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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Erudition and Belief

Erudition and Belief

 There was a Pandit ji(priest) . He was built own ashram on the banks of a river. Pandit ji was very scholar person . People from far and wide used to come to his ashram to get knowledge.

On the other bank of the river, a milkwoman named Lakshmi was live with her old father. Lakshmi used to take care of her cows all day. After getting up early in the morning, she used to bath her cows and then milked them, then prepared food for her father, then after readying and used to go out to sell milk.

 Milk used to come from Lakshmi's house in Panditji's ashram. Once Panditji had to go to the city for some work. He told Lakshmi that he will  go to the city, so he need milk early the next day. Lakshmi went to the next day promising to arrive early.

The next day Lakshmi got up early in the morning and finished all her work and hurriedly picked up milk and set out towards the ashram. She came to the bank of river and saw that no boatman had come yet. How was it possible for Lakshmi cross the river without a boat? What was it then, Lakshmi was late in reaching the ashram. In the ashram, Panditji was standing ready to go. He was just waiting for Lakshmi. On seeing Lakshmi, he scolded Lakshmi and asked her the reason for the delay.

Lakshmi also told Pandit ji with great innocence that- "There was no boatman on the river, how could I cross the river?" So it's late. "

While Panditji was angry, he felt that Lakshmi was making excuses. He also angrily said to Lakshmi, "Why makes excuses. People cross the ocean of life with the name of God, you cannot cross a small river? "

Panditji's words had a profound impact on Lakshmi. On the second day too, when Lakshmi went out to the ashram with milk, there was no boatman on the banks of the river. Lakshmi did not wait for the sailor. She remembered God and walking the surface of the water and crossed the river easily. Panditji was surprised to see Lakshmi in the ashram so soon, he knew that no boatmans comes so soon.
He asked Lakshmi- "How did you cross the river today?" No any boatmans is come in this early morning times. "

Lakshmi said very simply- "Pandit ji crossed the river in the manner you mentioned. I took the name of God and walked on the water and crossed the river. '

Pandit ji did not believe in Laxmi's words. He then asked Lakshmi to walk on water. Lakshmi went to the bank of the river and crossed the river very easily, chanting the name of God.

Panditji was surprised. He also tried to cross the river like Lakshmi. But while descending into the river, his focus was on protecting his dhoti from getting wet. He could not walk on the water and fell into the water from the sudden .

Seeing the falling of Panditji, Lakshmi laughed and said, "You have not even taken the name of God, all your attention was focused on saving your new dhoti."

Pandit ji realized his mistake. He was very proud of his knowledge. But now they knew that no knowledge is needed to attain God. One only needs to remember it sincerely to get it.

This was a matter of story, but its basic purpose is that when we all start some work, then we first start thinking whether the work will be done or not. We start analyzing whether the works are possible before we have the knowledge. I do not say that knowledge is not necessary, but more than that, faith of mind, will power to do work are more important. You can understand this by an example, when the Wright brothers were engaged in the construction of airplanes, how many people told them that these are impossible. The talk of the people was also right for that time. Even then, the Wright brothers did their work, they showed people flying. Proved people wrong, it was impossible for humans to fly in the air at that time, which was made possible by their efforts, their perseverance, their faith.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Donation is the best religion

Donation is the best religion

Donation has been given great importance in our lifestyle . It is considered mandatory to spend a part of your income as donation. Our forefathers had declared charity as an essential religious duty by associating unwavering relationship with religion. There are big idols of charity in our literature and even today we are following the tradition of charity in some form or the other. From the poor to the rich, everyone donates something according to their situation. It is as if giving has become a part of our nature.

We should keep donating in life, it has many benefits. We will discuss about the benefits of donations later. In this world you can read about many rich people that they all donate in some form or the other. Yet their wealth keeps increasing day by day. These are the talks of knowledge, now let's move on to todays story. Today's story is based on the theme of the importance of donations .

There was a king a long time ago. He was very popular in public due to his justice.

  Once he was just sitting in his court, suddenly a question arose in his mind. The question was what would happen after the death of man?

 To get an answer to this unknown question, the king consulted all the ministers, members etc. of his court. All the people got worried about this curious problem of the king.

 After thinking for a long time, the king decided that in all my kingdom, it  proclaimed that the man who would lie like a dead person in the tomb and gives knowledge of all the actions that would take place after dying in the tomb overnight, would be given five hundred gold coins will be presented as a gift him.

According to the orders of the king, this news was spread in the whole kingdom. Now the problem had come, who is ready to die?

 Eventually, such a person in the whole state agreed to do this work,

 One who was so miser that in whole life he neither took food happily nor sleep well . He was presented to the king.

According to the orders of the king, a coffin was made for him and decorated with beautiful flowers. He was covered with white shroud lying on it and taken to the cemetery.
 On the way home, a fakir followed him and told him that now you are going to die, you are alone in the house. So much money will be destroyed in your house, give me something.

 Even after the once again refusal of the miser, the fakir did not left of the miser and kept on asking for something again and again.

 When miser became very upset, he picked up a handful of almond peels lying in the cemetery and gave it to the fakir.

 The miser was later laid in a tomb and the entire  was closed from above.

 Just a small hole was made towards the head with the hope that it would breathe through it and tell the king the next morning the whole situation after death.

 All the people went to home and the miser in that tomb. night fell.

 At night, a snake came to the tomb and looking at the hole, tried to enter it.

 Seeing this, the panic of the miser lying in the tomb was  longer there. As soon as the snake tried to enter, the almond peels came in the hole as a barricade.

 At next early morning, all the servants of the king came to the cemetery with great curiosity and soon dug out the tomb and took out the miser.

 To tell what happens after death, the miser is asked to walk to the king. The miser didn't listen to the king's servants even a little.
 He first went to his home and distributed all his wealth to the poor.

  Everyone was amazed to see this sudden donation of his kindness of miser . Many questions began to arise in publics mind.

In the end, the miser was presented to the king to narrate the entire situation in the court.

 Miser told the whole story of the struggle of snakes and almond peels last night, and said, Maharaj, after death the  donation is maximum useful.

Therefore donating is the best of all religions.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Devotee Shri Jaydev Ji

Devotee Shri Jaydev Ji

Just as the devotee is care of own God, in the same way, the Lord is also concerned about his devotees. In any case, God wants to help his devotees in some way or the other. Sometimes devotees do not like this help, and innocent devotees fall into thinking. But in the end, accepting it as God's will. Today's story is similar to this. Let's go to today's story. 

Devotee Shri Jaydev Ji

The clan or families in which a Bhagavadbhakta is born, then all the ancestors and descendants of that clan are saved.
32 kilometers away from Veerabhoomi, there lived a couple named Bhojdev and Ramadevi in ​​Keduli village who were followers of Krishna .
Because of his immense affection for Krishna, he wished that a son should be born in his house which is like Krishna.   God always fulfill the desire of the devotee.  In 1107, a son was born to his house, named Jayadeva.
Born in the life of parents' rites and faith in Lord Krishna, Jayadev was also a worshiper of Shri Krishna.

 Due to unfortunate , the parents died in their childhood.  At that time Jaidev was a small boy.Others described the parents' death as a shock to their lives, but Jaydev considered this trauma to be a path of devotion to God, and loved his disinterestedness and gave his life the direction for which great learned people yearn for.

Krishna name used to be on his lips as a recluse.  By applying love to Jagannath ji, he reached the Purushottam region where the glory of Jagannath ji was spread everywhere.
When the journey of Jagannathji started, devotees and Krishna devotees used to come from far and wide.
 Jaidev had studied in learned Brahmin's ashram in Purushottam region itself and now that area had become the center of his devotion.
He was a recluse too. Apart from a kamandal and some old clothes, the harmony of Krishnadhara was his treasure.

 Used to sit under a tree and pray to his friend God.  Jagannath ji was very happy with this devotee's sumiran(devotion). 

 In Sri Jagannath Puri, a Brahmin named Sudev was a devotee of Lord Sreejgannath. He had no children, that Brahmin prayed to Shri Jagannath ji that if I will be getting childrens, then the first child I will offer to you. After some time, he had a daughter and when she was twelve years for able to marry , that Brahmin brought that girl (Padmavati) to the temple of Sreejgannath and prayed, O Lord! I have brought this girl to gift you as per my promise.
At the same time, Shri Jagannath ji ordered that at this time devotees named Param Rasik Jayadev are staying in Puri, so go with her it now and offer it to him and tell him that Jagannath ji has given such orders.

On getting the permission of God, that Brahmin went there in the forest, where Kaviraj devotee Shri Jayadev Ji was sitting and said to him - O Maharaj! You take this my girl in your service as a wife, Jagannath ji has given such a order.

Jaidev ji said - Left the things about Jagannath ji, if he also keeps thousands of women in service, then it is his glory, he is capable. But if I will have a woman is the just like the weight of the mountain. So now you return from here with the girl.

He is not even obeying the orders of God, seeing that the Brahmin was irritated and said to his girl - I have the greatly honorable of Jagannath ji, I can never avoid him.You are stay close to him .

Shri Jaydev ji got tired by explaining many types of things, but that Brahmin did not agree and went away unhappy. Then Jaydev ji started thinking very heavily. Then he said to the girl of that Brahmin - you should think well in your mind what is your own duty? What should be kind of husband about to you ?

Hearing this, the girl bow her hands and said that whether there is happiness or sorrow, I have sacrificed this body on you.

Shri Jaydev ji was pleased to hear the soulful determination of Shri Padmavati. He thought that it seems that it is Lord Jagannath's wish and then he mixed his desire in the will of God.

The marriage of Shri Jaydev Ji and Shri Padmavati Ji was completed . Made a hut for life subsistence. Now, roofing was on head, then they an idol of Lord Shyam Sundar was placed in it to serve.

When God himself wrote the verse completely with his own hands


Shree Jayadeva was a loving devotee of Lord Krishna. Sri Krishna used to take love in his heart. Fueled by the same love, you started writing a book called 'Geet-Govind' like Amrit-Ras.

One day in such a situation, Jaydev ownself, Lord Krishna will hold the feet of Shrimati Radha-Rani, could not dare to write this thing.

You went to bathe in the river in the same turmoil. Seeing you going to bath, Lord Krishna himself, as Jayadev ji started entering your house.
His wife saw Jaydev ji coming in so quickly and said - 'You had just gone to take a bath, and how did you come back so soon?'

Lord Shri Krishna in the form of Jayadeva replied - 'One thing came to mind while going. Later, I should not forget, so I came to write.

Lord Shri Krishna in the form of Jayadeva went inside, completed that verse by writing 'Dehi pad pallavamudaranm' --- on those written pages.
Lord Krishna, who came out of the room as Jayadeva, said - 'Well, I am very hungry. have something to eat ? '
 Shrimati Padmavati ji laid a pedestal, made him sit and offered decorated Thakurji's bhog in front of him. Lord form Jayadev started eating it . After some time, washing hands, went to rest inside.

Shrimati Padmavati ji was just sitting to get the Prasad left by her husband that someone knocked on the door. When she got up and opened the door, she saw Jayadev standing. She said with great surprise - 'Now you came from the bath, wrote something, ate prasad , went inside for rest ---------- I have some doubt about who he was and who you are ?

The supreme devotee Jaydev ji understood everything. He quickly went inside the house. All his attention was towards the unfinished verse which she had left half written. He opened own book and started seeing the divine letters. Thrilled, he and his heart swell in love. The teardrops started flowing through his eyes. He told own wife - 'I did not come earlier, Shri Krishna came in my form and he completed that verse. You are blessed, your life is meaningful. You saw Shri Krishna and he got food with your hands.

"Oh Devi !" He exclaimed with exuberance from Padmavati, saying: "I am blessed today that I got a Mahabhaga(luckiest) like you and a great worshiper of Krishna as a wife.

You had directly seen Lord Krishna, who had come to overcome the dilemma of my unfortunate person. ”Padmavati was both also surprised and very happy. Now she understood the secret of the smile that enchanted the trilok(world). She began to consider herself blessed.
And thus Jayadev's "Geetgovindam" was completed. In a short time, Gitagovindam became very famous and popular. The lyrics of Geetgovindam were coming out from the mouth of each devotee.
One day when Satvik Ram who was the king of Puri, reached the darshan of Lord Jagannath in the evening, his anger was not limited to seeing that the clothes of the god were torn also there were thorns in his costumes and the dust on the Lord's shrimukh(face).
He considered it a crime of the temple priest and called him .
"Pujari ji , do you worship here or hypocrisy?" Look at Lord Jagannath. His costumes is torn and the also thorns are set to dust. "Satvik Ram roared with anger:" What are you here for? "
"Your Majesty here it was all efficient at some time ago."
"You are also lying. This condition occurs in some time. You have committed an unforgivable crime, you must be punished.
The pujari ji started getting sad due to his innocence.

 "Stop, Rajan!" Then the voice came out from the lips of the idol of Lord Jagannath, "There is no fault of his." This condition of mine has happened because of me.

Shortly before, the pujari ji had dressed me and even bathed me, but when I heard a beautiful melodious voice, I could not stop myself. When I reached near the voice, a girl was singing a verse in a garden.
I kept listening to the verses following her, then my clothes must have got tangled in the tree. I found those verses very sweet Rajan. "
" Lord, O Lord of the world, what are the verses that you much like this, you left the temple and reached the bushes and gardens?" The king pleaded: "Tell us also Nath."
"Dhir Sameer Yamuna Tire, Vasati Vane Vanvari". This is the Ashtapadi of Jaidev ji's Geetgovindam ." The pujari ji told the king.

Pujari ji , now in the temple will have a regular recitation of Geetgovind." The king ordered and from that day onwards there is a recitation of Geetgovind in the temple.

Jagannath's love for Jaydev was more. Once in the winter season Jaidev ji was making the shed of his hut. Padmavati was giving the pallet standing below them.
When a lot of time was spent, then Padmavati remembered to cook food. Padmavati went to the kitchen. Jaidev started working alone. But he was meditative and engrossed in work.
Radhamadhav felt pity for Jaydev hard work, and he himself came there and started giving the pallet. Jayadev was so engrossed in the attention of his beloved that he could not even realize that now Jagatbihari himself is giving pallet him in place of Padmavati.
Finally the work was over and he came down. Then he saw that Padmavati was not there. There was also no any other person . When he reached inside in hut was surprise, he saw Padmavati preparing food in the kitchen.

He had a curious awakening in his heart and when he reached in front of the idol of Radhamadhav, he saw that Rasbihari had soot in his hands. It was decided that Radhamadhav himself was the one who giving pallet them.

This was a unique example of love and faith. Jaydev ji's fame started spreading far and wide. People started calling him a true devotee .Krishna was settled in the heart of Jaydev ji's heart and on the strength of this belief, he decided to celebrate Radhamadhava's celebration in his hut and started a padyatra(walking tour) to collect wealth .
Wherever he went, there would be a crowd of people and all would give him wealth according to their reverence.

One day some bandits surrounded him in the forest and snatched all the collected wealth from him and throw him in a well. The wicked bandits had also cut their hands and feet.

Jaidev was reciting 'Krishna-Krishna' lying in a well being helpless . Neither did he feel pain nor fear of death.

 How could Banke Bihari be alienated from his devotee? When a devotee is in trouble, God too becomes distraught!

 At the same time, there was a king's ride had come to hunt in that forest.
A follower of the king heard the sound of Krishna-Krishna coming from the well and told the king. Immediately by the king's orders, Jayadeva was taken out.
Jayadeva was got unconscious by the excess of pain. A follower identified him and tells the king that he is bhakta shiromani Jayadeva.

The king brought him to the palace and got treatment. Jaydev ji recovers and asks the king to leave. But the king persuaded him to stay there and invited his wife Padmavati there too.
The queen herself presented got ready to serve Padmavati. One day a conversation was taking place between Rani and Padmavati. "After my brother's death, my sister-in-law was became sati with him." Queen said.
"This is the tradition of love." Padmavati spontaneously said: "This is the dharma (religion) of one suhagan(married women) and this is her salvation."
.The queen make a plan to test Padmavati and one day sent Jayadeva to the garden with the king and according to the plan, a maid came to the palace and told her.
."Maharani ji "Mahatma Jayadev" was died . Maid said. The queen started crying. Padmavati was also there. She was understanding all but giving the test is also the work of the devotee. So she gave up her life at that moment.
The queen was shocked and called the king all story . The king was saddened by this act of his queen, he began to end his life by believing ownself guilty.
When Jaydev ji heard this news, he explained it to the king and finally singing the Ashtapadi of Geetgovind, then Padmavati became alive.

All male and female including the king bowed down to that miracle. The king's life was saved, so Padmavati took the command of her husband and gave up breathing again at that moment.

After some time Jaidev came to his village Kenduli. Despite old age and limbless, he used to go to the Ganges bath 5 miles away every day.
The Lord had immense compassion on his devotee and the holy stream of Ganga Maiya flowed near Jaydev Ji's hut. This stream became famous as Jayadevi Ganga.

Jaydev, believing in the law of life and death, left the body in Kenduli and went to Goloka.

Even today, Makar Sankranti of Magha is held a huge fair there and thousands of Vaishnavite devotees take a bath in the Jaidevi Ganga and sing the song Gitagovind.
Bhakta Shiromani Krishna lover Jayadev is alive in today people's memories after the death.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Praise and condemnation

Praise and condemnation

Every human being receives both praise and condemnation, no human being can escape it.  Even great men have to face it, so what should be said about ordinary people.  Even we humans, from time to time under circumstances, we praise God and sometimes condemnation.

Praise and condemnation are necessary to take this life to the highest level.  But we have become so accustomed to hearing praise that even if we get to hear our blasphemy, we lose our confidence at the same time.  And start making mistakes.  Today's story is also similar.

Let's go to the story.... 

It was a long time ago that a farmer named Mohan lived in a village.

 He was very hardworking and honest. People knew him and praised him for a long time due to his good behavior. But one day when he was returning from work in the fields late in the evening, on the way, he heard some people talking, they were talking about the same.

Mohan started following them slowly without telling them to listen to own praises, but when he listened to them, he found that they were doing condemn to him, someone was saying, "Mohan is arrogant". someones said that, "Everyone knows he pretends to be good…"

Mohan had only heard own praise earlier but this incident had a very bad effect on his mind and now whenever he sees some people talking, he feels that they are doing condemn to him. 

 Even if someone praises him, he feels that he is being made fun of. Gradually everyone started realizing that Mohan has changed, and his wife too was saddened by the change in her husband's behavior and one day he asked, "nowadays why are you so upset ; please tell give me the reason for this . "

Depressed, Mohan told about that day. The wife also did not understand what to do, but then she realized that a Siddha Mahatma had come to a nearby village, and she said, "Swami, I listened a news that a saint arrived in the neighboring village. Come on let's ask them some solution. "

 The next day they reached the camp of Mahatma ji.

Mohan narrated the whole incident and said, Maharaj, since that day everybody condemn to me and false praise, please tell me how I can get back my credibility! ! "
 Mahatma had understood Mohan's problem.
 "Son, leave your wife home and stay in my camp tonight.", The Mahatma said while thinking something.
 Mohan did the same, but when it was time to sleep at night, suddenly the sound of the frogs' turr-turr started coming.
Mohan said, "What is this maharaj, why is there so much uproar here?"
 "Son, there is a pond behind, at night time the frogs present in it start to sing their melody !!!"
 "But in such a situation no one can sleep here," Mohan expressed concern.
 "Yes son, but you tell me what we can do, if possible, help us", Mahatma ji said.

Mohan said, "Ok Maharaj, after hearing so much noise, the number of these frogs will be in thousands, I will bring 50 to 60 laborers from the village tomorrow and hold them and leave them in the distant river."

And the next morning Mohan reached with labourers , Mahatma ji was standing there watching everything.

 The pond was not very big, 8-10 laborers laid a net from everywhere and started catching the frogs… All the frogs were caught in a little effort.

When Mohan saw that only 50-60 frogs have been caught, he asked Mahatma ji, "Maharaj, last night there were thousands of frogs, but where did they all go today, only a handful of frogs left here  ."

Mahatma ji said with seriousness, "No frogs has gone anywhere, you heard the sound of these frogs yesterday, only a handful of frogs were making so much noise that you thought thousands of frogs were doing turr - turr. Son, similarly when you heard some people doing your condemn,
even then you sat making the same mistake, you thought that everyone does condemn to you, but the truth is that the people doing evil were just like a frog. So the next time you hear someone doing condemn, remember that there may be only a few people who are doing this, and also to understand that no matter how good you are, there will be some people who will Will do your condemn. "

Now Mohan had realized his mistake, he had again become the old Mohan.

 Friends, like Mohan, we should not understand the behavior of some people and treat our lives with a positive frame of mind. We can do anything but at some point in life, such a problem occurs which looks like in the darkness of night, as if thousands of frogs are doing turr turr in their ears.

But when we try to solve it in broad daylight, then the same problem seems to be small. Therefore, instead of worrying in such situations, we should try to find a solution and never panic with a handful of frogs.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Necessities of life

Necessities of life

We need many things to live a good life.  We all get so caught up in the matter of gathering material to improve our lives that life ends, but the desires of the mind do not end.  And we do not even live properly who is given by God. 

Today blog posts are also similar, let's move towards the story.......

Perhaps this situation would have come in everyone's life, but would not have noticed.

 Panditji was worshiping. People were sitting with folded hands.
 After the puja, there was a havan time come.
 Pandit ji invited everyone to join Havan. Havan material was placed in front of everyone.
 Panditji read the mantra and said, "Swaha."
As soon as Panditji used to say Swaha, people would take havan from the pinch and put it in the fire. The remaining people were given the responsibility of pouring havan in the fire, and the homeowner was entrusted with the responsibility of pouring ghee into the fire as soon as it was called Swaha.
Swah-Swaha happened many times. I was also putting havan in fire. I noted that every person put some little material, in fear that the material would not be finished before the Havan was over. Home owners were also pouring ghee from drop to drop. He was also afraid that ghee would not finished .

The chanting continued, the prayers continued and worship was complete.

 I saw that all those who were sitting in front of the havan materials in the fear that it would not be short, they all had a lot of left havan material . Ghee was less than half used.
After the Havan was completed, Panditji said to all the people to put all the remaining material in the fire. He also said to the home owner that you put this ghee in the kund.
 A lot of havan material was put in the fire simultaneously. All the ghee was also burnt. Now the whole house was filled with smoke. It became difficult to sit there.
One by one everyone exited the room.
 Everyone was saying that we had saved useless havan material. If it had been put in the right proportion, smoke could not have spread in the room. Ghee should also be spent in the right proportion instead of saving.
 Well, until now everything is burnt, it was not possible to go to the room. We all stood outside the room in the heat. We had to wait for a long time, waiting for everything to be destroyed.
 My story just stops here.
Yesterday I was thinking that every person present in that puja knew that the havan material he has, he has to put it in the havan kund itself. But everyone kept him safe. Everyone kept that the material would use to work in last time.

This is what we do. This is our nature. We save a lot for the end. We do not understand that every worship will be come to end.

We collect lot of things in preparation for living, but we are unable to use them. We buy clothes that we will wear one day. No day ever comes. We collect money so that one day it will work for us. He does not come one day.
 The worship of life ends and the havan material remains left. We are so concentrated in saving that we cannot understand what to do by saving everything when everything will have to go to the havan kund. Later he will only give smoke.

If we keep using the havan material in the right proportions at the time of worship, there will be neither smoke nor heat. Neither eyes will burn nor mind.

Remember, the world is a havan kund and life worship. One day everything will have to be go to in the Havan Kund. Good worship is the only one in which the havan material is used in the right proportion.

 A good life is one in which we do not have to work hard to collect. Our hard work should only be to raise the life to live.

Friday, January 10, 2020

God says I am a slave to the devotee

God says I am a slave to the devotee -

God take many forms for his devotees. Due to the devotional spirit of the devotee, sometimes they become friends, sometimes they become sons, sometimes they become welfare of their devotees by becoming servants. Today's story is also similar to this, let's move towards the story and enjoy God's compassion.

 There was a saint named Jagannath Das Maharaj.

 They used to worship God dearly. When he was old, his body started falling a little sick. On the upper floor of his house he used to live and his disciples stayed below the upper floor.

Baba used to get diarrhea once or twice in the night, so any one disciple would come and take his hand to the toilet when he used to make a noise. Those disciples serving Baba were young boys!

One night Baba knocked and no one came. Baba said - "Hey, no one has come! Old age has come, Lord!"

 Then a young man came and said - "Baba! I help you"

Taking Baba's hand, he took them to the toilet. Then he washed his hands and feet, then after lay down on the bed!
 Jagannathdasji said - "What kind of servant is this so soon come ! It feels good today with the touch of it, bliss is coming!"

On the way, the young man came back and said - "Baba! Whenever you do such 'knocks', I will come. I will come only if you think too!"
 Baba - "Son, how will you know?"
 Young man - "I come to know!"
 Baba - "Good! Don't you sleep at night?"

 Young man - "Yes, sometime I sleep, I take a nap. I am always in service!"

If Jagannath Maharaj used to 'knock' at night, the young man would immediately come and serve Baba. Many days passed while doing so. Jagannathdasji thinks 'how does this boy come immediately to serve?'
 One day, he held the young man's hand and asked - "Son, where is your house?"

Young man - "That's near . Well, it's everywhere!"

 Baba - "Hey! What do you say, is your home everywhere?"

 Baba's beautiful understand awakened. They started to suspect that 'Oh no, it is  own person who is not  son of anyone but ready to be the son of everyone, is ready to be a father, is ready to be a Guru, is ready to be a friend!

Baba tightly held the young man's hand and asked - "Tell the truth, who are you?"

 Youth - "Baba! Leave it, I still have many places to go"
 Baba - "Hey! You have to go to many places to go, but tell me who you are!"
 Young man - OK "I tell you "

Lord Divine form appeared immediately.

 "Devadhi Dev! Sarvaloke Eknath! The only lord of all worlds! You used to suffer so much for me! Come at night, take for the toilet, wash my hands and feet..Prabhu! Why not take my disease away when, you were taking care of me so much?"

Then God said with a dim smile - "Maharaj! There are three types of destiny: dim, intense, rapid destiny . With devotion, by virtue, charity disappears!
 The intense destiny is eradicated by the efforts of the saints and great men of their effort and God. But I have to suffer even a rapid destiny!

In Ramavatar, I had killed Baali by arrow by hiding , then in Krishnaavatar, he became a hunter and hit the arrow in my leg!

 Everyone has to suffer a severe destiny. Eradicate your disease and suppress destiny, then this reason  you have to take a another birth to suffer it and then what will be the situation?

It is better to be complete now… and I do not feel any difficulty in serving you,

 Devotee my crown jewel, I am the servant of the devotee "
 "Lord! Lord! Lord! O God! O God!"
 Saying that Jagannath Das Maharaj fell at the feet of the Lord and he was got fell in Bhagwatshanti with the beautiful feeling !
 God became disappeared !

Saturday, January 4, 2020

learning of the monk

learning of the monk

Success and passion story

Friends, we want to succeed in every where of life. But to get success, one has to struggle, circumstances have to be adapted. But even more important is passion, knowing your goal. If passion and goals are combined then there is no delay in getting success. Today's story is also similar to this, so let's try towards the story to understand something and mix it in life.

* Today's story learning of the monk *

 There was a monk used to live in a village.
 Whenever he used to dance, it was rain. So whenever the people of the village needed baris, they would go to the monk and request him to dance, and when he used to dance, the rain would surely happen.
 A few days later, four boys came from the city to visit the village, when they came to know that it rain whenever a monk to dance. They didn't convince with that incident.
Due to in the pride of  urban studies, they challenged the villagers that if we too dance, then it will be rainy.  if it  not rain when we too dance then it will not possible to monk when he dance, then what was  the next morning, villagers took those boys go to the monk's hut.

 Monk was told the whole thing by villagers , then the boys started dancing, half an hour passed and the first boy sat tired but did not see clouds, in a while the other did the same and after an hour the other two boys too Sat down tired, but it did not rain.
Now it was the turn of the monk, he started dancing, spent an hour, it did not rain, the monk kept dancing… It did not rain for two hours…. But the monk was not taking the name of stopping, slowly evening started That was when the thunder of the clouds was heard and it started raining heavily. Boys were stunned.

 And immediately apologized to the monk and asked-

  "Baba, why did it happen that our dancing did not rain and your dancing did?"
 The monk replied - "When I dance, I take care of two things, first thing I think that if I dance, the rain will have to happen and secondly that I will dance until the rain is done . "

Friends, the same quality is present in those who achieve success, they are confident of being successful in the things they do and they do that thing until they become successful in it. So if we want to achieve success, then we have to achieve our goal like that monk

Friday, January 3, 2020

Relationship between the devotee and God

Relationship between the devotee and God

The relationship between the devotee and God is very unique, once the relationship becomes firm and strong. The difference between the devotee and God also ends. God forgets his divinity too. Lord receives them in the form that devotees meditate on them. God is more eager than a devotee.

Once you have a relationship with God,God also maintains that relationship with all his heart. This is very true. Whether you look at Ram ji or Sabri, see Krishna or Arjuna, see Kunti or Krishna, see Vishnu or Dhruv Ji Maharaj. Look at Hanuman or Rama. See Mother Yashoda or Shri Krishna. Look at Sudama or Dwarkadhish Krishna. See the devotee and God!

Today a story is presented in this episode….Let's go to the original topic

  One such story is of Baba Vittal Das ji. Those who loved Radha-Krishna. Krishna considered his son and Radha Rani as his daughter-in-law.
Baba Shri Krishna believed God as a son and always called him my lala and Kishori ji as my dear laadli one. One day Baba Vittaldas ji was sitting outside his house meditating on Kishori ji. Then comes a bangle seller, Baba calls him and says, "Go in and get my daughters-in-law wearing a bangle and take the money that comes from me."
Then the bangle seller went in and after a while came out and said, "Baba is 8 rupees?"
 Baba asked, "How was 8 rupees?"
 The bangle seller said, "Baba, you had 8 daughters-in-law and then they wore a bangle of 1 rupee each."
 But Baba said, "I have 7 sons and they have 7 wife, then how are these 8 daughters-in-law?"

The bangle seller said, "Baba, why shall I lie to you?"

 Now Baba did not want like to argue much, now he thought that if I would argue with her , then Thakur's attention would be disturbed, so he left that Maniharin by paying  8 rupees and started meditating on his Yugal Sarkar , but mindly he felt like this, how  It was sad that the seller of the bangle had taken more money from him at telling lies. Because  anybody
 didn't had to tell lie to Baba Ji in the whole village.
He was worried about why that bangle seller told me a lie? Sleeping Baba at night, the Kishori ji comes to the dream and says, "Baba! O Baba!"
 Baba gets mesmerized and bow to the Kishoriji .
 Then Kishori ji says, "Baba, do you consider Thakur ji as your son?"
 Baba said, yes "Thakur ji is my son, he is my lala. "
 Then Kishori ji says, "If Thakur ji is your son, I am also your daughter-in-law? "

Baba said, "Yes, of course my Laali ."
 Then Kishori ji says, "Then why are you sad when the bangle seller gave me bangles too?"
 Then Baba starts crying bitterly and says, "Oh , how I am unfortunate , my Kishoriji herself came to my house and wore bangles and I could not even recognize?"
Then Kishori ji becomes disappeared and Baba's sleep opens and then the next day she comes again to his house selling bangles and Baba says, " next time you will bring 8 pairs of bangles and bring blue colour bangles for my youngest daughter-in-law. Bring blue bangles........."

Blessed are the devotees who establish their relationship with Kishori ji, Thakur ji and play him fully.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Who is giver ??

Who is giver ??

 Today I used thousands of poor people free food. Today we distributed this, today we donated that…

 But the reality is that God is getting his work done through by us . We are all just the medium, the giver and the giver is that God.

 We often say and believe this. Listen to an unforgettable story related to this ...

A woodcutter cut wood from day to day, but despite hard work, he could get half food for his stomach.

  One day he met a monk. The woodcutter told the monk that whenever then you met lord, put one of my complaints in front of him and ask the reason for my grief.

  A few days later he found the monk again.
  When the woodcutter reminded him of his complaint, the monk said that- "Prabhu(Lord) has told that the woodcutter is 60 years old and his fortune has only five sacks of grain for the whole life. So God gives him a little grain, so that he maybe possible to live for 60 years. "

time passed away . When the monk found the woodcutter again, the woodcutter said ---
 "Rishivar ... !! Now whenever you will talk to lord, you have to send my request to him to together give all the grains of my life, so that at least one day I can have a full meal."

 The next day the monk did something that a lot of grain reached the woodcutter's house.

 The woodcutter understood that the Lord had accepted his complaint and sent him all its parts.
 Without worrying about tomorrow, he made a meal of whole grains, fed the fakirs and the hungry peoples and ate himself well.

But on waking up the next morning he saw that the same grain had reached his house again. He then fed the poor. Then his stock was full.
 This trend continued every day and instead of cutting wood woodcutters, he started busy feeding the poor.

 A few days later, that monk got the woodcutter again, the woodcutter said --- "Rishiwar! You used to say that there are only five sack grains in my life, but now every day five sacks grains come to my house."

 The monk explained, "You did not care about your life and fed the grain of your share to the poor and the hungry.
 That is why God is now giving you the grain of those poor parts. "

Learn from the story:-

 We do not have the power to give anything to anyone, we think while giving, to whom I gave something, I gave it *!
 When we give donations, things, knowledge, even giving something to our children, we say that I got it done.
 The reality is that it is their own, only God has made you for the purpose. So as to reach them for their needs. So how is the pride of being as a mediator ??


Make a donation in life, serve poor, helpless, weak, neglected people with selfless spirit. In fact, this is the service of God here because through this you will become his partner in God's divine plans. Remember this is the quality of humanity, which only and only God has given its power to us humans. And from a practical point of view, humans are social beings, we need and want to be with someone every moment. So pledge to support social welfare and inspire others as well.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

I laugh at this excuse

🐾I laugh at this excuse

 There was a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

🐾Mother-in-law, Thakur ji daily served with full rules and reverence.

🐾One day in winter season, mother-in-law had to go out of the city due to some reason.

Mother-in-law thought that by taking Thakur ji with him, his service-worship would may not be done on the way.
 Mother-in-law thought that the task of serving Thakur ji will now have to be given to the daughter-in-law, but the daughter-in-law has no idea how to serve Thakur Ji.
 Mother-in-law called the daughter-in-law and explained how to serve Thakur Ji.
 How to shows love to Thakur ji
Mother-in-law explained to the daughter-in-law that I am going on a journey and now you have to do all the work of worshiping Thakur ji.
 Mother-in-law explained to the daughter-in-law and woke up to Thakur Ji in the morning by ringing the bell three times.
 Then offer thakur ji to Mangal bhoga.
 Then Thakur ji got a bath.
 Dressing Thakur ji.
 Then make up Thakur ji and then show Thakur ji a mirror.
 After seeing Thakur ji's smiling face in the mirror, then Thakur ji starts offering Rajbhog.
 In this way mother-in-law went on the journey after explaining all the service rules to the daughter-in-law.

Now daughters-in-law started the service work of Thakur ji in the same way as the mother-in-law had explained.
 Woke up Thakur ji, bathed him, dressed him and showed him a mirror.
 Mother-in-law had said that after seeing Thakur ji smiley face in the mirror, impose Rajbhog.
 On seeing the face of Thakur ji in the mirror, Bahu felt very suspicious.
 Daughter-in-law thought that maybe I have made a mistake in service, then Thakur ji's smiley face is not visible in the mirror.
 Daughter-in-law again showed Thakur ji a bath and shows mirror.
 But the smiley face of Thakur ji was not visible.
 Daughter-in-law then realized that there might have been some mistake again.
 Daughter-in-law again showed Thakur ji a bath and shows mirror.
 When Thakur ji was not smiled, daughter-in-law again bathed Thakur ji.
 While doing so, daughter-in-law bathed Thakur ji 12 times.
 Every time she showed a mirror but did not see Thakur ji's smiley face.
 Now daughter-in-law made preparations to bathe Thakurji again on 13th.

Now Thakur ji thought that if she did not show his face with smile then it would be bathing all day today.
 Now daughter-in-law dressed Thakur ji in bathed clothes and showed him a mirror.
 Now as soon as Bahu showed the mirror to Thakur ji, Thakur ji laughed with his charming dim smile.
 Daughter-in-law was satisfied that now Thakur ji accepted my service.
 Now it became a daily rule Thakur ji used to laugh everyday.
 While doing service, it has become so that whenever Daughter-in-law goes to Thakur's room, Thakur ji starts laughing.

After some time mother-in-law returned.
 Mother-in-law said to Thakur ji that if God has forgiven you for any lack of service, then I have come now and I will worship you with great care.
 Then mother-in-law saw that Thakur ji laughed and said that there is no shortage in your service, you do very beautiful service, but I have to do the service of showing mirror by your daughter-in-law.

............. I laugh at this excuse............

Friday, December 27, 2019




 God has made man very superior by adding the qualities of humanity. This quality separates us from all the creatures on the earth, because all the other castes eliminate other castes to preserve their existence, but cannot protect them. God has given that power to us humans, in which we can also provide protection to our different creatures with our caste. That quality is called humanity.

.Let us understand this thing very well through this story ..

.A farmer had many puppies, so he wanted to sell some puppies. He put a board of sale outside the house.
 One day a ten-year-old child came to the farmer's door and said, "I want to buy a puppy." How much will you give a puppy?

.The farmer said, "A puppy is worth two hundred rupees.

 Hearing this, the boy said, "I have only a hundred rupees." I will pay the rest of the price by giving you 25 rupees every month. Can you give me a puppy
 The farmer took a hundred rupees and used the whistle to call the puppies. Four small puppies came out.
 The child caressed a puppy. Suddenly, he saw the fifth puppy. He was walking limp.

I want that puppy, ”the child said.
 But he won't even be able to play with you. It has a bad leg.
 No problem. I like that puppy. This is what I need, the child said.
 Then you take it away. No need to pay for this - the farmer said
 No, this puppy is equally important and I will give you its full price, ”the child said.
 But why do you want this puppy? While there are so many more puppies - the farmer said

So that there is someone to understand and share his pain. So that he does not think himself alone in the world. Saying this, the child picked up the puppy and went back.
 When the boy started going, the farmer noticed that the child also wore a special shoe in one leg.
 The farmer started thinking that one can know the sorrow of the injured only suffering from injured.
 In this story, the boy bought that lame puppy because he knew the sorrow of that puppy. That boy himself was also limp with one leg.
 So instead of taking healthy and beautiful puppies, he chose lame puppies.


 Grief is the biggest extract of our life.


Tuesday, December 24, 2019

* --------------- True Bliss ------------------ *

 A beggar went to beg a farmer's house,

 The woman of the farmer was in the house, she made bread of gram.

 The farmer came, he kissed the face of his children, the woman washed their hands and feet, he sat down to eat bread.

The woman put a handful of gram beggar, the beggar walked away with gram.
 On the way, he started thinking: "Do we have any life?" Walk around asking like a dog all day, then have to make it ourselves.
 Look at this farmer, what a beautiful house, there is wife, children in the house. Produces food on its own, loves food with children, in fact it is a happy farmer.

Here the farmer used to eat bread and said to his woman: -
 “The Neela bull has become very old, now he does not work in any way, if I gets a few rupees from the any where then this year will work.
 I will go to Sadhoram Mahajan, he will give me money on interest. "
 After taking food, he went to Sadhoram Mahajan, after pleading for very long. After then Saadho was agree to pay money for own condition on behalf of 1 rupee interest rate at per 100 rupee.

From an iron vault, Sadhoram took out a bag and counted it and gave the money to the farmer.
 The farmer walked to his house with money, he started thinking on the way- "We are also some man. Not even cash Rs. 5 in the house. On requesting how much he gave the money.
  Sadhoram he how is rich, has hundreds of rupees on him. He is really a happy man.
 Sadhoram used to do a small shop, he used to bring clothes from a big shop and sell it.
 The next day Sadhoram went to get clothes, took clothes from Seth Prithvi Chand's shop there.

He was sitting there in such a that time, many telegram came some from Bombay, some from Calcutta, some had written 5 lakhs profit, some one lakhs.
 Sadho Mahajan kept watching all this, he went with the cloth.
 On the way, he started thinking, "We too are some men, a hundred and two hundred rupee joined then we are called Mahajan."
 How is Prithvi Chand, the benefit of millions in a day "he is really happy."
 On the other hand, Prithvi Chand was sitting in the house. At same time a telegram was come that there was a loss of 5 lakhs. They were worried that the servant said: -
 Today there is a feast at Raybahadur Seth home, you have to go. The motor is ready. ”Prithvi Chand boarded the motor and went to Raibhadur’s bungalow.

There were gold and silver chairs lying there, the Collector-the Commissioner was shaking hands with Raibahadur, bigs Seth was standing,
 Who asked Prithvi Chand Seth there, he also sat in a chair.
 Many Lat Sahab(Land Lord's) came, shaking hands with Raibahadur, drank tea with him and went away.
 Prithvi Chand was returning in his motor, thinking on the way, we too are afraid of loss of 5 lakhs, how saucy of Raibahadur is there. Many Lat saheb
shake hand with him. Really Raibahadur is happy person.

Now here after leaving guests , Raibahadur got a headache,  biger to biger doctor came in a room.
 Many telegram had come together for losses, he also worried, remembered the business, theywere worried… They looked out of the window and saw a beggar going in his fun with a stick in his hand. .
 Raibahadur saw him and said: "he is really happy, it does not worry about loss nor profit, it does not even have to give the party to Lat Saheb. That's he is happy.

 * The meaning of telling this story is so much, that we consider each other happy. Who really is happy knows only those who have inner peace.

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