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Friday, November 8, 2019

Confidence of mind

🙏 Once, a 'very poor' woman, who "believed" on "Kanha" very much, was in a very, very serious situation !!!!! To eat for several days, not the whole family.  Found !!! One day, he sent his message via radio to "Kanha", to help him !!!

 This broadcast, an "atheist, arrogant, and haughty ", "industrialist", heard !!!!  And he thought, why not, with this woman, to be "joked" with something, that his "faith" towards "Krishna", would stagger !!!!

 He told his "secretary" to come to his house with "a lot of food" and "a month's ration" !!!!  And when that woman asks, who sent it ???  So, to say that,
 "devil" has sent !!!

 As soon as, near the "lady", the stuff arrived !!!!  At first, his "family", satisfied, had food !!!!  Then, she started putting all the ration in the "cupboard" !!!

 When, the "lady" did not ask, who sent it all ????  So, the "secretary" is gone, and asks !!!!  Don't you have "curiosity" as to who sent it all ???

 That "lady" replied, "Excellent" !!! Why do I think so much ????????

 I am "confident" on my "Kanha" !!!!  My "Krishna", when ordered, the "devils" also have to obey that "order".

 Hare Krishna… 🙏

🙏एक बार,एक'अत्यंत गरीब" महिला,जो "कान्हा" पर,बेइंतिहा "विश्वास"करती थी !!! अत्यंत ही,विकट स्थिति में आ गई !!!!! कई दिनों से खाने के लिए,पूरे परिवार को नहीं मिला !!! एक दिन,उसने रेडियो के माध्यम से,"कान्हा"को,अपना सन्देश भेजा, कि वह उसकी मदद करे !!!

यह प्रसारण,एक"नास्तिक, घमण्डी,और अहंकारी"," उद्योगपति" ने,सुना !!!! और उसने सोचा कि, क्यों न, इस महिला के साथ, कुछ ऐसा "मजाक"किया जाये,कि उसकी "कृष्ण"के प्रति"आस्था", डगमगा जाये !!!!

उसने,अपने"सेक्रेटरी"को कहा, कि वह,"ढेर सारा खाना"और"महीने भर का राशन",उसके घर पर,देकर आ जाये !!!! और जब वह महिला पूछे,किसने भेजा है ??? तो,कह देना,कि
"शैतान" ने भेजा है !!!

जैसे ही,"महिला"के पास,सामान पंहुचा !!!! पहले तो,उसके" परिवार"ने,तृप्त होकर,भोजन किया !!!! फिर, वह सारा राशन,"अलमारी" में रखने लगी !!!

जब,"महिला"ने पूछा नहीं कि, यह सब किसने भेजा है ???? तो,"सेक्रेटरी"से रहा नहीं गया, और पूछा !!!! आपको क्या"जिज्ञासा" नहीं होती कि, यह सब किसने भेजा है ???

उस"महिला" ने,"बेहतरीन" जवाब दिया !!!मैं इतना क्यों सोंचू,या पूंछू ????????

मुझे, मेरे "कान्हा"पर,"पूरा भरोसा" है !!!! मेरा"कृष्ण",जब आदेश देता है, तो,"शैतानों"को भी,उस"आदेश"का, पालन करना पड़ता है��!!

हरे कृष्णा...🙏

Kindness of shri Krishna

The incident follows the death of Uttara's husband, Abhimanyu.  Abhimanyu's widowed wife Uttara would have followed her husband, but she was pregnant and Param Bhagavata devotee Maharaj Parikshit was in her womb, so it was his ultimate dharma to protect her.
 There is a huge responsibility on the mother to protect the baby in all ways, so she spoke to Lord Krishna.
 Uttara was the daughter of a great king, the wife of a great valor and a disciple of a great devotee.  Later she also became the mother of a superior king.  She was Bhagyashalini(lucky) in all ways.

 God is fair in all respects, even then he favors his devotees, because the Pandava was a total devotee, so God wanted them to rule the world.

 This was the reason that by ending the rule of Duryodhana Dal, he established the rule of Maharaj Yudhishthira.  So they wanted to protect Maharaja Parikshit situated in the womb.  He did not want the world to deviate from the Pandava clan, which was the ideal clan of the devotees.

 Ashwatthama left Brahmastra to end the Pandava clan was very deadly and wanted to destroy the last descendant of the Pandava clan who was born in the womb of Uttara.
 Lord Krishna immediately took his personal weapon to protect his devotees on seeing this, because these devotees did not know anyone other than Krishna.

 In the Bhagavad Gita, God has clearly stated that his devotees are never unique.  They act on the basis of quantity or quality of service in devotion performed by devotees.

 The Pandavas, despite being great warriors themselves, were 100 percent dependent on the protection of God.
 When he saw that the Pandavas had no time to cut Brahmastra of Ashwatthama, he immediately broke his own vow and picked up his weapon, although the battle of Kurukshetra was almost over, he should not raise his weapon according to his vow.

 But at this time emergency was more important than Pran(vow) .  He is more well known as Bhaktavatsal, so he did not want to become a worldly idealist who never breaks his vow, but he preferred to remain a devotee.

 Everyone should seek the refuge of such a supremely merciful God

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Come, let us all pray to Shri Krishna

Come, pray a prayer to Shyamsundar, crying, very humbly ………… ..
 ** Hey Shyam Sundar!  O my soul!  When will the day come when the constant teardrop will flow from my eyes, constantly remembering you…!
 ** When will the day come when your sweet image will be absorbed into my eyes in such a way that you will not forget even for a moment ……!
 ** When will the day come when I will see your Madhurmatimdhur Chinmay form in full.
 Hey Nath!  Although I have been committing sin for eternity, yet I am convinced that you are the only impersonator of all, so you will not disappoint me ........!
 ** How long will I keep burning in Virhagni ...?
 ** When will that fateful day come when all your wishes will be sacrificed.
 I will serve you by wishing you in every wish.  I will feel your kindness by praising you continuously, depending on your every behavior and will consider you kind ........... !!!

आइये एक प्रार्थना श्यामसुंदर से करें, रोकर, अति दीन भाव से............😭😭
**हे श्याम सुन्दर ! हे मेरे प्राणधन ! वह दिन कब आएगा जब निरंतर तुम्हारा स्मरण करते हुए मेरे नेत्रों से अविरल अश्रुधारा प्रवाहित होगी...!
**वह दिन कब आएगा जब तुम्हारी मधुर छवि मेरे नेत्रों में ऐसे समा जायेगी कि एक क्षण को भी तुम्हारी विस्मृति नहीं होगी.........!
**वह दिन कब आएगा जब मैं तुम्हारे मधुरातिमधुर चिन्मय स्वरुप का जी भरकर दर्शन करूँगी।
हे नाथ ! यद्यपि मै अनंतानंत जन्मो से पाप करता आ रही हूँ तथापि मुझे पूर्ण विश्वास है कि तुम ही एकमात्र पतितों के सर्वस्व हो, अतः मुझे निराश नहीं करोगे........!
**कब तक मैं विरहाग्नि में जलती रहूँगी... ?
**वह सौभाग्यशाली दिन कब आएगा जब तुम्हारी हर इच्छा पर बलिहार जाऊँगी।
तुम्हारी हर इच्छा में इच्छा रखते हुए तुम्हारी सेवा करूँगी। तुम्हारे हर व्यवहार पर विभोर होकर तुम्हारा ही निरंतर गुणगान करते हुए तुम्हारी ही कृपा का अनुभव करूँगी और तुम्हे कृपालु मान लूँगी...........!!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Devotional gesture of a devotee

Ronald Nixon, who was an Englishman, settled in Braj with Krishna inspiration…

 He had such a deep love for Kanhaiya that he started considering Kanhaiya as his younger brother ……

 One day he made a pudding and offered it to Thakur ji and removed the curtain, then there were small fingerprints in the pudding ……

 Seeing that the teardrop current started flowing from the eyes of 'Nixon'…

 Why, even before this, they had indulged many times, but never before.

 And one day an incident happened that it was winter time, Nixon used to sleep outside the hut.

 Putting Thakur ji inside and then duly drafting the quilt
 Used to lie on his own.

 One day Nixon was sleeping ……

 At midnight, he suddenly felt as if someone had given him
 Voice is given… Dada!  Oh Dada!

 They got up and started thinking when no one showed up
 Could have been our confusion, after some time he was heard again…. Dada!  Oh Dada!

 When they looked inside, it was found that they had forgotten to wear a quilt to Thakurji.

 He sat near Thakur ji and said with great love ...

 "Do you feel cold too ...?"

 Nixon had so much to say that a wonderful stream of tears flowed from Shri Vigra of Thakur ji…

 Seeing Thakur ji crying like this, Nixonji also started crying bitterly .....

 That night, that British devotee cried so much in the love of Thakurji that his soul left his five-physical body and went to Baikuntha.


 Hey Thakur Ji!  We are not worthy to cry for you with such a feeling .....

 But still pray so much that…

 "Even if we do not give us darshan in our last time ……

 Do give such a feeling till the last time, so that you have to suffer and be distraught to cause our death .... ''.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Glory of Tulsi

Tulsi has two main services.

 First service

 In the roots of the Tulsi...
 To offer water daily! Except Ekadashi only.

 Second Service

 Breaking the Tulsi's spica
 Keep relieving Tulsi


Due to this spica,Tulsi ji
 Sick and dry!
 Till this time, this spica stays on the top
 of Tulsi mata they Suffers a lot!
 These two services ...
 From the service of Shri Thakur
 No less is considered!
 To take some precautions
 Is needed! 🌻

 Such as

 Before breaking the Tulasi leaf
 Tulsi's permission should be taken!
 True Vaishnavas without permission ...
  does not even touch the Tulsi leaf
 Sundays and Dwadashi days
 Tulsi leaf should not be broken, and
 Tulsi leaf anytime with nails
 Should not break!  Nor should water be given to Ekadashi because Tulsi Maharani also observes a waterless fast for Thakur Ji on this day.

 Due to

 Tulasi ji Only these two days by order of Thakur ji
 It takes relaxation and sleep!
 For the rest of the days
 She does not sleep nor does she take rest!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Lord Shri Krishna in the eyes of Bhishma Pitamah

Lord Shri Krishna in the eyes of Bhishma Pitamah

 Lord Krishna told Arjuna,
 "The one who sacrifices me while thinking, attains my ultimate abode, of course, forever. The person who contemplates at the time of death, gets reborn when he is reborn."
 Bhishma Deva used to meditate on his revered Lord Shri Krishna as "Parthasarathy" i.e. the charioteer of Arjuna.  Therefore, he prayed:
 "Lord Krishna, the quadrilateral, with his beautiful, well-decorated lotus face and bright eyes like the sunrise, and with a sweet smile, please be before me while sacrificing my body."

भगवान श्रीकृष्ण भीष्म पितामह की नजरों में 

हरे कृष्णा जी दंडवत प्रणाम.
श्रीमान प्रेम बल्लभ प्रभु जी दंडवत प्रणाम.
सुन्दर कीर्तनीय सदा हरी...
भगवान श्री कृष्ण ने अर्जुन को कहा था ,
" जो मेरा चिन्तन करते हुए शरीर-त्याग करता है, वह नि:सन्देह सदैव के लिए, मेरे परम धाम को प्राप्त करता है। मृत्यु के समय व्यक्ति जिस विषय का चिंतन करता है, पुनर्जन्म लेने पर उसे उसी की प्राप्ति होती है।"
भीष्मदेव अपने पूज्य भगवान श्री कृष्ण का ध्यान "पार्थासारथी" अर्थात अर्जुन के सारथी के रूप में करते थे। इसलिए, उन्होंने यह प्रार्थना की थी :
" चतुर्भुज भगवान श्री कृष्ण अपने सुंदर,सुसज्जित कमल मुख-मण्डल एवं सूर्योदय के समान तेजस्वी नेत्रों, व मधुर मुस्कान के साथ, कृपा कर, मेरे शरीर त्याग करते समय मेरे सम्मुख ही रहें ।"

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Huge personality of shri Krishna

Once Yudhishthira performed the Rajasurya Yajna.
 Invited many people.  God
 Shri Krishna also came.  He told Yudhishthira - "Everybody is working."
 Give me some work too. "
 Yudhishthira looked at him and said - "For you
 We have no work. "
 Shri Krishna said - "But I do not remain useless
 Wants  At least give me some work. "
 Yudhishthira said - "I have some work
 No |  If you have to do something
 Find work yourself. "
 Shrikrishna said - "Ok I find my work
 Took it
 Yudhishthira eagerly asked - "What job search?"
 Krishna said - "I will pick up all the wooden plates and
 Will clean up. ”Yudhishthira was awestruck after hearing this.
 Krishna did the same.  What is more valuable than service

एक बार युधिष्ठिर ने राजसूर्य यज्ञ करवाया |
बहुत-से लोगों को आमंत्रित किया | भगवान
श्रीकृष्ण भी आए | उन्होंने युधिष्ठिर से कहा – “सब लोग काम कर रहे हैं |
मुझे भी कोई काम दे दीजिए |”
युधिष्ठिर ने उनकी ओर देखकर कहा – “आपके लिए
हमारे पास कोई काम नहीं है |”
श्री कृष्ण बोले – “लेकिन मैं बेकार नहीं रहना
चाहता | मुझे कुछ-न-कुछ काम तो दे ही दीजिए |”
युधिष्ठिर ने कहा – “मेरे पास तो कोई काम है
नहीं | यदि आपको कुछ करना ही हो तो अपना
काम आप स्वयं तलाश कर लीजिए |”
श्रीकृष्ण बोले – “ठीक है मैंने अपना काम खोज
लिया |”
युधिष्ठिर ने उत्सुकता से पूछा – “क्या काम खोज
कृष्ण ने कहा – “मैं सबकी जूठी पत्तलें उठाऊंगा और
सफाई करूंगा |” यह सुनकर युधिष्ठिर अवाक् रह गए |
कृष्ण ने वही किया | सेवा से बढ़कर और क्या हो
सकता है |

Saturday, November 2, 2019

When Shri Krishna destroyed the ego of his devotees.

When Shri Krishna destroyed the ego of his devotees.

Lord Krishna and Queen Satyabhama in Dwarka
 Were seated on the throne together, near Garuda and
 Sudarshan Chakra was also sitting.  Divine glory on the face of three
 Was reflected
 Queen Satyabhama spoke to Shri Krishna in many things
 Asked, Lord, you incarnated(AVTAAR ) as Rama in the Treta Yuga
 Took, Sita was your wife.  Do they me
 Was even more beautiful?  Got it
 That Satyabhama is proud of her form.

 Then Garuda said that God what in the world
 One who can fly even faster than me. Sudarshan Chakra also,
 He  could not keep up with the proudly and he also got up. Said to
  God, in big wars I
 You have got Vijayashree.  What in the world from me
 Is anyone too powerful?
 God was smiling dimly.  Shreekrishna understood that
" All three devotees have arrogance and
 The time has come to destroy his ego."
 Thinking this, he said to Garuda, O Garuda!  you
 Go to Hanuman and say that Lord Rama,
  is waiting for you with Maa Sita.  Garuda
 He went to fetch Hanuman with the permission of God.
 Here Shri Krishna told Satyabhama that Goddess you
 Get ready as Sita and Dwarkadhish himself
 Took the form of Rama.  Madhusudan's Sudarshan Chakra
 While giving permission to say that you are at the entrance of the palace
 Keep watch  And remember that according to my command
 No one should enter the palace.
 At the entrance of Chakra Mahal after getting the permission of God
 Be deployed.  Garuda approaches Hanuman
 Said, O monkey!  Lord Rama, Mother Sita
 Waiting to meet with you in Dwarka

 Have been.  You go with me  I am on your back
 I will sit there and take it there soon.  Hanuman
 Modestly said to Garuda, you go, I come.  Garuda think
 I do not know when this old monkey will arrive.  Well
 I walk to God.  Garuda quickly thinking
 Fly towards Dwarka.  But what is this, Garuda after reaching the palace
 We see that Hanuman was already in the palace
 Sitting in front.  Garuda's head bowed with shame.
 Then Shri Ram told Hanuman that Pawanputra you
 How did you enter the palace without permission?
 Do you
 No one stopped the entrance?  Hanuman hands
 Sudarshan Chakra with his head bowed while connecting
 Removed and placed it before the Lord.  Hanuman
 Said that this chakra
 had stopped me , so keep it in my mouth I come to see you
 Bhagwan  I'm sorry.  God smiled dimly.
 Hanuman asked Ram with folded hands
 Lord!  Today you give in place of Mother Sita
 Gave so much respect to Maid
 Sits on the throne.
 Now Queen Satyabhama's ego disbanded
 It was the turn of  He had an ego of beauty,
 Which was broken in a moment.  Rani Satyabhama,
 The pride of the three Sudarshan Chakras and Garuda was crushed.
 They were thinking of God.  With three eyes
 Tears started flowing and they bowed down at the feet of God.  wonderful
 Lila is of God.

The egoism of his devotees to his Done away only by devotee....

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Sri Krishna is the greatest musician of this world

Sri Krishna is the greatest musician of this world

If there is one of the greatest musicians in this world, it is Shri Krishna. Just as Sattva, Raja and Tama - the coordination of the three qualities has been called Prakriti.
Similarly singing, playing and dancing - in these three
One who is accomplished is called a musician. Krishna in singing
Are skilled. What he sang in Kurukshetra grounds
We have today as Bhagavad Gita. Sri Krishna is skilled in playing, when the flute plays, the root becomes conscious and conscious. Also skilled in dance.
He composed rasas in Vrindavan with the gopis.
That is why we say that Krishna is the greatest musician.
Jai Jai Shri Radhe Krishna

श्रीकृष्ण इस संसार के सबसे बड़े संगीतकार हैं

इस संसार में यदि सबसे बड़ा कोई संगीतकार है, तो वो हैं श्री कृष्ण। जिस प्रकार से सत्व, रज और तम - तीनों गुणों के समन्वय को प्रकृति कहा गया है।
उसी प्रकार से गायन, वादन और नृत्य -इन तीनों में
जो पारंगत हो उसे संगीतकार कहते हैं। कृष्ण गायन में
कुशल हैं। कुरुक्षेत्र के मैदान में उन्होंने जो गाया वह
भगवद् गीता के रूप में आज हमारे पास है। वादन में श्रीकृष्ण कुशल हैं, जब बांसुरी वादन करते हैं, तब जड़ चेतन और चेतन जड़ हो जाता है। नृत्य में भी कुशल हैं।
उन्होंने गोपियों के साथ वृंदावन में रास रचाया।
इसीलिए हम कहते हैं कि कृष्ण सबसे बड़ा संगीतकार है।
जय जय श्री राधे कृष्णा

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Shreekrishna katha leela

Very beautiful story

 My Vrindavan

 A king built a temple of Lord Krishna

 And put a priest for worship.  Priestly
 Started serving Bihariji.  Worshiping God and
 The priest's age passed while serving.  King rose flower
 The garland was sent by the servant's hand.
 Used to wear  When the king came to see the priest, he used to remove the garland from the neck of Bihariji and put it on the king.  This everyday
 Was the rule.  One day the king could not go to the temple for some reason.
 He told a servant - take the garland and go to the temple.  Tell the priest
 Today I will not be able to come.  The servant went and gave the rosary to the priest and
 Told you not to wait for Maharaj today.  The servant returned
 Gaya.  The priest put the garland on Bihariji.  Then he got the idea that till today I climbed the robe of my Bihari ji
 He kept wearing the king.  Never this good luck to me
 Got it. When there is no confidence in life,  Today my lord
 He is very kind to me.  The king will not come today, so why not a garland
 I wear  Thinking that the priest garlanded Bihariji's neck
 Removed and wore it myself.  The servant came and told him that the king's ride was just about to reach the temple.
 The priest shivered.  They thought if the king saw the garland around my neck
 Lee would be angry with me.  With this fear, he has
 After removing the rosary, he again wore Bihariji.  As king
 When he came to visit, the priest again according to the rules
 Stripped and put it on the king's neck.  When the garland was worn, the king saw a white hair in the garland. Raja understood the whole matter
 That the priest had worn the garland himself and then removed
 Will be thrown back.  The king thinks that the priest does this
 Got very angry  He asked the priest - priest
 Whose white hair is it?  The priest felt that if I told the truth
 So the king will punish, so to save his life, the priest said - Maharaj, this white hair belongs to Bihari ji.  Now the king is angry
 It was furious that this priest was being lied to
 Bhagal Bihariji's hair is also white somewhere.  The king said-
 If this priest is of white hair, then in the morning
 I will come and see if Bihariji has white hair or
 Black.  If Bihari's hair turns black, you will be hanged.  The king went away after dictating. Now the priest cried
 Begged Bihari ji - Lord I know your
 I committed the crime of lying.  Put on your neck
 Gave you the garland again.  Grow old while serving you
 Gaya.  It has been a longing to wear a garland
 Good luck  All this crime happened in this greed.  For the first time my Thakurji got greed and such misfortune has arisen.  my
 Nath will no longer be such a crime.  Now only you save
 Tomorrow morning I will be hanged.  Priests cry all night
 are.  As soon as dawn, the king came to the temple.  He said that today
 He will decorate the Lord himself.  Saying this, the king as soon as the crown
 I was shocked when removed.  All the hair of Bihariji were white.  The king felt that the priest dyed Bihari's hair to save his life
 Must have given  Angrily he examined the hair
 Wish  Hair to look real or fake
 He broke the hair of Bihari Ji, blood from Bihari's head
 The tide started flowing  The king held the feet of the Lord and forgave
 Started asking  The voice came from the idol of Bihariji - Raja, till today you considered me only idol, so from today onwards I will be your
 I am an idol.  Priestess considers me a true God.
 Today I have to whiten my hair in order to honor their reverence

 Had to shed the bloodstream and to convince you.

 This story is not from any Purana but its heart

 It is not less than the story of any Purana.  They say- If you believe that God is not a stone, if there is faith, then Lord Sapran is in those stones.
 Will come to meet the devotee.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

An interesting story of Shri Krishna's journey

An interesting story of Shri Krishna's journey

Once Shri Krishna Baldev and Satyaki lost their way at night!

It was a dense forest; neither was there any way forward nor could I go back! It was decided to tie the horses and rest in the night! It was decided that all three would wake up and guard them!
At first Satyaki woke up and the other two fell asleep! A vampire descended from the tree and began to challenge Satyaki for a fight. Satyaki became extremely angry after hearing the vampire's challenge!
Both started to fight! As the vampires started to fight twice as much as the vampires were furious! The more the vampires grew in size, the more the vampires grew in size. In the battle, Satyaki got hurt a lot!
A stroke has passed, now Baldev wakes up! Satyaki did not tell him anything and fell asleep! Baldev was also heard as a vampire shouted! Baldev was furiously confronted by a vampire! A rage passed while fighting.
Now it was the turn of Shri Krishna to wake up! Even Baldev did not tell him anything and fell asleep! In front of Shri Krishna also faced the challenge of the vampire! The more vampire Shri Krishna addressing the greater anger, Krishna smiled as calmly as he could. ; The size of the vampire kept decreasing! In the end it became like a worm which was tied by Shri Krishna in the end of his patuka!

In the morning, Satyaki and Baldev told the story of their misfortune to Shri Krishna, then Shri Krishna smiled and showed the insect, that is, that anger-like vampire was growing the same size as you used to anger! I did not respond to its anger with anger, but in a calm manner, it became discouraged and weakened! So work with restraint to overcome anger!

Brahmacharya of Shri Krishna


"Gopia said to Shri Krishna," O Krishna, we have to go to offer Agastya Risi, and this Yamunaji falls in between, now tell me how
Lord Shri Krishna said that when you go to Yamunaji, then say, O Yamunaji, if Shri Krishna is Brahmachari, then give us the way, the gopis started laughing that this Krishna also considers himself to be Brahmachari, all day then he is following us. , Sometimes steals our clothes, sometimes breaks our matki(pitcher) ..
The Gopi goes to Yamuna ji and says, if  Shri krishna is Brahmachari, then give us the way, and as Gopi said, Yamunaji Ne rasta de diya, now after returning food to Agastya Rishi and coming back, told Agastya Rishi that now how should we go home? Yamunaji is in the middle,
Agastya Rishi said that if you tell Yamunaji that if Agastya ji is destitute, then give us the way, the gopis started saying that we had brought so much food so ate everything and now they are telling themselves foodless, Gopia went to Yamunaji and said , O Yamunaji, if Agastya Rishi is foodless then give us the way and Yamunaji has given way,
The Gopi started to believe that what he eats can be foodless, and who follows us throughout the day can be Brahmachari,
Lord Shri Krishna started saying, Gopia, I have nothing to do with your body, so after seeing your feeling of love, I come behind you who loves me, I am truly indebted to you.

Shreekrishna - 'Nandotsav'

Shreekrishna - 'Nandotsav'

In Gokul and Nandgaon, a special celebration of Nandotsav is held on the second day of the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna, the hero of Braj. After the birth of Shri Krishna at midnight in Mathura, all the Kans soldiers were put to sleep and Vasudev's fetters were opened.

Then Vasudev left Sri Krishna at Gondul at Nandarai.
Lala is born at Nandarai's house, slowly this thing spread in Gokul.
That is why 'Nandotsav' is celebrated in Gokul on the second day of Shri Krishna's birth.
On the day of Bhadrapada Navami, there is a celebration of Nandotsav in all Brajamandal.
'Dadhikando' ......
This festival is also celebrated as 'Dadhikandas'. 'Dadhikando' means the mud of yogurt.
The tradition of throwing turmeric mixed curd is still practiced today.
In the guise of Nand Baba and Yasoda, the temple priests cradle Lord Krishna.
Sweets, fruits, nuts and sugar candy are looted.
Devotees consider themselves blessed by receiving this Prasad.
In the religious city of Vrindavan, Nandotsav is celebrated from place to place.
In the huge Sri Ranganatha temple of North India in Vrindavan, the second day of the birth anniversary of Lord Shri Krishna, the hero of Braj, there is a lot of splendor of Nandotsav.
The famous 'Lathe Fair' is organized here at Nandotsav.
On the day of Nandotsav in the famous Shree Ranganatha Temple, built in South Indian style, devotees stand and watch to get a glimpse of the Lathta Fair.
When Lord Ranganath comes on the chariot to the west gate of the temple, then the wrestler who climbed the bow, worships Lord Ranganath and takes the blessings of Vijayashree and starts climbing the log.
At the same time when the wrestlers start climbing on the 35 feet high log, many minds of oil and water from the top of the scaffold fall on the other Gwal-Wala log, causing the wrestlers to fall to the ground below.
On seeing this, the devotees feel a thrill.
Taking blessings of God, the Gwal-Wala wrestlers again try to climb on the log by supporting each other and start climbing uphill with full water between the edge of strong water and the edge of oil.
After several hours of hard work, finally the Gwalas get an opportunity to win by climbing on the log of the blessings of God.
On seeing this exciting fair, the devotees of the country and abroad are overwhelmed with reverence.
Coconut, lota, guava, banana, fruit and fruit start climbing on the pillar of Gwal-Wall.
Similarly, Nandrotsav is celebrated on the second day of Lord Krishna's Janmashtami festival not only in Vrindavan but also in other parts of India.
On hearing this Lala was born in the house of Nandarai, all the Gopans, Gopis and Gokulwasis started celebrating happiness.
All houses, streets, chowk etc. were decorated and greetings were sung. This was the upbringing of Krishna and Balarama, and both kept their minds charmed by their pastimes.
Say Nanda Kelala ki Jai….


Shri Krishna - Truth Story (Saint and Seth)

Shri Krishna - Truth Story

Saint and Seth…

A saint lived in Mathura. He had many disciples. One of them was also Seth Jagatram.
Jagataram had a long wide business.
He used to travel far and wide in connection with business.
Once he went to Kannauj in connection with business. Kannauj is famous for its perfumed perfumes.
He bought a very expensive perfume bottle of perfume to present to the saint. .
Seth Jagatram returned to Mathura a few days later when he was finished.
The next day they went to meet him at the sage's hut.
The saints were not in the hut. When asked, we got the answer that Yamuna has gone to the shore for bathing.
Jagatram walked towards the ghat.
The saint sees something in the Yamuna river standing in knee-deep water and smiling.
At a fast pace, he came close to the saint.
I bowed that I brought a bottle of perfume for you from Kannauj.
The saint said, bring it.
Seth Jagatram gave the perfume bottle in the hands of the saint.
The saint immediately opened the bottle and put all the perfume in Yamuna and smiled.
Jagatram was sad to see this scene.
Thought not to use perfume even once, not even smell, and put the entire perfume in Yamuna.
He did not say anything and the sad heart returned home.
After several days, when his sadness subsided, he went to see the saint in his hut.
The saint was seated alone in the hut and singing a hymn.
When asked, I saw Seth at the door, pleased and called him near and said - "Your perfume did a great job that day."
Seth looked at the saint with surprise and asked "I don't understand anything."
The saint said, "Radha ji and Shri Krishna's Holi was happening in Yamuna that day.
As soon as Radha ji put the piercing in the pot to add color over Sri Krishna, at the same time I brought your perfume in the pot.
The whole perfume went on the body of Shri Krishna with color from the perfume and Lord Krishna started smelling with the smell of perfume.
Your perfume brought a new color to Sri Krishna and Radharani's Holi.
Because of you I also received the blessings of Shri Krishna and Radharani. ".
Seth Jagataram kept staring at the saint.
He could not understand anything.
When the saint saw a look of disbelief in Seth's eyes, he said, "You may not believe what I said."
Go see all the temples of Sri Krishna Krishnadha of Mathura, then say something.
Seth Jagatram went to all the temples of Srikrishnaradha located in Mathura.
He seemed to smell his perfume from the idol of Sri Krishnaradha in all the temples.
Seth Jagatram's perfume was accepted by Sri Krishna and Radharani.
He returned to the sage's hut and fell at the feet of the saint.
A stream of tears flowed from Seth's eyes.
The saint's eyes also became moist in the memory of Lord Krishna. .
Friends, I had read this story in my childhood.
I do not remember the name of the book, but this is a story.
There are many devotees in Mathura who have seen the glory of Shri Krishna, Radharani and Gopis in Mathura for mere bliss.
Vanshidhar's Murali still rings in Braj and he is pleased and he hears and sees.

May you all be blessed by Lord Krishna and Radharani.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Glory to Shrivrindavan Dham

Glory to Shrivrindavan Dham ....

Srivrindavan is the residence of Shree Shyama Ju and Srikunjbihari. Here the Premaras stream of Shriradha-Krishna flows. The everlasting favorite shrimadvrivindavan always stays in Brindavan. Nidhivan is considered the king of all forests here. Therefore it is called Srinidhivanraj.
In the last part of any night, the Sriradhakrishna couple were sleeping in the Kelikunj of Nidhivan. Shrivrishabhanunandini suddenly had a wonderful dream. On awakening, she awakened Pranavallabh and started saying - Dear! I just had a wonderful dream.

In that dream I saw a unique river like Yamuna ji. Like the Yamuna pullin on the banks of that river, I saw an absolutely delightful pullin. In that bridge (in the grove), like Vrindavan, he saw a wonderful Gorkanti distinguished teenager, doing a wonderful dance-song with full humor. He was getting into dance on the tone of mridang and kartal in emotion. He is a proud teenager, Krishna! Yes, Krishna! And sometimes, Radhe! Oh Radhe! Where are you ?

Sometimes, he was rolling on the ground, crying like a cry, sometimes becoming unconscious, and making his sentiments all over the world from Trinam to Brahma. My love Looking at her, I started thinking, who is this teenager of Gauravarna? Is Krishna always there forever? Yes, Krishna! Saying that I am the only teenager who cries? Or yes Radhe! Oh Radhe! Where are you ? In this way, my beloved, Krishna, who is crying with a high voice, is the proudest person.
Shri Krishna said, "O dear! I have made you see various forms of Narayan etc. from time to time. But you are not surprised to see them. But who is that proud teenager who causes confusion in your intellect? I can not say . He smiled saying this.
Shriradhikaji started saying - Pranavallabh! Now I understand that you are yourself as a person. Otherwise no one can fascinate me like this. In the future, Shri Krishna in his Kaustubh Mani started to show all the scenes to Sriradhikaji in the form of visions. Sriradhikaji looked at the scenes and said that in front of Nandababa in your childhood, the omniscient Gargarshi had said that in the first evening of the upcoming Kali Yuga, this son of yours will appear as Pitavarna Gaurang. Gargi Rishi's prophecy can never be false. So my dream is true and you are the teenager.

Hearing this, Shri Krishna said Praneshwari! In order to taste your feelings, I will receive your keenness and heartfelt feelings and incarnate in the form of gaurang. I will personally welcome these Saras Bhavas of yours and will also propagate Ragarm Bhakti through Harinam Sankirtana. To deliver my rare love in reality, I will be incarnated as Mahavadanya Gaurang.

Shri Krishna .... Mystery


He said to Ved Vyas ji

Maharshe! People have different perceptions about me.
Some call me 'nature',
Any male
Some believe in God,
Any religion
In some opinions, I am a completely free form of fear.
Consider something
And some Kalyanamaya Sadashivs tell.
Similarly, other people consider me to be a unique Sanatan Brahman produced by Vedanta.
But in reality, which is powerless and formless,
It is only Satta-chitta and Anand whose Deity is there and whose secret is hidden in the Vedas, I will reveal my divine form to you today,
As soon as God said this, Ved Vyasji saw a child,
Whose body had blackness like Neil Cloud.
He was laughing surrounded by Gopakanya and Gwalabalas.
He was Lord Shyamsundara,
Those wearing yellow clothes were sitting at the root of Kadamb.
His tableau was amazing.
Along with him, a forest named 'Vrindavan' ornamented with new Pallavas was also seen.
After this, Kalindakanya Yamuna wearing the aura of Neel Kamal appeared.
Then there was a vision on Mount Govardhan, which was raised by Sri Krishna on his hands to make Indra proud.
That mountain is going to give great pleasure to the cows and gopes.
Shreekrishna said-
'I am! You who have seen this divine eternal form,
This is my perfect, passive, quiet and truthful Deity.
There is no better element than this Kamalalochan form.
The Vedas describe this form.
This is also the reason for the reasons.
This is the truth, ecstasy, chidanandaghan, sanatana and Shivatattva.
You consider this Mathurapuri of mine constantly.
This Vrindavan, this Yamuna, these Gopakanyas and Gwal-Bal are all continual.
My incarnation here, it is also continual.
Do not doubt it
Radha is my sweetheart.
I am Sarvagya, Paratpar, Sarvakam, Sarveshwara and Sarvandamay God.

This whole world, which is the luxury of Maya, seems to be in me.

Sri Krishna .... Spiritual aspect

Bhagwat Spiritual Side -

"When Lord Shri Krishna pledged for creation, then three men appeared from his divine Deity - in these

From the primacy of "Rajoguna" - "Brahma".

"Vishnu" with the predominance of "Satvaguna".

And with the primacy of "Tamogun", "Rudra" appeared.

God gave these three the right to originate, observe and kill the world respectively.
Then Lord Brahma, who was born from the navel lotus of God, manifested his feeling as if from him.
Use of Bhagwat Katha by Brahma
Brahma said -
Lord ! You have put me in the universe, but I am afraid that during the universe, the very sinful Rajoguna will not be able to obstruct your memory.
So please tell me something that keeps your "memory" equal.
Then God preached to him Shrimad Bhagwat and
said -
That you keep consuming it for the attainment of your desire, by getting the teachings of Brahmaji Shrimad Bhagwat
Pleased and he spent the week to attain Shri Krishna.
This makes them all
The desire is complete.
With this, they always expand the universe in remembrance of Bhagwat and keep doing the ritual of Yajna repeatedly.
The idea is that Brahma Ji needs a name base before creating the universe,
By which Lord Brahma is saying this thing that he should not forget God while creating the world.
Then we are ordinary creatures, while doing every work,
It is important to remember god

Bhagwat is necessary, name is important----

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Shri Krishna Leela

In addition to the eight Pataranis of Lord Krishna, sixteen thousand queens were also there,

Is this true and was it appropriate to do so by Shri Krishna?

Today a friend asked a question like this ……
So what answer would we give, but according to the knowledge that we have received, we are writing here according to whatever you have forgotten, you want to be forgiven by everyone… ..
Ved Vyas ji, thousands of years ago, in the Dasam Skandha, chapter 69, verses 33 to 42 of the Srimad Bhagavata Maha Purana
This episode is described in full detail,
according to this :-
When Lord Krishna killed the luxurious king Narakasura (Bhaumasura) and entered his splendid palace, he saw that Bhaumasura had taken sixteen thousand princesses from various states of the country and kept him captive!
After Bhaumasura's death, it was impossible for these princesses to return to their respective families again!
Astu, appeared in Interpore,
Seeing the male superior Lord Krishna, he prayed to protect his life and honor.
Everyone was fascinated by the vision of the beautiful image of Shri Krishna, even as he considered her unbearable grace and his ultimate good fortune, he had chosen her as his beloved husband.
(Verse 31, 32, 33)!
Shri Krishna also accepted to save the lives of those girls and to give them due respect in the society.
Subsequently, Lord Shri Krishna in different palaces in the same Muhurta,
Taking different forms, at the same time, duly married (panigrahan) with those 16000 princesses!
What is surprising to the almighty God Almighty? "
When Devarshi Narada came to know about these 16000 queens of Shri Krishna, they were skeptical like a friend or many people!
They started thinking how surprising it is that Shri Krishna could get married with so many Kumaris from one body, one time, at the same time!
Now, with an eagerness to know how tragic or pleasant her marital life is with 16108 queens in Dwarka, Naradji himself reached Dwarka to see Lord Krishna's family! "
Narada ji saw in Dwarka, his eyes were wide open!
He saw that Lord Krishna along with all his queens is conducting the best religions that purify the householders!
Although he was the same, Naradji saw him differently with each of his queens!
He saw the supreme opulence of Sri Krishna's Yogamaya and experienced its enormity!
Hearing all this, Naradji's amazement and curiosity have no limit!
In Ramavatar, the God who adhered to decorum did not do the same in Krishnavatar where he had followed a wifely religion!
Shri Krishna ji married 16108 devi lawfully!
Some scholars are of the opinion that, Grihasthasrama describes the religion,
The 16000 verses of the Vedas, at the time of Krishnavatara, became princesses with the spirit of prabhu seva and finally the married wives of Shri Krishna!
Maa Saraswati or Vedas are not fully aware of the glory of Shri Krishna ji, then what is the matter of male humans, dear readers, it would be better that you or we read the tenth chapter of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita ……….
Because only Shri Krishna ji can tell about Lord Krishna ji and that too when he gets disciple like Arjuna …….
Jai Radhey Govinda Friends….
Hail to the devotees of Lord Krishna….
!! Say Jai Shreekrishna!!
!! Jai Jai Shree Radhe !!

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