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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Power of Bhajan

Power of Bhajan

 Surdas ji was blind from birth, but look at the glory of bhajan, when he used to do bhajan, then Bal Krishna used to sit in front of him and listen to his bhajan. We cannot  see God even by looking through our eyes and Surdas ji could see him blindly.

Once he was doing bhajan, he got lost in the mood in which Krishnaji was dancing with Radha ji and then one of Radha ji's paayal fell.
So Surdas ji lifted the paayal, then Lord Krishna said that Surdas ji when Radha ji came to ask for his payal, then you grab her feet.
So when Radha ji came to take the payal , Surdas ji caught her feet and said untill both of you will give me darshan, I will not left your feet,
So both of them gave him darshan and he had internal eyes and but despite of they also gave him divine vision. And when she returned back to giving darshan, Surdas ji said - take these divine eyes.
Then Radha ji said - that you are blind from birth, now you do not want to see the world, then Surdas ji said that I have seen you, now I do not see anything.

We can not even see with our eyes and he looked blindly. 

Whose strength will be present in the bhajan, Banke Bihari will appear in the same way,  there is no age of the bhajan , then the one who did not do bhajan in his childhood, in teenage they says that I will do bhajan in old age.
So God also says that just as you are giving me the remaining time of your life, they will also do the same with you. Because the devotee who worships the God, like God gives him the same.
And when bad time comes in person life,then he start to curses the God. They forgets whether we did bhajan of God,

First ask ownself because unless that person does bhajan , then how will Banke Bihari come.

There was Haridas ji who revealed God to him through his music practice, how he revealed that there was power in his bhajan as he sang that raga, and Krishna ji appeared with Radha ji, so we have to see that there is a lot of power in the bhajan , Don't think bhajan is normal. 
God is far from bothering those who do his bhajan, he cannot even think of giving trouble to his devotees. They test him before appointing Jeeva in his daily blissful service.

God is anteryaami, he know well who has eligible, yet there is a need to take a test because it also helps to know the living being has advanced in the bhajan.
You must have noticed that nowadays fruits sellar bring raw fruits and ready them with carbide by taking them to their warehouse, but those fruits are neither tasty like natural ripe fruits nor good for health.

Similarly, if God brings the creatures to perfection without any bhajan , then they too will not be suitable for serving like fruits ripened with carbide.
Those who truly love God or want to receive his service, they do not feel it difficult to take the services taken by God, but they enjoy trials because God is always with the devotee at that time.
Those who do not want God from their heart or do devotion to God for any selfishness, they are afraid of trials, sorrows and sufferings.

Devotees only ask for trouble from God because everyone remembers God in sorrow except the wicked person. The second reason for this is that the devotees, after battling with their own troubles in our life, we want to teach the living beings that if such incidents happen in your life too, then you too should not give up the bhajan of God.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

"Glory to God Name"

"Glory to God Name"

"Glory to God Name"The name of God is greater than God. "

The name of God is Agniswaroop(form of fire). Just like anything we put in a fire, wet or dry, everything gets burnt in it. Anything we put in the fire will burn. In the same way, no matter how the person takes the name of God, he will show his effect, just like the work of fire is burning, in the same way you have taken the name of God, so he will show the effect.

Now, whether a person laughs, hears, singing, take how can he get up and down, say with anger, say with love, he never leaves empty. So he will show the effect, the name shows own effects .

The point is, why was there so much emphasis on the name of God? These are the four yugas, the Dvapar Yuga, Tretayuga, Satyuga and Kali Yuga are these four, they have different methods of attaining God.

Just as it has been said in the Satyuga that God meets "meditation and penance", we hear that people kept doing austerities for thousands of years,  it is a matter of the Satyuga, in the Satyuga meditation was attained by God, in that era people's was also thousands of years old life long, so people of that time used to meditate. Then came Tretayuga where peoples used to meet God by "Yajna and Havan". Because the age was reduced, it was less than Satyuga , then people used to do more havan.Then in Dwapar Yuga it was said that God meet by parichrya ("care"), that is God meet by the service so they started doing service. Then came the Kali Yuga, due to this the age was very short,  it started to be less than a hundred years, then in Kali Yuga neither a person can meditate, nor do service, nor can perform Yajna.

So the solution of attainment of God, the name of God was told. That his name is the simplest and easiest way to attain Bhagavata in Kali-yuga.God has filled all his power in the name. When Lord Rama had to cross the sea, the ocean told that you should build a bridge by putting stones named Rama in it, and upon seeing it, a bridge was built with stones named Rama. So the name Sankirtan itself is a pleasant path to attain Supreme God abode in Kaliyuga.

कलियुग केवल नाम अधारा,सुमिर-सुमिर नर उतरहिं पारा.....

kaliyug keval naam adhaara, sumir-sumir nar utarahin paara .....

The name of God has such indescribable importance for all ages, but here a question arises that why its importance is told for Kali Yuga only? Was there any basis in other eras?
Once some sages came together and thought that at what time even a little virtue also gives great results and who can do the rituals with pleasure?…. When he could not make any decision, the sage approached Vyas for decision. Vyasji was taking a bath in Gangaji at that time. The Muni congregation sat waiting for him near a tree on the banks of Gangaji …….
The sages sitting near the tree saw that Vyasji dived into the Ganges and rose above the water and after utter "Shudrah Sadhuh" , "Kalih Sadhuh", he took the plunge again. Rising above the water 'Yoshithah Sadhu Dhanyastabhyo Dhanyaro Sti Kah' he took the plunged again by saying.
The muniganas were skeptical after hearing this. The mantra uttered by Vyasji was not among the mantras recited during the bathing period, what he was saying means' Kali Yuga is praiseworthy, Shudra is saint, women are superior, they are blessed, who is more blessed than them. !!!
The muniganas had come to solve the doubts, but on hearing this, they were more in grave doubt than first doubt and started looking at each other out of curiosity.…… When Vyasji came to the ashram completing the routine work after some time, the munigana also approached him.

When all of them sat on the sit near Vyasji , Vyasji asked them the purpose of their arrival.The sages said that we had come to resolve a doubt with you, but let it remain at this time, only if possible we should be told that you had said many times while bathing that 'Kali Yuga is praiseworthy, Shudra is sadhu, women are superior, they are blessed, so what is the matter?

Please let us narrate it. After knowing this, we will say the internal doubt which we came to solve.
Vyasji said after listening to his words that I said to the Kali Yuga, Shudra and women who repeatedly said to be sages, superior, you should listen to them.  The result which is obtained by following celibacy etc. for ten years in Satyuga, human gets one year in Treta, one month in Dwapar and just one day in Kali Yuga….

The results which is obtained by meditating in Satyuga, Yagya in Treta and Devarchana in Dwapar, the same is attained only in Kali Yuga by naming God. In Kali Yuga,  to do little hard work people get great religion, for these reasons I called Kaliyuga superior. "...................................................................................... "It is written in the scriptures that the incarnation of God in Kali Yuga is in the form of 'Naam'. The era-religion in Kali Yuga is Naam Sankirtana.

Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has also said that only Harinaam can save us in Kali Yuga. Apart from this, there is no salvation from any other practice. Nanak Dev has said the same thing,

'नानक दुखिया सब संसार, ओही सुखिया जो नामाधार।'

'Nanak Dukhiya Sab sansar, Ohi Sukhiya Joe Namadhar.

The same is written in Ramcharitmanas, Kaliyuga kewal naam Adhara.

Go to any saint, pick up any scripture, all indicate that in the Kaliyuga, the description of God has come in the form of his name. This will result in salvation.

Here I would like to say one thing that this Bhagavad name is not rooted like other physical names. In the physical world we can see that a person's name is Lakshmipati but he is a beggar.
Or a person named Nayanamani is one-eyed . But this does not happen in the Bhagavad state. Lakshmipati Lord is really Lakshmi's husband and is the wealthiest.
Govind is the lord of all the senses and the senses are employed in his service. Those who names is Krishna, they really have to attract everyone.

The name of Bhagavad will protect us from the wicked, will cross us from this bhavasaagar, he will give us a boon according to our will. He will do everything, but for this we have to dedicate the name completely and perform the Kirtan. This will only happen. After all, God did not come until Daupadi had called upon God at the time of the vastraharan with full refuge and raising both hands. "............................................................

"Once Raja Parikshit was passing through the forest, he saw a bull standing on a leg. When the king asked the bull, he did not say anything clear because he could not condemn anyone due to own himself Dharmaraja .Then Parikshit found out with meditation that Kaliyuga is responsible for his condition.
The king thought that after the arrival of Kaliyuga, there will be an increase in various kinds of sinful activities like robbery, theft etc. around the world, so this Kaliyuga should be ended. When he had made up his mind to end the Kali Yuga, an idea came to his mind, due to which he abandoned the idea of ​​ending the Kaliyuga.

He thought that there are all kinds of evils in the Kaliyuga, but there is also a great goodness in it, which will benefit everyone in the Kaliyuga and that is that people will not have to do big yajna to attain God in the Kali Yuga. One will not have to do penance for many years only once a person with a genuine mind will pronounce the name of God once and remember God, only he will get God.Thinking that at that time, he took complete control of Kaliyuga only but did not kill him. This is mentioned by Tulsidas ji in Ramcharitmanas -कलियुग केवल नाम अधारा,सुमिर-सुमिर नर उतरहिं पारा......kaliyug keval naam adhaara,sumir-sumir nar utarahin paara......

How long do we worship God and meditate? It is of this importance, not just about its discussion or praise .... To love God is the work of the most intelligent, and being devoted to God is the greatest success ……….

If you have put sweets in front of someone, is it wise to discuss it or to eat it? I think that the wise person will be happy to eat it and the Judicious will keep thinking about how much sugar is in it, how much milk is there, how much cream are there, what method is made and what are the disadvantages of it - etc .
Similarly, God is also a juice. Take it, taste it, and drown in its juice. There is utility and joy in it. There is hardly any benefit from his deliberation.

How long do we pray or meditate? Ultimately this is the importance. Where does the mind live during meditation and prayer? If the mind moves everywhere in all four directions, then such a prayer is of no use. We have to go deep into meditation and remember God all the time.

We waste hours of time in small gossip, reading the newspaper and in entertainment, but even five minutes of the name of God seems to be heavy. The tenth part of the twenty-four hours, that is, at least two and a half to three hours, we should always meditate. When we sit in front of the fire, there is a feeling of heat, in the same way, sitting in front of God, we also get his grace. All our faults are consumed in front of the Lord. Meditation can bring complete change. Once we have decided that I do not want anything other than God, God has to comes. ---- God himself has given this assurance in the scriptures.

When there is absolute love and loyalty without selfishness in the heart, then God himself also give directions. Sadhguru also manifests automatically when there is eligibility.

The focus of own God should be just like on the lines of oil. If there is love, all further knowledge is obtained automatically and all the further gates open automatically. To love God is the work of the most intelligent, and being devoted to God is the greatest success.

Those who are retired should spend maximum time chanting and meditating.

One has to work at least eight hours a day to get his salary in a worldly job. The merchant's job is twenty four hours. For some time one should also do God's job.
The world gives wages, why won't God give? "----- When the world gives wages, why won't God give? You should not even ask for wages from them. Only love is to be sought, and no anything other than love , if their love is found, suppose everything is found.

Consider love as a wage. Keep in mind one thing ---- wages will be the same as you work hard. Without hard labor no wage will be available. There is nothing free in this world. Everything has to be paid.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Thoughts and Karma

Thoughts and Karma 

Thoughts are the seeds of karma

 The divine Father God has not kept the place of narrowness, limitation or poverty in the world. These evil things are not used in the world and have grown like weeds in our difference. Being born in conscience, they have devoured our self-confidence and latent power. This is the reason why the change of body is seen in many people, but the growth of mind, intellect, conscience and prosperity is not seen even a little.

 In this world, there is only one power that gives grief and that is the misdeeds of human beings. There is no discrimination in thought and action. Thought is the seed and karma is the tree produced from that seed. Happiness and sorrow are the bitter and sweet fruits of that. It is a matter of utmost grief that despite being in this world the store of prosperity, we shrink our soul.

Let's understand it through the story, it will be very helpful to understand the seriousness of the subject.

                  A story related to ours life.

 There was a great man, one day a poor man came to him and said, lend me your field, I will cultivate it and earn by farming ....
He was a very kind person ...
 He gave his farm to that poor person and also gave five farmers to do farming as an aid and said that take these five farmers together and do farming, it will be easy to cultivate ...
With this you will be able to earn more by cultivating good crops.
 The poor man was very happy to see that he got a farm on loan and also got five helpers to work together.
But that man got very lost in his happiness and that five farmers started doing farming on their own free will and that poor man was drowning in his happiness….
And when it came time to reap the crop, it was seen that the crop was very bad, those five farmers did not use the field well nor did they put good seeds in it, so that the crop could be good.
When that great kind man asked for his farm back, the poor man cried out that I was ruined, I was drowning in my happiness and could not keep these five farmers under control nor could they get good farming from them.

Now notice here

 He is the best kind person - "God" ....

 And he is a poor man - "we"

 The field is - "our body"

 And those five farmers are our senses:

 Eye, ear, nose, tongue and mind.

God has given us this body to do a good harvest (karma), and we should do these five farmers, that is, by keeping the senses under your control and do the deeds, so that when that merciful God demands this body to come back to us then We don't have to cry.

Just as a tree cannot be born in the absence of seed, similarly high karma cannot occur in the absence of high thoughts. The reason behind both auspicious karma and inauspicious karma is ours thought. The higher the level of our thoughts and the more pure our actions , then the 'better and pure' karma will be.A thief cannot steal until he first considers it. Therefore, any of our actions occur in thoughts before we act. The level of thoughts depends on our society . The better our society is, the richer we will be of rich good thoughts .

Until our thoughts are pure, even our actions cannot be pure. Therefore, it is futile to try to purify karma without purifying thoughts. Whose thoughts are pure, bad karma can never happen.

Where there is a deep desire for the mind, the man reaches there. Good karma, good association produces good thoughts in us, good journey in our life and bad karma, bad association produces bad thoughts and life goes towards downgrade.

Every great task is difficult and light work is simple. Regeneration is difficult and collapse is simple. It takes effort to climb a hill, but it takes no effort to get down. One does not have to work at the time of collapse but the result is sad… Apocalypse! There is no rest at the time of regeneration, hard work is done but the result is pleasant.

Some would say that in this abject Kali Yuga it is difficult to avoid disorders ... it is difficult ... '

Destroying your power by thinking like this, where is it wise? Instead, adopt good thoughts, good contacts (with great men) and do good deeds and make your life great.
 Humans do like having resolution then behaves the same, And then it becomes as it behaves.The things which are considered again and again, gradually become the same desire, then according to that there is a pace of dialogue, conduct, action and ordinance.
It is clear that good ideas should be brought for good conduct and character. Bad thoughts must be discarded before discarding bad deeds. One who does not renounce bad thoughts cannot get rid of deeds. The basis of karma is thought.

How many people want to give up misconduct, misbehavior, abuse etc. The alcoholic is sad due to own . He wants to quit addiction.

At the time when bad thoughts start coming, at that time, try to take the mind to the other side. With the meditation of God, chant the mantra, break the stream of bad thoughts with satsang. Similarly, for good deeds, firstly, good thoughts should be brought. Therefore, practicing good scriptures, associating with good men and living in a holy environment creates good thoughts. Bad thoughts and actions are left.

Mahakavi Tulsidas ji has said that "loss - profit, life - death, fame -disgrace " is in the hands of the Ram (God). That is, you have no control over them, but karma is in your hands. In karma you are free, but you are not free to its result.

When you did karma that taking own result and go into the universe.Now you can never know when, how that will return to you.No matter how perfect you are. God has kept many things in own hand. The result of good karma is good, the result of bad karma is bad, but people forget this while doing karma.
Thoughts are also karma, good thoughts are good and bad thoughts are bad karma. Thoughts keep circulating and it is sure to have an impact on you.
It is a matter that passes out of over the head of a common man. But the comes in a look, the educated man understands, knows, sees, but he still does not know reality or does not want to take lessons.
He remains forgotten, but God has justice for everything. Time is certain.The delay formula does not apply there. The fruit falls from the tree only when ripe. Sattkarma, Kukarma and Karma are now different. As you ate food, it is karma that result is not in your hands, what effect it will have on your body, you do not know.

If everything is done correctly then the result will also be good. Such are kukarma (bad karma) and sattkarma(good karma) . Helping someone, serving, donating, are the works of Sattkarma. Harassing, abusing, killing, torturing someone are all kukarma . There are many sattkarma, kukarma and karma.It is very good to do karma, but it comes from thoughts, so fill your brain with high thoughts and highest ideals, keep them in front of you day and night, out of them great deeds will be born.Man is punished only by his karma and only his karma give reward him. It is only human man who blames God for his suffering. A person is born alone and dies alone. One suffers from the results of his good and bad karma.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Death is an absolute truth

Death is an absolute truth

Death is the irrefutable truth of this world, every creature on this earth has to taste death. Whether it is a human being, animals, birds, trees - plants, aquatics, landmarks, celestial are all subject to death. Even the planet, the sun, the constellation here, our earth will be destroyed one day or that means death will be achieved.

In Hindu scriptures, our earth has been called (Mrityu lok ) death world. Nothing here is permanent. The greatest great man also died, even the incarnations of God had to sacrifice the human body after a certain period. Because those avatars were also bound by the dignity of this earth.

In this whole universe, only two are whose death is not possible, the first is God because they are eternal truth, and second is the death of death is impossible.

We all know very well that death cannot be avoided, this is an absolute truth.  Nevertheless, we do not want to accept it, but run away from it.
The story is very short, but it contains a confluence of human emotions, a man's dilemma. And after a bit of struggle, there is also the recognition of truth.

 Today's presented story is based on this ... let's go towards the story ...

There was a young man named Radheshyam . He was  very calm in nature.

 And he was a man of good thought . He had little family in which his parents, wife and two children.
 He loved everyone very much.
 Apart from this, he was a devotee of Krishna and had use to have compassion for all .He used served the needy anddid not give grief to someone.
Due to his qualities, Shri Krishna was very happy with him. And always lived with him. Radheshyam ownself could see and talk to Krishna.
 Despite this, he never asked God for anything.
 He was very happy because God always with him
 Used to live, give him guidance. Radheshyam also
 Used to call Krishna like his friend and ask him
 Used to share thoughts .

One day Radheshyam's fathers health suddenly worsened . He was hospitalized. Radheyshyaam bow hands to all doctors and praying to save his father life . But everyone told him that they did not give expect so much. And all told him to trust of God.

 Then Radheshyam got the idea of ​​Krishna and

 Radheyshyaam called his Krishna.Shri Krishna came running.
 Radheshyam said - Friend! You are my god! Please save my father.
 Shri Krishna said - Friend! It's not in my hands! if it is time for death it will definitely happened. Radheshyam gets angry at this and fights Krishna and began to cry.
God explained a lot to him but he did not listen to one.Lord Krishna said to him - Friend! I can help you  but for this you have to do one thing.
 Radheshyam immediately asked: what kind of work… ??

 Shri Krishna said - you have to bring handful of soil from any one house

 and also take care that in those family nobody has ever died.

Radheshyam quickly went out in search by saying yes.He knocked on many doors. There is a soil in every house.
 But he did not find such type of home there is no one died. Somebody's father, somebody's grandfather, somebody
 Brother, mother, aunt or sister had die.
 Even after wandering for two days, Radheshyam did not get such type of  home. Then he realized that death is an absolute truth,have to face everyone , no one can run away from it.
 He apologizes to Shri Krishna for his behavior.
 And decides as long as his father is alive
 will serve them.After a few days Radheshyam's father goes to heaven. He feels sad but because of that lesson given by God his mind remains calm.


Friends likewise we all accept this truth
 that death is an absolute truth, to deny it
 is a foolish act. It hurts but it is wrong to be trapped.  Because not only you are suffering from that sorrow but the entire human race is suffering to that misery. Life is the only way to accept this truth and go ahead.
Sometimes we are so much helpless, when someone special passed away that in front of standing life and these connected  people do not see us. Get out of this darkness is gets tough.

The person who accepts the truth of death.

 Life becomes weightless and no any difficulties
 can not break them , he go ahead in every area of where ​​life goes..

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

karma result must will be suffer

karma result must will be suffer

 A king was very devout, judicious and a devotee of God. He built Thakurji's temple and appointed a Brahmin as his priest. That Brahmin was very virtuous, righteous and contented. He never pleaded with the king, the king was also very pleased with his nature. Twenty years passed while worshiping him in the king's temple. He never asked any question to the king.

A boy was born to the king. The king made him a scholar by teaching and when he grew up, married him with a beautiful Rajakanya. He  got married and brought Rajakanya to her palace, the Princess didn't sleep that night . When she came walking around here and there. when she came near her husband's bed, what did she see that there was a sword with handel and in attached to the diamonds and jewels.
When that Rajakanya took the sword out of the sheath to see it, she was frightened to see the sharp-edged and light-edged sword and in fear, the sword fell from her hand and went to the prince's neck. The prince was beheaded and died.

Rajakanya started mourning her husband very much. He prayed to God that 'Lord! How did I suddenly commit this sin? My husband died at my hands. You know, but I will not tell the truth in the meeting, because it will stigma my parents and in-laws and no one will believe it.
In the morning when the priest came to bathe on the well, Rajakanya started mourning after seeing him and said: "My husband was killed by anybody ." People gathered and Raja Saheb came and asked: "Who has killed?"
She started saying: "I don't know who it was. But I saw him going to Thakurji's temple" Everyone including the king came to Thakurji's temple and saw the Brahmin worshiping him.
 They caught him and asked: "Why did you kill the prince?"

The Brahmin said: "I have not killed the prince. I have not even seen his palace. God witnesses in this. It is not right to blame anyone without looking at them."
Nobody would listen to a Brahmin. When someone said something, someone said something… The King used to think again and again that this Brahmin is innocent but at the behest of many, the king said to the Brahmin:
 "I do not give you death, but the hand with which you have killed my son with the sword, I order your hand to be cut off."
Saying this, the king used to got Brahmin hand cut off. At this the Brahmin was deeply saddened and felt the king unrighteous and left the country and went abroad. There he began to search that if a scholar finds an astrologer, then  I should ask him to the what is reason for cutting off my hand without any crime.

Someone told him that a scholar astrologer lives in Kashi. Then he reached their house. When the astrologer went out somewhere, he asked his wife: "Mother, where has your husband Jyotishiji Maharaj gone?
Then the woman said unqualified, unbearable misbehavior from her mouth, which the Brahmin was shocked to hear and said in his heart that "I had come to ask the reason for cutting my hand, but now then firstly I will ask him own situation. "
At a time astrologers came. As soon as he entered the house, his wife disrespected him by saying many misdeeds. But the astrologer kept quiet and did not say anything to his woman. After that he sat on his throne. Seeing the Brahmin, the astrologer said to him: "Say, Brahmin deity! How did you come?"

"I came to ask about myself, but first you tell us your situation, why does your wife despise you so much with her tongue? Which is the reason for not being tolerated by anyone and how you can bear it?"
"It is not my wife , it is my karma. Whoever you see in the world, that is, brother, son, disciple, father, guru, relatives - whatever is there, everything is your own karma. It is not my woman, it is my karma , And it will not be cut without being bear .

*अवश्यमेव भोक्तव्यं कृतं कर्म शुभाशुभम्। नाभुक्तं क्षीयते कर्म कल्पकोटिशतेरपि॥*

* Avashyameva Bhoktavyam Krita Karma Shubhashubham. Nabhuktam kshyate karma kalpkotishterapi *


'Whatever your good deeds and bad deeds are done, one must will surely get . Without suffering, karma cannot be avoided even after passing hundreds-crores of kalpas. That is why I am enjoying my karma happily and do not even complain about my woman, so that the results of this karma is not to be suffered any further. "

"Maharaj! What deed was you do?"

 "Listen, I was a crow in my previous life and my woman was a donkey. She had a boil on its back, it was very sad due to the pain of the boil and also became weak, there were insects in the boil which I had to beak to eat then used to  eat. When it used to jump due to pain, it finally got plagued and went into the forest ten-twelve miles away from the village. Even after seeing it, I hit a loud beak on its back and my beak was sting in its bone.

She made several attempts at this, yet the beak was not missed. I also tried hard to get the beak out but it did not come out. "This wicked one will leave me out of fear of water." Thinking like this, she entered Gangaji, but I could not get out my beak even there. Eventually we entered a large stream. Due to the fast flow of Gangaji , both of us were swept away and died in between. Then with the influence of Ganga ji, she became a Brahmin and I became a great astrologer.
Now she became my wife . Which will make me sad for a few days and she hurt me by abusing own mouth but I did not hit the beak to hurt it, so her thought will be fine. I will continue to bear the result of my past actions. I do not blame it because It is the result of deeds done. So I remain calm and am waiting that at times it will be good in nature !! Now ask your question? "

The Brahmin told all his news and asked: "Why did the unrighteous sinner king cut the my hand. ?"whereas I was innocent.
 Astrologer: "The king did not cut your hand, your karma has cut your hand."

"which type ?"

 "In the previous birth you were an ascetic and Rajakanya was a cow and a prince was a butcher. When the butcher started killing the cow, the helpless cow for saving her life  ran into the forest in front of you. The butcher came from behind and asked you" Some cow here is it gone? "
When you pointed your hand to the side where the cow had gone, the butcher went and killed the cow. In the meantime, the lion came from the forest and ate both the cow and the butcher. The butcher got the prince and cow the birth of Rajakanya and that deed done in the previous birth gathered them both for one night.

Because the butcher had killed cow with a long knife ,due the this reason prince's head was cut off an unintentional sword falling at the hands of Rajakanya and he died. In this way, karma was retired by giving its results . The sinful work you did as a gesture of hand has got your hand cut off. Your only fault in this is that of no other, make sure to live happily. "

* How easy knowledge with life! If we accept this karma principle and know it,. Then predestined karma we will not be grieved even while suffering the result of hard to hard extreme deeds, but will be able to maintain our mind's equanimity.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

|| Thanks of God ||

|| Thanks of God ||

 A rich man, he used to donate some money to all the poor people of his village and to beggars in per months. 

 Some got ten rupees in a month, some get twenty rupees and some fifty rupees.
 Everybody used to come and take their money on one date of every month, this order had been going on for years. 

There was a beggar who was very poor and had a large family, he used to get 50 rupees every month.

He used to come and take his money on a date every month.
 Once a date of the month arrived, the old beggar went to get Rs.
 But the manager of that rich Seth said that: Brother has changed a bit, from now on you will get only twenty-five rupees instead of fifty rupees.

Hearing this, the beggar became very angry, he said: - What does it mean, I have always been getting fifty rupees.

 And without taking fifty rupees, I will not withdraw from here, what is the reason for giving twenty-five instead of fifty?
Manger said that: - On behalf of whom you get money, your daughter is married, and that marriage is going to cost a lot.
 And this marriage is not an ordinary marriage, they have only one daughter and it costs millions.

Due to this, there is some inconvenience in property, so now you will get twenty-five instead of fifty.
 The beggar angrily slammed his hand on the table and said: - What does this mean, what do you think of me, I am not a rich businessman ?
 After cutting my money and marrying your girl?
If you want to spent money in your daughter's wedding then spend your money.
 For the past several years, that old beggar has been getting fifty rupees, so he has become accustomed, has become a possessor , he has started accepting them as his own.

He is opposed to cutting twenty five of them.
 What we have got in life, we consider it as ours.
 If we cut half of that, then we will protest, but what we have found so far, which was not ours, we have received and have we ever thanked for this.

This beggar never went to that rich man and thanked him that you give us fifty rupees a month, thank you for this, but when cut, he protested.

Just think: Have we ever gone to the temple to thank God for happiness?

Hardly anyone's answer will be yes ...

 Most of us have gone to the temple only with complaints of sorrow.
 We have no thanks for a beautiful gift like life, but a big complaint for death.
There is no thanks for happiness, but a big complaint for grief.
 Whenever we have called on God, one has to suffer or grief.
 Have we ever called on God to give thanks?

दुःख में सुमिरन सब करे सुख में करै न कोय।

जो सुख में सुमिरन करे दुःख काहे को होय॥

duhkh mein sumiran sab kare sukh mein karai na koy. jo sukh mein sumiran kare duhkh kaahe ko hoye

Kabir Das Ji says that in times of sorrow everyone remembers God, but no one remembers God in happiness.

 If God is remembered even in happiness then why should there be sorrow ..?

Monday, November 18, 2019

False love of false world

False love of false world

 The result of love which is sorrowful is not love -

 The definition of love is that what makes a happy life is love ---

 In the Narada Bhakti Sutra, Narada ji says that by attaining devotion, man becomes a siddha bhavati, amrito bhavati and tripto bhavati --- life becomes blissful -

It is written in Ramcharit Manas that-

सुर नर मुनि सब कै यह रीती। स्वार्थ लागि करहिं सब प्रीति॥--

sur nar muni sab kai yah reetee. svaarth laagi karahin sab preeti .--

That is, people in the world love each other for selfishness - Suppose the world man does business for less money and if he comes to know that business is getting more money elsewhere, then worldly person will get more due to selfishness Starts doing other business to earn profits --- hence everyone in the world is fooling each other - love each other for selfishness and Selfishness ends but love also ends.

Even if people believe that the people of the world do not love for selfishness, then the Upanishads say that whether it is love of selfishness or love of selfless spirit of the world - to be attached in any way in the world is a sin. If you are more attached towards someone in life, when it comes time to get rid of the body, then you miss the same thing that the mind has attached to ---

You all know the context of King Bharat that Bharat ji took his mind to the child of a deer, he used to contemplate the same when he was asleep and when the time came to get rid of the body, he remembered the child of the deer and the next born also got a deer. - For this reason, if there is attachment of mind to the world or to anything in the world, life will go in vain - If you love the world, remember the world, the body will be touched and then you will have to go to eighty-four million births - sometimes a dog If you become a mosquito, sometimes you will become a hand, snakes etc.

The worldly love that gives you a dog, a cat, an elephant, etc. in the world, that worldly love is the cause of the downfall, that is why it is not called love - and when love is from God, it will be enjoyed - the people of the world will enjoy selfishness. They cheat each other, but God never cheats - don't trust the world because no one can ever break hope, so be careful and only trust God And only apply the same mind in the Lord - Radhe Radhe

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Difference between lord krishna and Narkasura

Difference between lord krishna and Narkasur 

Krishna killed an extremely cruel king named Narakasura on the day of Diwali Chaturdashi. Actually it was Narakasura's wish that this Chaturdashi be celebrated as a celebration because of the end of his evils.
 Lord Krishna killed Narak on Diwali
 Diwali is also celebrated as Narak Chaturdashi. Actually, Narak had prayed to celebrate his death. Many people realize their limitations within moments of death.

It is said that when Lord Vishnu incarnated the wild boar, Varaha, Narak was born as his son. Therefore, there were some special tendencies in him. If he realizes them beforehand, life can be better. But most people wait for their last moments. Hell was also one of them. At the moment of his death, he suddenly realizes how he ruined his life and what he was doing with his life till now. He prayed to Krishna, "You are not only killing me today, but you are also ending all the evils or wrongdoings I have done so far." There should be a celebration on this occasion. 'Therefore you should not celebrate the end of the evils of Narak , but you should celebrate the end of all evils within you. Only then will it be true Diwali. Otherwise it will remain as a chance to burn a lot of expenses, oil and burst firecrackers.

Narak was from a very good family. It is said that he was the son of Lord Vishnu. It is said that when Lord Vishnu incarnated the wild boar, Varaha, Narak was born as his son. So he had some special tendencies in it. The biggest thing is that Narak befriended Mura, who later became his commander. Together they fought many wars and killed thousands. Krishna killed Mura first. Actually, if both were together, it was difficult to deal with Narak. It was only after killing Mura that Krishna became Murari. It is said that Mura possessed some magical powers, due to which no person could stay in battle before him. Once Mura was over it was easier to deal with Narak .

Near death Narak realized
 Krishna killed Narak because he knew that if he was allowed to live, he would remain that way. But if he is brought near death, he may realize his mistakes.
 Krishna had told Narak that I am going to kill you, but you do not necessarily have to tell anyone. It will just happen on its own.

Choose one of the two routes
 You can either wait for the whip of life or you can give yourself direction by whipping yourself with the whip, the choice is yours. Hell chose Krishna to come and sing him. While Krishna created his personality and life by humming himself. This is the biggest difference between the two. That is why one is worshiped and the other is considered a demon. Either you improve your size by beating yourself up, or life will improve by beating you up - or it will make you awkward. This is what Diwali reminds us of. Let us all illuminate ourselves.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Benefits of chanting mantras

Benefits of chanting mantras

Mantra chanting is one of the ways that any type of problem can be overcome. In all the scriptures, mantras are described as very powerful and miraculous. That is, the desired thing can be achieved by mantras and all desires can be fulfilled. One of the most effective mantras is the Gayatri Mantra. Auspicious results can be obtained very quickly by chanting it. Its regular chanting can be foreseen.

 Gayatri Mantra

 Om Bhurbhuvah SawhTatsviturvarnayanam Bhargo Devasya Dheemihi Dhio yo nah Prachodayat.

 10 benefits of chanting this mantra

 If a person chants this mantra regularly, he gets enthusiasm and positivity, glows in the skin, hates vengeance, awakens interest in parmarth, starts anticipating, increases the power to bless, eyes. It comes fast, self-accomplishment is attained, anger is calmed, knowledge grows.

 Use of hymnology

 Mantra is used to attain devotion to God, Brahm Gyan. Also, chanting of mantras can also be done for worldly and material pleasures and desire to attain wealth.

              मंत्र जप के फायदे 

मंत्र जप, एक ऐसा उपाय है जिससे किसी भी प्रकार की समस्या को दूर किया जा सकता है। सभी शास्त्रों में मंत्रों को बहुत शक्तिशाली और चमत्कारी बताया है। यानी मंत्रों से मनचाही वस्तु प्राप्त की जा सकती है और सभी इच्छाओं की पूर्ति की जा सकती है। सबसे ज्यादा प्रभावी मंत्रों में से एक मंत्र है गायत्री मंत्र। इसके जप से बहुत जल्दी शुभ फल प्राप्त हो सकते हैं। इसके नियमित जप से पूर्वाभास हो सकता है।

गायत्री मंत्र

ऊँ भूर्भुव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि। धियो यो न: प्रचोदयात्।।

इस मंत्र के जप के 10 लाभ

यदि कोई व्यक्ति इस मंत्र का जप नियमित रूप से करता है तो उसे उत्साह एवं सकारात्मकता, त्वचा में चमक आती है, तामसिकता से घृणा होती है, परमार्थ में रुचि जागती है, पूर्वाभास होने लगता है, आशीर्वाद देने की शक्ति बढ़ती है, नेत्रों में तेज आता है, स्वप्र सिद्धि प्राप्त होती है, क्रोध शांत होता है, ज्ञान की वृद्धि होती है।

मंत्र विद्या का प्रयोग

मंत्र विद्या का प्रयोग भगवान की भक्ति, ब्रह्मज्ञान प्राप्ति के लिए किया जाता है। साथ ही, सांसारिक एवं भौतिक सुख-सुविधाओं, धन प्राप्त करने की इच्छा के लिए भी मंत्रों का जप किया जा सकता है।

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