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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Karthik Poornima - Dev Diwali

Karthik Purnima

 Special on 12 November 2019

 #Kartik_Purnima is traditionally referred to as Dev Diwali. It is believed that on this day Shiva killed Tripurasura, due to which he was worshiped in Tripurari form. That is why this festival is also known as Tripurari Purnamasi. To protect the world from the holocaust, the Matsya avatar of Vishnu also took place on this day, it is described in the Puranas. It is said that it was on Kartik Purnima that Shri Krishna realized the soul i.e. Shri Radha. This day is also considered to be the day of the revelation of Goddess Tulsi. It is said that by offering Tulsi-leaves to Shrihari on this day, there is freedom of disease and bereavement. In cold regions where there is a shortage of Tulsi, gooseberry(Amla ) should be considered as a lifelong and should take this full moon day after worship, according to Ayurveda sutras. Dev Diwali is also called Mahakartiki. The Sikh community celebrates this day as Prakashotsav, because on this day Gurunanak Dev was born. If Bharani Nakshatra is on this full moon day, then its importance increases. This time Mahakartiki, Prakashotsav i.e. Dev Diwali will be celebrated on 12 November in Bharani Nakshatra.

Karthik Purnima

 Purnima fasting holds an important place in Hinduism. There are 12 full moon days each year. When Adhikamas or Malamas comes, then their number increases to 13. Kartik Purnima is also known as Tripuri Purnima or Ganga Snan. This Purnima has been termed as Tripuri Purnima because on this day Lord Bholenath ended the Mahabhayanaka Asura named Tripurasura and was worshiped as Tripurari. It is believed that by seeing Shiva Shankar in this day Kritika, a person is knowledgeable and wealthy for seven births. On this day, when the moon is rising in the sky, worshiping Shiva, Sambhuti, Santi, Preeti, Anusuya and Kshama, these six Kritikas bring Shiva's happiness. Taking a bath in the Ganges river on this day also results in bathing throughout the year.

In the Puranas

 On this day, Lord Vishnu wore the Matsya avatar to protect the Vedas and save the world during the Holocaust.

 Mahabharata period

 When Yudhishthira was distracted by seeing warriors and relatives in the disastrous war of 18 days during Mahabharata period, Lord Krishna came with the Pandavas to the vast sandy plain of Garh Khadar. The Pandavas bathed on Kartik Shukla Ashtami and performed a yagna on the banks of the Ganges till Kartik Shukla Chaturdashi. After this, paying tribute to the peace of the departed souls at night, paying tribute. Therefore, bathing in the Ganges on this day, and especially in the Gardhmukteshwar pilgrim city, is of special importance.

Shiva Tripurantak

 It is also believed that by fasting for the whole day, donating a boon or calf in the night gives Shivpad. The person who fasts and praises Lord Bholenath on this day gets the result of the yagna called Agnishtom. This Purnima is as much recognized in Shaivism as it is in Vaishnavism.


Kartik Purnima was worshiped by Shri Krishna in the Rasamandal of Goloka. Radha Utsav is celebrated and the Rasamandal is held on this day, which is the highest Goloka, beyond us and all other universe. On Kartik Purnima, there was auspicious event of Goddess Tulsi in Shri Hari's Baikuntha Dham. Goddess Tulsi was born on earth on Kartik Purnima. On Kartik Purnima, a person gets rid of the bondage of birth by seeing and worshiping the auspicious statue of Radhika ji. On this day, the lord of Baikunth offers a Tulsi leaves to Shri Hari. In Kartik month, especially Shri Radha and Shri Krishna should be worshiped. Those who worship the idol of Shri Radha and Shri Krishna under the Tulsi tree in Kartik (in a senseless way) should be considered life-free. In the absence of Tulsi , one should worship under the gooseberry(Amla) . In Kartik month, discard grains, carrots, lentils, rice, radish, brinjal, ghee, oil, eat oil, drink alcohol, kanji. Donate food in Kartik month. Karthik Purnima has gained a lot of recognition. This full moon has also been called Mahakartiki. If there is a Bharani Nakshatra on this full moon day, then its importance increases even more. If Rohini Nakshatra, then the importance of this full moon increases manifold. If there is moon and Jupiter on Kritika Nakshatra on this day, then it is called Maha Poornima. If there is moon on Kritika Nakshatra and Sun on Visakha then "Padmak Yoga" is formed in which bathing the Ganges gives more fruit than Pushkar.


 Taking Ganga baths, Deep(lamp) donations, Havan, Yajna etc. on the day of Kartik Purnima is the mitigation of worldly sins and heat. The donation of food, money and clothing on this day is also said to be of great importance. Whatever is donated on this day gets manifold benefits. It is also believed that what a person donates on this day is preserved in heaven for him, who after renouncing death, recovers it in heaven.
 It is mentioned in the scriptures that bathing in holy river and lake and holy place like Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Narmada, Gandak, Kurukshetra, Ayodhya, Kashi on the day of Kartik Purnima gives special merit. On the full moon date of Kartik month, a person should not remain without bathing.

Bath and donation process 

 Maharishi Angira has written in the context of bathing that if the number is not resolved while chanting water in the bath and chanting water in the hand, then karma will not yield results. Following the rules of the scripture, while bathing on this day, first wash your feet and feet, then take a bath with a cushion in your hands, and in the same way, donate water with water in your hands.  If you are doing yajna and chanting, then first decide the number and then do chanting and yajnadi karma.

Guru Nanak Jayanti

 In the Sikh community, the day of Kartik Purnima is celebrated as Prakashotsav. Because on this day Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of Sikh sect was born. On this day, the followers of the Sikh community take a bath in the morning and go to the gurudwaras and listen to the Guruvani and take the initiative to follow the path given by Nanak. It is also called Guru Parva.

Monday, October 21, 2019


No more left in mind,

So where is the dust sat down 

And where has when God lost that who will be found............

Once a Guruji used to live in his ashram.
There were thousands of disciples of Guruji who used to serve him in his ashram.
Once in his ashram, a boy came to him and started to beg that O Gurudev should also keep me in his service.
So Guruji said that although there is no work in the ashram,
But if you want to do service then go and take the task of cleaning rice in the kitchen and when I am happy with your service, then I will give you some new work.
The boy went to the kitchen to clean the rice.
His nature was so good that in a few days everyone became his friend.
Gradually, that boy became so engrossed in that work that now he did not enjoy any other work in the world.

After some time, that boy was cleaning rice so that he lost his body.
He would only clean the rice all day long,
Neither speaks to anyone,
Neither laughs nor exits the kitchen.
Now the people of the ashram considered him crazy and stopped speaking to him.
Nobody would go to him and that boy was also very happy in this situation because he had no awareness at all.
There was satsang-kirtan in the ashram, he did not go in them either.
One day Guruji went to a sick post and with his yoga practice, he found out that his death was near.
He thought that I will give a new heir to this ashram in front of me, so that there is no chaos here posthumously.
So he declared that whoever tells the correct definition of the religion, he will be made the owner of the ashram.

On hearing this, all the boys started searching for their definitions, but no one dared to go to Guruji to explain his definition.
With great difficulty a boy dared and told his friends that
I will write my definition on the front wall of Guruji's room and leave the ashram.
If Guruji likes it, then call me from the front hill otherwise tell us that we do not know where it is.
That boy wrote
The mind is a mirror,
Remove the dust on which the dust of the deeds is set,
The divine will be found
When Guruji read this in the morning, the fire became angry with anger.
Everyone started scolding which insane has written this.
So everyone refused that we do not know.
The boy who cleaned rice, he was unaware of all these things.
One day some boys came out of the kitchen talking about this definition.
When he heard this thing, he started laughing loudly.

Everyone was surprised that he never spoke to anyone, how is he laughing today.
When he asked him, he said that this definition is such a laugh.
And told them all you go and write on that wall
No more left in mind,
So where is the dust frozen
And when was God lost that will be found
Everyone wrote like this and when Guruji read this after getting up in the morning, he started crying with joy.

When all the boys saw that Guruji liked the definition, everyone went to him.
Master said, call the boy who cleans the rice,
No one can write this thing except that.
All the boys were surprised how Guruji came to know.
So Guruji told that you guys were doing satsang kirtan, yet you did not understand the true meaning of religion and this boy only cleaned the rice so deeply that he knew the religion so deeply that whatever he did, he used to work with full devotion. .
Cleansing of rice was its religion and it was also its karma.
On hearing this, all the boys were ashamed and this boy was declared the sovereign of that ashram.

Kishori ji please all of you ....

!! Jai Jai Shreekrishna!!
!! Jai Jai Shree Radhe !!

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