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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Story of Indra & Vritrasura

Story of Indra & Vritrasura.

Once upon a time - a beautiful program of music & dancing was going on in the assembly of Devraj Indra.  Devguru Brihaspati reached in the during of the program.  Indra thought - such good music is going on, if I wake up in the middle, then there will be an obstacle in the music, if I do not wake up, Guruji will get annoyed. What should I do?
Thinking this, Indra ignored him and started looking at the other side.  He acted as if he had not seen Guruji.
Due to such behavior of Indra, Guruji got angry and left the gods.  Here when the demons came to know that  Devguru of the gods were angry with them, the demons attacked and defeated the gods and took away heaven from them.
Gods pray to Brahma Ji .
The deity became an orphan without a guru.  They could not see any support.  Then they went to Brahma ji.  Brahma ji rebuked then and said - You all have done this very wrong thing. The biggest crime is to annoy the Guru. Now, until you find a Guru, you accept "Vishwaroop" as guru, who is the same as Devguru Brihaspati in virtue, make him a Guru.  But his mother is of Asura dynasty, so sometimes he can favor Asuras - if you ignore this thing and walk it will become your job.These sutras(theory) are also for our life - which has many qualities and if there are one or two defects then we should learn to ignore them, only then you will be successful in life.

Gods reachieve the kingdom of heaven .

The gods made "Vishwaroop" a guru.  Vishwaroop performed the ritual of "Narayana Kavach" by Indra.  Now the Dev-Asura War took place. The gods emerged victorious due to the "Narayan Kavach".  The kingdom of heaven was again gotten to Indra. Now Indra started a yajna to protect the kingdom.  At the time of the yajna, Indra saw that Guru Vishwaroop was offering Ahuti(sacrifice) in favor of the gods in a manifest form and also in favor of the asuras in a covert form.  Indra got angry.  He raised the Vajra and cut Vishwaroop's head.
Ritual done by Vishwaroop's father for wishing to kill Indra.
Vishwaroop's father "Tavashtha" became angry when Vishwaroop died.  He started performing rituals to kill Indra.  He was vow to have receive a son by Havan(yajna) , who can kill to Indra. But due to inaccuracy of mantra's pronunciation, yagna produced a son.  But he was not to kill Indra, probably he was born to die at the hands of Indra.
Here it can be understood - the subject of ritual is difficult but devotion is simple.  If anything goes wrong in devotion, God takes care of us, but if there is something wrong in the ritual, it is our responsibility.
This son of Tvashtha, who was born from the yajna, surrounded all the worlds with his huge body, hence his name was "Vritrasura".  When Vritrasura roared, all the gods attacked on him.  Vritrasura grabbed those weapons which was used by gods and finally broke and ate them.
Now the Gods panic - he break the weapon and eat it, who will kill him?  The gods ran away and started praising God.

Lord Vishnu tells the gods to solution of Vritrasura slaughter.

Lord Vishnu appeared and said - Listen, Indra!  There is a solution but it is difficult to do.
Indra said- You just tell me the solution, it is my job to do it.
 God said - If Vajra is made from the bone of Dadichi Rishi, then Vritrasura will be killed.  But Dadichi Rishi is alive, bone will be found when he sacrifices.
 Indra said - God!  You have told the solution, now it is my job to ask for bone from Dadhichi sage.
Now Indra reached Dadhichi Rishi, bowed and said - Rishivar !  I want your bone.
Dadhichi said - Indra, didn't you consider it?  If God asks for the bone of the person who wants to survive, then he can refuse to give it.
 Indra said- I understand that it is unfair for me to ask for your bone, but the problem is so severe that I am forced to ask for it.  If you give your bone, then the life of all the gods will be saved.
 The Dadhichi sage meditated on the Lord Shiva and renounced his body through yoga.  After that Indra made a Vajra from the bone of the Dadhichi sage.
The war between  Indra And Vritrasura.
After attaining Vajra, the gods were filled with enthusiasm.  All the demons who come with Vritrasura started running due to fear.  Here Vritrasura shouted loudly and moved towards Indra. Indra used his gada(mace).  Vritrasura strikes the forehead of Airavat, the elephant of Indra with his left hand.  Due to which Airavat's forehead exploded.
Indra was afraid.  There is Vajra in his hand, which is made from the bone of the Dadhichi sage, yet he is afraid that,what happen if it will be wasted like mace.
Vritrasura says- Indra!  Why are you not using Vajra?  Don't think that mace like Vajra will be wasted.  There are three powers in the Vajra - 1. Lord Narayana 2. The penance of Sage Dadhichi 3. The destiny of Indra.  You strike!  You will surely get success.
Indra, I am happy in both situations - even if victorious, I will avenge my brother.  Happy even if defeated because after dying this my physical body will be used by animals-birds  and I will leave this body and go to Vaikuntha dham.
Indra panicked after hearing this. Now he unable to attack with Vajra.
Vritrasura says- As long as you are not striking Vajra,then I meditate on my God.  Vritrasura closes his eyes and reaches Bhava Samadhi(spiritual stage). Talks to God- Lord!  After some time, leaving this body, I am going to come at your feet, I am going to come to your abode.  I know the outcome of this war, what will happen?  Indra will win, I will be defeated in this war.
God said - But I never let my devotee be defeated.  How did you think that you will be defeated?
Vritrasura smiles- Lord!  I know, whoever wins, he will get heaven and who will be defeated, he will get Baikunth.  You will not give small things to your devotee!  Therefore, I know that I will be defeated in this war.
Slaughter Of Vritrasura
When Vritrasura came out of Bhav Samadhi(spiritual stage), he sees that Indra is standing with Vajra in his hand.  Vritrasura said- "Indra!  Have you come to war, or come to see me?  Strike with Vajra at me ! "
Indra says- O Demon king Vritrasura!  We gods call you demon, but you look like a perfect mahatma(great soul).  Even in this adverse situation, so much loyalty, so much love for God, so much love is not seen in the great siddhas mahatma(great soul).  You are a proven great divine soul.
After this, Indra attacked Vajra on Vritrasura.  Vritrasura's head was severed from the torso.  A divine light came out and went to the abode of God.
Lessons from the story
(a) ● One should always respect the gurus and respectable people, otherwise our age, strength, intelligence, sharpness are diminished.
(b) ● If you do some puja, yagya with some wishes and if there is some mistake in the pronunciation in mantras, then its reverse results  happens, but if you do devotion with the utmost sense then God forgives all the mistake.

(c) ● The devotee has so much faith in God that even under adverse circumstances he is not afraid.  Vritrasura has so much love for God that he was not afraid at all.

This is a short story of Vritrasura… which is also mentioned in the Shri Bhagwat Purana, Ramayana, Shivmahapurana, Mahabharata…. It is also necessary to know why Vritrasura was a devotee of God even when he was a demon….  I will definitely write this topic in future . Currently, you all to know that Vritrasura was cursed by Mother Parvati.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

When Narada was do arrogance of being the greatest devotee in the world.

When Narada was do arrogance of being the greatest devotee in the world.

Once, there was a pride rises in Narada's mind that he is the biggest devotee of Lord Vishnu.  They started thinking, 'I sing Lord Vishnu's glory night and day.  Then who can be a bigger devotee than me in this world?  But I do not know whether Srihari also understands me like this or not? '

Considering this, Narada reached to Lord Vishnu at Kshirsagar and bowed to him.

 "Come Narada!"  Vishnu said, "Tell me how did you come?"

 "I've come to ask you one thing, Lord."  Narada said.

 "I know your mind, Narada.  Still want to hear from your mouth. "  Vishnu said.

O, God!  I have been praising you throughout my life, every moment, I only meditate you.  Tell me if you have any other devotee bigger than me in the world? "  Narada asked.

Vishnu had already understood that Narada has developed pride on his devotion, but hiding his mind, he said, "Narada!  For this question you will have to go with me to earth. "

 "I'm ready, Lord."  Both started walking toward the earth.

 Upon reaching the earth, both of them took the disguise of the farmer and walked towards a hut built on the side of a village.  Vishnu said, "Narada!  A great devotee of mine lives here in this hut. "

"Wonder, can anyone have more devotion than me."  Narada exclaimed, "Does he, like me, ? Does he keep your's form meditation in own mind anytime ?"

 "Come, you will know yourself."  Vishnu said and headed towards that hut.

The farmer was tying his cow outside the hut at that time.  The voice of 'Hari, Hari Govind' was coming out of his mouth.  Farmer's form Vishnu went near him and said 'Narayan-Narayan', the farmer asked in a polite voice, "Where have you come from, Bhadra(Gentleman).  Please tell without hesitation if you have any service for me. "

"We are going to the city, but darkness has begun to come."  There is a fear of wild animals in the forest.  That's why we want an overnight shelter. "

"Welcome to my hut, Bhadra(Gentleman) and whatever some little amount of food, is present for you."  God has given me an opportunity to serve you people, it is a great blessing. "  The farmer said happily.

Putting the two out on a cot in the hallway, the farmer went inside and said to his wife, "Goddess!  Two guests have arrived. "

 The farmer's wife was serving food to her children at that time.  Gently showing the pot of flour, she said, "There is no much flour in the house, and these children are asking for more food."

No problem.  We will provide the guests with a full meal. ”  The farmer said, " Today you make kanji drink for childrens ."

 Narada and Narayana heard the whole conversation of the both of them, yet sat eat of food for test.  When the two were ate full of food, Narada thought, 'How can this simple householder be the biggest devotee of God?

On the other hand, Shrihari "'asked the farmer to fetch more food. He said," My stomach is not full yet. Will I get more food? "

 The farmer went to the kitchen and asked the wife, "Is there any other food left?"

 "Made kanji for children, that's all that's left."  Wife said.

Vishnu and Narada also drank that Kanji.  The farmer and his family had to sleep hungry.  Hungry children held the mother's hand and said, "Mother, I am not sleepy."  I am very hungry, why did the father also give kanji to those guests? "

 "Offering food to the guest is like offering food to Lord Vishnu himself, son!"  The father said while turning his hand on the child's head.

In the hallway outside, both the guests were lying on separate beds.  Lord Vishnu said, "Narada You heard !  The farmer and his family did not get food, yet he is singing my glories. "

 "This is nothing."  I have remembered you after being hungry for many days. "  Narada said.

They saw it the next morning.  The farmer was saying in front of the idol of Lord Vishnu, "Govind Hari-Hari.  You always stay in my heart, just, I don't want anything else. "  Then he said to both the guests, "Hari has a great grace.  He is the keeper of the world.  Is there any trouble at night due to the mercy of God?  Both of you stay here for as long as you want.  I'm going to the farm. "

"We will also go with you, if you do not mind."  Shri Hari said.

 Narada and lord Vishnu went with farmer to his farm.  The farmer said, "This is my farm.  Now I will do my work… Govind Hari-Hari. ”

 "You are a true man.  You are a great devotee of God, you keep taking his name every moment. "  Narada said.

"Oh no?"  Whenever I get a little time from work, then I remember his name. ”  The farmer said.

 "When will you get time?"  Narada asked.

 “I wake up in the morning.  I sleep at night then and during the day whenever I get time from work. "  The farmer told.

 "Ah I see."  Got out of Narada's mouth.

When both of them walked away from the farmer, Narada said in a sarcastic voice, " God you heard .  He remembers you two or four times a day in the morning while I always meditate on you.  Still you call him a great devotee. "

 Srihari remained silent, but in his heart he said, 'You will know the reason too, Narada.'

Vishnu filled a vase filled with oil to Narada and said, "Narada!  Put it on your head and bring it to the front hill without putting your hand.  Remember, not a single drop of oil kept in this Kalash(vase) should fall on the ground. ”

"This task is not easy, however, if you are pleased, nothing is impossible."  Narada said and placed the urn on the head.

 'Oops!  If a little attention is paid then the oil will spill out. ”Thinking Narada walked towards the hill, raising the urn on his head.

 Narada went up to the hill and returned.  Vishnu said, "Narada has returned!  Okay, now tell me how many times have you remembered me in going so far and coming? "

"Not even once, Lord."  Narada said, "How do I do?  All my attention was towards oil and urn. "

 "Think of yourself then."  Srihari said, “That farmer works hard all day.  Still, he remember me two or four times, and you could not remember me even once. "

 Narada's knowledge eye opened.  Falling at Srihari's feet, he said, "O Lord!  Those who remember you even while living in the mess of the world are the biggest devotees. "

Friday, November 27, 2020

Why was Surpanakha and Shri Krishna married?

Why was Surpanakha and Shri Krishna married?

 It is necessary to know about Surrapanakha before main story.

Shurpanakha, sister of Ravana and wife of Sri Krishna, yes this story is very interesting.  This story from Treta Yug to Dwapara Yuga is very interesting.  Know what Shurpanakha did, due to which she got the privilege of becoming the bride of God herself.
Hardly you know about Dandakaranya forests's ruler, Ravana's much-loved sister, Shurpanakha, that she had the privilege of being the wife of Sri Krishna.  The image of Shurpanakha in the common man is of a demon.  A woman who decided to take revenge on Sri Ram and Lakshman after being frustrated(that mean after cutting nose...after feeling insult) and inspired Ravana to fight. In the end it led to the destruction of its own dynasty.  But despite all this she became the wife of Shri Krishna, she was got salvation .  The great sages -saints is not able to achieve this happiness even after rigorous penance, but Shurpanakha got this blessing.

Hello friends, in this blog today we will talk about what was the name of Surpanakha or Surpnakha's husband, and the real name of Surpanakha!
 Friends, Surpanakha was the sister of Ravana, her real name was Supnakha which means beautiful nails's woman.
Because Surpanakha was so beautiful that men were fascinated by seeing her nails, that's why her name was Supnakha.
What was the name of Surpanakha's husband: - Surpanakha's husband's name was Vidhutjivh, who was the commander of a king named Kalakeya. Once there was a war between Kalkeya and Ravana and where Kalakeya's army was headed by Vidutjivah, on the other side of Ravana.  Ravan himself was leading the army.
The situation was difficult in front of Vidhutjivah as it was his duty to protect his kingdom but if he did so, he had his own brother-in-law in front.
Surpanakha had explained to Ravana that do not invade the capital of Kalakeya, but Ravana was blinded by the longing for the expansion of his kingdom.
 Vidhutjiv also decided to stand firm on his duty and stood in the battle in front of Ravana.
Ravana and Vidutjivah fought and Ravana killed Vidutjivah because Surpanakha was the wife of Vidutjiva so she was very sad and swore that one day she would destroy the entire family of Ravana.
 Therefore, she went to Shri Rama and started harassing him because she had understood that only Rama can defeat Ravana, so she encouraged enmity.
 And because of Surpanakha, there was war between Ram and Ravana.
 And in the end, Shri Ram won.
Now let's move on to today's basic topic: -
 Since birth, Shurpanakha's image has always been viewed with hatred due to the demonic kami and brutally massacred.  Even after doing penance for crores of births, even sages and saints are unable to see God.

Not only did Shurpanakha get the privilege of talking to Shri Ram, but Shri Ram also give her a oppertunity to talking Lakshmanji and also provide darshana of Bhaktiswaroopa Adhya Shakti Jagat Janani Jani Sita Mata.  Actually, the mystery of all this story is hidden in Shurpanakha's former birth.
There remains a curiosity as to what works Shurpanakha had done that resulted in her getting the privilege of meeting God. Humans and wise people always contemplate her, so let us know the story of Surpanakha's previous birth.
Surpanakha was Indra's nymph named Nayantara in a previous life.  It was counted among the prominent Apsaras like Urvashi Rambha Maneka etc.  Once the dance of Apsaras was going on in Indra's heaven, at that time Nayantara was also pointing with eyes while dancing. On seeing this, Indra was distracted and pleased over her.  Since then Nayantara became Indra's beloved.  At that time, a sage named Barja was doing penance on earth. Indra sent her to the earth to dissolve the austerity of the sage as he was pleased with Nayantara. But when the sage's penance was broken, he cursed her to be demonic.  On apologizing to the sage, the sage told her that you will have darshan of God in demonic form.  Then the same Apsara was born as Surpanakha after body sacrifice.
She had determined that, she would receive him when she saw God.  She went to Sri Rama Prabhu, making the same Nayantara form. But she is making a mistake that she has expressed her desire to get Lord Shri Ram as her husband. There is the process of attaining Parabrahma, only through devotion or vairagya (quietness ) can one achieve Parambrahma.  Surpanakha did not go to Bhakti Sita and Vairagi Lakshman, but she directly to Parambrahma and that was her biggest mistake. She wanted to separate Bhakti by becoming the wife of Shri Ram directly.  Apart from this, if she had taken shelter of vairagya, definetly  she had gained God. But not even taking renunciation, that is, not going to Laxman in the form of vairagya, and having come in ego and went directly to God, ego had come in her.  She says that there is no woman like me in the whole world, this means that there is no woman eligible in the world like me to be your wife.
It is not possible for the egoist to find God, yet he is sent to Laxman in the form of vairaga to get proper knowledge, so that she can know the correct process of meeting God.  Vairagya's form Lakshmana thought that the demon could not be to vairagi, so sent her back to the Lord, then the Lord said to her that I am in control of the devotee, then Surpanakha went to Sita Mata .
She thought that if the Lord is in control of this devotee, then I should eat this devotee. Therefore, Laxman ji got angry and cut his nose and dislocated the organ.
Then Surpanakha's Gyan Chakshu(Knowledge eye) opened up and became his assistant to carry out the work of the Lord.  After killing Ravana Kumbhakaran Meghnath etc. demon by the hand of God, She went to Pushkar to adopt the proper process of attainment of God and standing in the water started meditating on Lord Shiva.
10000 years later Lord Shiva appeared to Surpanakha and gave her a boon that in the Dwapara Yuga, Shri Rama would take the incarnation of Shri Krishna.  Then you will get Lord Shri Krishna in Kuvja form, then Shri Krishna will correct your hump and he will give you your beautiful Nayantara Apsara seductive form.  So friends, this was story according to which Lord Shri Krishna married Surpanakha.
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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Ashwatthama: Avatar of Lord Shiva is still alive on earth.

Ashwatthama: Avatar of Lord Shiva is still alive on earth.

The results of karma is very peculiar.  Sometimes, by virtue of the grace of God, when the sin & virtues move in parallel, then the condition of life also gets pulled in a different direction.  But where the burden of sinful deeds is on the mind, then the human does not get peace anywhere and he moves moves here & there, but the sins keep him disturbed. If the virtues pulled him towards the good path, then the sins lead him to the wrong  way.  It can also be seen as something like the struggle of the sea churning of Devas and Asuras in which fourteen gems appear.  Likewise, there is upheaval in our mind like churning of the sea. Our thoughts, which are full by the effects of the acts of natural previous births, spontaneously drag us into the present birth towards good deeds or sin deeds.  In this context, while giving the Gita knowledge in the Mahabharata war, Lord Shri Krishna says that Arjuna, you do not want to fight, yet you will be bound to fight by the flow of inspired virtues and rituals of your birth.

In this context, the amazing truth of life is hidden.  Thousands elephants's power is in this mind, which can distract the ordinary -extraordinary man and bring him from anywhere.

Now see Ashwatthama, the warrior  of Mahabharata. He is one of the seven Sanjeevan Devas who are worshiped in the morning with a mantra for long life.  That Ashwatthama is immortal but due to curse and his sin, he wanders on the restless earth with his wounds.

Ashwatthama was born to Drona, the son of the sage Bharadwaja.  His mother was Kripi, the daughter of sage Shardwan.  Dronacharya's gotra was Angira. Brahmin Drona married Kripi to get children by orders of ancestors. Kripi was also very religious, simple  and virtuous.  Both were from poor family. As soon as he was born, Ashwatthama uttered a loud word like horse's voice which resonated in all directions and sky.  Then Akashvani said that the name of this special child will be Ashwatthama.

Fear of Ashwatthama in the Mahabharata war: When the army of demons led a terrible attack under the leadership of Ghatotkacha all the Kaurava heroes fled.  Then Ashwatthama stood there alone.  He killed Anjanaparva, the son of Ghatotkacha.  He also killed an Akshohini army of Pandavas and wounded Ghatotkacha.

Ashwatthama was the Maharathi of the Kaurava army.  Kururaj organized the eleven Akshohini army of his side under the command of eleven commander .  Ashwatthama holds a prominent position among the eleven commanders.

Here in the war, Arjuna, Krishna, Yudhishthira, Bhima, Nakula, Sahadeva, Drupada, Dhrishtadumra and Ghatotkacha etc. were fighting.  In spite of him, Ashwatthama killed 90 sons of Kuntibhoj, heroes like Balanik, Shataniq, Jayashva, Shrutahya, Hemmali, Parshvdhra and Chandrasen were killed  in the battle and drove away Yudhishthira's army.  Fear and terror spread in the Pandava's side in view of this demolition by Ashwatthama.  Now it was very important to stop Ashwatthama.  Everyone was considering it otherwise the defeat was certain the next day.

Ashwatthama elephant killed : Drona is made new commander at the behest of Karna in the battle of the tenth day after Bhishma lying on arrow's bed. Duryodhana and Shakuni tell Drona that if he take Yudhishthira captive, the war will end automatically.  When at the end of the day, Drona proceeds to defeating Yudhishthira in battle and to arrest him , then that Arjuna comes and stops him with his arrow's rain. Nakula was with Yudhishthira and Arjuna also returned to Yudhishthira.  Thus the Kauravas could not capture Yudhishthira.

But with the increasing destructive power of Drona, panic spreads in the Pandavas' camp.  The father and son together ensured the defeat of the Pandavas in the Mahabharata war.  Seeing the defeat of the Pandavas, Shri Krishna asked Yudhishthira to resort to deceit. Under this plan, in the war it was spread that 'Ashwatthama was killed' but Yudhishthira was not ready to lie.  Then the elephant of a king named Avantiraja, whose name was Ashwatthama, was slaughtered by Bhima.  After this, in the war it was spread that 'Ashwatthama was killed.'

When Guru Dronacharya asked Dharmaraja Yudhishthira to know the truth of Ashwatthama, he replied, "Ashwatthama is killed but an elephant."

At the same time Shri Krishna performed the Sankhnaad, due to which the noise of Guru Dronacharya could not hear the last word 'elephant' and he understood that my son was killed.  Hearing this, he gave up his arms and closed his eyes in the battlefield and sank into mourning.  This was the occasion when Draupadi's brother Dhrishtadumara, knowing Dronacharya was unarmed, beheaded him with a sword.  This news was horribly tragic for Ashwatthama.  After the deceitful murder of the father, Ashwatthama laid down all the rules of war.

Use of Brahmshirastra on the 18th day of Mahabharata: On the eighteenth day three warriors of the Kauravas are left - Ashwatthama, Kripacharya and Kritavarma.  On this day, Ashwatthama vowed to kill the Pandavas, but he did not understand how to kill the Pandavas.  Ashwatthama was thinking this only when an owl attacked the crows at night, the owl kills them all. Seeing this incident, Ashwatthama had the same idea in his mind, and with the help of Kripacharya and Kritavarma, in the dark night, he reached the Pandavas' camp and beheaded the 5 sons of the sleeping Pandavas as Pandavas.  When Dhritishdumra wakes up from this incident, Ashwatthama kills him too.

Everyone condemns this misdeed of Ashwatthama.  Unhappy with the murder of her sons, Draupadi starts mourning.  Hearing his lamentation, Arjuna vowed to cut Ashwatthama's head.  Hearing Arjuna's pledge, Ashwatthama escaped, then Arjuna followed him by making Shri Krishna a charioteer and taking his Gandiva-bow. Ashwatthama did not get protection anywhere, due to fear, he used Brahmashirastra on Arjuna.  Arjuna also had to use Brahmashirastra under compulsion.  At the prayer of the sages, Arjuna withdrew his weapon but Ashwatthama turned his brahmashirastra towards Abhimanyu's widow Uttara's womb.  Krishna saves Uttara's womb with his power.

Finally Shri Krishna said, "O Arjuna! Dharmatma, sleeping, inattentive, drunk, mad, ignorant, chariotless, women and child killing is forbidden according to dharma. He has behaved against dharma, killing sleeping innocent children.  If he alive, he will commit sin again, so immediately fulfill your vow by killing him and placing his severed head in front of Draupadi. ​​"

Even after hearing these words of Shri Krishna, Arjuna took pity on his guru son and took Ashwatthama alive in the camp and put him in front of Draupadi.  Draupadi, looking at the tied Guru's son like an animal, said, "O Aryaputra, this is the Guru's son.  You have gained knowledge of these unique weapons from his father.  Acharya Drona is standing in front of you as a son. By killing him, his mother Krupi would be just like me and mourn the son in mourning.  She did not sati with Dronacharya because of her special attachment to the son.  Kripi's soul will constantly curse me.  My dead sons cannot come back after killing him, then you should free him. "Hearing these religious utterances of Draupadi, everyone praised her.  To this, Shri Krishna said, "O Arjuna!  According to the scriptures, it is a sin not to punish the sinner, so do what is right. "

Realizing his point, Arjuna cut Ashwatthama's head hair with his sword and took out the gem of his forehead.  Once Mani came out, he became powerless.  Later Shri Krishna cursed Ashwatthama to wander for 3 thousand years.  Finally Arjuna expels him from the camp in the same humiliated state.  Ashwatthama was the son of Dronacharya.  Dronacharya pleased Shiva with his penance and got a son named Ashwatthama .

Ashwatthama had many powers given to him by Shiva.  He was incaration of Shiva himself.  Since birth, Ashwatthama had a priceless gem on his forehead which kept him fearless from the demons, monster, weapons, disease, deity, serpent etc.  Due to this gem, no weapon could be affected. While giving life to Ashwatthama, Draupadi suggested Arjuna to take off his gem.  Therefore, Arjuna took his gem and gave him life.  Arjuna gave this gem to Draupadi whom Draupadi gave to Yudhishthira.

According to Shiva Mahapuran (Shatrudrasamhita-37) Ashwatthama is still alive and he resides on the banks of the Ganges but it is not stated where his residence is.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Durga puja symbol of women's honor

Durga puja symbol of women's honor

It is surprising to bring soil from an 'unholy' place like a brothel in a sacred work like Durga Puja.  This is the place around which passing through is not considered good, then why on Durga Puja?
Nobody looks as excited as the women of Bengali society in Navratri.  The mind becomes happy to see their being composed, the glow and energy of their face.  However, thats why , Durga Puja is the biggest festival of Bengali Hindus.  I also like this festival of Maa Durga because some things related to this festival are related to female honor.

Prostitute: The idol of Durga Maa is incomplete without their respect.

According to traditional beliefs, some things are considered very important for making the idol of Goddess - cow urine, cow dung, wood, jute structures, sindoor, paddy shells, soil of holy rivers, special flora and prohibited pali raz.  (Prohibited Pali, ie forbidden area and Raz i.e. soil.) This means that along with other things, the soil of that place is also necessary who is prohibited .  That means brothel.  If this soil is not used to make an idol of Durga Maa, then the idol of the mother is considered incomplete and the Pran-pratistha of Durga Maa is not complete .  Therefore during Durga Puja, the soil of the brothel is used to make the idol of Durga. But it is surprising to bring soil from an 'unholy' place like a brothel in a sacred work like Durga Puja.  This is a place around which it is not considered good to pass through, the women who trade the body are seen with hatred.  Then why so on Durga Puja.  So the answer is found only in popular mythology.
The mud of the brothel is used to make the idol of Maa Durga.
- It is said that these soil are the desires of the society that accumulate in the brothel.  It is offered to Durga so that those who have committed mistakes can get freedom from sins.
- According to a legend, a prostitute was a great devotee of Durga Maa.  But being a prostitute, society used to despise her.  Then the mother gave her a boon to save her devotee from reproach that only the idol of Goddess would be made from the clay given by her hand and the idols would not be complete without the use of this clay.  According to scholars, it has been confirmed in texts like Sharda Tilakam, Mahamantra Maharnava, Mantramahoddhi etc.
- There is also a belief that when a person goes inside a brothel, he leaves all his purity outside the brothel door and hence the soil outside the door becomes sacred.
Everyone understands these beliefs in their own way.  But in what I understood, I saw only the honor of the woman in this ritual.  On one hand, this society worships the goddess, calling it a superpower, but the same society does not respect a prostitute just because she does body trade. Somewhere through this ritual, this message is also given to the patriarchal society that the women of the sex trade did not choose on their own, they had to choose this profession due to the desires of men.  So why their disdain for this. These women are also someone's mother and sister.  They are not worthy of scorn.  She is also an equal eligible for respect like the rest of women.  Through this rituals, once a year, pundits also have to stretch their hands in front of the  prostitutes.  What can be a better example of women's respect and women's empowerment.

Mother Durga is the form of power
 Durga: Daughter of every household

On the sixth day of Navratri, i.e. Shashthi, the idol of Maa Durga is installed in the pandal.  And in the evening the cover is removed from her mouth.  It is said that Durga maa comes to her maternal home for 10 days with Ganesh, Karthikeya, Lakshmi and Saraswati.  Goddess is worshiped in every pandal and happiness is celebrated. Dancing, singing, prostrate everything . That is, the daughter comes to her maternal home, then there is happiness in the family.  These 4 days are considered very important.  And on the morning of Dashami, women come to the pandal to put sindoor on the idol of Goddess Durga and play Holi of Sindoor there.  It is called 'Sindoor Khela'.  And after this, the idol of the Goddess is bid farewell, immersed in them. On this day, every woman bids farewell to mother Durga like a daughter.  It is to be noted here that Durga, who is the mother of the whole world, departs like a daughter on this day.  And the tradition is to leave them laughing happily, no one cries because the mother has to come again next year.  That is, every woman has a love and respect for her mother Durga like a daughter.
Here it has also been tried to say that every daughter in the world deserves respect in the same way as own daughter is given respect.  In the society, both daughter and daughter-in-law have their own different importance.  But if both are compared, daughters get more love and respect.  Through this festival, the message is sent to the society that every woman should be treated like a daughter.
In our culture, women have been considered venerable.  But today this honor is seen only in customs and festivals.  People are proud to see Durga Maa's 10 hands and Mamatamayi's face, but they do not see that the woman who is in their house is also the form of Goddess.  She is also tied in different relationship and does hundreds of works inside the house and outside.  But no one can see her 10 hands.  The reverence on Durga Puja with is also important  understanding its moral values.

You all understand the spirit of this article… bring purity in your mind.  So that women can get respect in this country.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Know how Naradaji helped Shri Ganesh ji.

Know how Naradaji helped Shri Ganesh ji.

Ganesha, the second son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, has been called Vighnaharta and Vinayaka. Therefore, Ganesh ji is about to remove from every dilemma.  Then what happened that he had to take help of Narada ji?  Let us know: -

Once there was an atmosphere of ecstasy in heaven.  It was the festival of the marriage of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi.  All the gods started busy in preparations.  Lord Vishnu started sending invitations to everyone.  In order to impress Maa Lakshmi, all the gods thought that the procession should be taken to Kundanpur with great pomp.
When all the gods started gathering Lord Vishnu's Vaikuntha, everyone saw that Ganesha is also coming to Vishnu's abode.  Everyone got worried after seeing this.  Because they did not want Ganesha to attend the procession.  They said that Ganesh ji eats a lot of food and looks strange.  Strangely, it meant Ganesha's head and his body was big.
Due to this, the gods were hesitant to walk with Ganesha in the procession.  Therefore, they all  said to Lord Vishnu to ask Ganesha to take care of the heaven.  Although Lord Vishnu did not like this thing, but after insisting on everyone, he requested Ganesha to stay in heaven.
Ganesh ji felt very bad about this, but he agreed to stay in the heaven.  Then Narada Ji put the whole thing in front of Ganesha and suggested a plan.  The plan was that Ganesh ji's ride i.e. Mooshak (the mice) were the head of all the rat species.  If the army of rats dig the path through which the procession is to be passed and spoil the way, then the procession will be hindered.
Ganesh liked his plan and then something like that happened.  Rats had spoiled the way and when the procession came, Lord Vishnu's wheel of the chariot got buried inside the earth.  The balance of the horses also deteriorated and the procession stopped there.  Even after many attempts of the gods, the wheel did not come out.
A farmer saw the gods while trying and wanted to help them.  The gods gave him a chance, although they knew that with the help of the farmer there would be no solution.  When the farmer caught the wheel, he chanted Jai Ganesh and the wheel went out.
Everyone was surprised and one of the processions asked the farmer why did you say Jai Ganesh.  Then the farmer replied that Ganesh ji is going to remove from every dilemma and he takes his remember before starting any work.
Then all the gods became ashamed and realized that by not giving importance to the external beauty of any creature, give importance to their thoughts, conduct,character and goodness.  Then all the gods went back to heaven and prayed to Lord Ganesha.  In this way Ganesha joined the marriage of Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi with the help of Narada.

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Who Was Pondrak, Why Did Shreekrishna Kill Him.

Who was Pondrak, why did  Shreekrishna kill him.

In the scriptures and mythological texts of our Sanatan Dharma, various incarnations of God are found, in the present era, or in the era of Lord Krishna, i.e., in the Dwapar Yuga, an interesting description of a fake incarnation is found in the dasham skandha of the Srimad Bhagavat Granth.

The story of this fake avatar of Dwapar yuga gives us a very important lesson  which is very relevant in today's Kali Yuga.  But first we go towards the story.  It is about the time of Dwapar yuga when Lord Krishna was as Dwarkadhish and in a vast area of ​​the sea, he built his very beautiful Dwarka city . At the same time, King Pondrak of Karush desha once sent his messenger to Lord Krishna and said, 'I am Lord Vasudev, the real incarnation of God , no one else.'
When the envoy of Pondrak came to the assembly  , Lord Krishna was sitting in Dwarka's assembly with his members .  The messenger appeared and told his king Pondrak's message in front of everyone, "I am the only Vasudeva, there is no one else.
I have taken an avatar for grace the creatures of the world.  You have falsely named your name Vasudev, now leave it.  Yaduvanshi Veer!  You are foolishly wearing my sign.  Leave them and come to my shelter and if you do not agree, fight with me. " At that time, listening to the message of King Pondrak, who claimed to be the incarnation of the real God, all the members including Ugrasen started laughing.
Shri Krishna also smilingly said to Pondrak's messenger, "Go and tell your king that it will be decided in the war, who is the real Vasudeva?"  And yes to tell him to abandon foolishness and take the shelter of knowledge, otherwise I will not remove my chakras and other symbol . I will leave them to him and not only to him, but also to all his friends, by whom he is being misled like this. "
King Pondrak was living in Kashi at that time with his friend Kashiraj.  After the answer given by Krishna to Pondrak's messenger, there was a war between them.  The armies on both sides came into the ground, the king of Kashi with his huge army was behind Pondrak's army.

At that time, Pondrak had put on his body signs of conch, chakra, mace, sword, Sharang dhanusha( bow) and shrivats made of divine science and technology.  Artificial Kaustubhamani (who was also giving the impression of artificial divinity) and Vanamala were hanging on the chest.  He was wearing silky yellow clothes (like Lord Vishnu) and also put a Garuda symbol on the flag of the chariot.
He was wearing a priceless crown on his head, which was giving an absolutely amazing aura and the earlobes of his ears were shining, that fake Krishna kept his costume completely divine (but artificially).  It seemed as if some other place (planet) creature had come to the earth.

For a moment, Lord Shri Krishna challenged him and  start loudly laughing ,when looked at that fake avatar , who  announced real Vashudeva himself .  Krishna's laughter not liked by Pondrak.
After this Pondrak attacked on Lord Krishna with Trishul, mace and other weapons.  Lord Krishna destroyed the elephants, chariots and horses of the army of Pondrak and Kashiraj in a moment.  After this, Lord Krishna severed the head of that fake avatar by striking his Sudarshan Chakra.
Thousands of years before Pondrak, Hiranyakashipu also introduced himself as God, he was reprimanded his son Prahlada  for not to worshiping any god as  none other than me. That demon made a miserable attempt to inflict inhuman tortures on his own son Bhaktaraja Prahlada, in allegation of devotion to God.
In the end, his sins were cross the limit and Lord Narasimha appeared from the pillar , tore the stomach of that self-announced Lord Hiranyakashipu and destroyed his ego.
Bharatvarsha is the holy land of incarnations.  Here, many incarnations like Lord Shri Krishna, Lord Shri Rama etc. incarnated in human form for the protection of Cow, Brahmins, saints and for the re-establishment of dharma, but it is very unfortunate that like Pondrak and Hiranyakashipu from time to time also many such  type people are born, who claim to be true incarnations, continue to exploit the naïve devotees religiously.
Every Sanatani(the follower of sanatan dharma) must read the 'Gita Gyan' provided by 'Yogeshwar Maharaj Shri Krishna'.  This is our basic duty.  If you read the Gita, understand the Mahabharata, contemplates the character of Shri Krishna, then your knowledge eye will open.  You will understand why the sages, the saints have called him the real God.
As if we consider as Pondraka , he used to always contemplate the form of God, whatever he was thinking, he used to remember him again and again in disguise, so all his bonds were cut off.  He died at the hands of God and he attained salvation, but the aim of these Kaliyugi Gods is only selfishness and exploitation.  Far from remembering the form of God, these people do all the work directly against their principles;  Therefore, we should alert from this such type of peoples.

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'Annadan has special importance in life'

'Annadan has special importance in life'

Whatever may be the religion, but you must have often seen that whenever people do any religious work, they get Bhandara or Langar on the day of its completion.  Not only this, there are also many religious places where Bhandara is continuously done. Since ancient times, whenever the King-Maharaja used to perform any havan, yagya or any other religious program, he used to distribute clothes or food.
During bhandara, people distribute food according to their reverence or their status.  The main purpose of making bhandara is taken from providing food to the needy, but there is another importance of this bhandara in the scriptures, let's know what it is.
According to our scriptures, if the world's largest donation is anything, it is Annadan.  This world is made of food itself and its creations are being nutrition only with the help of food.  Food is the only thing that satisfies the body as well as the soul.
Annadan has special importance in life.  The glorification of self-cooked Annadan is immense.  The purity of the donor's mind is not by how much charity is given, but by how much charity it is given with reverence.  Yajna is also a charity.  This helps many, so it is Mahadan. The entire Vedic life philosophy gives people the inspiration to live a yagyamaya, altruistic and healthy life.  Grain is said to be the king of food items and in front of grains, diamonds and pearls are also despised.  Praising the glory of food, it said that it is due to the consumption of food that our body grows and nutrition . Food is important from the beginning to the end of the universe.  Food is very important in our life too.  Food is a sattvic food and due to its consumption, bad feelings are relatively less.  Food is essential for everyone. Whether it is an ordinary being, a saint, a rich and poor is necessary for everyone.  The glory of the one who donates food cannot be praised.  The glory of this importance and glory of foods are ringing around in this world.  The glory of food grains is abundant in all the realms.
The body moves only through food.  Food is the basis of life.  Food is life, so its donation is like life.  It is considered to be the best and most fruitful of all donations.  It is the most important part of dharma.
A person who performs Anandan daily receives all the auspicious results of the world.  According to your ability and convenience, you should give some food.  This leads to ultimate well-being. In particular, donation of food is an honor factor in life.  Therefore, food should be donated to the needy. By donating food, all sins are replenished and there is happiness in this world and hereafter.
In dharma, no chanting, penance or sacrifice etc. is complete without food donation.  Food is the only thing that satisfies the body as well as the soul.  That is why it is said that if you have to donate something then donate food.  Giving food is very beneficial.  Let us tell you why we should do the benefits of Annadan or Annadan….

A legend related to this is also found in Padmapuran.  Once a conversation  is happening between Brahma ji, the creator of the universe and Shweta, the king of Vidarbha.  This dialogue shows that whatever a person donates in his living state, after death he gets the same thing in the hereafter.  King Shweta reaches Brahmaloka on the strength of his harsh austerity, but never receives food there during his lifetime due to not donating food.

Another legend is also recorded in our Puranas.  According to which once Lord Shiva, taking the form of a Brahmin, was wandering on the earth.  He asked for the donation of an old widowed woman but she said that she could not donate yet because she is making dung cakes.  When that Brahmin stubbornly, the woman picked up the cow dung and donated it to the Brahmin. When the woman reached the heaven , she asked for food and got only dung to eat.  When she asked why cow dung was given, in response she had to hear that she also donated the same.  In this way the importance of food donation can be understood and it can be understood how this grain is necessary for the satisfaction of our soul till life and death.
Feeding the poor and mystified people in the form of food donation is a virtue.  This brings happiness and peace to the mind.  The soul remains happy.  Donating is the greatest and sacred duty of mankind.  It should be given as a duty and there should be no desire to get anything in return.
Therefore, when you offer food donation, you are giving their body, food or grain to them.  The most important part of motherhood is food donation.  From feeding to serving food, you love your mother because she has always donated food to you.  So, by taking advantage of the opportunity of food donation, you can transform yourself as the mother of the whole world.  Remember this every day and every moment of your life.
Food donation is a possibility to bring your relationship with food to a certain level of consciousness and awareness.  Do not see it as just food, it is life.  It is very important for all of us to understand - whenever food comes in front of you, do not think of it as an object that you can use or throw away - this is life.  If you want to develop your life, you have to see food, water, air and earth as life - because these are the elements from which you are created.
Food donation is a way through which you can connect deeply with another human being, with your hands full, serving food with love and devotion.
The marital life of a person who cannot provide food to a hungry person at home thats life is meaningless.  No one can live without food for long.  Man's misdeed means that the corrupted karma gets ingested in the grain, so the person who eats such a person eats only the ungodly deeds. On the contrary, one person gets a month's virtue of a person who provides Amritamay's holy food.
‘It is said in the Atharva Veda- 'शतहस्त समाहर सहस्त्रहस्त सं किर’ That is, 'Earn money with hundreds of hands and distribute it with thousands of hands'. To earn money to donate in the Veda, it has been considered necessary karma for man.  In Indian culture, it is believed that donations also subdue the gods.  Donation brings happiness to God.  And everybody searches for God, but God himself searches for donor. Donations made in life are happiness and joy in the next life.  In the hereafter, only charity befriends the creature.  In the Yaksha-Yudhishthira conversion of Mahabharata, the Yaksha asked Yudhishthira what goes with him after death.  Yudhishthira replied that after death, charity karma goes with him. In the Bhavishya purana, Lord Shri Krishna says to Yudhishthira - "After death, wealth does not go with the person, only the donation given by the eligible person goes with him as a patheya (food of the way) in the world." Whatever we give  , It does not actually perish but we get by doubling or quadrupling it.

‘नादत्तं कस्योपतिष्ठते’ That is, what will one get without giving.  The more you sow, the more you will get.  In the Anushashanparva of Mahabharata, it is said that due to which works of previous birth, auspicious or inauspicious results are obtained.

At the time when Duryodhana, Karna and Shakuni seized Yudhishthira's kingdom in gambling with deceit and the Pandavas were going to the forest with Draupadi, Praja and Brahmins also started going to the forest with them. 
Seeing this, Yudhishthira felt very sad and he started thinking that how can I fill all these person's stomach in the forest.  Everyone fills his stomach, but the life of that person is successful, who can nurture his family, friends, guests and Brahmins.  Yudhishthira told those Brahmins that I have to spend twelve years in this uninhabited forest, so tell me a solution that can manage the food of your people including my family.
Then of those Brahmins, Maitreya Muni told Yudhishthira while narrating the story of Draupadi's previous birth - "Nothing is rare where Draupadi in the form of Lakshmi is living."  Draupadi can satisfy the world with the food of her Batloi (Batloi, the vessel in which food is made). '

Donate to whom?

This is also a specific question.  There are mainly two rules for giving donations, which we should keep in mind while giving donations - First - Shraddha and Second - Eligibility.  Shraddha means how much desire we have, that is, our ability.  A donation given less or more than the capacity is called a sin, not a donation.
We can understand this very well with an example, if a person has the ability to donate fifty rupees, then he should donate only fifty rupees.  Donating ten rupees or hundred rupees in place of fifty is not a donation but a sin.  Donation work should be done with a pure and happy mind.
Donation should never be done without considering the trouble or burden without reverence, it is better that charity work should not be done.  One should never give charity by expressing gratitude.  Donating with a pure heart gives peace to your heart as well and the person taking the donation is happy and prays with the mind, it is not necessary that that prayer should be expressed only through words.
The second law of charity is eligibility, that is, to whom we are giving charity, whether it will be able to consume the donated item or not.  We can understand this fact in such a way that if a person who sleeps on a bedstead woven in a village is asked to sleep on the mattress of Dunlop in the city, then he will not sleep all night.
Similarly, if a poor beggar who lives in torn clothes, if given a new cloth to wear, thats coth will not like by him, he will not be able to wear that cloth either he will sell it or throw it away;  so he will be like only torn cloth. Feeding food to a full stomach does not make any bless in his mind, but if a poor person with a hungry stomach is fed with food, then he will be fully satisfied and will give prayers from his heart. Donation can be of any thing, not just food.  Medicine for the patient, education for the uneducated, food for the hungry, clothing for the naked, it means that if someone who lacks and is unable to get it, then also arrange for such a thing to the people , falls in the category of donation .  Therefore, while giving donations, special attention should be given that donations should be given to the appropriate person.
Giving food to any needy person is believed that there will never be a shortage of food in your life.  Donating food without cooked gives more virtue than that. The donation of food grains has been described as an important donation in Hinduism.  Our ancestral deities are pleased by feeding food to the hungry.  This donation helps to remove the misfortune that comes in our future.  According to the scriptures, if the biggest donation is any, then it is food donation.  This world is made of food itself and its creations are being followed only with the help of food.  Food is the only thing that satisfies the body as well as the soul.  That is why it is said that if you have to donate something then donate food.  Giving food is very beneficial.
According to almost all religions we must donate some part of our income.  All such religions are written in texts and we have heard from our ancestors and elders that we must donate some part of our earnings.  It is considered a sin to take food without offering to God after cooking.  Therefore, after offering to God, one should keep part of the dependent animals.
We have been doing this activity by the ancestors of all of us (grandmother, mother etc.).  It is considered our ultimate duty to offer food to Brahmins, Pandits, Pujaris etc. on any festival, date, special (Amavasya, Purnima, Ekadashi etc.).  According to our scriptures, donations made in this way are necessary and good.  We have seen this practice in all places around us.
Donation should not be done with gratitude to anyone because it depends on our willingness and devotion and the person's aim is to reduce his sufferings, sorrows, impunity etc. while giving donations.  Donations are also made for the peace of evil planets and for the relief of various kinds of suffering.  By donating some part of your income, there is definitely self-purification and wealth growth.  It is absolutely true that donations are made for their own welfare. Donation removes poverty, even improves until the next birth.  Donation never reduces because any kind of donation never goes empty, but it gets its results till the next birth.  Donation is also a measure of the aggregation of virtuous deeds and repentance of inauspicious deeds done by oneself.
There are many simple and accurate measures to prevent inauspicious deeds, but the most important of them all is charity.  Therefore, whenever a donation is made, it should never be done by showing it to everyone, by spreading the publicity, this kind of donation becomes meaningless because everyone knows that the donation should be done in such a way that if the donation is made with one hand then the other hand do not even know.  That is why our society has given the most important place to secret donations. Of all donations to the charitable distribution of food (Annadan), the most commendable.  A person can be completely satisfied through food.  That is why there is something special in Annadan.  If money, clothes, jewelry, land, house, etc., are offering and there is a person who receives it and does not say anything.  When a person is given food and how much he wants to take but cannot take more than a limit and says enough, I am satisfied.  If it has crossed the limit, he says' Please do not do much service.  When complete satisfaction is expressed in the same way, only then the donor gets full reward.  .
There is no worship and ritual in Hinduism, better than feeding a hungry one.  Annadana is a Mahadana - or the largest donation in Hinduism and is an essential part of the Sanatan Dharma tradition.  Food donation is not limited to feeding a human being, but it includes all living beings.  There are many stories in praise of Annadan, the glory of the Hindu scriptures - the main Goddess Parvati appearing as Goddess Annapurneshwari and feeding Shiva.
Another instant where Karna is reborn as he performed all types of donations except food donation.  Many Hindus make the mistake of feeding only Pujaris while performing Annadan.  this is wrong.  Annadan should be offered to all living castes - no consideration of status, rights, religion or caste or nationality.
 In Hinduism, Annadana is performed for the redemption of sins, to gain quick recovery from illness and also to attain salvation, in order to attain godly devotion.  The sins committed in previous lives are followed in successive births. There is such a Hindu belief - Annadan is done to end it.  The glory of the family, the popularity of the institution, the sanctity of a temple increases with each Annadan.  Above all, we become good human beings when we are ready to share our food with someone hungry. Food is needed for the living to survive. In the diet, food is the priority. Food is exclusively for human life. All living beings on earth originate from food and survive from food.  The grain has been given the name of Brahma and water as Vishnu. -- अन्नं ब्रह्मा रसो विष्णुः . According to Skandpuran, food is Brahma and everyone's life is distinguished in food only ---
  अन्नं ब्रह्म इति प्रोक्तमन्ने प्राणाः प्रतिष्ठिताः।
Therefore, it is clear that food is the main basis of life.  Rather food is life. Therefore, food is equal to life. In the scriptures, food is considered to be the best and effulgent virtue. It is a major part of dharma. Any chanting without donations;  Tenacity;  The yajna etc. is not complete, the person who performs  Anandan daily;  That river;  Receives the fruits of the donation of the entire earth, including mountains and forests.    If someone is mentioned in the Mahabharata period as the bravest, the most worthy, the most abandoned and the biggest donor, then he is Karna.  As is well known that Karna was the son of Rajmata Kunti and Lord Suryadev and was get flow in the water due to at that time Kunti was not married till then. While flowing in water, Karna met a Sut(slave) and he was brought up by him.  Karna later became Duryodhana's first choice and supreme friend due to his valor and also got throne.  From childhood to becoming king, Karna always had two characteristics with him, his valor and his charity.  Karna's charity was discussed because the petitioner who came to his door had never returned empty handed.  Karna had donated gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, etc. throughout his life, but he had never donated food.  Being unfamiliar with his past, he said that nobody had even fed food in the name of his ancestors.  The same thing went opposite Karna.
Karna was defeated by Arjuna and received Veeragati.
It is mentioned in the Mahabharata that after Karna was defeated at the hands of Arjuna and received Veeragati after the war, he got a place in heaven.  In the midst of the majestic splendor of heaven, he was served diamonds, pearls, rubies all the time.  Karna was surprised to see this and asked Devraj Indra the reason for this.  Indra told them that you never, ever donated food to anyone, nor did you donate food in the name of your ancestors.  That is why you are getting back what you donated.
Believing Karna, Indra sent him back to Earth for 15 days.
Karna told Devaraj that he neither had knowledge of his ancestors nor the glory of Annadan, that is why such a crime took place.  It is said that Indra, believing Karna's words, sent him back to earth for 15 days.  On coming back to Earth, Karna offered his ancestral deities and satisfied them with all kinds of food.  After this, on going back to heaven, he got to enjoy all the royal comforts including food.
Food and water are the most important things in life.  These are the real gems of the earth.  The person who provides food is said to be the person who gives life and the one who gives it all.  Even small donations, if done with sincerity, pleases God.  Where is this god? He lives around us in eternal forms - hunger, sick, poor and guest.  The donation made in this world is the same as the fixed amount deposited in the bank, which becomes infinite in the hereafter.  Therefore, all capable humans must donate food.
One story is about the time of Yudhishthira's Rajsuya yagna in the Mahabharata period.  The Pandavas performed the Rajsuya Yagna in the joy of victory in the Kurukshetra war.  Thousands of people from far and wide were donated extensively.  At the end of the yajna, the Pandavas were cheering all around.  Pandavas and Shreekrishna were engrossed in discussing the success of Yajna.  The Pandavas were satisfied that they would surely receive the results of this Rajasuya Yajna.
Yudhishthira and golden mongoose
 Just then, a mongoose whose body was golden and half brown came out of the palace storehouse and began to wallow on the yajna's land.  Then went back to the warehouse.  He repeated this process four or five times.  The Pandavas were surprised to see the strange movements of this remarkable mongoose.  Dharmaraja Yudhishthira knew the language of animals and birds.  He said to the mongoose - "What are you doing?"  What are you looking for? '
Mongoose bowed respectfully to Yudhishthira and said-
'O Rajan, the great yajna you have performed, your fame has spread in all ten directions.  There is no end to the virtue you will get from this yagya.  I am looking for a small particle of virtue for myself from the eternal ocean of this virtue.  People tell a lie that a grand yajna has never happened, but this yajna is nothing.  The yajna was where half of my body became golden due to rolling.

When Yudhishthira asked about that yagna, mongoose said-
Once there was a terrible famine.  People started dying of hunger and thirst.  There was chaos to everywhere.  At that time, a poor Brahmin lived in a village with his wife, son and daughter-in-law.  For many days no one found food in the Brahmin family.  One day, that Brahmin brough somewhere asking for some quantity of sattu and after mixing it with water, he made four rounds like laddus.  As the Brahmin, along with his family, started eating the laddus of that Sattu, a guest Brahmin came to the door and said - 'I have been hungry for six days, please calm my hunger.'
The first Brahmin gave his part of the sattu to the guest, considering the guest as a god, but even after eating it, the guest's hunger did not end.  Then the Brahmin's wife gave his share of sattu to the guest, even if it did not fill his stomach, the son and daughter-in-law also gave their share of sattu to the guest.  The guest Brahmin was satisfied after eating that sattu and went to the same place, washing his hands.  That night too, the Brahmin family remained hungry and due to many days of hunger, all were died. Some sattu particles fell on the ground where the guest Brahmin had washed his hands.  I (mongoose) started rolling on those particles, so far as my body touched those particles, my body became golden.  I could not understand how all this happened? '  I reached a sage and narrated to him the whole story and expressed my curiosity to know how half of my body turned to gold?The sage came to know about the whole incident on the basis of his penance power and said - 'At the place where you were lying, a small part of the sattu was scattered at that place.  That miraculous sattu, which part of touch your body, has become golden.
On this, I said to the sage - 'Please tell me any way to make the rest of my body become gold.
The sage said, 'That family has sacrificed its life for dharma and humanity.  This is the reason why so much effect has arisen in his remaining food that half of your body has become gold due to his touch.  In future, if a person will do righteous work like that family, then the rest of your body will also become golden due to the effect of the remaining food.  Since then, I roam all over the world to do the same yagna somewhere else, but I could not see anywhere else, so half of my body has remained brown till today.
When I heard about your Rajsuya Yajna, I thought, you have donated immense wealth to the poor in this yajna and have fed millions of hungry people, due to its majesty, my remaining half body will also become gold.  Thinking of this, I used to come to the Yagya Bhoomi and rolling on the earth, but my body is just like the past.
Yudhishthira was ashamed to listen to the mongoose.

Lord Krishna told the importance of selfless donations.
When Shri Krishna saw Yudhishthira worried in this way, he said - It is true that your yagya was unique in itself, in which you people pacified the hunger of innumerable hungry people, but of course the donation of that family was much bigger than your yagya.  They donated when they had nothing.  Even after putting his life in danger, that family surrendered all the material available with him to the service of that unknown guest.  Despite you having a lot, you donated only a part of it.  So your donation is not even more than the priceless donation of that family. 
Hearing the talk of Shri Krishna, all the Pandavas understood that there is no results due to boasting in charity, yagya, austerity etc.  Donation etc. should always be done with honest money.
Annadan is considered to be the best and virtuous.  In dharma, no chanting, penance or yajna etc. is complete without food donation.  Food is the only thing that satisfies the body as well as the soul.  That is why it is said that if you have to donate something then donate food.

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