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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Story of Varaha Avatar

Story of Varaha Avatar

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Lord Vishnu has taken a total of 24 avatars.  Varaha is the third incarnation after Matsya and Kashyapa.  Varaha means shukar(Boar).  Through this incarnation, the first step of the divine with the human body took place on earth. The face was Shukar(boar), but the body was human.  At that time, a monster named Hiranyaksha captured heaven by his power and took the whole earth under him.  Hiranyaksha means Hiranya means gold and Aksha means eyes.  One whose eyes are fixed on the other's wealth is Hiranyaksha.

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत ।
अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् ।।

This verse of Srimad Bhagavad Gita means that I am born myself when dharma is in dangerous situation  and unrighteousness prevails.  The stories of Lord Vishnu's Dashavatar describe the significance of this verse told by Lord Krishna. The eighth avatar of Vishnu was Shri Krishna himself, his 9th avatar is considered Mahatma Buddha but there are differences on it.  The tenth incarnation is yet to be found, at the end of the Kali Yuga, there are stories of the incarnation of the tenth avatar Kalki.
But here we will talk about Varaha, the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu.  Actually, it is believed that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Varaha, his third incarnation on the third day of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapad i.e.Bhadon month. Therefore, Shukla Tritiya of this month is also celebrated as Varaha Jayanti. Let us know what was the need for Lord Vishnu to come into Varaha form. Who was it that caused unrighteousness to spread everywhere?

According to the legend, Jai and Vijay, the gatekeepers of Baikuntha Lok, stopped 4 Rishikumaras at the gate while going to Baikuntha Lok, due to which they were cursed that both would have to live being demon on earth for three births. In the first birth, both were born as the sons of Kashyapa and Diti and were called Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaksha.  Both started harassing the Earthy humans.  The tyranny of Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaksha was increasing on the earth.  Hiranyaksha started torturing people on performing Yajna ,havana etc.

                   Two stories related to the story of Varaha Avatar are prevalent in the public mind, the first story is described in chapter 13 of the Bhagavata Purana.

According to the 1St story(Bhagavata Purana)

When the Parampita Brahma was creating the universe, he saw that the earth is submerged in unfathomable water and it is impossible to create the creation without the earth, Brahma ji kept thinking for a long time how to get the earth out of this bottomless water.  Brahma Ji was thinking in such a way that then a Varaha of equal size of thumb came out from his nose hole and stood up in the sky.

In view of Brahma ji, that small Varaha  became huge like an elephant in an instant, which Brahma started thinking that which divine creature has appeared here in this boar form, it came out of my nose but in a moment of the  become equal to the mountain.  This is definitely the leela of Lord Vishnu, Brahma ji was thinking that he started roaring loudly and entered the water very fast. When he was entering in the water, divine light was coming out of his eyes and due to taking the form of a boar, he began to search earth by sniffing .
After reaching the abyss, Varaha incarnation Lord Vishnu saw the earth, then holding the earth on his molar, brought it out of the water, but then mighty Hiranyaksha attacked him there. Due to which the Lord became angry like sharp edge the Chakra and he killed him with his leela like a lion kills an elephant. At that time the whole body of the Lord became red with blood as if he had come to hit a red mound of soil.  And took the earth out from water and set the earth on space.
Then all the Gods and Goddesses including Brahmaji praised and worshiped the Varaha Avatar!

According to the second story: -

               There were two demons named Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu who received a boon from Brahmadev that no one could defeat them in the war nor could anyone kill them. After getting boon, both of them started thinking of themselves as immortal. And  they began to understand himself as equivalent to lord Vishnu and in the desire of conquering the three worlds, they went towards Indraloka(Heaven) to do battle. When Indra came to know about this, he left Indraloka(Heaven) and ran away.
When both the demons could not find any in Indralok, Hiranyaksha reached Varun's capital Vibhavari city and said that Varun Dev  you had defeated the demons and performed the Rajsuya Yajna, now you have to defeat me in battle. Come and fight with me, Varun got very angry after hearing about the monster, but he knew the boon of Brahma ji, so  he said calmly that Hiranyaksha you are a great warrior . Therefore, there is no strength in any of the three worlds apart from Lord Vishnu that he can fight with you, so you go to him only, he can calm your longing for war.
 After hearing Varuna, Hiranyaksha went to Devarshi Narada and asked where to find Narayana. Devarshi Narada also told Narayana's address and said that O demon king Narayan has taken the form of Varah at this time to remove the earth from the abyss.
Now knowing the address of Narayan, Hiranyaksha also reached the abyss, where he saw Varaha God carrying the earth on his molar. Then that ungodly monster said to Lord Varah, "Hey, wild foolish animal, where are you taking this earth, Brahma Ji has given this earth to us, you lowly animal, you cannot take the earth from here.  You are enemy of demons and monsters , so today you will not be survive  by my hands.
He sometimes called God shameless, sometimes a coward, sometimes cheater, but Lord Varaha smilingly took the earth out of the abyss and set it on top of the sea, while the demon Hiranyaksha was continue uttering abuses to Lord Varaha. Then God said that the  you foolish demon would only say that war would also happen. Hearing this, Hiranyaksha attacked on Lord Vishnu. A fierce war broke out between Lord Varaha and Hiranyaksha. The demon attacked the god with gada(mace )trident and all kinds of divine weapons, using his maya (illusion), sometimes he used to make bones rain, and sometimes the rain of blood , sometimes he would disappear and sometimes he would be appear .
But Lord Vishnu was not distracted, he had destroy all the maya(illusion) of that demon. When Lord Vishnu kept hoaxing that demon for a long time, he kicked one of the demon's face with a strong kick, which caused his eyes to come out and that he was become poweless and fall on Earth like a mountain .After that Lord Varah killed him. As soon as he conquered Hiranyaksha, Lord Varah made a loud roar that caused the three world to tremble.
Happy with the slaughter of Hiranyaksha, all the Gods and Goddesses started showering flowers on Lord Varaha.
This was the story of Varaha Avatar.  There is a description somewhere that Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu were powerful from birth itself.  Both did not do penance of Brahma ji, but after the slaughter of Hiranyaksha, Hiranyakashipu obtained a boon by doing penance of Brahma.  Somewhere there are also descriptions that Hiranyaksha himself hid the earth in the sea so that the creation work is obstructed.  Well, whatever the reason, whenever I will write the story of Varaha Avatar and Narasimha Avatar, I will try to clarify these points.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Unknown and mysterious things related to Shri Krishna's life

Unknown and mysterious things related to Shri Krishna's life

Read these stories of Krishna, you will be  the great fan of his wisdom

In today's article you can read stories of Lord Shri Krishna.  In this, we have also written some stories of Bal-Krishna, which children will surely like.Krishna's leela are very much liked by children and elders since ancient times.  Lord Shri Krishna ji has many stories, we are the repository of knowledge for all. Children are very happy with the funny stories of Krishna ji and learn positive things.  From the legend of Lord Krishna's birth to the stories of his mischief in Vrindavan is very amazing. We see Lord Krishna in many forms such as Bal Krishna, Makhan Chor Krishna, Radha Krishna and Lord Shri Krishna explaining Arjuna the essence of Gita in Kurukshetra.  Today, in this article, we have presented some stories of Lord Krishna in simple language, which children and elders can read and understand and get knowledge along with pleasure. All these stories are true stories based on the life of Lord Krishna.  You may have heard some of these stories from your parents or grandparents in your childhood. There is a time of Janmashtami and stories related to Shri Krishna and his stories are spreading fast on social media.  People know Krishna, but what do they even recognize?  Do you know that Krishna also broke his promise  or went against his army .. Let us tell you today some stories related to Krishna…

***Stories of lord shree krishna***

1. Krishna and Kalia Nag.

There was a beautiful freshwater lake connected by the river Yamuna.  Somewhere a very poisonous snake came and lived there, whose name was Kalia.  Kalia's poison was rapidly dissolving in the water of Yamuna river. Once a cow grazing person drank the water of that lake, he died.  When Lord Krishna came to know about this, he made the person alive with his power.
After that Shri Krishna jumped into the water of that lake.  Krishna went deep into the water and started calling that snake loudly.  When Krishna did not come out of the water for too long, the people of the village gathered and waited for him by the river.  Many people also started getting scared.  After some time, the Kalia snake came from inside the water in front of Krishna and on coming he attacked Krishna. In a short while, Krishna grabbed Kalia and climbed his head.  Kalia was a snake with a thousand heads.  Krishna started dancing fast on his head and due to the fast dancing, the blood of Kalia snake started coming out.  Seeing this, Kalia's wife came above the water and begged for Kalia's life. Krishna asked them to leave the Yamuna river  and go to the Ramanika dweep.  At the same time, Krishna assured Kalia that Garuda would never attack him now because Krishna's footprints had print on Kalia's head. Kalia was overjoyed to hear this and left that beautiful lake in the river Yamuna and left with his wife.  Thus Krishna protected the village from Kalia snake.

2 . Krishna and Govardhan mountain .

Once upon a time, Devraj Indra was very angry with the people of  Braj because people were listening to Lord Krishna and worshiping Govardhan Parvat and not worshiping Indra Dev.  Enraged, Indra sent clouds to rain heavily to punish them, causing the possibility of flooding throughout Vrindavan.
Let's say, the black clouds over Vrindavan started raining heavily.  Most people's houses were washed away due to excessive rainfall and floods. The people of Vrindavan got scared and all reached the shelter of Lord Krishna.  Lord Krishna had known everything about this situation.  At the same time Krishna lifted the entire Govardhan mountain like an umbrella on the little finger of his left hand. All the people and cows of Vrindavan started coming down one by one under the Govardhan mountain and thus Krishna saved the lives of the people of Vrindavan.  The people of Vrindavan were surprised to see this amazing  miracle of Krishna.  Seeing the power of Lord Krishna, the clouds returned and the residents of Vraj started living happily.

3 . Lord Krishna and Arishthasura 

Once a big bull entered Vrindavan and suddenly started attacking the people of the village.  The bull broke the house of many people due to which many people were also hurt. When Krishna came to know about this, he immediately approached the bull.  Shri Krishna discovered that the bull is a demon.  The name of that asura was Arishthasura.  On seeing Krishna, he ran to attack Krishna rapidly. Lord Krishna defeated him with his power.  As soon as he was defeated, the bull sat down in front of Lord Krishna.  He then told Krishna that he was a disciple of guru Brihaspati and had been cursed to become an asura bull due to mistreating his guru.  Thus Krishna saved the people of Braj from Arishthasura.

4 . Makhanchor lord Krishna

You must have known that Lord Krishna loved eating Makhan.  Because of Krishna stealing Makhan, his mother as well as all the people of Vrindavan got fed up due to Krishna stealing Makhan.  Lord Krishna's mother Yashoda used to hang Makhan's Matki in the upper part of the roof so that Krishna could not reach there and steal Makhan by eating it. Once, Yashoda Ma left home due to some urgent work.  At that time Krishna brought all his friends there.  With their help, he reached Makhan's Matki and broke Makhan's Matki and ate all Makhan.  Yashoda mother reached there at the same time.  All of Krishna's companions fled, but Krishna remained there.  After that Krishna got a good scolding from Yashoda's mother.

5 . Lord Krishna and a woman selling fruits

Once a woman was selling fruits.  While she was passing in front of Shri Krishna's house, Shri Krishna felt like eating some fruit.  When Krishna asked for some fruit from the woman who sold the fruit, she asked Krishna for something in return. Krishna went running inside the house to give food grains instead of fruits and came back to the fruit seller with a handful of grains.  But as he came, the whole grain fell from his hands. Krishna repeatedly goes inside the house and tries to bring some grains in his hand, but the whole grain would fall down.  She was very happy to see this and gave all the fruits to Krishna. Krishna was very happy with that woman.  When she went from Krishna's house containing her empty crate  and reached her home, she saw that her basket was full of gold and jewels.

6 .  Why Krishna called as Govinda

One day a cow named Kamadhenu came from heaven to Lord Krishna.  That cow told Krishna that she had come to anoint him from the Dev Lok because Krishna is protecting the cows on earth. The cow bathed Krishna with holy water and thanked him wholeheartedly.  At the same time, Lord Indra, seated on his elephant Airavat, appeared there and blessed Shri Krishna and said that people of the whole world will know you by the name of Govinda for these virtuous works.

7. Krishna and Putna 

The slaughter of Krishna's maternal uncle Kansa was decided by Lord Krishna.  After knowing this, Kansa used to send different asuras to slay Krishna.  Once Kansa sent a demon named Pootana.  Pootna reached Vrindavan and changed the disguise of a beautiful woman and started looking for Krishna in every house. At that time Krishna was very young.  When she reached Krishna's house, she recognized Krishna and picked up her lap for feeding  poisonous milk .  When she started feeding her poisonous milk to Krishna, she felt that Krishna would die as soon as he was drinking milk, but Krishna continued to drink milk till the demon woman died.  As soon as she died, she came into her real cruel form.

Interesting mythology of Kanha and Kumhar

Prabhu Shri Krishna has done many leela with the gopis.  Shri Krishna used to break the gopis's matki and steal makhan(butter )and the gopis went to Yashoda Maiya with complain of Shri Krishna.  This happened many times. Once upon a time, Yashoda Maiya got fed up with the complain of Lord Krishna and ran towards Shri Krishna with a stick.  When Prabhu saw his mother in anger, he started running to defend himself.  While running, Shri Krishna reached a Kumhar (potter).
The potter was busy making his clay pots.  But as soon as the potter saw Shri Krishna, he was very happy.  The potter knew that Shri Krishna is  God.  Then the Lord said to the potter, 'Potter, today my mother is very angry with me.  Maiya is following me with a stick.  Brother, hide me somewhere. '
Then the potter hid Shri Krishna under a pot with a big pot.  In a few moments, Maiya Yashoda also came there and started asking the potter - 'O the potter!  You have seen my Kanhaiya somewhere, what?
The potter said - 'No, mother!  I did not see Kanhaiya. '  Shri Krishna was listening to all these things hidden under a big pot.  Maiya left from there.
Now Lord Shri Krishna says to the potter - 'Potter, if my mother is gone, take me out of this pitcher.'
 The potter said - 'Not like this, Lord!  First promise  me to be freed from the bondage of 84 lakh yonis. '
God smiled and said - 'Okay, I promise to free you from eighty-four million yonis.  Take me out now. '
The potter started saying - 'I am not alone, Lord!  If you promise to free all the families of my family from the bond of eighty-four million yonis, then I will drive you out of this pitcher. '
Prabhu ji says - 'Come on, I promise to release them from the bond of eighty-four million yonis.  Now get me out of the pitcher. '
Now the potter says - 'Just, Lord!  There is one more request.  Promise to complete it too, then I will drive you out of the pitcher. '
God said - 'Tell me what you want to say.'
 The potter started saying - 'Lord!  The soil under the pitcher under which you are hidden has been loaded by my oxen.  Promise to free my bulls from the bond of eighty-four.
Pleased with the love of the potter, the Lord also promised to free those bulls from the bond of the eighty-four.
 Lord said - 'Now all your wishes are fulfilled, now let me out of the pitcher.'
Then the potter says - 'Not now, God!  That is, one last wish.  Complete that too and that is this - whatever creature will listen to this dialogue between us, you will also free it from the bond of eighty-four million lives.  Just give this promise, then I will drive you out of this pitcher.
Hearing the love of the potter, Lord Krishna was very happy and promised to fulfill this wish of the potter.
Then the potter drove the child Shri Krishna out of the pitcher.  Prostrated at his feet.  Prabhu's feet washed and took Charanamrit.  Sprinkled Charanamrit in his entire hut and cried so much in the embrace of Lord that he merged with God.
Just think, the child Krishna who could lift the  mountain on his own finger, could he not lift a pitcher?
But Natwar Nand Kishore is not be happy  without love.  No matter how many Yajnas, rituals, donations, no matter how much they do devotion, Lord Krishna cannot be found unless there is love for mere beings in the mind.

Everyone knows that Shri Krishna is also called Chhaliya.  Krishna vowed that he would not take up arms in the war of Mahabharata nor directly participate in the war.  But indirectly, Krishna helped the Pandavas many times.  Know how to fulfill own promise made to the Pandavas.
Asking Barbarik for his torso: Barbarik was the son of Ghatotkacha, he pleased Maa Kamakhya and received from him the boon of three impenetrable arrows, who were able to make him victorious in all three worlds.  Shri Krishna, taking a brahmin form, asked Barbarik for his head, so that the Pandavas could win this war.
To get killed Ghatotkacha by saving Arjuna from the divine power of Karna: Krishna had instilled fear for Ghatotkacha in Duryodhana's mind. Therefore, Karna killed Ghatotkacha by unfailing power at the behest of Duryodhana. Karna had this immense power saved for Arjuna but Duryodhana, who was afraid of Ghatotkacha, asked Karna to use this power.  It was a power whose attack could never be vacated.
Getting Jarasandha slaughtered: When Jarasandha's body was rejoined even after had broken by Bheema, the body in the two parts of Jarasandha in battle, it was Sri Krishna who broke the straw and threw it in different directions.  After which Bhima ripped Jarasandha's body and threw it in opposite directions.
Get Bhishma Pitamah killed by Shikhandi: Krishna knew that Bhishma Pitamah had vowed not to attack on the woman.  So Krishna made the Pandavas aware of this subject, and the Pandavas sent Shikhandi in front of Pitamaha's chariot and killed him by Arjuna's arrows on Krishna's advice.

To get kill Jayadratha by hiding Suryadev: After Abhimanyu was killed, Arjuna vowed to kill Jayadratha before sunset the next day, otherwise promised to take Agnisamadhi.  On which Kauravas hid Jayadratha in the rear of the army. Then Krishna did sunset from his maya and the hidden Jayadratha came out to see Arjuna taking Agnisamadhi, at the same time the sun came out again by the grace of Shri Krishna and immediately Arjun trampled everyone and killed Jayadratha and dropped his head into his father lap.
Gesture to kill Duryodhana: At the time of the battle of Bhima and Duryodhana, Shri Krishna made a gesture of slapping on thigh , then Bhima did gada attack on the thigh of Duryodhana . It was only Krishna who knew that his body was like iron, except for Duryodhana's thigh.
When Krishna broke his vow in Mahabharata ...
It is say that Shri Krishna did not take any weapon  in the battle of Mahabharata.  He only accepted the idea of ​​ becoming Arjuna's charioteer and gave his advice  throughout the war, but is this really true?  Two arguments are given behind this matter.  It all starts when Duryodhana was showing anger at Bhishma Pitamah.  The reason was that not a single Pandava was dead.
Now there are also two stories about what Bhishma answered to Duryodhana.  According to the first story, Bhishma gets angry and gives 5 gold arrows to Duryodhana after reciting the mantra and says that tomorrow will be the end of the Pandavas.  On this, Duryodhana keeps arrows with him.  When Shri Krishna finds this, he sends Arjuna to Duryodhana.
It is famous in the stories that Arjun had saved Duryodhana's life and Duryodhana had promised Arjun that he could ask for anything from him.  In this, Krishna told Arjuna to ask for five gold arrows from Duryodhana.  Duryodhana gives it. Bhishma Pitamah gets angry with this and fights to kill Arjuna.  Arjun does not stand in front of Bhishma and falls.  At that time, Shri Krishna lifts the broken wheel of the chariot and proceeds to kill Bhishma, though Arjuna stops him and later Bhishma falls from the chariot and falls on the arrows, but still Krishna takes the weapon.
In the second story, the story is the same, but Bhishma promises Duryodhana that he will make Draupadi a widow by killing five Pandavas.  When Krishna comes to know about this, he asks Draupadi to touch Bhishma's feet without telling who she is. Draupadi does this and Bhishma blesses her to be always  suhaagan and live long.  When he come to know the truth, he is angry with Krishna.  At that time Krishna says that if your vow is broken because of me then my vow will be broken because of you.  And only then he lift the wheel of the chariot to save Arjun.
Krishna died due to curse ...
In the battle of Mahabharata, 100 sons of Gandhari died.  When Shri Krishna reached Gandhari, the unhappy Gandhari cursed him that in after 36 years he would be killed and with him the Yadu dynasty would be destroyed.
Shri Krishna knew that the Yadu dynasty has now come to greed and fascination.  So he just said thaastu.  The second curse was received from sage Durvasa.  Durvasa Rishi told Krishna to apply Kheer in his whole body.  Krishna did just this, leaving only his feet.  Angered by this, Durvasa cursed that Krishna would die because of his feet. Once when Shri Krishna was in the Samadhi, a hunter, Jara, considered Krishna's leg as an animal and shot an arrow at him.

16,108 queens of Krishna ..

They all know that Krishna had 16108 queens and 80 children, but why Krishna had only eight patranis(main queen)?  Actually, Rukmani, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Nagnajiti, Kalindi, Mitravrinda, Bhadra and Lakshmana were the main queens of Krishna. Krishna had 10 children from every queen.  The remaining 16100 women were rescued by Krishna from a demon Narakasura and sent to their respective homes. Someone's family did not adopt them, then Shri Krishna married them, but never made any relationship.

Why Krishna turned against his own army…
Before the war of Mahabharata, both Duryodhana and Arjuna went to Krishna for help.  When both arrived, Krishna was sleeping.  Duryodhana stood near Krishna's head and Arjuna folded his hands near his feet. When Krishna woke up, he saw Arjuna and said to support him.  Duryodhana was angry at this and said that he had come earlier and Krishna should support him.  On this, Krishna said that he has seen Arjuna before, so both will have to help.  Krishna gave his army to Duryodhana on this and became the charioteer of Arjuna.

Yogeshwar Shri Krishna has been presenting life philosophy to the public since time immemorial.  His playful childhood or the perfect ideal life, his miracles or his preaching of dharma and karma given by him to Arjuna in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita.  The reflection of Shri Krishna's personality is present in every particle. Shrikrishna Nishkam Karmayogi, an ideal philosopher, situated knowledge and a great man equipped with divine wealth.  Sri Krishna was born in this land of India some 5,200 years ago (Dwaparyuga).  According to Hinduism, Lord Krishna was the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, one of the Trideva.  Sri Krishna has been ranked as the best man of the Dvaparyuga, Yugapurusha or Yugavatara.  The character of Krishna is written elaborately in the Shrimad Bhagavat and Mahabharata, composed by Maharishi Ved Vyasa, contemporary of Sri Krishna. In the present-day philosophy of Shri Krishna is as relevant as it was in Dwaparyuga.  In the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Shri Krishna has explained the dharma in detail - the person who follows the dharma, the dharma also protects it and the one who does not follow the dharma and consumes unrighteousness, dharma also does not protect it. Just as Sri Krishna explained dharma in detail in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, similarly Karma has also fully described it.  Through the Gita, Shri Krishna inspired Arjuna to do unattached karma i.e. 'karma without wishing for results. Sri Krishna was a complete yogi and also was warrior.  Each of his forms is beautiful.  His childish form is so adorable that he has become an ideal of childhood.  That is why this form of Shri Krishna is worshiped on Janmashtami, in which he steal Makhan and eat Makhan, break the gopis's matki, and also killed Asuras with fun. On the banks of the Yamuna and in the forests of the Yamuna itself, Krishna along with the cow and gopis, in the childhood, killed Pootana slaughter, Shaktasura slaughter, Yamalarjuna moksha, Kaliya Daman, Dhenuk slaughter, Pralamb slaughter, Arishta slaughter, Kalayavan slaughter etc.  Kansa was killed in his teens with older brother Baldev. In the same way, his Raslila, loving nature towards Gopis is also adorable.  Similarly, his Yogeshwar form and the guiding form of Arjuna in the Mahabharata fascinate and inspire everyone.  In his leelas he is Makhanchor, Arjuna's guru & guide, poor Sudama's best friend, Draupadi's protector, Radhaji's prince,  ending Indra's pride as became Govardhandhaari.  All his forms and all his works are his leelas.  His leelas are so multifaceted that he is called Leelapurushottam in Sanatan texts.

I have tried to write about Lord Krishna on the occasion of Janmashtami. But the more I write and tell about Krishna, the less it seems. It is so versatile that there are stories full of mythology and folklore. Krishna's life is so multicolored that no one on this earth has lived such a life like him, every story of life cannot be connected without him. As I have told before that it is impossible to write everything about him. So through this blog  I will keep writing stories related to him from time to time. Do read every article of this blog.  Must visit every label .... thanks

Friday, July 3, 2020

Lord Krishna was rich in wonderful and supernatural personality

Lord Krishna was rich in wonderful and supernatural personality

Shri Krishna gave a new philosophy to mankind.  Taught the way of living.  His life-stories are full of miracles, but he is more closer to us  than other.  He is God but even before that, he is a successful, talented and divine human being.

The personality of Lord Shri Krishna is not only for Indian history, but also for world history, it is a supernatural and wonderful personality and will always be.  He is a unique hero of our culture.  A personality that cannot be compared to any avatar nor to any great man in the world. In every passage of his life, in every event there is a contradiction which is not generally understood.  This is the unique character of his life and this is also his unique life philosophy. The invaluable teaching he gave through his beautiful and seductive leelas and his holiness's teachings from inner and outer vision cannot come within the limits of the imaginative power of any speech or writing and the imagination of the mind, that is his singularity.  Gyani-dhyani(schloar-sage)  are defeated by searching Krishna, who do not meet in Brahm, nor in Puranas nor in the Vedas, he meet while pressing the feet of Radharani in any place of Brajbhumi- It is the peculiarity of the character of Shri Krishna that even after being unborn, he is born on earth. Even he is mritunjaya, but he accept death. Even is supreme power  but born in the prison of Kansa.
The personality and work of Shri Krishna is multi-faceted and multicolored, that is, intelligence, tact, warfare, charm, love, gravity, happiness, sorrow and how many characteristics and traits are included in himself. For a devotee, Lord Krishna is not only a god but also a guru who teaches the art of living life.  He attained the status of a great hero in Indian culture by the diverse characteristics of his personality.  On the one hand, he was a ideal scholar of politics and on the other, a great scholar of philosophy. He introduced the syncretic religion of knowledge-action-devotion while also leading in the religious world.  On the basis of his abilities, he was a man of yugas, who later became accepted as an ideal of young generation .  We remember him as a great revolutionary hero. He was a philosopher, thinker, messenger of Karma and Sankhya Yoga through the Gita, and the policy director of the Mahabharata war, but for the simple-minded Brajvasi, he was the rascha rachaiya, the Makhan chor, the naughty Kanhaiya who broke the gopis's pitcher . This is the expression in the Gita - O Arjuna! Those devotee worship me in which feeling in same way I also worship them. Shri Krishna's character is very divine.  Everyone is attract towards him.  Who attracts everyone, paves the way for devotion, removes the sins of devotees, he is Shri Krishna. He is an ideal character who while diagnosing Arjuna's mental anguish then he is a psychologist, when he killed Kansa then known as dharmaavatar. An ideal politician countering selfish politics, best musician in the form of Vishwa Mohini Bansi Bajaiah, Premavatar in front of Brijwasi . An ideal friend in front of Sudama.  In the form of  Sudarshan chakradhaari is a warrior and a pioneer of social revolution . Who do not overlap the sky of Dwapar with their divine powers, but remain in the background of mythological events like a relieved feeling.  Actually, Krishna has everything that is in human and not in human!  They are complete, bright, Brahman, knowledge.  Due to this immortal knowledge, many such rules and formulas have been propounded on the basis of their life themes and Gita, which are also applicable in Kali Yuga.  In this age full of deceit and deceit, how should we behave according to religion, what kind of behavior, we should see such benefits, not harming others, this way.  On the occasion of Janmashtami, we should adopt his teachings and biographies in our lives. Shri Krishna gave a new philosophy to mankind.  Taught the way of living.  Their life-stories are full of miracles, but he is more closer to us than than other.  He is God but even before that, he is a successful, talented and divine human being.  Despite being God, they seem the most human.
That is why Sri Krishna is considered a symbol of human emotions, desires and arts.  It seems that Shri Krishna came as the leader of life philosophy.  His entire journey from start to end is the inspiration of Purushartha.  He opened his eyes to the society when the power of autocracy  became poison for human beings.
Because no one could challenge the power, the newborn baby were killed.  Such is the story of the birth of Shri Krishna himself.  They were able to survive, so they were removed from the parents' eyes as soon as he was born.  In the society apprehensive by the fear of that time, child Krishna starting his life of sensation, struggle, reaction and protest.

The war of Mahabharata was the climax of the continuous battle which was started by Sri Krishna at birth.  Society of every era poses some questions before us.  Shri Krishna answered the same questions and became Taranhar.  Even today, almost the same questions stand before us.  In such a situation, it is important to focus on the exemplary side of Shri Krishna's dazzling chanting side so that the society can be removed from the cycle of this complexity.  His entire personality and curiosity has become an indelible article of religious history.  His sense of balance and harmony made him a favorite of illiterate milkman, people living in the lower strata of society, and disabled victims of neglect.
Sri Krishna birth anniversary is an example of social equality.  He was born in the city and spent his childhood playing in the village.  Thus his character connects the culture of the village and the city, connects the poor with the rich, Gwal baal to be the Gita preacher, killing the evil Kansa and returning his kingdom to Maharaj Ugrasena . Despite of he belong to rich family used to go the poor Gwal Bal and Gopis home and eating Makhan etc. are examples of being a successful national hero.  Like an ordinary human Krishna, any person can become a nationalist by touching every position of society and being loved by all. The heroic demons of kansa are slaughtered at the moment  by Krishna but  he gets lost in the game by Gwal baal. This is an example of the founding of divine love. Lord Krishna 's reasons for social harmony and patriotism are the inspiring criteria.
Shrikrishna is the only person in the vast sky of spirituality who does not appear serious nor seem indifferent even after going to the ultimate depths and heights of dharma, but is a person full of biographical power.  Sri Krishna's character has dance, song, love, dedication, humor, rasa, and the mindset to accept war as well, if needed.
The Great War is the symbol of the defense of religion and truth.  There is no other person who created history in the world with a flute in one hand and Sudarshan Chakra in the other hand.  There is no prohibition in the character of Shri Krishna, there is a sense of accepting every moment of life, every substance, every event with totality.  If they love, they are completely immersed in it, if they are friends, then they are also fully loyal, and when they accept war, then there is complete acceptance in that too.

On Janmashtami, the birth anniversary of Sri Krishna, we should strive for the rise of humanity by making inspiration simple from him and making life simple and easy.

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15 best stories of Krishna's childhood for children

15 best stories of Krishna's childhood for children

Storytelling is not only a way to further deepen the relationship between parents and children, but is also an easy and fun way to discuss ethics and explain values.  Read further to know the childhood stories of Lord Krishna, which will surely make children feel very good.

Stories of lord krishna for kids with learning

 Lord Krishna is one of the most popular Hindu Gods among children and adults.  His stories have stories full of fun, laughter and good ideals.  Here are 15 special stories of God for children's enjoyment:

1. Story of Krishna's parents

In ancient times, there was a king named 'Ugrasen', who had two children - a son named Kansa and a daughter named 'Devaki'.  Devaki was humble and calm, but Kansa was evil.  When he grew up, he put his father in prison, and took over the throne of the king himself, while his sister was married to King 'Vasudev'. One day, Kansa heard akashvaani - One day your sister's eighth son will grow up and kill you.  Due to this, the evil Kansa was shaken to the ground and wanted to kill his sister.  But Vasudeva urges to Kansa for Devaki to keep him alive and Kansa agrees to kill Devaki's eighth son. Kansa imprisoned his own sister and her husband, the eighth child of the couple was Lord Krishna who survived all attempts by Kansa to kill him, and eventually defeated his evil  maternaluncle.

Lession - 

If you are evil and have bad intentions, then you will surely get punishment for your sins.  Always be positive and think of doing good to others.

2. Birth of Lord Krishna

Devaki and Vasudev were imprisoned by their brother Kansa.  Every time Devaki gave birth to a child, Kansa himself came and killed the child with his own hands.  Devaki's seventh son was miscarried, but was mysteriously transferred to the womb of queen Rohini, who came to the world as Krishna's brother - Balarama. His eightth son was born inside the prison at midnight, it was Lord Krishna and that special day is celebrated as Janmashtami.

Lesson - 

If something good happens, it will be done.  Good always dominates evil.

3. How Vasudeva saved Krishna's life

Krishna was born as Vishnu and his parents prayed that he be transformed into an ordinary child, so that they could hide him from Kansa.  Prabhu advised his father to take him to Vrindavan and changed with a newborn girl.  Then, magically the prison guard fell asleep and all the locks and chains opened automatically.  Vasudev left for Vrindavan with little Krishna.  When he reached the banks of the river Yamuna, he saw that the river was flooded. Keeping the little Krishna on his head, as Vasudeva tried

to cross the river and the water touched Krishna's toe. The water of the river mysteriously receded, and Vasudeva could complete his journey.  He then reached Yashoda's house, changed the children and returned back to the prison with the girl.  Devaki and Vasudev hoped that Kansa would leave the girl as the prophecy predicted that a boy would kill Kansa, but Kansa did not care.  He snatches the child from their hands and throws him on a stone.  But the girl turned into goddess Durga and they told Kansa that Krishna was alive and would punish him for his evil deeds.

Lesson - 

Sometimes the powers are beyond one's own control.  If you only have bad intentions, you will never succeed.

4. Krishna and Putna

 Krishna's maternal uncle Kansa was desperate to kill him, so he entrusted this task to a demon named 'Putna'.  The demon assumed the form of a beautiful woman and reached the room where Krishna was.  She had poison on her breasts and requested to be fed to Krishna. Krishna's mother was not aware of her true intentions and allowed to Putna breast feeding Krishna .  But Krishna closed his eyes and sucked the life of the demon from which she died.  The poison did nothing to Krishna but due to the good deeds of feeding Krishna, the soul of the Putna was liberated.

Lesson -

 Never should anyone be hurt intentionally, because you may have to suffer for it.

5.  Lord Krishna used to like butter

Lord Krishna loved to eat butter, everyone in the city of Vrindavan was aware of his mischief and attempts to steal butter, hence he was called "Makhan Chor".  Krishna's mother Yashoda used to tie the butter at a height to hide the butter from Krishna.
Once, when Yashoda was not around, Krishna called his friends.  They climbed on top of each other and somehow managed to reach the pot of butter.  Everyone together took down a pot full of butter and ate the butter together with great fun.  But unfortunately, he does not realize that Yashoda has returned.  All of Krishna's friends ran back to their homes, but Krishna was reprimanded for being mischievous.

Lesson - 

Always obey your elders and never steal.

 6. Lord Krishna and Yashoda

Lord Krishna was mischievous and his mother Yashoda was tired of his mischief.  One day, she decided to bind Krishna to stop his antics.  Yashoda brought a rope to tie him, but realized that the rope was too short.  She then brought a big rope, but she also fell short.  Then brought the third rope, but she also fell short.  She then realizes that his son is something miraculous.  But after that, Lord Krishna let his mother bind him so that she could be happy.

Lesson -

 believe in miracles, it can happen.  Always do things that make your parents happy.

7. Krishna Eats Soil

One day, Krishna and his elder brother Balarama were collecting fruits and berries in the garden.  Since Krishna was still a small child, he could not reach the trees, so he picked up soil from the ground and filled it in his mouth.  The other children saw this and complained to their mother, Yashoda ran to him and asked Krishna if he had eaten the soil.  He shook his head, pointing to no , Yashoda asked Krishna to open his mouth but he was so scared that he refused to open his mouth.  But when his mother looked at him angrily, he opened his mouth.
When Yashoda looked inside the mouth, instead of clay, she saw the whole universe inside Krishna's mouth.  Stars, skies, mountains, oceans everything.  She was surprised and Krishna kept smiling.  Then Yashoda realized that he is not an ordinary child but God himself.

Lesson -

Always obey your mother and never lie.

8. Krishna and Kalia Nag

One day while Krishna and his friends were playing on the banks of the river Yamuna, their ball fell into the river where one hundred and ten-headed serpent Kaliya use to ruled and lived with his family.

Krishna dived to retrieve the ball, but Kalia started poisoning the water with his poison.  Krishna confronts him and tells him not to poison the water, but Kalia refuses.  Then Krishna fought with him and defeated the great serpent and started dancing on his head.  He orders the serpent to leave the river and never return.

Lesson -

 Peace is a better solution than war.

9. Lord Krishna and Arishtasura

 One day, a huge bull arrived in Vrindavan and started attacking people.  Nobody knew where he came from and everyone started running around to save own life.  They then came to seek help from Krishna. When Krishna came face to face with the bull, he understood that it is indeed a demon.  But Krishna being powerful, managed to deal with the bull and pierce its horns.  When the fight was over, the demon left the bull's body and bowed to the lord.  He reported that he was a disciple of devguru Brihaspati and was cursed to become a demon bull because he did not respect his guru.

Lesson -

 Never disobey your elders and teachers.

10. Krishna and Keshi

When Krishna defeated the demon bull Arishtasura, Narada muni went to Kansa and told him that Krishna was the eighth son born to Vasudeva and Devaki and it was divinely specified that he would kill Kansa.  This angered Kansa and he called the long haired horse 'Keshi' to kill Krishna.
The horse demon began to frighten the people of Vrindavan hoping to kill Krishna.  But Krishna not afraid of him, he challenged Keshi for a fight and broke all the teeth of Keshi with his elbow.  Krishna then strangled the demon horse and stabbed him to death, and after that Krishna was given a new name - Keshav - who killed Keshi.

Lesson -

 Do not be afraid and stay strong.

11. Lord Krishna and Lord Brahma

 Lord Brahma once decided to play a trick on Krishna.  He hid all of Krishna's friends in Brahmlok.  When Krishna did not find any, he took the incarnation of all his friends and returned to Vrindavan.  Frightened and upset, when Lord Brahma came to Vrindavan, seeing Krishna as everyone, he realized that he should not have been taken to test Krishna.

Lesson -

 You should always help your friends.

12. Lord Krishna and Govardhan Mountains

Lord Indra is the god of rain and that is why all the people worshiped him for rain at times.  But one year, Lord Krishna suggested that villagers should worship Govardhan mountain .  Lord Indra became very angry with this, so he raised a storm on Vrindavan. But Krishna protected his people by lifting Govardhan mountain on one finger.  This made Lord Indra realize his mistake and apologized to Krishna for the storm.

Lesson - 

Never take hard decisions in anger, they can never be fruitful.

13. Krishna and Kamadhenu

One day, a cow named Kamadhenu reached Lord Krishna.  Kamadhenu told Krishna that she had come from a place called Devaloka, which is the kingdom of heaven.  She said that she wants to coronate

Krishna. The cow bathed God with the holy waters of heaven and thanked him for protecting all the creatures.  After that, Lord Indra himself appeared with Airavat and announced that Krishna would be known as Govinda, which means Indra of the whole world.


should be respected by all - both humans and animals.

14. Krishna and Aghasura

One day while Krishna was playing with his friends, he reached a mountain cave.  They did not know that this cave was home to the demon Aghasura, the brother of the demonic Putna.  Aghasura took the form of a giant snake to kill Krishna and his friends.  Krishna and his friends did not know that Aghasura had opened his mouth equal to the entrance of the cave so that they could all go inside and eat them.
Krishna realized that something was wrong and decided to enter the cave himself.  Thinking that Krishna would end, all the demons became happy and the gods were upset.  But the Gandharvas requested  Krishna, who understood everything then.  On request, Krishna increased his size until he killed the demon snake.  He was a just man and liberated the demon's soul.

Lesson - 

Always listen to someone who gives you good advice.

15. Death of Kansa by Krishna.

When Krishna defeated all the demons and monster sent by Kansa, Kansa became worried.  He sent his servant Akrur to bring Krishna and his brother Balarama back to Mathura.  He conspired with two of his most powerful wrestlers to challenge the boys in wrestling.  Krishna and Balaram accepted the challenge and defeated their opponents easily and killed them.
Seeing all this, Kansa lost his temper and ordered his soldiers to expel them from the kingdom and also kill Vasudev and Ugrasena.  Hearing this, Krishna attacked on Kansa and toppled Kansa's crown and dragged Kansa to the wrestling arena.

Kansa, desperate to prove that he was a better fighter, accepted the challenge of fighting Krishna.  Krishna punched him with a loud force and Kansa died.  Seeing this, Kansa's eight brothers attacked him, but Balaram alone killed them all with his gada .  Krishna then met his birth-giving parents, Devaki and Vasudeva.

Lesson - 

Truth and good always win.  Many such stories are repositories of knowledge to teach valuable things to children.  Start your journey into the world of stories with your little ones and help them find their way to build a good life and strong relationships.

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Story of the birth of Lord Parashuram

Story of the birth of Lord Parashuram

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The story of the birth of Lord Parashurama is very interesting which is described in the Vishnu Purana, in fact the story of the birth of Parashurama starts from the time of his grandfather. 

Parshuramji's  grandfather name was Maharishi Richik, who was of a very angry nature, as well as his age was old. But he had not married yet. Once the sage came to mind that he too should get married, he reached King Gadhi and asked his daughter for him. The king, with a desire to not give a girl to a very angry and old Brahmin, demand the Maharishi to give 100 black horses like stunning the moon and moving like the air, which was impossible. But Maharishi Hrichik gave 100 horses from Varuna to King Gadhi in the same way as they were born from Ashwathirtha, now even though the king did not want to marry his daughter to Maharishi Richik.  But he had to get his girl married to Maharishi Hrichik. After some time of marriage, the sage felt that the marriage had taken a long time.  Now there should be a child . Therefore, he wished for the child and prepared a Yagya Kheer for his wife Satyavati.  And another Yagya Kheer for the birth of a Kshatriya superior son for the mother of Satyavati . And both taking yagya kheer in hand and went to Satyavati and said to make proper use of it.  Having said that, he went to forest.
Now Satyavati went to her mother with Kheer and narrated the whole story as told by Maharishi Ritchik. Hearing this,  Satyavati's mother said "Daughter", everyone wants to make his own son quality and powerful. Anybody has no special interest in wife's brother, so your husband must have thought like this. And he has made your Yagya Kheer more effective so that your son is the best of all, so you should eat my Kheer and I will eat your Kheer.  Because my son has to follow the entire earth and your Brahmin son would not have to take forceful , semen and property, on hearing such a thing, Satyavati was very sad and despite not wanting, she gave her kheer to her mother and she ate mother's kheer herself.
After a while, when Maharishi Richik returned from forest and saw Satyavati, he was angry and said what kind of work did you do.  Because of which your body looks so terrible. Of course, you have eaten kheer prepared for your mother.  Which is not right because in it I had included all my enjoyment, wealth of valor and strength, and implanted ,peace and wisdom in your kheer. By using their opposite, your will produce terrible weapon's holder a son with the same attitude as the Kshatriya , and your mother will produce a son with Brahmanic conduct. On hearing this, Satyavati Maharishi fell on Richik's feet and apologized.  The things that happened between her and her mother.  Narrated all the story.

And said, O God, I have done such a thing, because of ignorance, so please be happy and take some measures so that my son does not have such a nature even if my grandson (grandson) is of that nature.  Hearing this, Maharishi was very surprised and said, O Satyavati, you have no fault in this but curse will have to be suffered even if our grandson has to suffer. Therefore, our son will be of Brahmin nature but grandson Kshatriya nature.  So after some time Jamadagni was born from Satyavati and Vishwamitra from her mother.  And here Satyavati became a Kaushiki river after giving birth to a child.  Jamadagni married Ikshvaku dynasty king Renu's daughter.  And from Jamadagni, Lord Parshuram, who destroyed the entire Kshatriyas, was born.  Which was the avatar of Lord Narayana.  Those who were Brahmins from birth and Kshatriyas from Karma.

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Why Lord Vishnu killed his own son ??

Why Lord Vishnu killed his own son ??

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               This story is mentioned in the Vishnupurana.  Lord Vishnu killed his own son, but due to what such circumstances, he had to do this. To know this, this story is presented ........

According to the story, Shri Hari Vishnu took avatar of Shri Krishna on earth and killed Kansha and after then started living in Dwarikapuri.  So one day Indra came to Sri Krishna riding on his Airavat elephant.  And bowed to Lord Krishna and said, "O Madhusudan, even though you are in human form, you are the lord of all the gods, you have put an end to all our trouble.  All asuras who used to trouble the sages, they are killed by you.

But O Sri Krishna, the son of Prithvi  Narakasura who is the king of pragjyotispur.  He has forcibly kept the daughters of gods, munis, demons, kings, etc. in his jail.  This monster has also snached Varuna's raining Kshatra and Mandanchal's peak called Maniparvat. O Krishna he has also taken two  divine earring of my mother Aditi and now wants to take this Airavat elephant also. Therefore, O Krishna, I have told you all my problems, now you should do as you feel appropriate.
On hearing such words of Indra, Devakinandan smiled and got up from his seat, holding Indra's hand, and as soon as he remembered Garuda, himself after sitting Satyabhama on Garuda and left for Pragjyotishpur. And here Indra too went to heaven riding on his Airavat elephant.  Arriving here in Pragjyotishpur, Sri Krishna sees that up to a hundred yojan of earth around Pragjyotishpur, the knife-like edge made by the Mur monster is surrounded by very sharp nets.
Then Lord Krishna cut those nets from his Sudarshan Chakra.  Seeing this, the Mur demon ran to fight with Shri Krishna, then Krishna killed Mur also with Sudarshan Chakra.  Seeing Mur dead, even Mur's sons started fighting with Shri Krishna. But Shri Krishna also killed them with the Sudarshan Chakra.  In this way, lord Krishna killed the hundred sons of Mur and the demon named Panchajan and quickly entered Pragjyotishpur.
Where Shri Krishna encountered the terrible army of Narakasura.  On one side, the entire army of Narakasura and on the other side Shri Krishna is alone but Narayana is Narayan, he destroyed the entire army of Narakasura in an instant. Seeing this, the stunned Narakasura reached battle with Lord Krishna and left his best weapon on the Narayana.  But Narayan failed all his weapons. And in the end, Shri Hari, who destroyer of the demons, finally hit the Narakasura with Sudarshan Chakra. Sudarshan Chakra cuts the earth's son Narakasura into pieces. On the death of Narakasura, the Earth appeared with the earrings of Aditi and started saying to Shri Jagannath that "O Nath, you have saved me by taking his Varaha avatar, at the same time I had touched by you , this son of mine was born to me, thus you gave me this son."  And you destroyed him. Take this earrings and now protect his children. Please be happy and forgive all the crimes of your son Narakasura even if you have self killed him to make your son sinless.  Pleased on me, you have incarnated in this world with your part to take my load off.
Later Lord Vishnu said to the earth "May your wish be fulfilled" and then took all kinds of gems from the palace of Narakasura.  And went to the girl's jail of Narakasura , saw 16100 girls, and saw 6000 elephants with four teeth and 210000 horses .

Those girls and elephants-horses were immediately transported to Dwarikapuri by servants of Narakasura, after which Krishna saw Varuna's Kshatra and Maniparvat of Mandaranchal, picked them up and placed them on Birds's king Garuda .  And along with Satyabhama, he climbed on Garuda and left for heaven to give Aditi's earrings . And after returning from heaven, he married 16100 girls.  First he had 8 wives, after this, he had 16108 wives.

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Why did Vishnu ji uproot his two hairs?

Why did Vishnu ji uproot his two hairs?

Hello friends,

The story that I have brought today is described in the first chapter of the 5th part of Vishnupurana, according to the story .......

Once the goddess earth, suffering from extreme sin on her surface ,took the form of a cow and went to the deities on Mount Sumeru, and bowed to the lord Bramha Ji and said, "O lord, just as the Sun is the supreme master of the gold and the group of rays, similarly the guru of all the worlds, who is also my guru, O deities you all are also the part of him.  Aditya, Rudra, Vasu, Agni, demon, monster , phantom , Gandharva, snake, Apsara, planet, constellation, the whole world is Vishnumay, O Divyamirtidhari Devgan, At this time on my surface  many unmanageable armies of haughty and powerful demons .

Let me tell you that now I am unable to bear myself after suffering from excessive sin, so therefore , O great deities, take some measures to take off my load, slowly - slowly I will be very distraught and go to the abyss (Patalalok). Hearing this, Brahmaji also got upset and thinking about remedies to reduce the weight of the earth, but after thinking too much, there was no solution, he said to the earth, "O earth, you are not distraught at all, solution will definitely happen with the help of Shri Vishnu, so with me you also praise Narayana, then all the gods including Brahma ji started praising Narayan. Hearing all the types of praise, Lord Narayana, revealing his form and said to Brahma ji, "O Brahma Ji, say everything you wish with the gods and understand them as complete. Then Brahma Ji said that "O Lord, this earth has become unbalanced due to the emergence of great Asuras on her surface, it has come in your refuge to destroy  the weight of the world . Therefore, O Lord and all the gods present here and request you to take away the sufferings of this earth and also tell what is the command for us, because by following your command, we will be free from all the defects. On the saying of Brahma ji, Lord Narayana removed two hairs of his white and black color and said to the gods that "My two hairs will take the avatar on the earth and liberate the earth from the burden of sins, therefore, all the gods will incarnate from their own parts and fight against all the demons.  Then, of course, from my anger, the entire monster on the earth floor will become destroyed, from the 8th womb of Vasudeva's wife , my black hair it will incarnate which will be known as Shyam (Krishna) and kill Kansh who the avatar of Kalnemi, saying this Shri Hari Vishnu became invisible. And all the gods returned to Mount Sumeru, the Earth also got settled and went to its place,

while black hair took the form of Lord Krishna and caused the destruction of all the demons like Kansha, and you all will remember all the warriors of Mahabharata, there were incarnations of the deity, and all of them also fought and destroyed the demons, and while the white hair incarnated on the earth as Radha.

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Was there really love between Karna and Draupadi?? Know the complete truth with proof.

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