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Friday, August 7, 2020

The secrets of maa Durga

The secrets of maa Durga

You will be surprised to know the secrets of maa Durga

Maa Durga holds the highest position among the goddesses in Hinduism.  She is called Ambe, Jagadambe, Sherawali, Pahadwali etc.  She has hundreds of temples all over India.  There is more Shaktipeeth than Jyotirlinga.  Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati are the wives of Trideva.  Different information about her story is mentioned in the Puranas.  In the Puranas reveal the mystery of the Goddess in the Devibhagwat purana.
After all, what is the secret about those Amba, Jagadamba, Sarveshwari etc.?  It is also important to know.  Those who have complete knowledge about Mata Rani are her true devotees.  Although it is also true that here in this article complete information about her cannot be given, but I can trying to tell so much, what should you know?
Who is the mata Rani?  :
 1.Ambika: According to Shivpuran, that indestructible Parabrahma (Kaal) expressed the wish of the second after some time.  Within him, the resolve to be one to many emerged. Then that formless God conceived the shape with his lila power, which is the idolless Supreme Brahm.  He is the supreme Brahm Lord Sadasiva.  Alone Sadashiva who wandered in all the direction  to his will, created maa Shakti from his idol(body), which was never going to be separated from his divine body. Sadashiv's strength has been described as the dominant nature, quality of maya, the mother of the intellect element and unvarnished. She is called Shakti Ambika (not Parvati nor Sati).  She is also called Prakriti, Sarveshwari, Trideva Janani (mother of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh), Nitya(eternal) and root cause. There are 8 arms of that Shakti as revealed by Sadasiva.  Parashakti Jagatjanani Goddess, she is endowed with various divine power and takes a variety of weapon power.  Even though one, that maya power becomes many by her desire .  That Shakti is the ardhangini(wife) of Sadashiva, also known as Jagadamba.
2. Devi Durga: There was a great powerful monster born in the dynasty of Hiranyaksha,he was son of Ruru named Durgamasura.  All the deities were stricken by durgamasura.  He surrounded the city of Indra's, Amravati.  The gods were became powerless as a result, they considered it best to flee from heaven.
They ran away and hid in the holes and caves of the mountains and started worshiping Adi Shakti Ambika for help.  The Goddess appeared and blessed the Gods to be fearless. A messenger told Durgamasura all this saga and there was talk of incarnation of the protector of the gods.  Immediately, Durgamasur became angry and went to war with all his weapons and his army.  A fierce battle ensued and Devi destroyed all demons army including Durgamasura.  Since then this goddess began to be called Durga.
3. Mata Sati: Lord Shankar is also called Mahesh and Mahadev.  The same Shankar first married Dakshayani, daughter of king Daksha . That Dakshayani is called Sati.  Sati finished her life by jumping into the yagna of her father Daksha due to insulting her husband Shankar. Lord Shankar wandered from place to place with the body of Mother Sati.  Wherever the parts and ornaments of Goddess Sati fell, Shaktipeeths were built there. After this, Mata Sati took birth in Himalayaraja as Parvati and did severe penance of Lord Shiva and got Shiva again and became famous in the world as Parvati.
4. Mata Parvati: Mother Parvati was Shankar's second wife, who was Sati in the previous birth.  Goddess Parvati's father's name was Himwan and mother's name was Rani Mainavati.  Mata Parvati is called Gauri, Mahagauri, Pahariwali and Sherawali.  Mata Parvati is also considered as Durga Swaroopa.  Parvati's two sons are believed to be prominent, one is Sriganesh and the other is Karthikeya.
5. Kaitabha: According to Padmapuran, both brothers named Madhu and Kaitabh were towards Hiranyaksha in Dewasur Sangram.  According to the Markandeya Purana, Uma killed Kaitabh, causing her to be called 'Kaitabha'.  According to Durga Saptasati, Ambika's power Mahamaya killed both with her yogic shakti.
6.Kali: According to mythological belief, Lord Shiva had four wives.  The first Sati who sacrificed her life by jumping into the yajna.  This sati came in the second birth as Parvati, who has sons Ganesh and Karthikeya.  Then  a third wife of Shiva called Uma.  Goddess Uma has also been called the Goddess of the land.  It is the only temple in Uttarakhand.  Mother Kali is the fourth wife of Lord Shiva.  She killed the terrible demons on this earth.  Kali Mata was the one who killed Asura Raktabij.  She is considered to be the chief among the das Mahavidyas.  
7. Mahishasura Mardini: The daughter of a Katyayan sage from one of Navadurga killed Mahishasura, the son of Rambhasur.  He had the boon of Brahma that he would be killed at the hands of a woman. After killing him, Mother called Mahishasura Mardini.  According to another legend, when all the gods could not win even after fighting with him, then Lord Vishnu said that together with all the gods, worship the Bhagwati superpower due to everyone. A divine glory emerged from the body of all the gods and appeared as a supremely beautiful woman.  Himwan gave the lion to ride Bhagwati and all the gods presented their weapons in the service of Mahamaya. Pleased with the gods, Bhagwati soon assured to free them from the fear of Mahishasura and killed him after a fierce battle.
8. Tulja Bhavani and Chamunda Mata: Worship of Mata Tulja Bhavani and Chamunda Mata is prevalent at many places across the country.  Especially this is more in Maharashtra.  Actually Mata Ambika called Chamunda because of slaying of Asuras named Chand and Mund.  Tulja Bhavani Mata is also known as Mahishasura Mardini.  We have already discussed above about Mahishasura Mardini.
9. Ten Mahavidyas: Some of the ten Mahavidyas are Goddess Amba, some are Sati or Parvati and some are other .  Although everyone is seen connecting with Mata Kali.  The ten Mahavidyas named the following. Kali, Tara, Chinnamasta, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshwari, Tripurbhairavi, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi and Kamala.  Somewhere their names are found in this order: -1.Kali, 2.Tara, 3.Tripurasundari, 4.Bhuvaneshwari, 5.Chinnamasta, 6.Tripurbhairavi, 7.Dhumavati, 8.Balamukhi, 9.Matangi and 10.Kamala .
Navratri: Navratri festival is held twice a year.  The first is known as Chaitra Navratri and the second is known as Sharadiya Navratri of the month of Ashwin.  In this way, the whole year consists of 18 days of Durga, out of which nine days of Sharadiya Navratri are celebrated, which is called Durgotsav. Chaitra Navratri is believed to be for Shaiva Tantrikas.  Under this, Tantric rituals and difficult practices are performed and second Sharadiya Navratri is for Satvik people only for devotion and celebration of mother.
Navratri Vrat: In Navratri, food, along with alcohol, meat and coitus is sacrificed for the entire nine days.  In the said nine days, if a person insults the mother in any way or unknown, they have to face severe punishment.  Many people have been seen dancing to discos and film songs in the name of Garba Utsav.  This is a gross insult to the mother.
Navadurga's secrets : These Navadurga are - 1. Shailaputri 2. Brahmacharini 3. Chandraghanta 4. Kushmanda 5. Skandamata 6. Kakatiyani 7. Kaalratri 8. Mahagauri 9. Siddhidatri.  Parvati Mata is also known as Shailputri, being the daughter of the mountain Himalayas.  Brahmacharini means when she found Shiva through penance. Chandraghanta means a lunar-shaped tilak on its head.  After gaining the power to generate the universe, she came to be called Kushmanda.  From the abdomen to the whole body, she contain the universe within her, which is why she is called Kushmanda.  According to some people, because of being worshiped by a society named Kushmanda, it was called Kushmand.  Parvati's son Karthikeya is also named Skanda, hence she is called Skanda's mother. Pleased with the penance of Maharishi Katyayan, she was born to his as a daughter, hence she is also called Katyayani.  It is noteworthy that just as there are incarnations of Vishnu, so also of Mother.  The daughter of the Katyayana sage killed Mahishasura.  After killing him, she called Mahishasura Mardini.  Kat was a famous Maharishi, his sons was Katyas and the famous sage Katyayan was born in the tribe of these Katyas. Maa Parvati Devi Kaal means that she is going to destroy every kind of crisis, that is why it is called Kalratri.  Mother's color is completely Gaur i.e. Gaura (White), which is why she is called Mahagauri. However, according to some Puranas, when his color turned black due to hard penance, then Shiva processed and washed her body with the holy water of Ganga ji, then she became extremely radiant - like thunder light. Since then, she was named Mahagauri.  The devotee who remains completely devoted to her, gives them all kinds of Siddhi(accomplishments), that is why she is called Siddhidatri.
Tiger and Lion: Each goddess has a different vehicle.  Goddess Durga  is riding on Tiger ,Goddess Parvati on the lion.  Parvati's son Karthikeya is also named Skanda, which is why she is called Skanda's mother. She is shown riding on a lion.  Katyayani Devi is also shown riding on the lion.  Goddess Kushmanda is riding on a lion.  Mata Chandraghanta is also riding on a lion.   Shailputri and Mahagauri ride on bull(Taurus).  Mata Kalratri is riding a donkey, while Siddhidatri sits on a lotus.
According to a legend, Goddess Parvati did austerities for thousands of years to get Shiva in husband form.  The goddess became darker by penance.  One day after the marriage with Lord Shiv, when Lord Shiv was sitting with Parvati, then Lord Shiv joked with Parvati and said Kali. Goddess Parvati was shocked by this thing of Shiva and left Kailash and became absorbed in penance.  Meanwhile a hungry lion arrived there with a desire to eat the goddess.  He sat silently on seeing goddess concentrate in austerity. The lion started thinking about when Devi got up from penance and made her own diet.  Meanwhile many years passed but the lion  stood in its place.  Meanwhile, on completion of the penance of Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva appeared and gave the boon of Parvati Gauravarna i.e. white. After this, Goddess Parvati took a bath in the Ganges and from her body, a dark goddess appeared who called Kaushiki and became Gauravarna Goddess started to call Parvati Gauri. Goddess Parvati made vehicle  the lion who was sitting to eat her.  The reason for this was that lion kept his attention for years by keeping an eye on her while waiting for the Goddess to eat.  Devi took it as the penance of lion and took it into her service.  Therefore, both lion and bull are considered vehicles of Goddess Parvati. 
Community of Goddess: The religion of all the goddesses related to Ambe or Ambika is Shakta.  The Nath sect is considered a sub-sect of the Shaiva sect.  Shakta sect is considered to be the community of Goddess. Indus Valley Civilization also finds evidence of worship of Mother Goddess.  Shakta sect is an ancient sect.  During the Gupta period it was popular in the countries of North-Eastern India, Cambodia, Java, Bornea and Malaya.  After the rises of Buddhism, its influence decreased. Shakta sect is considered under Shaivism.  Shaktas believe that the supreme power of the world is feminine which is why they worship Goddess Durga in the form of God.  In all the religions of the world, God is visualized as a man. That means God may be like a man, but Shakta Dharma is the only religion in the world that considers the creator of creation as mother or woman.  In fact, this is the only religion of women.  Shiva is a dead body, Shakti is the ultimate light.  However, the Saankhya of Shakta philosophy is the same. 
Purpose of Shakta Dharma: Everyone's aim is salvation, yet accumulate power.  Worship the power.  Power is life, power is religion, power is truth, power is everywhere and we all need power.  Be strong, be brave, be fearless, be independent and be powerful.  That is why the seekers of Nath and Shakta sect continue to do different types of yoga and meditation to become powerful.  Achievements continue.
Pilgrimage of Shakti: All the temples of Mata are miraculous.  Everyone knows about the miracles of Mata Hinglaj, Nainadevi, Jwaladevi etc. Apart from 51 or 52 Shakti Peethas, there are hundreds of ancient temples of Maa Durga.  Famous temples of Mother are Tulja Bhawani Temple of Kolhapur, Shaktipeeth of Mother of Pavagadh of Gujarat, Vindhyavasini Dham, Patan Devi, Tulja and Chamunda Mata of Dewas, Mother Sharda of Mehar, Kali Mata of Kolkata, Vaishno Devi of Jammu, Mansa Devi of Uttaranchal, Nayana Devi, etc.
Shakta Dharma Granth: 'Sridurga Bhagavata Purana' is a major book in relation to Durga in Shakta Sampradaya, which describes 108 devipeeths.  Among them, 51-52 Shaktipeeths have special significance.  Durga Saptashati is in this.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Why Narada Muni cursed to Lord Vishnu?

Why  Narada Muni cursed to Lord Vishnu?

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Narayana… Narayana… On hearing this word, the image of Narada comes in our mind.  Narada used to win over everyone with his wisdom and clever words.  Do you know that Narada who is an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. Everyone is aware that Devarshi Narada is best one of the many devotees of Lord Vishnu. Narada, the supreme devotee of Lord Vishnu, is the son of Brahma, the creator of the universe.  According to Srimad Bhagwat and Vayu Purana, Narada was born from the thigh of Brahma. He has been called the messengers of the Vedas.  It is believed that Veena was invented by Narada.  Today I am going to tell you about such a story related to Narada. This story explain how lord Vishnu realized Narada to his mistake .

               Narada Muni is considered the knower of all the Vedas.  Due to this knowledge, Mata Parvati was a big fan of him.  Once Shiva and Mata Parvati were sitting.  That's when Mata Parvati starts praising Narada.  Lord Shiva then explains that Narada is indeed a storehouse of knowledge, but once he had to become a monkey due to this ego of knowledge.

Hearing this, Mata was surprised when Mata Parvati asked Shivji the whole incident .

Lord Shiva said that Devi when Narada became the knower of all the Vedas, he became proud that no one else in the world is more knowledgeable than him, then Liladhar Vishnu created Leela to break the pride of Narada. Once Narada Muni was wandering on the peaks of the Himalayas, then saw a cave next to which Ganga ji was flowing, animal birds were roaming all around. Seeing such a beautiful atmosphere, devotion to Shri Hari Vishnu prevailed in his heart and he sat in the same cave and meditated on Lord Vishnu, seeing that Devraj Indra got frightened. He started thinking that Narada ji has acquired all kinds of knowledge.  Then why is he doing penance or it it may he have a wish in his mind.  He started penance just to get Indrasana(Kingdom of heaven), so Indra sent Kamadeva to break the penance of Narada.
After reaching there, Kamadev fed colorful flowers from his illusion.  Fragrant winds started blowing to ignite Kamagni(lust).  Urvashi Apsara started dancing and performing the body expose .  But it had no effect on Narada Muni.  So all the apsaras including Kamadeva apologized to Narada and went back.
After Kamadeva's departure, Narada Muni came to Shiva and told him about victory over Kamadeva.  God understood that Narada Muni has been caught by arrogance.  So, smiling and said that what you have told me, do not tell Shri Hari Vishnu.  But Narada started thinking that after all I have defeated Kamadeva.  I will not tell anyone, so how people will know .
Narada ji thought in his mind, Shankarji keeps saying.  It seems that Bhole Baba was jealous of me that I defeated Kamadeva.  This is what happens when there is pride.  The doors of wisdom and conscience are closed. This brought pride to Narada Muni.  Narada Muni began to think of himself as bigger than Lord Shiva. The same thing happened with Narada ji.  He rushed to Brahma ji and told him to story of defeat Kamadeva.  Brahma ji said, really Narada, you have done wonders.
Thinking this, he directly approached Shri Hari Vishnu and even after Shiva refused, he told the entire story to Shri Hari Vishnu, now seeing the devotee Narada suffering with arrogance, Shri Hari Vishnu created a leela to remove Narada's ego .
When Narada ji went away from Lord Vishnu, Vishnu ji with his illusion built a beautiful city on the way to Narada and his king's name was Shilnidhi and the daughter of that king Vishwamohini who was really very beautiful.  For whose marriage the king had organized a swayamvar.  That's why many kings came to that city.  Narada ji also reached there.
Now seeing the Devarshi came, the king welcomed him and seeing the palm of his daughter, urged him to describe the future .  But when Narada ji saw that girl, he was so fascinated by that girl that he forgot own disinterest and the palm of that girl was telling that whoever gets married to her, no one in the world can beat him and he will be immortal . Now Narada ji told the king something else by not telling this thing.  And on the way there, Narada ji thought that this girl is suitable for me.  Some such measures should be taken.  That girls marry me only.
Thinking this, he appeared in front of Shri Hari Vishnu and told the whole thing that "Lord, the beautiful face of you belongs to no other in this world. So you give me your beautiful Hari form, so that I can marry that beautiful girl. Then Shri Hari Vishnu said that devotee Narada I will do what is best for you and your future and gave Narada the monkey form, Narada felt that now he looks exactly like Vishnu. Therefore, Narada immediately entered Vishwamohini's swayamvara.  There 2 Ganas of Shiva were also present in the form of Brahmin.  Both of them started telling  Narada, saying that God has given him such a beautiful form that the princess will definitely choose her bridesmaid.  Hearing this, Naradji was very happy in his mind.
But at the same time, Lord Vishnu also assumed the form of a king and came to the Swayamvara.  When the swayamvara started, Vishwa Mohini did not even look at Narada and put a garland in the neck of King's form Vishnu ji, seeing that Narada Muni got upset. Just then Shiva's Ganas taunted and asked Narada to look at his face in the mirror, so when Muni saw his face in the water, he got angry and cursed both the Ganas to be born in the demon's form. But when he saw his face again in the water, he had regained his true form, but Naradji, who became a joke, went out in angry to meet  Vishnu and on the way he met Lord Vishnu Mata Lakshmi and Vishwamohini.  
Now seeing the three together, Narad ji's anger increased further and without thinking he said to Lord Vishnu that you have always cheated.  Whether the gods have to drink nectar or give poison to Shiva.  But what you have done to me.  You will definitely have to bear the results of this.  I curse you that you will have to take birth as a human being in the earth. You have taken me away from woman, so you will have to bear female separation.  You have given me a monkey form, so you will have to seek help from the monkey, only then Lord Vishnu has finished his illusion and after the withdrawal of Maya, when Narada remembered his curse, he was very sorry but the given curse can not be taken back.
Therefore, Shri Hari Vishnu had to incarnate on the earth in the form of Sri Rama.  Here, seeing the impact of maya finished on Narada, both the Shiva's gana asked the path of salvation, then Narada Ji said that you will be born on earth as both Ravana and Kumbhakaran and will get liberate from the hands of Lord Rama, the incarnation of Shri Hari Vishnu. 
Some important lesson from this story.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Mother Gandhari - a strong and constrained woman

Mother Gandhari - a strong and constrained woman

Who was Gandhari who wanted to make Duryodhana as Vajra body

Gandhari is one of the influential female characters of Mahabharata.  Gandhari was Dhritarashtra's wife and Duryodhana's mother.  Shakuni was her brother.  Let us know who Gandhari was and what power she had.

Gandhari's character is at the forefront of India's glorious women who had learned to live by ideals as well as her principle of husband's devout.  She had prevented the husband and her sons from going on unrighteousness and wrong path.  Her life is the story of a woman forced into the love of husband and son.
 One of the women mentioned in the Mahabharata story is Gandhari.  Gandhari is considered a virtuous woman and an ideal woman.  Gandhari  was the daughter of a king named Subal of the Gandhar country.  Being Gandhar country, she got his name Gandhari.  Gandhari was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva.  After the war of Mahabharata ended, Gandhari went into the forest with her husband, Kunti and Vidur.

Was blindfolded only after getting married to Dhritarashtra

 When Gandhari was married to the blind Dhritarashtra, Gandhari also blindfolded.  Gandhari said that when my husband is blind, she has no right to see the world.  Gandhari's brother Shakuni was not happy with this marriage.  Being a devotee of Shiva, Gandhari was given the boon by Lord Shiva to become the mother of hundred sons. When Gandhari was married to blind Dhritarashtra, she too had her blindfolded.  As long as she lived, she did not remove her blindfold.  He had not even seen the face of his 100 sons.

Many ominous incident occurred on Duryodhana's birth

Gandhari named his first son Duryodhana.  It is said that when Duryodhana was born, at that time there were many ominous things.  Duryodhana started speaking as soon as he was born.  Then Vidur and the scholars asked Dhritarashtra to abandon this child.  Scholars and astrologers said that if you want to protect the Kaurava dynasty, then abandon Duryodhana, otherwise no one will be able to stop being evil.  But Duryodhana could not be abandoned in Putramoh(Affection of son's love).

Gandhari did not want the Mahabharata war

When her husband Raja Dhritarashtra agreed to Duryodhana and gave his consent to play the game of gambling, Gandhari warned Dhritarashtra that " should never take such an incurious decision by complying in the words of the moron children, the old and the wicked intellectuals."  You should not get your entire family destroyed by complying into the words of the son with affection. ”After recognizing the character of Duryodhana, she always asked Dhritarashtra to bring him on the path of dharma, calling him arrogant, sin-wise, greedy, bad companion , inconsiderate.  Even the Dushasanas were prevented from making mistakes, considering Krishna and Arjuna invincible and suggested way to compromise them.
Gandhari termed the 13-year exile given to the Pandavas as an unfair, unjust decision .  The obstinate Duryodhana never obeyed his mother Gandhari.  While going to war, she told Duryodhana how she can bless him, while the innocent Pandavas are the victims of his injustice.
Gandhari did not want the war of Mahabharata.  Before the war of Mahabharata started, when Lord Krishna went to Hastinapur as a peacekeeper for the treat0y, he proposed to give five villages to the Pandavas in front of Duryodhana, but Duryodhana rejected this proposal.  When Gandhari came to know about this, she asked Duryodhana to accept Sri Krishna's proposal.  Gandhari also told Duryodhana that it is in your welfare  to accept the things that Lord Krishna, Bhishma, Dronacharya and Vidur have told you.  But Duryodhana did not listen to the advice of Mata Gandhari and the result came in the form of war of Mahabharata.

Gandhari wanted to make Duryodhana's body like as a vajra 

It is said that in order to provide like iron-strength to his son Duryodhana, she told him to stand before her with an open body, then the light of her eyes would make his body become iron-like.  Duryodhana was in semi naked , so his half body only got iron power.
When all the Kauravas died in the war of Mahabharata, Gandhari decided to make Duryodhana as a vajra.  Gandhari had received this boon from Lord Shiva that whomever she would open her eyes and see anyone in nagnavastha(naked), thereof whole body would become of vajra.
Gandhari told Duryodhana that after bathing in the Ganges, he should appear in naked  in front of her .  But Lord Krishna knew this and on the way, Shri Krishna stopped Duryodhana and said that even after being so young, you would go in naked form to the mother.
Duryodhana got into the words of Shri Krishna and wrapped the leaves on the thigh and appeared before Gandhari.  When Gandhari opened the bandage with his eyes and saw him, her divine vision could not fall on the thigh, due to which the thighs of Duryodhana could not be of the vajra and in the end this led to the death of Duryodhana.
When Gandhari's hundred sons were killed in the fierce struggle of Mahabharata, she cried up in a sad mood that despite being the mother of hundred sons, she became sonless.  All her daughters-in-law are mourning as widows.  In the pile of dead bodies, looking at her dead sons, she looked very helpless, screaming with compassion. When Bheem, Yudhishthira, Nakula, etc. went to console Gandhari and apologize for the crime of her daughter-in-law, when forgiving, as soon as Gandhari's eyes fell on Yudhishthira's fingernails from the lower part of her eyes, his nails became black. Bhima and his brother hid in fear behind Yudhishthira. She considered as main factor the death of all her sons to Sri Krishna.  Gandhari, distraught at the sons's death, cursed Sri Krishna by saying: "If my dynasty is destroyed, then your dynasty will be destroyed and you too will be killed like an orphan."
Later Gandhari apologized to Krishna for these misdeeds.  Krishna smilingly said this: “Mother Gandhari!  This curse of yours is the law of God.  Your words will be true literally.  Please accept my greetings. "
Yudhishthira and all his brothers left no stone unturned in the service of their uncle and aunt Gandhari, but they also had to listen to the satire of being killer of sons from time to time.  For 15 years they lived in the palace with Yudhishthira.
From Yudhishthira, they asked for the permission to going to forest , which was rejected by Yudhishthira, but at the behest of Maharishi Vyasa, he ordered the exile along with Gandhari, Kunti, Vidur and Sanjay.  Going to the ashram of Maharishi Ved Vyasa in the forest, Gandhari expressed her desire to see the 100 dead sons again for the peace of mind of her husband Dhritarashtra and widow daughter-in-law. At the same time, Abhimanyu for Subhadra, and the five sons of Draupadi again show glimpse, they prayed to reduce their attachment and grief, which was completed by Ved Vyas.  In the last moments of life, Gandhari, Kunti and Dhritarashtra self sacrifice their lives.

In the history of Mahabharata, the character of Gandhari emerges not only because of her superiority in female characters, but also presents a psychological form of both good and bad feelings of the heart.  Her life is a great character saga of a forced woman trapped in the dilemma of wife and affection of sons.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Battle of Shiva and Jalandhar

Battle of Shiva and Jalandhar

Brahma and Vishnu were defeated by this warrior,

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           Today, the story of the warrior about whom I am going to tell has been described in Linga Purana, two stories related to it which are respectively .....

According to the first story:

  There was a great demon named Jalandhar, which originated from the sea, where Jalandhar is also described as part of Lord Shiva (but it is not mentioned in the lingapurana that it was a part of Shiva) . By the power of his penance Jalandhar had gained a lot of power. So that he defeated and subdued Yaksha, Gandharva, Dev, Demon, and even conquered Brahma and then to purpose of win Lord Vishnu, Jalandhar fought fiercely against Shri Hari Vishnu, which continued for thousands of years and in the end Jalandhar also conquered Shri Hari Vishnu.

And after winning the war, he said to Lord Vishnu that "Vishnu now I have won you too, so now only Shankar is left, I will win him and become the lord of this whole world . And after this, while addressing his companions, he said that "Now only Mahadev is left, I will conquer him. I will be only one lord of the entire worlds.
Hearing such sentences of Jalandhar, all the demons began to shout, which made the people tremble, and Jalandhar went to Mahadev with all his demons and elephant, horses and chariots etc., while Lord Shiva kept listening to  glory of Jalandhar.
      And while defending Brahma's words, Bholenath smile and said to Parvati , Nandi ,other ganas , what should I do now, then loudly laughing. And then he said to Jalandhar, "O demon king, if you are willing to fight with me, then my arrows will separate your head from your torso , you will surely die. Hearing the words of Lord Shiva, Jalandhar said, "O Vrishabdhwaj, what is the benefit of such words, so you fight with me, leaving such words. Hearing this, Lord Rudra full filled water all around with his toe and smilingly said, "You come out of this Mahasamudra(ocean) made by my feet, then you are worth fighting with me otherwise, you surrender and return to Patalloka.
Then Jalandhar smilingly said, "O Shankar,  I will be killing you by my gada and killing the gods along with Indra, I can do the havan of the whole worlds, just like the snake's child can be killed by Garuda(Eagle). O Shankar, no anyone has been survived by my arrow, I conquered Bramha with penance in my childhood, the deity and sages-saints in youth, on the strength of penance, I have enlivened the three worlds in a moment. O Rudra ,I conquered to Vishnu, Gods like Indra, Kubera, Varuna, Agni, etc. cannot bear my smell, I also turned the face of Brahma upside down, I have kept captive Apsaras like Urvashi. Coward Indra by praying and having come to the my shelter and received Shachi from me, O Rudra you do not know me .
Hearing such egoistic words, Mahadev consumed Jalandhar's chariot by fire of the eye, and by the see of other demons, the elephants, horses, chariots etc. finished. When Jalandhar saw all this, he was filled with anger and took his hands near his shoulder to lift the weapon to kill Mahadev. But Jalandhar was cut by from the head to the feet in two parts and fell on the earth due to hit of trident attack of Mahadeva. Seeing Jalandhar dead, all the gods started roaring with joy and showering flowers.

According to second story

Hearing this, Lord Rudra full filled water all around with his toe and smilingly said, "You come out of this Mahasamudra(ocean) made by my feet, then you are worth fighting with me otherwise,Then Jalandhar smilingly said, "O Shankar,  I will be killing you by my gada and killing the gods along with Indra, I can do the havan of the whole worlds, just like the snake's child can be killed by Garuda(Eagle). O Shankar, no anyone has been survived by my arrow, I conquered Bramha with penance in my childhood, the deity and sages-saints in youth, on the strength of penance, I have enlivened the three worlds in a moment. O Rudra ,I conquered to Vishnu, Gods like Indra, Kubera, Varuna, Agni, etc. cannot bear my smell, I also turned the face of Brahma upside down, I have kept captive Apsaras like Urvashi. Coward Indra by praying and having come to the my shelter and received Shachi from me, O Rudra you do not know me .HeAaring suAch egoistAccording to second storyic words, Mahadev consumed Jalandhar's chariot by fire of the eye, and by the see of other demons, the elephants, horses, chariots etc. finished. When Jalandhar saw all this, he was filled with anger and took his hands near his shoulder to lift the weapon to kill Mahadev. But Jalandhar was cut by from the head to the feet in two parts and fell on the earth due to hit of trident attack of Mahadeva. Seeing Jalandhar dead, all the gods started roaring with joy and showering flowers.There was no war between Lord Vishnu and Jalandhar, when Jalandhar conquered all the gods, he reached to fight with Lord Shiva, and a fierce war started between Jalandhar and Lord Shiva which lasted for many thousands of years, but when Lord Shiva is unable to kill Jalandhar. Due to which the war was not taking the conclusion of the end of the war, then Lord Vishnu meditated and noticed that the source of the power of Jalandhar is his wife. And relized that Jalandhar cannot be killed until his wife dignity violate . Then Lord Vishnu taking form of Jalandhar disguised and violate the dignity of Tulsi, and as soon as Tulsi was divert, Jalandhar became powerless, due to which Lord Shiva killed Jalandhar with his trident.

It is also told in the Linga Purana that whoever hears or narrates the story of Jalandhar, they all attains the lord Shiva.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Story of Draupati's previous birth

Story of Draupati's previous birth

Hello friends

                  The story of Draupati's previous birth is also mentioned in the Mahabharata and in the Bhavishya Purana, today I will tell you about both stories .

According to the Bhavishya Purana: -

This is the event of that time, when the Pandavas lose their entire kingdom in the gambling from the Kauravas, and are going to the forest wearing mrigacharm, then the best people of the city also walk with them, seeing Yudhishthira fall into thinking. He was thinking about that arranging your own food in the uninhabited forest is a very difficult task, then how will I feed all these excellent people?
Thinking this, Yudhishthira goes to Muni Maitreya and told all the agony, which Muni Maitreya hearing and says that Dharmaraja I will tell you an ancient thing, which I saw with my divine vision, listen carefully.
Once upon a time, a poor Brahmini lived in a Tapovan(Forest), she used to worship the best people(Sages &Saints) daily even in this condition, once the sage Vashistha reached her hut, Brahmani welcomed him too, seeing the devotion to the Brahmani, the sage Vashistha was extremely pleased , and said to ask for the boon, then the Brahmini said, "O Muni, please tell me some method so that I can become a husband's beloved, brave son's mother, good luck, wealthy and worthy of praise in this world,"
Then Vashistha said, O Subrata(Auspicious lady), you fill the pot of moong and rice in the pot of clay and after making it worship with sandal, place a vessel of water and ghee, worship it with flowers, deepak, naiveidh and then donate the food to the needy peoples.
This donation should be done on Sunday, Sankranti, Chaturthi, Ashtmi, Ekadashi and Tritiya, by doing this you will get all that you want, by obeying the sage Vashistha, she started donating food every day.
Therefore, O Partha, by effects of the same virtue, the same Brahmani Draupati has been born as your wife in this birth, and the hand of the draupati will never be empty in giving charity, because this Draupadi will be part of Sati, Shachi, Swaha, Savitri, Arundhati, and Lakshmi.  Which substance can be rare wherever she lives . If this Draupadi donates food from her hands, then she can satisfy the whole world, then why do you worry about these little superior citizens.

According to Mahabharata: -

            Another story which is mentioned in the Adiparva of Mahabharata, in which Vyas ji states that Draupati was a sage girl in the previous birth, according to whose best deeds no one was accepting own wife, then she started hard austerity of God.

Due to which Bholenath pleased and asked her to ask for a boon, then the girl said, "Lord, I want a husband full of all virtues,

1: - I want a husband who follows dharma,

 2: - I want a husband who is as powerful as Hanuman,

 3: - I want a husband who is the best archer in the world,

 4: - Want a husband who is the most beautiful in the whole world,

 5: - You give me the husband who is the most tolerant,

Hearing this, Shivji said thastastu and became disappeared, now that girl had inadvertently asked to Shiva for the boon of husband five times, so she was born as a Draupati and became the wife of the Pandavas.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Know about Lord Ganesha

Know about Lord Ganesha

Ganesha is a formless divinity who is established in a supernatural shape for the benevolence of the devotees.  According to Hindu mythology, he is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Gan means group.  This whole creation is a group of atoms and different energies.  If there was no supreme rule ruling the group of different entities of this whole creation, then there would have been a lot of upheaval in it.  Ganesha is the master of all these atoms and groups of energies. He is the supreme consciousness which is omnipresent and establishes a system in this universe.

Adi Shankara has very beautifully described the essence of Ganesha in the Ganesh Stotra. 

Although Ganesha is worshiped as an elephant-headed god, this shape (form) actually reveals that formless (parabrahm form).

He is 'Aj Nirvikalpam Nirakaramakam'.  That is, Ganesha is Ajam (unborn), Nirvikalpa (without any qualities), formless (without any shape) and he is the symbol of consciousness, which is omnipresent.

Ganesha is the same energy that is the reason for this creation.  It is the same energy through which everything is visible (manifest) and in which everything will dissolve.

Story of the birth of Lord Ganesha.

We all know the story of how Ganesha became an elephant-headed god.  While Parvati was taking bath, Shiva entered the room.  Seeing this, her friends were embarrassed. Maa Parvati had appointed Nandi to supervise the door at that time. But Nandi could not stop Shiva, because Nandi is one of Mahadev's ganas. Then Maa Parvavati's friends told her to appoint a gana for herself who would follow his orders only. And when she realized this, she removed the filth from her body and made a child from it.  Then she told the child that while she is taking bath, he should guarding the door. When Shiva returned, the boy did not recognize him, and blocked his path.  Lord Shiva then beheaded the child and went inside.
Parvati was very surprised to see this.  She explained to Shiva that the child was his son, and she begged Lord Shiva to save his life at any cost.
Then Lord Shiva ordered his assistants to go and get a head from anywhere that was sleeping facing north.  Then Shivji's assistant brought the head of an elephant, which Shivji attached to the torso of that child and thus Lord Ganesha was born.

** Facts of thought in the story of Lord Ganesha.

Why Parvati had dirt on her body ?: Parvati is a symbol of happy energy.  Their being dirty means that any festival can be royal, it can have attachment and can shake you from your center.  dirt is a symbol of ignorance, and Lord Shiva is the symbol of supreme simplicity, peace and wisdom.

  • Was Lord Shiva, who was a symbol of peace, so angry that he beheaded his own son?  And why elephant head on Lord Ganesha's torso?  So when Ganeshji stopped the path of Lord Shiva, it means that ignorance, which is the quality of the brain, does not recognize knowledge, then knowledge must win over ignorance.  To show this, Shiva had beheaded Ganesha.
  • Why elephant's head ?: Elephant is the symbol of both 'knowledge power' and 'karma power'.  The main qualities of an elephant are - intelligence and spontaneity.  The giant head of an elephant is a sign of wisdom and knowledge.  Elephants never escape the obstacles, nor do they stop them. They only remove them from their path and move forward - it is a symbol of spontaneity.  Therefore, when we worship Lord Ganesha, all these qualities are awakened within us, and we take these qualities.

  • ** Ganesha's symbols and their importance

  • 1 . Ganesha's large belly signifies generosity and total acceptance.
  • 2 . Ganesha's raised hand is a symbol of protection - that is, 'Don't panic, I'm with you' and his bowed hand, with the palm facing outward, means eternal charity, as well as an invitation to lean forward.  - It is a symbol that we will all meet in this soil one day.
  • 3 . Ganesha is Ekadanta, which means concentration.  Whatever they hold in their hands, they all have some meaning.
  • 4 . He has a curb in own hands, which means - awake, and loop - that is, control.  With awakening, a lot of energy is produced and distraction can occur without any control.
  • 5 . Ganeshji, why does the elephant-headed god walk on a small vehicle like a rat?  Isn't it very strange?  Again, it has a deep secret.  A rat cuts the ropes and cuts them apart.  A rat is like a mantra that can completely cut off the unique layers of ignorance, and reveals the ultimate knowledge of which Lord Ganesha symbolizes.

  • Our ancient sages were so intelligent that they represented divinity as these symbols rather than words, because words change over time, but the symbols never change.  So whenever we meditate on that omnipresence, we should keep these deep symbols in our mind, like the elephant-headed God, and at the same time remember also that Ganesha is within us.  This is the knowledge with which we should celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi.

  • Friends, this is some information about Lord Ganesha.  Further information of Lord Ganesha will be given on this blog.  Thank you

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Shiva's auspicious symbols

Shiva's auspicious symbols:

These 12 things are known as Bholenath

The auspicious signs or symbols of Lord Shiva are very important.  There is some secret hidden behind each of their auspicious symbols.  Apart from Aak flowers, bilvapatra, water, milk and sandalwood, he also loves many things.  Let's know 12 such things from which Lord Bholenath is known.

1. Shiva lingam: Shiva lingam signifies the nirguna and formless form of Lord Shiva.  It is also a symbol of Brahm, the soul and the universe.  According to the Vayu Purana, all the creation which gets absorbed in the holocaust and in the re-creation from which the universe appears is called Shivalinga.

2. Trishul(Trident): Lord Shiva always had a trident.  Trishul is also indicative of the destruction of 3 types of sufferings daily, divine, physical.  It has 3 types of powers- Sat, Raz and Tama.  The 3 prongs of the trident also represent the rise, preservation and sublimation of the world respectively.  According to Shaivism, Shiva is the ruler of these three roles.  It represents the Pashupati, animal and loop of Shaivite doctrine. It is believed that it is also a symbol of 3 times (present, past, future) of Mahakaleshwar.  Apart from this, it symbolizes the establishment of unity with the supreme position of the self, universe and power.  It is also a symbol of the stable Ida in the left part, Pingala in the south and Sushumna nadis located in the central .

3. Rudraksh: Rudraksha is believed to have originated from the tears of Shiva.  According to religious texts, there are evidences of having Rudraksha up to 21 mukhi, but currently after 14 Mukhi, all Rudraksha are inaccessible.  Wearing it provides positive energy, blood flow is also balanced.

4. Tripund Tilak: Lord Shiva places Tripund Tilak on the forehead.  It is a tilak with three long stripes.  It is a symbol of Trilokya and Triguna.  It is also a symbol of Satoguna, Rajoguna and Tapoguna. Tripunda is of two types - the first is a red dot between three stripes.  This point is a symbol of power.  The common man should not apply this kind of tripund.  The second one is Tilak or Tripunda with only three stripes. This causes the mind to concentrate.

5. Bhabhuta or Bhasma(Ash): Shiva applied ash on his body.  Bhasma makes sense of the futility of the world.  Bhasma is also a symbol of freedom from attraction, attachment etc.  The only place in the country that the Bhasma Aarti of Shiva is used in the Mahakal temple of Ujjain. In which the cremation incineration's ash is used. Yajna's ash has many Ayurvedic properties.  In the Holocaust, the entire world is destroyed, then only bhasma (ash) remains.  This condition is also of the our body.

6. Damru: All Hindu Goddess and Gods have one or the other musical instrument.  In the same way God had Damru, which symbolizes nad.  Lord Shiva is also considered the father of music.  Before him nobody knew how to dance, sing and play.
Naad means sound that continues continuously in the universe called 'ॐ'.  Other voices in music keep on coming and going, the central voice among them is the nad.

7. Kamandal: There is water in the kamandal which symbolizes nectar.  The kamandal is held by every saint or yogi.

8. Hasti charma and Vyaghra charma: Shiva is wearing Hasti skin and Vyaghra skin on his body.  Hasti means elephant and Vyaghra means tiger.  Elephant is symbol of pride and tiger is violence, so Shivji has suppressed both arrogance and violence.
The tiger is a symbol of power and entity and is the vehicle of the goddess of power.  Lord Shiva often sits on it or wears this skin, indicating that he is the master of power and above all power.

9. Shiva Kundal: There is a ears piercing ceremony in Hindus.  In the Shaiva, Shakta and Nath sect, it is customary to wear a mudra(coin)or kundal(earrings ) in it by piercing the ear at the time of initiation.  Ancient idols often see the serpent kundal in the ears of Shiva and Ganapati, the conch or patra kundal in the ears of Uma and other goddesses and the makara kundal in the ear of Vishnu. The two ear rings, which are worn by God, 'Alakshya' (meaning which cannot be shown by any medium) and Niranjan (meaning one who cannot be seen with mortal eyes). It is noteworthy that the kundal of Lord's left ear has been used by the female form and the coil of his right ear has been used by the male form.  Vibhutas in both ears represent the principle of creation in the form of Shiva and Shakti (man and woman).

10. Chandrama(Moon): Shiva also has a name 'Som'.  Som means Chandra.  Shiva's wearing of the chandra is also a symbol of mind control.  The chandra has direct connection with the Himalayan Mountains and the sea.  The first Jyotirlinga of the world was established by Chandra Dev at Somnath. Basically all the festivals and celebration of Shiva are based on Chandramas.  Shivaratri, Mahashivratri etc. have importance of lunar arts in festivals associated with Shiva.  It is a symbol of the cult of the semi-lunar Shaivists and Chandravanshis.

11. Jatas and Ganga: Shiva is the god of space.  His name is Vyomkesh, so sky is his Jata's form.  Jatas are a symbol of the atmosphere.  Air pervades the sky.  Above the solar system is the Parameshthi Mandala.  Its semantic element is named as Ganga, so Ganga flows in the jata of Shiva.
Shiva's Rudra form is considered to be a fierce and destructive form holder.  The practice of offering water to Shiva started due to the holding of the Ganges in Jata.
When an attempt was made to bring Ganga to the earth from heaven, it also raised the question that this immense velocity of the Ganges could cause a huge hole in the earth, then the Ganges would enter the earth.  In such a situation, Lord Shiva first seated Ganga in his jata for this solution and then landed it on the earth.  Gangotri Tirtha is a witness to this incident.

12. Vasuki and Nandi: Taurus is the vehicle of Shiva.  He is always with Shiva.  Taurus means dharma.  The Puranas have called dharma is a 4-legged creature.  Its 4 legs are religion , Artha, Kama and Moksha.  Mahadev rides this 4 legged Taurus i.e. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha are under him.  According to one belief, Taurus is also called Nandi, one of the Ganas of Shiva.  Nandi was the author of Dharmashastra, Arthashastra, kamshastra and Mokshashastra. Similarly, Shiva had a close attachment to the Nagavanshis.  All the people of Naga dynasty resided in the Himalayas, the region of Shiva.  Anantnag of Kashmir was the stronghold of these Nagavanshis.  All the people of Naga clan followed Shaivism.

The name Nageshwar Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva makes it clear that Shiva has an unbreakable relationship with the naga or serpent because of being the God of serpents.  There is a tradition of worship of serpents on Nagpanchami in India.  He who reconcile in opposing sentiments make a cruel and terrible creature like a serpants or snake use to garland his neck.  The wrapped serpent or serpent is a symbol of the power of the Kundalini.

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