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Thursday, August 6, 2020

What is the reason behind offering sindoor to Hanuman ji?

What is the reason behind offering sindoor to Hanuman ji?  Know here

Why Hanuman ji is offered sindoor, know- religious significance

Sindoor has great importance in Hinduism.  Sindoor is considered to be auspicious.  Sindoor is also very fond by Hanumanji. Though many Gods and Goddesses like Ganeshji, Mataji and Bhairav ​​Maharaj are offered sindoor, but Hanumanji is mainly offered sindoor.  Today I am telling you that why sindoor is offered to Hanumanji?
Hanumanji is a dear devotee of Shriramji.  Hanumanji also takes the same thing from which Shri Ramji benefits.  Rama and Sita always sit in his heart.  He is ready to do anything to get the blessings of Lord Rama.

Sri Hanuman, the supreme devotee of Lord Rama, is the one who imparts strength, wisdom and knowledge. Devotees offer sindoor to their adorable Sri Hanuman with great love.  It is believed that offering sindoor pleased Bajrang Bali. But have you ever wondered why Hanuman ji is offered sindoor and why does he always wear a sindoor colored cloth?  Though sindoor is a symbol of good luck and energy, but two stories are popular about offering sindoor to Hanuman ji. Lord Hanuman is an ardent devotee of Shri Rama.  Hence he is also called Rambhakta Hanuman.  Worshiping Lord Hanuman, the supreme devotee of Shri Rama, removes every obstacle in life.  Lord Hanuman is worshiped on Tuesday.  Many people offer sindoor to Hanuman ji on completion of the vow.

There are two very interesting stories behind offering sindoor to Lord Hanuman.  Which only few people know.

According to this legend, Lord Hanuman once saw Mother Sita applying vermilion in her forehead.  Seeing this, he wonderfully asked her why she had applied this sindoor on her forehead. Sita ji while answering the question of Brahmachari Hanuman said that by applying sindoor, my lord (Husband) has longevity and he remains happy .  She also said that my husband is be pleased on me. Hanuman ji was very happy to hear this.  He thought that if Shri Ram could be happy with sindoor with little quantity , then if I applied sindoor on the whole body, he would be very happy with me also and by applying sindoor on the whole body, Shri Ram would become immortal. Hanuman ji presented himself in front of Shri Ram by applying sindoor on the whole body.  When he reached the meeting, Shri Ram started laughing at seeing him and was very happy to see Hanuman ji's love.  Seeing Sri Rama happy, Hanuman ji became strongly convinced of Sita ji's words.  For this reason, sindoor is offered to the devotee Hanuman.
Ramji was shocked when he saw Hanuman in this form.  When Rama asked Hanuman the reason for applying sindoor all over his body, Hanumanji clearly said that this will make you immortal and I too will get your affection like mother Sita.  Hearing this, Shrirama got emotional and embraced Hanumanji.  Since That Time, sindoor is very dear to Hanumanji and Hanumanji is happy on offering sindoor.
If we talk about scientific vision, then according to science, every color has a special type of energy.  The sindoor is a symbol of energy and when the devotee tilak(applying sindoor on head) with it after offering Hanumanji, the energy center between the two eyes becomes active.  Doing this brings good thoughts to the mind.  At the same time, the energy of God is attained by offering ghee mixed sindoor to Hanumanji, obstacles are eliminated.
According to another story, when Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya with his wife Sita after the Lanka victory, the monkey army was given a farewell.  Mother Sita took off the garlands studded with precious pearls and diamonds from her neck and wore him while giving  presents to Hanuman ji. Lord Rama was not mentioned in any of the beads or diamonds of the garland.  Therefore Hanuman ji was not happy.  Then Sita ji applied sindoor on the forehead of Hanuman ji.  Sita ji told Hanuman ji that she does not have anything more important than this.  Since then Hanuman ji started to be offered sindoor.  Sindoor is a symbol of boundless energy.  This brings positiveness in life.  Hanuman ji gets positive energy by offering sindoor and oil , red cloth and touching the idol.  People who are suffering from Shani Dev must offer oil and sindoor to Bajrang Bali.
Sindoor is also given great importance in Hinduism.  According to Indian tradition, sindoor is considered the crown of any suhagan's (married wowam whose husband is alive) forehead.  Sindoor is also used for the well-being of married life.  It is said that sindoor is mainly orange in color.  Women use it for good luck and makeup.  A marriage without sindoor cannot be imagined.  It is linked to Mars.  Therefore it is considered to be auspicious.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Story of maa Vaishno Devi

Story of maa Vaishno Devi

You must have heard the name of Vaishno Mata of Jammu.  Today, I am telling you the story of her, which is listened and heard in Jammu and Kashmir for years.

It is believed that once the mother of the mountains, pleased with the devotion of her supreme devotee Pandit Sridhar, saved his respect and gave proof of her existence to the whole creation. 2 km from present-day Katra town's in the village of Hansali situated at a distance of, Pandit Sridhar, the supreme devotee of mother Vaishnavi lived. He used to be sad because he was childless. One day he called for kid girls to worship Navratri.  Mother Vaishno herself sat among them in disguise as a girl. After the worship, all the girls went away, but mother Vaishno Devi remained there and said to Shridhar - 'Invite everyone to your home Bhandara'. Sridhar agreed to that divine girl and Bhandara's message gave the nearby villages.  
While returning from there, along with Baba Bhairavnath ji, he also invited his other disciples for food. All the villagers were surprised to get the invitation of food, which girl is she who wants to get food to so many people? After this, many villagers came to Sridhar's house and gathered for food. Then the girl 's form mother Vaishno Devi started serving food to everyone with a amazing pot.
While serving food, the girl went to Bhairavnath.  Then he said that I would rather eat meat and drink than kheer-puri.  Then the girl's form mother explained to him that this is the food of the Brahmin's house , here does not use to eat meat. But Bhairavnath deliberately kept his point and stand for this matter. When Bhairavnath wanted to catch the girl, the mother knew his treachery.  Mother changed into air and flew towards Trikuta mountain.  Bhairavnath also followed her. It is believed that there was always Pawanaputra Hanuman stay around  to protect the mother.  According to the belief, at the time also Hanuman was with her to protect mata. When Hanuman ji felt thirsty, at his request, Mata drove an arrow from the bow on mountain and drew a stream and washed her hair in that water. Today this holy water stream is known as Banganga, whose drinking or bathing of holy water removes all the tiredness and suffering of the devotees. During this, Mata entered a cave and meditated for nine months.  Bhairavnath also followed her and came there. Then a sage said to Bhairavnath that what you consider a girl is Adishakti Jagadamba.  So give up the pursuit of that superpower. Bhairavnath did not listen to the sage.  Mata then made her way out of the other side of the cave.  This cave is still famous as Ardhkumari or Adikumari or Garbhajoon. Before the Ardhkumari is also mother's charan paduka.  This is the place where Mata turned around and saw Bhairavnath. Out of the cave, the girl assumed the form of a goddess.  Mata warns Bhairavnath and asks him to return.  Still he did not agree.  Mata went inside the cave.  Then Hanumanji fought with Bhairava outside the cave to protect Mata.
Bhairav ​​still did not give up, when Veer Hanuman started becoming weak, then Mata Vaishnavi took the form of Mahakali and killed Bhairavnath.  The head of Bhairavnath was beheaded and fell into the Bhairav ​​valley of the Trikuta mountain, 8 km from the Bhavan. That place is known as the temple of Bhaironath.  The place where Mother Vaishno Devi killed the stubborn Bhairavnath is famous as the Pavitra Gupha(holy cave) or 'Bhavan'.  At this place Maa Kali (right), Maa Saraswati (middle) and Maa Lakshmi (left) are entombed in the cave as Pindi. The combined form of these three is called the form of Mother Vaishno Devi.  Along with these three grand pindis are statues and yantras etc. installed by some devout devotees and former kings of Jammu Kashmir.  It is said that after his slaughter, Bhairavnath repented of his mistake and begged for forgiveness from the mother. Mata Vaishno Devi knew that Bhairava's main intention behind attacking her was to attain salvation, she not only liberated Bhairava from the cycle of rebirth, but gave him a boon saying that my darshan will not be considered complete till then, Unless a devotee will see you after me. According to the same belief, even today, after visiting Goddess Maa Vaishno Devi, the devotees go uphill to climb to see Bhairavnath by covering  8 kilometers.  Meanwhile, Vaishno Devi assumed the shape of a rock with three pindi (head) and meditated forever. Meanwhile, Pandit Sridhar became impatient.  He headed the same way towards Mount Trikuta, which he had dreamed of, finally he reached the cave gate, he made her rituals of worshiping the 'Pindis' in many ways, the goddess was pleased with his worship, she was in front of him.  Appeared and blessed him.  Since then, Sridhar and his descendants have been worshiping the goddess Maa Vaishno Devi.

Story of Vaishno Devi's origin

The glory of Maa Vaishno Devi located in Jammu is incomparable.  The devotees reach the levee of Maiya with their wishes. Bhaktas Vatsala Mata loves her devotees like her children and fulfills wishes.  No one devotee returns disappointed from the levee of the devout mother.  Mother Vaishno Devi sits on the 'Trikut Parvat' as the three pindis of Mahakali, Lakshmi, and Mahasaraswati.  Where every year many devotees come to see the mother and climb hard steps of hill.

The Ashuras did tortured many times on the earth and when the earth started sinking from the burden of their atrocities, then the divine powers incarnated in the divine form and have liberated the earth from sin . Once Maa Lakshmi, Maa Kali, and Maa Saraswati decided to create a Divya Kanya(Divine Girl) with all their powers to end the tyranny of the Daityas in the Treta Yuga and to protect the saints. A girl appeared from the divine light coming out of their eyes, with a trident in her hand and situated on the lion .  Looking at the three great powers, the girl said, "O great powers, why have you generate me, please tell me what is the purpose of my creation."

Then the three great Goddesses said - O girl to protect the dharma and to destroy the iniquity, we have produced you, now you obey us and take birth in South India as the daughter of Ratnakar Sagar.  There you will be born out of the part of Lord Vishnu, you will do the work of righteousness by self inspiration.
Taking the permission of Mahadevis, the divine girl went to Sagar's house at the same time and got situated in the womb of his wife.  That girl was born on time.  The face of that girl was amazing and supernatural like the Sun.  Ratnakar Sagar named that girl as Trikuta. In a few days Trikuta attracted all the sages to her with her divine powers, that is, all the sages started considering her as a divine avatar.  Trikuta used to worship Lord Vishnu very strongly and ascendant, for this reason everyone called her Vaishnavi.

When became 9 years old she came to know Lord Vishnu has incarnated in this earth as Lord Shri Ram . Then she considered Lord Rama as a husband and decided to do hard penance to get him.

After a few more days, Trikuta went to the beach to meditate with the permission of her parents.  She started living in a small hut disguised as a Sadhvi.
In those days Shri Ram's wife Sita was abducted by Ravan.  One day while searching Sita, Shri Ram ji, with his Vaanar sena, came there and saw that divine girl meditating and said - O beautiful lady, what is that reason or what is the purpose for which you are doing such austere meditation.
Trikuta opened her eyes when asked by Shri Ram, and Shri Ram Ji is standing with his brother Laxman and Hanuman.  Seeing him, the joy of Trikuta was not limited.  After she greeted the Lord with happiness, she said with a gracious gesture - To receive you as husband is the reason of my penance.  Therefore, please adopt me and give me the results of my penance.

Then Lord Shri Ram Ji said - O Sumukhi, in this incarnation, I have decided to be  kept one wife.  Therefore, I cannot fulfill your desire in this birth, but you have meditated hard for the purpose of achieving me, therefore I promise you that while returning from Lanka with Sita, I will come to you in change disguise form and at that time if you will recognize me.  Then I will adopt you.

Shri Ram ji went towards Lanka with his army.  In Lanka, he had a fierce battle with Ravan and eventually Ravan died.  After that riding on Pushpak viman were coming  with Sita, then he stopped the viman and said to Sita and Laxman - you all stay here, I will come in a while. After that Shri Ram Ji took the form of an old monk and reached in front of Trikuta, Trikuta could not recognize him, then Shri Ram Ji appeared in his real form and said - O Devi, according to the earlier statement you failed the test. Therefore, you meditate for some time, when I will be incrate 'Kalki avatar' in the Kaliyuga, then you will become my companion, at that time in the three peaked Manorama cave on Manik mountain in North India, where the three great powers reside there you will also stay and become immortal.  Mahabali Hanuman will be your guard and you will be worshiped all over the earth.  In the name of 'Vaishno Devi', your world glory will be famous.

Friday, March 20, 2020



At the spiritual level, human existence is not found even in the infinite depths of subtlety.  Tied to the shackles of kama, anger, greed, attachment and arrogance, human nature recognizes its existence only as "Ravana". To put it plainly, all of us naturally live our life at the lowest level on the spiritual scale, far away from our favored element, created in the form of "Ravana". The human desire to be consistent in the form of "Ravana" is natural, it is the nature of human-minded "Ravana" to recognize its existence in a gross form.  In my view it is moksha to recognize the "Rama-swaroop" hidden within oneself while conquering one's own "ego" in a jyetendriya form and destroying its "Ravana-swaroop". Rama-Janmotsav Satchidanand Paramananda Divine Seeing God in human form shows the advancement of our own spiritual level.  At the ideological level, it would be better to understand it as an element only.  Creating "Rama-tattva" within us is to celebrate "Rama-Janmotsav" every moment. The renunciation of "Ravana-swaroop" and merging into "Rama-tattva" should be the goal of human life. This is moksha (salvation).

Wish you all a very happy Ram Navami in advance .  Rama dwells in the soul of India.  So much has been written on them that what can we write more than that?

Let's try to say something briefly.  According to Valmiki Ramayana, Ramcharitmanas and Puranas, in the this day, Lord Sri Ram was born in Ayodhya as the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Ikshvaku clan from the womb of Queen Kausalya as the eldest son of King Dasharatha. According to Agastya Samhita, on the Navami day of the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month, when Sun and Panchagraha were sitting on Aries sign with their auspicious sight in Punarvasu Nakshatra, karka Lagna, then in that very ascendant lagna, Shri Ram was born. On this day itself, Goswami Tulsidas inaugurated the creation of Ramacharimanas.  Chaitra Navratri also ends with Rama Navami.  On this day, both men and women observe fast .
There is a story related to this fast.  At the time of exile, Shriram reached the house of a poor and old old woman, who was a great devotee, along with Sita and Lakshmana on his birthday.  Due to feeding them, she could not get food himself, due to which she had to keep fast that day.
After the meal Rama asked him to test her, "Mata! I want pearl for my goose. Please arrange a bag of pearls." From where can she bring pearls that have not been having two time meals? But the guest did not like to return empty-handed in this way.  So she went to the king there and asked for a bag of pearls.  The king laughed and asked how she would return the pearl?  The old lady could not give any answer.  The king gave him a bag of pearls and said that there was no need to return.
She came back and gave all those pearls to Shri Ram.  Ram returns with him to Sita and Lakshman.
 The next day the old lady saw that there was a tree of pearls in her hut. She was very happy to see this. She thanked God and took two bags of pearl and reached the king.  The king asked in surprise, from where did you get so much wealth?  At that the old lady told the whole story.  The king got greed after hearing this secret.  He said give me that tree. What would the old lady do of that tree?  She asked the king to get him from my ashram.  The king took that tree and got it installed in his palace.  But from that moment, thorns started in that tree.  Some thorns also entered his wife's hands which caused him great distress. When the king saw this, he apologized to the old lady and got the tree back in her hut.  On reaching there, pearls started to be put in that tree and that old lady started donating pearls to the beggars daily.  Thus, whoever devoutly observes Rama Navami fast, Lord Shri Ram makes him full of wealth.
Lord Shri Rama is considered a symbol of dignity.  He is known as Purushottam, the best man.  They do not distinguish between men and women.  There are many examples where he appears to be devoted and respectful to his wife Sita.  They also do not consider the high and low prevailing in the society.  The example of Shabri eating half-eaten plum and boarding the boat of Kewat is best to understand this.

Though Ram Navami is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Rama, but in South India, this day is considered to be the day of marriage of Lord Rama and Sita and it is called Sitaram Kalyanam.  In South India, Prasadam is offered to Lord Rama on this day.  This prasad is called Naivedyam, which is a type of laddu.

Shri Ram's birthday is celebrated all over the country with great pomp and show.  It is particularly celebrated in Ayodhya (UP), Sita Samiti Sthal (UP), Sitamarhi (Bihar), Bhadrachalam (Telangana), Vontimitta (Andhra), Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu) and Jankipurdham (Nepal).
Rath Yatras are also carried out at many places, which include peeps of Goddess Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman along with Shriram.  Shri Ram lived his whole life with simplicity and high thoughts.  There is no description of any kind of demerit in them.  For this reason, he is also called Maryada Purushottam.  He was also a wonderful ruler.  Even today, the state of Rama is described in our country.  In Kali Yuga, the name of Shri Ram has special significance.  It is said that the simplest means to attain heaven and salvation in Kali Yuga is Rama-naam.

Many congratulations to all of you on Ramnavami.  I know that about 80 percent of you will be such people who have neither read the Valmiki Ramayana nor the Ramcharit Manas.  Especially today's generation knows Ramayana as much as Ramanand Sagar has shown them through TV.  Naman to Ramanand Sagar ji for this, but think, what did you do….


Thursday, February 6, 2020

War between Mahadev and Shriram

War between Mahadev and Shriram

The return of Lord Shri Rama to Ayodhya was not the end of the Ramayana story… but the war continued even after Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya. One of these incidents is when Lord Shree Rama( the incarnation of Lord Vishnu) challenged for battle to Lord Shiva who the god of destruction .

Why are you surprised… You must have heard the battle between the demon and God, but what kind of war was fought where a fierce battle was fought between two Gods, Lord Shri Ram and Shiva. Actually, this battle was fought by Lord Rama to keep his reputation and Bholeshankar was to protect of his word. Let it be said that this was a fierce war, from which the whole earth trembled. The gods were eagerly waiting for the end of this war.

It is on those days when Shri Ram's Ashwamedh Yagya was going on. Under the leadership of younger brother Shatrughan of Shri Ram, an army of innumerable heroes was going to conquer the whole region, wherever the horse of the yagna was going. In this sequence, the horse of the yagna was captured by many kings but they had to bow before the army of Ayodhya. Apart from Shatrughna, there were many maharathis in the army including Hanuman, Sugriva and Bharat's son Pushkal, which was not to win possible even for the gods.
After traveling to many places, the horse of Yajna reached Devpur, where King Veeramani's kingdom was. King Veeramani was very devout and an ardent devotee of Shri Ram and Mahadev. His two sons Rukmangad and Shubhangad were superior among the heroes. King Veeramani's brother Veerasingh was also an atirathi . King Veeramani pleased Lord Rudra by doing penance and Mahadev gave him the boon to protect him and his entire kingdom. Due to being protected by Mahadev, no one dared to attack his kingdom.

When the horse of the Yajna reached his kingdom while wandering, Rukmangad, the son of King Veeramani took him captive and told the ordinary soldiers of Ayodhya that the horse of the yajna is with him, so they go and tell Shatrughan to duly doing war for redeem his horse.

 When Rukmangad gave this information to his father, he was very worried and told his son that you have inadvertently caught the horse of Shriram's yajna . Shri Ram is our friend and there is no justification for enmity with him, so return the yagna horse.
On this, Rukmangad said, "Father, I have even challenged them to war, so now returning them to horse without war will be an insult to both us and them." Now what has happened cannot be changed, so you should allow me to fight.

On hearing the son's logical things , Veeramani ordered him to equip the army. 

 King Veeramani, along with his brother Veerasingh and his two sons Rukmangad and Shubhangad, came to the battle field by taking a huge army.
Here, when Shatrughan got information that the horse of his yagna had been taken captive, he became very angry and along with his entire army came to the battlefield. He asked who would free the horse from enemies army?

Then Bharat's son Pushkal said, "Tatashri! Do not worry. With the blessings of your blessings and the grace of Tat Sriram, I will kill all these yodhas(warriors) today and get free the horse.

Both of them were talking in such a way that Pawansut Hanuman said - "O Shatrughna! I have no doubt about the valor of you and vatsa Pushkal but attacking King Veeramani's kingdom is difficult even for Parampita Bramha himself because this city Protected by Mahakal. Therefore, it would be appropriate that first we should explain Raja Veeramani by negotiation and if we cannot get explain then we should inform Shri Ram. King Veeramani respects Shriram very much, so he will not be able to avoid them and this problem will be solved without war.

Hearing Hanuman, Shatrughan said, "O Mahabali! I am seeing you for the first time wanting to get rid of war. 

 It would be a matter of great shame for us if Shri Ram had to come to war. If this city is protected by Mahadev, then it is impossible for us to win, but still we are Kshatriyas, that is why we cannot withdraw from the war now. ”Having said this, he reached the battlefield with the army.
In the battlefield, he once again asked Veeramani to return to the yajna's horse, but his refusal eventually led to a terrible war. Pushkal went directly to fight against King Veeramani.
Both were matchless heroes, both of them started fighting using different types of weapons. Hanuman started fighting with Mahaprakrami Veerasingh, brother of King Veeramani. Rukmangad and Shubhangad attacked Shatrughan.

A fierce battle ensued in Pushkal and Veeramani. Pushkal attacked Veeramani with eight sharp edges arrows which King Veeramani could not bear and faintly fell on own chariot. Veerasingh used many weapons on Hanuman, but what could spoils Pawanputra with him?
He uprooted a huge tree and attacked Veerasingh. Due to this, his chariot was destroyed and Veerasinh became unconscious while blood-spewing.
On the other hand, there was an extraordinary war between the  Shatrughan and King Veeramani's son, but Rukmangad and Shubhangad could not overcome the power of Shatrughan and lost war by them. Seeing his victory, all the heroes of Shri Ram's army started making roar.
On the other hand, when King Veeramani's unconscious was end away, he saw that his army's defeat was certain. Seeing this, he prayed to Lord Rudra for help.

Mahadev, knowing his devotee in trouble, sent all the Ganas including Nandi, Bhringi under the leadership of Virbhadra to the war zone. 

 All the followers of Mahakal attacked on Ayodhya's army shouting their Mahadeva's names.
Shriram's army felt as  the holocaust had come. When he saw the army of Mahadev, including Rudravatar Virabhadra, Nandi, Bhringi with terrible face, all the soldiers trembled with fear.
Shatrughna said - "How can the Veerabhadra who had cut the forehead of Daksha Prajapati, who was not defeated by Narayana himself and who is equal to Mahakal himself in sharpness and equanimity, how be defeated in battle?"
Hearing this, Pushkal said - "Hey Tatashri! Don't be unhappy. I will just a moment cut the head of this Virbhadra and secure  to the  our army." Saying this, Pushkal went directly attacked to Virbhadra.

When Hanuman saw this, he said to Shatrughna - "It is disastrous. Pushkal is fighting with Virbhadra in the heroic item. His war skills are only a game for Virabhadra."

Hearing this, Shatrughna dismounted and said - "O Mahavir! Puskal was sent by Bharat bhaiya to the battle ground on my trust. If anything happens to Puskal ,what I will answer him. O Pawanputra! You have helped Sri Ram in the war of Lanka, so Now save Pushkal from Virbhadra anyhow . "
Hearing this, Hanuman went towards Virabhadra to help Pushkal without delay. On the other hand, Pushkal used all his divine weapons on Virbhadra but Virbhadra destroyed it off laughing.
He said to Pushkal - "O child! You age not yet attained death, so move away from the battlefield." But Pushkal, not listening to him, attacked him with power, who went directly to the marmastan(weak part of the body) of Virbhadra. After this, Virbhadra, trembling with anger, cut Pushkal's forehead with a trident.

By the time Hanuman reached Virabhadra, Pushkal had died.

 On the other hand, Nandi, Bhringi etc., made a terrible attack on Shatrughna and tied Shatrughna in the loop when he was unhappy in the slaughter of Pushkal.
When Hanuman saw Pushkal's dead body, in a fit of rage, attacked Virbhadra. He attacked Virbhadra with his full power, causing Virabhadra to fall back several hands. He had never suffered such a powerful attack in his life.
He became frantic with anger and attacked on Hanuman. Then there was such a catastrophic war that both of army stopped their hands and started watching the war of both. Both were Rudravataras, both of them had no cross of force and the heat of both of them was causing such heat as thunderbolt.
Neither of the two was ready to retreat and it seemed that their strikes would destroy the creation. Seeing the horrors of their war, ordinary soldiers closed their eyes in fear. On the other hand, when Nandi saw that there could be no result of their war, they came to Veerabhadra's help and seeing no other solution, they used Shivastra and tied Hanuman in the loop.
Now seeing Shatrughna disappointed, Hanuman said - "I already told you that this city is protected by Mahakal but you did not listen to me. Now the only way to avoid this crisis is that Shri Ram comes here to stop this war. "

On hearing this, Shatrughan remembered Shri Ram.

 Hearing the call of his brother and devotees, Shriram immediately came to the battlefield along with Lakshmana and Bharata. Seeing them, as the whole army was got courage and they were convinced that their victory was certain. Sriram first freed Shatrughna and Lakshmana freed Hanuman.

When Shri Ram saw that Pushkal had passed away, he felt very sad. Bharata fainted with grief. Then Shri Ram got angry and told Virbhadra that just as you have killed Pushkal, now also consider the end of your life.

Saying this, Shriram attacked the Shivganas with his army. Soon he came to know that ordinary weapons are useless on Shivaganas, so he started to hurting all Shivaganas including Veerabhadra and Nandi from the divine weapons provided by Maharishi Vishwamitra and Mahadev himself.
The Shivaganas were unable to stop the weapons of their own Lord Mahadev and, not crossing the power of Sri Ram, Lakshmana, Hanuman, Bharata and Shatrughna, all the ganas invoked Mahadeva in one voice.

When Mahadev saw that his army was in trouble, he himself appeared in the battlefield. 

 In order to see the combination of Hari and Hari, all the gods themselves were situated in the sky with the Supreme Father Brahma. When Shri Ram saw that Mahadev himself had come to the battlefield, he gave up his weapon and offered pranaam to Lord Rudra and praised him.
Praising Mahakal, he said - "O lord of the whole universe! I killed Mahaprakrami Ravana by your majesty. You yourself came to Rameswaram as a Jyotirlinga. Whatever force we have is also due to your blessings and this The Ashwamedha Yagya I have done is also being done by your own will.
That's why please bless us and end this war. "Hearing this, Lord Rudra said -" O Ram! You are another form of Vishnu himself and similar to him in strength and power . I am who you are and I am who you are. But I have given the blessing of my devotee Veeramani to protect him, so I cannot withdraw from this war. So leave you hesitant and fight against me.

Shriram obeyed Mahakala and started fighting. Shri Ram used all his weapons on Mahakal but could not satisfy them. Then Hanuman suddenly showed own strength and wrapped Nandi in his tail.

At the same time, Shriram used the weapon which yawned at Mahadev, which caused sleep to Mahadev and he started yawning. Seeing this, Nandi tried to get rid of Hanuman's grip, but Hanuman put his full force to stop them.
Mahadev was not disturbed by this, but Nandi suffered immensely. Then Mahadev became alert and laughing freed the  Nandi from Hanuman's tail and praised Hanuman - "O Veer! You are definitely a part of me, otherwise stop Virabhadra and grab Nandi in own loop of any other warrior it is not possible. "
Hanuman, on hearing his praises from Mahadev, bowed to him and the war continued. On the other hand, Shriram fired Brahmastra on Mahadev after all his divine weapons failed. But what is the difference between Brahma and Shiva. That weapon also could not harm Mahadev.
In the end, Sri Ram ready to fired of Pashupatastra and said to Lord Shiva - "O Lord, you gave me this weapon in a boon. Also, you gave this boon that no anyone cannot be faced this weapon in Trilok. This Mahastra provided by you. With this great weapon, you destroyed Tripur in one chance .
Therefore, O Mahadev! I only use it on you with your command and desire. Now you protect your boon. "Saying this, Shriram threw the great weapon on Lord Shiva itself. That weapon fell directly into Mahadev's heart and Lord Rudra was satisfied with it.

He happily said to Shri Ram - "O Purushottam! You and Hanuman have satisfied me in the war. I am very happy that is why you ask for whatever you wish."

To this, Shriram said - "Lord! Please end this war. In this war, along with my brother Bharat's son Pushkal, innumerable warriors have attained death. If you are happy with me then give them life."
Then Mahadev smiled and said thaastastu and brought alive all the warriors on both sides, including Pushkal. After that, with his orders, King Veeramani returned the yagna horse to Sri Ram and handed over his kingdom to Rukmangad and he also went with Sri Ram's army to Digvijay.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Kaikeyi's role in Ram Katha

Kaikeyi's role in Ram Katha

Ramayana which contains Ram Katha. Whose great hero is Shri Rama, who taught us dignity and himself is called Maryada Purushottam and worshiped in the world. Become the ideal and inspiration source of mass community.

In this Ram Katha, there are many characters, who, in their own place, worked their role in the very best way and have given a very good learning to the human community. Regardless of the stories of the villains of the story, such as Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghnad, they certainly gave a good message to the human society from their place.

But all the characters, they did not leave their character. But there is one such character in this story of Mata Kaikeyi who gave up her character due to circumstances and became a reason for condemnation. If seen, I do not see any means other than fulfilling the purpose of birth of Ram. Gave Rama her love and affection more than her son.

And in the escalating cycle of Ram Katha, it also led to the exile of Rama and the death of King Dasharatha. At the end of life, King Dasaratha sacrificed Kaikeyi, which was the greatest punishment of any woman caste at that time. And also cursed that from now on, no parent will name his daughter Kaikeyi. How much they must have endured the pain. Having endured that suffering, she gave us a character like Ram - Bharat, which is needed by every household today. In today's post, we will read about Ram - Bharat Milan, so let's move on to the subject. But the story of Ram - Bharat Milan, but you must realize that the seed has been planted by Mother Kaikeyi. O mother Kaikeyi, if I have written something unrestrained, forgive my crime because Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram himself gives you the most love and respect among his three mothers. To insult you would be to insult Shri Ram himself. And insult to Shriram means insult to my Guru Mahadev. Then there will be no hateful person like me in this world. Let us go to the story where love of Maharaja Dasaratha's son, Shriram's dignity and devotion to Shri Bharat are waiting for all of us.

When Rama entered the room of Maharaja Dasaratha, entangled in the trap of his words given to Kaikai, on seeing them, Dasharatha 'Ji' got up and ran towards Ram to spread his arms ... The son asked, "Why distracted." Are (pitashree) father…?
Emotions were flowing from the eyes of the father, he could not answer ... Mother Kaikai replied, "Your father had given me two promises, I am asking today and weeping instead of giving"
 Rama smiled, "What wealth is there in this universe that even the Maharaj does not have the ability to give ...?
 You tell me (Maa) mother, father will definitely give ... "

Mother said without any hesitation, "In the first word I have asked for the kingdom of Ayodhya for Bharata, and in the second promise for you fourteen years of exile ... Now say Ram, will you be able to get…?"
 "There is no question of my getting mother ... When Ram's mother asked for this promise, at the same time she got it, I will leave for forest tomorrow, you can crown Bharat and also give my bless him.
Maharaj Dasaratha shouted, "No son ...! No Rama ... You don't go to the forest ... I will go to the forest in your place Rama, you don't go ..."
 Rama sat down at the father's feet and said, "I have to go, Father! If I am not able to protect your two words, then damn to have Rama, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to fulfill your promise." Give me permission ... "
Dasaratha cried, "No son ...! You are not worthy of the forest Ram ...! You are my life ... You are the life of Ayodhya ... Don't go Ram ...! Your disconnection will not let us live "
"Please left the attachment(Pitashree) father, ...! If your words are incomplete, decorum will be broken, children who cannot protect their father's dignity, it is not fit to be called a child. Can't see you criminalized in the court of the future …! I have to go… "Ram was determined
"I cannot give up your attachment son ...! Son's attachment is the most sacred attachment of the world, no father of the world can break this fascination, if the word breaks then let it break, I will not be able to see you going into the forest, leave Ram." "Don't leave me and go somewhere ..." Maharaja Dasharatha broke down and said.

"Don't take away my good fortune from me Father! On the one hand the prestige of the father, and the desire of the mother on the other, there is an opportunity to fulfill both of them at the same time. I do not have a man born only for pleasure, for enjoyment. So the animals live, I will go to the forest so that the future can learn how to honor the father. The future will learn from me that to protect the honor of the father, even if he has to leave the throne, the son will not be delayed even for a moment. One should learn from Rama that religion is the only pleasure to accept exile on mother's wish "
"It is not right to sacrifice your pleasures for the honor of the father. Son ...! You have your life, your future ...! You think of yourself Ram ..." Maharaj Dasaratha wanted to stop Ram somehow.
 Rama smiled and said, "No father! ... the path of origin of both the son and the urine is the only one which damages the reputation of the father for his enjoyment, that is the urine, not the son, I must go, destiny has Perhaps it is decided that do not be afraid, your Ram will be as happy in the forest as in the palace "

Rama did not agree, he had to perform decorum, Dasharatha also did not agree, he had to show affection to his father, after Rama left, Maharaja Dasharatha lying on Kaushalya's head with Maharastra asked the queen crying, "He has gone. ..! But you don't go ... what will happen to Ayodhya if you go ...? "
Dasharatha smiled even in the extreme of grief and said, "He left the kingdom for me and went to Kaushalya ...! Can I not even give up life for him ...? I have to go if I am alive then my life He will remain standing in front of me as a question mark, he is a man of dignity, then his father also has to fulfill his dignity, will he have to pay anything to be the father of Ram, will he not? ... "
 Nobody stopped, neither Ram nor Dasharatha ... Both played dignity India is standing on the same foundation today, otherwise it would have become a Arab...?
 On the other hand, we are all familiar with the character of Bharata, one who appeared twice in the "Ichvaku" dynasty, gave one the courage of valor, and the other did "righteousness" ... a unique example of family piety and fraternity in Sanatan Dharma. "Bharat".  It is the meaning of Dharma and  Devotion ie. Deadly Combination in nature Shri Bharat ...!

Bharat has a strong foundation in Sri Rams buildings(concept) , Ram is incomplete without Bharata…!
 Multiple of many times was saddened by the pleasurable pleasure of getting Rama to exile when he came to know that he had to take over Ayodhya in the absence of a brother ...!
It is to be known that my Ram used to sleep on the mat made of Kush on the ground while in the forest, while brother Bharat Kutiya lived for fourteen years in the Vanasthali of "Nandigram" three blocks away from the glare of Ayodhya and Bharat also held the same adornment "Munibheesh"(to live just like Saint) . He did what Rama did, and he used to sleep inside the pits in the land so that Bharat did not sleep with Rama's counterpart ... Rama was pleased with Rama's exile as it was the goal of Rama and Lakshmana also got out ... Satrughan was favorite of people of the house, but If anyone has suffered the maximum forest, then it was Rama's Bharat ...!

Goswami Ji addressed "Dharam Dhur Dheera" just once in the entire Ramcharit Manas and it was for Bharata ...

नंदिगाँव करि परन कुटीरा,
कीन्ह निवास धरम धुर धीरा...!
 Nandigaon kari paran kutira,
 Keenh Niwas Dharam Dhur Dhira ...!
 In Chitrakoot, Bharata declared Ram's Charan Paduka as "Maharaj" and promulgated Rama deadly, staring his eyes at Rama, and clearly said Bharata Shree ! if there was a delay of one day from fourteen years, this Bharat "self-immolation" Will do it ... and Ram knew Bharat well that in obeying the word Bharat was even higher than Dasharatha ...!

When Rama returned to Ayodhya after the slaughter of Ravana, the last month of the fourteenth year was Amavasya i.e. the next sunrise would have migrated in the fifteenth year… Rama knew Bharat very well, so he sent a message to Hanuman that the general form of going Please inform Bharat that his brother is coming… and there was no one in the whole "better" Artistes than Hanuman ... Here, Bharat was worried that ...
कारन कवन नाथ नहिं आयउ,जानि कुटिल किधौं मोहि बिसरायउ...!
अहह धन्य लक्षिमण बड़भागी, राम पदार बिन्दु अनुरागी!
Karan Kavan Nath Nahin Aayiu, Jani Kutil Kiddhaun Mohi Bisaraiu…!
 Ahh blessed Bachchim Badabhagi, Ram Padar Bindu Anuragi…!

Bharat's worries were increasing. He told Gurudev that Lakshmans fortune is very big, Gurudev that he gets the opportunity to catch the feet of Lord Rama daily. This evening is final, after that I will sacrifice my body and you will make Shatrughan as the king. ... till then a voice resonates outside Bharata's hut Jai-Jai Shri Ram Jai-Jai Shriram ... Hanuman stood in Brahman disguise at the door of Parn Kutiya (Hut) ... to seeking the Hanuman Than same time Bharat had eyes full of tears just like Ganga-Yamuna river flow, it is no longer just the delay in understanding that the greatest joy of his life, his God is their king to come ...

रघुकुल तिलक सुजन सुखदाता,आयउ कुशल देवमुनि त्राता...!

Raghukul Tilak Sujan Sukhdata, Ayu Kushal Devmuni Trata ...!

 The entire Devlok was eyeing Ayodhya, the live telecast of the event was going on in all the three worlds. The most beautiful scene after the creation of the universe was Prabhu Shri Ram completing the heap of his birth and coming back home to his village. ...!
 Seeing this, there was resonance in the whole of Awadh ... My Ram is coming, My Ram is coming, My Ram is coming, My Ram is coming, My Ram is coming, My Ram is coming out of the trembling lips of Bharat… "My Ram has come "... !!!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Glory of "Ram" name(Ram naam ki mahima)

"Yourself the glory of the name dear Ram

Shree Mahadev ji sings in this way

- "When I hear the letter 'Ra' from someone's mouth
I'll take that
Time would have given him his best devotion.
And when I pronounce the word 'M'
Swami listen to the name of your supreme friend Shri Ram
Let me follow him with greed ".

* The glory of the name Ram by Devadidev Mahadev Ji *

*** Seeing Mahadev ji once bowing to someone without any reason, Parvati ji asked, who do you keep bowing to?

Shiva ji says to his wife Parvati ji, O Goddess! I bow down to the person who says * Ram * once.

*** Parvati ji once asked Shiva, why do you go to the crematorium and why do they appear on the body of a pyre?

At the same time, Shivji took Parvati ji to the crematorium. A dead body was brought there for the funeral. People were bringing the corpse by saying * Ram name is truth *.

Shiva Ji said that look, Parvati comes to this crematorium when people come to remember the name * Ram *. And for the sake of this body, my beloved divine * Ram * name comes out from the mouth of many people, I come to the crematorium to listen to the same, and I am of this body which is made to chant the name of * Ram * from the mouth of so many people. I respect, I bow, and after burning in the fire, I apply his ashes on my body. I have so much love for the one who called * Ram *.

*** Once Shiva reached Kailash and asked Bahujan from Parvati ji. Parvati ji was reciting Vishnu Sahasranama. Parvati ji said that the lesson is not yet complete, please wait for a while. Shiv ji said that it will take both time and labor. Take the remedy in the way saints shorten the name of Sahasra and chant daily.

Parvati ji asked how do they take measures? I want to listen
Shiv ji said, just say * Ram * once, you will get the fruit of taking one thousand names of Sahasra, Lord. One * Rama * name is similar to a thousand divine names. Parvati ji did the same.

Parvatuvach -
* Kenopayen Miniature Vishornam Sahasrakan? *
* Prityate Panditarnyatyam Srotumichamyam Prabho. *

God speaks
* Shri Ram Ram Rameti, Ramay Ramay Manorama. *
* Sahasra Naam Tattulya Rama Naam Varanane. *

This * Ram * name is the destroyer of all disasters, the giver of all wealth, the rest of the world. That is why I salute it again and again.

* Apadampahartaram dataram sarvasampadam. *
* Lokabhiramam sriramam bhuyo bhuyo namahayam .. *

All the problems and sorrows of the Bhava Sagar are roaring / destroying the seeds of the grudge, earning the wealth of happiness, chasing (chanting) the name * Rama *, expelling / destroying the Yama messengers.

* Bharjanam bhava bijanam, arjanam sukh sampadam. *
* Tarjanmayam Dootanam, Ram Rameti Garjanam. *

Effortlessly, one should keep chanting the name * Rama * and inspire others to chant the name * Rama *. This results in immediate welfare of oneself and others. This is the most accessible and surest solution. That is why in our country the salutation is done by saying * Ram Ram *.

Vishnu ji had to raised Sudarshan Chakra when Shiva did Taandava.

Vishnu ji had to raised Sudarshan Chakra when Shiva did Taandava. Lord Vishnu is the preserver of this universe  and Lord Shiva is cons...

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