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Sunday, November 29, 2020

How Kansa was come to end.

How Kansa was come to end.

If we see the relation of Mama(maternal uncle )then there is a very respectful relationship.  The sound of the word Mama is pronounced twice in the sound of the word Maa(mother).  But in the mythological history of Hindus, there have been two maternal uncles who have made this relationship the object of ridicule and cruelty forever.  A maternal uncle Shakuni, a maternal uncle Kansa and both happened at the time of Lord Sri Vishnu's Krishnaavatar. While Shakuni was the maternal uncle of the Kauravas, Kansa himself belonged to Lord Krishna. Let us know why Kansa became so cruel and how Shri Krishna killed Kansa.

Birth of Kansa

Everyone knows that Kansa was killed by Lord Krishna but very few people know how Kansa was born.  Once upon a time, Yaduvanshi King Ugrasen used to rule in Mathura city.  He was married to Padmavati, the daughter of King Satyaketu of Vidarbha. After marriage, Maharaj Ugrasen fell in love with his wife Padmavati so much that he does not like to eat without her.  Time passed that one day Maharaj Satyaketu started remembering his daughter.  He sent the messenger to bring her.  The messenger went and asked Maharaj Ugrasena for his condition and informed about the restlessness of Maharaj Satyaketu. The heart did not agree, but Ugrasen also thought that it has been long since Padmavati too remembers her father.  Now Padmavati goes to Vidarbha with the messenger.  What happens after going there is that one day while walking with her friends, she reached a mountain, there was a very beautiful forest at the foot of the mountain and an equally beautiful pond was built there. The name of that pond was Sarvatobhadra.  All the girls started bathing in the pond.  At the same time, a monster named Gobhil passed through the sky, and his eyes fell on Padmavati.  He was fascinated by that and after getting information about her, Gobhil took the form of Ugrasen and went to the mountain and started singing songs in a sweet voice from his illusion. Padmavati feel this sound like Ugrasena and ran towards the mountain.  Seeing Ugrasen there she was shocked and happy , she asked how did you come here, Goghil, who became Ugrasen, said that he could not feel happy without her, so he came.  The two began to lose in each other that sudden Padmavati had see on his body and saw a scar that was not on Ugrasena's body. Then Padmavati came to know the truth of Gobhil but by then it was too late.  The monster Gobhil told her that the whole world will tremble with the cruelty of the children born of our union.  Time passed and Padmavati came to Ugrasen, Ugrasen loved Padmavati equally after known all this.  After conceiving for ten years, Padmavati gave birth to a child.  Whose name was Kansa.

Kansa also had a sister, named Devaki Both siblings had a lot of love.  If Devaki used to scratch, Kansa used to suffer.  Devaki also got married with time.  Devaki's marriage with Maharaj Vasudev was completed happily, but when Devaki was being sent off, it was Akashvani for Kansa that the eighth child of Devaki would kill him.  Kansa was terrified at this and thought of killing the sister whom he loved so much.

Birth of Shri Krishna

Vasudev suggested to Kansa, who had made the idea of ​​killing Devaki, that he would hand over each of his children as soon as they were born, so therefore he should not kill Devaki.  Kansa found Vasudev's suggestion appropriate and Vasudev and Devaki were put in jail. Now after the birth of the child, he was handed over to Kansa and Kansa would kill him.  When the turn of the seventh child came, shortly before his birth, Lord Vishnu, with the help of Yogmaya, placed Devaki's womb in the womb of Vasudeva's first wife Rohini.  Balarama was the child born from Rohini's womb. Gradually, the time also came when Shri Krishna was born as the eighth child.  All the Kansa's soldiers went into deep sleep, Vasudev's fetters opened, the gates of the prisons opened automatically.  Like any way Vasudev managed to reach friend Nand baba house with Shreekrishna.

Slaughter of kansa

At the same time, Nandarai and Yashoda had a daughter, which Nandarai handed over to Vasudeva.  Vasudev came back to jail with that daughter.  As soon as Kansa got the news of Devaki's eighth child, he reached the jail and started demanding Devaki's eighth son.  Kansa did not take pity on hearing that the daughter is not the eighth son, and as soon as he went ahead to kill her, the girl went into the sky and told Kansa that his killer  had been born.

Now after the eighth child, Akashvani came again and Kansa came to know that the one who killed him has been born.  He ordered the killing of all newborns.  Many attempts were made to kill the child Krishna but did not succeed.  Krishna and Balarama grew older.

Krishna continued to show his leelas and the day also came when Kansa summoned his death by inviting Shri Krishna and Balarama to Mathura.  Kansa had woven a trap for Krishna and Balarama, but when is God trapped in someone's trap? When the mad elephant was left behind them, his trunk was cut and killed. After this, they were challenged for the battle of Malla(wrestling), one by one, all the nobles of Kansa went to death.  Now Shri Krishna said that Kamsa uncle the pot of your sin is over.  After this, Shri Krishna killed Kansa. In this way, by killing Kansa, Lord Shri Krishna liberated the people of the earth from an oppressor.  The day the world was freed from the terror of Kansa is considered to be the day of Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month.

The zodiac names  of Shri Krishna and Kamsa are also similar to those of Rama-Ravana. It signifies intense hostility or friendship. In both cases, a clear description of the victory of justice over injustice and fierce enmity.  At the same moral of story, both Rama and Krishna had to face terrible conspiracies of elusive demons before the final victory.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Why was Surpanakha and Shri Krishna married?

Why was Surpanakha and Shri Krishna married?

 It is necessary to know about Surrapanakha before main story.

Shurpanakha, sister of Ravana and wife of Sri Krishna, yes this story is very interesting.  This story from Treta Yug to Dwapara Yuga is very interesting.  Know what Shurpanakha did, due to which she got the privilege of becoming the bride of God herself.
Hardly you know about Dandakaranya forests's ruler, Ravana's much-loved sister, Shurpanakha, that she had the privilege of being the wife of Sri Krishna.  The image of Shurpanakha in the common man is of a demon.  A woman who decided to take revenge on Sri Ram and Lakshman after being frustrated(that mean after cutting nose...after feeling insult) and inspired Ravana to fight. In the end it led to the destruction of its own dynasty.  But despite all this she became the wife of Shri Krishna, she was got salvation .  The great sages -saints is not able to achieve this happiness even after rigorous penance, but Shurpanakha got this blessing.

Hello friends, in this blog today we will talk about what was the name of Surpanakha or Surpnakha's husband, and the real name of Surpanakha!
 Friends, Surpanakha was the sister of Ravana, her real name was Supnakha which means beautiful nails's woman.
Because Surpanakha was so beautiful that men were fascinated by seeing her nails, that's why her name was Supnakha.
What was the name of Surpanakha's husband: - Surpanakha's husband's name was Vidhutjivh, who was the commander of a king named Kalakeya. Once there was a war between Kalkeya and Ravana and where Kalakeya's army was headed by Vidutjivah, on the other side of Ravana.  Ravan himself was leading the army.
The situation was difficult in front of Vidhutjivah as it was his duty to protect his kingdom but if he did so, he had his own brother-in-law in front.
Surpanakha had explained to Ravana that do not invade the capital of Kalakeya, but Ravana was blinded by the longing for the expansion of his kingdom.
 Vidhutjiv also decided to stand firm on his duty and stood in the battle in front of Ravana.
Ravana and Vidutjivah fought and Ravana killed Vidutjivah because Surpanakha was the wife of Vidutjiva so she was very sad and swore that one day she would destroy the entire family of Ravana.
 Therefore, she went to Shri Rama and started harassing him because she had understood that only Rama can defeat Ravana, so she encouraged enmity.
 And because of Surpanakha, there was war between Ram and Ravana.
 And in the end, Shri Ram won.
Now let's move on to today's basic topic: -
 Since birth, Shurpanakha's image has always been viewed with hatred due to the demonic kami and brutally massacred.  Even after doing penance for crores of births, even sages and saints are unable to see God.

Not only did Shurpanakha get the privilege of talking to Shri Ram, but Shri Ram also give her a oppertunity to talking Lakshmanji and also provide darshana of Bhaktiswaroopa Adhya Shakti Jagat Janani Jani Sita Mata.  Actually, the mystery of all this story is hidden in Shurpanakha's former birth.
There remains a curiosity as to what works Shurpanakha had done that resulted in her getting the privilege of meeting God. Humans and wise people always contemplate her, so let us know the story of Surpanakha's previous birth.
Surpanakha was Indra's nymph named Nayantara in a previous life.  It was counted among the prominent Apsaras like Urvashi Rambha Maneka etc.  Once the dance of Apsaras was going on in Indra's heaven, at that time Nayantara was also pointing with eyes while dancing. On seeing this, Indra was distracted and pleased over her.  Since then Nayantara became Indra's beloved.  At that time, a sage named Barja was doing penance on earth. Indra sent her to the earth to dissolve the austerity of the sage as he was pleased with Nayantara. But when the sage's penance was broken, he cursed her to be demonic.  On apologizing to the sage, the sage told her that you will have darshan of God in demonic form.  Then the same Apsara was born as Surpanakha after body sacrifice.
She had determined that, she would receive him when she saw God.  She went to Sri Rama Prabhu, making the same Nayantara form. But she is making a mistake that she has expressed her desire to get Lord Shri Ram as her husband. There is the process of attaining Parabrahma, only through devotion or vairagya (quietness ) can one achieve Parambrahma.  Surpanakha did not go to Bhakti Sita and Vairagi Lakshman, but she directly to Parambrahma and that was her biggest mistake. She wanted to separate Bhakti by becoming the wife of Shri Ram directly.  Apart from this, if she had taken shelter of vairagya, definetly  she had gained God. But not even taking renunciation, that is, not going to Laxman in the form of vairagya, and having come in ego and went directly to God, ego had come in her.  She says that there is no woman like me in the whole world, this means that there is no woman eligible in the world like me to be your wife.
It is not possible for the egoist to find God, yet he is sent to Laxman in the form of vairaga to get proper knowledge, so that she can know the correct process of meeting God.  Vairagya's form Lakshmana thought that the demon could not be to vairagi, so sent her back to the Lord, then the Lord said to her that I am in control of the devotee, then Surpanakha went to Sita Mata .
She thought that if the Lord is in control of this devotee, then I should eat this devotee. Therefore, Laxman ji got angry and cut his nose and dislocated the organ.
Then Surpanakha's Gyan Chakshu(Knowledge eye) opened up and became his assistant to carry out the work of the Lord.  After killing Ravana Kumbhakaran Meghnath etc. demon by the hand of God, She went to Pushkar to adopt the proper process of attainment of God and standing in the water started meditating on Lord Shiva.
10000 years later Lord Shiva appeared to Surpanakha and gave her a boon that in the Dwapara Yuga, Shri Rama would take the incarnation of Shri Krishna.  Then you will get Lord Shri Krishna in Kuvja form, then Shri Krishna will correct your hump and he will give you your beautiful Nayantara Apsara seductive form.  So friends, this was story according to which Lord Shri Krishna married Surpanakha.
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Friday, November 6, 2020

Ashwatthama: Why say the most 'hateful' character of the Mahabharata period.

Ashwatthama: Why say the most 'hateful' character of the Mahabharata period.

Every part of the Mahabharata, each character has the ability to capture the mind of any people.  Whether you like any character or dislike it…
But you can't ignore any character!
 In spite of all these characters, if any character of Mahabharata is considered to be the most abominable, then it is not Duryodhana, not Dushasan… Shakuni or any other… but he is Drona-son Ashwatthama.
Yes!  The same Ashwatthama who was a big archer like Arjuna and Karna, then what is the reason behind it being considered the most disgusting?
He only supported Duryodhana and Duryodhana was also supported by Maharathi Karna… Then history consider him as Danveer, Maharathi Karna, so why does history hate Ashwatthama?
If there is talk of supporting Duryodhana, then he was also supported by Gangaputra Bhishma and Ashwaththama's father Acharya Drona, then why does history not blame them as much as Ashwatthama!
Come, to understand this, let's go on a journey to the Kurukshetra…
After all the efforts of peace were unsuccessful, the Kaurava and Pandava armies were face to face in the battle field.  When Maharathi Bhishma was appointed the commander in chief on behalf of the Kauravas, the Pandavas made Drupada-son Dhristadhumna as their chief commander. 
There was a fierce genocide for the first ten days of the war.  Blood shed heavily on both sides, many warriors were killed… but there was no scope of finding results.  Disappointment was growing in the Pandavas' side with the Ganga-son Bhishma standing unbroken wall on behalf of the Kauravas. He had the boon of wish-death.  Then at the behest of Shri Krishna, Yudhishthira himself went and asked Gangaputra Bhisma for the remedy of his death.  After that, we all know that Arjun removed Pitamah Bhishma from the battle ground by raising Shikhandi forward.
But the Pandavas' trouble is not over here!
 After that, like Acharya Drona and Bhishma, who became the chief commander of the Kauravas, he was also a disciple of Parshuram and was also a Guru to teach the Pandavas.  Now the Guru is a Guru… He is well aware of his disciples.
In such a situation, the Guru Drona had taking  four more days during the war and by then the Pandavas realized that like Bhishma, Acharya Drona could not be defeated in direct war. It was to be realized that a conspiracy was hatched against Guru Drona and this conspiracy can be considered as the seed which made Ashwatthama the most despicable character in history.
The Kaurava side was adept at conspiring!
 The killing of Abhimanyu under the command of Dronacharya himself had ruined all the rules of war.  In such a situation, if there is any conspiracy by the Pandavas, then there is a straightforward logic.
Well, Dronacharya stood up as alike wall and every day the 'Chakravyuh' type plan by started causing trouble to the Pandavas.  In this case, call it a conspiracy or a plan… It was plan around the son-fascination of Dronacharya.
What was it that Dronacharya was very upset since his poverty days and then his heart was broken when he saw that his son ie his wife Kruipi was applying rice paste on his mouth .  That is so that Ashwatthama's friends understand that Ashwatthama has come by drinking milk.
Well, that is another story.
 Understand in simple terms that Dronacharya loved his son a lot, without him he was sure to get senseless.
 So the plan of the Pandavas in Dharmakshetra-Kurukshetra was clear that-
 Mahabali Bhima will kill an elephant named Ashwatthama and make a noise that he "killed Ashwatthama".
Hearing his victorious noise, Dronacharya will be shocked, but he will also verify this with the truthful Yudhishthira.
 Dharmaraja Yudhishthira at first deny  to give false verification, but the department ie… Pandavas including Shri Krishna had tremendous pressure on Yudhishthira.
 Seeing no other way, Yudhishthira was finally ready…
We all know the story ahead -
 After Yudhishthira verified the news of Ashwatthama's death, Dronacharya's mental balance was disturbed and he sat in one place and started controlling his disordered breath.
 Meanwhile, Drupada-son Dhristadhumna, who was born for this occasion… cut Dronacharya's head with his sword.
 Later, when Ashwatthama came to know all this, he took it as 'personal'.  It mean how…
Suppose he thought how Pandavas could kill his father by lying like this!
 Shocked him and then he made a dangerous vow to his heart, which made him the most despicable character of Mahabharata.
The war of Mahabharata had ended.
 Many warriors had been killed, even their dynasty had ended.
  Mahabali Bhima had breaking Duryodhana's thigh and he was counting the last breath of death.  Five sons of Pandavas were also killed by Ashwatthama at bedtime.
 In such a situation, there was no hope left of the Pandava dynasty…
 Or was it left?
 Yes, there could have been a child who would have carried the lineage of Pandavas!
 Abhimanyu's wife, Uttara, had a hope of the Pandava dynasty in her womb, and Drona-son Ashwatthama knew this.
Just then he did the worst work of Mahabharata!
 Even after killing the five sons of the Pandavas at bedtime, he was not full of heart…
 Then… to end the hope of the Pandava dynasty, he gave up Brahmashirastra, however, Arjuna also used Brahmashirastra in response, but he later withdrew Brahmashirastra for the good of creation, while Ashwatthama did not know to withdraw this weapon. 
So finally, Uttara's womb was destroyed ... It was Yogeshwar Shri Krishna's grace that the child born out of Uttara's womb got life and later he became famous as Maharaj Parikshit.
 But Ashwatthama was yet to be punished for his act!
Yogeshwar Shreekrishna became enraged by the act of Ashwatthama and this was perhaps the first time of the Mahabharata, when very harsh words came out of Shri Krishna's own mouth!
 Earlier, Shrikrishna had given moksha to other sinners like Shishupala, Kansa.
 But Ashwatthama's crime was not worthy of salvation!
 That is why the 'Mani' of his forehead was snatched at the behest of Shri Krishna and Ashwatthama received a cursed  that he would bear the punishment of his sins for long time.
Not only this, Ashwatthama's forehead where the gem was seated, made a wound, which according to the references, it was cursed and leaking of blood for long time.
 Since then it is believed that Ashwatthama is alive and is still facing the punishment of his sins.
 This work done by Ashwatthama in Dwapar Yuga was the most heinous.  Apparently, despite being a great archer warrior, despite being a paternal-devotee, the act Ashwatthama did in anger and jealousy… no value for his qualities!
It is doubtful whether history will ever forgive Ashwatthama?
 What is the opinion of you readers on Ashwatthama's character and his act?

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Ashwatthama: Avatar of Lord Shiva is still alive on earth.

Ashwatthama: Avatar of Lord Shiva is still alive on earth.

The results of karma is very peculiar.  Sometimes, by virtue of the grace of God, when the sin & virtues move in parallel, then the condition of life also gets pulled in a different direction.  But where the burden of sinful deeds is on the mind, then the human does not get peace anywhere and he moves moves here & there, but the sins keep him disturbed. If the virtues pulled him towards the good path, then the sins lead him to the wrong  way.  It can also be seen as something like the struggle of the sea churning of Devas and Asuras in which fourteen gems appear.  Likewise, there is upheaval in our mind like churning of the sea. Our thoughts, which are full by the effects of the acts of natural previous births, spontaneously drag us into the present birth towards good deeds or sin deeds.  In this context, while giving the Gita knowledge in the Mahabharata war, Lord Shri Krishna says that Arjuna, you do not want to fight, yet you will be bound to fight by the flow of inspired virtues and rituals of your birth.

In this context, the amazing truth of life is hidden.  Thousands elephants's power is in this mind, which can distract the ordinary -extraordinary man and bring him from anywhere.

Now see Ashwatthama, the warrior  of Mahabharata. He is one of the seven Sanjeevan Devas who are worshiped in the morning with a mantra for long life.  That Ashwatthama is immortal but due to curse and his sin, he wanders on the restless earth with his wounds.

Ashwatthama was born to Drona, the son of the sage Bharadwaja.  His mother was Kripi, the daughter of sage Shardwan.  Dronacharya's gotra was Angira. Brahmin Drona married Kripi to get children by orders of ancestors. Kripi was also very religious, simple  and virtuous.  Both were from poor family. As soon as he was born, Ashwatthama uttered a loud word like horse's voice which resonated in all directions and sky.  Then Akashvani said that the name of this special child will be Ashwatthama.

Fear of Ashwatthama in the Mahabharata war: When the army of demons led a terrible attack under the leadership of Ghatotkacha all the Kaurava heroes fled.  Then Ashwatthama stood there alone.  He killed Anjanaparva, the son of Ghatotkacha.  He also killed an Akshohini army of Pandavas and wounded Ghatotkacha.

Ashwatthama was the Maharathi of the Kaurava army.  Kururaj organized the eleven Akshohini army of his side under the command of eleven commander .  Ashwatthama holds a prominent position among the eleven commanders.

Here in the war, Arjuna, Krishna, Yudhishthira, Bhima, Nakula, Sahadeva, Drupada, Dhrishtadumra and Ghatotkacha etc. were fighting.  In spite of him, Ashwatthama killed 90 sons of Kuntibhoj, heroes like Balanik, Shataniq, Jayashva, Shrutahya, Hemmali, Parshvdhra and Chandrasen were killed  in the battle and drove away Yudhishthira's army.  Fear and terror spread in the Pandava's side in view of this demolition by Ashwatthama.  Now it was very important to stop Ashwatthama.  Everyone was considering it otherwise the defeat was certain the next day.

Ashwatthama elephant killed : Drona is made new commander at the behest of Karna in the battle of the tenth day after Bhishma lying on arrow's bed. Duryodhana and Shakuni tell Drona that if he take Yudhishthira captive, the war will end automatically.  When at the end of the day, Drona proceeds to defeating Yudhishthira in battle and to arrest him , then that Arjuna comes and stops him with his arrow's rain. Nakula was with Yudhishthira and Arjuna also returned to Yudhishthira.  Thus the Kauravas could not capture Yudhishthira.

But with the increasing destructive power of Drona, panic spreads in the Pandavas' camp.  The father and son together ensured the defeat of the Pandavas in the Mahabharata war.  Seeing the defeat of the Pandavas, Shri Krishna asked Yudhishthira to resort to deceit. Under this plan, in the war it was spread that 'Ashwatthama was killed' but Yudhishthira was not ready to lie.  Then the elephant of a king named Avantiraja, whose name was Ashwatthama, was slaughtered by Bhima.  After this, in the war it was spread that 'Ashwatthama was killed.'

When Guru Dronacharya asked Dharmaraja Yudhishthira to know the truth of Ashwatthama, he replied, "Ashwatthama is killed but an elephant."

At the same time Shri Krishna performed the Sankhnaad, due to which the noise of Guru Dronacharya could not hear the last word 'elephant' and he understood that my son was killed.  Hearing this, he gave up his arms and closed his eyes in the battlefield and sank into mourning.  This was the occasion when Draupadi's brother Dhrishtadumara, knowing Dronacharya was unarmed, beheaded him with a sword.  This news was horribly tragic for Ashwatthama.  After the deceitful murder of the father, Ashwatthama laid down all the rules of war.

Use of Brahmshirastra on the 18th day of Mahabharata: On the eighteenth day three warriors of the Kauravas are left - Ashwatthama, Kripacharya and Kritavarma.  On this day, Ashwatthama vowed to kill the Pandavas, but he did not understand how to kill the Pandavas.  Ashwatthama was thinking this only when an owl attacked the crows at night, the owl kills them all. Seeing this incident, Ashwatthama had the same idea in his mind, and with the help of Kripacharya and Kritavarma, in the dark night, he reached the Pandavas' camp and beheaded the 5 sons of the sleeping Pandavas as Pandavas.  When Dhritishdumra wakes up from this incident, Ashwatthama kills him too.

Everyone condemns this misdeed of Ashwatthama.  Unhappy with the murder of her sons, Draupadi starts mourning.  Hearing his lamentation, Arjuna vowed to cut Ashwatthama's head.  Hearing Arjuna's pledge, Ashwatthama escaped, then Arjuna followed him by making Shri Krishna a charioteer and taking his Gandiva-bow. Ashwatthama did not get protection anywhere, due to fear, he used Brahmashirastra on Arjuna.  Arjuna also had to use Brahmashirastra under compulsion.  At the prayer of the sages, Arjuna withdrew his weapon but Ashwatthama turned his brahmashirastra towards Abhimanyu's widow Uttara's womb.  Krishna saves Uttara's womb with his power.

Finally Shri Krishna said, "O Arjuna! Dharmatma, sleeping, inattentive, drunk, mad, ignorant, chariotless, women and child killing is forbidden according to dharma. He has behaved against dharma, killing sleeping innocent children.  If he alive, he will commit sin again, so immediately fulfill your vow by killing him and placing his severed head in front of Draupadi. ​​"

Even after hearing these words of Shri Krishna, Arjuna took pity on his guru son and took Ashwatthama alive in the camp and put him in front of Draupadi.  Draupadi, looking at the tied Guru's son like an animal, said, "O Aryaputra, this is the Guru's son.  You have gained knowledge of these unique weapons from his father.  Acharya Drona is standing in front of you as a son. By killing him, his mother Krupi would be just like me and mourn the son in mourning.  She did not sati with Dronacharya because of her special attachment to the son.  Kripi's soul will constantly curse me.  My dead sons cannot come back after killing him, then you should free him. "Hearing these religious utterances of Draupadi, everyone praised her.  To this, Shri Krishna said, "O Arjuna!  According to the scriptures, it is a sin not to punish the sinner, so do what is right. "

Realizing his point, Arjuna cut Ashwatthama's head hair with his sword and took out the gem of his forehead.  Once Mani came out, he became powerless.  Later Shri Krishna cursed Ashwatthama to wander for 3 thousand years.  Finally Arjuna expels him from the camp in the same humiliated state.  Ashwatthama was the son of Dronacharya.  Dronacharya pleased Shiva with his penance and got a son named Ashwatthama .

Ashwatthama had many powers given to him by Shiva.  He was incaration of Shiva himself.  Since birth, Ashwatthama had a priceless gem on his forehead which kept him fearless from the demons, monster, weapons, disease, deity, serpent etc.  Due to this gem, no weapon could be affected. While giving life to Ashwatthama, Draupadi suggested Arjuna to take off his gem.  Therefore, Arjuna took his gem and gave him life.  Arjuna gave this gem to Draupadi whom Draupadi gave to Yudhishthira.

According to Shiva Mahapuran (Shatrudrasamhita-37) Ashwatthama is still alive and he resides on the banks of the Ganges but it is not stated where his residence is.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

What is reason behind to perform to worship of Govardhana mountain .

What is reason behind to perform to worship of Govardhana mountain .

Why Shree Krishna lift Govardhana mountain on little finger.

In Hinduism, Govardhan Puja is performed on the second day of Deepawali.  Human's direct connection with nature is seen in this festival.
Nature is the basis of life.  Tree-plants and animals and birds together help us to move forward.  In Hinduism, many trees and animals have been given the status of God to show the importance of nature.

Through Hindu religious texts, we knows about the importance of Govardhan Puja.  Gau (cow) Mata is worshiped on this day.  Govardhan Parvat is a small hill, located in Braj.  In the Puranas, Govardhan is described as the king of the mountains and the beloved of Lord Hari.  It is seen as the best pilgrimage site of the earth and heaven.

The tradition of Govardhan Puja was started by Shri Krishna during the Mahabharata period.  Govardhan Puja is performed on the day of Kartik Shukla Paksha Pratipada.  There is a story associated with Govardhan Puja which is as follows: -
Once Indra Dev became very proud of his powers.  Therefore, Shri Krishna thought of destroying the arrogance of Indra Dev.  To accomplish this task, he created a leela.
The mother of Shri Krishna and all Braj's people  were preparing to worship Indra Dev.  Krishna ji asked his mother very innocently, Maiya, whose worship are you all preparing for?  Then Mata told that they are all preparing to worship Indra Dev.
Krishna ji asked his mother the reason for worshiping Indra Dev.  Then Maiya told that Indra is gods of rains and from that we get grain and our cows get grass .  Hearing this, Krishna ji immediately said, "My mother, if cow grazes on Mount Govardhan, so it should be revered for us."
Krishna ji told the villagers that for our climate, we should greet Govardhan Parvat and not  to Indra Dev. Lord Krishna argued to the people of Gokul that we do not get any benefit from Indra.  Rain is his job and he only does his work, while Govardhan Parvat promotes and protects cow-wealth, which also purifies the environment. So we Govardhan should be worshiped not Indra.
There is such an interpretation in the scriptures that every year the people of Vrindavan used to offer a lot of offerings to please Lord Indra.  So that Lord Indra will be happy and keep his grace on the farmers and keep raining according to the crops from time to time.  Shree Krishna realized that in doing so, the burden on the farmers increases and they spends a large part of his income to please Lord Indra. Shree Krishna asked the farmers to stop offering to Indra and feed his family with his income.

All the peoples of Braj agreed to Shri Krishna and worshiped Govardhan Parvat in place of Indradev. When Indra knew that the peasants had stopped offering, he got angry and started hurling havoc on the people of Vrindavan.

Indra Dev became very angry with this and started torrential rain.  Gradually this rain took the form of flood.  Now the lives of all the peoples of Braj were in trouble. It rained for several days.  All  the peoples of Vrindavans came to Krishna in fear of losing their lives and asked to remedy for their safety.
Then Krishna ji lifted the Govardhan mountain on his little finger to protect everyone's life from rain.
All the peoples of Braj took refuge under Govardhan mountain .  Seeing this, Indra Dev became more angry and he increased the speed of rain even more.  Then Shri Krishna asked Sudarshan Chakra to control the speed of rain by staying on the top of the mountain and asked Sheshnag to stop the water from reaching towards the mountain.
Indra Dev continuously showered night and day.  After a long time, he realized that Krishna is not an ordinary human being.  Then he went to Brahma ji.  Then he came to know that Shri Krishna is none other than Shri Hari himself as an incarnation of Vishnu.  On hearing this, he goes to Shri Krishna and starts apologizing to him.  After this, Devaraja Indra worshiped Krishna and offered him reverence .  Since then, the tradition of Govardhan Puja has been begun.  It is believed that Lord Krishna is pleased by worshiping Govardhan mountain and cows on this day.
It is believed that Lord Krishna's purpose behind to destroy Indra's ego was that all the peoples of Braj should understand and protect the importance of cows and environment.  Even today, cows have special importance in our lives.  Even today, milk given by cows holds a very important place in our lives.  But it is a matter of regret that we do not worry  about taking care of the cow which we treat like a mother and worship her.
Although cow slaughter is a crime in the country, but despite this, on many occasions in many parts of the country, we hear reports of illegal cow slaughter.  Enthusiasts of cow-meat should understand that they fill their stomach by killing such an important creature.  On the occasion of this coming Govardhan Puja, let us take a pledge that at our level, we will all try our best to protect cow and not just cows but we will be ready to protect the whole nature. 
Shri Krishna has told through this incident that two parties are involved in increasing corruption.  One who demands undue benefits for the performance of duties, the other who doing to provides benefit from such demands without consideration and opposition. Indra is the king of the clouds, but rain is his duty.  For this, it is not necessary to worship him or perform yajna for him.  Protest on unreasonable demands is necessary.  Those who bribe an officer or public representative to fulfill his / her duties are also guilty of spreading corruption.

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No any devotee is like than Hanuman ..

No any devotee is like than Hanuman ..

Ramanuraga( affection for Rama) of Hanuman ji is well known but his Krishnanuraga(affection for Krishna) is also no less.  In Lanka, if he ended the lineage of the wicked Ravana in association with Lord Rama, he favored with Krishna and Arjuna in the Mahabharata war for the establishment of dharma and the destruction of unrighteousness.  He himself was sitting on the chariot of Arjuna carrying the flag.

After the Mahabharata war, Shri Krishna asked Arjuna to get off the chariot.  After Arjuna, Shreekrishna also left the chariot and also Hanuman including with flag,  disappeared from chariot and Arjuna's chariot was destroyed by burning.  Seeing this Arjuna was surprise , Lord Krishna said that your chariot had already been burnt to ashes before the divine arrows of Bhishma, Drona, Karna and Ashwatthama. Thats only one reason is that immortal Hanumanji was on your chariot, so your chariot was safe.

Very few people know that Hanuman ji celebrates Ram Navami every year in Ayodhya with great pomp.  On the banks of Saryu he feed Bhandara with own hands to the Rama's devotees.  To solve the doubts of Devarshi Narada, Lord Shri Krishna also sat with Naradaji in a pangat(row) in Ayodhya.  Hanuman changing his form,he was serving Prasad with utmost devotion to the devotees of Rama , when his eyes fell on the feet of a sage.  He recognized him and fell at the feet.  He started saying - Lord, why did you come to Hanuman, I myself was going to come to Dwarika.  Just I was waiting for your order. Devarshi Narada apologized to God and said that I am sad that I doubted your devotee that he would not recognize you in the changed form. After all Hanuman ji is Hanuman ji.

Hanuman ji is a devotee of Rama.  He likes the same form of Prabhu Shriram.  For ages and years, he contemplate and remember the same form of Lord Shri Ram. He knew that Lord Krishna and Lord Rama had no difference , yet when he met Sri Krishna, Balarama ji and Rukmani ji in Dwarikapuri, he expressed his desire to see them in their own form of Ramavatar and all three fulfilled his wish.  While going to Vaikunth loka, Lord Shriram ordered Hanuman and Jamwant to stay on the earth and told them that he would give darshan to them when he incarnated in Dwapar. When Lord Krishna was accused of stealing the Syamantak Mani, he reached the cave of Jamwant in search of it.  He also fought with Jamwant.  It was during this war that he showed his Rama form to Jamwant. Jamwant became refugee and presented him to his beloved daughter Jamwanti, including Syamantak Mani.  At that time Hanuman ji had become known that Prabhu had appeared to Jamwant ji.

At that time Hanuman ji was doing penance on Gandhamadan mountain.  Even after thousands of years of penance between Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga, he did not see Lord Rama in the form of Lord Krishna, then Shiva ji reminded Lord Vishnu when he would give darshan to Hanuman.  He  was not satisfied to Krishna form, then he asked him to show his Rama form.
Very few people know that in Dwarikapuri he went on Lord Krishna's orders and destroyed the garden there as just like he had done in the garden of Ravana.  He had also said to Ravana that the tree breaks by saying fruit, the monkey has this nature but he did not say this to Krishna.

Meanwhile, he also broke the pride of God's vehicle Garuda and Sudarshan Chakra.  Garuda was proud that there is no one more powerful and faster than that.

When Lord Krishna came to know that a monkey was ravaging the garden of Dwarka, he asked Garuda to go with the army and tackle that monkey out of the state, but Garuda said that he is enough to tackle a monkey away.  and he went to the garden alone.  Did not take the army together.

There he used his force on Hanuman, then the mighty Hanuman ji wrapped him in his tail and he suffocated.  Hanuman ji left him after his pleading .

Garuda ji rushed to Lord Krishna and said that Maharaj is not an ordinary monkey.  Then Lord Krishna said that give him my message that Lord Rama has called him.  By the time Garuda reached the garden, Hanuman ji had reached Gandhamadan mountain.  After reaching there, Garuda gave the message of the Lord to him and also said that he should sit on his shoulder, he would bring him to the Lord as soon as possible.  Hanuman Ji said that you go, I am coming and Hanuman ji reached Lord Shri Krishna before him.  There he saw his in the form of Rama. Seeing Satyabhama sitting next to him, he said where is Mother Sita and what maid has you kept in her place.  Satyabhama's ego went away.  In fact, when Lord Krishna had given the Parijat tree to Satyabhama by bringing it from heaven, then she had an ego that the , she is only most beloved wife of God .

Shri Krishna had broken her arrogance through Hanuman.  The arrogance of Sudarshan Chakra was also broken by Hanuman.  At the time when Garuda ji went to call Hanuman, at the same time God told Sudarshan Chakra that he should stand at the door and not let anyone come in. Sudarshan did the same but Hanuman, not wanting a delay of one minute from Lord Rama, pressed the Sudarshan Chakra under his teeth and when Krishna asked that no one stopped him at the gate, he removed the Sudarshan Chakra from his teeth.  Put it at the feet of God and said that it was becoming a barrier in my with you.

Meanwhile, Garuda ji also came.  Seeing Hanuman before him, he realized the inferiority of his flying speed.  Balarama was also defeated by Hanuman in a mace battle, but he did all this with without arrogance.  Mahabali Bhima's ego was also broken by Hanuman on the Gandhamadan mountain.  He could not move the tail of Hanuman.  The skills of war that Hanuman had taught Bhima were very useful to Bhima in the Mahabharata.  

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