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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-06)

Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-06)

Welcome friends…  Today I am present with the service of all of you by taking remaining part in the story of Ekadashi, the sixth part of the series. Thank you for the love and affection you got from people.  If today's story is also liked by you, my happiness lies in this. Thank you from the heart and thank you for expressing your happiness through mail to me. All of you are requested again to share the article on social media.  So that keeps me excited and writing power.  At the end of the article, all of you will get a link to the fifth part. ................Thank you

13 .  Parivartini(Padma) Ekadashi.

Every fast and festival has a different significance in Hinduism.  Although there are not many fast-festivals in Bhadrapada month, Padma Ekadashi has its own different significance. The Ekadashi which falls on the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada is called Padma Ekadashi and Parivartni Ekadashi.

According to the Padma Purana, the importance of Ekadashi during Chaturmas is similar to Devshayani and Devaprabodhini Ekadashi.  On this day Lord Vishnu turns sideways during the sleep of Chaturmas, hence the deities also worship him.

It is also called Bhadrapad Shukla Ekadashi Padma Ekadashi, Parshav Ekadashi, Parivartni Ekadashi, Jayanti Ekadashi and Vaman Ekadashi. There is a belief about this Ekadashi that maa Yashoda washed the clothes of Lord Krishna on this day.  For this reason, this Ekadashi is also called "Jaljhulani Ekadashi".

It is a common thing that we all wish to achieve all material comforts in this world.  Achieving salvation by fulfilling the obligations of a happy life is the last stop, but one gets it all and why one does not get success even after hard work. In fact, to achieve success in any work, spiritual power is required and we get it from the energy of this universe, which we can achieve by doing rituals done on a particular day and time.  Padma Ekadashi day helps us in achieving all this.
Performing Yajna on this day gives the results of Vajpayee Yajna. There is no better way to destroy the sins of sinners.  The person who worships Vamana on the day of Parivartini Ekadashi, worships all the three worlds. Therefore, a person desiring salvation must perform this fast.
 According to the Puran, fasting and worshiping on this Ekadashi eliminates sins, attains salvation and wills. On this day, devotees should worship the Vamana form of Lord Vishnu.

Pandunandan Arjun said- "Lord!  What is the name of Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada and what is the rule of its fast?  What is the result of fasting on that Ekadashi?  O Krishna!  Please explain and say all this. "

Shri Krishna said- “O Partha!  Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapad month is called Parivartini Ekadashi or Jayanti Ekadashi or Vamana Ekadashi. Just by listening to the story of this Ekadashi, all sins are eliminated and man becomes the possessor of heaven.
The bad sinners are also saved by the story of this Jayanti Ekadashi. If a pious man worships me on Ekadashi, I give him the results of world worship. The person who worships me gets my Baikuntha. There is no doubt in this. The person who worships Lord Vamana on this Ekadashi, worships all the three gods i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh in this form.   O Parth!  Human beings who fast on this Ekadashi, they have nothing left to do in this world.  On this Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu changes sleeping sides, hence it is also known as Parivartini Ekadashi. ”

Hearing this, Arjun said with astonishment - "O Janardhana!  After listening to your words, I am confused as to how you fall asleep and turn.  Why did you tie the Bali and what were you doing in the form of Vamana. What is the rule of Chaturmasya fast and what is the duty of man on your sleeping, please tell me in detail. ”

Lord Shri Krishna said- “O Kuntiputra Arjuna!  Now listen carefully to this story that helps to reduced all sins.  In Tretayuga, the demon dynasty had an absolute majestic king named Bali.  He was very devout, charity, truthful and serving Brahmins.  He always performed Yajna, penance etc. Bali did not adopt the policy of war to obtain the throne of Devaraja Indra like other demons or asuras.  He was inspired to attain the post of Devaraja by devotion and virtue.  Bali were performed yajna one after the other.  His charity was the best.  Bali started the yagna again on the advice of Daityaguru Shukracharya and invited all the gods, asuras, Bhupathis and sages in it.  Indra was felt his throne in danger while his age of rule remained. Bali may not have been the king of heaven but the earth and the kings of other worlds used to give him the respect which is reserved for Devendra.  In a way, he started enjoying all the rights of Devraj Indra.  Devraj Indra and other gods could not bear this point and went to Srihari and started praying.  In the end, I took the form of Vamana and conquered King Bali as a bright Brahmin child. "

Hearing this, Arjun said- “O Lilapati!  How did you win that Bali by taking the form of Vamana, please tell me all this in detail. ”

Lord Shri Krishna said- “I took the form of Vamana and pleaded with King Bali - O Rajan!  You give me three steps of land for yajna, this will give you the results of the donation of three worlds. King Bali accepted this small petition and agreed to give the land.  When he promised  to me, I increased my size and expanded own body so much that in his two steps, the earth, sky and heaven were merged.
At that time Surya, Nakshatra, Indra and other gods started praising me.

Then I asked King Bali, O Rajan!  Now where do I put the third step Hearing this, King Bali took down his head. Then I put my third step on his head and thus for the benefit of the gods, I sent that Asura devotee to the Hades. I was very happy to be the munificence of Bali. I promised Bali that you are eligible to receive the post of Devendra.  You will get this place. Your mistake is only that you cannot be patient. Now you go and live in the Sutal lok . In the next kalpa you will attain Indra's post.
When I said to Bali asking for any desired boon , then Bali said - You have fulfilled my wish. You also crushed my pride. Always I wish to see you. If you want to give something, then give me your fellowship so that the religiousness in me is always awake. I could not commit any wrongdoing even by forgetting. At the behest of Bali, I promised him that, O Bali! I will always be with you.

Lord Vishnu present in Vamana form became extremely pleased with the devotion and commitment of King Bali and asked King Bali to stay in Hades.  Along with this, Lord Vishnu gave a boon to King Bali that one form of Chaturmas will sleep in the Kshirasagar in four months and another form will be with King Bali to protect that kingdom.The story of Parivartini Ekadashi gives a message.The donor should not feel proud. Selfless donation is best. Its results is the best. God gives its results, but the donation made with some greed is not so good. King Bali boasted and went to Hades.This also shows that overaction in any work is bad.

14 .  Indira(Shraddh Paksha) Ekadashi .

Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month is called Indira Ekadashi. Indira Ekadashi is also called Shraddha Paksha Ekadashi.  The special thing of this Ekadashi is that it comes in the Pitri Paksha, due to which its importance becomes very high.  It is believed that if any ancestor is suffering the punishment of his deeds near Yamaraja due to his sinful deeds, then by observing fast on this Ekadashi and donating its virtue in his name, then he gets salvation and after death the fasting person also resides in Baikunth. Ekadashi fasting has special significance in Ashwin month.  With this, both mind and body remain balanced.  At this time fasting of Ekadashi protects against serious diseases. Indira Ekadashi of Ashwin month has special significance for the destruction of sins and peace of ancestors. Not only does this destroy our sins, ancestors also get moksha.

It is also said in the Padma Purana that if the virtues of this Ekadashi coming in the Shraddha Paksha are given to the ancestors, then the ancestors who went to hell also go to heaven after being freed from hell.  By observing this fast, all beings get freedom from all their sins.  A person does not have to face the torture of Yamlok by fasting on this Ekadashi. Being Ekadashi of Pitripaksha, this Ekadashi is considered to be best for the liberation of ancestors. This Ekadashi celebrated in Pitripaksha is considered special for ancestors. According to Padma Purana, Indira Ekadashi fasting affects even after the death of the seeker. With its effect, all sins of people  be destroyed and finally get heavens.  With the effect of this fast, the defect of the ancestors of the native is also eliminated. The fast and worship of this Ekadashi is the same as that of other Ekadashi. The only difference is that on this day Shaligram is worshiped.  On this day, Lord Shaligram should be bathed with panchamrit and offer bhog and perform aarti after worship. This Ekadashi falls during Shraddha, due to which this Ekadashi itself has a different significance. On this day, due to whoever observes fast, ancestor get salvation and they go towards Baikunath Dham.  Even keeping this fast opens up for oneself through heaven. Lord Vishnu is worshiped on this day and Vishnu Sahasranama is recited with full heart.

Sinking in the devotion of Lord Krishna, Arjun said - "Lord, now please tell the story of Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month. What is the name of this Ekadashi and what is the result of fasting it.  Please say in detail . "

Lord Shri Krishna said to Arjuna- "O Kaunteya! Only by listening to the story of this Ekadashi, human gets infinite result. I tell this story, you listen carefully.
In the Satyuga, a majestic king named Indrasen ruled in the city named Mahishmati.  He was full of sons, grandchildren, wealth, property etc. His enemies were always afraid of him.  One day the king was sitting happily in his Rajya Sabha that Maharishi Narada came there.  Seeing Naradji, the king got up from the seat, bowed and gave him the seat with respect.  Then Maharishi Narada said- 'O Rajan!  Are all in your state efficient?  I am very happy to see your piety. '
The king said- 'Oh God!  By your grace, all are well in my kingdom and with your grace all my Yajna deeds etc. have been successful.  O Maharishi, please tell me, for what purpose have you come here?  What may I serve you? '
Maharishi Narada said- 'O Great king!  I have a great surprise that once when I went from Brahmaloka to Yamlok, I saw your father sitting in the assembly of Yamaraja. Your father was a great sage, donor and pious, but he has gone to Yamlok due to the fast of Ekadashi. Your father has sent a message for you.

'The king eagerly asked- 'What is the message Maharishi?  Please say as soon as possible. '

Rajan Your father has said- 'Maharishi!  May you please go to my son Indrasen, the king of the city of Mahishmati, to give a message that I have got this Yamloka only because of the bad deeds of my previous birth.  If my son fasts for Indira Ekadashi of the Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month and gives me the results of that fast, then I will be liberated.  I will too leave this Yamloka and live in heaven.
Indrasen was very sad to hear that his father was lying in Yamlok and he said to Narada - 'O Naradji!  It is a sad news that my father is in Yamlok.  I will definitely measure their salvation. Please tell me the rule of Indira Ekadashi fast.
Naradji said- 'O Rajan! On the tenth day of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month, one should take a devout bath in the morning. After this, one should also take bath in the afternoon. At that time, pay obeisance to the ancestors by going out of water and have a meal on that day and sleep on the earth at night.  On the second day, that is, on Ekadashi, after daily routine, take a devotional fast after bathing, and resolve in this way - 'I will be hungry today and will sacrifice all indulgences.  After this, I will eat the next day.  Oh God! You are my protector. You complete my fast. '
In this way,  doing aachman in the afternoon, install the idol of Saligramji and call the Brahmin and provide food and give Dakshina. Do give some portion of food to cow and worship Lord Vishnu with incense, naivedya etc. and awaken at night. Thereafter, on the day of Dwadashi, keep food silently with the relatives . O Rajan! This is the method of fasting of Indira Ekadashi. If you abandon laziness and observe this fast on this Ekadashi, then your father will surely become the possessor of heaven. '
Naradji, after explaining all the rules to the king, became disappear . On the arrival of Indira Ekadashi, the king fasted on  this day.  This doing fast along with the relatives , led to the rain of flowers from the sky, and the king's father went to heaven on a chariot from Yamlok. Due to the influence of this Ekadashi, King Indrasen also went to heaven in the end after enjoying happiness in earth.
Lord Krishna said - O friend!  I have described before you the significance of Indira Ekadashi.  Only by reading and listening to this story does one get rid of all sins and in the end man becomes the possessor of heaven. "

15 .  Papakunsha Ekadashi.

Ekadashi date of the month is considered very sacred in Hinduism.  Ekavashi date falls after Navratri and Dussehra in Ashwin month.  Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month is called Papankusha Ekadashi.  Ekadashi fasting is considered to be a source of happiness by providing freedom from all kinds of sins.

The Papakunsha Ekadashi fast is observed on the Ekadashi of the Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. Fasting of Ekadashi date helps in achieving the ultimate goal of the creatures, Bhagavad Bhakti. This day is considered very auspicious and fruitful to serve Shri Hari with full devotion.  On this day, the Padmanabha form of Lord Vishnu is worshiped to get the desired results. Although each Ekadashi has its own different significance, the person observing the fast of Papankusha Ekadashi has atonement for all the sins committed in knowing & unknowing.  By observing this fast, both mind and soul are purified.
Papakunsha Ekadashi gives the same results as performing one thousand Ashwamedha and hundred Surya Yagyas.  There is no other fast like this Ekadashi fast.  Apart from this, the person who awakens on the night of this Ekadashi becomes possessor of heaven.  Donating on this Ekadashi results in auspicious results.
Please tell that from this day Karthik will also start the last month of Chaturmas.  For your information, let us know that some people start Kartik from full moon and some from Papankusha Ekadashi. There is a tradition of doing special worship of Lord Vishnu and his avatars on Ekadashi date. But worshiping Tulsi ji along with Shri Hari also has significance, because Tulsi ji is forbidden to touch on the next day of Ekadashi i.e. on Dwadashi.  Tulsi is considered as the form of Lakshmi in the scriptures.  It is said that if Tulsi is worshiped on the evening of Ekadashi by lighting a lamp and chanting some special mantras, the result is twice as much.
One who observes this Paapankush Ekadashi fast, gets good health, happiness, prosperity, opulence.  For those who believe in Vishnu, this Ekadashi has special significance.  According to the customs, those who fast on this day worship Krishna and Radha.  This Ekadashi is also written in 'Brahma Vaivarta Purana', and it is considered to be the most essential for freedom from sin.
According to this Purana, Maharaj Yudhishthira asks Lord Krishna about this fast, then Krishna tells that the result which is not obtained by thousands of years of penance, this result gets from this fast.  It forgives a man's sins committed inadvertently, and he gets salvation.  Krishna ji says that charity has special significance on this day. If a person donates grain, shoes, slippers, umbrella, clothes, animals, gold on his own wish, then he gets the result of this fast completely.  He gets happiness, peace, opulence, wealth, good family in worldly life.  Krishna ji also says that after dying of this fast, one does not have to go to hell to see the face of Yamraj, but the path to heaven directly opens.

There is a mythology behind why Papapunsha Ekadashi is celebrated. 

In ancient times, a hunter named Krodhana lived on Mount Vindhya, he was very cruel.  All his life was spent in violence, looting, drinking and wrongful association with sin.
When his last time came, the messengers of Yamraj came to take the hunter and the Yamdoot said to the hunter that tomorrow is the last day of your life, we will come to pick you up tomorrow.  Hearing this, hunter became very afraid and reached Mahrishi Angira's ashram and fell at  Maharishi Angira's feet and started praying.  O sage!  I have committed sins all my life.
Please tell me some way that all my sins will be eradicated and salvation will be attained.  On his request, Maharishi Angira asked him to observe Ashwin Shukla's Papankusha Ekadashi fast.
According to Maharishi Angira, that hunter performed this fast and got rid of all the sins committed and by the grace of God, by the power of this fast, he went to Vaikunthadhama.  When the Yamadoot of Yamraj saw this miracle, they returned to Yamlok without taking hunter.

A poor person must also earn some virtue by giving some charity as much as possible.

People who build ponds, gardens, dharamshalas, the well etc. do not have to suffer the sufferings of hell. Those people, in this world, are full of healthy, longevity, sons and wealth, and enjoy happiness and finally go to heaven.  He is not suffered by the grace of Lord Shrihari. "
There is no one in the world more than a Guru. Parents are the first gurus.  After that the guru from whom you take initiation.  But many people come insulting their own parents and the initiators of the Guru by coming to the words of others or listening to them and hear the condemnation of the Guru from others.

It is clearly stated in the scriptures that the person who condemns his Guru or silently hears the evil of his Guru from others, is a participant in the same sin as the sin of killing Brahman.  Such a person lives a hellish life while living on earth.  He always lacks wealth, happiness etc. and after death he does not find a place in hell either.  If such a person wants to improve his  life in earth and the hereafter, then he must observe the fast of Papankush Ekadashi.

Man should be determined to avoid sins.  Though the remembrance of Lord Vishnu is soothing and sinkiller in any way, but the remembrance of the Lord on the day of Ekadashi kills all tribulations and sins. Ekadashi helps in achieving the ultimate goal of life, Bhagavad Bhakti. This day is considered very auspicious and fruitful to serve the Lord with full devotion.  On this day, if a person does devotional service to God with a pure heart, he becomes a blessing of the Lord.

The rest will continue in the next article.....

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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-05)

Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-05)

Welcome friends…  Today I am present with the service of all of you by taking remaining part in the story of Ekadashi, the fifth part of the series. Thank you for the love and affection you got from people.  If today's story is also liked by you, my happiness lies in this. Thank you from the heart and thank you for expressing your happiness through mail to me. All of you are requested again to share the article on social media.  So that keeps me excited and writing power.  At the end of the article, all of you will get a link to the fourth part. ................Thank you

10 .  Devshayani(Harishayani) Ekadashi.

There is a belief among Hindus that all Hindu Gods and Goddesses become Chaumas i.e. 4 months go into sleep.  The day when the deities go to sleep is called Devshayani Ekadashi.  Devshayani Ekadashi is made up of two words: Dev ie God and Shayani means sleeping ie which day God go to sleep is called Devshayani Ekadashi.

Devshayani Ekadashi is called Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Ashadha month which is also known as Padmanabha Ekadashi, Ashadhi Ekadashi, Hari Shayani Ekadashi, Maha-Ekadashi and Pratham Ekadashi. This indicates the beginning of Chaturmas.

Chaturmas is a sacred period of four months when Lord Vishnu sleeps. This time begins after Devashayani Ekadashi.  Devshayani Ekadashi usually starts a few days after the Puri Rath Yatra. The Padarpur journey in Maharashtra also ends on this day.  In Maharashtra, pilgrims observe the fast of Devshayani Ekadashi with religious fervor. The main festival takes place on this day at the Lord Vitthal temple in Maharashtra.  Lord Krishna is worshiped as an avatar of Vishnu.
Devshayani Ekadashi is one day before the beginning of Chaturmas period.  As the name Chaturmas it signifies four months in which all auspicious works are forbidden during the Ashadha, Shravan, Bhadrapada and Ashwin Chaturmas periods.  Devotees are expected to perform austerities, complete devotional activities, and restrain their senses.
The importance of Devshayani Ekadashi is in the religious scriptures that for the first time Lord Krishna explained its importance to Yudhishthira. He said that there used to be a king in the Satyuga named Mandhata.  Once there was no rain in his state, he faced drought for three years. This created a precarious situation whereby the residents of the state faced difficult times.  The rivers dried up and humans and animals began to suffer a lot.  Due to which, the king started thinking about what sin I have committed in my life, whose punishment I am getting. Thinking this, the king went out to the forest to find the reason behind the events in his kingdom.  While wandering there, one day he reached the ashram of Brahma's son Angira Rishi and bowed to him.  Rishiwar asked the king about his efficient news, then wanted to know the purpose of wandering in the forest and coming to his ashram.

Then the king folded his hands and said- 'Mahatma!  I have been following the religion in all ways, yet I am witnessing the degradation of my state.  After all, what a sin has I committed.  Tell me what is the solution for this? 

Then the sage said that this is the Satyuga, here a little sin has to be paid for it and it gets a big penalty.  'Maharishi Angira told-' Fast on the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of the month of Ashadh.  There will definitely be rain due to the effect of this fast. '  The king returned to the capital of his kingdom and duly celebrated Padmanabha Ekadashi along with the four varnas.  Due to the effect of the fast, there was torrential rain in his kingdom and the whole state was filled with wealth and property.
There is another story also.  It is also found in religious texts that Shankhasura demon was killed on the date of this Ekadashi.  After which Lord Vishnu starts from this day and sleeps in the Kshirasagar for four months and awakes on Kartik Shukla Ekadashi. According to the Purana, it has also been said that Lord Hari asked for three steps land for the yajna in the form of Vamana avatar to the demon king bali .  God covered the entire earth, sky and all directions in the first step.  In the next step, he took the entire heaven world.  In the third step, Bali sacrificed himself and asked to keep a step on his head. Pleased with this kind of donation, God made Bali the suzerain of the Hades and  Lord Vishnu said to Bali asked for a boon.  Bali asked for the boon that Lord you stay in my palace constantly.  Seeing Lord Vishnu tied with the Bali's promise, his wife Lakshmi made Bali brother and requested Bali to free God from the promise. Then from this day onwards, the three gods stay in the patallok for 4-4 months, following the boon by Lord Vishnu.  Vishnu resides from Devshayani Ekadashi to Devauthani Ekadashi, Shivji to Mahashivratri and from Brahmaji Shivratri to Devshayani Ekadashi.

11 . Pavitra(Putrada) Ekadashi .

Ekadashi of the Shukla Paksha of Saavan month is called Putrada or Pavitra Ekadashi, as its name suggests that this Ekadashi is fasted to attain a son.  On this day, husband and wife fast with the couple and worship Lord Vishnu for child.

Mata Lakshmi is also pleased by observing this Ekadashi fasting from the couple.  Also Lord Shiva is also pleased because this Ekadashi fast is observed in the month of Savan.  On this day you must do the  jalaabhisek of Shiva.  This fast is observed only on the Ekadashi of the Shukla Paksha of the month of Savan. According to the name of this fast, it has its result. The fast of holy Ekadashi is very auspicious for those who face obstacles in having children or for those who wish to have a son. Therefore, in order to have children, this fast must be kept on a particular person, so that they can get the desired results.

Two Ekadashis are known as Putrada Ekadashi in same year. This is the Ekadashi which falls on the Shukla Paksha of Shravan and Pausha month, these two Ekadashis are called Putrada Ekadashi. According to the English calendar, currently Ekadashi of Paush Shukla Paksha falls in the month of December / January, while the month of July / August falls on the Ekadashi of Shravan Shukla Paksha.  It is known as Putrada Ekadashi, Pavitraopana Ekadashi, Pavitra Ekadashi.

The mythological stories of Ekadashi is as follows: - Maharaj Yudhishthira started saying, "O God!  What is the name of Shravan Shukla Ekadashi?  Say the method of fasting and its great grace.
Madhusudan started saying that the name of this Ekadashi is Putrada.  Now listen to the story of it peacefully.  It is only by listening to this that the result of the Vaipayee Yajna is received.
At the beginning of Dwapara Yuga there was a city named Mahishmati, in which a king ruled named Mahijta , but due to his sonlessness, the king did not feel the kingdom pleasing.  He believed that for those who do not have children, both this world and the hereafter heaven are deplorable.  The king took many measures to achieve son happiness, but the king did not get a son. Seeing old age, the king called the representatives of the publics and said - O people! There is no unjustly earned wealth in my treasury. Neither have I taken away the wealth of gods and Brahmins.  I have not taken the heritage of any other person, I cherished the publics like a son. I kept punishing the criminals like sons and friends.  Never hated anyone.  Everyone is treated equal.  Always worship gentlemen.  In this way even while doing a religious state, I do not have a son.  So I am feeling very sad, what is the reason for this?
The minister and the representatives of the publics went to the forest to consider this thing of King Mahjit.  There he saw great sages and saints.  In order to fulfill the king's best wishes, they kept on looking around for a superior ascetic monk.
In one of the ashrams, they saw the great oldage religionist Lomash rishi. Everyone went and bowed to the sage.  On seeing those people, the sage asked, for what reason have all of you come?  I will definitely help all of you. I am born only for the benefit of others, do not doubt it.

On hearing such words of Lomash Rishi, everyone said - O Maharshe!  You are more capable than Brahma in knowing our point.  So, you remove this doubt from us.

The godly king Mahajit of Mahishmati Puri love own publics like a son.  Still, he is sad due to his sonlessness. Those people further said that we are his publics. Therefore, we are also sad due to his sorrow. With your affirmation we are confident that this crisis of ours will surely go away, because many sufferings are overcome with the mere sight of great men.  Now please show we the way to be the king's son.
Hearing this talk, the sage closed his eyes for a while and after knowing the story of the previous birth of the king, he said that this king was a poor Vaishya in the previous life.  Being poor, he did many bad deeds.  It used to go from one village to another. At one time on the dusk of the bright mid noon of Jyeshtha month, he went to a reservoir to drink water while he was hungry for two days.  A thirsty cow was drinking water at the same place.
The king removed that thirsty cow from drinking water and started drinking water himself, so the king had to suffer this sorrow.  Due to starvation on Ekadashi, he became the king and due to the removal of the thirsty cow from drinking water, the son is suffering the sorrow of disconnection.  Hearing this, everyone started saying, O sage!  The atonement of sins is also written in the scriptures. So, as soon as this sin of the king is destroyed, you give such a solution.
Lomash rishi started saying that fasting of Ekadashi of Shravan Shukla Paksha, which is also called Putrada Ekadashi, you all fast and awake at night, then it will destroy the sin of the king's former birth, along with the king must get the son  Will be. On hearing such words of Lomash rishi, the entire people including ministers returned to the city and when Shravan Shukla Ekadashi came, everyone observed and night awakened Putrada Ekadashi according to the sage's order.
After this, on the day of Dwadashi, the result of its virtue was given to the king.  Under the influence of that virtue, the queen conceived and  a great bright son was born to her.

That's why, Rajan!  This Shravan Shukla Ekadashi was named Putrada. Therefore, those who achieve the desire for child happiness must do this fast. By reading this story and listening to its greatness, a person is freed from all sins and in this world will get children happiness and attain heaven in the hereafter.

There is also a another story mentioned in Puranas.

In ancient times, King Suketuman ruled in a city.  He always worried about the fact that he had no children.  One day King Suketuman walked towards the forest.  While walking in the forest, he went into a very dense forest.  The king started feeling very thirsty while walking in the forest.  He went into the forest and in search of water, where he saw a lake.  The king saw that the ashram of the sages is also built near the lake and many sages are doing study of Vedas.

The king paid respects to all the sages .  The sages blessed the king, the king asked the sages the reason for their gathering.  Muni said that they are Vishvadeva and has come for a bath near the lake.  From today on the fifth day, the bath of Magh month will begin and today is Putrada Ekadashi. Those who fast on this day get a son.
On hearing this, the king said, "O Visvadeva, if all of you are happy with me, then you bless me to get the son ."  Muni said, Rajan, today is the fast of Putrada Ekadashi.  You keep this fast today and worship Lord Narayana.  The king duly observed the holy Ekadashi fast and performed rituals according to the sage's command.  The king received children through the auspicious results of the fast. In this way, those who keep this fast get the son. If there are obstacles in having children, then by keeping this fast, they are overcome.  The person who hears the great significance of this fast attains salvation.

12 .  Aja(Kamika) Ekadashi .

Bhadrapada (Bhadon) Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha is called Aja Ekadashi. This is also called Kamika Ekadashi, Annada Ekadashi or Jaya Ekadashi.

The fast of this Ekadashi destroys all the sins of the birth-births of the creature, while the fate also rises due to the eradication of their suffering.
All the wishes of someone who observes this fast are fulfilled immediately.  In this fast, Lord Vishnu's Upendra form is duly worshiped. The fast of Aja Ekadashi is said to be the best among all the fasts.
A person observing Ekadashi fast has to be restrained in his mind, senses, diet and behavior. Fasting of Aja Ekadashi fasting motivates a person to rise above Artha-Kama  and walk on the path of salvation and Dharma. This fast has been going on since ancient times. The basis of this fast is mythological, scientific and balanced life.  Regarding this fast, it is believed that the results resulting from this fast are more than the results of Ashwamedha Yajna, difficult penance, bathing and donations in pilgrimages.  This fast, cleanses the mind, purifies the heart and inspires towards the good path.
Almost all of India knows about Satyavadi King Harishchandra.  From folk tales to folk dances, people felt Harishchandra's grief. The text of dignified life is still found in the story of Harishchandra.  So the story of Aja Ekadashi is the story of these true king Harishchandra.
It is a matter of the Satyuga, King Harishchandra used to be a very truthful and chakravarti king.  There was no empty hand from his court.  Once the sage Vishwamitra thought of taking his test, he asked Harishchandra all the his kingdom .
Now Harishchandra became absolutely pauper, the matter did not end here, Vishwamitra asked for gold currencies from which he accidentally gave the promise to give. When Vishwamitra reminded him that you had already handed over the kingdom ,then how would you give the currency now, Harishchandra pledged his wife and son but still the currency was not fulfilled, then he also accepted himself as a Chandal's slave and completed Maharishi's desire.

But the story of his sufferings did not end here. Harishchandra used to work in the crematorium to collect tax in lieu of cremation from the kin of the deceased. Many times a situation of dilemma was faced in front of him, but they did not deviate from the path of truth and duty. On the other hand, Harishchandra's wife had to work in gardener. It is a matter of one day that the son Rohitash, playing in the garden, was bitten by a snake, which led to his death there.

When she reached the crematorium with the dead body of son with crying & weeping ,Harishchandra's heart was filled with sorrow to seeing the son's body.  Hearing the entire story, Harishchandra said that  I bound with my duty ,whoever comes here for cremation they has to pay something as tax. what do you have??
What did that she have besides the corpse of her son's death body.  This day was of Krishna Ekadashi of Bhadrapada, both of them had not eaten anything since morning.  Both were praying to God on their conditions.  When Harishchandra did not allow the cremation, the queen ripped half of her sari and gave it to Harishchandra as a tax.
On the other hand, God was also watching all this, so seeing Harishchandra's dutiful devotion, he brought his son alive and again returned the his kingdom to Harishchandra.  So in this way, all the sorrows of Harishchandra were eradicated by the fast of Aja Ekadashi. There is a belief about the story of this Ekadashi that just by listening to this story, you get the same results as Ashwamedha Yagya.

God is supreme power & omnipresent and without asking, knowing all the state of his devotee, he eradicates all his troubles and worries.  Only the devotees who do devotion to God in true sense, God blesses them like they gave everything to their friend Sudama without saying anything, so the devotees who seek their service from God are always happy and happy .

The rest will continue in the next article.....

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Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-04)

Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-04)

Hello friends… The fourth part of the story series of Ekadashis is presented to you.  This time it is late for you.  I'm sorry for this . I hope you will like today's presentation too. If you like the article, do share it on social media.  And also tell your acquaintances about my blog.  At the end of the article, all of you will get a link to Part Three.  And one special thing to remember is that there are two Ekadashi in Malmas, Padmini Ekadashi and Parma Ekadashi.  Thank you

07 . Parma (Harivallabha) Ekadashi.

The Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Purushottam month is famous as Parma and Harivallabha Ekadashi. This Ekadashi comes after every three years. Therefore, this Ekadashi has special significance. On the day of Parma Ekadashi, if Tulsi Mata is also worshiped with Lord Vishnu, then  kindness Goddess Lakshmi starts coming to that house. Because it is considered auspicious and beneficial to have the most holy basil in the house. That is, there is the arrival of happiness and prosperity in that house and the money crisis ends. In the Padmapuran, Lord Krishna has told that by donating thousands of cows from this Ekadashi one gets the virtue and financial troubles will be removed. Let's see what else is said about Parma Ekadashi in this Purana.

It is believed that Lord Vishnu himself blesses the devotee who worships and chants Lord Vishnu on Malmaas month in the true heart on this Ekadashi. Their sins are destroyed and all wishes are fulfilled. The rituals performed during this period receive more merit than the other month. According to the information given in the scriptures, reading and listening to this Ekadashi tale gives the same results as to donate thousands of cow.
By the way, every Ekadashi fasting is done to achieve happiness and prosperity in life and to attain salvation.  But in Malamas, fasting and charity are more important.  Because in this month Lord Vishnu has special grace.  Those who are struggling with lack of money in their life. Those facing problems due to poverty in life.  Fasting of Parma Ekadashi is very important for those who wish for salvation after death.  Just like in the world, Brahmin in two legs, cow mother in four legs and Indra Raja is superior among the gods.
In the same way, Malmas is good in months.  In this month, Five Night is very fruitful.  Padmini and Parma Ekadashi are the best in this month.  All the sins are destroyed by his fast.  Therefore in Malmaas any weak person must  to do this fast, which humans do not take baths and fast on Ekadashi, they observe commit the sin of suicide. This human births meets with great virtues, that is why a person should observe Ekadashi fast. There are two story behind the on Ekadashi fast.
In ancient times there was a donor and majestic king named Vabhru Vahan.  He used to donate hundred cows to Brahmins every day.  In his kingdom there lived a child-widow named Prabhavati. Who was the supreme worshiper of Lord Vishnu. In Purushottam month, she used to worship Vishnu and Shankar on a daily basis. She had been continuously observing the Parma Ekadashi i.e. Harivallabha Ekadashi fast for many years.  By chance, King Vabhruvahana and child-widow died on the same day, and both together reached the court of Dharmaraja.  Dharmaraja did not respect the king as much as he welcomed the child-widow. The king had great faith in his charity. He was surprised, at the same time, when Chitragupta asked the reason for this, Dharmaraja told about the fasting of Parma Ekadashi by child-widow.
Now lets go to know the second story.
There lived a religious Brahmin named Sumedha in the city of Kampilya.  His wife was very pious and virtuous. This couple was very poor due to any sins committed in the past.  Sumedha's wife used to serve her husband and starved ownself by giving food to the guest. Once Sumedha said to his wife: Hey dear!  Family does not run without money, so I go abroad and do some work.
The Brahmin wife said: O Prannath!  Whatever the husband says, good or bad, the wife should do the same. Human beings get the results of deeds of previous birth. Whatever the creator has written in fate, it does not stop. Hey Prannath!  You do not need to go anywhere, whatever will be in luck, it will be found here. Following the advice of his wife, Sumedha Brahmin did not go to other place . One day Kaundinya Muni came to that place.  On seeing him, Sumedha and his wife bowed to him and said: Today we are blessed Rishivar. With your darshan, our life was successful today. They gave postures and food to Muniver.
After the meal, the Brahmini said: O Muniver!  You have come from our destiny.  I firmly believe that now our impoverishment is going to be destroyed soon. Please tell us some ways to end our poverty. On this, Kaundinya Maharishi said: All the sins, sorrows and poverty etc. are destroyed by fasting the "Parma Ekadashi" of Krishnamapaksha of "Malamas". Whoever performs this fast, becomes rich. During this fast, night awakening should be done including Harinam Kirtan, Bhajan etc.  Mahadevji has made Kubera as money lord  due he observing this fast. Then Maharishi Kaundinya told him the method of fasting of "Parama Ekadashi".  Muni said: O Brahmini!  On this day, one should start Pancharatri fast in the morning after daily routine.  Human beings who fast for five days in this Ekadashi fast, go to heaven with their family. Hey Brahmini!  Do this fast with your husband. You will definitely get happiness, accomplishment and finally heaven.

According to Kaundinya Maharishi, they fasted for "Parama Ekadashi" for five days.  At the end of the fast, the Brahmin's wife saw a prince coming to his house. That prince, with the inspiration of Brahmaji, donated him a village for livelihood and a perfect house which was full of all things.  With the effect of this fast, both of them enjoyed eternal happiness in this world and finally went to heaven.
Parma Ekadashi is a virtuous result, Lord Vishnu is worshiped on this day. According to the mythological beliefs,  Kubera had fasted on the day of Parma Ekadashi and pleased with his fast, Lord Shankar made him  lord of wealth. For this reason, it is believed that whoever fasts on this day gets wealth.  Ekadashi helps in achieving the ultimate goal of God, Bhagavad Bhakti.  This day is considered very auspicious and fruitful to serve the Lord with full devotion. On this day, if a person does devotional service to God with a pure heart, he becomes a blessing of the Lord.
The person should keep performing charity, fasting etc. and continue on the path of spirituality  has only one meaning that the person will know the conscious element inside him i.e. to know about himself. Only by walking on the path of spirituality can body and Jeevatma become absorbed in God and make their life blessed.

08 . Nirjala(Pandava) Ekadashi.

In Jyestha month, Ekadashi date is celebrated as Nirjala Ekadashi and Bhimseni Ekadashi.  Drinking water during this Ekadashi fast is considered prohibited , hence this Ekadashi is called Nirjala. Nirjala Ekadashi is considered to be the biggest and important of all the 24 Ekadashis that occur throughout the year.  Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Jyestha month is called Nirjala Ekadashi. The importance of this festival can be gauged from the fact that a person if miss the fast for all the Ekadashi of the year and if he only does the Nirjala Ekadashi fast then he will get the merit of all the Ekadashi .

This fast reveals the feeling of water conservation in the mind.  The fast also shows the real importance of water.  In this fast, water is also not drunk from sunrise to the next sunrise.  Nirjala means this fast without water is called Nirjala Ekadashi. According to religious beliefs, observing fast on Nirjala Ekadashi ends the negative effect caused by the moon.  Fasting increases the ability to concentrate.  Devotees stay awake all night and worship Lord Vishnu. By doing this, positive energy is infused in life. Sleeping on the night of Nirjala Ekadashi is forbidden, as it has negative effects on the body. Ekadashi is celebrated on other months may be use to eat fruits but the neither fruits nor water is accepted as on this Ekadashi.  This Ekadashi is done in summer with great pain and penance. Therefore, its importance is paramount to other Ekadashis. There is a legend about this that Bhimsen was the greatest in physical strength among the Pandavas, there was a fire named Vriak in his stomach, hence he is also called Vrikodar.  He was a born powerful person, and after going to Naglok and drinking the divine liquid of ten kunds there, he got strength like ten thousand elephants.  Due to the effect of this liquid juice, their ability to digest food and hunger was also increased. All the Pandavas and Draupadi were fasting on the Ekadashis, but Ekadashi fasting was difficult for Bhima.  Therefore, Vyasji asked him to observe the fast of Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month while remaining waterless and told that with its effect, you will get equal results to the Ekadashi of the all year.

On the order of Vyasji, Bhimsen fasted on this Ekadashi.  Therefore, this Ekadashi is also known as Bhimseni Ekadashi. According to a legend related to Nirjala Ekadashi, it is also known as Pandava Ekadashi and Bhimseni or Bhima Ekadashi.

Among the Pandavas, Bhimsen, the second brother, was very fond of eating and drinking and was not able to control his hunger and hence he could not observe Ekadashi fast.  Apart from Bhima, the other Pandava brothers and Draupadi used to perform all Ekadashi fasts of the year with full devotion. Bhimsen was worried about his helplessness and weakness.  Bhimsen felt that he was disrespecting Lord Vishnu by not observing Ekadashi fast.  To emerge from this dilemma, Bhimsen went to Maharishi Vyasa, then Maharishi Vyasa said that the name of Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Jayeshtha month is named Nirjala.  You fast on that Ekadashi. In this fast, water is prohibited except bath and achman. One should not eat on this day, because fasting is destroyed by taking food. If one does not take water from sunrise to sunrise of Dwadashi then he gets the fruits of fasting of all the Ekadashi.  Dwadashi should get up before sunrise and  take bathe etc. and give donations of Brahmins.  After this, after feeding the hungry and eligible Brahmin, then you should have food.  Its results is equal to the entire Ekadashis of one year. Vyasji started saying that O Bhimsen!  God himself has told me this.  The virtue of this Ekadashi is more than all pilgrimages and donations.  Only one day a person becomes free from sins by remaining waterless.
Thus, according to Vyasji's order, Bhimsen performed this fast. Therefore, this Ekadashi is also called Bhimseni or Pandava Ekadashi.  Before fasting, you pray to God, O God!  Today I observe fast, I will have food on the second day.  I will pay homage to this fast, so that by your grace all my sins will be destroyed. As Maharishi Vedvyas told Bhima, this fast of Ekadashi has to be done without any water, so it is very difficult to keep it.  Because one is forbidden to drink even water in it, and secondly, Ekadashi fasting is opened after sunrise on Dwadashi.  Hence, its time period also becomes very long.

09 . Yogini(Shayani) Ekadashi

Ekadashi of Ashadha Krishna Paksha is called Yogini Ekadashi.  This Ekadashi is said to have special significance for the atonement of sin.  On this day, meditation and hymns of Shri Hari get freedom from sins. It is said that if Lord Vishnu is meditated by fasting on this day, then man gets freedom from all his sins. Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Ashadh month is called Yogini Ekadashi. It is also known as Shayani Ekadashi.  According to the Puranas, whoever observes this fast on this Ekadashi and worships the Lord, all his sins are destroyed.  He enjoys all the comforts, amenities and pleasures in his life and in the end he gets salvation.

According to mythological texts, this Ekadashi has been given great importance in all the three worlds.  According to the mythological texts, the story of Yogini Ekadashi fast is as follows. The speakers of this fast are Sri Krishna and Markandeya.  The listener is Yudhishthira and Hem Mali(Gardener).  When Yudhishthira asks the name and importance of asadh month Krishna  paksha Ekadashi, then Vasudev Shreekrishna tells this story.
It is a matter of Mahabharata period that once Dharmaraja Yudhishthira was listening to the glory of Ekadashi fasting from Lord Shri Krishna.  He ask to the Lord Krishna what is the significance of Ekadashi on the Krishna Paksha of the month of Ashadh and what is the name of this Ekadashi?
Lord Shri Krishna said, O Rajan, the name of this Ekadashi is Yogini.  In the whole world, whoever duly fasts on this Ekadashi worships the Lord, all his sins are destroyed.  He enjoys all the luxuries, pleasures and happiness in his life and at the end he attains salvation. This fast of Yogini Ekadashi is famous in all the three worlds.  Then Yudhishthra said that my eagerness has increased even more by listening to the importance of Prabhu Yogini Ekadashi from your mouth, please explain a little more about it.  Now Lord Shri Krishna started saying, Dharmashrestha I narrate a story mentioned in the Puranas, listen to it carefully
A king named Kubera used to rule in a city called Alkapuri of Swargalok.  He was a very righteous king and worshiped Lord Shiva.  No obstacle could prevent them from worshiping Lord Shiva.
A gardener named Hem used to arrange flowers to worship Lord Shiva.  He used to give flowers to King Kubera before worship every day.  Hem loved his wife Vishalakshi very much, she was a very beautiful woman.  What happened one day that Hem brought flowers for worship but on the way he thought that there is still time for worship, so I should go home.  Then he went to home.
After coming home, seeing his wife, he fell in love and fell in love with her.  On the other hand, the time of worship was being passed and King Kubera was getting distraught because of the absence of flowers.  When the time of worship passed and Hem did not reach with flowers, the king sent his soldiers and asked them to find out.
The soldiers returned and told that Maharaj is a great sinner, a great wicked ;  Was busy in love with his wife.  Hearing this, Kubera got very angry.  He immediately asked Hem to take hold.  Now, the trembling hem stood in front of Raja Kubera.  The enraged Kubera said, "O lowly, profanity! You have disrespected Lord Shiva by selfishness. I curse you that you will bear the disconnection of the woman and go leper in the earth." Now with the curse of Kubera Hem Mali reached the earth and got leprosy.  While living in heaven, he did not have the feeling of sorrows, but here on earth he was facing hunger and thirst as well as leprosy.  He could not see any end to his sufferings.
One day while wandering, he reached the ashram of Markandeya Rishi.  The beauty of the ashram was seen very beautiful . He fell at his feet and made him aware of his agony on Maharishi's request. Now sage Markandeya said, "You have told the truth to me, so I tell you a solution. Yogini Ekadashi happens on the Krishna paksha of the month of Ashada. If you do this methodical fast, all your sins will be destroyed."

Now the gardener paid obeisance to the sage and according to him, observed Yogini Ekadashi.  Thus he got rid of his curse and he came again in his real form and lived happily with his wife. The story of Yogini Vrat is equivalent to providing food to eighty-eight thousand Brahmins.  All sins are removed by its fast. A man should not be lazy or delays in worship etc. religion, but should always be ready to serve God by keeping the mind in moderation.

The rest will continue in the next article.....

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Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-03)

Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-03)

Hello friends .... In the last article you read the story of the three Ekadashis. This time too, I have come to you with the story of the three Ekadashis.  I hope that you will like this article like the previous article and your knowledge will increase. My purpose is to give you information only.  Whenever all of you have a desire to observe Ekadashi, do this fast only after taking advice from a qualified scholar. If you like my article, do share it on social media.  A link to the previous article will also be found at the end of the article.  Till then you earn knowledge from this article and wait for the next article.  Thank you

04 . Kamala(Padmini) Ekadashi.

There are 24 Ekadashi throughout the year which have different meanings and significance.  The Ekadashi falling on the Shukla Paksha of Malmas is known as Padmini Ekadashi, Kamala Ekadashi and Purushottam Ekadashi.  This Ekadashi comes once in three years.  The year in which Padmini Ekadashi falls, the whole year is 26 Ekadashi.  Along with Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva-Parvati ji is also worshiped on this Ekadashi. There is a belief about its fast that the person who performs it attains Baikuntha after consuming the pleasures on earth and attaining fame.  On this day of Ekadashi, by worshiping this Ekadashi, a person can attain salvation.

There is a mythological story behind it.  Once, Dharmaraja Yudhishthira asked Lord Krishna, what is the name of Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Malmaas ? Then God said that Ekadashi which comes in Shukla Paksha in Malmaas is called Padmini Ekadashi or Kamala Ekadashi. By the way, there are 24 Ekadashis every year.  When Malamas comes, then their number increases to 26.
After this, while telling the story, Shri Krishna said that in Treyayuga, under the dynasty of a king named Haihaya, a king named Kritavirya ruled in Mahishmati Puri.  That king had 1,000 most loved wife, but none of them had a son who could handle their kingdom.
The king made great efforts to get a son from Devta, Pitru, Siddha and many doctors etc.  Even after this, he could not get a son.  Then the king decided to do penance.  His most beloved queen, who was born in the Ikshvaku dynasty, named Padmini daughter of King Harishchandra, agreed to go to the forest with the king.
After handing over the kingdom to their minister, both of them left the royal clan and went to austerity on the Gandhamadan mountain.  The king meditated on that mountain for 10 thousand years, but still did not get a son.  Then Anusuya said to the queen Padmini - More than 12 months is important malamas, which comes after 32 months. Fasting with the awakening of Ekadashi of Padmini Shukla Paksha in it will fulfill all your wishes.  By observing this fast, God will please you and give you a son soon.  Then Rani Padmini fasted on Ekadashi with the desire to have a son.  She would stay awake at night on Ekadashi.
Pleased with this fast, Lord Vishnu granted him the boon of getting a son.  Due to this effect, a son was born in the house of Padmini, who was strong and like him there was no one powerful in all the three worlds.  There was no power to win them except God in the three worlds. Humans who have fasted the Malamas Shukla Paksha Ekadashi, who read or listen to the whole story, also get Vishnulok as eligible for fame.

05 .  Mohini Ekadashi.

According to mythological belief, when the churning of the ocean was happening, there was a fierce battle between the gods and the demons for the nectar urn.  Controversy had arisen.  Then Lord Vishnu took the form of a beautiful woman. Seeing the appearance of this beautiful woman, the asuras became fascinated and taking the nectar urn and gave the whole nectar gave to the gods. In this way, the gods became immortal by drinking nectar.  It is believed that on the day Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini, Shukla Ekadashi date of Vaishakh month was on that day.  That is why we celebrate this day as Mohini Ekadashi.  On this day, Mohini form of Lord Vishnu is worshiped.

Some people believe about Ekadashi that Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini on this day, hence the name Mohini Ekadashi.  While this idea is not mentioned in any Puranas and scriptures.  Lord Vishnu has incarnated Mohini many times.  These include the to save Lord Shiva from Bhasmasura, to distribute nectar after Samudra manthan and to marry Iravan. It is not mentioned anywhere that Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini on the day of Ekadashi.  Actually, this Ekadashi is called Mohini because of its fasting, a person trapped in the craving for attachment and enjoyment gets freedom from karma.  The same fact is evident from the story of Ekadashi found in the Padma Purana that Mohini Ekadashi is the Ekadashi that removes temptation.

According to religious scriptures (Mohini Ekadashi), Lord Rama knew about this Ekadashi from his guru Vashistha Muni in Treta Yuga.  Lord Rama also fasted this Ekadashi to tell the importance of Mohini Ekadashi to the world. Lord Krishna also advised Yudhishthira to observe this fast in Dwapara yuga. In the Padma Purana it is mentioned that Yudhishthira asked Kanha, Bhagavan!  What is the significance and result of Ekadashi of Vaishakh Shukla Paksha?  Then Shri Krishna remembers Lord Rama saying that the same question was asked by Lord Rama to Maharishi Vasistha in Tretayuga. Then Vashistha told them that the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month is Mohini Ekadashi.  This Ekadashi is the destroyer of all sins.  On this day, a person gets freedom from the illusion and fascination of the world by worshiping with fast and law.

There was a beautiful city named Bhadravati on the delightful bank of river Saraswati.  There was rule of a king named Dhritimana.  Dhritiman was born in the Chandra dynasty and always used to speak true . There lived a Vaishya named Dhanapala in his city, who came from a rich and happy family.  He used to do social service with great enthusiasm.  For the service of people, sources of water such as taps, ponds, pudders are made.  Planting trees along the road.  Also, he was an exclusive devotee of Lord Vishnu, always absorbed in his devotion. Dhanapala had five sons, Sumna, Dutimana, Meghavi, Sukrit and Dhritabuddhi.  Dhishtabuddhi, the youngest and fifth son of Dhanapala, always used to do sinful deeds.  Also used to play gambling and drinking.  He used to associate with prostitutes and evildoers. He used to spend time in gambling to save time.  He was very adamant and did not believe in God, Pitru etc.  He used to spend most of his father's wealth in bad addictions. Drinking and devouring meat was his daily work.  When he did not come to the right path even after much persuasion, his father, brothers and relatives expelled him unhappily and started condemning him.  After leaving the house, he started living by selling his jewelery and clothes.
The prostitutes and their evil companions also abandoned him after the money was destroyed.  When he was distressed by hunger and thirst, he thought of stealing and  use to fill his stomach by stealing at night, but one day he was caught, but the soldiers left him knowing the son of Vaishya.
When he was caught again for the second time, the soldiers also did not take any consideration of him and presented him before the king and told to king everything.  Then the king put him in prison.  He was given a lot of hardship by the king's command in prison and in the end he was asked to leave the city. Unhappy, he had to leave the city.
Now he started filling the stomach by killing animals and birds in the forest.  Then became the hunter, and with the bow and arrow started eating and selling the dead creatures of the forest.  Once distraught with hunger and thirst, he went in search of food.
One day some of his virtues emerged and he reached the ashram of Maharishi Kaundinya.  This is the incident of Vaishakh month.  The Kondinya sage went to take bath in Ganga river at that time.  When he returned to the ashram,  Dhrishbuddhi filled with the weight of repentance fell at his feet and weeping began to ask him about a fasting that could destroy all his sinful deeds. Then Maharishi said to him to observe Mohini Ekadashi fast.  Due to the effect of this fast, his poverty was overcome and after death he got a place in Vaikuntha lok.
The creature should always associate with the saints.  With the company of saints, man not only gets good wisdom, but his life is saved.  The company of sinners takes the creature to hell.

06 .  Achala(Apara) Ekadashi.

This Ekadashi is known by two names 'Achala' and 'Apara'.  According to the Puranas, Ekadashi of Jyeshtha Krishna Paksha is Apara Ekadashi, because it is going to give immense wealth.  Human beings who observe this fast become famous in the world. Lord Trivikram is worshiped on this day. Lord Vishnu, Lord Vitthal and Balaji are seen in Lord Trivikram.  According to mythological beliefs, by observing this fast all sins and sufferings are eliminated.
All sins of killing Brahmahatya, Ghost form, condemnation of others etc. are removed with the effect of fasting of Apara Ekadashi.  By observing this fast, all sins are destroyed, giving false testimony, lying, reading or making false scriptures, becoming a false astrologer and becoming a false doctor. Those Kshatriyas who run away from war are hellbent, but by fasting Apara Ekadashi they also get to heaven.  The disciples who receive instruction from the Guru and then condemn them, they fall into hell.  But by fasting Apara Ekadashi, they also get rid of this sin. The result which is obtained by bathing Kartik Purnima in all the three Pushkar or by offering pindadan to the ancestors on the banks of the Ganges, is obtained by fasting on Apara Ekadashi.

There are many mythological stories about Apara Ekadashi.  According to a legend, there was a very religious king named Mahidhwaj in a state.  As good as King Mahidhwaj was, his younger brother Vajradhwaj was equally sinful.  Vajradhvaja used to hate Madhwaja and conspired to kill him. Once he is successful in his plan and kills Mahidhwaj and throws him into the forest and starts ruling himself.  Now due to untimely death, Mahidvaj has to live the life of a phantom. He used to lives on a peepal tree.  After his death, the people were saddened by his vicious brother in the state as well as now Mahidhwaj also used to hurt those who came near to peepal tree .  But say the good fortune of his virtues that there was a divine sage passing by. He realizes that a ghost is trying to tease him.  With his power, he saw him and started thinking about how to improve his future.  First he apprehended the phantom and taught him the lesson of goodness, then for his salvation, he himself kept Apara Ekadashi fast and took the resolution and donated the fast of his fast to Phantom.  Thus he got freedom from the phantom life and Baikuntha went away.
According to another legend, once a king built a very beautiful garden in his kingdom.  There were so many beautiful flowers in this garden that even the gods could not live without being attracted and they would steal the flowers from the garden.  The king was upset with the theft, and all efforts to save the constantly desolate garden seemed to fail.  Now the Rajpurohits were remembered.  Everyone has guessed that if any human being can not have the courage of some divine power, they suggested that the flowers we offer at the feet of Lord Shri Hari should be put around the garden.  Let's see if the matter is made or not.
The gods and nymphs came as usual, but unfortunately an apsara's leg fell on the flower offered to Lord Vishnu, ending all her virtues and she could not fly with the other companions.  As soon as dawn, the king was informed about seeing this unique woman.  The king too became enchanted after seeing it.  Apsara, confessing her crime, narrated the whole story and repented of her deeds.  Then the king said what can we help you.  Then she said that if any of your peoples keep the fast of Jyeshtha Krishna Ekadashi and donate own virtue to me, then I can return.
The king made the announcement in the peoples and also fixed the prize money, but there was no enthusiastic response.  The king came to give half of the prize money to the state, but no one came forward.  No one had even heard about Ekadashi fast.

The distressed Apsara remembered Chitragupta, then after seeing from his book account, he informed that Ekadashi fasting is  has done unknownly in this city by a lady, if she takes the resolution and donates the virtue of the fast then it can become a matter.  Apsara told this thing to the king. The king respectfully called thats lady and her husband .  After getting pledged by the purohit, lady donated the virtue of own fast to her, which  Apsara thanked to the King and the people and returned to the heaven.  At the same time, according to his promise, the king gave half the kingdom to lady and her husband .  The king had by now understood the importance of Ekadashi. He made the fast of every Ekadashi of the year compulsory for all the men and women of the state, including the royal family, for eight to eighty years.

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Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-02)

Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-02)

Hello friends .... As you read about Ekadashi in the previous article, I promised you all that I will tell about the stories of Ekadashi.  Due to the same promise, today I have appeared before you with the story of three Ekadashis. I hope that you will definitely like my effort. If you like my article, do share it on social media, which will give me the strength to write.  At the end of the article, a link to the part: -01 will be available to all of you.

01 . Kamada Ekadashi.

 The fast of Kamada Ekadashi is observed on Ekadashi date of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month.  Kamada Ekadashi is given great importance in Hinduism.  Because Kamada Ekadashi is the first Ekadashi after the Hindu New Year. Kamda in Sanskrit means to give what is asked, for this reason, the fast of Kamada Ekadashi is observed with full devotion.  It is believed that the person who observes the fast of Kamada Ekadashi has all their wishes fulfilled. According to the Varaha Purana, by observing this day's fast, even the deadliest sins of humans are destroyed.  On the day of Kamada Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna are worshiped.  It is believed that by observing this fast one gets the results of Ashwamedha Yajna. Like all Ekadashis, the fast of Kamada Ekadashi is also concluded on the day of Dwadashi. According to the scriptures, the fast of Kamada Ekadashi is very fruitful.

Kamada Ekadashi is the day to receive the blessings of Lord Vishnu.  The fast of Kamada Ekadashi is considered very divine and miraculous.  On this day, the worship of Vasudev Shri Krishna with Lord Vishnu eliminates all worldly faults and sins.  It is believed that a person who performs this fast with complete method, all their sins are destroyed by themself.
In mythological times there was a city called Bhogipur.  The illustrious king Pundarik ruled in the city.  Many nymphs, kinnars(shemale) and Gandharvas resided in Bhogipur.  At one place in the city, a couple men and women, Lalit and Lalita, lived in a very grand building.  They both had a lot of love, even when they separated for some time, both got upset.
At one time, Lalit was also singing along with other Gandharvas in the assembly of King Pundarik. While singing, he got divert the attention of his beloved Lalitha and due to this, the rhythm of the song deteriorated due to his dissonance.  The serpent named Karkot recognized the spirit of Lalit and told the king the reason for the disturbance.
Then Pundarik got angry and said that you are remembering own wife while singing a song in front of me. Therefore, now you will suffer the punishment of your actions by becoming a monster eating raw meat and humans.
Lalit became a huge demon at the same moment by the curse of King Pundarik. His face became very terrible, eyes shining like the sun and the moon. Fire started coming out of his mouth. His nose became huge like mountains. The hair of the head started to look colorless like trees and the arms became very long. Altogether Lalit's body spread over an expansion of eight yojana.  In this way, being a demon, he was forced to suffer many kinds of sufferings. When his wife Lalitha came to know about this, she felt very sad and started thinking of a solution for her husband's salvation.  As a  Lalit demon, he started living in dense forests, suffering a variety of problems.  His wife Lalitha followed him and kept mourning. Once Lalita wandered behind her husband and reached Vindhyachal mountain.  There was an ashram of Shringi Rishi on the mountain.  Lalitha went to the Rishi's ashram and started praying there.
Seeing her, Shringi Rishi said that  "O" devi !  Who are you and what purpose have you come here?  Lalitha said that my name is Lalitha.  My husband has become a giant monster due to the curse of King Pundarik.  It makes me very sad. Provide some way for his salvation.  Shringi Rishi said, O Gandharva Kanya!  Now Chaitra Shukla Ekadashi is coming, the name of this Ekadashi is Kamada Ekadashi.  By observing this, a person gets rid of all troubles and their actions are succeed . If you fast for Kamada Ekadashi and give the virtuous fruit you get from it to your husband, then it will soon be freed from the demon's form and the curse of the king will also be calmed.
Hearing the word of Muni, Lalita fasted on Chaitra Shukla Ekadashi with obeyed all rules and prayed to God giving her husband the results of her fast in front of Brahmins on Dwadashi - O Lord!  The fast of this Kamada Ekadashi I have given the result to my husband, so that he gets rid of the demon form. As soon as Ekadashi was reaped, her husband returned from his demon form to his old form.  After that, with many beautiful robes and jewelery, he started  wandering here & there with his wife Lalita.  After that, both of them went to Swargalok.

02 . Papmochani Ekadashi.

Papamochani Ekadashi fast is observed on the Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month.  According to mythological beliefs, Ekadashi of Chaitra Krishna Paksha is supposed to destroy sins.  Lord Krishna himself told its results and effects to Arjuna.  Papamochani Ekadashi fasting opens the path of salvation for the seeker by freeing him from all his sins.  Lord Vishnu should be worshiped on this Ekadashi.

The meaning of Papamochani Ekadashi is known by its name.  It is made up of two words.  'Pap' means evil deeds, mistake and 'Mochani' means liberation.  That is, Papamochani Ekadashi originally meant to get rid of all kinds of sins.
Fasting on this day brings happiness, prosperity and salvation.  Fasting on Papamochani Ekadashi destroys the biggest sins, sufferings and disasters.  Lord Vishnu is also worshiped on this fast. One should be pure to fast on Papapamochani Ekadashi.  On the day of Papamochani Ekadashi, the quadrilateral form of Lord Vishnu is worshiped. This fast is a difficult fast.  Because it is done two days.  In this fast, the person fasting on the day of Dashami, after taking satvik food, meditates in Hari Bhajan. One should not even think about enjoyment of luxury while performing this fast.  After worship, one should recite or listen to Bhagwad Katha sitting in front of God.  Awakening of Ekadashi date gives manifold merits. Therefore, while doing bhajan kirtan, stay awake during the night.  On the day of Dwadashi, worship Lord Vishnu after bathing in the morning and then take food to Brahmins and  got depart with donations . After this, take food yourself.  After this, the fast is completed.
A story is hidden behind the fast of Papamochani Ekadashi.  One gets freedom by just listening and reading. This story was told by Lord Krishna to Yudhishthra.  He said that in ancient times there was a forest called Chaitratha.  In this forest, Indra Dev, Apsara and Gandharva girls used to travel .
And this was the forest where Chyavan rishi's son Meghavi used to penance. Apsaras were followers of Kamadeva.  And Kamadeva was a rebel of Shiva because Shiva consumed Kamdev on the charge of dissolving his penance.  Here Indra too was afraid to see the sage doing austerity, if this sage asks for my throne. Because of this, in order to take revenge, Kamadeva said to an apsara to distract rishi's penance .  Kamadeva told an Apsara named Manjugosha to do this work.  Manjughosha considers this to be own work, distracting rishi's meditation from her dancing and gestures. And the sage fell in love with Manjugosha.  The Meghavi rishi now began to fiddle with Manjughosha from place to place.  After losing mind in love and happiness in his love, he started living in indulgence and pleasure day and night.  He did not even remember the night and day.  Around 57 years were spent living like this and Majungosha now felt that I was done, now I should go back to heaven.
After which one day Manjughosha asked the Meghavi rishi to go to Swargalok(Heaven), then the Meghavi rishi started saying that dear you had just come and started going.  Then Manjugosha said that you do not know the time, we have spent a lot of time living together.  At the same time, the sage realized that he had gone into the down.
His penance has been dissolved and the reason for all this he considered Manjughosha.  After which the Meghavi rishi told Majungosha that you did not do this well with me.  You have destroyed my precious time, I curse you that you will become a vampire.
After cursing Manjughosha for the vampire, Manjugosha apologized to the sage for her mistake, so the sage advised a fast for Papamochani Ekadashi and said that this will only end your sins. After which, when the Meghavi rishi returned to the ashram, he told his father everything.  Chyavan Rishi said that by cursing Manjugosha, you have made yourself a sinner and if you want to end your sins, then you will also have to observe Papamochani Ekadashi. After which Manjugosha and Meghavi rishi fasted the Papamochani Ekadashi with complete method.  By which all their sins were destroyed.  Meghavi rishi again started doing austerities and Manjughosha got rid of the vampire form.  This story is proof that by observing this fast all sins are destroyed.

03 . Varuthini Ekadashi.

Vaishakha Krishna Ekadashi, the third Ekadashi of the Hindu year, is known as 'Varuthini Ekadashi'.  Varuthini Ekadashi has great significance in North India and South India.  On this day, the Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu is worshiped. It is believed that observing this fast brings virtue and good fortune.  Also, the creator of the universe Shree Hari Vishnu protects the devotee himself.  Those who want to keep the fast of Varuthini Ekadashi, they should follow the rules of fast from the day of Dashami. Then one day after Ekadashi, that is, Dwadash should end the fast with complete law.  It is said that all sins are destroyed by the brilliance of the fast of Varuthini Ekadashi.

The word Varuthini is derived from the Sanskrit language 'Varuthin', meaning armor or protector.  It is believed that Lord Vishnu protects the devotees from every crisis by observing this Ekadashi fast, hence it is called Varuthini Gyaras. According to the Padma Purana, Lord Krishna tells Yudhishthira about the virtue that they gets from this fast, 'Lord Chitragupta  who keeps accounts of the sins and virtues of all humans on earth,  he is not also able to keep account of the virtue of this fast.
The idol of Lord Madhusudan and Varaha incarnation of Vishnu is worshiped on the day of Varuthini Ekadashi.  To keep Ekadashi fast, rules should be followed from one day in advance i.e. from the day of Dashami.  Eat food only once on the day of Dashami.  Food should be sattvic.
On the day of Ekadashi, wake up early and take a bath and take a pledge.  After this, worship the Varaha avatar of Vishnu.  Read or listen to the fast story.  The name of God should be awakened at night.  On the next day of Ekadashi, that is, on Dwadashi, feed the Brahmin.  Along with this, fasting should be finished by giving charity.
A special story telling the importance of each Ekadashi is in our mythological texts.  There is also a story of Varuthini Ekadashi which is as follows.  It was a long time ago that there was a kingdom on the banks of Narmada which was ruled by a king named Mandhata. Raja was very pious, he was famous for his charity far and wide.
He was also an ascetic and worshiper of Lord Vishnu. Once the king went to the forest for penance and started his penance by putting his seat under a huge tree, he was still engaged in austerity. A wild bear attacked him and he chewed his leg. But the king was engrossed in austerity, and the bear started dragging him, in such a situation, the king got nervous. He did not get angry while following the ascetic religion and requested Lord Vishnu to overcome this crisis.  How can God see the crisis on his devotee.  Lord Vishnu appeared and killed the bear with his Sudarshan Chakra.  But by then the bear had almost chewed the king's leg.  The king was very sad and was in pain.  Lord Vishnu said Vats need not be distracted. Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Vaishakh month which is called Varuthini Ekadashi ,these day you  will be worship my Varaha form.  With the effect of the fast, you will again become strong with full limbs. Whatever the bear has done to you, it is the result of the sin of your previous birth.  By observing this Ekadashi, you will get freedom from all sins.

By obeying God, Mandhata did the same and after finishing the fast, he got the new life.  He was confirmed strong again.  Now the king became absorbed in the Bhagavadkkti with even more reverence. Ekadashi helps in achieving the ultimate goal of God, Bhagavad Bhakti.  This day is considered very auspicious and fruitful to serve the Lord with full devotion.  On this day, if a person is free from desires and does devotional service to God with a pure heart, then he definitely becomes a blessing of the Lord.

The rest will continue in the next article.....

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Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-01)

Ekadashis's Stories (PART :-01)

Ekadashi fasting is done on every 11th date in the Hindu calendar.  There are two Ekadashi fasts in a month, one of which is on the Shukla Paksha and the other on the Krishna Paksha.  To get the blessings of Lord Vishnu, their devotees observe Ekadashi fast.

What is Ekadashi?

 The Sanskrit word Ekadashi literally means eleven.  Ekadashi falls on the eleventh day of the fifteen-day Paksha (lunar month).  In a lunar month (Shukla Paksha), the moon moves from Amavasya to the full moon, and on its next side (Krishna Paksha) it goes from the full moon of the full moon to the Amavasya. Therefore Ekadashi falls twice every calendar month , Shukla Ekadashi which falls on the eleventh day of the rising moon, and Krishna Ekadashi which falls on the eleventh day of the decreasing moon.  It is instructed that every Vaishnav should fast on the day of Ekadashi.

 Austerities performed in this way are extremely beneficial for devotional life.

Origin of Ekadashi:---

 In the Chaturdasha chapter of the Padma Purana, in the section called Kriya-Sagar Saar, the origin of Ekadashi explains  by Shri Vedvyasha to the Jaimini rishi as follows:
At the time of the creation of this material world, the Supreme God created a person (Papapurusha) in the form of an idolized form of sin to punish sinners.  The legs and hands of this person were composed by many sin deeds. Yamraj originated with the creation of many hellish planetary systems to control this sinful man(Paappurusha).  Those souls who are extremely sinful are sent to Yamaraja after death, Yamaraja sends the creature to suffer in hell according to the deeds of their sins. In this way, Jeevatma began to enjoy happiness and sorrow according to his deeds.  Seeing so many souls suffering in hells, the merciful God felt bad for them.  With help for them, God, in his own form, incarnated the form of Ekadashi. For this reason, Ekadashi is a personification of fasting on the fifteenth day of a lunar month.  For this reason Ekadashi and Lord Shri Vishnu are not integral.  Sri Ekadashi Vrat is a highly auspicious act, which occupies the top position in the resolutions taken.
Thereafter, various sinful people started following the rules of Ekadashi fast and due to that they immediately started receiving Vaikuntha Dham.  With the ascension followed by Shri Ekadashi, the papapurusha (idolized form of sin) slowly began to see that now his existence was in danger.
He reached Lord Vishnu praying, "Lord, I am your work created by you, and through me you torment the creatures with gross sin.  But now with the influence of Shri Ekadashi, I am now declining.
Please protect me from the fear of Ekadashi.  No pious deeds can bind me.  But Ekadashi in your form is resisting me.  I do not know any place where I can be free from the fear of Shri Ekadashi.  Oh my lord!  I am born from your own work, so please tell me the address of a place where I can reside fearlessly. "
Thereafter, Lord Sri Vishnu, observing the situation of the Pappurush, said, "O Papurush!  get up!  Do not be sorrowful anymore.  Just listen, and I tell you where you can reside on the holy day of Ekadashi. On the day of Ekadashi, which will give benefits in Trilok, on that day you can go to the shelter of food like grains.  Now you have no reason to be heartbroken, because in my form Shri Ekadashi Devi will no longer resist you. "
After assuring the papapurusha, Lord Shri Vishnu became disappeared and the papapurusha began to complete his deeds again.  According to this instruction of Lord Vishnu, all the sinful deeds that can be found all over the world reside in these foods (grains).  Therefore, those people who are aware of the basic benefits of the soul, they never eat food on the day of Ekadashi.

Importance of Ekadashi:---

 A  devotion verse taken to the Skanda Purana,  while criticize that people who eat grains on the day of Ekadashi, are guilty of the death of their mother, father, brothers and their guru .  However, even if humans reach Vaikuntha Dham, they fall down from there. It is forbidden to receive any kind of grain on that day, even if it is offered to Lord Vishnu.
The Brahma-Vaivarta Purana states that whoever observes fast on the day of Ekadashi gets rid of all the sins of sin and progresses in spiritual life.
The basic principle is not to starve only on that day, but to strengthen your loyalty and love to Govinda, or Krishna even more.  The main reason for fasting on Ekadashi is to reduce the needs of your body and to spend your time in the service of God in the form of chanting or any other service. The best thing to do on the day of fasting is to meditate on the leelas of Lord Govind and to listen to his holy names continuously. Ekadashi fast is observed by both Hare Krishna devotees and Hindus on the eleventh day of the rising moon of the moon.  There are many rules related to what things can be eaten to observe this fast, which can be changed according to the strictness of the fast.  According to the advice of Vaishnav Panchang, fast should be done so that the right day can be fasted.
According to the Puranas, Ekadashi is also known as 'Hari Din' and 'Hari Vasar'.  This fast is celebrated by both Vaishnava and non-Vaishnav communities.  It is said that Ekadashi fast gives more fruit than havan, yagna, Vedic karma-kand etc.  There is also a belief that observing this fast means that ancestors or fathers attain heaven.  The importance of Ekadashi fast is also mentioned in Skanda Purana.  Wheat, spices and vegetables etc. are prohibited on the day of Ekadashi for anyone who observes this fast.  Devotees start the preparation of Ekadashi fast a day before i.e. from Dashami.  On the day of Dashami, devotees wake up early in the morning and take bath and on this day they take food without salt.

Rules for observing Ekadashi fast:---

 Complete fasting is a very appropriate action to control your senses, but the main reason for observing a fast is to remember / meditate on Krishna.  On that day the needs of the body are simplified, and on that day it is recommended to concentrate on devotional service, scriptural study and chanting etc. by short duration sleeping.

The fast begins at sunrise and lasts until the next day's sunrise, so if someone takes food in the meantime, the fast is broken.  In Vedic teachings, it is not recommended to eat before sunrise, especially on Ekadashi day.  The observance of Ekadashi fast should be observed only after waking up that day.  If the fast breaks accidentally, then it should be done till the rest of the day or the next day.
Those people who observe Ekadashi fast very strictly should not eat anything after sunset of the previous night so that they can be assured that there is nothing left in the stomach on the day of Ekadashi. Many people do not even receive any prasad that contains food.  The Vedic scriptures teach that on the day of Ekadashi, the Sakshat Papas (sin men) dwell in food, and therefore they should not be used in any way (even if offered to Krishna).  On the day of Ekadashi, the offerings of food should be stored till the next day or distributed to those who do not strictly follow its rules or give it to animals.
People of any gender or any age can observe this fast voluntarily.  People wishing to observe Ekadashi fast have to follow certain rules from the day of Dashami (one day before Ekadashi).  From the day of Dashami, devotees should not eat meat-fish, onions, lentils (of lentils) and honey.  Staying away from indulgence at night, one should observe complete celibacy.
Do not use wooden daatun(brush) to clean teeth in the morning on Ekadashi.  Instead, chew with lemon, berries or mango leaves and clean the throat with your finger.  On this day it is also forbidden to pluck leaves from the tree, that is why you use fallen leaves yourself and if you are unable to arrange the leaves, then rinse them with plain water.  After taking a bath etc., go to the temple and read the Gita or listen to the Gita from Panditji.  Chant ॐ Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Mantra with true mind.  Remember Lord Vishnu and offer his prayers.  There is also a lot of recognition of charity on this day, that is why donate as much as you can.
The next day of Ekadashi is known as Dwadashi.  Dwadashi is a common day like Dashami and other days.  On this day, by taking a bath early in the morning, worship Lord Vishnu and complete the fast by eating normal food.  On this day, it is customary to give sweets and Dakshina etc. to Brahmins.  Keep in mind that devotees should observe the fast before coming to Trayodashi.  On this day one should try to follow the rules of Ekadashi fast and there should be no lapse in it.

Devotional service on Ekadashi:---

 Ekadashi, along with all its benefits, should be considered such a remedy or means which helps in achieving the ultimate goal of all beings, Bhagavad Bhakti.  By the grace of God, this day has become very auspicious and fruitful for doing devotional service to God.  Freed from sinful desires, a devotee can do pure devotional service and become a blessing of God. Therefore, for devotees, fasting on Ekadashi is a means to progress in the path of cultivation-devotion.  The act of fasting purifies the consciousness and frees the devotee from any number of material thoughts.  Because the benefit of devotional service performed on this day is many times more than the service performed on another day, so devotees do other devotional services on this day as much as possible by chanting, kirtan, discussions on the Leela memoir of God, etc.
Srila Prabhupada recommends for devotees to complete at least twenty-five chanting beads on this day, to recite the Leela memoirs of God, and to be minimally engaged in physical activities.  However, for those devotees who are already actively engaged in the services of devotion to God (like book distribution, discourses etc.), they have given some relaxation, such as those foods which they can eat or drink on this day as well which are not contain grains.

Sometimes Ekadashi fast is observed for two consecutive days.  When Ekadashi fast is two days, then the family members should observe Ekadashi fast on the first day.  The second day of Ekadashi is called "Dooji Ekadashi".  Sanyasis, widows and devotees desirous of attaining Moksha should fast on the day of Dooji Ekadashi.  Whenever Ekadashi fast is for two days, then Dooji Ekadashi and Vaishnava Ekadashi are on the same day. In Hinduism, Ekadashi fasting on both days is considered to be a very auspicious date for the supreme devotees desiring the love and affection of Lord Vishnu.  Ekadashi date comes twice in every month.  According to this, 24 Ekadashi fasting dates come in each year.  But their number increases to 26 with the malmash Ekadashi.

The significance of awakening near Srihari on the night of Ekadashi:---

Knowledgeable of all religions, versed in the economics of Vedas and scriptures, knowing the essence of Shri Vishnu, who delighted in everyone's heart, and Bhagwatparain Prahladji, while sitting happily, Maharishis, who followed self-righteousness, came to ask him something.
The Maharishis said: Prahradji!  Show me a means through which knowledge, meditation and sensuality can get the ultimate rank(Vaikhuntha dham) of Lord Vishnu without any effort.
When they said this, Vishnabhakta Mahabhag Prahadraji, who was determined to benefit the whole world, said in a nutshell: Maharishi!  Listen, describe the essence of the eighteen Puranas, which was told to him by Lord Shankar when asked by Karthikeya.
Mahadevji said to Kartikeya: One who recites Vaishnava scripture while awakening in the night of Ekadashi in Kaliyuga, four types of sins committed in his life are destroyed.  One who preaches Vaishnava scripture on Ekadashi should know my devotee. One who does not sleep in the awakening of Ekadashi and who dances and sings enthusiastically is my special devotee.  I give him excellent knowledge and Lord Vishnu bestows salvation.  Therefore, my devotee should be specially awakened.  Those who hate Lord Vishnu, they should know the hypocrite.
Those who have done awakenning near Srihari, they took self-study of the four Vedas, worshiped the deities, performed rituals of yagyas and bathed in all the pilgrimages.  There is no deity higher than Shri Krishna and there is no other fast like Ekadashi fast.  Where there is Bhagavata Shastra, where jagran is performed for Lord Vishnu and where the Shalagrama Shila is situated, there is a real God Vishnu present.

Beginning of Ekadashi:---

Ekadashi is considered to be the beginning of Ekadashi fast.  According to mythological belief, a demon named Mur had created a lot of terror, even Vishnu himself fought with him, but while fighting, he started sleeping and the war did not come to any conclusion, when Vishnu went to sleep, Mur took the opportunity.  Wanted to take advantage of but a goddess appeared from Lord Vishnu and started a war with Mur.  In this war, Mur became unconscious, after which he was beheaded.  That date was the date of Ekadashi of the Krishna Paksha of Margashirsha month.  It is believed that Ekadashi had asked for a boon from Lord Vishnu that anyone who observes Ekadashi fasting will get welfare and salvation.  Since then, the tradition of Ekadashi fasting every month started.

Ekadashi fast food:---

 According to the scriptures, you can use these items and spices in your fast food on the day of devotee Ekadashi.
- Fresh fruits
 - Nuts(Dry fruits)
 -  sugar
 -  Coconut
 - Olives
 -  Milk
 -  Ginger
 -  Black pepper
 - Rock salt
 -  potato
 -  Sago
 -  Sweet potato
The food of Ekadashi fast should be satvik.  Some people perform this fast without drinking water, which is known as Nirjala Ekadashi.
What not to do on Ekadashi?
 ● Do not break leaves from the tree.
 ● Do not sweep the house.  This is done because by applying broom etc. there is fear of dying of ants or small creatures.  And it is a sin to kill a creature on this day.
 ● Do not get hair cut.
 ● Speak only when needed.  Try to speak at least.  This is done because more words are likely to come out of the mouth.
 ● Rice consumption is also prohibited on Ekadashi.
 ● Do not eat any grains, etc.
 ● Do not let any kind of disorder come to your mind.
 ● If there is any fruitarian, then they should not consume cabbage, spinach, turnip etc.  They can take mango, banana, grapes, pistachios and almonds etc.

Ekadashi fasting story:---

 Every religious observance has some religious reason or legend hidden behind it.  There are many stories behind celebrating Ekadashi fast.  Ekadashi fasting story is considered very important.  Ekadashi, as we all know, comes twice every month, which we know by different names.  All the Ekadashi have hidden their separate story behind.  On the day of Ekadashi, it is mandatory to listen to the fast story related to it.  According to the scriptures, the person's fast is not complete without hearing the story of Ekadashi.

Main Ekadashi fast:---

 Even though all Ekadashi fasts are virtuous, fruitful and provide salvation, yet some Ekadashi are considered very welfare.  Among them, Nirjala Ekadashi falling on the Jyestha month of Shukla Paksha and Devotthan Ekadashi falling on the Shukla Paksha of Kartik month are considered very fortunate.  It is recommended to do.
Two Ekadashi falls in each month.  Whose name is different which is as follows:
 Kamada Ekadashi
 Papamochani Ekadashi
 Varuthini Ekadashi
 Kamala Ekadashi
 Mohini Ekadashi
 Apara Ekadashi
 Nirjala Ekadashi
 Yogini Ekadashi
 Devshayani Ekadashi
  Pavitra Ekadashi
 Aja Ekadashi
 Padma Ekadashi
 Indira Ekadashi
 Papankusha Ekadashi
 Rama Ekadashi
 Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi
 Utpana Ekadashi
 Mokshada Ekadashi
 Safala Ekadashi
 Putrada Ekadashi
 Shatila Ekadashi
 Jaya Ekadashi
 Vijaya Ekadashi
 Amalki Ekadashi
 Pramodini Ekadashi
 Parma Ekadashi

 The story of all the Ekadashi mentioned above will be told in the next section.

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