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Monday, April 6, 2020

Story of curses(PART-05)

Story of curses(PART-05)

The fifth part of the curse series is all presented to you. I hope that my present endeavour will like you all. Today 's articles are slightly larger. I am sorry for that. As usual this time also you will get a previous article link at the end of this article.

31. Bharat muni cursed to urvashi.

The love story of Chandravashi king Pururava and Apsara Urvashi of heaven is prevalent.  One day Urvashi was on a journey to earth.  Urvashi was fascinated by the earth's atmosphere.  With her friends, she wanted to spending some time on earth.  When Urvashi was returning to heaven again, she was abducted by a demon on the way.
Raja Pururava was also passing by the time when she was kidnapped, Pururva saw this incident and he followed the demon in his chariot.  After fighting, they saved Urvashi from the demon.  This was the first time a human had touched Urvashi.  Urvashi was attracted towards Pururava and Pururava also gave his heart to the Apsara of heaven. But Urvashi had to return to heaven again.  Both bid farewell to each other with full heart.  After separation, both of them were not forget to each other.  Both were no longer tolerating separation.

Once a drama was organized in heaven.  Urvashi was supposed to play the role of Lakshmi Mata in this drama.  Urvashi, playing the character, took the name of Pururava instead of taking the name of Lord Vishnu as her favorite. Seeing this, Bharat Muni, who was directing the play, got angry.  He cursed Urvashi and said that due to being attracted towards a human, you will have to stay on earth and produce children like humans. This curse proved to be a boon for Urvashi.  Because that is what she wanted too.  Due to the curse, Urvashi once again came to Earth.  She then met Pururava and expressed her love.
Pururava proposed marriage to Urvashi but Urvashi placed three conditions before him.  Urvashi said that my first condition is that you must always protect my two goats.  The second condition is that she will always consume ghee.  The third condition is that only when making physical relations can both see each other naked.  Pururava said, I agree.
Pururva then married Urvashi and they both started living happily together.  It is said that after some time, the gods of the heavens did not like both's love .  When Urvashi out to hea0ven, the joy of heaven was over, they wished that Urvashi returned to heaven again.  Then they thought of a way to separate the two.
Under this plan, Gandharvas stole Urvashi's goats one night.  Pururava was responsible for the protection of goats as per the condition.  Upon hearing the sound of the goats Urvashi asked Pururava to save them.  At that time Pururava was nude.  He haste rushed to save the goats in naked.  During this time, the gods shone light from the heavens and both saw each other naked.
Urvashi's condition was broken by this incident.  Urvashi left for Swargalok as soon as this condition was broken.  Both were very sad.  Although Urvashi was pregnant at that time.  It is said that she later called near Kurukshetra to hand over his child to Pururava.  However, in later times too Urvashi came to earth due to many events and continued to meet Pururava due to which they had many more children.
They both had many sons.  One of his sons was Nahusha, son of the aayu.  Nahusha's Yayati, Samyati, Ayati and Dhruva were the sons.  Among them were Yadu, Turvasu, Druhu, Anu and Puru of Yayati.  Yadavas from Yadu and Pauravas from Puru.  In the lineage of Puru later  became Kuru later became Kaurava.  Bhishma Pitamah was the also Kuruvanshi.
 It is also worth knowing that the most powerful Puruvansh of India is the gift of Apsara Urvashi herself.  His ancestor Pururava married Urvashi which led to the Puruva dynasty in which great kings and warriors like Yayati, Puru, Yadu, Dushyant, Bharata, Kuru, Hasti, Shantanu, Bhishma and Shri Krishna ,Pandava were born.

32. Devyani and Kach cursed to each other.

It is about the time of Devasur Sangram.  Shukracharya was the guru of demons and Brihaspati  was the guru of the gods.   Shukracharya used to know Sanjeevani vidya, which used to revive the Asuras killed in the war.  Due to this, the gods could not defeat the Asuras.  The gods planned to learn this Sanjeevani vidya  in collaboration with Brihaspati, and sent Kach, son of Brihaspati to Shukracharya to learn this Sanjeevani vidya. Shukracharya knowing this truth, accepted Kach as a disciple and kept it with him.  Devayani was the lovely daughter of Shukracharya, who was full of beauty and qualities and was also very dear to Shukracharya.  Due to this she was also a little stubborn.  The gods told Kach that if he pleases Devayani, it will become easier to please Shukracharya.  So Kach treated Devayani very politely and took care of her.  Devayani became enamored with this.  But Kach had taken a celibacy vow, so Devayani confined her love to friendship for that time.
When the Asuras came to know that the son of Brihaspati was living in his Guru's ashram with the intention of learning Sanjivani Vidya, they became enraged.  Once Kach went to the forest for the grazing the cow, they killed him.  When Kach did not return, Devyani got worried.  She felt that the Asuras must have killed him.  She asked his father to bring Kach alive.  Seeing his daughter's tears, Sukracharya called Kacha, Kach come back to life, and on asking, he narrated the complete story.
Thus the Asuras attempted to kill Kach many time.  Every time they would kill him, and every time Devayani would request her father, and every time Sukracharya would make him alive.  Eventually the Asuras killed Kach and burnt his body, made the powder of his bones, and fed Shukracharya by putting his ashes and bone powder in liquor.
This time when Shukracharya called Kach at the behest of Devyani, Kach's voice came from his stomach.  When he told to Sukracharya the truth, Sukracharya was also angry and sad.  On the one hand, he was very angry with the Asuras, and on the other he also announced that from now on, drinking alcohol would be forbidden for the Brahmins, because he had drunk the remains of their disciple despite being so knowledgeable in the intoxicating liquor. On the other hand, Devyani was also mourning over Kach.  Shukracharya then taught Kach the mantra of Sanjivani Vidya, and called him.  Kach alively came out of his stomach, but Shukracharya died.  Kach then revived Shukracharya with the same knowledge.
After completion of purpose, Kach started taking orders from Shukracharya, then Devyani requested him for own love.  Kach said that one is worthy of respect because of her being the daughter of Guru, the other is that due to the birth of her father's body , now she has become like Kach's sister. Therefore, he cannot think about such things.
Devayani got angry on this matter.  She cursed Kach that he would not be able to alive anyone with the knowledge taught by Shukracharya.  Kach said that you cursing me without any reason,then he also curses Devayani that she will not be able to marry a Brahmin and will have to marry a lower caste.
After this Kach reached heaven and taught that knowledge to Brihaspati, but did not use it himself.  Later, Devayani was married to King Yayati, the ancestor of the Kauravas.

33. Shukracharya cursed to King Yayati.

Sometime, Sharmistha, daughter of the demon king Vrishaparva, was walking in her garden with her friends.  She was accompanied by Devayani, the daughter of Guru Shukracharya.  Sharmistha was very human and very beautiful princess ;  But in the form of beauty , Devayani was also no less.  They all took off their clothes and took bath in a reservoir in that garden.  At the same time Lord Shankar was passing with Mata Parvati.  Seeing Lord Shankar coming, all those girls ran in shame and started wearing their clothes.  Soon Sharmishtha accidentally wore Devyani's clothes.  On this, Devyani got angry and said to Sharmishtha that she has insulted a Brahmin girl wearing cloth by a demon daughter.  Devyani called Sharmishtha many more abuses like this.  Hearing Devayani's abuses, Sharmistha stung with disrespect and snatched Devyani's clothes and pushed her into a well.
After the departure of Sharmistha, king Yayati by chance came there playing hunting.  To quench his thirst, he went near the well and saw the clothless Devayani in that well.  He put his scarf on it to cover the body of Devayani and, holding hand , took it out of the well.  Devayani lovingly told King Yayati that he had held her hand.  So she accepted him as her husband. She told that she was Devayani, the daughter of Guru Shukracharya and despite being a Brahmin daughter, due to the curse of Kach, who is the son of Vrihaspati, she could not be married to a Brahmin boy. Therefore, she requested that Yayati should consider own destiny and accept his wife.  Yayati was happy and accepted this offer of Devyani.
Devayani came to her father Shukracharya from there and told him all the incidents.  Shukracharya got very angry at the deeds done by Sharmishtha and he turned away from the demons.  On this, the demon king Vrishaparva came to his Gurudev and started pleading in many ways. In this way,  due to the persuasion of  demon king ,Shukracharya was get somewhat peaceful and then Shukracharya said that he was satisfied with his answer.  But he needed to please Devayani as well. To make Devayani happy, Vrishparva told her that he was ready to do anything to please her.  Devyani asks for his daughter Sharmishtha as a maid.  Sharmishtha accepted to be the maid of Devyani to avert the crisis faced by the demon caste and her family.
Shukracharya married his daughter Devayani to King Yayati.  Sharmistha also arrives at Yayati's house with Devayani as her maid.  After some time,  Devayani gave childrens to Yayati,  Sharmistha also requested King Yayati, wishing for childrens , which was accepted by Yayati.
King Yayati had two sons Yadu and Tuvarsu from Devayani and three sons Druhya, Anu and Puru from Sharmishtha.  When Devayani came to know about Yayati and Sharmishtha's relationship, she became angry and went to her father's house.  Shukracharya called King Yayati and told him that he woman dissolute, slow intellect and cruel.
Therefore Shukracharya cursed him to attain old age immediately.  Fearing his curse, King Yayati, pleading, said to the demon guru Shukracharya that while indulging in the subject with his daughter, he was not satisfied.  His daughter was also hurt in this curse.  Then considering that Guru Shukracharya said that if someone would give him his youth with happiness, then he could change his old age with him.

After this, King Yayati told his eldest son, Yadu, to give him own youth and take  his old age given to him by his maternal grandfather.  Yadu respectfully said that he did not want to survive due to untimely old age. Yayati demanded the same from his remaining sons.  Except for the youngest son Puru, other sons did not accept his demand.  Puru happily gave own youth to his father .  On becoming young again, King Yayati told Yadu that he did not fulfill own duty towards his father despite being the he is the eldest son.
So Yayati deprived Yadu of royalty and gave the kingdom to Puru.  Yayati cursed that his descendants would always be ostracized by the dynasties.  In this dynasty of King Yayati's son Yadu, there was an incarnation of Lord Krishna and Shishupala mentioned this curse of Yayati in Dharmaraja Yudhishthira's Rajasuya Yajna.

34.Saubhari rishi cursed to Garurda.

According to the Bhagavata Purana, Kalia Nag hid in the Yamuna Kunda to escape from Garuda because Garuda could not enter it. Once Garuda was distraught with hunger and came to the Yamuna Kunda, then Rishi Saubhari also came there.  Even after the sage refused, Garuda caught and ate fish. Fishes suffered greatly due to the death of their head Matsyaraj.  She became extremely humbled and distraught.  Seeing this condition of his, Rishi Soubhari took great pity.  He cursed Garuda for the betterment of all the living beings in this river area, that "If Garuda ever enters this area and will eat the fish, then he will lose his life at the same moment."  Kaaliya Nag knew this things, so he started living there due to the fear of Garuda .
Garuda used to destroy many snakes daily in Ramanakadweep. Due to this distraught snakes reached them one day and said how such a our life would be safe.  Therefore, in every month, take a snake from every house.  He will be served with the grain and fruits. Garuda did the same.  Now came the opportunity to get sacrificed from Kaliya's house. Kaaliya Nag ate all the things by force.  Garuda was very angry.  He attacked Kaliya Nag with claws.  Kaliya became unconscious.  Kaliya stalked Garuda by spreading his hundred phana.  Then Garuda grabbed him in the beak and hit the earth and started beating him repeatedly with wings. Kaliya started to pull Garuda's wings while taunting.  Angry Garud caught Kaliya with a beak and slammed it on the ground and dragged the body.  Kaliya ran away after saving own life.
Garud was following him.  Garuda followed seven islands and seven seas.  Then in fear, he came at the feet of Sheshji and called for protection.  The Sheshnag said, nowhere in the world can you be protected.  There is only one solution.  In earlier times, there was a famous siddha muni by the name of Saubhari.
He did penance for ten thousand years by living in the waters of Yamuna in Vrindavan.  Seeing the love of Meenraj in that water, he wished to settle down.  Then those Maharishi married with the hundred daughters of Chakravarti King Mandhata, which took place at the end of Satyayuga.
Srihari provided him with a lot of wealth.  Sobhari's long-time austerity was going on in Yamuna.  At the same time Garuda killed Meenraj there.  Angry Saubhari cursed Garuda.  From today onwards, if you forcefully eat fishes within this kund, then your soul will end.  Garuds never come due to fear  of muni curse.  Therefore you go to Vrindavan.  Since then Kaliya started living in Yamuna river.

35. Urvashi cursed to Arjuna.

Arjuna was the most important character in the history of Mahabharata.  It is said about him that if he had not been there, it would not have been easy to defeat the Kauravas in battle.  He had many qualities like valor, courage and beauty within him.
However, today it is not about fame of Arjun, but of the context in which Urvashi, the nymph of heaven, cursed him to become impotent.
Arjuna did penance to Lord Shiva.  Lord Shiva changed form and came to Arjuna and fierce battle took place between Shiva and Arjun.  Lord Shiva emerged victorious in this battle and then Arjuna apologized for his crime.  After this, Lord Shiva disappeared by giving Pashupatastra to Arjuna.  At that time all the gods came there.
Indra said- "O Arjuna!  Right now you have to do many deeds of the gods, so my charioteer will come to take you. "  You come with him to heaven.  Saying this, Indra left from there.
Arjun waited there.  After some time Indra's charioteer Matali reached there and took Arjuna in the chariot and took him to Devaraj's city of Amravati.
Arjuna, knowing near Indra, bowed to him.  Indra blessed Arjuna and provided his near sit.  While living in Amaravati, Arjuna learned the method of using divine and supernatural weapons from the gods and mastered them by practicing to operate those weapons.
One day Indra said to Arjuna - "Son Arjun!  You learn the art of music and dance from Gandharva called Chitrasen. "  Because later this art will be useful to you.
After getting Indra's orders, Arjun started learning music and dance.  Soon Arjun became adept at dance and music.
One day while Chitrasen was teaching music and dance to Arjuna, Indra's Apsara Urvashi came there and saw Arjun.  Urvashi became fascinated on seeing Arjuna.  Along with being fascinated, she also went to own desire.
Seeing the state of Urvashi, Chitrasen said- An apsara is fascinated by a person is not auspicious sign.  But Urvashi did not pay attention to him. And went to near Arjuna.
 Arjun was sitting in the night.  Subjugated by lust Urvashi went to near Arjun.  Upon reaching Arjuna she forgot everything. Arjun respectfully welcomed Urvashi.  And stood up at his ease.
Urvashi says- I have come to you to serve you. Seeing you, I have fallen under the control of lust. Fill my wish. She explained a lot that heavenly nymphs are not anyone's wife.  All the heavenly people have the right to consume them.
But Arjun's mind was unstoppable.  He said- "Devi! Listen to what I say, all directions and all gods. Our ancestors had raised the pride of our dynasty by marrying you.  Therefore, as the mother of Puru dynasty, you are like our mother.  Just as mother Kunti and Madri are revered for me, just as Shachi is my mother, similarly the mother of my clan is also my mother.  I bow to you at your feet as a mother. " Arjun's words got pierced in Urvashi's heart and a lot of anger arose in her mind.  Urvashi said to Arjun- "You have spoken words like impotent today, so I curse you that you will remain eunuch for a year."
Urvashi left from there with giving such a curse. When Indra came to know about this incident, he went to Arjuna and said- “O Arjun! The behavior you have done with Urvashi was worthy of you. This curse of Urvashi was also the wish of God, this curse will work in your agyaatvash .  At the time of your one-year exile, you will remain impotent and you will regain masculinity once the exile is complete. ” In the period, Arjun taught Uttara to dance for a year.  The same Uttara, who later became the wife of his son Abhimanyu.

36.  Mahrishi Maitreya cursed to duryodhana.

One day Ved Vyas met Dhritarashtra and said that maharishi Maitreya is coming here.  He had met the Pandavas and  then he want to meet you now.  He will teach your son to reconcile with the Pandavas.  I inform you that whatever he say, accept without argument.  I am saying this because if Maitreya's order is violated, then he can curse in anger and so listen to him peacefully. Whether or not to execute it is depends on you. After saying this, Vedvyas went away.
As soon as maharishi Maitreya came, Dhritrastra began to serve and entertain him along with his sons.  After resting, Dhritarashtra asked very politely - How was your journey till now?  All five Pandavas are there efficiently.
Then Maitreji said that Rajan, while doing pilgrimage, I incidentally met Yudhishthira in Kamyak forest there.  They live in forest nowadays.  Many sages and saints come to see him.  I heard there that your sons defeated the Pandavas in gambling by deceit and sent them to the forest.  I have come to you from there.
Saying this to Dhritarashtra, he turned back and said to Duryodhana, you know how brave and powerful the Pandavas are.  You are not aware of their power, perhaps that is why you are talking like this, so you should reconcile with them, listen to me.  Don't do such wrong in anger.
Hearing maharishi Maitreya, Duryodhana was enraged and started smashing the ground with a derisive smiling leg and the extent was reached when he hit his hand with a thigh.
Seeing this arrogance of Duryodhana, Maharishi got angry.  Then he cursed Duryodhana.  You despise me, you cannot listen to me peacefully.  O fool ! the thigh on which you are beating, Bhima will break that thigh with his gada. Later the Kauravas and the Pandavas fought fiercely and Bhima attacked Duryodhana's thigh and finally  destroy his thigh.

37 . Mata Gandhari curse to Shreekrishna.

The story of Mahabharata does not end only by going to the apocalypse of the Kauravas.  There is a lot in this story that did not get much attention.  After the destruction of the Kauravas, the Pandavas got the kingdom , but then very few people know about what happened after that.
Shreekrishna entire clan was destroyed due to the curse given by Gandhari to him.
 This was the last day of the Mahabharata war taking place in Kurukshetra.  The Pandavas were very close to victory , but they was not happy but in extreme mourning as they shed blood of his relatives to achieve this victory.  His sons also died in this war. The war of Mahabharata was so fierce that even Lord Krishna himself trembled seeing the situation.  He was also very upset in view of the destruction in the war.
 When Sanjay told Gandhari that Shri Krishna and all the Pandavas had come to meet her, Gandhari became extremely angry and in a full of anger she cursed him, blaming Shri Krishna for this destruction.

Gandhari said to Shri Krishna, "You, Lord Krishna, the incarnation of Vishnu, whom I worship every day, you have not been ashamed of own actions at all.
 You could have stopped this destruction if you wanted, but you did not do it, is it done with own creation?  I prayed to you every day, that's how you answered my prayers? "
 Gandhari told Sri Krishna, "Go ask your mother Devaki how much it hurts the death of a child, she had lost only seven children, I have lost my hundred sons."
Sri Krishna smilingly told Gandhari that she could handle Duryodhana and other Kauravas if she wanted, but she did not do so.
 Krishna used to say that Gandhari became more furious.  In anger and sorrow, she cursed Krishna, "If my devotion to Lord Vishnu is true, if my devotion to my husband is true, you will die exactly 36 years from today".
Gandhari said, "The city of Dwarka will flow into the water and just as you made the brothers thirsty for each other's blood, in the same way your entire Yadav dynasty will be killed by each other, your entire dynasty will end". After cursing, Gandhari wept with anger, sorrow and remorse, she fell at the feet of Krishna.  Sri Krishna raised her and accepted her curse. Later, due to Samb, some such situations arose which resulted in the destruction of the Yadav dynasty.

38.  Shreekrishna curse to Samb.

One of Sri Krishna's eight wife was Jambavati, daughter of Sri Jambavant.  Seeing Pradyuman, son of Rukmini, motherhood sprouted in her mind.  She pleaded child to Shri Krishna.
Sri Krishna performed austerities by taking initiation of Shiva devotion from sage Upamanyu and Lord Ardhanarishwar appeared.  Sri Krishna sought the boon from Shiva , a son to be like him.  Later, Goddess Jambavati received a beautiful son .  Because they received this son with Shiva,  so the name of that son was Samb.
That son of Shri Krishna was extremely beautiful and mighty and also had a defiant and naughty .  His deeds were always due to the detriment of the Yadavas.
 It is said that Samb was so attractive in appearance that any girl would be attracted to see him.  The Bhavishya, Skanda and Varaha Puranas describe the fact that Krishna mistakenly cursed Samb to become a leper.
Samb were very attractive and similar in appearance and stature to Shri Krishna.  Due to his form, some of Sri Krishna's queens became enamored of him.  In them, a queen "Nandini" took the form of Lakshmana, the wife of Samb, and reached Samb's chamber and embraced him.
At the same time, Shri Krishna saw them both in that state and, having no knowledge of the whole thing, he cursed Samb to become a leper.  Still his anger did not subside, so after he cursed his wives to be kidnapped by the bandits.
Some idiots here doubt the character of Samb and Nandini, but this is not so.  Two very beautiful explanations of this incident are given:
 The first is that Nandini had hug Samb in her  motherhood , not with lust.
 Secondly, since Samb looked like his father Shri Krishna, Nandini mistakenly embraced him as consider Sri Krishna.
When Shri Krishna came to know about his mistake, he felt very sad.  At the same time, the sage Katak came to  Dwarka.  Then Shri Krishna told him about this problem.  Then the sage Katak asked Samb to worship Suryanarayana to get rid of leprosy.
Then Samb built the famous temple of Suryadev on the banks of the Chandrabhaga river and did his austerities for 12 years.  Pleased with this, Suryadev appeared and asked Samb to bathe in the Chandrabhaga river.  By doing so, Samb was freed from the curse by the grace of Suryadev.  Since then, the Chandrabhaga River has been known as the river that provides free from leprosy.

39 . Shreekrisna cursed to Aswatthama.

People who have knowledge about Mahabharata must have known about Ashwatthama, it is said that Ashwatthama still exists.  The son of Kauravas and Pandavas guru Dronacharya, "Ashwatthama" is one such character, for whom the boon sought from God became a curse.  In the war of Mahabharata, Ashwatthama was a warrior who had the ability to fight a war alone.  It is said that even today Ashwatthama is wandering on the earth due to the curse of Lord Shri Krishna.  Today in this article you are going to tell about this warrior, for whom the blessings of immortality had become the biggest curse of life.
Prior to the Mahabharata war, Guru Dronacharya visited the Himalayas.  Guru Dronacharya and his wife Mata Kripi did penance to Shiva in front of the Shiva lingam on the banks of the Tamsa River.  Pleased with his penance, Lord Shiva granted him the boon of having a son.  A few days later, Mother Kripi gave birth to a bright child.  As soon as he was born, the  horse sound of the boy's throat came out, which gave him the name "Ashwatthama".  Ashwatthama had a priceless gem on his forehead from birth, which kept him fearless from demons, monsters, weapons, disease, gods, snakes etc.
Born in Dwaparyuga, Ashwatthama was counted among the best warriors.  Like Father Dronacharya, Ashwatthama was also proficient in scripture and armaments.  In the Mahabharata war, this father-son duo sided with the Kauravas and disbanded the Pandava army.
In the battle, when Dhrishtadyum had killed Dronacharya with deceit, Ashwatthama became very angry.  To avenge his father's death, he launched a Narayanastra on the Pandavas.  The impact of this astra created panic among the Pandava army.  Ashwatthama told Duryodhana about this weapon - Lord Narayana himself gave this astra to Guru Drona.  It does not return without destroying the enemy.  It is also possible to destroy many types of divine weapons with Narayanastra. When Shri Krishna saw that the army was fleeing from Narayanaastra and the lives of the Pandavas were also in trouble, then he said - all get down from their chariots and other riders, put down their weapons and go to the shelter of this astra.  This is the only way for the peace of Narayanastra.  Everyone accepted this thing of Shri Krishna.  Thus the wrath of Narayanaastra calmed down and the souls of the Pandavas survived.
After the failure of the Narayanastra, Ashwatthama used Agneyastra.  This astra was also dangerous .  An Akshohini army of Pandavas was destroyed by its fire.  The air got heated due to the impact of that weapon.  Big elephants started falling all around.  Then Arjuna used Brahmastra.  As the Brahmastra was run, the wind started moving again.  Arjuna, Shri Krishna and his chariot also had no impact of agneyastra.
Ashwatthama was very surprised to see that Arjuna and Shri Krishna did not have any effect of aagneyastra.  Then Maharishi Vedvyasa came there and told Ashwatthama that Shri Krishna and Arjuna are incarnations of Nara-Narayana.  No weapon can be affected by them.  In the past, Lord Narayana has received many blessings from Lord Mahadev by performing austerities.  It is not possible to conquer them with the same effect.  After listening to Maharishi Vedvyas, Ashwatthama left the battlefield.
When Bhima broke Duryodhana's thighs in the gada battle and left to die, then Ashwatthama, Kripacharya and Kritavarma came there.  Seeing Duryodhana at that stage, Ashwatthama vowed that he would take revenge on the Pandavas.  At the behest of Duryodhana, Kripacharya made Ashwatthama the commander .  Ashwatthama thought that the Pandavas, etc., would be victorious at night and rest in their respective camps.  Therefore, it is possible to slaughter them at this stage.  (Ashwatthama did not know that Sri Krishna and the Pandavas were in the Kaurava camp at that time).  Kripacharya told Ashwatthama  to attack on warriors when they are sleeping at night that it is against the rules of war, but Ashwatthama did not listen to Kripacharya.  Finally, Kripacharya and Kritavarma also agreed to accompany Ashwatthama. When Ashwatthama reached his camp at night in order to avenge the Pandavas. Ashwatthama first killed Draupadi's brother Dhritadhyumna.  After this Ashwatthama also killed the warriors like Uttamauja, Yudhamanyu, Shikhandi etc.  After that Ashwatthama also killed Draupadi's sleeping sons with sword. Ashwatthama also finished the remaining army of Pandavas.  After doing such terrible deeds, Ashwatthama came out of the camp and told Kritavarma and Kripacharya about the slaughter of Panchal warriors and Draupadi's sons.  The three decided that this news should be told to Duryodhana immediately.
 Thinking like this, these three reached Duryodhana.  By that time Duryodhana had not given up his life.  Going to Duryodhana, Ashwatthama told him that at this time only Sri Krishna, Satyaki and the Pandavas are left in the Pandava side, all the others have been killed.  Duryodhana was saddened to hear this news, but his life passed out in a short time.
When Ashwatthama killed Draupadi's sons while sleeping, the Pandavas got angry and went to find him.  Finding Ashwatthama,  they reached the ashram of Maharishi Ved Vyasa.  Ashwatthama saw that the Pandavas had come here to kill me, so he attacked Brahmsirastra to destroy the Pandavas.  At the behest of Shri Krishna, Arjuna also operated Brahmsirastra.  With the fire of both Brahmasirastras, the world started burning.  Seeing the destruction of the world, Maharishi Ved Vyas asked Arjuna and Ashwatthama to return their Brahmsirastra. Arjuna immediately returned his astra, but Ashwatthama did not have the knowledge to return the Brahmsirastra.  Therefore, he changed the direction of his Brahmsirastra to Abhimanyu's wife Uttara's womb and said that the influence of this weapon of mine would end the dynasty of Pandavas.  Then Shri Krishna said to Ashwatthama that your weapon is definitely infallible, but the dead baby born from the womb of Uttara will also be alive. In the vision of Lord Krishna, the biggest sin is the feticide, after the end of Mahabharata war, when Dronacharya's son Ashwatthama killed the child Parikshit in Uttara's womb using Brahmastra, then Lord Shri Krishna was the most angry.
At that time, Shri Krishna had declared that Ashwatthama's sin was the greatest sin because he had killed an unborn child.  Shri Krishna had punished this sin for Ashwatthama himself, Shri Krishna took away the Chintamani gemstone on Ashwatthama's head and cursed that you have seen birth but you will not be able to see death.
That is, as long as the creation is there, you will live on the earth and you will suffer, although Mahabharata is also available today, in which this curse was in the Mahabharata of Gita Press for 3000 years.  Along with this, it was also included in the curse that Ashwatthama would not be able to reveal himself despite being alive, he would have to live life alone. Saying this, Shri Krishna cursed Ashwatthama that you will keep wandering on the earth for three thousand years and you will not be able to talk to anyone.  Blood and pus will continue flow from your body.  After this Ashwatthama removed his gem at the behest of Maharishi Ved Vyas and gave it to the Pandavas and went into the forest himself.  Bringing the gem from Ashwatthama, the Pandavas gave it to Draupadi and told them that due to Guru's son is that they left Ashwatthama alive.

40. Rishis cursed to Samb.

​Lord Krishna's son Samb, along with his friends, formulated the idea to test Maharishi Vishwamitra, Kanva, Durvasha and Devarshi Narada.  It is not a very good thing to take the examination of the elders by themselves, and if the examination of the elders is taken for the purpose of ridiculing the elders, then the results can be very frightening.
​Samb together with his friends created a game.  Sambha took form a pregnant woman and his friends took him and appeared before the sages.
They asked to test the knowledge of the sages, "You all are great sage who knows everything. We have come here from you for the purpose of knowing whether this woman will be have son or  daughter".  Seeing the intention of Samb's friends, the sages were extremely angry but they remained silent. But Durvasha Rishi could not control his anger and said that I know it is Samb, the son of Lord Shri Krishna hiding as a pregnant.  I curse that this samb will produce a terrible pestle which will cause the destruction of your clan.  Yes, it will have no effect on Lord Krishna and Balrama.
The sages told Krishna all this news and it is surprising that Lord Krishna did not take any remedy for this nor prayed to the sages.  They just heard this news and told the Yadavs.  He also said that the sages's word will not waste.
​Only Krishna knows what kind of plans Lord Krishna had made in his life.  Samb produced a pestle with the effect of curse when the time came.  Since everyone was aware of this curse, it was necessary to be cautious from all sides.  As soon as Maharaj Ugrasen came to know, he got make the pestle's powder and threw it into the sea.
Severe conditions began to arise due to the effect of the pestle.  At that time, even Yaduvanshi did not hesitate to do bad deeds.  Be it Guru or Brahmin, they had no fear of anyone.  He was not ashamed to insult anyone.
 Everyone knew the impact of Lord Krishna and Balarama, so no one had the courage to humiliate them.

Seeing this condition of the people, Lord Krishna started to remember Gandhari in his mind.  He said to himself, " Maa Gandhari! Your curse seems to be showing its effect. You cursed me by being upset with the destruction of Kurukul ,same incident occur will be destruction of the Yadavas . So how will your word be untrue".  .
God knew everything.  What was hidden from him? He knew everyone's beginning and end.  Therefore, they did not try to stop anything.  He  advised the Yaduvanshis to gone for pilgrimage including family.
One day when all the people were sitting together, there was a dispute between Satyaki and Kritavarma.  The outcome of a dispute is not always good and if the dispute is in the warriors , then it is difficult to say what will happen.
​Satyaki killed Kritavarma by getting excited in the debate.  Time was running in reverse.  All the warriors create groups formed and started killing each other.  In this all, Satyaki and Lord Krishna's son Pradyumna were also killed. Seeing this murder of his son, Shreekrishna, in anger, uprooted the grass from own fist, which immediately turned into a pestle.  He killed many with that pestle.
Some such miracle happened (presumably due to the effect of curse) that whoever fills up with anger ,who uprooted grass would become a pestle.  All were killing each other.  When all the peoples were destroyed, on the request of Babhru and Daruka, Shreekrishna set out to find Lord Balramji.
After meeting Balaram ji, God performed some of his duties and came back to Balaram ji.  The supremely stunning Balram, the incarnation of Sheshnag, was sitting in a state of samadhi in the forest.  At that time Lord Krishna saw that Balram ji's body , a white-colored snake came out and went towards the sea.  The sages also said in their curse that Balram ji would leave the body and enter the sea. After Balarama had gone, what would Krishna do on earth?  Lord Krishna, who knew everything, remembered the curse of mata Gandhari and Maharishi Durvasa, subdued the senses and became samadhi form and lay down in the forest.  At the same time, a hunter named Zara left the arrow on them, assuming that the deer . ​Later he came to know that there is a yogi dressed in Pitambar.  When he came to know that this is Krishna, he was very sad.  He was very remorseful, but repentance is the solution to all things.  Lord Krishna gave up his life with the arrow left in the hands of a hunter.

41. Sringi rishi cursed to king parikshit:

Once King Parikshit went to the forest for hunting.  He was distraught with thirst due to running after the wild animals and wandering around in search of the reservoir, he reached the ashram of Shamik Rishi.  There Shamik Rishi was seated in meditation of God with eyes closed.  King Parikshit asked for water from him but due to meditation, Shamik Rishi did not answer anything. With the influence of Kaliyuga residing on the golden crown on the head, King Parikshit felt that this sage is insulting me by pretending to be meditation . He was very angry with the sage.  To avenge his humiliation, he picked up a dead snake lying nearby and put it in the neck of the sage and returned to his city.
When Shamik Rishi woke up from meditation, he saw a dead snake in his neck.  They could not know what the king had done to them.  During that time, the son of Shamik Rishi, Sringi Rishi arrived and when he knew that his father had insulted the king, he was very angry.  He thought that if this king survives, he will continue to insult the sages. Thinking like this, that Sringi  rishi immediately cursed King Parikshit by taking water from the kamandal in his hand , that you will be killed by the Takshak nag on the 7th day from today.
Before the Shamik rishi could understand anything, the Sringi rishi cursed to the Parikshit.  Shamik Rishi told his son that you did not do this well. That king is the protector of the publics.  He did not even commit such a big crime that he was cursed so much.  Shamik was very sorry.
It is noteworthy that Uttara gave birth to a dead baby due to attack of Brahmasirastra by Drona son Ashwatthama, but Lord Krishna gave life Abhimanyu-Uttara's son even after using Brahmsirastra, this child later became famous as King Parikshit.  Janmejaya became the great son of Parikshit.

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Story of curses(PART-04)

Story of curses(PART-04)

Hello friends, I welcome you once again to my blog.  In the series of curse stories, I have once again brought a collection of stories for the people.  Today I have described some curses of Mahabharata.  Some folk tales have also been included in the Mahabharata, which are not mentioned in the Mahabharata. But people have made new stories in a strange way which we believe to be true.The fourth part of the curse series is presented to you. And at the end of the article, a link to Part-3 will be given.

21.  Maharishi Vashistha curse to the Vasus.

Vasistha is a Saptarshi. Muni Vasistha is  also known by the name 'Aapav'.  He had an ashram and these Maharishi Vasistha used to meditate in it.  The daughter of Daksha Prajapati, known as Devi Surabhi, gave birth to a cow from the union of Kashyapji. Which was named Nandini cow.  She was the best among all those who fullfill wished.  Vasistha received the cow as his kaamdhenu and kept it in the beautiful forest where he used to do penance.
One day Prithu vashu etc. and the whole deity came into the forest ,where Vashistha rishi lived.  The wife of one of those Vasus saw that cow while walking in that forest.  Vasu's wife was surprised to see that beautiful Nandini cow.
Dhyo vashu, upon seeing that cow, describing its form and qualities, said to his wife - "This is the best cow divinity with bright eyes."  She is capable of fulfilling all wishes.  The man who will drink its tasty milk will live for ten thousand years and for that time his youth will remain stable. ”Hearing her husband, she said -“ Prannath!  A princess is my friend in this earth.
‘Her name is Jitvati.  She is adorned with a beautiful look and young.  I have a great desire for her to take this cow with the calf.  You bring this cow soon.  Therefore, by drinking her milk,  my friend survived alone in old age and physical illnesses.  To fulfill his wife's wish, Dhyo vasu,  abducted the cow with the help of his brothers Prithu vashu etc.
But when Vashistha did not show his cow with calf.  Then Vashistha searched the Nandini cow in the forest but he could not find the cow anywhere.  Then he looked divinely and knew that the Vasus kidnapped her.

Then he cursed the Vasus in anger - all of you have kidnapped my Kamdhenu cow, so all of you will be born into man-form.  After cursing him, Maharishi then sat down in penance.  When the Vasus came to know about the curse, they all started apologizing to Maharishi Vasishtha.
When the Vasus came to know that Maharishi Vasistha had cursed them, all of them reached his ashram.  He tried very hard to please Maharishi but could not get the blessings of Maharishi.
Then they asked for a solution to be free from the curse. Then the Maharishi said - "I have cursed you all, but you will be free from the curse one by one every year, but this is the name of the Dhyo vashu, due to which has got all of you cursed."
He will reside in earth for a long time.  But he will not have any children.  He will be godly and scholar and will abandon woman's love for the benefit of own father. "  After saying this, Maharishi Vasistha left from there.
After saying such a thing to all those Vasus, the Maharishi left from there.  Then all the Vasus gathered and went to the  near Ganges.  And pleaded with Ganga ji - 'Ganges!  As soon as we are born, you will pour us in your water on yourself.  That is why Ganga ji did the same to free the Vashus from curse to this earth.  And only Vasu named Dhyo became "Bhishma" in his next life.

22. Yudhishthira gave this curse to women.

This incident  is from the time of Mahabharata.  The battlefield of Kurukshetra was red with blood.  Brothers and brothers were thirsty for each other's blood.  There was no one who could stop this war.  On one side, Bhishma Pitamah stood as a shield of protection to protect the Kauravas.
On the other hand, for the Pandavas, Krishna's own incarnation of Lord Vishnu was conducting the ritual of Arjuna.  This incident dates back to the time when everyone was mourning the death of their close friends after the war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas.
 Surya son Karna was slaughtered by Arjuna in this battle.  After Karna's death, Mother Kunti rushed to near the Karna's body to mourn his death.
Yudhishthira, the eldest of the Pandavas, asked Kunti, "Why are you mourning over the death of our enemy?"
 Hearing this, Kunti told Yudhishthira that "He is not your enemy,  he is the  your eldest brother."  Hearing this, Yudhishthira's eyes filled up and he was very sad.
He told Mata Kunti that you hid such a big thing and made us the killer of our eldest brother.
Then cursing the entire female caste, Yudhishthira said, "I curse the entire women's caste from today that they will not be able to hide anything in their hearts even now."
 Yudhishthira gave this curse only because Karna would not have been killed at the hands of Arjuna if Kunti had first said to him the secret of Karna.
 Perhaps it is the effect of this curse that during pregnancy, the stomach of women starts to appear on the outside.

23. Rishi Kindam's curse to King Pandu

 Kindam was a sage who is mentioned in the Mahabharata.Due to ignorance rishi Kindam and his wife were killed by Maharaj Pandu, due to which Pandu had to spend the rest of his life cursed.
Once King Pandu of Hastinapur was roaming in the forest.  Then he saw a pair of deer.  Pandu aimed five arrows at him, injuring the deer.  In fact deer was a sage named rishi Kindam, who was doing pranay-vihar(love) with his wife.
Then Kindam rishi came in his real form and cursed Pandu that- "You have unabashedly shot arrows at me and my ascetic wife while we were doing Vihara (love)." Now whenever you cohabit with your wife, you will die at the same time and that wife will become sati with you. "Due to this curse when Raja Pandu was meeting(love) with his wife Madri, he died at the same time.

24.  Mandavya Rishi's curse to Yamraj.

 Before a person can do any karma, it must be ensured that from the karma, you are doing, there is no problem for any living being, because in the Karma cycle, that thing comes back to you, which you have given to destined.  Just like if you do evil to someone, you are returning evil to destiny in a way whose destiny will give you evil.  The karma cycle is the same for everyone, but under certain circumstances there is also an exemption from the karma cycle, such as any mistake made by an innocent child by mistake does not fall into the category of crime.
A similar story related to karma and age is found in Mahabharata.
According to the religious texts, after the age of man, the soul is taken with him by the Yamraj god of death and his messengers, but according to his deeds he gives him good or bad karma results.  But once according to a legend, Yamraj himself had to live a human life on earth after being born as a human.According to Mahabharata, there was a sage named Mandavya.  He was very patient, virtuous, ascetic and honest.  He used to do penance by raising his hands under the tree at the door of his ashram.  He had taken the rule of silence.
One day some robbers came there with the loot.  Many soldiers were following them, so they kept all the loot wealth in the ashram of Mandavya and hid there.  The soldiers came and asked Mandavya that where the robbers ran away, tell us quickly, we have to chase them. Mandavya did not answer them.The royal staff searched his ashram, found both wealth and thieves in it.  The soldiers grabbed the robbers and Mandavya Muni and presented them to the king.  The king contemplated and punished everyone to climb the gallows.  Mandavya sages were offered on the gallows.
Even after a long time, he sat on a gallows without eating and drinking, he did not die.  He did not give up his life, but invited many sages.  The sages came as birds in the night and expressed sorrow and asked what crime you had committed.  Mandavya asked, Whom should I blame, this is the result of my own crime.
The guards noticed that it had been a long time for the sage to sat on the gallowss, but he did not die.  They went and requested his king.  The king came to Mandavya Muni and prayed that I had committed your great crime by ignorance.
Please forgive me!  Mandavya pleased the king, forgave him.  They were taken off the gallows.  When gallows could not get out of his body even after taking many measures, it was cut.  Along with buried gallows, he did penance and received rare power.  Since then, his name became Anindmandavya. Then Maharishi Mandavya went to the court of Dharmaraja and asked what such sin I had inadvertently committed, which resulted in this.  Tell me fast, if not then see the strength of my penance.
Dharmaraja said, you had pricked a needle in the tail of a small moth(a species of insect). This is the result of that.  Just as a lot of charity gets manifold results, so also a little iniquity gets manifold bad result.  Anandmandavya said, when did I do this.

Dharmaraja said, in childhood.  Anandmavya said on this, what the child does till the age of twelve years, he does not have any wrongdoing, because he does not have knowledge of religion and unrighteousness.  You have given a big punishment for small crime.  That's why you have to become a human being.  Today I want to establish the dignity of karma-results in the world.
Karmas done up to the age of fourteen years will not incur sin, after that the deeds done will surely be rewarded.  Because of this crime, Mandavya cursed and Dharmaraja was born as Vidur.  He was well versed in theology and economics.  Anger and greed did not even touch them.  He was a visionary, a proponent of peace and a benefactor of the entire Kuru dynasty.

25. Amba cursed to Bhishma Pitamah.

Satyavati had give two sons named Chitrangad and Vichitravirya from Maharaja Shantanu.  After the death of Shantanu, Chitrangad was made king, but he died in a war with the Gandharvas, when the Vichitravirya were child.  Nevertheless, Bhishma sat on the throne to Vichitravirya and began to see the royal work himself.
When Vichitravirya was young, Bhishma forcefully kidnapped Kashiraj's 3 daughters and wanted to marry them to Vichitravirya, as Bhishma wanted his father Shantanu's family to grow somehow.
But later the elder princess Amba was abandoned, as she wanted Shalvaraj, but after going to Shalvaraja, Amba was refused by Shalvaraja.  This was a painful situation for Amba.  Amba considered Bhishma the reason for her plight and complained to Parashuramaji.  Parshuramji decided to fight against injustice.  Parshuramji told Bhishma that 'You have abducted Amba by force, so now you have to marry her otherwise get ready for war with me.'
Bhishma and Parashuramji fought fiercely for 21 days.  In the end, the Mahadeva said to Parashurama talking about all the agony and vows of celibacy and made him aware of the state of Bhishma as well, when Parashurama did a ceasefire somewhere.
Later Amba was very sad and said to Bhishma that 'You have ruined my life and are now refusing to marry me.  I am a helpless woman and you are powerful.  You misused your power.  I cannot spoil you, but I will be born again as a man and then I will cause you to end.
Significantly, this Amba gives up her life and takes birth as Shikhandi and becomes the cause of Bhishma's death.

26.  Why Draupadi gave big curse to dogs.

(Note:-It is a folk tale .So this story is not mentioned in Mahabharata)

We are talking about why Draupadi cursed the dogs for the reason that they have to do open sex, as I can tell you. When Arjun married Draupadi and brought his home, he first gave this good news to own mother.  But it was a mistake of his mother that he told Arjuna and the five Pandavas, whatever the you had brought, the five brothers should share among themselves.
After this, the authority on Draupadi to obey the mother's command became equal to that of the five Pandavas, that night when Draupadi was sleep , let us know what happened that night that Draupadi had to curse the dogs.
That night when Draupadi was playing own wife Dharma in turn with the five Pandavas, a condition was laid that when Draupadi was playing her wife Dharma with one Pandava, it was forbidden for the other Pandavas to enter the chamber.  Its symbol was kept that when a Pandava is in the room, he should take his Batukh (sandal) out of the room, so that it is known that there is someone in the room.
Similarly, Draupadi played her wife Dharma with Arjun, after that Yudhishthira had a great misfortune when  2 dogs came from outside and took away their sandals.
At this point, the third Pandavas came and they could not find sandals and entered the room.
On seeing the other Pandavas in the room together, Draupadi got very angry on this.  At the same time, these pandavas told no sandal in outside  and at the same time all the Pandavas went outside the palace and saw that they were playing dogs with sandal.  Due to this mistake of dogs, they got cursed that after today you will have to sex in the open and the world will see you.

27 .Draupadi cursed Ghatotkacha.

(Note:-It is also a folktale ,this story is not mentioned in mahabharata).

 When Ghatotkacha came to the kingdom of his father Bhima for the first time, as per the orders of his mother (Hidimba), he did not give any respect to Draupadi.
 Draupadi felt insulted and got very angry.  She shouted at him that she is a speci woman, she is the queen of Yudhishthira, she is the daughter of a Brahmin king and her reputation is more than that of the Pandavas.  And at the behest of his evil demonic mother, he has insulted her in a meeting full of elders, sages and kings.  O evil, your life will be very short and you will be killed without any fight.

In the Mahabharata, the life of Danveer Karna has always been surrounded by sorrows.  There are sorrows in Karna's life from birth to death.  Karna's curses shaken Karna and in the end, the curses led to Karna's death.

28.Parshuram curse to Karna . 

Karna made Shri Parashurama his Guru.  Karna knew that Parashurama would teach archery only to Brahmin boys.  But Karna did not tell this thing to his Gurudev.  It is a matter of one day that Guru Parshuram was resting on Karna's thigh.  A scorpion came over there and started stung Karna.
Karna used to bear the sting by not removing the scorpion so that the rest of the Guru is not disturbed.  In this way, blood started flowing from Karna's thigh but Karna did not get stuck from it. When Karna's blood flowed and reached to near Gurudev , then Gurudev's eye opened.  Guru Dev was shocked after seeing all this.
He said that only a Kshatriya can have such tolerance to bear a scorpion sting and not a Brahmin.  Parshuramji cursed him because of his false speech that whenever Karna would be most in need of his education, it would not be useful to him on that day.  It is said in some folklore that this scorpion himself Indra who wanted Karna's got true identity to the Guru.
Karna used to call himself a sutputra because he was swept away into the Ganges river when he was born by Mata Kunti and at that time Adhirtha, the charioteer of Dhritarashtra and his wife Radha saw him and adopted him and saved him.  He did not even know his own lineage.  But Gurudev came to know everything from own divine vision, when he was enraged at cursing Karna with anger, but he could not take back his curse.  He then gave Karna his bow called Vijay and blessed him that he would get what he wanted most - indelible fame.
By the way, the spiritual side is also tremendous.  If the Guru had not to cursed Karna, Brahmastra would have to use  by Karna in the war and the whole creation would have been destroyed. This was done to protect the world.

29. Brahman cursed to karna .

After left the Parshuramji's ashram, Karna wandered here-there for some time.  At the same time, he was learning shabdbhedi archery skill.  During the practice, he considered the calf of a cow to be any wildy animal and fired a wrenching arrow at it and the calf was killed.
The lord of that cow was a Brahmin.  The Brahmin said - you have killed an innocent whose punishment you should get.

Then Karna apologized.  The Brahmin said that you return his life, then I will forgive you.  But how could Karna return his life?
Now the Brahmin, the lord of the cow, cursed Karna that just as he has killed a helpless animal, one day he will also be killed when he will be most helpless and when all his attention is focused on something other will happen than his enemy.

30. Earth(Dharti) curse to Karna .

Mother Earth cursed that Karna, while fighting, one day the wheel of your chariot will sink into the ground.  According to the folk tales of Andhra, there is a story that once Karna was going somewhere, then on the way he found a girl who was crying due to ghee being shattered from her pit.
When Karna asked, she told that her ghee fell into the mud.  Because of which her stepmother would be angry with him.
Then Karna said that he would bring another ghee and give it to her.
But the girl said that she only wanted those ghee whose mixed in the soil and she refused to take new ghee.  Then, taking pity on the girl, Karna took the clay containing the ghee in own fist and squeezed it so that the ghee from the soil squeezed and fell into the pitcher.
While Karna was doing this, he heard the painful voice of a woman.  When he opened his fist and saw, he found Mother Earth.  Angry Mother, angry with pain, criticized Karna and said that  Karna today you have given me a lot of pain .
Saying this, Mother Earth cursed Karna that one day in a decisive battle of his life, she will also hold the wheel of his chariot as if he has caught them in own fist, so that he will vulnerable to own enemy in that war. And you all know that all these curses came in a decisive battle in front of Karna while fighting Arjuna and due to these curses, Karna had to sacrifice his life.

With this promise of bringing more new stories related to curses and now I take leave of you. See you soon.

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Story of curses(PART-03)

Story of curses(PART-03)

Friends, the third part of the series of curses is presented, I hope you will like this article as before. The link of Part-2 will be given to you at the end of the article. And if you want to read all the parts then go to see  label (  The Curses series).

11.Brahma was fascinated by his daughter, Shiva gave terrible curse.

 Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are worshiped as the creators of the universe, these three gods are considered responsible for creating, preserving and destroying the entire creation. Lord Vishnu is known as the preserver of the world ,Brahma as the creator of the universe and Mahesh is known for the destroyer of the world when sin increases.  But do you know that Lord Brahma was cursed by Lord Shiva during the creation of the universe.  Lord Shiva could not tolerate a work done by him.
According to the story described in Shivmahapuran, when the time came to create the creation, the Tridevas divided their works.  Lord Brahma had the responsibility of creating mankind.

Someone's help was needed to create such a big creation.  That is why Brahma created a beautiful girl named Satyarupa, that girl was so beautiful that anyone would be fascinated by seeing her.  Her face was so glazing that even the greatest saints could not live without being attracted to her.
Seeing her beauty Brahma too became facinated by her.  For a moment they forgot everything and kept staring at Satyarupa. Sensing his vision, Lord Shiva did not take any time.  Shiva wanted to explain him.  But even before this, Brahma expressed his desire to marry Satyarupa in front of everyone.
Hearing such a disastrous thing from his mouth, all the gods present there were shocked.  On the other hand, Lord Shiva got angry.  He tried a lot to convince Brahma.  But they were not ready to accept. Shiva said, "O God, you have created this girl with your own hands, so this girl became your daughter." Satyarupa is your part.  You should not do such an indecent thing for your daughter '
Upon hearing this, Brahma was filled with anger.  He started uttering abuses to Lord Shiva.  Hearing this, Shiva's anger reached the climax and he cursed Brahma.  He said, 'You have insulted the father-daughter relationship by saying such a thing about your daughter.  Therefore you are not eligible to worship. From today your worship will be negligible.  Your devotees will remain nominal all over the world. Brahma apologized to all the gods including Shiva after hearing such bitter words from the mouth of Shiv.  But Shiva's curse showed his influence.  You must also have noticed that Brahma is worshiped less than other gods.  The only temple of Brahma is in Pushkar, Rajasthan.

12. Why Lord Shiva cursed Brahma and Ketaki flower?

Lord Shree Brahma Ji, Lord Shree Hari Vishnu and Lord Shree Mahesh (Mahadev the God of Gods) have been considered as the most revered in Hindu culture. Lord Shri Brahma Ji is considered to be the creator of the universe, Lord Shri Vishnu is the preserver of the universe and Lord Shri Mahesh is considered the destroyer.  In addition to all directions, the head looking above was also with Lord Brahma. After all, what happened to which god, who had cut off the head looking over Lord Brahma.  At the same time, why did Lord Shiva curse the adorable white Ketki flower(Pandanus flower )not to participate in the worship.  Let now I introduce you to these secrets today.
It is said that once in our revered Trinity, Lord Shri Brahma and Lord Vishnu Hari, there was a rush to consider themselves superior to each other.
Lord Shri Brahma Ji was calling himself superior as being the creator of the universe and Lord Shri Vishnu Ji was calling superior as being the preserver of the universe.
When there was no conclusion of this long-running dispute, then Lord Shiva was appeared there in the form of Shivalinga. Lord Shiva said to Lord Shree Brahma and Lord Shree Vishnu to find the end of Shivalinga.  Whoever finds its end first.  He will be considered the best.
Both Lord Shri Brahma and Lord Shri Vishnu set out in the opposite direction to find the ends.  Lord Shri Vishnu returned after some time not getting the ends. At the same time, Lord Shri Brahma Ji failed to find the end of Shivalinga and returned.  When Lord Shree Vishnu and Lord Shree Brahma came face to face with Lord Shiva as Shivalinga.
Then Lord Shri Vishnu Ji said that I tried a lot.  But I failed to find the end of Shivling.  But Lord Shri Brahma Ji told Lord Vishnu that I have found the end of Shivling. And the Ketki tree(pandanus tree) is a witness to this.  If you are not sure of this, then you should ask the Ketki tree itself.  Hearing this, the Ketaki tree gave its testimony in favor of Lord Shri Brahma.
Lord Shiva appeared in his real form upon hearing the false testimony of Ketaki tree.  Angry Lord Shankar cut off the 5th head of Lord Shri Brahma.
But Lord Shiva came to know everything and he cursed Brahma at the same time that after this, you will not be worshiped anywhere in this world and he said to the Ketaki flower that after now you will  not be offered to any god-goddess.
At the same time cursed the tree of Ketaki that the flowers produced from its tree will never be acceptable at the time of worship of Shivling.  If one will offer ketaki flower on the lingam.  So all his worthy will end.  Be aware that at the time of worshiping on Shivalinga we mainly offer white flowers.  But Lord Shiva is not worshiped with the white flowers of Ketaki.

13. A apsara (nymph) of heaven cursed Brahmadev.

The physique of Jagatpita Brahmaji was radiant and adorable.  Seeing his enchanting form, the heaven's Apsara Mohini became kamasakta and she sat in a trance sitting near Brahma ji.  When Brahmaji's sleep broke, he asked Mohini, Devi!  Why are you renouncing heaven and sitting near me?
Mohini said, 'O Brahmadev!  My body and mind are falling in love with you.  Please accept my love. '
 Brahmaji started giving him moral knowledge to remove Mohini's desire , but Mohini began to seduce him with erotic ways to dissuade Brahmaji.  Brahmaji started remembering his favored Srihari to avoid his illusion.
At the same time, the Saptarishis arrived in Brahmaloka.  Seeing Mohini near Brahmaji, the Saptarishis asked them, why is this beautiful Apsara sitting with you?  Brahma Ji said, 'This Apsara was tired of dancing and is sitting near me with a daughter's spirit to relax.
The Saptarishis knew the false language of Brahmaji with their yogashakti and smiled and departed from there.  Mohini got very angry on hearing such a statement of Brahma.
Mohini said, I wanted you to fulfill my kama desires and you gave me daughter status.  There is great pride of being restrained on your mind, only then you have rejected my love.  If I truly love you, then you will not be worshiped in the world.

14.  Why did Mata Savitri curse Lord Brahmadev?

There is a legend behind this curse.  According to the Padma Purana, a demon named Vajranash kept a lot of trouble on this earth.  To save the earth from the demon Vajranash, Lord Brahmadev killed him.
But while slaughtering the lotus flower fell from Brahmadev's hands. The place where this flower fell is called Pushkar. Pushkar is located in Ajmer district of Rajasthan.
After this incident, Lord Brahmadev decided to perform a yagna at this place for the good of the world.  Brahmadev reached Pushkar at the appointed time to perform the yajna, but Brahmadev's wife Savitri could not reach on time.
The auspicious time of yajna was being spent and it was necessary for a wife to complete the yagna.  Then Brahmaji married a local girl and started the yagna. Meanwhile,  Savitri the wife of Brahmaji reached  Yagya and became angry to see that another woman was sitting in her place.  Due to anger, Mother Savitri cursed Brahmaji that there will be no temple in this world nor will anyone worship you.

15. Narada ji cursed Brahma.

In the work of creation of Brahma's creation, first of all, four Kumar appeared in the mind of Brahma, who seemed to be of five years of age and was adorabled by Brahmatej.
The first was the Sanak, the second Sanandan, the third Sanatan and the fourth Sanatkumar.  After this, from the mouth of Brahma, attractive male like the gold, was born as the seed of the Kshatriyas, Swayambhu Manu and his wife Shatrupa.
After the birth of sons, Brahma ji asked them to create the creation, but the son of Brahma went to austerity due to extremely spiritual soul.  This caused great anger to Jagatpati Brahma and the enraged Brahmadeva started burning in Brahmatej. After this, Brahma gave birth to the Saptrishris. Later, he gave birth to Narada from the throat. Brahma ordered all his sons to help the universe.

On this Narada ji said, "First of all, you call the own eldest sons  Sanak,Skandan, Santkuar etc. and get them married and after that you should ask us to do so. When our eldest brother is doing penance, why are you putting us in bondage with the world?  You have given some sons more penance than nectar and you are giving us even the odd enjoyment of poison.  Who fool left devotion of God, will focus on destructive subjects.
Brahma ji got filled with rage after listening to Narada.  His face turned red and all the organs started shivering.  Then very angry, Brahma cursed Narada and said, O Narada!  My curse will erase your knowledge. After this, you becoming dasiputra in the birth by vaishno devotion, after getting kindness from God, you will become my son again.  At that time, I will give you divine and ancient knowledge.  But this time you disappear from my eyes and go into the world .
Narada said ! Stop your anger, you are the master of ascetics. You are creator of universe.  Your anger has been unprovoked on me.  The scholar man should punish or abandon his misguided son.
But how can you curse your ascetic son as you are pandit ?  Why not be the son of Jagatsrishta, if he does not have devotion in the feet of Lord Shrihari, then he is more sinny man. You have cursed me without any offense. If I curse you, it will not be unfair.
Saying this, Narada Ji said - My curse will surely erase all your mantras including your kawach, stotra and worship in the whole world.  Until the three kalpas pass away, you will neglisible in the three worlds.
Your yajna part will stop at this time.  You will not be worshiped even during the fast. You  will only worship by the gods ,After three kalpas, you will also be worshiped by worshipers.
In this way, due to the curse of Narada, the worship source of Brahma was omitted and the worship of Brahma ie fast, yajna etc. were stopped.

16. Brahmaji cursed Kamdeva.

Once upon a time, Jagatpita Brahma was in his assembly that suddenly a very beautiful beauty was born from his heart.  Before the Jagatpita Brahma could understand anything, in this sequence, an incredibly beautiful young man appeared from his heart, with a bow in his hand and arrows loaded with flowers in the quiver.
This young man had amazing power with which he could generate feelings of love and kama with his arrows within any living being.
After origin, the young man asked his creator , Brahma, to give orders.  Impressed by his attraction, Jagatpita Brahma ordered the young man to cast all creatures in the love trap with the power of his arrows.  With this order, the Jagatpita also said that not all living beings, even the deities, cannot escape the attack of this arrow.
Due to this power, this young man was also later known as Kamdev and Manmad.  In order to show his power, Kamadev took out an arrow loaded with flowers from his quiver and suddenly drove him to the court of Jagatpita Brahma.  Due to the attack of this arrow, every male present in the assembly was fascinated at the beauty of Sundari born before Kamadeva and started looking at him.
When the interpretation of this humiliating scene reached Lord Shiva by Dharma, he himself appeared in the assembly of Jagatpita Brahma and severely reprimanded Jagatpita Brahma.
Jagatapita Brahma felt humiliated when he was reprimanded by Lord Shiva.  It was the agony of that humiliation that Jagatpita Brahma considered Kamadeva to be guilty for this whole incident and cursed him to be burned to ashes by Lord Shiva's third eye.  Kamadeva himself was surprised when such a curse was received by Jagatapita Brahma.
On this, Kamadeva prayed to Lord Shiva that he himself had fulfilled his duty by following the order of Jagatpita Brahma.  Though Kamadeva's statement had some merit, Jagatapita Brahma argued that his empowerment as Kamadeva was not meant to create scenes of sexuality or obscenity. Therefore, Kamadeva was required to work within the realm of discipline, restraint and humility.  However, Jagadpita Brahma said that Lord Shiva himself will come out with an accurate solution when the time comes.

17.  Lord Brahma cursed Mother Ganga.

In the Ikshvaku dynasty, there were many popular king.  Mahabhisha was one of them.  While obeying the people, Mahabhisha performed many Ashwamedha and Rajsuya Yajna and became eligible of heaven by receiving  the post of Rajarshi. Indra used to give him special respect.  Once, in Indra's heaven singing program was going on. Then Brahmaji entered heaven with some work. The deities and all the rajrishis including the Mahabhishas were present in the service with Brahmaji receiving and welcoming.  Then Goddess Gangaji also arrived there.  Along with Ganga, Pawan Dev was also present.  When Pawan Dev got up to bow down to Brahmaji, because of his flow, Ganga ji's clothes in white robes moved slightly from the body.
Her stole fell down.  Seeing this, all the gods and rajrishis lowered their eyes, but the great sage Mahabhisha kept staring at the beauty of Ganga.
 Ganga was also familiar with the popularity of Mahabhisha.  She also stared at him unnaturally.  They too did not notice that their clothes have become messy.
Brahmaji felt very sad due to this indecent behavior of Mahabhish.  Brahmaji said- Rajarshi Mahabhishh you are schloar, also a saintly soul, but right now you need to be a little more efficient.  You have not yet become worthy of the dignity of heaven. For today's rudeness, you will have to go to the earth again.  Renounce heaven and take birth as a human being and suffer the sufferings of death. Brahmaji was also furious over the behavior of Ganga.  He also cursed Ganga - you are a goddess, you also had to take care of dignity.  Due to this rudeness, you too have to conceive like mortals and have children.  Mourn on your child diffculties.
Mahabhish started apologizing.  Indra also requested Brahmaji to have mercy.  Brahmaji said - I will not be return cursed, but I will arrange for his path of salvation. Due to Goddess Ganga, Mahabhisha will do something unpleasant for you, which will hurt you a lot.  When you rage on the Goddess, then this curse will be liberated.
Accepting Brahmaji's curse, Mahabhishh begged him to make him son of Purvanshi King Pratipa in the earth.  Brahma accepted this wish.
 After meeting Brahma, Goddess Ganga started to return, and on the way she met the Vasus.  Brahmaputra Maharishi Vasistha had cursed the Vasus to take birth on the earth due to attempting to steal cow.

On the apology by Vasus, Vashistha had said that all the eight Vasus will take birth from Ganga's womb.  Ganga will cursefree seven with birth, but the eighth Vasu will not be easily released.
 Vasus pleaded with Gangaji that Vashishtha's curse is weakening his power, so that he should soon give birth from her womb and save them.
Ganga accepted  to give liberation as soon as they were born, in exchange of which the eight Vasus vowed to take birth as sons in her womb on the earth .
King Pratip was childless.  He started austerities at the entrance of the Ganges to get children.  He wanted Ganga to be born in his house.  Ganga appeared pleased with the tenacity.
 Ganga told the king that she could not come as a child.  Pratip told Ganga that if you are unable to appear as a child, then promise to become the wife of my future son.  It will also fulfill my wish.  Ganga accepted.
 Goddess Ganga told Pratipa the method of obtaining a son.  Pratip followed him and started doing intense penance.  Due to the effects of asceticism, he received a son.
Mahabhisha was born as Shantanu, Pratip's son, on the orders of Brahmaji.  Shantanu was stunning.  When Shantanu was young, Pratip handed him the kingdom and went himself to the forest for penance.
 Once Shantanu went hunting in the forest and, distraught with thirst, reached the Ganges.  On the banks of the river, he was fascinated when he saw a woman who looked like Lakshmi in beauty.
She was Ganga herself.  Shantanu proposed marriage to her.  While fulfilling the promise given to Prateik, Ganga said - I accept your marriage purposal but you have to promise that you will not object to any of my decisions.  Otherwise I will abandon you.
 Shantanu got married by promising Ganga and came to Shantanu's palace.  Eight sons of Shantanu from Ganga's womb, who were cursed Vasus, whom Ganga had promised to release.
Ganga threw seven sons into the river as soon as they were born.  Shantanu had promised that he would not object to any decision of Ganga, therefore, he could not speak anything.
 When Ganga started taking the eighth son to the river for shedding, Shantanu was furious with Ganga and prevented her from doing so.
 On hearing this, Ganga said to King Shantanu - Maharaj, you have broken your vow today.  According to my condition, I sacrifice you today.
In this way, Mahabhisha was freed from the curse of Brahma.  Ganga disappeared with her son.  Shantanu spent many years in brahmacharya .
 Then he expressed his desire to see his son from Ganga one day.  Ganga appeared with that child and said- This is your son Devavrata.  Take it along with  he being brave, he will also be a scholar.  In the war skill, it will be like Parashurama.
 Shantanu came to his palace with Devavrata.  Devavrata was the eighth Vasu whom Vasistha had not cursed.

18. Kashyap Rishi gave curse to Shiva:

It is said that man's present is based on his past deeds and future is based on present deeds.  But this applies not only to humans but also to Gods.  There are many such stories in our Puranas when due to some actions done by God in the past, they had to suffer in times to come.  One such story is related to Lord Shankar when he had to cut the head of his own son Ganesh due to the curse given to him by Kashyap rishi.
Goddess Parvati once created a child from the cosmetic rouge of her body due to an error in obeying by Nandi and put his life in it and said that you are my son.  You follow my orders and no one else.  Goddess Parvati also said that I am going for a bath.  Nobody should come in.  After a while Lord Shankar came there and started going to the room of Goddess Parvati.
Seeing this, the boy modestly tried to stop them.  Seeing the stubbornness of the child, Lord Shankar became angry and cut off the head of the child with his trident.  When Goddess Parvati saw this, she became very angry.  The fire of her anger created an outcry in the creation.  Then all the gods together praised her and asked Shiva to revive the child.
Then at the behest of Lord Shankar, Vishnu brought an elephant's head cut off and he put that head on the boy's torso and brought it to life.  Then Lord Shankar and other gods gave many blessings to that gajmukh child.  Gods gave him many names like Ganesha, Ganapati, Vinayaka, Vighnaharta, Pratham Pujya etc. and praised the child.  In this way Lord Ganesha was revealed.
According to Brahmavaivartpurana, once Narada ji asked Shri Narayana that Lord you are great schloar and know all Vedas.  I want to know from you that Lord Shankar is considered to be the one to remove all problems.  Why did he cut the forehead of his son Ganesha.
Hearing this, Srinarayan said that Narada is a matter of time.  Shankar strikes the trident in great anger at Surya who killed Mali and Sumali.  Surya was as stunning and powerful as Shiva.  So the Surya's consciousness was destroyed by the trident injury.  He immediately fell down from the chariot.
When Kashyapji saw that my son was in a dying state.  Then they began to mourn by bashing him by the chest.  At that time there was an outcry among all the gods.  All of them started crying loudly in fear.  Darkness engulfed the whole world.  Then the ascetic Kashyap ji, grandson of Brahma, cursed Shiva ji.  The same will be true for your son.  Your son's forehead will be cut off.
Hearing this, Bholenath's anger subsided.  He revived the Sun.  Surya stood in front of Kashyap ji.  When he came to know about the curse of Kashyap ji, he decided to sacrifice everyone.  Hearing this, Lord Brahma approached the Sun with the inspiration of the Gods and appointed him to his work. Brahma, Shiva and Kashyapa happily blessed the Sun and went to their respective areas.  Here Surya also mounted on his zodiac sign.  Mali and Sumali then became white leprosy, destroying their influence.  Then Brahma himself said to both of them - The power of both of you is over with the wrath of the sun.  Your body is damaged.  You worship the sun.  Both of them started worshiping Surya and became healthy again.

19. Mother Parvati cursed Samudradev.

Shiva Purana is considered very special in Hinduism.  At the same time it is described in the scriptures that according to mythological beliefs, when the seas were built by the sons of Maharaja Prithu, the seven seas were of liquids like sweet and milk.  But presently all the sea around the world are all saltwater.  After all, why the sea water is salty, there is a mythological story behind it. Let us know about this story ....
According to Shiva Purana once Goddess Mata Parvati was doing severe penance to get Shiva.  The intensity of her penance was so great that the throne of the gods sitting in the heavens began to shake.  This made the gods afraid.  When all the gods were trying to solve this problem, the sea god was fascinated by seeing the beauty of Goddess Parvati.
When Mata Parvati's penance was complete, Samudra Dev expressed own desire to marry her.  In this regard, he also proposed marriage to Maa Parvati.  Hearing this, Mother Parvati told Samudra Dev that she loves Kailashapati Lord Shiva and has considered her as her husband .  When Samudra Dev heard this, he got angry.  He started saying abuse to Lord Shiva.  He exclaimed in anger, "What is there in that devouring tribal who is not in me, I quench the thirst of all humans, my character is white like milk. O Parvati! Accept my marriage proposal."

Mata Parvati did not bear it when she saw Bholenath being despised in front of her.  She got angry with Samudra Dev.  She cursed the Samudra dev and said, due to sweet water you feel proud will these water become salty.  Due to salt water, people will not be able to receive your water.  The sea water became salty due to that curse of Maa Parvati.  There is also a legend that when the Samudramanthan was formed, the sea water became salty due to the effect of churning.

20. Maharishi Durvasa cursed Devi Ganga.

It is believed that one day rishi Durvasa reached Brahmaloka.  Ganga was also live there in many years ago.  Maharishi Durvasa started bathing there, when a strong gust of wind came and his clothes flew off.  Seeing all this, the young Ganga standing nearby could not stop her laughter and laughed out loud.  In a fit of anger, Durvasa cursed Ganga that she would spend her life as a river on earth and people would take bathe in it to purify themselves.

That's it for today ... Soon I will appear before you again with further stories of this series.

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Story of curses(PART-02)

Story of curses(PART-02)

In the previous post of the blog, all of you learned about the curse and read some stories related to the curse. I am presenting the second part of that series, moving forward. Hope that you all will like my efforts.  The link of the first part of the series will be given at the end of the article.

05. Shri Ganesh cursed Chandradev.

When it is dark after the sun sets, the moon starts dispersing its moonlight.  But do you know that the moon which provides coolness also has a curse.  The decreasing form of the moon is due to the same curse.
According to a legend, once Kuberji reached Mount Kailash with an invitation to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for food.  But knowing his nature, Shivji understood that he is calling him on food only to show off his wealth. So he gave a reason to be busy with his sadhana and refused to leave.  Parvati ji also did not want to go alone so she also refused. Kubera ji became unhappy considering his entire system is failure and started requesting Shiva again.  Then he kept his promise and said that you take Ganesha with you.  Ganesh will give you full opportunity to serve.

Ganesh ji was also pleased to hear the feast and went with Kubera ji.  Ganapati dined with great fervor and enjoyed delicious dishes.  Finally, sweets were introduced, which Ganesh ji ate.
After this, more sweets were brought, Ganesh ji ate that too but later he was hesitant. So he got up from the food, but after getting up, he started thinking that some sweets would be taken with him to Kailash.  I would enjoy those sweets with Shiva ganas. When he said this to Kuber Ji, Kuber Ji gave him a lot of sweets.  Ganesha also rode in his mushak with a lot of sweets on his lap.
It was night and the moonlight spread all around. Then on the way Ganesh ji's leg of the Mushak got tangled with the root of a tree and he fell along with Ganesh ji.  All the sweets of Ganesha were scattered there. He felt very sad, then thought no one saw it, so he started taking those sweets. Then the Chandradeva that was watching them from afar started laughing out loud.  Ganesha looked at the sky and the Chandradeva was laughing at him. Ganesh ji was very ashamed to see this, he was sad that all his sweets were spoiled on one side and the falling Chandradeva on the other side saw him. He started to get angry with Chandradev, he said, O shameless!  Instead of helping me, you are ridiculing me.  This is an insult not only to me but also to my father. You are very proud of this beautiful form, Now, I curse you, after this your beautiful form will become ugly.  After today your light will be gone and no one will see you.
Due to the effect of Ganesha curse, the Chandra light went off at that time and the darkness of the night was covered all over the world.  Chandradev panicked and and started apologizing for holding his feet. He said, "O God, forgive me, I inadvertently sat doing such an act."  If you do not withdraw their curse, then my existence will be of no importance, I will not be able to do the work assigned to God.  And this will also violate the law of creation, God, so forgive me.
Then Ganeshji also saw the situation and his anger subsided.  He said that Chandradev realized about his mistake, it's a good thing.  But you also know that the curse given cannot be returned.
Yes, it can be remedied, so according to the curse your light will be lost but only one day in the month, after that you will slowly get back your full light.  And because of the curse of losing beauty, you will not lose your form completely, but there will be some stains on your face that will remind you of your mistake. Due to this curse, the full moonlight of the moon falls on Amavasya and on the full moon, he gets his light fully.  And the spots over Chandradev are still visible today.  Thus even today the curse given by Ganesha is working.

 06.Parvati's curse on rishi Vishrava.

 According to mythology, once Goddess Parvati invited Vishnu and Lakshmi ji to come for food on Kailash.  Then Goddess Lakshmi asked Goddess Parvati that you have spent most of your life like a princess, how do you live in such cold winds.
Mother Parvati was greatly hurt by this question of mother Lakshmi.  A few days later, Mother Lakshmi invited Goddess Parvati to come to her Baikutham Dham.  After which the mother Parvati reached Baikunth Dham with Shiva.
Seeing the splendor and opulence of Baikuntha, Goddess Parvati asked Bholenath to build a very magnificent palace.  On this, Shiva tried to convince mother Parvati very much, but when mother Parvati did not listen, Shiv ji gave the task of building the palace to Vishwakarma ji.  Only after that he built a palace of gold.
When the palace was ready, Mother Parvati invited all the deities there.  Ravana's father Rishi Vishrava, who was a great scholar, was invited to worship the object of the palace.  But seeing the glare of the palace, the mind of sage Vishrava was shaken and he asked Bholenath to donate the palace itself.  Shiva donated them to the palace, not disappointing them. After this, Mother Parvati felt very sad and angry, she gave a curse to burn the palace that was donated to rishi Vishrava.  It is said that due to her curse, Hanuman ji had burnt the gold Lanka.

07.Why did Goddess Rati curse to Goddess Parvati?

 Goddess Rati cursed Mother Parvati that no child will ever be born from her womb.  There is a legend behind the curse which goes like this.
A terrible asura named Tarakasura had created a lot of terror and all Dev gan got upset with him.  He had a boon that he would be killed only by the son of Shiva and Parvati. So the gods sent Kamadeva and Rati to distract Mahadev Shiva.  Lord Shiva was distracted but he got angry due to which he opened his third eye and consumed Kamdev.
When Lord Shiva was in deep meditation for years, Kamadeva was tasked to awaken Lord Shiva and fill his heart with love for Goddess Parvati.  This was necessary so that after their marriage they both gave birth to a son who could kill the tyrannical Tarakasura. Although Kamdev was successful in breaking Lord Shiva's attention, he was burnt by the opening of Lord Shiva's third eye due to anger.  Goddess Rati, Kamadeva's wife, felt deeply sad and thought that Goddess Parvati was responsible for all the events.  So she cursed Goddess Parvati that she would never be able to conceive. Therefore, the combined energy of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva led to the birth of Lord Karthikeya who ended Tarakasura.

08. Curse of Parrot to Mother Sita: -

 Due to the curse of a pregnant parrot, maa Sita got removed  by sri Rama from the important time when she was pregnant.  Religion teaches man to walk in the path of truth.  In Sanatan Dharma, sin have been regarded as a virtue for hurting others. God also has to bear the penalty of his mistake.
Sita was the daughter of the King of Mithila.  One day, playing in the garden, Sita was seen  a pair of male and female parrots.  Both of them were talking among themselves. The couple were talking about that there will be a great king named Rama in the Bhoomandal who will have a very beautiful wife Sita.  Curiously, Sita could not stop herself and started listening to them. She loved hearing about her marriage.  In the same mood, she caught the couple of parrots engulfed in conversation.
Mother Sita wanted to hear more about her and Shriram from them.  So she asked the couple where they came to know about these things about Ram and her marriage.  The parrot said that he heard this from the mouth of Maharishi Valmiki while teaching the disciples in his ashram.
On this, Mother Sita said that I am the only daughter of Janak who you are talking about.  Your words are making me excited, so now I will leave you when I get married to Shri Ram.  The parrot pleaded and said, "O Goddess!"  We are birds that cannot find happiness at home. Our job is to move around in the sky.  Mother Sita freed the male parrot and said that it is okay for you to wander happily, but I will leave your wife when I get Ram. The male parrot again begged and said, "Sita, my wife is from the womb;  I will not be able to disconnect it. Sita still did not leave the female parrot.
Saddened by this, the female parrot cursed Sita as if you were taking me away from my husband in my pregnancy.  Similarly, you will also have to disconnection your Ram in your pregnancy.
As soon as this was said, the female parrot gave up her life.  After some time, the distressed male parrot too gave up his life.  After years, due to this curse, Mother Sita sent to the forest during her pregnancy by Sri Ram.

09. These four people are suffering the curse of Mother Sita even today.

 As such, the people of India must be well aware of every saga of Ramayana.  But today we are going to tell you about that story related to the Ramayana, about which you hardly know.
Yes, today we will tell you how these four people are suffering the curse of Mother Sita.  Actually when Ram, Sita and Lakshman ji went to exile, then their father i.e. King Dasaratha ji died .
Tell that King Dasaratha could not bear the sorrow of separation from his sons and he gave up his life.  At the  time when Rama and Laxman ji were informed of his death, he went to the forest to collect the necessary things to arrange the pinddaan.

However, Rama and Laxman ji were very late during this period.  Due to which Sita ji became very worried.  Tell that, seeing the situation, Sita ji gave self pinddaan. On the other hand, when Rama and Laxman ji returned, Sita ji told them that you were late.  Due to which she gave pinddaan to Dashrath ji. Along with this, Mata Sita told Pinddan's witness Pandit, cow, crow and the nearby Falgu river. However, when Ram ji asked about the confirmation of all these bodies, they refused. It tell that not only Ram ji but Sita ji was also very angry due to the false testimony of these four.  But Sita ji invoked the soul of King Dasharatha in front of Ram ji to prove her truth.
After which the soul of King Dasharatha himself appeared there and then Dasaratha himself told  in front of Ram ji .Sita ji had given him pinddaan.
After this, four people who lied in front of Ram ji got curse of Mother Sita. Sita ji told the pandit that no matter how much you beg, your poverty will not be reduced. After this she cursed the Falgu river that this river would dry up and told the crow that you will never be able to fill your stomach.  With this, she told the cow that people will worship you, but you will always have to  eat half eaten food .

 10.  Six curses led to the destruction of Ravana.

Ravana was a great mighty warrior, supreme scholar, great devotee, trikalidarshi, knowledgeer of ten directions and the ultimate scholar of the Vedas. He waged many wars in his life.  The power of Lord Rama was the reason for the end of Ravana.  At the same time, there was also the curse of those whom Ravana had ever offended.  Ravana was mainly cursed by 6 people during his lifetime. Ravana born in the Brahmin clan,  being a scholar, despite of he was very sensual, degenerate and demonic.  He was fully influenced by his mother and maternal grandfather. He received many curses due to his evil tendencies which were resulted in him in the war with Lord Shri Ram.

Ravana got many such curses in his life which would later lead to his death, but 6 curses are specially mentioned.

01. In Ikshvaku clan, one of the ancestors of Shri Ram was Anarnya.  At that time Ravana was young and set out on a mission of world conquest.  At the same time, he faced to Anarnya.  Anarnya tried very hard to stop Ravana but was ultimately defeated by Ravana. Ravana killed him, but while dying, he cursed Ravana that a person born in his lineage would kill him.  His curse came true and later Ram killed Ravana.
02. Once Ravana went to Kailash to meet Mahadev.  At that time Mahadev was absorbed in samadhi, hence Nandi stopped Ravana from going further.  Seeing Nandi, he laughed at his appearance and called him as a monkey.
Then Nandi cursed Ravana that because of the monkeys, you will have an apocalypse.  Later, the monkey army of Sugriva assisted Rama which led to the destruction of Ravana.
03. The Emperor of Vyjayanthpur demon king Shambhar was the husband of the Maya. Maya was the daughter of the May daanav and Ravana's wife Mandodari's elder sister.  Once Ravana went to Vaijayantpur Daityaraja Shambhar. There he became fascinated by the form of Maya and Maya too became fascinated with the form of Ravana and a relationship was formed between the two.  When Shambhar got information about this, he took Ravana captive. At the same time, Shambhar was attacked by King Dasharatha and Shambhar died in that battle.  When Maya started becoming Sati, Ravana wanted to stop her, but Maya cursed her that you lusted attempt to break my satitva so my husband died.  Therefore, you too will be killed due to the woman's lust.

04. Once while touring, Ravana had seen a woman named Vedavati who was meditating to get Lord Vishnu as her husband.  Ravana pleaded with herfor love but Vedavati openly refused.
At this Ravana grabbed her hair and dragged her to take it with him.  At that moment, that ascetic gave up her body at that moment and cursed Ravana that you will die due to a woman.  It is said that Vedavati was born as Sita in the next life, due to which Ravana was killed.
05. Ravana attacked Indra and reached Swargalok.  There he saw Rambha who is an apsara(nymph) of swargloka. To fulfill his lust, Ravana catches her. Then the apsara said that you do not touch me in this way because I am reserved for your elder brother Kubera's son Nalakuber, so I am like your daughter-in-law but did not consider Ravana and mistreated Rambha. When Nalkuber came to know about this, he cursed Ravana that after today, Ravana will touch her without any woman's desire, then Ravana's head will be divided into hundred pieces.  This was the reason that even after kidnapping Sita, Ravana did not touch her.
06. Ravana's sister Surpanakha got married to a demon Vidyutjivah against Ravana's will.  He was the emperor of the Kalakeya demons.  When Ravana came out on World War, he had a war with Kalakeya and in that war Ravana killed the Vidyutjivah. When Surpanakha was sati with him, Ravana stopped her and brought her to Lanka by force.  Later, he understood and persuade and give  the kingdom of Dandakaranya with Khar-Dushan.  Then Shurpanakha cursed Ravana in his heart that because of me you will be the destroy .  It is said that Surpanakha deliberately got involved with Rama-Lakshmana in Dandakaranya so that Ravana could be destroyed.

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Story of curses(PART-05)

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