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Friday, July 24, 2020

The story of Ravana's previous birth

The story of Ravana's previous birth

Hello friends

            Do you know what was Ravana in previous birth,what was before born in Rakshasha yoni, for what reason he had to be born in Rakshasha yoni, Ravana used to stay in Vaikunth Dham before he was born in Rakshasha Yoni, but due to a mistake he got curse, due to which he had to be born three times in the monster form, let us know a little about this story…?

       Friends, Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan and Sanatkumar mean Sunkadi Muni who was incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is always five years old. And always wandering in the universe, doing Haribhajan, one day the all fours devotee were wandering in the universe that they got the desire to see Shri Hari Vishnu. And all the four Sunkadi munis started towards Vaikunthadham, when the four Kumar reached Vaikunthadham, they were surprised to see the beauty of there .
When Sunkadi Muni crossed the sixth door and as soon as he reached the seventh door and started going in, two gatekeepers named Jai and Vijay stopped them. Saying that this is not a place for children to roam, you all go anywhere , now as you all know that the age of sunkadi muni is always five years, neither decreases nor increases. Therefore,all the four kumaras explained a lot, but when the doorkeepers did not agree, those four kumaras got very angry because the reality of someone cannot be known by his age or disguise.
Therefore, those four kumaras told Jai and Vijay that even though you are the gatekeeper of Vaikuntha Dham, your nature is like a snake, which only poison spill out, so you are not fit to live in Vaikuntha Dham . Therefore you will fall from Vaikhuntha, although the four Kumar were schloar, but their anger was only the will and coincidence of God. Now seeing the trouble faced by his gatekeepers, Shri Hari Vishnu ji immediately reached there and, pacifying the four kumaras, said that Munivar, on behalf of these gatekeepers, I apologize to you .
And said to Jai and Vijay that you have received this curse from my will, O gatekeepers this is your test, for the next three lives you will both be born in demons, and every time I will come and liberate both of you.
Due to this curse, Jai and Vijay took the first birth as Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu, then Lord Vishnu killed Hiranyaksha in Varahupa and killed Hiranyakashipu with the incarnation of Narasimha. And the second birth took the form of Ravana and Kumbhakaran, then Shri Hari Vishnu incarnated as Purushottam Shri Rama to kill them and grant them liberation . And born as both Shishupala and Dantavakra in the third and final birth, then the Vishnu ji incranated as Liladhar Krishna and give moksha both of them.

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Friday, July 10, 2020

Why do crows have a black color .

Why do crows have a black color .

Hello friends

                    Have you ever wondered why crows are black in color?  According to religious beliefs and legends, the color of the crow was white at first but due to the curse, it became black.  Because according to Hinduism black color is considered inauspicious. 

Therefore, the crow is also considered a symbol of inauspicious, according to popular folk tales: - In ancient times there was a great sage.  Who once sent a crow to search for the nectar and also warned that he would only find it and not to drink.  Then the color of crows was white.
That crow started wandering in the forest mountain, river, drain in search of nectar everywhere, from this end of the earth to that end, after a long gap he finally found the nectar but when the crow reached near the nectar and saw the nectar, his intelligence was corrupted .  He got a thought in his mind that if I should ownself drink nectar and will become immortal, so he drank the nectar, but when the sage thought about it and remembered his words, he was very sorry.  But now he had drunk nectar .    So the repenting crow returned to Maharishi.  When the crow reached the sage.  So Maharishi asked the what crow brother got amrit or came back in the same way.  Ashamed crow said that O Munivar Amrit had got it, but seeing it, my intellect got corrupted.  And I drank it myself, listening to it, the sage was filled with anger and said that even after stopping me, you drank the nectar. You have disobeyed me.  Has violated my command.  You will surely get its punishment.
I curse you that your color will turn black.  Although you have drunk the nectar.  Therefore you will not have any disease nor will you get old, so you will always receive premature death and the whole world will condemn you, only for 14 days of Shraddha, you will be respected and for the rest of the days you will only get reproach.  Therefore, for 14 days of Shraddha, crows are treated as Pitra form(ancestral) and are fed .

Although I do not think that there is any truth in this story, but it is prevalent in public stories, people believe, so I have written it, what do you think, please tell me in the comments, thank you .

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Story of curses(PART-10)

Story of curses(PART-10)

Hello friends, I am with you once again with the stories of the curse series. Today's article is very good, you will all like it very much.  I feel very happy to present the last part of the stories of the curse series. I request all of you not to think that I will not write stories related to the curses. Many stories related to curses are yet to be written.  Whenever I get such time, I will be present with stories for you again. For now, I will now tell the glory of fasting stories in front of people. Therefore, you should wait for my new article.  And in the end, all of you are requested to share my article on social media if you like my article.

69. Saptrishis cursed to king Nahusha.

By killing Vritrasura, Indra incurred the sin of brahmacharya.  To avoid this sin, Indra was going to do penance.  Now Indrasana cannot be kept empty, so search for such a worthy king who can see the work of heaven for some days in the absence of Indra.

Nahusha was a very majestic king on earth.  In front of Nahusha, all the Gods proposed to take charge of heaven.  Nahusha confesses to Indra by saying that it is difficult to escape the sovereignty of heaven.  On the plea of ​​the deities again, king Nahusha accepted this proposal in the interest of world's welfare .
Indra went to penance by giving King Nahusha the throne of heaven. Nahush started seeing the rule. There was also the throne of Indrani, next to the throne of Indra. Indrani's seat was empty in Indra's absence.  Nahusha, who became temporary Indra, asked the ministers to make Indrani sit on Indra's throne.
On this, the ministers said that this is possible only when you get married to Indrani ("Shachi") and she becomes your ardhangani(wife).  Nahusha sent marriage proposal to Shachi.  Indrani was very worried about this proposal and she went to consult Devguru Brihaspati in this matter.
It did not take long for Guru Brihaspati to understand that the ego-born arrogance has arisen in Nahusha. More important than the eradication of this ego was to strive for Sati Shachi's chastity.
Devguru advised Indrani to speak to temporary Indra Nahusha, if he comes in a sedan attached to the Saptarishis, then I will married him.
Hearing such a message from Shachi, Nahusha soon summoned the shaptrishis to the meeting and ordered that you carry my palanquin and take it to Indrani. King Nahusha was Indra at that time and it would have been treason to not listen to Indra, so the sages accepted it as the king's order.
The sedan was placed on the shoulders of the sages and Nahush walked towards Indrani's palace. Nahusha have to reached near Indrani with a certain time, then only Nahusha would be able to prove his will.  But the sages did not have the habit of doing physical labor, so they were tired and again and again putting the sedan off the shoulder and putting it down.
The sage was enraged by this behavior of the king and he cursed the king.  Due to the curse of the sages, Nahusha fell on the earth as a giant python . During the Mahabharata period, he had a question-and-answer conversation with Yudhishthira and was freed for curse.
When the Pandavas were wandering in exile.  Then Bhima found a python in the forest.  This python caught Bhima.  Bhima, who is considered very powerful, had the same force as 10,000 elephants.  He never lost in front of anyone.  But that python grabbed Bhima tightly and Bhima fainted.
 During this time, Yudhishthira reached there searching for Bhima and asked the dragon if you are a god because no ordinary creature can catch Bhima in the way that you have caught.
That python said to Yudhishthira that I am your ancestor.  My name is Nahush.  I have done many yajanas because of which I became so powerful and I was made the Indra of heaven.  This made me ego and I raised my palanquin from the Saptarishis and I have insulted Agastya Rishi too, due to which he cursed me to become a python . When I realized my mistake, I apologized to him.
At that time, Agastya Rishi said that when a person comes and answers your questions correctly then you will be free from this curse.  Agastya also gave him a boon that when you are a python , then if you find someone stronger than you, then his power will decrease in front of you and you will be able to make it own food.  Even though Bhima is my descendant but due to animal nature I cannot leave it because it is my diet.
On this Yudhishthira said that please leave my brother and I am ready to answer your questions.
Yudhishthira answered all the questions of King Nahusha. Hearing Yudhishthira's religious talk, Nahusha, who became a python , was very satisfied.  After this he left Bhima and he too got freedom from his curse.

Story lessons

 Everyone deserves the opportunity to show their talent one day or the other.  But on those occasions people make mistakes and lose everything.  To boast about anything is the biggest mistake . Therefore, we should avoid wealth and sovereignty ("ego").

70. Rishi Matang cursed to vaanarraj Bali.

Vanararaj Bali and Sugriva are discussed in the Ramayana.  These two brothers were very affectionate, but due to a misunderstanding, both of them became known enemies of each other.  Due to this enmity, Sugriva had to hide on a mountain where Bali could not go.  A very special reason for not going to Bali on this mountain was his own strength and might.  Let's know how Bali's strength became his weakness.
Bali had helped the gods with his force at the time of the churning of the ocean.  He was married to Apsara Tara as a prize.  Bali also defeated Ravana with his force.  Once the demon named Dundubhi started to challenge Bali for war. A war broke out between the two. Bali killed Dundubhi and in anger picked up his body and threw it several kilometers away from the sky.  A few drops of blood from Dundubhi's body, flying in the air, fell into the ashram of Mathang Rishi.  Seeing the drops of blood, the sage became very angry.
The sage Mathang knew from his tapobal(penance's power)who and why he had done this work.  Bali had slaughtered the demon as he fought for war, so there was no harm in killing him, but it was a sin to insult one's dead body by force and desecrate the ascetic's ashram.  Outraged by Bali's behavior, the sage Matang cursed Bali that he would die if he came within a distance of his ashram.
Mathang Rishi's ashram was located near Rishyamuk mountain.  It is believed that the mountain located in southern India, at a distance from the Virupaksha temple of the ancient Vijayanagara empire, was called Rishyamuk in that period and this is the Rishyamuk mountain of Ramayana period. Sugriva had knowledge of this incident and Bali also knew that he was cursed by sage Mathang.
Therefore, he did not go towards Rishimuk mountain even by mistake.  When Bali expelled Sugriva from the kingdom and wanted to kill him, Sugriva along with his associates fled to the cave on Mount Rishimuk.  This cave came to be called Sugriva Cave.  Lord Rama and Sugriva met in this cave. At this place Sugriva lived with his advisors, who always stood by him as his supporters.  Mahabali Hanumanji was also included in these.  Even today a temple is built on this mountain near the cave, where the idol of Sun God and Sugriva is installed.  Later Sri Ram slaughtered Bali, making Sugriva king of Kishkindha.

71. Shridama cursed to Radharani.

It is said that the love of Radha and Krishna is immortal for centuries and for centuries.  There love is so deep that Radha's name always comes before Krishna.  Despite having sixteen thousand queens of Sri Krishna, only Radharani's name is taken with Krishna.  Despite such love, Radha and Krishna could never meet.  Do you know the reason behind this?

Today we tell you that due to which Radha and Shri Krishna could not get married in spite of their unwavering love and bondage.  Actually, the reason behind this was a curse received to Radha.  Yes, according to the legend mentioned in the Brahmavaveart Purana, she could never get her love due to the curse that Radha ji received.
 According to Brahmavaveart Purana, Radha, beloved of Sri Krishna, used to live with him in Golok. Once in the absence of Radha, Shri Krishna was staying with his wife Virja.   When Radha Rani see Shreekrishna engage with another woman,  and Radha Rani did could not control own anger and misbehave with Sri Krishna.  Distracted by Radha's wrath, Virja took the form of a river and drifted from there.
Sri Krishna's friend and servant  Shridama present there at that time did not find it right to Radharani 's words as and he insulted Radha Rani very much in anger.  Sridama could not hear bitter words from Radha's mouth for his Lord Krishna and in anger, he also committed this sin.
Radha became even more angry with Sridama's behavior and she cursed Sridama that he would be born in the demon clan in the next life.  Then in response to this, Sridama cursed Radha to be born on earth as a human. At the same time, Sridama cursed Radha that in human form she will always yearn to receive her life dear Sri Krishna.  Due to this curse in the next birth, Sridama became a demon named Shankhchud.  Due to the  Shridama's curse, Radha Rani had to be born as the daughter of Vrisbhanu and Kirti.
Shortly after taking birth on earth, the curse found in pre-birth started to have an effect on the life of Radha Rani. After finishing Rasleela, Sri Krishna had to go from Vrindavan to battle Kansa and it was from here that Radha and Shrikrishna's separation began. After Sri Krishna's departure, Radha is married to a Vaishya Rayana and she is overcome by Shri Krishna's love forever.  It is said about Radha that she returned to Vaikunth by setting her shadow near her husband Rayan.
So in this way Radha and Shri Krishna could not meet due to the curse of Sridama but their love is still immortal.

72. Bali's wife cursed to Shreeram.

One of the mythological stories related to Lord Rama is associated with the slaughter of Bali by him.  According to this legend, Ram ji was cursed by Apsara for killing Bali and due to this curse Sita Maa went away from Ram ji's life. According to the mythology associated with the legend of Bali and Shri Ram ji, Bali was the son of Indra and he was very strong.  Bali also had a brother named Sugriva.
There was considerable heartly's distance between Sugriva and Bali and it is said that Bali had taken away his brother's kingdom and his wife from him. Due to which Sugriva wanted to take revenge on his brother and wanted to regain his kingdom. Sugriva met him at the time of Ram ji's exile. While meeting Ram ji, Sugriva told him about his brother and asked Ram ji for help to regain his kingdom.  Ram Ji also agreed to help Sugriva.  While telling Ram ji about his brother, Sugriva said that his brother is very strong and half of the power of the person who fights his brother goes to him. Because of which it is difficult to defeat my brother.  After listening to Sugriva, Ram ji decided not to go in front of Bali and at the time when there was a war between Bali and Sugriva, Ram ji killed Bali by shooting arrows from behind the tree.
After hearing the news of Bali's death, his wife felt very sad and Tara became angry when she came to know how her husband was killed.  Not only this, Tara, who was the nymph, cursed Ram ji.  While cursing Ram ji, Tara said that Ram will lose his wife once again.
Also, in the next life, Ram ji will die at the hands of her husband.  Tara's curse became true and Ram Ji lost Sita again after freeing Sita from Ravana's captivity. At the same time, in the next life, Ram ji took the incarnation of Shri Krishna and he was killed by the incarnation of Bali i.e. Bhil Zara and in this way the curse given to Rama by Tara came true.  Let us tell you that Lord Rama was the seventh incarnation of Vishnu and Lord Shri Krishna was the eighth incarnation of Vishnu.

73. Shreeganesha and Tulsi cursed to each other.

According to Hindu beliefs, Lord Ganesha is worshiped before any auspicious work.  This tradition has been going on since long.  Everyone knows how Lord Ganesha was born and how the head of elephant was added in place of his forehead.  But today we are telling you about such a different legend when Lord Ganesha cursed the tulsi to be a tree in anger.

According to the legend, Ganesha was doing penance.  Meanwhile, Tulsi is the daughter of Dharmatmaj, departed on a pilgrimage with a desire to marry.  Tulsi reached the banks of the Ganges while touring.  She saw Ganesha busy in penance and was fascinated by them. Tulsi distracts him from the desire to marry. Seeing the intention of Tulsi, Ganesh Ji said that it is inauspicious to break the tenacity and after declaring himself to be a brahmachari, turned down the proposal of marriage of Tulsi.  It is said that Tulsi was very sad due to Ganesha's refusal and in a fit of anger she cursed Ganesha for two marriages.
On the other hand, Ganesh ji cursed Tulsi that she would be married to a demon.  Also, Lord Ganesha cursed Tulsi to be a tree.  Hearing the curse of being the wife of a demon, Tulsi apologized to Ganesha. Then Shri Ganesh Ji said that you will be married to a demon named Shankhchud.
But then you will be give blessed with life and salvation for the world in Kaliyuga, besides being dear by Lord Vishnu and Shri Krishna.  But offering basil in my worship will not be considered auspicious.  It is said that since then Tulsi is not used in the worship of Lord Ganesha.

74. Shravan kumar's parent cursed to king Dashratha.

 Whenever there is a matter of maternal-paternal devotion, first of all remember the name of Shravan Kumar. The name of Shravan Kumar will remain immortal for motherhood and patriotism in history.  The story of Shravan Kumar dates back to the time when Maharaja Dasharatha use to ruled over Ayodhya.
Shravan's parents were blind.  Shravan loves his parents very much.  Her mother had raised Shravan after suffering a lot.  As Shravan grew older, he would get more and more help in his parents' work.
Waking up in the morning, Shravan would fill the river with water for the parents.  Used to bring wood from the forest.  The stove cooks the food.  Mother refuses him- 'Son Shravan, why do you work so hard for us?  I can cook food.  You will get tired after doing so much work. '  'No mother, I do not get tired of doing the work of you and father.  I enjoy it. You can't see.  While making bread, your hands will burn. '
'Oh God!  Every parent should have a son like our Shravana.  How much does he take care of us?  Parents do not get tired of blessing Shravan.  Shravan's parents worshiped God daily.  Shravan brings flowers for his worship, sets a pedestal for sitting.  Shravan also worshiped with parents.  Shravan grew up serving his parents.  After completing household chores, Shravan goes out to work.  Now his parents do not have to work.
One day Shravan's parents said- 'Son, you have fulfilled all our wishes.  Now one wish remains. '  'Which wish mother?  What does father want?  You give permission  I will fulfill your wish while I am alive. '
' Son our age is over, now we want to go on pilgrimage to the service of God .  May we find peace at the feet of God. '  Shravan got into thinking.  In those days there were no buses or trains like today.  Those people could not even walk much.  While thinking of how to fulfill the wishes of the parents, Shravan figured out a solution.
Shravan took two big baskets.  They were tied with rope at both ends of a strong stick.  In this way a big kanwar was formed.  Then he lifted the parents and placed them in a basket each.  Hearing parents hanged on sticks at shoulder and started going on pilgrimage.
Shravan takes them one by one to many pilgrimage places.  They went, Kashi, Prayag went everywhere.  The parents could not see, so Shravan would tell them all the things about the shrine.  The parents were very happy.  One day the mother said- 'Son Shravan, you have become eyes for the blind.  Hearing about the pilgrimage from your mouth, we feel that we have seen God with our eyes. '
'Yes son, having a son like you, our life is blessed.  You get tired of carrying us, but you never say anything. The father also blessed Shravan.  'Don't say father, parents are never a burden on children.  This is my duty.  You don't worry about me. '
Oneday in afternoon Shravan and his parents use to rested in a forest near Ayodhya.  Mother felt thirsty.  He told Shravan- son, will there be water around here? I am feeling thirsty due to sunshine.  Yes, mother. A nearby river is flowing.  I bring water. '  Shravan went to fetch water with a kamandal.

King Dasaratha of Ayodhya was fond of hunting.  He too came to hunt in the forest.  Shravan dipped the kamandal in water to fill the water.  Hearing the sound of filling water in the vessel, King Dasharatha felt that an animal has come to drink water.  King Dasaratha could hear the unmistakable target by hearing the voice.
He shot arrows based on the voice.  The arrow went straight into Shravan's chest.  'Ah' came out of Shravan's mouth.
 When the king reached to near Shravan, he realized his mistake.  Unknowingly, he committed such a big crime.  He apologizes to Shravan.  'Excuse me, brother.  Unknowingly committed a crime.  What can I do for you?
'Rajan, my parents are thirsty in the forest.  You take water and quench their thirst.  Will not tell them anything about me.  This is my request.  Shravana gave up his life while saying this sentence .
 King Dasaratha, with a sad heart, went to  near Shravan's parents with water.  Shravan's parents knew the sound of his son's feet well.  They were shocked to hear the sound of the king's feet.
'Who is it?  Where is our son Shravan? '  Without answering, the king put forward a water-filled kamandala, wanted to feed them water, but Shravan's mother shouted - 'Why don't you speak, tell me where is our son?'  'Mother, inadvertently, my arrow hit the chest of Shravan.  He has sent me to give you water.  Please forgive me. '  The king was strangled.
'Oh!Shravan, alas! my son', the mother shouted.  Taking the name of the son with crying, both of them gave up their lives. They did not even touch the water.  Thirsty, they took off from this world.
It is said that King Dasaratha snatched his son from the old parents.  That is why King Dasharatha also had to endure a son's separation Ramchandraji went to exile for fourteen years.  King Dasaratha could not bear this disconnection.  That is why he gave up his life.  Never been a maternal & paternal devotee like Shravan Kumar.  The sons who serve the parents with true heart are called as Shravan Kumar.

75. Durvasha rishi cursed to Shakuntala.

Once King Dushyant of Hastinapur went to play hunting in the forest, which was the ashram of Kanva rishi in the forest to hunt.  The king reached his ashram to meet the sage, and after reaching there he called the sage, then a beautiful girl came out of the ashram and said, "Rajan Maharishi has gone on pilgrimage but you are welcome in our ashram."  Seeing the girl, Maharaja Dushyant asked, "Devi!  Who are you?"  The girl said, "My name is Shakuntala and I am the daughter of Kanva Rishi."  Hearing that girl, Dushyant Maharaj was surprised and said, "Maharishi is a born Brahmachari, then how are you his daughter?"
In response to his question, Shakuntala said, "Actually my parents are Menaka and Vishwamitra.  My mother left me in the forest when I was born, where a bird named Shakunta protected me.  That is why my name was Shakuntala. After that the eye of Kanva rishi fell upon me and he brought me to his ashram.  He was the one who fed me.  One who gives  birth, one who gives nourishment and one who gives food - all three are called fathers.  Thus Kanva rishi became my father. "
Hearing Shakuntala's words, Maharaj Dushyant said, "Shakuntale!  You are a Kshatriya girl.  Seeing your beauty, I have given my heart to you.  If you have no objection, then I want to marry you. "  Shakuntala was also fascinated with Maharaja Dushyant, so he gave his approval.
Both got married to each other .  Maharaja Dushyant spent some time in the forest, while staying with Shakuntala.  Then one day he said to Shakuntala, "Dear!  Now I have to go Hastinapur to see my kingdom. When maharishi Kanva returns from his pilgrimage, I will take you away from here and take you to my palace. "  Saying so, the king gave Shakuntala his gold ring as a token of his love and went to Hastinapur.
One day Durvasa Rishi came to his ashram. Shakuntala did not even know of his arrival due to being absorbed in memory of Maharaja Dushyant and did not welcome Durvasa rishi properly.
Durvasa Rishi considered it own insult and in anger said, " O girl!  I curse you that someone you have humiliated me by forgetting will forget you. "
Hearing the curse of Durvasa Rishi, Shakuntala's attention was broken and she fell at his feet and started praying for forgiveness.  Surprised by Shakuntala's pardon prayer, Durvasa Rishi said, "Well, if you have any of his love signs, then he will remember you by seeing that sign."
Shakuntala became pregnant due to Maharaj Dushyant's cohabitation.  After some time Kanva rishi returned from pilgrimage, then Shakuntala told him about her marriage with Maharaj Dushyant. Maharishi Kanva said, "Daughter!"  It is not appropriate for a married girl to stay in the father's house.  Now your husband's house is your home. " After saying this, Maharishi sent Shakuntala with his disciples to Hastinapur. While worshiping in a lake on the way, the ring of Shakuntala given by King Dushyant, which was a love sign, fell in the lake itself.  A fish swallowed that ring. Upon reaching King Dushyant, the disciples of Kanva rishi stood Shakuntala in front of him and said, "Maharaj!  Shakuntala is your wife, you accept it. "  Maharaja had forgotten Shakuntala due to the curse of Durvasa rishi. Therefore, he did not accept Shakuntala and started misbehave with her.  As soon as Shakuntala was insulted, lightning flashed in the sky and her mother Menka took her away in front of everyone.
The fish, which swallowed Shakuntala's ring, got caught in a fisherman's net one day.  When the fisherman cut him, a ring came out of his stomach.  The fisherman sent the ring to Maharaja Dushyant as an offering.  On seeing the ring, Maharaj remembered Shakuntala and repented of his act.  Maharaj searched Shakuntala very much but did not find her.
After a few days, after receiving the invitation of Devraj Indra, Maharaj Dushyant went to Indra's city Amravati to help him in the Devasur struggle.  After conquering the war, when he was returning to Hastinapur by sky route, he saw the ashram of rishi Kashyapa on the way. He stayed there for their visions.  In the ashram, a handsome boy was playing with a fierce lion.  Maneka had left Shakuntala in the sage Kashyapa's ashram and that child was the son of Shakuntala.  On seeing that child, a feeling of love rose in the heart of Maharaj. When he proceeded to lift his in the lap, Shakuntala's friend shouted, "O gentle man!  You should not touch this child, otherwise a black thread tied in his arm will bite you. "  Dushyant could not stop himself even after hearing this and lifted the child in his lap. Now Shakuntala's friend saw with surprise that the black thread tied in the child's arm has fallen on the earth.  Sakhi knew that whenever his father would take the child in his lap, that black thread would fall to the earth.  Friend was happy and narrated the entire story to Shakuntala. Shakuntala came to  near Dushyant.  Maharaj recognized Shakuntala.  He prayed forgiveness to Shakuntala for his act and took the permission of Rishi Kashyapa and brought her along with his son to Hastinapur.

The name of Maharaja Dushyant and Shakuntala's son was Bharata.  Later Bharata became the great emperor and our country was named Bharatvarsha after him.


This entire series highlights the importance of men with high intelligence and spiritual merit by Sanatan Dharma, and it is reported that whatever they predict becomes reality even if it is connected to the Supreme God.
 The concept of 'curse' has been a precursor to important events in the history of Sanatan Dharma.  It also explains the supreme importance given to 'Karma' in Sanatan Dharma, and even the Almighty God cannot escape its effects.  The sage who curses on a simple thing, he himself cannot be saved by impulsive behavior.  He then realizes his mistakes and after that he suggests some remedies or austerities to prevent them.
The effect and duration of a curse depended on the level of spiritual ability of the person giving the curse, and it was the only qualification that helped curse take real shape in that person's life.  The power of curse often came only upon attaining spiritual merit, which was in fact the basis of its power.

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Story of curses(PART-09)

Story of curses(PART-09)

Welcome friends .... I hope you all like the stories of the curse series. Taking forward the stories of the curse series, the next part is presented to you. Like the previous part, this part too will be liked by you. At the end of this ninth part, all of you will get a link to the eighth part. If you like, do share my article on social media.

62. Lord Shiva cursed to maa Parvati.

Lord Shiva was explaining about the Vedas to his wife Goddess Parvati in detail on Mount Kailash one day.  Explanations and discussions went on for many years.  One day Parvati lost her concentration. As a result, Lord Shiva became angry and in anger, he said, "Go to earth and take birth as a fisherman".  Goddess Parvati disappeared as soon as the words came out of Lord Shiva's mouth.  Later Lord Shiva said, Oh!  What did i do?  Lord Shiva shouted in despair that I could not live without my beloved wife.

Lord Shiva started to remain unhappy for days.  His devotee Nandi was unable to see his guru unhappily.  He thought, My Lord will be happy only when his love comes back to Mount Kailash.
Meanwhile, Goddess Parvati took the form of a baby girl on earth.  The head of the fisherman community saw the girl under the tree.  Took the girl home and brought her the name of Parvati as her daughter.  Years passed and soon Parvati became a beautiful young girl.  She used to help her father catch fish. On the other side of Mount Kailash, Lord Shiva was still distraught for his wife.  Nandi went to him and said, "O Lord, why don't you call mother here"?  "I cannot do that, Nandi. According to his birth she is destined to marry a fisherman", Lord Shiva said with a sad heart.
Nandi said to himself, "Oh, is that so, I have to do something about it".  The next day Nandi took the form of a big fish.  He went to the part of the sea where fishermen used to come fishing.  He started harassing the fishermen. The fishermans went to the chief fisherman with his complaint.  He told them that "we can no longer catch fish in the sea, because a big fish overturns our boats and ruins the nets".
Hearing the complaints of the fishermens, the chief fisherman announced, "Whoever catches that fish will be allowed to marry my daughter Parvati".  Many young fishermen tried one by one but none could catch the fish. Then the chief fisherman prayed to Lord Shiva, "Oh God, please help us get rid of this big fish".  Goddess Parvati also prayed.  "God, please come to help us".  Lord Shiva heard the prayers of Parvati.  He took the form of a young and beautiful fisherman.  He went to the chief fisherman and said, "I have come here to help you.
I will catch that fish and then marry your daughter Parvati ". When the young and beautiful fisherman (Lord Shiva) went to sea to catch the fish, Nandi was very happy. Nandi was in the form of a fish at that time.  The young fisherman caught the fish.
Then the chief fisherman married his daughter Parvati to the young fisherman.  Thus Lord Shiva once again regained Goddess Parvati as his beloved wife.

63.  Lord Vishnu cursed to mother Lakshmi.

The pair of Lord Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi is considered to be the most beautiful pair, that is why most of their pictures are taken together, both Lord Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi contribute to movement the world, where Lord Vishnu preserve the world.  Maa Lakshmi brings prosperity to this world, but there was a time when Maa Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu had to separate.  The story of curses is behind this.  Today I will tell two stories in this context.

(a). 1st story.

According to ancient stories, once Lord Vishnu made up a plan to roam the earth, but when Goddess Lakshmi came to know about this, she also insisted to walk with him, for which Vishnu refused but she did not listen and Vishnu ji was forced to take them along, Vishnu ji agreed to take Goddess Lakshmi with him, but he placed a condition in front of Goddess Lakshmi, he said that you will not see any other direction nor will touch anything without asking, Mother Lakshmi immediately heard and said yes to.
When both Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi reached the earth, the weather of the earth was very beautiful because it had rained a day before and sunrise was also happening, seeing such beautiful view, Goddess Lakshmi was mesmerized and did not care.  When she has come in the north direction and she forgot her promise to Lord Vishnu, due to which she plucked flowers from a garden, but when she broke the flower and came back to Vishnu, there were tears in the eyes of Vishnu, when Mata Lakshmi asked her the reason, then he said that you should not touch anyone's thing without asking it.  She remembered very sad and then Vishnu ji said that you will surely get the punishment of mistake, he cursed Mother that in the garden from where she has plucked flowers . That gardener's home you will be live as maid then you will be able to enter the Baikuntha.
After this, Mother Lakshmi took the form of a poor woman and went to  near the gardener's house to ask for shelter and told the gardener that she had no one to help them. The gardener was a kind person, took pity on mother Lakshmi and took them into his house as own daughter and from the very next day everything started getting better with the gardener and all his flowers were sold together. By the evening he bought a cow and upon seeing it his desire was complete , that gardener always felt that this was happening since the arrival of the girl.
Once the gardener went to own house, saw that a jewel-laden woman with a glazing face was sitting at his house, and when he went near her, he recognized that this is his daughter who is mother Lakshmi herself.

Knowing this, he said to Mother Lakshmi, Mother forgive me, I made you work, I have committed a crime, on hearing this, Mother Lakshmi said that Madhava you are a very good person, you gave me a place in your house, like your daughter, in return I give you a boon that there will never be a shortage of wealth in your life, you will get all the happiness of the world, saying that, Goddess Lakshmi again went to Baikunth.

2nd story:----

Once upon a time, Shrihari was seated with Lakshmi in Vaikuntha .  At the same time Revanta arrived on board the horse named Uchchehashrava. Uchchehashrava horse was very beautiful in appearance.  His beauty could not be compared to any other horse.  Therefore, Lakshmi ji kept looking at the beauty of that horse.  When Lord Vishnu found Lakshmi mesmerized and looking at horse, he sought to divert her attention from horse, but Lakshmi ji was engrossed in seeing. Lakshmi ji did not get disturbed even after repeated stirs by Lord Vishnu, considering it to be disregarded, Lord Vishnu got angry and cursed Lakshmi- "You have lost so much in the beauty of this horse that I have once  - even after stirs, you kept your attention in it, so you become mare. "
When Lakshmi was distracted and the curse was discovered, she started offering prayers to Lord Vishnu with a dedicated gesture - "I will not be able to live for a single moment in your disconnection, so please bless me and take back own curse."
Then Vishnu corrected his curse and said- "The curse cannot be withdrawn completely.  But yes, you will get rid of this curse after childbirth in your mare form and you will come back to me again. "
Goddess Lakshmi, who became a mare due to the curse of Lord Vishnu, started doing austerities of Lord Shiva at the confluence of Yamuna and Tamsa river.  Pleased with Lakshmi's tenacity, Shiva came with Parvati.  He asked Lakshmi ji the reason for doing penance, then Lakshmi ji told him all the things related to becoming mare and prayed for her salvation. Then Lord Shiva said- “Goddess!  You don't worry  For this, I will explain to Vishnu that he should take a horse form and please you and make a son like own so that you can go back to him soon. ”
Lakshmi ji was very happy to hear Lord Shiva things.  She started realizing that I would soon be free from the curse and get Sri Hari (Vishnu).  Lord Shiva left from there.  Lakshmi ji, who was form a mare, was again in austerity.  Lots of time elapsed.  But Lord Vishnu did not come near her.  Then she remembered Lord Shiva again.  Lord Shiva appeared.  He satisfied Lakshmi ji and said- “Devi!  Be patient . The result of patience is sweet.  Vishnu will surely come near you in the form of horse. "
Saying this, Lord Shiva became impeded.  Upon reaching Kailash, Lord Shiva started thinking how to make Vishnu as a horse and send near to Lakshmi.  In the end, he sent one of his gana-Chitrupa to Vishnu by making him a messenger.  Chitrupa reached the Lord Vishnu.  Knowing that the messenger of Lord Shiva has come, Lord Vishnu asked the messenger to tell all the news.
The messenger told him all the words of Lord Shiva.  Finally, Lord Vishnu agreed to become horse by accepting Shiva's proposal.  He took the form of horse and reached the confluence of Yamuna and Tapasa where Lakshmi was doing austerities by taking the form of mare.
Lakshmi ji was very happy to see Lord Vishnu coming in the form of horse.  The two began to move and love together.  Shortly after, Lakshmi Ji became pregnant as a mare.  In due course, a beautiful child was born from the womb of mare.  After that Lakshmi ji went to Vaikuntha Sri Hari Vishnu.
After Laxmi ji left, the responsibility of raising that child was taken by Yayati's son Turvasu, because he was inferior to his children and was performing a yajna to get a son.  The boy was named Haihay.  Later, the descendants of Haihay are called Haihayavanshi.

64. Mata Parvati cursed to Lord Vishnu, Narada, Kartikeya and Ravana .

It is said in the Puranas that one should never cheat with anyone in life, because whoever we cheat with, one gets hurt after knowing the truth.  In this case, the 'ah' emanating from his heart reaches God directly.  On the other hand, the curse given by a true human being can hurt and hurt any person.
A similar story involving deception is found in Vamanapurana, in which Mata Parvati could not bear the deceit committed by Shiva and other gods herself and gets angry and curses other gods including Shiva.  Once Lord Shankar expressed his desire to play dutya (gambling) with Mata Parvati.
Lord Shankar lost everything in this game.  After losing, Bholenath went on the banks of the Ganga, wearing his leaves clothes while making his Leela.  When Kartikeya came to know about the whole thing, he came to take back all the things from Mata Parvati.  This time Parvati ji lost in the game and Karthikeya went back with all the goods of Shankar. Now Parvati also got worried that all the stuff also went away and her husband also got away.  When Parvati told her grief to her beloved son Ganesha, the mother devotee Ganesha himself came to Lord Shankar to play the game.
Ganesh won and returned and told the news of his victory to Mata.  Parvati said that she should have brought her father along.  Ganesh then set out to search for Bholenath. He met Bholenath in Haridwar. At that time, Bholenath was traveling with Lord Vishnu and Kartikeya.  Angered with Parvati, Bholenath refused to return.  Ravana, a devotee of Bholenath, frightened Ganesha's vehicle mushak(rat) as a cat.  Rat escaped leaving Ganesh.
Lord Vishnu took the form of dice with the wish of Bholenath.  Ganesh told Bholenath about the sadness of his mother.  On this, Bholenath said, "I have made a new dice. If your mother agrees to play the game again, I can go back."
On Ganesh's assurance, Bholenath returned to Parvati and asked to play the game.  Parvati laughed at this and said, what is you have so that the game can be played.  Hearing this, Bholenath became silent.  On this Narada ji gave his veena etc. to him.

In this game, Bholenath started winning every time.  After throwing a couple of dice, Ganesh understood and he revealed to Goddess Parvati the secret of taking the dice form of Lord Vishnu.  Parvati ji got angry after hearing the whole thing.
Ravana tried to convince Mata, but his anger did not calm down and with anger he cursed Bholenath that the burden of the Ganges stream would remain on his head.  Narada got the curse of never staying in one place. Cursed Lord Vishnu that this Ravana would be your enemy and cursed Ravana that only Vishnu will destroy you.  Kartikeya was also cursed by Mother Parvati to always remain in the form of a child.

65. Maa Lakshmi cursed to Lord Vishnu.

It is a matter of ancient times, Lord Vishnu had to fight with the demons continuously for ten thousand years.  At the end of the war, he went to his residence in Vaikuntha and meditated.  His bow's thread was tight, due to tired of war, he soon fell asleep in that state and he himself bowed a little with the help of his bow.
On the other hand, in order to carry out all their work in heaven, the gods thought to perform the yajna, but due to they were afraid of the fear of the asuras may destroy the yajna.  They went to the shelter of Brahma Ji with his problem, then Brahma Ji asked the gods to seek the help of Lord Vishnu and went to Vaikuntha with the gods themselves. On reaching there, he found Lord Vishnu lying unconscious in yoganidra, and all the gods started trying to awaken him.  When all the gods were unable to awaken them, Brahmaji produced a worm named Vamri. On the orders of Brahma ji, that worm cut the thread  of the bow with its sharp teeth, on which Lord Vishnu was sleeping with support.  As soon as the thread of the bow was cut, there was a terrible explosion and there was a dark darkness in the whole universe, which scared all the gods.
When darkness fell, all the Gods were stunned to see Lord Vishnu, because Lord Vishnu's head had become separated and his head became invisible.  Seeing this situation of Lord Vishnu, all the gods got worried, then on the advice of Brahma Ji, the gods praised Mahamaya Bhagwati Goddess Durga.  Mother Durga appeared in front of the gods. When the Gods asked about the state of Lord Vishnu, the Goddess said, O Gods!  A monster named Hayagriva (horse-necked) tried to please me with his hard penance, pleased with his penance, I gave him a boon that he will die by  hand of Hayagreeva. After receiving a boon from me, Hayagreeva became involved in the works of sin, he started torturing sages-saints, and for his death I created my illusion.
Due to my illusion, Lord Vishnu once upon a time saw the beautiful form of Goddess Lakshmi, laughing at Lord Vishnu like this, Goddess Lakshmi felt insulted and she cursed Vishnu to be headless.
Due to the this curse, Lord Vishnu's forehead is separated from his torso.  Then the Maa Durga said to the gods, that monster is sure to end, so you are cut off the head of an horse and put it on the torso of Lord Vishnu. Due to the head of the horse is this form of Lord Vishnu will be known as Hayagreeva.  This was done according to the orders of Brahma and as soon as the head of the horse was attached to the torso of Lord Vishnu, he became the incarnation of Hayagreeva. Lord Hayagriva and demon Hayagriva fought a war of many years in which the demon Hayagriva was killed, thus a great enemy of the gods was killed by the grace of Lord Vishnu.

66. Maa Ganga and maa Saraswati cursed to each other.

According to the Brahmavarta Purana, Lord Vishnu's three wives Lakshmi, Ganga and Saraswati argue among themselves and started cursing each other.
 Let us know what was the reason behind this.
According to the legend, Lord Vishnu had three wives - Lakshmi, Ganga and Saraswati.  The trio always tried to keep Narayan happy so that they could get their special love.  Goddess Lakshmi and Mother Saraswati became jealous once upon seeing Shrihari's greater love for Goddess Ganga.
On this, Lakshmi ji did not say anything, but Saraswati ji told Lord Vishnu a lot of bad things for this bias.  Lakshmi tried to stop her, but due to anger she continued to rebuke Narayan. She also called Goddess Ganga to bad things. Fed up with this quarrel, Lord Vishnu went out of Vaikuntha for some time. Saraswati felt very sad to see Narayan going out like this, but he also understood the reason for Goddess Ganga.  In the same anger, she was inspired to hit the Ganges.  Seeing this sin, Lakshmi could not stay away from her and she came in between them.
She tried to calm them both by explaining.  Goddess Ganga calmed down due to this, but the anger of Saraswati increased further.  Thus, due to coming in the middle, she got angry and cursed Lakshmi to become a tree.
Goddess Lakshmi immediately turned into a basil plant under the influence of Saraswati's curse.  Seeing innocent Lakshmi being cursed in such a way, now Ganga was also angry.  She cursed Saraswati to become a river and flow on the ground floor. Unhappy with this, Saraswati also cursed Ganga to become a river and carry the ash of humans.  When Lord Vishnu came back, he came to know about the curse of Saraswati and Ganga.  At the same time, seeing Lakshmi transformed into a plant, she felt immense sorrow. Due to the calm nature and well-being of Goddess Lakshmi, he thought it appropriate to keep him with her as his wife.  Thinking that such a situation could come back, he decided to sacrifice Goddess Ganga and Goddess Saraswati.
When both of them came to know about this, they apologized to Lord Vishnu.  Then Srihari said that the Ganges will descend on the earth to wash away the sins of humans.  At the same time, she will remain in his feet as part, in the kamandal of the Brahma and also in the jatas of Mahadev.
Saraswati will also flow with her on the ground floor and will also live with him as a part.  Only Goddess Lakshmi will live in Baikunth, becoming his wife completely.  Along with this, he also took the form of Shaligram and reached the Tulsi form of Goddess Lakshmi and marriage with her.

It is said that Ganga and Saraswati have been flowing on the earth as a river due to each other's curse since then.  Goddess Saraswati's curse has ended and that is why she has returned to her world and Goddess Ganga will also be completely disappear by completing her curse by the end of Kali Yuga.  But even today, the confluence of Ganga and Saraswati can be seen in Prayag.

67. Mata Parvati cursed to Shiva's gan Bhiringi.

Shiva and Parvati are one form, both merge into one. That is why Lord Ardhanarishwar takes a form.  A Shiva devotee could not accept this truth.  Shiva then showed him Ardhanarishwar form.  Also punished for his audacity.  Carefully read the story of that prominent Shivgana Bhringi, then you will have some idea of ​​this relation of Shiva-Parvati.

The special thing about Bhringi is that they have three legs. How did the Bhiringi have three legs?  There is a story behind this that tells us how deep the love between Uma-Shankar.  These two are virtually the same.  Actually, due to an unfair stubbornness of Bhringi, Sadashiv and Jagdamba had to take Ardhanarishwar form.

Bhringi was a great Shiva devotee.  He was very fond of Sadashiva's feet.  He did not care for anyone except Shiva in his dream.  Even he considered Jagadjanani Maa Parvati as separate from Sadashiva. His mind did not accept that there is no difference between Shiva and Parvati. When Bhringi came to orbit Shiva.  Shiva was meditative.  Bhiringi was getting mad in Shiva's love.  He only wanted to revolve around Shiva as his definition of celibacy was different.  But what to do, Parvati ji is seated in Shivaji's left side. Bhiringi could not stop own temper.  The courage increased so much that he requested Jagdamba to sit away from Shivji so that I could revolve around Shiva.
Jagdamba understood that it is ascetic but it has not been learned.  Right now it is of incomplete knowledge, so he ignored the matter of Bhiringi. Bhiringi was stubborn, not ready to hear and understand anything.  Again said to Parvati ji that you go away for some time, let me go round.
Mother Parvati objected to this and said stop the inappropriate thing.  Jagadamba is the power of Mahadev.  How would she have prepared to be separated from Sadashiva!  Mother explained to Bhringi in many ways, explaining nature and man's relationship.  Gave the example of the Vedas, but Bhiringi  too persisted.  The stubborn intellect is halved anyway.
The knowledge and teachings given by the mother did not come to his discretion.  His intellect was not ready to understand this mystery of creation.  He was only determined to revolve around Shiva.  Mother thought that there is no benefit to explain anything to this ignorant person.  It should be ignored.  Mother did not separate from Shiva.
Bhiringi also kept his stubbornness.  Made a plan to do what he wanted. Bhiringi took the form of a snake and started orbiting Shiva.  He moved, trying to get out from between Jagadamba and Mahadev.  His audacity resulted in the destruction of Shiva's tomb.
Shiva understood that this fool distracted by seeing the Jagdamba on my left side.  He is distinguishing between the two.  To explain this in a symbolic hint, Shivji immediately took on the form of Ardhanarishwar.  Jagdamba had now merged into them.  Shivji started appearing in male form from right side and female form from left side.
Now Bhringi's plan started to fail . The stubbornness of fool starts going higher than God. Bhiringi  did not lose even that much.  He had to revolve around Shiva.
 In the form of a rat, he started trying to separate the ardhanarishwar form of God from one another.  Now it was too much.  The patience of Jagadamba, who continued to bear the audacity of Shiva devotee Bhringi, missed.
She cursed to Bhiringi- "O Bhiringi, you are violating the rules of the universe."  If you consider foolishness act to respect the mother power, then at this time your mother's part will be separated from your body.
Mahadev himself got upset after hearing this curse. Bhiringi's intellect may have been lost, but Mahadev knew how serious this curse meant.  According to the mechanistic interpretation of tantras, bones and muscles in the human body get the father, while blood and flesh are obtained from the mother's share.
What was there then, Bhiringi was in trouble .  Immediately blood and flesh separated from his bodies. Only bones and muscles are left in the body. Death could not have happened because he was in the region of the liberated Kailash and Sadashiva and Mahamaya themselves were in front of him.
To defeat his life, the Yamdoots could not dare to reach there. Unbearable pain caused the Bhiringi to become restless. This curse was also given by Adishakti Jagadamba. She gave this curse to bring the discrimination of the Bhiringi to the right path.  Therefore, Mahadev also did not interrupt.
The benefit of this curse was that the Bhiringi, falling into unbearable pain, understood that father's power is not beyond mother power in any case.  Mother and father together create this body.  Therefore both are revered.
After this, Bhringi prayed to Jagadamba, suffering from unbearable pain.  Mother is a mother.  She immediately pleased him and ended the suffering.  Mata started a process to withdraw her curse.  He prevented Mother from withdrawing the curse.
Bhringi said- Mother has taken great pity on me by removing my pain.  But let me be in this form.  This form of mine will be an example for the world.  In this creation, again, like me, no one will fall prey to confusion, forgetting to understand mother and father apart from each other.  I committed so much crime, yet you have a favor on me.  Now I will always be around you as a living example.
Mahadev and Jagadamba were both happy to hear this devotee.  The mother Jagadamba and father Mahadev, taking Ardhanarishwar form, immediately gave Bhringi a prominent position in their ganas.  Bhiringi was able to move and therefore gave him a third leg.  With the third leg he carries his load and walks with Shiva-Parvati.
Ardhanarishwar said- O Bhiringi, you will always be with us.  Your presence will be a message to this world that in every living being, the part is male, the same part is female.  One who difference  between a woman and a man becomes like you. Men and women both together pursue the world, both are equal  . To prove this, I have taken the form of Ardhanarishwar. Both men and women have their own place, their own existence.  The one who rejects it does not get the favor of either Shiva or Parvati.  That living being will die on the earth without grace of Shiva and Parvati.
Bhiringi attained the position, to which Indra and big deities also crave to achieve it.  Shivji has given sexual creation to the world.  For this, he first showed Brahma his Ardhanarishvara form.
Brahma imagined  women after seeing him.  With the combination of women and men, he gave the system of creation.  That means male and female together become creator like subtle Brahma.

68. Mata Parvati cursed to Mandodari.

We are all familiar with Ravana's wife Mandodari.  But today we will tell you that in fact, Mandodari was cursed by mother Parvati, due to which she became the wife of Ravana.

Ramayana is our mythological text, with which we remain happy with half-incomplete information.  Actually, it means to say that whenever the story of Ramayana is mentioned, it ends by wandering between Rama, Sita and Ravana.

But never tried to know and understand important characters like mandodari.  Why do we know Mandodari as the wife of Ravana, she will also have a separate identity.  At the end of Lankesh Ravana, the chapter of the remaining lifetime of Mandodari closes and the story again turns to the other side. Even after studying the entire Ramayana, most people do not know how Mandodari's life must have been.  So today we tell you about some facts which you may not know.
Both the history of Ravana and the history of Mandodari have a deep connection between each other.  If in your mind too, an eagerness to know about this is taking birth, then we will solve it.  It is necessary to know how Mandodari was born before knowing the life after the death of Ravana.  So let's start the story of Mandodari -
This story about Mandodari is also mentioned  in the Puranas.  Once upon a time, a beautiful nymph named Madhura reached Mount Kailash while traveling.  In the absence of Parvati devi, she wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and was attracted to Lord Shiva.  While doing this, he put the ash on her body. Unaware of the unwavering love of Shiva Parvati, she was involved in these antics that only when Mother Parvati arrived. Mother Parvati's body trembled with anger after seeing this scene running on Mount Kailash.  At that moment, without any delay, she cursed Madhura to become a frog.  Not only this, but according to that curse, Madhura had to spent 12 years as a frog in a single well.
Parvati Devi replied that on Shiva's request, I cannot take back my curse but can only tell a solution. She can attain its true form by performing austerities but after austerity for a year. Now let's talk about Mayasur who was the king of Asuras.  Mayasur and his wife Hema wished for a daughter.  They had two sons, but still both started penance in the desire of the girl.  By this time, Madhura's tenacity was also being completed.
Madhura got the real look and then started making sounds to come out of the well.  Hema and Mayasur rushed to save her as soon as they heard her compassionate call. They were pleased to get Madhura as a daughter and named her Mandodari.
Ravana once went to meet Mayasur and could not stop his attraction after seeing Mandodari.  When he proposed to Mandodari for marriage in front of Mayasur, the proposal became rejected .  But Ravana was not one to give up so easily, he got forcefully married to the daughter of Mayasur.
Mandodari was also familiar with the nature of Lankapati Ravana and his exclusive Shiva devotion, so for the protection of father and family, She also did not deny marriage.  After some time Mandodari gave birth to three sons from Ravana;  Eldest son Meghnad, Akshay Kumar and Atikay.
Scared of Ravana's arrogance and strength, Mandodari knew in her mind that Ravana has walk on the path of apocalypse.  Mandodari's every attempt to convince her husband Ravana proved to be a failure.  Despite all his efforts, Lankanresh did not agree to return Sita Mata to Lord Rama.
Even knowing that Ravana was slaughtered at the hands of Shri Rama due to a curse, she did not leave her husband during the war.
It is mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana that after the end of Ravana, Mandodari reached the battlefield and was sad to see the destruction of her relatives.

It is also mentioned in the "Adhbhoot Ramayana " that Shri Rama said to Mandodari, "You are the queen of Swarnapuri, marry Vibhishana and make the life of the people of Lanka happy."But Ram Ji reached Ayodhya with mother Sita and Laxman  , Mandodari locked herself in a room of the palace.  After some time, considering the matter of Shreerama, she came out and decided to marry Vibhishan.  Both of them fulfilled their duty by extending the empire of Lanka in the proper direction.
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Story of curses(PART-08)

Story of curses(PART-08)

Once again I am present in front of you with interesting stories of the curse series.  Thank you very much to people who come to my blog and make me respect, increase my spirits. Enjoy the eighth part of the curse series with them and understand the vastness and depth of Sanatan culture. And also share on social media  So that more and more people have knowledge of it.At the end of the article, all of you will get the seventh part link.

55 . Brahma ji and king Daksha cursed to Narad ji.

When Lord Brahma was creating the universe, he had four sons.  They set out for penance.  After this came the turn of Narada Muni.  Narada was fickle by nature.
Narada, who pronounced the Narayan-Narayan all times own mouth, he was get cursed to remain unmarried.  According to the Puranas and scriptures, Devarashi Narada, who is called the messenger of Devaloka, is one of the seven Manas sons of Brahma.  Narada, one of the exclusive devotees of Lord Vishnu, used to transmit information while circling from one world to another.

Today I am telling you that although Narada Muni was fall in love many times but still did not marry anyone, the reason was the he got curse by his father, he was being unmarried in whole life.  A story is mentioned in the Brahmavaivarta Purana, Brahmakhanda, in which Narada got the curse of his father Brahma to remain unmarried for a lifetime.
 According to the story when Brahma said to Narada Muni, 'You help me in the creation of the universe and get married.  He refused his father.  Brahma became very angry on hearing his disregard.  He cursed Narada to remain unmarried for a lifetime and said, "You will experience love many times in your life, but you will never be able to get married even if you want to."  You run from responsibilities, so you only have to run around the world.  In this way Narada got cursed and he wandered from one world to another for ages.

King Daksha also gave curse to Narada ji to keep wandering.

 Because of another curse, Narada ji always had to wander around.  It is said that Asakti, the wife of King Daksha, gave birth to 10 thousand sons.  Narada Ji taught salvation to all the sons, due to which all of them mind was overcome by fascination. Daksha then married Panchajani and had a thousand sons.  Narada also taught these sons to stay away from fascination.  Enraged by this, Daksha cursed Narada ji that he would always wander around.

56 . King Daksha cursed to chandradeva.

 It is said that human beings should behave very thoughtfully.  Even a mistake done by him can invite a big disaster.  A similar story is also found in 'Shivpuran', in which Chandradeva was got curse due to his conduct.
According to the story of Shiva Purana, in ancient times, King Daksha married 27 of his daughters including Ashwini to Chandradeva.  Chandradeva was very happy as the husband of 27 girls.  Girls were also very happy to get Chandradeva as a groom.  But this happiness could not last long.  Because after a few days Chandradeva became more fascinated on one of them Rohini.
When King Daksha came to know about this, he went to explain to the Chandradeva.  Chandradeva listened to him, but after a few days, his attachment to Rohini again intensified.  When King Daksha came to know about this again, he went to the Chandradeva in anger.  He said that 'I have already explained you.  But it seems that my words had no effect on you, so I curse you that you will be suffering from tuberculosis. '
Soon after this curse of King Daksha, the Chandradeva became clouded by tuberculosis.  His light kept on going.  Sage Muni was very upset after seeing this.  After this, all the sages went to the shelter of Lord Brahma along with the sage and deity Indra.  Brahma Ji told him a solution.  According to the remedy, the Chandradeva had to meditate on Lord Shiva in Somnath and then according to Brahma, after Lord Shiva appeared he could be free from the curse of Daksha.
Chandradeva followed the order suggested by Brahma.  He continued to do hard penance for Shiva for six months.  Lord Shiva was pleased to see the harsh austerity of the Chandradeva.  Lord Shiva appeared to the Chandradeva and told to ask for the boon. Chandradeva asked the boon to say, 'O God, if you are happy with me, then give me freedom from this tuberculosis and forgive all my crimes'.  Lord Shiva said that 'the curse that has given you is also not an ordinary person.
But I will try my best to find the middle path of this curse. ”Shiva while taking out the middle path of this curse, says to the Chandradeva,“ There are two paksha in a month, one paksha of it will keep you growing. But on the other paksha you will also be weak. That means your light will be reduced.  This mythological mystery is the Shukla and Krishna Paksha of the Moon in which they grow in one side and they decrease in the other.

57 . Nandi cursed to Daksha and Brahmins.

According to the legend of Shiva Purana, once Sati's father Daksha organized a special religious program.  Mahadev was also invited in it, but he did not bow down to Daksha because of following the dignity of being God himself.  Daksha felt bad about this.  And Daksha said that not only being God, but being his son-in-law, Bholenath should have also bowed down.
Angered by this, Daksha cursed Shiva Shankar and said that he would never get any part in any yagya.  Angered by the curse on Shiva Bhole, Nandi cursed Daksha for wearing a goat-like body and being proud and humiliated throughout his life.
And Nandi cursed all the Brahmins present in the religious event as well and said that all these scholars, even though they are pundits and learned, should become knowledgeless in their old age and poor and poor will live their lives.  And these scholars will have to go begging from house to house of all castes for their livelihood.


Shani Dev is the son of Surya and Chhaya.  His vision is frightening. Such vision of Shanidev is due to a curse he received.  In today's article , I will tell you about the terrible curses got received by Shanidev. In astrology, Shani Dev has its own importance and it is said that if Shani Dev becomes happy on someone, then he crosses the life journey . It is said in the scriptures that Shani Dev walks with a limp, due to which his speed of movement is much slower than the rest of the planets and it takes him two and a half years to go from one zodiac to the next. But do you know how Shani Dev was lame?  If not, today I am saying to you the story of Shani Dev being lame, so let us know the story of Shani Dev being lame.

58 . Shanideva's wife cursed to Shanideva.

Shanidev had two marriages.  The first wife was named Neelima and the second wife was Manda.
Manda is also called Dhamini.  Manda was the daughter of Chitraratha.  Shanidev was a devotee of Krishna.  He was once absorbed in the meditation of Lord Krishna.  Then his second wife, Dhamini, came before him with a desire to have a son.  But Shani, engrossed in meditation, did not pay attention to her and remained engrossed in praise.  She kept waiting for a long time but Shani did not answer. Then Manda got angry and cursed Shanidev that whatever he looks at will be destroyed.  When Shanidev realized that he had made a big mistake.  By then it was too late.  Since then, Shanidev only looks at those who have to punish them for their sins.

59 . Maa Parvati cursed to Shanideva.

Whenever we know about our life through horoscope.  It is often seen that all the planets change the zodiac at a rapid speed, but the motion of Saturn is very slow.  Even Saturn stays in the same zodiac for years.  The cause of this slow motion of Shani is nothing but the curse given by  maa Parvati .
Once Shanidev reached Mount Kailash. He had his eyesight down. Mother Parvati asked him the reason for this. Then he said that anyone could be hurt a lot by his eyesight.  Hearing this, Mother Parvati began to ridicule him and called her son Ganesh there.
As soon as the sight of Shani fell on Ganesha, his head broke from the torso.  Then in anger, Parvati cursed that he would become devoid of limbs.
Due to this curse, Saturn became lame and his movement slowed down.  When Parvati ji's anger subsided, she could not take back her curse, but to atone it, she gave a boon to Shani that he would be the king of all the planets.

60 . Shanideva's stepmother cursed to Shanideva. 

Shani Dev was cursed by stepmother, due to which he became lame.  Actually, this story describes Shani Dev's father Surya Dev and mother Sangya Devi.
According to the legend, the heat of Surya Dev was not able to bear his wife  Sangya Devi, due to which he prepared an image similar to his body and named it Swarna.
Sangya ordered Swarna to serve the suryadeva in my absence and get wife happiness.  After giving this order to Swarna, she went to her father's house.
Surya deva was not able to recognize Swarna as the Sangya , meanwhile Swarna had five sons and two daughters from Suryadev. Swarna used to take care of her children but started ignoring the children of noun.  Then one day the boy, son of Sangya, Shani was hungry, so he asked his mother for food.
Then Swarna said, now you stay for a while, first I will offer food to God, feed your younger siblings and then give you food. Hearing this,  Shanideva got angry and he raised his leg to kick the food, then Swarna cursed the boy Shani that your leg may break now.
Due to fearing of curse, Shani went to his father Surya Dev and narrated the whole story.
Then the Suryadeva understood that no mother could curse her child like this.  Then Suryadeva became suspicious and he got angry and asked, "Who are you?"
Swarna was terrified after seeing the surya's face and revealed all the truth of the Sangya.  Then the Suryadeva told the boy Shani that Swarna is not your mother but she is a mother's model, so her curse will not go in vain but it will not be so harsh.
This means that your leg will not be broken by curse, but you will walk with a lame life.  It is said that from then till today Shani Dev walks only after limping and this is also the reason for his slowing movement .

61  . Pipalad rishi cursed to Shanideva.

Pipalad rishi was the supreme ascetic and learned sage of the Vedic Sanatan period.  Piplad was born under the Peepal tree, consumed the leaves of the Peepal as a food and under the Peepal underwent severe penance, which earned him the name Piplad.  Rishi Piplad ji is also considered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva, due to which he received a place of worship.
There are some stories in relation to Pippaladji, according to one of which when there was a famine in Tretayug at one time, then Kaushik Muni left the house with his family and left to take care of the family elsewhere. But being unable to follow the child, he goes away leaving his son in the middle of the journey under the Peepal tree.
When that child wakes up from sleep, he does not find his parents there and starts crying.  After a while, he starts to feel hunger and thirst, then he sees the peepal leaves lying near him, distraught with hunger, the child calms his hunger with those leaves and quenches his thirst by drinking the water of a pond situated nearby.  That child likewise, after taking leaves and water every day, is engaged in the meditation of God.

Once there Devarshi Narada ji approaches that child and in the opposite condition too, affected by the humble spirit of the child, completes all the appropriate rites of that child and gives them knowledge of Vedas and Puranas.  He asks the child to do devotion to Lord Vishnu, so that child would regularly do devotion to Lord Vishnu and be absorbed in meditation, pleased with the devotion of that child, Lord Vishnu appears in front of him and gives that child yoga and gyaan.  He teaches that child becomes a Maharshi.
After the passage of time, the child asks about the causes of his sorrows due to curiosity.  He asks Narada Muni ji that why he had to suffer so many sorrows and separation from parents at such a young age, why I have to suffer so much.
Hearing the questions of that child, Narada tells them that Shani is the cause of your sufferings due to which you have to suffer many problems, Piplad gets angry after listening to the statement of Narada Muni and curses Shani Dev, due to which Shanideva fall sky into the mountain on Earth, causing one of his feet to hurt.
Seeing such plight of Shani, Brahmadev, along with other devas, approaches Piplad and pacifies his anger.  He tells them that there is no fault of Shani in this, he only gives results to the person according to his deeds, so you place the dashed Shanideva in his place and Piplada muni follow the orders of Brahmadev.
 Another legend has also been associated with Piplad Muni in which Piplad has been called the son of Maharishi Dadhichi.  Maharishi Dadhichi had donated his bones to the gods for the slaughter of the demons of Vritrasura and when his wife Suvracha started going to the pyre to become Sati with her husband,  then is there a voice in the sky that Maharishi Dadhichi has the glory in your womb, which is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Listening to Akashvani, Suvracha postpones her wish for some time and after the birth of a son, leaving her under a Peepal tree, she becomes Sati.  Animals and birds nurtured this baby and Som taught him all the genres.
As he grew up, he came to know that his parents had to face death due to the cruelity of Shani.  Enraged by this, Piplad meditated by sitting under the Peepal tree to please Brahma Ji.
Pleased with this, when Brahma Ji asked him to ask for the boon, Piplad asked for the Brahmand and hit Shanideva with brahamdand, when Shanideva sat on the Peepal tree .  This broke Shani's feet.  Shani Dev became unhappy and started calling Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva came and pacified the wrath of Pippalad and protected Shani.
There is another story of Shanideva walking limp, although its does not mention curses. However, it is necessary to have knowledge of the story.  The history of Shanidev's walking limp is also associated with Ravana's anger as well as the short age of his son Meghnath.
Ravana was a great scholar of astrology.  Ravana wanted his son to have longevity and no deity god could take his life.  So when Ravana's wife Mandodari was pregnent , Ravana wished that his future son should be born in such planetary constellations so that he would become super-powerful, skilled warrior and stunning.
It is due to this desire that Ravana ordered all the planets to be in auspicious and best position at the time of Meghnath's birth.  Because all the planets were very afraid of Ravana, so at that time all the planets except Shani Dev had sat in auspicious and high position as per Ravana's will.  Only Shanidev was the only planet who was not afraid of Ravana at all.
Ravana knew that Shanideva protects the age, but he also knew that Shanideva would not be easily auspicious by obeying him.  Therefore, Ravana, using his force, also kept Shanideva in such a position, that the life of his future son could be increased.

But Shani is the god of justice, so Shanidev may have been in the position of Ravana desire, but he tilled his sight during the birth of Meghnad, due to which Meghnad became shortage.  Ravana became very angry with this act of Shani and Ravana, in a fit of anger, hit Shani's feet with his gada.  Since then Shani Dev walks with a limp.  And that's why they move slowly.

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Story of curses(PART-07)

Story of curses(PART-07)

Hello friends, I am presenting to you again with the seventh part of the curse series. You have liked this series very much, thank you very much for this.At the end of the article, all of you will get a link to the sixth part. Friends, if possible, share my article on social media too, so that I can keep getting excited.

48. Rishi Durvasha cursed to Devraj Indra.

Maharishi Durvasa was the  younger son of Mahamuni Atri and Sati Anusuya, who were born from a part of Lord Rudra.  He was the brother of Chandra and Dattatreya and was famous all over the world for his anger.  As if curse was kept on the tip of their tongue.  No one knows how many humans on earth become part of their anger and curse, but they did not leave Devraj Indra himself.
Once the sage Durvasa went out to visit the forest.  Suddenly he felt a very strong and unique fragrance. The fragrance was so good that Durvasa could not resist himself and started moving towards the fragrance.  After walking a little distance, he saw a very beautiful woman sitting on the banks of the lake.  There was a wonderful floral necklace around her neck that was shining like light and this pleasing fragrance was emanating from that necklace.  Seeing a single woman sitting in the forest like this, he was astonished and they reached her.  Seeing a Jatajot Yogi coming to her like this, that girl immediately got up and bowed to him.

Durvasa asked in a surprised voice, "O Goddess, who are you and what are you doing alone in this dense forest?"  The girl told him that her name is Vidyadhari and she is the goddess of air.  Durvasa greeted him and introduced himself, saying that "The garland of flowers you have worn seems to be extremely rare. It is impossible to have such a pleasing fragrance and such a bright light in any flower on earth." From where did you get the garland of flowers? "The goddess said on her question that" Your statement is true.  It is not a simple flower but a garland of very rare Parijat flowers, which are found only in heaven.  Pleased with my service, Pawan Dev himself has given me this unique necklace as a gift. "After knowing about that necklace, Durvasa expressed his desire to receive it, on which Vidyadhari gladly returned to her abode by giving him that necklace as a gift.
After some time Durvasa went to Swargalok to meet his father and saptrishis where he saw Devaraja.  Thinking that the necklace of Parijat flowers is not fit to live on earth, Durvasa gifted that necklace to Devraj.  He thought that Indradev would be happy to find this unique necklace but Devraj started ridiculing that gift.  He said that "O Maharishi. You are resident of the earth, that is why you feel this necklace is amazing, but it is heavenly world and innumerable flowers of this type are in our garden.  What shall I do with it?  But now that you have given me as a gift, then I present this Parijat Mala to Airavat. "Saying this, Indra put that garland on the forehead of Airavat. Thus, knowing the garland kept, and its intense smell caused great inconvenience to Airavat and Airavat ruined that garland by getting into the intoxicant of that intoxicating smell.
Durvasa got very angry seeing his own gift given as an insult in front of himself.  He said to Indra in an angry tone, "O Indra! You disrespected such a gift given to me by your wealth and opulence. You also forgot that the value of the gift is not seen and it is always priceless." I curse you that the pride in which you insulted me so much will be snatched away from you forever and the heaven ruled by you will be devoid of wealth and prosperity. "
Indra was horrified after getting such a curse and apologized to Durvasa again and again, but the angry Durvasa did not forgive him and departed from heaven.  Indra and other gods lost all their wealth and luckless as they left. As soon as Shukracharya got this news, he asked the demons to attack heaven.  Under the leadership of Daityaraja Bali, he invaded the heaven world and removed Devraj Indra from his post.  Indressed, Indra had to hide with the other gods to save his life.  After being released from heaven, Devraj reached the Supreme Father Brahma and asked him to protect himself. Brahmadev told Indra that you have lost your wealth due to your ego, so now you have to recover it by your ability.  On this, Indra asked for a solution to reclaim his wealth, then Brahmadeva consulted with Narayana and suggested to the gods and demons to churn the sea. So that they can reclaim their property.

49. Durvasha rishi cursed to Lord Shiva.

You must have known that Sage Durvasa was the 11 incarnation of Lord Shiva, and who does not know about the wrath of Muni Durvasa, but hardly you know that Muni Durvasa cursed Lord Shiva also.
When Mata Sati sacrificed her body, she was took  born with name Mata Parvati as a Himachal's daughter, and she also performed austerities to attain Lord Shiva. Pleased with the penance of Parvati, Lord Shiva agreed to the marriage, then all the gods were happy .And started preparing for the marriage of Lord Shiva in full swing, when all the gods and Shivganas on Mount Kailash were celebrating the marriage of Shiva.
That's when Muni Durvasa comes with his mother Anusuiya, to whom seeing Narada says to the sage Durvasa, "O Munishrestha, will you leave your mother and go back?"  Then Durvasa Muni says, "Why are you saying that brother, I have also come to go to Shivaji's wedding, hearing this Narada Muni shrugs and thinking that" Muni Shrestha is all right but you  Anger comes quickly, due to which you curse, if you get angry during this marriage, the meaning of marriage will be lost.
Then Muni Durvasa said that "It will never happen because I have promised my mother, that I will not be angry, nor curse anyone, then Nandi comes there and takes his mother to a separate room and  Durvasa went where Shiva was there. All the gods and all the Shiva were there laughing, singing and having fun, seeing Muni Durvasa, all the Shiva's ganas also asked Muni Durvasa to join the dance song and started laughing, seeing Muni Durvasa felt that all Shivgans are insulting me.

Therefore, the angry Durvasa ji, forgetting the promise given to the mother, cursed all the Shiva's ganas that "Seeing this terrible form of yours, all the girl sides people will become unconscious when you go to their door and cursed Lord Shiva that "In this form you will not be married to Parvati, as soon as he cursed . Then Narada ji said" O Muni how have you done this, with great difficulty, Shivaji was ready for this marriage and you made a terrible disaster by cursing ,Oh laughter the Shivaganas did it,Then how appropriate it is to curse Lord Shiva, because of the curse of Durvasa, all the gods and ganas present there were worried, what will happen now, because with great difficulty, Lord Shiva was awakened from samadhi, if Shivji re-established samadhi.  So anybody do not know how many ages will break meditation.
Hearing Narada ji, Durvasa also started thinking with a sad heart, how I had done it, I had promised my mother that I would not be angry nor curse anyone. Now silence spread all around, what will happen now, when Lord Vishnu came there and said "Munishrestha, don't you mourn at all, this incident  has been done according to the pre-planned of Brahma ji, Mahadev and Parvati marriage also to be certain . So, forget what happened and prepare to walk in the marriage, when Shri Hari Vishnu said this, everyone smiled on their face and again all started preparing for Shivji's marriage.

50. Rishi Durvasha cursed to Hanuman's mother.

It is said that Mata Anjani was Apsara Punjikasthala in the gemot of Devraj Indra in her previous birth.  She was extremely beautiful and playful by nature, once in her fickleness, she had committed indecency with a fiery sage while doing penance.
Angry, the sage cursed Punjikasthala to become a monkey with a monkey-like nature, after hearing the curse of the sage Punjikasthala began to apologize to the sage, then the sage said that your this form will also be the ultimate glory. You will be give born a son whose fame and reputation will make your name immortal for ages and years, Anjani got a blessed with a brave son.

There is also another story in this context that, once the sage Durvasa went to Indra's gemot, during that time rapt Punjikasthala was trying to attract the attention of the gemot repeatedly, due to which the sage got angry.  He cursed them to become monkey .  Due to this curse Punjikasthala was born in the house of a monkey named Viraj and was married to Vanararaj Kesari.

Due to the curse of the sage, in the Treta Yuga, Anjana had to be born on earth as a female monkey, Indra who holds the command of the creation of the earth, there were thousands of nymphs (servants) in the gemot (palace) of Indra in heaven, among which  One of them was Anjana (Apsara Punjikasthala). Pleased with Anjana's service, Indra told him to ask for the boon she wanted, Anjana hesitantly told him that she had the curse of an ascetic sage, if Indra could get him free from it.  Indra asked him to tell about that curse, what do he advice to get rid of that curse.
Anjana started telling him own story, Anjana said when I was playing in childhood, I saw a monkey doing penance, it was a big surprise for me, so I started throwing fruits on that ascetic monkey,  It was just my fault because he was not an ordinary monkey but an ascetic sage.
I disturbed his penance and in anger he cursed me that whenever I love someone, I will become a monkey.  On my much begging and apologizing, the monk said that despite my face being a monkey, that person's love will not diminish on me. After narrating her story, Anjana said that if Indra Dev could get her free from this curse, she would be very grateful to him. Indra Dev told her that to get rid of this curse, Anjana would have to go and live on earth, where she would meet her husband.  Anjana will be freed from this curse after giving birth to Shiva's avatar.
Accepting Indra's order, Anjana came to earth and had to be born on earth as a female monkey .  Marriage with Kesari The effect of that curse was to end only after giving birth to Shiva's avatar .  And started living as a hunter.
In the forest, she saw a powerful young man fighting a lion and was attracted towards him, as soon as the person's eyes fell on Anjana, Anjana's face turned like a monkey.  Anjana started crying loudly, when the young man came to her and asked the reason for their pain, Anjana disguised her face and told her that she had become ugly.
Anjana saw the powerful young man from a distance, but when she saw the person near her, she found that his face was like a monkey.
Describing himself, the person said that he is  Vanarraj Kesari, who can come in human form whenever he wants.  Anjana's monkey face could not stop the two from making love and Kesari and Anjana got married in the forest.
There is a legend in the Puranas that Kesari and Anjana got married but the children were deprived of happiness.  Anjana went to the Matang Rishi for solution of her sadness, then the Mantag Rishi told her - Pappa (many people also call it Pampa Sarovar) is Narasimha Ashram in the east of the Sarovar, Swami Tirtha is on Mount Narayan in the south direction.  By bathing in it, meditating and fasting for twelve years, you will get son happiness.
Anjana, after taking permission from Matanga rishi and her husband Kesari, was engrossed in the penance of her adorable Shiva, near Swami Tirtha on the Narayan mountain.  Pleased with her  penance , Shiva told her to ask for a boon, Anjana told Shiva that in order to be free from the curse of the sage, she had to give birth to Shiva's avatar, so Hanuman as a Shiva's avatar be born from her womb  .

51. Rishis cursed to Hanuman ji.

The saga of Bajrangbali is read in many theology.  Not only in the Ramayana and Mahabharata times, but his fame is still intact.  Do you know that despite the immense powers, they have to remember their strength?  In childhood, Hanuman ji was very naughty.  Apart from this, he did many leela which were not possible for children of his age.  Many a times when he would reach the ashram of sages and saints and do something in the ignominy of his childhood, which would disturb sages austerity. As time progressed, Hanuman's ignorance grew.  Because of this, his parents as well as sages living in the forest were worried.  One day his parents went to the ashram of sages and saints and said to them, "We have received this child under the influence of hard austerity. All of you  may bless him."

The sages and saints decided among themselves to decide that if the child Hanuman forgets his powers, then his naughtiness can be controlled and his well being is in this.
The rishis of Angira and Bhrigu dynasty cursed Hanuman ji, "You may forget your strength and glory forever but only when someone reminds you of your powers, only then can you use it."
Due to this curse, Hanuman ji's power and strength decreased and he started living as a quiet child.

52. Durvasa rishi cursed to Krishna and Rukmini ji.

Whenever we remember Dwarkadhish Shri Krishna, Radhe and Krishna come out of our mouth.
 Radha's name is associated with Krishna as if these two names were never separate.  But the truth is also that Radha and Krishna could never be together. It is another matter that according to some legends, both were married but according to most stories, their love could never be fulfilled.
Dwarkadhish Krishna was married to Rukmani, besides he also had 16100 queens and 7 patranis.  The relationship between Krishna and Rukmini is also considered ideal but do you know that there is not a single idol of his beloved queen Rukmani in the temple of Dwarkadhish.  Actually, the reason for this is a curse due to which Krishna and Rukmini had to live separately for 12 years and for this reason they do not even have any idol in this temple.
 A few kilometers away from Dwarkadhish Temple, Rukmani's temple is built in a different part.  The story of this curse was recited to the devotees who came here for a time.
If the religious beliefs were to be talked about as the basis, then this curse was given by Durvasa Rishi to Krishna and Rukmini.
 In fact, after marriage Rukmani and Krishna reached the ashram of Durvasa Rishi and after there they invited Durvasa Rishi to eat food with them in the palace, Durvasa Rishi accepted this invitation but kept a strange condition for them.
He said that he would not go to the palace in his chariot, he would go with them only on the condition that if he would arrange a separate chariot for him, Krishna agreed to this condition but both were upset that they had this condition  How would we complete it because they had only one chariot at that time, because they themselves came there, so they separated the horses from that chariot and both got themselves connect with the chariot.
After walking far enough, when Goddess Rukmani got thirsty, Krishna hit the toe on the ground and both of them quenched the thirst from the Gangajal that came out of it, but neither of them thought that they even asked Rishiwar about this  needed.  The sage Durvasa got angry on this and in anger, he cursed the goddess Rukmani to stay away from Krishna for 12 years and also said that the place from which Krishna has drained water will become barren.
To get rid of this curse, Goddess Rukmini did penance to Lord Vishnu and then pleased with her penance, Lord Vishnu liberated her from this curse.
 Due to the curse of Durvasa Rishi, water is still offered  in this temple.  According to religious beliefs, pitriganas get water by doing so.

53. Durvasha rishi cursed to Shreekrishna.

Friends ,God take avatar to destroy the sinners in every yuga on this earth and establish dharma on this earth again by eliminating all the sinners.  Friends, when Lord Krishna incarnated on earth, he had already decided how to leave the earth and return to his Baikuntha.  As soon as the work of Lord Shri Krishna was completed on earth, Lord Krishna left his body after suffering from the arrows of a hunter.
It is a matter of time when sage Durvasa came to Dwarka, the palace of Lord Krishna.  Then Lord Shri Krishna and Goddess Rukmani did great service to the Durvasa Rishi and both followed all the commandments of Durvasa Rishi.  After that Durvasa Rishi told Goddess Rukmani to make Kheer. After that Goddess Rukmani makes Kheer for Durvasa Rishi, after becoming Kheer, Durvasa Rishi taste that Kheer and then asks Goddess Rukmani to apply this Kheer on Shri Krishna's entire body.

Lord Shri Krishna knew that Sage Durvasa has gained so much power from his austerity that if this Kheer is applied to my body, then my body will become completely of vajra so that no weapon of any kind hurts my body.  Will be able to  After that Shri Krishna thought that when my work on earth is complete, then my body will become of vajra due to which I will not be able to go to my Baikuntha, so Lord Shri Krishna did cause doubt in the mind of Goddess Rukmani with own illusion.
Goddess Rukmani starts thinking in her mind that how can I put this sage's tasted kheer in my lord's feet.  After that Rukmani applied the tasted kheer of Durvasa rishi to Lord Krishna's body.  After that the body of Lord Shri Krishna became that of Vajra but the place on his foot where Kheer was not coated was not made of Vajra.
Sage Durvasa told Lord Krishna to put Kheer on his feet, but Lord Krishna refused to do so, which made Rishi Durvasa angry and cursed Krishna that his legs would become weak and that is the will be reason for his death.
After that, as soon as the incarnation work of Lord Shri Krishna is completed on this earth, then Lord Krishna is sitting in a resting state under a tree, then, with the inspiration of Lord Krishna, a hunter named Jara comes there and due to Lord Krishna's maya  In the place of Lord Krishna  he sees a deer and the hunter shoots an arrow at Lord Krishna, so that the arrow of that hunter goes to the feet of Lord Krishna and Lord Krishna thus returns to his Baikuntha again.

54. Gandharva Kumar cursed to Yamraj's daughter Sunitha.

This story is described in Padma Purana
Sunitha was the daughter of the Yamaraj.  She was defiant in the pampering of parents.  She saw that her father used to punish the sinners.  She did not understand the difference between sin and virtue, so in sports she would interrupt someone's good work and start beating someone without any reason.
She used to be very happy by doing such a wickedness work.  One day Sunitha started beating a Gandharva Kumar, who was sitting in Yogamudra in his worship .  When Gandharva Kumar used to groan with pain, she would jump with joy.  She considered him a game.  She would tell her fathers of this kind of misdeeds.  The father would keep quiet, considering her naughtiness as a child-friendly game.
Neither would he stop Sunitha from doing this, nor explain.  This went on for many days.  One day Sunitha started beating that Gandharva Kumar while he was doing worship.  When unbearable he cursed with anger, "You are the daughter of Dharmaraja.  You will be married to a sage son.  You will also have a worthy child, but part of your evil deeds will permeate in it. "
Sunitha also told this to her father.  Now Dharmaraja felt that he had made a big mistake.  By not paying attention to the habit and nature of the child, he did not give knowledge of good and bad.  As a result, she got a curse, but now the time had passed.  Said, "Daughter!"  You did not do a good job by beating innocent ascetic.  You got this curse because of doing bad deeds.  Still be careful and focus on good work. "
Time passed by.  When the girl grew up, she worried about her marriage.  Knowing his curse, no one was willing to marry him.  Who would be the father of a sinful son born to him.  When there was no solution, Rambha apsara taught her Mohini Vidya.  Apsaras were expert in this work.  Now Sunitha has been expert in fascinate anyone.
One day Rambha took with her and went in search of the groom.  On the banks of a river she saw the Atrikumar Anga.  Sunitha became fascinated on seeing the Anga.  She also captivated the Anga on the strength of Rambha's maya and her mohini vidya.  Seeing both of them enamored with each other, Rambha got both of them married.  Both started living happily. A few days later they had a son named Ven.  According to the Atri dynasty, he was rich in religious, virtuous and Rajoschitta qualities like his father's Anga.  Everyone would praise him very much in ethics and behavior.
He had all the signs of being in a good family, but due to a mother's bad luck due to which she was cursed, gradually  bad deeds started appearing in Ven also.  He also became an atheist in association with some atheists and evildoers.   He started to feel God, Vedas, Puranas, Shastras, etc., is lies.  He began to understand Yajna, Sandhya etc. as hypocrisy.
 When he became  an adult.  He no longer believed what his parents said.  His interference in the kingdom increased so much that father became helpless.  Anga was a king , but the command was run by Ven.  Sunitha was understanding that the result of her rites had come down in this cursed son.  Nobody had control over his persistence and arrogance, all were constrained.
People started feeling sad due to these deeds of Ven.  The King Anga started getting inadequate.  When he was defeated after explaining to Ven in all ways,  one day frustrated Anga secretly left the house to avoid notoriety.
Anarchy escalated without the king.  The sages made Anga son Ven a king and explained, "Unhappy with your misdeeds, your father renounced the kingdom.  Now consider your state responsibility and give happiness to the people by doing good work. "
But Ven became more and more arrogant as a king.  Said, "Don't you give me knowledge."  I myself am very knowledgeable.  God, dharma, scripture etc. will all be established by my order.  My only command will be dharma, scripture will be the word.  Now you people go according to my command and see in me the shadow of God, dharma and scripture. " The actions of Ven with such ideas increased chaos in the country, all religious and hospitality were closed.  The security of the people is no longer there.  The wicked were dominated, religious works ceased.

Everything has an end . When the pot of sin was filled, the sages and people revolted.  Captured Ven and tortured him and removed him from the post of king.  He became helpless due to the loss of power.  Now he became dependent on the kindness of others. When the sages deemed Ven's disease incurable and wanted to remove his sin by force, then they quickly grabbed Ven and churned his left hand very well.  As a result of this hand a black and short man was born.  All of Ven's sins as that man came out.  The sages were very happy to see this. Now he churned Ven's right hand.  With this, Lord Vishnu appeared as Prithu to bring forth his boon.  Ven's atheism was also completely removed after the release of sin.  By the grace of the Saptarsis, Ven had attained his former stage.
He went to the banks of the Narmada.  He practiced severe austerities while staying in the hermitage of Trinavindu.  God appeared to them and asked them to assure them - 'Watts!  In order to save you from the curse your mother had received, I gave your father the gift of getting a worthy son.  Now you return home.
The sages consulted the people and established their son Prithu as the king.

Surely even a person from a good family becomes forgetful of his dignity due to bad thought  .  Forgetting his dharma & dignity causes everyone's grief and in the end he is destroyed by his own conduct, so one should avoid wrong association and bad deeds.

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