. After this, it was Aditi and Kashyapa and God was born as Vamana in his son form.  Give darshan both of them in chaturbhuj form (quadrilateral form) and said, they are showing this form of theirs so that they remember the earlier incarnations of God because human body cannot identify the incarnation of God.  God commanded them to have genuine affection for God so that they would receive the ultimate position. Then the quadrilateral form disappeared from the eyes and God appeared as an ordinary child. Nature became cheerful with the

appearance of God. Just like the coming of the sun naturally causes heat, the moon brings coolness, the rain brings wetness, similarly the manifestation of the ocean of joy overwhelmed everyone and joy. Vasudev Ji brought the baby to Gokul. Asuras were slaughtered by Shri Krishna, amazing leelas of love were shown and knowledge of Gita was given to Arjuna and devotion and knowledge were given to Uddhav.

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God, avatar and divine stories -4

God, avatar and divine stories -4

Hello friends, I am presenting infront of you a new article of Avatar series.I hope you will like this article as before. The link of Part-3 will be given to you at the end of the article. And if you want to read all the parts then go to see  label (The Avatar series).If you like my article, do share it on social media.  A link to the previous article will also be found at the end of the article.  Till then you earn knowledge from this article and wait for the next article.  Thank you

Avatar means to come down, to incarnate, to express what was not seen, to be a manifestation.
There are many reasons given by God to take incarnation, it is also a reason to take off the problem of the earth. When there is loss of dharma and increase of wrongdoing, then God

incarnates, for the protection of devotees and the destruction of sinners.  And for the establishment of dharma. Kunti says that God incarnates only to perform the audible and memorable leela for those who are suffering from ignorance of desire and bondage of karma in the world, the devotees kept listening &remembering to the character of the Lord again and again and kept rejoicing and crossed the Bhavsagar.  This is also the reason for the incarnation of God. Krishna himself also explains to Uddhava that some gopis who could not attend his rasa vihara because they were stopped by the kinsmen, they attained to Shri Krishna only by remembering Shri Krishna's leelas.
At the time of incarnation, the body of God is not made of five elements like our body, neither mayic nor body .it is unnatural and consisting of pure intelligence . God does not born from the mother's womb due to karma-bandhan but appears.  This is called manifestation.  Realization is as if born.  After Leela, God goes to his abode along with the body.  This is called emergence. Like our bodies, his bodies do not destroy and originate.  There is no difference between body and soul in the body of God.  Just as there is a conceited soul of an ordinary body, there is no conceit of the body of God. In the incarnation period of God, the body is divine and all the functions of this body are done by God or it can be said that all work is done by the power of God.  Now the question is also sometimes raised that how can one who is everywhere be one point, how to live in one body?
It can be understood that fire is present in

formless form in every place where there is wood. When a fire is offered at one particular place, it cannot be interpreted to mean that fire is only one place and there is no fire in the wood of the other place.  God is omnipresent, everywhere.  However, avatars can be exclusively in the body, it is not surprising. Just like the soul who holds the body remains in the whole body. Giant creatures such as camel or elephants have soul all over their body.  But it remains exclusively in the heart. In this way, the omnipotent God is specially taking a body for incarnation. It does not mean that the rest of the places have become empty of God, they have lost their place.  God incarnates in every species .Body of an Avatar is unique. His eyes can do the work of ears, nose, skin and tongue; and in the same way any other sense organ works like all the other sense organs. Lord  does not reveal His real Self to all---- only a devoted  few can see His actual form during Avatar period.The Sanskrit word Avatar means coming down. Descension of the Almighty from His divine abode on our earth that is material world mayic is Avatar. His abode is Omnipresent like Himself. Therefore God does not have to go anywhere in the sense of moving from one place to another as we do. He just appears avirbhav, is not born like you and I. We come into this earth through a mother's womb in bondage to our karma . The Supreme One, however, is not in shackles or bonds of nature prakriti . Rather prakriti is in his control.Such a body is free from disease, want, hunger and other evils that plague human body. His body appears to go through the stages of birth, infancy, childhood and teen age  (Ram and Krishna never go beyond adolescence).

 God's body is not Body plus Soul. In such a body there are no gross,  subtle or causal bodies .
From the above cited scriptures it is clear that when righteousness is on the decline and unrighteousness is on the rise, then to protect the virtuous, punish the evil ones and to establish dharma ie.good order  Lord comes into manifestation in every age yug.
The people who have a devotional set of mind are of the view that Lord is a Being  full of grace. His coming is a blessing for those who are His devotees. They can see Him, feel Him, hear His voice, can touch Him and can even participate in His divine activities -leela. The Lord gives an object of remembrance so the devotees can liberate themselves. Hence it is also said that avatar is to liberate devotees. Since He is infinite His purpose cannot be finite. Omnipotent can come into this world for any reason He thinks fit-- the reasons of  His coming  cannot be put down into words. It should be remembered that when He is on earth in a particular form, all are not able to know him, or recognise him as God. Only the fortunate few who treat him as and think of him as God are able to “see’’. From others He hides behind the veil of His is Maya. To them He looks like an ordinary human being and not omnipotent. In Kans’s akhara where bow competition ,dhanush yagya was being performed people saw krishna in different forms according to their own feelings; to some He appeared as a young boy, to some others as a strong man and still  to others as their very death . When God Himself appears, such appearance is vimbavatar . This is of two types--the major one is shakshaat avatar , the minor one

is aveshavatar. Aveshavatar is also of two kinds. First one is  Shakti Avesh , second is roopavesh . In the first one it  is only power -Shakti which is manifested in a person, while in the second one the divine body enters a living entity, the one in whose body God goes in becomes divine. When Lord comes on this earth in a body the maximum potencies, Kala  are 16. This should not lead one to believe that the almighty has only 16 powers. No! He has infinite. On earth maximum potencies needed are 16. These have been named kala by the learned. When these kalas are in manifestations, it is called Kalavatar . When the power is 1 upon 16th part  of the kala then we have Ansha avatar. One manifesting even lesser than this is Vibhuti avatar . Not for a minute, get the erroneous idea that one avatar has less powers and the other more. This is just not  the divine  law. The divine cannot be broken into fractions. Where ever He is He is whole and in all His fullness. From this we can safely conclude that each avatar has infinite power, only those potencies which are necessary for the purpose of the avatar are revealed, the others remain dormant. That is 16 Kala of Krishna avatar , Ramavatar of 12 Kala, Mohini Avatar and Parashuramavatar are all equal and God.  In Purnavatara, God incarnates in the chaturvyuh.
Vasudeva, Balarama, Pradyumna and Anirudh - they are the vyuh of Krishnavatara and Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna are the vyuh of Ramaavtar. Gunaavatar are depands on guna ie ..Vishnu Satgun, Brahma Rajoguna and Rudra Tamogun. This is a permanent avatar.  Yugavatar in every era, like Rama in every Treta, Krishna in

every Dwapara;  Kalpavatars come in every kalpa.
Vishnu is the permanent avatar of the positive force satgun, the negative force or tamogun is manifested as Shiv the destroyer, while Brahma  the creator represents rajogun.
Archavatar depends on the faith and belief of the worshipper. God takes the form of the idol or the photo that the devotee worships. It is a sacred and secret relation between the Lord and his devotee bhakt . According to Brahmand Puran  Archa Avata is of four types--1)Self manifested eg Shriranga, Prayag,2) Divine  that is  established or made by Brahma or Devas eg Madhav in Kashi, Ramaa Madhav in  Hastishell, 3) Made by some god realised soul eg Lord Vishnu’s Idol  by King Shivi in Nandi Puri,4) Icons established by man and temples built by man eg uncountable  The power of these idols extends  for three  yojan, one yojan, two kos and one kos respectively.This Avtar is always available, and at all times.  Whether  it is a time when God is in manifestation(avtar),  or a time when God is not in manifestation. During avtar-time,it is rather difficult to have faith--who can believe that a man crying hysterically for his wife and askinq trees and creepers whether they have seen her is Omnipotent.This happened in Ramavtar.However,faith can be easily be established in an idol. Arachavtar can be of stone,mud,wood,paper or anything,even imaginary.  As far as showering grace is concerned ,this Archa Avtar has given grace to maximum number of souls.It began in treta yug when people started disrespecting one  another,the learned hit upon the idea of Omnipotent in idol .

Then the antaryami lives within each one of us, He is the Indwelling Lord. He can give darshan that is show himself to  devotees in the form of “ishtamoorthy’’. And we all  live in the same body with Him. Both of us  are like two birds on a tree. However, He is different from us . He is only an observer while we  are doing our acts  that is karma with attachment. This truth is repeated in our scriptures- After finishing the work, the avatar returns to abode with his body.  Their form looks according to the sentiment of the people.  Not everyone is the same --- in Sita-Swayamvar, the same Ram-Lashman appeared to different people in different forms. It is again mentioned at the cost of repetition that all the Avatars have equal powers, only the power necessary for the particular  purpose  is used; other powers which are infinite are kept in quiescence or abeyance eg. Narsingh Avatar Parshuram Avatar Mohini Avatar, all had equal powers .Only a portion of divine Majesty and Glory is manifested in accordance with the demand of the circumstances. Of twenty four Avatars mentioned in Bhagvat full Glory is shown forth by only two. Ram And Krishn bring to surface  all Glory, all Majesty and all the Power. For instance in Narsingh avatar, the only task was to bring an end to Hiranyakashyapa. Dispensing wisdom was not done by this particular avatar. Kapil Bhagwan imparted knowledge only, He did not kill demons. Likewise Mohini avatar brought  out only feminine beauty in order to distract the asurs, the war- like powers of Chamunda remained concealed. The following incarnations of God are mentioned in the Bhagavata; their renewable source is Narayan. Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan and Sanatkumar Varah,Narada, Hansha, Haygreeva

,Nar -Narayan,Kapil,Dattatreya,Yagyarupa, Rishabhdev, Raja Prithu,Matasya, Kurma, Dhanvantari, Mohini, Narasimha,Vamana, Parashurama,Vyasa, Rama,Balrama, Krishna,Buddha and Kalki. In this way, the incarnations of God are numerous.
While explaining the mystery to Narada Ji, Brahma ji says: "When it is time for creation of the world, then there is austerities, nine Prajapati, Marichi etc. sages and in my [Brahma] form; When it is time to protect the world, then in the form of dharma, Vishnu, Manu, gods and kings
and when it is time for the holocaust of the world, then the divine elements of Almighty God appear in the anger form of snakes and demons, etc., with adharma, Rudra and anger.
Brahma was born to four boys.  They were the first son of Brahma.  their names were Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan and Sanatkumar. They are also the forefather of Shankarji.  The scholars consider them to be the Shakti avesh incarnation of God, they preached self knowledge.
Once they went to meet God in Vaikunth, Lord's gatekeeper Jai & Vijay stopped them at the door. Angered, they cursed them to fall from Vaikuntha; Jai and Vijay became demons thrice and they were slaughtered by the hands of God three times.
Hiranyaksha was got killed by the Varaha avatar , Hiranyakashipu by Narsimha , Ravana and Kumbhkarna by lord Rama, Shishupala and Dantavaktra by lord Krishna.
They once asked Brahma ji: "Father!  The mind penetrates into the subjects, that is, it penetrates in the qualities, the qualities also fit into the mind's one instinct, how to separate these two to achieve liberation? "  Lord Brahma could not answer, remembered God, appeared in the form of a Hansa (swan), and preached self knowledge to the Sankadikas.

He called world was called luxury of mind.  Body and soul told separately.  Said to be in the bliss of the soul. Just as the awakened person does not believe in the dream body ,thing etc., in the same way, a person who is engaged in yoga neither consider the woman, son, wealth etc. and nor his body to be his own, when he absorbed the self object. He starts to consider himself as different from the body.  God described himself shelter as Yoga, Sankhya, Satya, Tej, Sri, Kirti etc. and said that all the qualities are inbuilt in him but they are devoid of all the qualities. To cross the ocean of the world, scripture recommend to make the feet of God as a boat.  All these places come and go without interruption.

The rest will continue in the next article.....

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God, avatar and divine stories -3

God, avatar and divine stories -3

Friends, the third part of the series of avatar is presented, I hope you will like this article as before. The link of Part-2 will be given to you at the end of the article. And if you want to read all the parts then go to see  label (The Avatar series).If you like my article, do share it on social media.  A link to the previous article will also be found at the end of the article.  Till then you earn knowledge from this article and wait for the next article.  Thank you

The grace which Nandramani Yashoda Maiya received from the Supreme God Vishnu, neither Brahma ji nor Shankar ji nor his wife Lakshmi ji ever received it. Today the description of Baal Leelas of that Paratpara, Parabrahma Parmeshwar, as Lord Krishna, without Yashoda maiya, is impossible. Whoever did the feel of this story can understand its immortality.

At one time, Drona, the great among the Ashtas vashus ,prayed to Brahma ji, “O God!  When I will take birth on earth, then my devotion be fix on Lord Shri Hari Shri Krishna's feet ”. Who knows the leela of the creator, when Vasu Drona was praying to Lord Brahma ji, at the same time his wife Dhara Devi was also standing there with him. Dhara Devi did not say anything with her mouth, but her every breath was asking for the same from God, which was asking her husband, Lord Brahma, who was standing there at that time, that is, she was also asking Lord Krishna as her son there.  The creator Brahma said, "thaastu- it will be," and became disappear . In intervals of time, Dhara devi, who was born with due to the glory of this boon, took birth in India as a daughter of a 'Sumukh Gope' of Vrajmandal on earth and the daughter of his wife Patla. This was the time when the incarnation of Shri Krishna was going to happen on earth.
Sumukh and Patla named their beautiful girl Yashoda.  On getting older, Yashoda was married to Vrajraj Nand.  Vrajraj Nand was a Vasu named Drona in his previous birth, whose chirasangini Dhara married him as Yashoda.
In fact, there is a Yashoda in the eternal leela of God.  She is the eternal mother of Lord Krishna.
As the son of Yashoda, Purushottam himself incarnated Lord Shri Krishna.  When God was incarnated, Yashoda ji's age had fallen. Earlier, Yashoda with her husband Nand ji  how much they tried to have children but did not have got children. So, when the son was born, then what was his joy to say? Yashoda got a son, in this joy, the whole of Vrajpur was immersed. Kansa inspired Putna came to kill Yashoda Nandan.

She gave his poisoned breast to Yashoda Nandan's mouth.  But Yashoda Nandan drank her life along with her poisonous milk.  While leaving the body, Pootana ran towards Madhupuri with Shri Krishna.  Ahh !  At that moment Yashoda's life also ran as if followed by Pootna.  Yashoda's life returned only when life was communicated to him, when the son was brought by the Gosundaris to lap her chest.
Yashoda Nandan was progressively increasing and in the same sequence, the joy of Maiya was also increasing. Yashoda Maiya could not bear happiness to see her son.  Sometimes after putting the son to sleep on the cradle, she would bliss in such a way that he does not have the sense of the surrounding world. In this way, Shri Krishna Chandra, having received mother's love, had passed today for eighty one days, but mother felt as if I had seen her son's siren face sometime back. Today she was put to sleep after raising her son under a huge bullock cart.  At the same time, a big heavy monster named Kansa inspired Utkach came and entered the bullock cart. He wanted to kill him by dropping the bullock cart on Yashoda Nandan.  But before this, Yashoda Nandan overturned the bullock cart with his little tender feet and put an end to that Utkatch life.
Here, when mother heard the dreadful word of bullock cart fall,  then she had been thinking that my son was no more.  she had weeped and cried, and then fell down . With great difficulty, the gopis succeeded in breaking her unconsciousness . Opening his eyes, she looked at his son, seeing that she started crying to herself.

She started say with crying while execrate ownself "Oh Oh ! My child is more delicate than flower, only three months old, and the bullock cart collapsed near to him the ground and broke. Even after hearing this, my life did not come out, I am still alive with the same life, so it is true that I am more harsh than vajra.  I am mother only to be called, my motherhood, my mothering is damned.
Yashoda maa would sometimes pray 'O Vidhata! When will my day come, when I will see my son walking, when I will get satisfaction of ears on hearing of his first word, '- sometimes she asked to Krishna.  While fulfilling the desire of his mother, Shri Krishna started speaking and then standing and walking. In this, one year was completed,  mother Yashoda celebrated her son's first anniversary.  On the other hand, the elusive demon of the elusive Kansa would be sorry to see the leela. This time Kansa sent the Trinavat monster.  He came and flew into the sky, blowing Krishna.  Seeing this, Yashoda fell down on the earth.This time nobody had the hope of mother's life.  But when Shri Krishna returned after killing Trinavart, the gopis brought him from the body of the monster, then Yashoda's consciousness immediately returned. When the day came, when the night came - Yashoda used to know this only after being told by someone.  To awaken them from this condition for a moment, as if Krishna had did this leela to eat soil.  'Her son Shri Krishna has eaten the soil', as soon as Yashoda ji's eyes became aware.

She started looking at his mouth and then saw the whole world located in his mouth, saw the origin of infinite universe and his end.  Seeing it, she trembled once, but it was in these that the vaishnavi maya of Shri Krishna expanded and she forgot everything.
Yashoda used to forget, but the days were getting fulfilled.  In Yashoda's unknown, his son's second anniversary also arrived.  Then upon seeing her Krishna became two years and two months old.
But now Krishna had become so fickle such that he does not let Yashoda rest for a single moment.
He would go to the houses of the gopis and break the pitchers of curd. One day he also broke the pot of yogurt, which had been safe in his family for years. Mother tied Sri Krishna in a mortar for the purpose of intimidation. The whole world will be sacrificed on this effort of Yashoda for eternity.
Yashoda's Krishna uprooted the two Arjuna trees from the root by making this connection.  Then the residents of Vraj were extremely distraught to protect Yashoda Nandan.  Pootna, Shakta, Trinarat - So many times Narayana saved her Krishna, but now here in this gokul, there should not be even a single moment.  The Gopas had decided this after consulting - just, the moment to go to Vrindavan. This is what happened, Yashoda came to Vrindavan with her Krishna.  After coming to Vrindavan, many heartfelt leelas of Shri Krishna spread. The third year of Shri Krishna  was not yet completed, yet he started going to the cow grazing forest. He killed Vatsasura-Bakasura etc. in the forest. When mother Yashoda used to hear the details of these events, her life started to shatter with the fear of the son's evil, immediately lapping her Krishna from the chest and banning him exit from the next day, but then, after convincing everyone, naive mother would also agree.

During the summer of the fifth year, he did Kaalia nag daman leela..  No one has the ability to portray the condition that Yashoda ji saw when he was tied up in the bond of Kaliya. No one has the power to describe how much happiness Yashoda felt in listening to the unique activity of Krishna in the sixth year. The seventh year was the year of dhenuk-salvation, Govardhan mountain raised leela in the eighth year,Sudarshan was fred in the ninth year,in the tenth year he did many joyous child leelas, Arista was fred in the eleventh year, on the Dwadashi of the Falgun month of the twelfth year, the Keshi monster was fred. On these occasions, the emotions of joy or sorrow erupted in Yashoda's heart, Yashoda herself would drown in it, and also immersed the entire Vraj.
Thus eleven years, six months, Shri Krishna continued to illuminate Yashoda Rani's home, but now it was  time to going to Mathura,  came to Akrur to take Shri Krishna to Mathura.  It was the evening of Phalgun Dwadashi, Akrur as if it had dropped a huge fire on Yashoda's heart. Nand kept explaining to Yashoda all night, but Yashoda was not agreeing in any way.  In any case, the son was not allowed to visit Kansa's Mathura. At last Yogmaya expanded Maya, Yashoda became confused.  Even though she did not give permission, but till now she was not protesting, she did shed tears.
Who did not cry seeing the sad condition of Yashoda Rani while leaving.  Ahh !  Whether the living world, the root world, everything had come to a standstill. Troubled, Yashoda was not even doing auspicious work during his journey.

She was so confused that she was not able to give any worthy things - or perhaps forgot to give it to her son, suitable for her motherhood. Mother was weeping continuously, only Sri Krishna in her heart, the land was pulsing due to her continue weeping.  In that extremely touching scene, infinite patience was required to be enlightened. The chariot started with Shri Krishna. The print of the chariot wheels began to be engraved on the ground, as if the earth was expressing to the pierced heart of Yashoda.
Saraswati ji might not even have the ability to describe in real detail what happened to Yashoda disconnection of Sri Krishna .  Yashoda maa was really deranged.  From where Shri Krishna  was sitting on the chariot, she used to come daily.
She woke up crying "Hey!  Is there no one in Vraj who can stop my going son and catch him?  Look, the chariot is going up, my life is being taken, I am not able to run, someone should run and grab my Krishna! " Sometimes animals, birds and humans - whoever would come in front of the sight, she would send many messages to Vasudev's wife Devaki. A wanderer went and told this message of Yashoda to Shri Krishna.  Shri Krishna sent Uddhav to console him.  Uddhav came, but could not wipe the tears of Jagadishwar's mother.  He did not have that much power. Yashoda Rani's heart became calm when she met Krishna in Kurukshetra.  She got new life by sitting on her lap, applying his Kanha with her heart.  When Yashodarani returned from Kurukshetra, his Kanha returned to Vrindavan with him in her heart.  Very few people can understand this mystery.  The desolate world of Yashoda re-settled.

On the other hand, Sri Krishna, the ruler of the universe , was about to end his leela.  That is why he sent his mother Yashoda in advance. At the last moment when he sent Radha off, he also placed his mother Yashoda Maiya on the same divinity plane of Goloka, bowed to him and along with Radha Kishori, Yashoda Maiya also entered, in his continual Golok Dham where her Kanhaiya was standing… to welcome her.
Once Brahma ji also suspected that Shri Krishna was the God.  The person who tied the creatures in the bondage of maya showed such leela that the Creator too got overwhelmed. In this story context, there is a sense of the infinite number of avatars.  In what forms does the most kind-hearted Srihari accept for us, this experience also occurs to a devout heart. I will discuss this story later.

The rest will continue in the next article.....

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God, avatar and divine stories -2

God, avatar and divine stories -2

In the previous post of the blog, all of you learned about the Avatar and read some type of the avatar . I am presenting the second part of that series, moving forward. Hope that you all will like my efforts.  The link of the first part of the series will be given at the end of the article.

People often get confused about Lord Krishna who is this Mahavishnu?  Or is this almighty supreme powerful God?  Some great personalities have considered three major elements of God - 'Vishnu', 'Mahavishnu' and 'Maheshwar'.  All three are included in Lord Shri Krishna.

It has been described in Brahmavaivartpurana (Srikrishna Khand) that when the devi pruithvi (earth) is frightened and sad goes to the shelter of thecreator Brahma ji,  then Brahma ji along with the gods reach Maheshwar Shri Krishna's Golok dham. Narayan rishi also stays with him.  Lord Krishna accepts incarnation on the request of Lord Brahma, Earth and Gods, then the incarnation begins to take place. Suddenly a beautiful chariot made of unnatural elements, equipped with divine gems, is seen. Mahavishnu taking with sankha-chakra-gada-lotus in all four hands appears on that chariot. Mahavishnu descend from chariot and merge into the body of Maheshwar Shri Krishna. But even after the merge of Mahavishnu, the form of Shrikrishna's avatar was not fully formed, then the earth lord Srivishnu, who was mounted on a second golden chariot, was shown there and he also merged in the body of Shriradhikeshwar Shree Krishna. Now the for incarnation earthly elements was required. Narayana Rishi was there, he also merged in them and thus Mahavishnu-Vishnu-Narayana form himself Maheshwar Lord Shri Krishna was took avatar and Narayan's fellow Nar rishi also appeared as Arjuna an aid to Avatar leela. According to Shrimad Bhagwat, Kansa, Jarasandha, and other asura forms distraught with the misdeeds of evil kings and Pruithvi devi( the earth) taking cow form with sadly mind goes to Brahmaji and Brahmaji along with Lord Shankar and other deities reach Kshirsagar and worship the purush form God who is sleeping on the Sheshnag.

This purusha is the king of the earth, hence the earth narrates own grief to him. After worshiping of God , Brahma ji gone to meditation and in the samadhi state Brahmaji heard the voice of God. Subsequently Brahma ji say to the gods - "Gods!"  I have heard the voice of God, you all listen to me and then do it accordingly without delay.  God has to knew the problem of earth even before our request . He is God of God ,to solve the problem of the earth by own kaalshakti(destroying power) ,as long as he will play leela on the earth, till then you all also take birth in Yadukul and contribute to their leela. These supreme God himself will appear in the house of Vasudev ji. Devganas should also take birth there to serve him and his beloved (Shriradhaji). '
Kaal is very cruel.  As time progresses, so also the moment-hours, day-night, month-year, yuga-kalp etc. change.  Even after changing all this, God remains the same.  The one who was in Kritayuga, Treta and Dwapar, the same exists today in Kali Yuga. He is true in all three periods (present,past,future) and also his nature.

That nature includes the sun or the moon, the air or the fire, the water or the earth, the sky or the hades, the clouds or the rain, the winter or the summer. These are all contained in nature and no one can change them. Although twenty-four incarnations of Shri Paramatma are mentioned in the scriptures of our Sanatan dharma but many times the God have to come in this world by taking many forms for the devotees. It is said that devotees  Namdev, Tukaram, Dnyaneshwar, Eknath and Samarth Guru Ramdas, etc. had seen Shri Paramatma many times. According to a proverb, only Namdev ji had received darshan seventy-two times.  If we believe this fact to be true, then there is no shortage of such devotees on this earth, for whom he himself come in some form to fulfill their work or give darshan to them.
Once a devotee asked a saint “Maharaj!  Is it possible to see God with these eyes?  On this, these saints remained calm.  He then asked the same question, yet the saint kept listening quietly. When the inquisitor asked him for the third time, the saint smiled and said, "Vats!  Do you want to see or just want to hear ”? Hearing this, that devotee got into some confusion, but then thoughtfully said something, “Maharaj!  The best if you can show, even if you tell otherwise it is also fine ”.

At this Saint Ji asked him, "What is your name"?  He quickly answered 'Ramu'.  The saint held his hand and asked "Well what is this"?  So he said 'hand'.  Holding his feet and asking 'What is this'?  So he said 'feet'. In this way, he kept on asking all the parts of the body and that devotee kept telling him.  Finally, the inquisitor asked, "Maharaj!  Why are you asking all this?  Then the Saint said "Dear!  I was looking for Ramu in your body, but I could not find him anywhere.
Hearing this, the inquisitor said, "Maharaj!  What kind of thing are you talking about?  Hearing this, the saint said, “Friend!  Now you said that I am Ramu, then where did he go ”?  Sant said, "Ramu!
Just as your name is not seen anywhere in this body, similarly God cannot be seen with these eyes, even though it is absorbed in all. ”
The saint again told, "Lord Shri Krishna has said in the seventh verse of the fifteenth chapter of the Gita - that this soul is my eternal part in this body and it attracts the mind and the five senses located in these nature. Vats !  He would not have said this verse spontaneously?  Every sentence of Parmatma is meaningful and true, but what can anyone do if we do not understand it?
The saint further said, "If you want that I can see him with these eyes, then for that you will have to work very hard.  Paramatma takes incarnation of every moment, but to see him, we need an eye of knowledge. Just as according to science, there are many small creatures in every drop of water, to see which we need scientific microscope, similarly we need knowledge eyes to see the Creator. The disciple became enlightened after listening to the saint and he became a dependent of God.  From the above narrative, it becomes clear that God is everywhere, it is necessary to seek his grace for his vision . In the modern era, every human being is becoming alienated from the God and in front of their illusion, they are running after him.  Although every human being understands that nothing is going to be achieved in the end, but even then why does they do it.

That is why it should always be remembered that neither something has come together nor anything will go together. In this creation, God has made every human being his own form and make them as his child, because in nature, in  eighty four million species , the child of a creature like it, also takes the same form as the crow to crow.  Cuckoo to cuckoo, goose to goose, buck to buck, ox to ox, goat to goat etc.
It is clear from this that we are all children of the same nature as God and consider him to be our father and mother etc. If we live in the world, then there is no point in grieving.  Godly Father brings happiness to everyone. If we accept this fact as true, then it is a matter of consideration that in this human world, every day, every moments some human being must come to birth in this earth, that is to say, it is as if the divine God itself has soul form born in the earth. Therefore, service-worship of everyone should be considered as service-worship of Narayan.

 In this world, just as the worship of God or worship is organized, in the Indian culture, the worship of great men, Guru, acharya or saints is also done, that is, the holy post of God to his devotees also receives.  That is why God himself has revealed the glory of the devotees with his mouth. This law of the incarnation of Shri God in nature has been going on uninterrupted since time immemorial and will continue to go on.  This is the reason why in the Indian literature , Paramatma has been considered as eternal.

The rest will continue in the next article.....

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God, avatar and divine stories -1

God, avatar and divine stories -1

Hello friends .... I have come up with an interesting topic today.  You must have understood from the title of the article… its series will also run. You must read all the articles of its labels. In the beginning it is possible to have some difficulty in understanding the topic, so the number of articles of this series will come and all your doubts will definitely solve it.  As the subject of the article, I will also put some stories in it from time to time.  Lord Vishnu and Shri Krishna will be prominent in my entire article. So let's go to today's article

What is avatar ??

Avatar does not mean normal birth.  All cosmic actions of avatar like birth-deeds-activity are divine.

In the Gita, Shri Bhagavan has resolved all the curiosities regarding the incarnation very clearly and has said, "Though I am an unborn-bornless, undefined soul-unmanifest knowledge power-oriented and God-regulating whole creature elements from Brahma; even then, my trigunatmika Vaishnavi maya, under whose control the whole world dwells and by which a man who is fascinated does not know himself as Vasudev's form, by keeping this nature power in own control , only by reason of own's leela I become like born as a body. I do not actually take birth like an ordinary person. Explaining the purpose of the incarnation, Lord Krishna himself says that whenever there is loss of dharma and the rise of unrighteousness, then I create my form with my maya (illusion).
Therefore, it is clear that God appears in every age for the purpose of protecting the saint, protecting of dharma, spreading the light of policy and knowledge and for the destruction of the wicked and sinners. If we talk about the general meaning, then avatar in general means descending, or rising, or beginning, the appearance of form, taking birth, etc. The meaning of avatar is used only in the sense of descending or descending from a higher place. Avatars are not only for the destruction of the wicked and for the protection of saints, but also for the purpose of public education.
Divine power exists every particle to particle .  But its feels can be accepted only by pure heart.  In all living creatures like Udbhij, Svedaj, Andaj and Jarayus, only part of the same God exists. That is why, every creature in the world should have equal vision. This lesson is also the cornerstone of universal brotherhood, which is the specialty of our Sanatana Dharma.  Udbhij -One degree  exists in the vegetation etc., two degrees in the Svedjas, three degrees in the Andaja and four degrees in the Jarayujas.  On the strength of their practice and self-control, humans can wear up to five to eight degrees of divine consciousness.
Similar mental power and divine body,full of all divine power are said to be avatari purush.  The bodies which absorb in the eight to fifteen arts which have the status of Chidansha are called ansha avatar, and then purn avatar.  Those who are accomplished by sixteen arts are called paripurna avatars.  Paripurna avatars are considered omniscient. Their bodies are all comprehensive, omniscient, all virtuous and divine.  Therefore, they cannot be called creatures;  Because these are Brahm forms.  When these parts are weakened, a human being is called alpagya jeeva (superficial being). In the full incarnation and perfect incarnation, it is also considered inpentritable from a spiritual-philosophical point of view.

What is Ansha Avatar ??

In these divine images, some differences in art, degree , natural form (charge) etc. have also been considered. Human beings are also considered as part of God. Sometimes, if such specificity is shown in the work of some humans, then they are considered excellent.

We can call these distinct and accumulated qualities the divine part.  Divine attributes accumulated in the divine qualities of various deities exist. Just like Indra, Agni, Varuna, Som, Vayu, Surya etc. have also been called ansha avatar.  Lakshmi is also called ansha avatar .
The 35th chapter of the  prakruti khanda of Brahma Vaivarta Purana states that Lakshmi was born from the left part of Radha and the quadrilateral Vishnu from Shri Krishna's left part. In the Adhyatma Ramayana (, there is also a description of God appearing in different parts of his body. And also Goddess Lakshmi's birth in the form of Sita and all the great deities as part of the mighty vanaras is an important role of helping the God. In the Vishnu Purana, Parashurama, who killed Kartaviryaarjuna, is considered an  ansha avatar.  In the Mahabharata, Arjuna is called Indra and Karna is called the Sun's parts. Indra, Pawan, Yama, Surya, Agni, Varuna, Chandra and Kubera - The king was created with the constant part of these eight.  Hence, it leads to the conclusion that king is considered as a Gods representative. In the Kenopanishad (2.1) it is said that in the most mysterious form, as part of the ultimate brahm, Jeevatma, which is the mind, intellect, and the form of life, is also a part of Brahm.

What is Kalaavtar of God ??

According to the texts of Sanatan Dharma, various meanings of art have been told.  Such as time arts, zodiac arts, experimental arts, music-dance arts, moon arts etc. But the meaning of art is different in terms of avatar.  In the Prashnopanishad (6.2), a description of a Purush of sixteen arts is found- That is, the sixteen arts produced a huge body as a whole world, they are called Purusha.  Thats purusha is seated in our conscience.  Therefore, the desire to find him within itself should be desired. The Chandogyopanishad (6.7.1) also mentions the  purusha with sixteen arts. In the Brihadaranyakopanishad (1.5.14), Prajapati in the form of Samvatsara is said to have sixteen arts.
The Prashnopanishad (6.6) states that the way all those sticks are in the wheel of a chariot enter the center of the wheel, which is called the navel, they cannot stand without that navel. The same kind of souls etc. whose sixteen arts are dependent, which originate from and which merge, should be known as God. In this way, the Purusha who is expressed with the sixteen arts, is none other than Brahm form Maha Vishnu, an icon of the sixteen arts.

What is Vibhuti ??

The common meaning of Vibhuti is the very human and divine powers, which also include the Ashta Siddhis.  By the way, power, prestige, fame etc. - These are counted  in the Vibhutis.

In the Gita (10.7), Lord Shri Krishna himself says that one who knows the element of my Vibhuti (expansion) and Yoga (method of expanding) - is undoubtedly attained by steady Karmayog. No earthly person is capable of discussing the greatness of Bhagavad-Vibhutis.  Whatever matter is present in this world, and contains Sri and Lakshmi, only the position of the glorious portion of God should be considered. There is a very interesting description of Bhagavad-Vibhutis in the 10th chapter of the Gita; In which the presence of divine power is shown in all the best vibhutis and substances like Vishnu, Surya, Moon, Indra, Samveda etc.

What is the Aveshaavatar of god ??

Avesha avatar of God have also taken place. Avesha means to enter or remain in the jurisdiction of one power.  In the embodiment of incarnation, the divine authority asserts its powers in a particular person or object. In the Garga Samhita (1.21), it is said about the avesha avatar by Shri Narada that Lord Vishnu, who is self embodied in any persons conscience and gets separated after performing the intended work, should know such avatar as avesh avatar. Devotees also sometimes get charged due to their immense devotion, at that time they neither suffer hunger nor thirst.  Despite physical pain, it is not perceived.  At this time, extraordinary work is also done by them.  If we look at the life cycle of Chaitanya Maha prabhu, then many such examples are found in his life. In avatars, the Anshansha(degree of degree), Ansha(degree), kala( art),Purna( complete) and Paripurna(perfection) types are also mentioned.  Parshuram etc. has also been placed in the category of avesha avatar by some texts. Apart from these, Dattatreya, Kapil, Vyasa, etc. are also mentioned in our Sanatan texts as the avesha avatar of god.

What is Purnaavtar of god ??

The Garga Samhita clearly states that where the Chaturvyuh forms of God appears together, the effect of the complete incarnation is reflected, such as Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, Shatrughna; Vasudeva, Sankarshan, Pradyumna and Aniruddha. Through his divine powers, strength, might, glory, etc., they destroyed the demons and established the dharma kingdom by giving shelter to the saints.

The importance of Rama and Krishna is particularly mentioned in Vaishnava literature. Vishnu is the main Leelanayak(Hero) in the context of a purna avatar, but in the form of Rama and Krishna, he has performed many works in the same way as ansha avatar.  Thus the ansha avatar has a unique relationship with the purna avatar. The top scripture of Vaishnava literature, Ahirbudhnya Samhita (2.56), states that Parabrahma is devoid of Prakrit qualities and becomes Nirguna and when completed by these six qualities  (Gyaan, Shakti, Aishwarya, Bal, Virya, Tej)  Are in Saguna form.  In these six qualities , Gyaan is only the form of Vasudeva, the remaining shakti etc., are other attributes of gyaan (Vasudev). There is gyaan and bal in Shankarshan, aishwarya and virya in Pradhumn and shakti and tej in anirudhra like qualities are mainly appeared.  The work of Shankarshan is the creation of the world, the work of Pradyumna is to teach the action according to the path and the work of the Anirudha is to give the result of the action i.e. to teach the secret of salvation. Thus the above mentioned vyuha with Vasudeva is called Chaturvyuha. Chaturvuh Vasudev is the main source of this origin, from that Shankarshana that that is jeeva, Shankarshana to Pradhyumna that is mind, and Anirudha that is mind to ego is generate There are also found in our Sanatan literature about vyuahas with many parables.  In the Rama's vyuha , Lakshmana is considered as Sankarshan, Shatrughna as Pradyumna and Bharata as Aniruddha and Rama himself is situated as Vasudeva. In the Gopalottartapanopanishad, the Lord Himself has said that the devout people with perfect intellect worship me in all the four forms (chatuvryuh). In Avatar distinctions, vyuha's form is certainly not different from avatarism, but the variation in the forms and purposes of avatar is definitely reflected.  There is Vasudeva in the center of the vyuh(array), where the special power reveals the uniqueness of Anirudh etc. There is a special discussion of vyuhnism in Pancharatra literature and it is said that all the powers of Brahm are visible in Braahm form, so it is useless to see them separately.

What is paripurnaavtar of God ??

Shri Krishna is recognized as the paripurna avtar (perfect incarnation) of God.  Vasudev Krishna has been called the incarnation of Narayana or Vishnu in the Mahabharata .  Again in the Srimad Bhagavata it is called 'Krishnastu Bhagwan Swayam'. In incarnations, whether they are ten avatars or 24 incarnations, it is a universally accepted principle that Shri Vishnu incarnates in his art, part, fraction, charge, complete etc. forms.

These are the divine powers of the Lord of all the Universe, who descend for Leela for the welfare of the world. God is the regulator of all beings in the whole world.  The secret of their leela and their resolutions, the creature lying in maya cannot be known by any means.  It is from Bhagavatkripa (kindness of god) that the creature gets to know a little bit about them. God is irrational.  There is also a period of times, that is, Mahakal.  In the Gita, Lord Krishna himself has said to Arjuna, "Ahameva Akshayah Kaal", that is, I am the Akshaya Kaal that never perishes. Each of his leela is supernatural.  God is not to the subject of mind and speech, yet poets, devotees and lovers as much have praised him on own's eligibility .  The Vedas have described the qualities and leelas of God by calling them 'Neti-neti'.
In this world, God creates the world in a Brahma form, then preserve it in the form of Vishnu and finally destroys it Rudra form.  There is a slight description of his destructive form here, that is, Kaal. God has many qualities of complete opulence, dharma, fame, Shri, knowledge and disinterest. God is the abode of all virtues.
God has created this entire world for his leelas. For them, creation, preserve and destruction - all three types of leelas are the same.  Just as the children make a toy of clay, play with it and destroy it in the end, similarly, these three leelas of God are there. His every leela is auspicious due to being auspicious. In his destructive leela, welfare is secretly filled, because creation without destruction is not possible. In the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Lord Shri Krishna appeared to his beloved friend Arjuna in his viraat kaal swaroop(vast form) and said, "Look, I am the great destroyer of the world." At this time I have tended to destroy these peoples . Hence the warriors who are in the army of the counterparties. All these will not remain without you, that is, even if you do not fight, they will be destroyed. God reduced the problem of the earth only through the destroyer form.  God is the true resolution. The success of Jiva's resolve is depands only on the will of God. After the war of Mahabharata, the problem of the earth had become light and everyone thought the same, but God thought that although the problems of the earth has come down in the eyes of the people, but in my view, the problems of the earth has not completely lightened yet.  Because these Yaduvanshis are still alive in pride. They are my dependents. Therefore, no one can defeat them. Now I have to destroy them in some way. Thinking this, God split the Yaduvanshis on the pretext of cursing Brahmins and dedicated them to Kaal. The Lord has said in the Srimad Bhagwat, "I am the speed in dynamic situations, I am the Kaal in those who subordinate me, I am their original nature in virtues and I am the natural quality of all the quality things". God is also base of the kaal ie Mahakaal. There is no one like God, then who can exceed them?  God himself is the prakruiti,purusha and there are kaal for the combination- disconnection of both.  In Sri Ramcharitmanas, Malyavant warns the demon king Ravana and gives him a sense of the Lord's kaal form. Similarly, along with other forms of God, the description of his Kaal form comes at many places in all the scriptures, Puranas, Mahabharata and Ramcharitmanas.  If humans keeps on remembering the kaal form of God, they can avoid many evils and they can definitely be benefitted.
Kansa recollected this form of God and attained
God. He used to chant the God around the clock - while sitting, eating, drinking, sleeping and working.  He remembered God not with love, but with hatred, even then he got salvation .

The speed of kaal is intense.  Jeeva does not know the kaal.  Kaal is unborn and immortal. Kaal is everyone's time period.  Everyone dies in the same period of kaal.  Kaal decide to everyone's death.
We should always be afraid of the kaal form snake, because the kaal form snake can sting at any time. We can also die due to his bite.  After the death, no treatment will be possible.  That is why we should remember God in our conscious state so that we can get rid of the  kaal form snake.

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Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-10)

Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-10)

Hello friends .... Today the series of stories of Ekadashis are ending on this blog.  The stories of 26 Ekadashis now end here. Now some days I will write some religious stories, I will try to write some topics related to spirituality as well. After this, I am planning to write fasts stories related to all the seven days of the week and also will be write  fasts stories coming in every month. If today's story is also liked by you, my happiness lies in this. Thank you from the heart and thank you for expressing your happiness through mail to me. All of you are requested again to share the article on social media and follow my blog. So that keeps me excited and writing power.  At the end of the article, all of you will get a link to the ninth part. ................Thank you

25 . Amalaki(Rangabhari) Ekadashi .

This Ekadashi is also known as Amalaki Ekadashi and Rangabhari Ekadashi.  Ekadashi fast has special significance in Hindu beliefs.  Ekadashi falls on both pakshas of month. The word amalaki represents Indian amla. According to mythology, it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu reside in the Amla tree.

Thus, this tree is considered highly auspicious. People worship and praise the tree on the eve of Amalaki Ekadashi. Amalaki Ekadashi is very important in terms of health. The seasons change after Phalgun. There is a knock of warmth after the departure of winter. The effect of this change in the weather falls on our health. If seen, an attempt has been made to establish the importance of Amla through Amalaki Ekadashi. Amla is a good source of vitamins.  The use of Amla in many diseases is panacea. According to the name, the person worships Amla and Amla tree in this fast. By doing this, you get victory over enemies and sudden problems and the person is freed from all kinds of sin.  Amalaki means Amla. Amla is nectar fruit. This fruit and its tree has been considered very sacred, in Hindu scriptures, it is said to be superior and holy like Ganges. According to the Padma Purana, the Amalaki or Amla tree has been born with the blessings of Lord Vishnu, that is why this tree is very dear to the gods, that is why the tree is also called the tree of gods, that is why the worship of Amla tree's worshiped on many auspicious occasions is performed. According to the belief, observing the fast of Rangbhari Ekadashi eliminates all kinds of sins and gives a virtuous result. In the Hindu scriptures, bathing, donating and fasting on the day of Rangabhari Ekadashi has been reported to yield results equal to  donation thousands of cows. On this day Baba Vishwanath is specially decorated and this day is considered to be the beginning of Holi festival in Kashi. On this day, the 6-day color festival of Rangabari Gyaras festival begins in Kashi, the city of Lord Shiva, which is celebrated till Holi festival. On this day special worship of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is done with Lord Vishnu. Amalaki means Amla has a great place in the scriptures.  When Vishnu gave birth to Brahma for the creation of the world, he gave birth to the Amla tree. Amla is revered by Lord Vishnu as the Adi tree. In every part of it, the place of God is considered. On this day, Khatu Shyam's fair is seen in the Sikar of Rajasthan. On this day in Kashi, there is tremendous love with color and gulal everywhere.

Therefore, it is also known as Rangbharni Ekadashi.  Let us tell you that there is a story related to Mahadev and Mata Parvati behind the name of Amalaki as Rangbharani.  Apart from this, there is another story behind Amla i.e. Amalaki Ekadashi, let us know in detail….

*** There is a story about Rangbharni Ekadashi that when Bholenath first visits his beloved city of Kashi after his marriage to Gauri, this incident is celebrates the same day as Rangbharni Ekadashi in the arrival of mother Parvati.  It is said that on that day, the whole city was decorated with various colors to welcome Mother Parvati. Since then, this tradition continues even today.  Here, celebrating Ekadashi which falls before Holi is celebrated as Rangbharni Ekadashi. The entire Kashi is decorated with colors and gulals.  Baba Vishwanath has a special makeup. The vast preparations are made to welcome Mother Gauri and Shiva.

*** Another story is associated with Amalaki Ekadashi. According to this, there is a story of giving a vision of Khatushyam in Sikar of Rajasthan. It is believed that on this day Baba Shyam's head appeared in Shyam Kund for the first time.  Since then, a fair is organized in Khatu Dham on the occasion of this Ekadashi which falls before Holi.  Where the devotees worship Khatu Shyam and pray to them for the happiness and prosperity of their family.

*** The story should be heard after fasting on Amalaki Ekadashi.  Which is such that one day Maharaj Yudhishthira asked Lord Shri Krishna about the importance of Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Falgun. Then Lord Krishna says that this Ekadashi is called Amalaki Ekadashi.

The story is found once when Lord Vishnu revealed vow, a point resembling the moon was revealed on the earth. Amla plant was born from that.  At the same time Lord Vishnu originated Lord Brahma for the creation of creation. Also originated the gods, Gandharvas, Yakshas, ​​demons and monsters. Then everyone went to the this plant.  Everyone was surprised to see him. Because before that he did not know about any such plant.  Then there was the an Akashwani said that O sages! this is the best in all plants.This is Amalak tree . Which is very dear to Lord Vishnu. Not only this, the memorization of amla gets the blessings of cow donation.  At the same time, to touch this give doubling results and eating this give thrice results in virtue.  Amla tree is said to be the destroyer of sins.  The story goes further that at its core Lord Vishnu, Brahma and Lord Bholenath reside.  Muni in branches, Gods in twigs, Vasu in leaves and Prajapati resides in fruits. Therefore, whoever worships this Amla plant or tree gets special blessings of Lord Vishnu. Everyone asked that Akashvaani, who are you Then came the voice that the knower of pasts and the doer of present and future, who is present everywhere in the invisible stage. I am the same Vishnu. Everyone bowed to Akashvani. Lord Vishnu was pleased and asked everyone to ask for a boon. On this, all the sages said that if you are happy, then give some remedy that will attain heaven and salvation. After this, Lord Vishnu said that whoever observes Amalaki Ekadashi fasting of Shukla Paksha Ekadashi in Falgun month will fulfill all his wishes.
*** In the Brahmanda Purana, the significance of 'Amalaki Ekadashi' of Shukla Paksha of Falgun month is described in Mandhata and Vasishta conversation . Once Mandhata ji prayed to Vashistha, O sage!  If you are happy with me, if you are pleased with me, then please show me a fast that I can get real welfare by following. In response to this, Vashist ji was pleased and said, O Rajan!  Let me tell you the story of a secret, mysterious and very welfare fast of the scriptures, which is going to give all kinds of welfare . O Rajan!  The name of this fast is Amalaki Ekadashi fast.  This fast is the destroyer of the biggest sins, the results of the virtue of donating a thousand cows and the salvation provider.
The people of Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra varna lived very happily in the ancient city of Vaidish.  The people there were naturally healthy and strong. O Rajan!  There was no any persons, sinner or atheist in that city.  In this city where there was a ritual of Vedic Karma.  This city used to resonate with the sound of Vedas.  Chandravanshi kings ruled in that city. In this Chandravanshi dynasty, a charitable and dignified king named Chitrarath was born.  This king was very powerful, brave, rich, fortunate and also a scholar.  The subjects had great happiness in this king's kingdom. The whole environment was favorable.  All the subjects here were Vishnu's devotee.  All people used to observe Ekadashi.  No impoverished or miser was seen in this state. Thus the king, along with the subjects, ruled happily for many years.
Once Falgun Shuklapakshi Dwadashi Samyukta Amalaki Ekadashi arrived.  Knowing that this Ekadashi is going to give greatest results, the boys, old, young, women and men of the city and the king himself also followed this Ekadashi fast with full rules. On Ekadashi,  early morning the king finished bathing in the river and went to the temple of Lord Vishnu on the banks of the same river with all the subjects.  He established the God there by furnishing divine scented water vase with umbrella, cloth, paduka etc. After this, by lighting incense and lamps, worshiped Lord Sriparashurama with Amalaki i.e. Amla and finally prayed O Parashuram!  O Renuka's soothing!  O Salvation Provider!  Greetings to you. O Amalaki!  O  Brahmaputri!  O dhaatri !  O Papanashini!  Namaskaram to you ! You accept my worship. In this way, the king along with the people of his subjects performed the night awakening while listening to the sacred character saga of Lord Shri Vishnu and Lord Sriparasuram ji by listening to the saga, hearing and reciting the glory of Ekadashi.
The same evening a hunter arrived there hunting.

He used to spend the day by killing creatures. After seeing the night awakening while performing Hari Kirtan, equipped with Deepmalaas and gathered by many people, the hunter started wondering what all this is happening? On seeing Ekadashi fast there, he saw the devotees .  He saw Lord Sridamodar ji sitting on the Kalash and sat there listening to the character of Lord Shrihari. Even after being hungry thirsty, he also awakened the night while listening to the story of importance of Ekadashi fasting and glorifying Lord Shrihari.  At dawn, the king went to his city with his subjects and the hunter also returned to his house and he ate food on time. After some time when that hunter died, with the effect of spontaneously observing Ekadashi fast and awakening the night on Ekadashi date, that hunter in his second birth named huge wealth, army, feudal, elephant, horse, chariots etc. He Born as a son of a king named Viduratha of the  Jayanti city. He became mighty like the sun, forgiving like the earth, devout, sincere and with many virtues, devotion to Lord Vishnu and began to ruled on one lac villages.  He was also a great donor.  In this birth, its name was Vasurath. Once he went to the forest to hunt and lost the way.  Tired of wandering in the forest, tired of thirst, sleeping in the forest with a pillow of his arms.  At the same time, Malechha Yavan, who lives in the mountains, came to the sleeping king and tried to kill the king. They were bent upon killing the king as an enemy. They had some such confusion that this is the same person who killed our parents, son and grandson etc. and that is why we are wandering in the forest.  But surprisingly, the weapons thrown by those people did not fall on the king . The king did not even scratch.  When their weapons were exhausted, they all got scared and could not move even one step.  Then everyone saw that at the same time a supreme beautiful goddess appeared with many jewels with divine smell from the body of the king. She was becoming angry eye with fierce fury .  Seeing this form of that goddess, all the yavana started running here and there, but that goddess killed all the malechchha  in a moment with a chakra in her hand. When the king woke up and saw this terrible massacre, he was surprised.  Also became fearful.  Seeing those fiercely shaped malachis dead, the king wondered with awe that who protected me to  by killing my enemies ?? Who is my kind friend here?  However, I thank him very much for his great work.  At the same time, Akashvani said that except God Keshav, who else is there to protect the refugees? Therefore, only the refugee guard, the refugee protector Shrihari, has protected you.  The king was pleased to hear that Akashvani, at the same time, being very grateful at the feet of Lord Srihari, returned to his kingdom, praising God and started ruling the kingdom without fear .

Vashisht ji says, "O Rajan! Those who follow this Amalaki Ekadashi fast surely attain Vishnuloka."

The power of Lord Shrihari defeats all our sufferings.  It is fully capable of protecting not only humans but also the gods.  With this power, Lord Vishnu killed the demons Madhu-kaitabha.  By becoming this power, Utpana Ekadashi killed the demon named Mur and made him happy by defeating the suffering of God.

26 . Kamika Ekadashi .

Sawan is the beloved month of Shiva and Ekadashi is the beloved date of Lord Vishnu.  Krishna Paksha Ekadashi, which falls in the month of Shravan, is called Kamika Ekadashi.  Kamika Ekadashi is considered to be the best vow of Lord Vishnu. The importance of this Ekadashi is further enhanced by coming in the month of Sawan.  Lord Shiva should be worshiped along with Lord Vishnu in this fast.  Worship the sun god in this fast.
Due to the effect of this fast, spoiled works are also formed. Man is freed from all sins and attains Vishnu Loka. Kamika Ekadashi is considered very important for spiritual seekers, as it destroys all negativity from consciousness and fills the mind and heart with divine light. Dashami, Ekadashi and Dwadashi follow the rules of Kamika Ekadashi. During these three days the people should not consume rice.  Take food at a time on Dashami and nothing should be eaten after sunset. Awakening on the night of Ekadashi. On the day of Dwadashi one should worship and donate. Do not cut plants & trees on Ekadashi.  No one should be condemned. Worshiping Lord Shri Hari in Shravan worships all the deities, Gandharvas etc.  Deepdan has special significance on the night of Kamika Ekadashi. Must offer butter mishri and tulsi leaves to God.  Chant the name of Vishnu Sahastra.  Use Tulsi leaves in fruit diet.  Offer yellow clothes to Lord Vishnu.  Provide food grains for birds.

Lets go to story of Kamika Ekadashi. 

Once a Kshatriya lived in a village.  For some reason, one day he got upset with a Brahmin.  The quarrel grew so much that both came down on the melee, and then the Brahmin was killed at the hands of a Kshatriya by mistake. He did not want to kill him at all, but inadvertently committed this sin. To repent of his mistake, he urged the Brahmins to participate in the same last action. But everyone refused and said you have incurred the sin of killing a Brahmin, so if possible, repent and get rid of this sin, otherwise you will get hell.
Hearing this, the Kshatriya got scared and started asking him the solution of sin.

Then the Brahmins suggested her to observe the fast of Kamika Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Shravan month and said that by doing this fast you will get rid of sins and only then all Brahmins will be able to come to your house atonement. Hearing this, he obeyed Kamika Ekadashi in a devout manner and Vishnu was pleased with this fast and gave him darshan. He was very happy to see Shree Vishnu and he bowed him again and again.  Then Lord Vishnu freed him from the sin of killing Brahmahatya and gave place in the Baikuntha loka. Thus, whoever narrates this story, Narayana is pleased with it and saves him .

Ekadashi fasting is considered as one of the best fasts.  The Lord of Ekadashi Tithi is Vishwadeva and his worship fulfills desire.  All the deities get this worship by worshiping him.

Part:-09 Link....

Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-09)

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