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Friday, February 21, 2020

Legend of great Shiva devotee

Legend of great Shiva devotee

 In the jungles of the south there was a clan named Sangrila in which Bhil caste hunters lived. Sardar of this clan was a Bhil named Nag who according to his name was ferocious and powerful. In experts of archery,  Nag used to put venom on his arrows.
It did not take him long to kill his enemy. Nag's wife's name was Tatta. Tatta was also a big frightfully woman with a garland of lion teeth around her neck. Both spouses were considered dangerous among the tribes of the surrounding forests.
After a long wait, Tatta gave birth to a son named Tishna. The newborn was very weighing at birth. Therefore his name was appropriate. Tishna is called heavy in the language of there.
 Tishna continued to be nurtured and by the age of sixteen he became the master of the mountain body. He was also several steps ahead of his father in wielding weapons. Many times Tishna hunted wild boar unarmed. His physical strength was limitless.
When Nag would see his son swinging like a elephant , then his chest would be stretched with pride. Nag had grown old. He made Tishna the head of the clan. According to the rules, Tishna going out for hunting before becoming the chief of clan. The corridors of wild animals passing through Tishna would fall.

His two servants Nad and Kad picked up  and collected them at one place. When Tishna gathered a lot of meat , he got hungry. Meat was enough to satisfy hunger but there was no water. Then both his followers came there.
Now feeling hungry. The direction also seems to be confused. Can I have water somewhere? Let the hunger calm down. Tishna said. Yes, he is looking at the huge shawl tree, after that the river Suvarna flows behind the hill. Its water is also very cold. Nad said.
That hill is also very beautiful. There is a temple on it which has a statue of Lord Jata Jutdhari. You can worship them. Kad also said.
What is this god? Tishna asked. Kad was moving towards old age. Had traveled to the remote jungles for hunting and lived in the company of many saints. He had some knowledge.
 The person who has created this plant and animal is a god. Kad told according to his knowledge-ability: Where does this wind come from? Where does water come from? All is God's grace. Tishna's teenage mind became keen on that new information. He also asks Kad more about God.
 Where does this god live? I would like to meet such a person.
 He is involved in every particle. These flowers and leaves are also there, but to meet him one has to do devotion. We have to worship.
 I will Tishna said in a firm voice: I can do anything to meet a person who gives so much without taking anything.
 Then you walk in the temple and worship. The seed of Prabhu Milan sprouted in the mind of Tishna. In his heart a natural love for the gratitude of God had grown. All three started climbing the hill. As Tikha was climbing the hill, his hunger and thirst were fading.
 There was an indescribable curiosity in the inner heart. They reached the summit of the hill and reached in front of the temple. On seeing the idol of Mahadev, Tishna forgot his consciousness and after being overwhelmed, tied the idol in his embrace and started crying.
 O who gives water and life to the world! He said excitedly: Despite being so great, you live alone in this forest! Some flowers were placed on the head of the idol.
Tishna picked them up and threw them. Whose wickedness is this. Who placed this flower on my master's head?
 I often see a person. Nada said - He comes early in the morning and pours cold water on his head and leaves flowers and leaves. At the same time something keeps mumbling.
He is definitely an Aghori who is engaged in selfishness by making my lord a medium . Tishna said: He would not have even served them food. I will make them eat fresh meat every day.
He started taking food but he did not feel like going from the temple. He would return again and cling to the idol. God ! The mind does not want to leave, but you feel hungry so I go.
Tishna left from there and came down from the hill. The pulse was stunned while Kad was understanding the state of Tishna.
We were destroyed. Nada said: Swami went mad. Everything has happened because of you. Now the elder masters will roast and eat you. Kad did not say anything. What would he explain that intelligence?
 When Tishna returned, he had meat in both his hands. As soon as he came, roast the meat and put it on several leaves, then tasted the meat of each leaf to see if it remained raw. After that, he was satisfied and dedicated himself to God.
This is absolutely crazy. Such fragrant flesh is offering to the stone. It does not take care of our hunger. Nada spoke unhappily.
Tishna was sitting in front of the idol urging food. Owner ! It was evening. Now come home Will be waiting He spoke.
 I can't go The night is the time for the jungle creatures to roam. I cannot leave God alone. you go .
Kad now know his death Nada said with anger: Swami started talking like this because of you. I will get you punished by telling the elder master. I go now You stop here with this maniac.
 The nad descended from the hill. Kad also began to think that when Nirbuddhi Naad tells Nag, he will give him death without even thinking about it. Therefore, it was best to escape from there.
 Tishna remained alone in the temple. At night, he took a bow and arrow at the temple gate and started protecting God.
He kept watch all night. His love was going towards infinity. At dawn, Tishna came down the hill to get fresh meat for his God. Moments after he left, the priest who used to worship in the temple daily came.
He was shocked to see meat in the temple. Oh God ! Who did this corruption A wild hunter desecrated the temple. The priest cursed the hunter as soon as he cleaned the temple and himself took a bath in the river.
 After that, he praised his great mantras and went back to his home. Tishna returned. He collected and roasted the flesh of many animals and brought honey in it. He became angry after seeing the same flowers and leaves in the temple.
 He brought water in the mouth for the God to reach. For this reason could not speak. He removed flowers and leaves from his feet, then poured mouth water on the idol. God ! In my absence, that evil Aghori came. Someday I will punish him.
Take a meal Today I have also squeezed honey in fresh meat . Tishna said. In this way, for five days, Tishna used to spend day and night in his god's food as a protector. He himself was not able to eat and drink.

 Tishna's parents went out to search him elsewhere because when he came to the temple there was no one there. Then Nad said that the Kad must have seduced him and taken him somewhere.
On the other hand, the priest would see such a situation in the temple every day and mourn the corruption. Worshiping the temple cleaned and returned.
 It was God's leela that the priest and Tishna had never encountered. Perhaps the priest would have been hurt by the fiery instinct of Tishna. .
 When the priest started abusing Tishna on that corruption, Devadhidev Mahadev appeared to him in a dream night.
 Oh my devotee! You do not know whom you are abusing. He is my ultimate devotee. He tries to please me as per his ability.
There is no desire anywhere in his love. I love that very much. You do find his worship bad method , but not me.
Meat is his food which he surrendered to me after knowing everything. When he urges me for food in his language, I find his request even better than your chanting and Vedantras. If you want to see his devotion, then look somewhere tomorrow.
The priest jolted awake. There was nothing but God himself ordered, so he hid near the temple in the morning and started watching the acts of Tishna.
At that time Tishna went to get food for God. As he was returning, he stumbled and fell on the way to the earth.
It is a bad omen. Has anything happened to my God? Tishna thought and started running up the hill. The priest was stunned to see the giant figure. When Tishna reached the temple, he saw blood dripping from the left eye of the idol. Food was left out of his hand.
Hi, what happened to my God? Which sinner has injured my master? Tishna sat and wept: If I find that evil one, I will kill him. Tishna wiped the blood from the eyes of God but the blood flow continued continuously.
 Alas what do i do? What to cure, he started crying out loud: You must have been suffering a lot. First I find the evil one who has done this evil act.
 Tishna came out of the temple. The priest shivered at him. If he is seen somewhere, he will not be left alive. Hey Bholenath Protect But was Sarveshwar ignorant of the nature of Tishna?
 It was his leela that clearly visible priest was not visible to Tishna. When no one saw him, he sat back near the idol.
God ! I bring herbs. I do not know which herb will benefit you but go. I just return
Tishna came down from the hill and when he returned, there was a big bundle of jangali herbs on his head. On coming to the temple, he squeezed every single god into the eyes of the god but the bleeding did not stop.
What should I do now? Tishna was distracted. Then he remembered that the hunters used human flesh on the wound and the wound healed. I will try this also. The left eye of God is destroyed, so I keep my left eye on the wound, it may be possible.
 With a pointed arrow, the devotee took out his left eye. Blood flowed out of his own eye but there was no worry. Placed the eye on the palm and placed it on the eye of God. Immediately the Lord's eye stopped bleeding.
Tishna killed Kilkari happily. Started dancing My God became good. But what? Now the right eye of God started bleeding. Tishna was stunned. Don't worry lord! I have received treatment. I still do treatment.
 Tishna again raised the arrow and was anxious to take out the right eye when only then Devadhidev, who appeared from the idol, appeared and grabbed Tishna's hand.
 Even in Devlok, praise was started due to such devotion of Tishna! Your love and renunciation is of a higher quality than the practice of great ascetics.

 Selfless love has made me my slave. You have no desire even in your heart. Therefore, I give you the gift of all divine knowledge. You will get the answer of all the questions in your heart towards me. Kailashpati said with exasperation.
Thishna became enlightened at that moment. His divine enlightenment was looking at reality like a movie. He drowned in emotion and bowed down at his feet.
 The hidden priest became a witness to that incredible scene and he gratified his life by simultaneously interviewing such a devotee Vatsal God and great devotee.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020



In the Sanatan Dharma, there has been a tradition of honoring the Gurus from the beginning. Many such gurus are found in our religious texts, who have given new heights to the Guru-Shishya tradition. Guru means one who leads from darkness to light, that is, the Guru guides the disciple properly for success in life.

Lord Shiva is beginning and infinite, that is, no one knows about their origin and neither knows the end. That is, Shiva is the Supreme Father. Lord Shiva has also imparted the ultimate knowledge to his disciples by becoming a guru. If it is said that Lord Shiva is the first Guru of the universe, then there will be no exaggeration.

Shiva gave weapons education to Parashurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Parshuram made the earth devoid of Kshatriya many times only from the parshu (furs) given by Shiva. According to the Brahmavaivarta Purana, Lord Shiva is also the Guru of Jartaru (Mansa), the sister of Nagas.
Shiva taught the mrit sanjivani vidya to Shukracharya, the guru of the demons. Once a fierce battle took place between the gods and the demons. As much as the gods slaughtered the demons, Shukracharya would revive them with mruit Sanjivani lore. Seeing this, Lord Shiva swallowed Shukracharya and threw him out again after the war ended. Goddess Parvati considered Shukracharya as her son only after being regenerated by Shiva.

Disciples of Shiva:

Shiva is the Guru of the world. According to the recognition, he first gave his knowledge to the sapt rishis. Sapt Rishis took knowledge from Shiva and spread it in different directions and spread Shaivism, yoga and knowledge in every corner of the world. These seven sages did not leave any person who was taught the knowledge of Shiva karma, tradition etc. Today it get will be seen in all religions. Parashurama and Ravana were also disciples of Shiva. It was Shiva who started the Guru and Shishya tradition, due to which even today, the same tradition is being continued in all the saints like Nath, Shaiva, Shakta etc. Adi Guru Shankaracharya and Guru Gorakhnath carried this tradition further.

Sapta Rishi is the original disciple of Shiva:

Lord Shiva is the first yogi and he has the deepest understanding of human nature. He selected 7 sages to expand their knowledge and gave them knowledge of different aspects of yoga, which became the 7 basic aspects of yoga. Over time, hundreds of branches emerged in 7 points. Later, seeing the complexity in yoga, Patanjali assimilated the entire Yoga Shastra in just 200 sutras in 300 BC. The 8th stage of yoga is moksha. 7 th stage are there to reach that moksha .
"Ignorance" is the root cause of all the miseries of the world. Those who do not know the secret of life or creation, who do not know the divine, do not know themselves, who have never experienced it, even if they do  receive the innumerable food of the world - cannot be free from misery, they cannot be get introduced to real peace or bliss.
Avidya means the creature that takes shelter of ignorance, suffers the sorrow and gets to blindness.
Therefore, to take life in the right direction, it is necessary to light a lamp of enlightenment, in light of this you can achieve your only real goal. All the sorrows can get rid of toxins and get nectar.
But now you  an extinguished lamp, so you have to take shelter of fire to ignite. This fire is the true master and scripture.

With full devotion and faith, we need to be refuge of a resplendent Prakashpunj true Guru and Shastras, so that this extinguished lamp of our heart can be ignited by his unrivaled spiritual energy. Then there is no worry, no sorrow. God himself shows the path by holding hands on the steps, helping us. Whether it is alive or inanimate, whatever exists, it belongs to him. He drives the earth, fills the pools, makes satisfying the thirsty, transmits the nectar in life. Everything belongs to him, he is walking by it, so it is his. This creation is such a film that never ends, because it never starts… It is always going on and will always go on. Because the superhero of this film is infinite. So everything of the infinite will be infinite .... The name is also infinite, religion is also infinite, compassion is also infinite, affection is also infinite, forgiveness is also infinite, form is also infinite, eyes also, foot also, hand also.... everything is infinite. It is simple-accessible-easy because that is what is always available everywhere. And our only destination is the same… the same.

Come, make Shiva own Guru.

It is very small to say the word Guru, but for every human being, a master of great work is one who can give true knowledge, the soul is the form of truth, the doer is the only true and immortal soul in this world, soul is the body's honor. The status of fame is generated by all these qualities, all will be destroyed as soon as the body is released, understanding to know the soul is the best knowledge, and the world guru, etc., the master of this entire universe, is the only ever-present And that is why he is also called Vishwanath Vishveshwar. He is the Guru of everyone. He is also the Guru among the Gurus; The Mahaguru is the Adiguru. He was gurus and will remain gurus tomorrow, they have not known how many gurus have been created and destroyed. Shiva element is the basic essence of the soul. Land self as divine as the Hail Father Hail God.
If the Guru is severed, the Guru means Gu means the meaning of darkness, Ru means is the meaning of the light, or the form of light, that is the full meaning of the Guru, that leads us from darkness to light. Guru is a Brahmin, there is no one better than the soul for everyone, the soul is a symbol of true love, kindness and peace in pure form. The symbol of the reer is Maya changes, not the soul, if the soul is the best master for every soul, then the supreme master is the only one in the universe, only Shiva is not greater than the whole universe. Guru is Vishwa Guru, that is why he is called Vishwanath Vishveshwar.

Need of Guru in life: -

 A spiritual Guru is needed in every human life. The job of a guru is to get a connection with the divine. Whatever we do in life- worshiping, doing charity, fasting fast, studying or trying for our livelihood, it does not give complete success unless there is a spiritual master in life, because whatever we They do the work of sending it to God.
It is the work of the Guru to turn our mind towards the divine who is running towards worldly activities. Guru has been called a doctor of mind. Just as a skilled doctor makes us healthy by eliminating physical diseases, similarly a qualified teacher makes our mind healthy by removing our mental illnesses. These mental illnesses are stress, frustration, depression, despair etc. Today these diseases are spreading rapidly in the society. The basic reason for this is that there is no spiritual teacher in our life. Even if they are not qualified. Today, humans have started thinking of themselves as all-powerful. As a result, we are getting the means of material happiness, but instead of giving us rest, they are restless. Laughter - happiness, peace, all these are getting away from us, we have to go to the Laughing Club to laugh. All the temporal and supernatural pleasures of human life depend on Guru-Daya.

Why is Shiva the Guru?

 Making a guru is necessary in life, but why should Shiva be made a guru? There are many body-holding gurus on the earth. It is natural to arise in this question. It has been said that a Guru can be the one who has the qualities to become a Guru. Different scriptures describe different qualities for a guru. It has been said that in which Brahmani, Vaishnavi and Rudrani - these are the three powers, he can hold the post of Guru. These three powers are found in Maheshwar Shiva. It has been said in the Upanishads that Guru can hold the post only which protects our knowledge, destroys sorrows, brings happiness in life, gives us prosperity and in whose refuge all our abilities are developed. According to the Upanishads, these five qualities have been revealed according to the Upanishads - knowledge-protection, sorrow-decay, happiness, prosperity and all-enrichment. Maheshwar Shiva bears all these qualities. In this way, all the qualities mentioned by Guru are Shivguru's source. Shiva is called Jagatguru. Guru Panth has started with Shiva only. He has also been called Adiguru in the texts, has also been called Guru of Gurus, and also called the Tribhuvan Guru.

Can't humans be gurus?

 Of course it can happen. Even, every human is a guru and a disciple. To make Shiva your guru is not to ignore the rest of the gurus. Conversely, making Jagadguru his master becomes every gravest master of the world, whether it is gross, subtle, or microcosm.
But to make a human being a master, eligibility is required even before. For example, if you want to study in a medical college, then you should have already passed 10 + 2, from biology and if you want to study in engineering college, from mathematics. Along with Physics, Chemistry, English etc.
This is the reason that, of all the bodily beings who became famous Sadhguru, only a few disciples became famous, only 1 in most cases.
 Such as, 1 Kabirdas of Ramananda Swami or Vivekananda of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Because the pre-qualification of disciples is very rare. When it comes to a spiritual teacher, it is rare to find a guru and it is very rare to find a qualified disciple.
 Physical gurus can give material knowledge, but for spiritual knowledge, only spiritual master will have to do. In the case of spirituality, the external guru also has to be the inner guru, that is, the external guru also has to enter the inner being of the disciple with his yoga force.
 That is why it is said that the Guru descends on the bottom of the disciple and by scouring the consciousness of the disciple, he reveals the best side of his personality.
To make Shiva own Guru , there is no need for any prior eligibility . Because Shiva-Guru is present on every floor. They are also at the top and at the bottom. He is also the first and the last. They are inside as well as outside.
 That is why Shiva has been called Jagadguru or Guru of the masses.
The second reason is that man has become so demoralized that human has become a demon. Man has fallen below the demon. Ravana also kidnapped Sita and kept her in Ashoka Vatika. He asked for their consent for marriage. Today rapes are taking place publicly.
For own happiness brother, brother, son, father, husband and wife do not miss killing. Love, which is the basic quality of human, (the basic quality - that identifies that object, such as the basic property of fire - heat, the basic quality of ice is frosting). Today the environment has changed. In today's environment, it is necessary that man should again go to that Jagatguru. Today, human beings are no longer the control of worldly gurus.
It is said that Shiva created the universe. Gave Brahma the right to creation, Vishnu to preserve and Shankar to the destruction and placed the task of imparting knowledge.
A description of 112 disciples of Shiva is found in the Shiva Purana. Such as Rama's Guru Vashistha, Krishna's Guru Upamanyu, Gods 'Guru Vrihaspati, Demons' Guru Shukracharya, Gorakhnath's Guru Matsyendra Nath, Muni Agastya, all of whom were disciples of Shiva who attained unrivaled fame. These Shiva's disciples started the work of Guru with the energy of Shiva. Then from generation to generation i.e. hereditary guru work started going on. But the power that started from Shiva to Guru's duty has almost ended. Today there is a shortage of qualified gurus. Even if there are qualified gurus, then human life has become so busy that it is difficult for a human to find a qualified master in this time of runaway.

The third thing that a Guru needs is from the age when the child understands. Because Guru's job is to develop life and childhood is the right age for development. The Guru reveals the best side of his disciple's personality. People think that when they are free from all the work, then they will choose a guru. What a great fool act. When we have come into the world, it is our right to enjoy worldly pleasures. Cosmic pleasures are attained only by the mercy of the Guru. Otherwise we do not enjoy material happiness due to lack of understanding and knowledge, that is what we begin to enjoy. As a bhogi, to enjoy happiness and to become self-absorbed are two separate conditions.
It has been said that Guru's kindness is the secret of cosmic and supernatural climax. This should always be kept in mind to awaken your disciple. Therefore, there is a need of a guru from childhood All psychiatrists come only in childhood. Today children are stressed. Now, think where you will find another teacher suitable for children at this age from Shiva. Where will children find gurus who have many restrictions with them?
Earthly gurus feel bond because they are human beings, they cannot change our mind. There is a limit to the power and strength of the body gurus. So they say do not do such a thing, do not eat such a thing, which is impossible in today's environment. Today, wrong eating, behavior has become a part of our daily routine. Therefore, it is not possible for today's people to leave them and make a gurus. This is also the reason people are turning away from spirituality. But the Jagatguru does not put any restrictions. Any person who eats and drinks, can make them Guru, only then the name Jagatguru has meaning. They bring the creature into Shiva spirit only by their mercy. With his kindness the mind starts changing, the evils start to go away. He can make the mind healthy and disease-free which has made the mind. Just as a TV can fix what a mechanic does, a refrigerator can fix what a mechanic does. It is also the reason that motivates us to make Shiva a guru.

Shiva was a guru even before, he still remains tomorrow.

The whole universe is inside Lord Shiva.
 We always need the right guidance to live life and do karma. No matter how good we may be by nature, we all have a limit within which we can think good and bad. We do not deserve that we can always guide ourselves in the right direction. We always need a pioneer who always takes us in the right direction. And only a Guru can do this work. In childhood, parents are gurus, then primary teachers, then high schools, etc. They all guided us in their own way, but they left us one by one or they would be left free. We need a guru who will never leave us, who always has been and always will be. A Guru is one who makes a disciple like himself by teaching and imparting knowledge, and all these only one Guru can give us are Lord Guru Shiva.
In order to read science, we often used to consider an unknown number as something. Then he used to prove his value. In the same way, let us consider Lord Shiva as our Guru and then see if you are getting education or not? You will get education only through emotion. Both knowledge and understanding will come in you. By the way, I have been telling peoples about Shivguru since student life . Scientists have proved that a power (soul) emanates from the body after death. We all have a soul. The whole soul is part of a divine being. Someone named that god, Mahadev, someone GOD, someone Allah, and someone gave him the name Akalatkhat. Shivaguru can be associated with with emotion. Anyway, emotion is needed to connect with anyone.
You will not be connected to any other by staying in a house, unless you have the feeling of that relationship. By the way, science has reached only a few planets of the Sun. You will never be able to find such innumerable planets. Comparison of micro science with the creator of the universe, Shivguru, is meaningless.
By the way, if you want to understand spirituality, then you have to go to the spiritual master. I am a student myself. I cannot give you much information about spirituality. Apart from Jagatguru Shiva, no one can give complete information about spirituality. Where science ends, A, B, C, D of spirituality starts from then on. That's all i would like to say.

Shiva is the resultant guru.

 Shiva not only takes responsibility of his deeds after becoming someone's guru, but it is also the responsibility of Shiva Guru to take care of the happiness and grief of his disciple, who he performs well. He can never see his disciple disappointed or sad because his The disciple is their responsibility. It is said that what is written in luck is the same. It is right here, but only as long as Mahadev is only God. As God he is bound in his own rules that what he wrote ((which is the result of our previous deeds)), he will not change it but this does not apply in Guru Shiva because Guru would have mercy. Are Daya means to give someone what they do not even deserve or not to be luck . I mean to say that suppose my destiny is written in rain, then Mahadev will not stop the rain because rain is my luck, he cannot change it, but Guru Shiva will definitely give me an umbrella to avoid that rain Will help to survive and I will not get wet even when it rains, in this way Mahadev followed his rule, not stopping the rain and also took responsibility for his disciple Giving umbrella.
As Mahadev Guru, we are taught to do deeds while experiencing the joys of life - they do not say that do penance in the jungle or on the mountain. Life is like a bumpy road; It is compulsory to walk, but we can choose to ride with our own mind whether to go by bullock-cart or by car. It is obvious that on this bumpy-bumpy road, if we go by bullock-cart then you will get hit, get hurt. If you go by car on gay, then you will go comfortably no matter how bumpy or uneven the road is. Living life without making Shiva a guru is like riding a bullock cart on this path and living life by making Shiva a guru is like a car ride on this path. We will cross the road in both ways, but by car we will be comfortable. We will live life comfortably by making him a guru. The same thing happened that the bumpy-rough road is in our destiny, it cannot change, but to make Shiva a guru to walk on it is by car It is like taking, which does not let us feel despite the difficulties of life.

Way to make shiv ji a guru

Naturally, we see Shiva as God only. To make him a Guru , we have to realize. Like a summary, three (3) sutras can say:

First - to say to Shivji, O Shiva, you are my Guru and I am your disciple.
 Please pity me.

 Secondly - to discuss Shiv Guru, that is, to tell people about his Guru form.

 Third - Do "Namah Shivaya" anytime throughout the day.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Other eleven forms of Rudra according to Shaivagam

Other eleven forms of Rudra according to Shaivagam


 Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Dev, demon, ghost , etc. were born from Lord Shambhu, many names are from them. Lord Rudra is the creator,  preserver and destroyer of this world.


The name of the second Rudra in Shaivagam is Pinaki. Situated on the forgiveness chariot, coordinated by the Brahma Sutra, is Lord Pinaki holding the four Vedas. Shri Brahma ji says to Narada ji - When we and Lord Vishnu bowed to Lord Rudra with a wordy body, then we were got by the omkar chanting mantra. Subsequently, this great word utanttvmasi was appeared in the four Vedas are the form of Pinaki Rudra.


The description of Lord Shiva's abode is found in three places. The first Bhadravat-place which is on the east side of Kailash, over Lahityagiri. The second place is on Mount Kailash and the third is on Mount Monjwan. Although Lord Shankar is an icon of vairaagya and restraint, but because of his complete leela's on Kailash, Mount Kailash is especially favourite to him. Kailash mountain  god Rudra is famous in his third form called Girish. There are two reasons for Lord Rudra's abode on Mount Kailash. The first reason is a boon given to his devotee and friend Kubera to be adjacent to his Alkapuri and the second reason is Giriraj of Rudra's Pranavallabha Uma incarnated here in Himwan.

Sthanu - 

In the Shaivagam, the fourth form of Lord Rudra has been described as Sthanu . By incorporating Parvati in his vamang(left body), he is the one who provides happiness to her and Stham Rudra, the pompous god of the entire Devamandal. He is self-effacing, self-righteous and fully selfless.


The fifth Rudra Bhagwan Bharga has been called a Bhayvinaashak . May Chandrabhushan, Jatadhari, Trinetra, Bhasmojjwal, the Bhaynaashak God live forever in our hearts. The only Mahadev Bhagwan Bharga Rudra is the one who liberates the suffering world from sorrow and fear at the earliest.


The sixth form of Rudra in Saivagam is called Sadasiva. Those who create all the worlds by becoming Brahma, preserve everyone in the form of Vishnu and in the end kill everyone in Rudra form, they are eternal. According to Shiva Purana, the first formless Parbrahma Rudra imagined the idol for himself with his Leela power. This idol was endowed with all opulence qualities, the only Vandaniya of all, auspicious form, the form of the form and the center of all cultures. By imagining that idol, he became a unique Brahman, thus, the idol of Parabrahma Rudra, who is idolized, is the embodiment of him.

Shiva - 

The seventh form of Rudra in Saivagam is called Shiva. All the welfare and virtues of Shiva are the shrines of Gayatri, which Omkar is the building. The word Shiva signifies eternal science. The word Shiva is derived from the Kantau dhatu, which means that the name of the one whom everyone wants is Shiva.


Saivagam, the name of the eighth form of Lord Rudra is Har, who bears Bhujang-Bhushan, the deity whose feet are gracious. Lord Hara has been called Sarp Bhushan. It means that everything is in the body of God . Both creation of time and its destruction on time are both works of Lord Rudra. There can be no more destructive tamoguni than snake, because the instinct to eat even your children is seen in the snake caste itself. That is why God carries a garland of snakes around his neck. Even after holding Kaal in his Bhushan form, God Har is timeless.


 The ninth form of Lord Rudra is named Sharva. Tripurahanta, the person who breaks the arrogant of Yamaraja, the khangpani is enjoyable for us. They are also called Shiva Rudra because of the destruction of Tripura riding on the Sarvadevamayya chariot. One of the sarvas also means omnipresent, supreme soul and Lord of the triloki.


According to Shaivagam the name of the tenth Rudra is Kapali. The demolition of Daksha-Yajna and the angry Mukh Kamal Shulpan Kapali should provide us with happiness day and night. According to Padyapuran (Srishtikhand-17), Lord Rudra got angry in this form and destroyed the Daksha-Yajna.


 The name of the eleventh form of Lord Rudra is Bhava. Yogendra whose feets are worshiped, who are the refuge of the past and devotees from duality and from whom Vedanta has arisen. In this form, he is present in the whole world and Vedanta as Jagatguru.
 And by teaching yoga, we lead the way for autobiography. The seventh chapter of the Lingapurana and the twenty-second chapter of the earlier part of the Shivpuran have a special description of the yogic form of Lord Bhava Rudra and his disciples. In each age, Lord Bhava incarnates as Rudra Yogacharya and preaches the Yogamarga to his disciples (his names are Ruru, Dadhichi, Agastya and Upamanyu).
Here is brief information. After sometime eleven Rudras will be described with detailed information on this blog.

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Mahashivratri (colloquially Shivaratri) is a major festival of Hindus. This is the main festival of Lord Shiva. Shivaratri is said to be the best vrat (fast) in Hindu scriptures. It has also been called Vratraj in many description and it has been written about its importance that it is a Mahavrata to give all four Purusharthas i.e. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. It is also written in the scriptures that Shivaratri comes on the Chaturdashi tithi of Krishna Paksha in every month, but Shivaratri in the month of Falgun is Maha Shivaratri, when Shiva was united with Shakti and the origin of the universe began.

Shiva's glory is infinite. Their form, color and qualities are unique. All creation is Shivamayi. There is Shiva before creation and only Shiva remains after the destruction of the universe. It is believed that Brahma created the universe, but when the expansion of the universe was not possible, then Brahma meditated on Shiva and practiced severe penance.Shiva appeared as Ardhanarishwar. He separated Shivaa (Shakti or Goddess) from the half part of his body. In this way, Shiva is divided into two parts for creation , because without two, creation of universe is impossible. Shiva performs five types of works which are enlightening. Creating the world, sustaining the world, destroying the world, changing the world and providing freedom from the world.
Rudra remains at the time of creation's beginning and destruction. It is said that in the Shiva descended from Brahm in the form of Rudra in the midnight of Mahashivaratri. on the same day, during the Holocaust, Shiva destroyed the entire universe with the flame of his third eye while performing Tandava dance. That is why the practice of celebrating Maha Shivaratri or Kaal Ratri as a festival.

According to the scriptures, Lord Shiva is pleased by saying, listening to and reading the story of this fast.

Phalgun Krishna Chaturdashi is celebrated Shivaratri festival. It is believed that the universe started on this day. According to mythology, the creation of universe this day began with the rise of Agnilinga (which is the giant form of Mahadev).
Most people believe that on this day Lord Shiva was married to Goddess Parvati. Mahashivaratri is considered to be the most important of the 12 Shivaratris that occur in the year.
 In Kashmir Shaivism, this festival is also known as 'Har - Ratri and colloquially say 'Heraath' or 'Herath'.

In Hinduism, worship of Bholenath is considered very important. It is believed that whoever worships Bholenath with true mind and faith, all the sufferings of his life are removed.
Every person who worships Lord Shiva's meditation worship starts getting rid of the difficulties of his life and also gets the courage to get out of difficulties. Monthly Shivaratri is celebrated on Chaturdashi date of Krishna Paksha of every month. Apart from Mahashivratri, 12 Shivaratri also come in the year, which have different importance. It is believed that Bholenath manifests itself in the form of Shiva linga on the day of monthly Shivaratri.

It is told in the Shiva Purana that Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu were the first to worship Lord Shiva as a formless symbol.

 According to our Dharma Puranas, worshiping Shiva on the day of monthly Shivaratri after Mahashivaratri is very important.
 * A lot of stories have been described in our Dharma Puranas about Shivaratri *.

* Story | *

 At one time Lord Shiva became very angry. The whole world was going to be destroyed in the fire of his anger, but Goddess Parvati pacified the anger of Shiva and pleased him. For this reason, Chaturdashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha of every month is celebrated as monthly Shivaratri.
According to another legend, once there was an estrangement between Lord Vishnu and Brahma. There was a difference of opinion between the two about who is the best among Brahma and Vishnu.
Shivaji appears in front of them as a Agnistambha (pillar of fire) and tells Vishnu and Brahma Ji that I do not see any end of this Agnistambha (fire pillar) . Then Lord Vishnu and Brahma ji realize the mistake and they have made apologize to Shiva for their mistake.That is why it is said that whoever observes Shivaratri vrat (fast) , his ego is destroyed and the human being awakens the same feeling towards all things. Fasting of Shivaratri brings an end to the disorders within the human being. Shivaratri fast and worship are very important in Hinduism. The fast of Shivaratri is considered to be one of the biggest fasts in Hinduism. On this day, Shiva is specially worshiped in all Shiva temples.
On the day of Samudra Manthan Mahashivratri, Lord Shiva kept a poison named Kalkut in his throat. Which came out at the time of churning the sea.

Story of hunter

 Once Parvati ji asked Lord Shiva Shankar, 'What is the best and simple fast-worship, from which the beings of the mrityuloka get your grace easily?'

In reply, Shivji told this story by telling Parvati to observe the fast of 'Shivratri' - 'Once there was a hunter named Chitrabhanu. He use to raised his family by killing animals. He was indebted to a saahukaar (moneylender), but could not repay his loan on time. The angry saahukaar (moneylender) captives the hunter at Shivamath. Coincidentally it was Shivratri that day.
The hunter meditated and kept listening to religious things related to Shiva. He also heard the story of Shivaratri fast on Chaturdashi. Just before dusk, the moneylender called near to him and talked about repaying the loan. He promising to return the loan at next day and the hunter get freed the captivity of saahukaar.
Like his daily routine he went out hunting in the forest. But due to being in captive all day long, he was disturbed by hunger and thirst. To hunt, he started making a halt on a bel tree(wood apple) on the banks of a pond.
Under the bel tree there was the Shivling which was covered with belleaves . Hunter did not knowing the any things. The branches he broke while making the halt that incidentally fell on the Shivling .
In this way, fasting and thirsty hunters were also complete fasted throughout the day and bel leaves were also offered on the Shivling. After sometime in the night, a pregnant deer came to drink water at the pond.
As soon as the hunter drew an arrow on the bow, the lady deer said, 'I am pregnant. She said to "I will birth child soon" . You will kill two creatures simultaneously, which is not right. I will give birth to the child and will be presented to you soon, then you kill me. ' The hunter loosened the chord and the lady deer disappeared into the wild bushes.
Shortly after, another lady deer emerged from there. The hunter was very pleased . After coming close, he put the bow on the arrow. Seeing him, the lady deer politely pleaded, 'O Pardhi! I freed from the menses a while ago.
I am lustful. I am wandering in search of my beloved I will meet my husband and come to you soon. ' The hunter let him go as well.
He was perturbed over losing his prey twice. He was in all sort of thoughts. The last hour of the night was passed. Then another lady deer was crossing with her children.
It was a golden opportunity for hunter. He did not take long to shoot arrows at the bow. He was about to release the arrow that the lady deer said, 'O Pardhi!' I will return to giving these children to their father. Do not kill me this time.
The hunter laughed and said, leave the prey in front, I am not such a fool. I have lost my prey twice before. My children must be suffering from hunger and thirst.
In response, the deer again said, as you are worried about your children, so same as me. Therefore, in the due to worry of children, I am beg to life for a while. Hey Pardhi! Trust me, I promise to give them to their father and return immediately.
Hearing the deer's sad voice, the hunter felt pity on him. He let that lady deer escape too. In the absence of hunting, the hunter was sitting on the bel tree and being thrown down by breaking the bel leaves.
When the early morning , a strong deer came on the same path. The hunter thought that he would surely hunt it.
Seeing the arrow of the hunter, the deer said in a polite voice, O brother! If you have killed the three lady deers and small children that came before me, do not delay in killing me too, so that I do not have to suffer a single moment in their disconnection.
I am the husband of those lady deers . If you have given them life, please give me some life too. I will meet her and appear before you.
As soon as he heard the deer, the whole night happened incident rounded in front of the hunter, he narrated the whole story to the deer. Then the deer said, 'The way my three wives have gone as promised, they will not be able to follow own dharma due my death.
So, just as you have left them as a believing , let me also go. I will appear before you soon with all of them.
'Fasting, night-awakening and offering the bel leves on the Shivling, the violent heart of the hunter was purged. Bhagavad Shakti was settled in his heart. The bow and arrow were easily left from his hand.
Due to the compassion of Lord Shiva, his violent heart filled with compassionate feelings. He started burning in the flame of repentance remembering his past deeds.
Shortly afterwards, the deer and his family appeared in front of the hunter, so that he could hunt them, but the hunter was very sorry for seeing such veracity, sattvikta and collective love of wild animals.
There was a flood of tears from his eyes. By not killing that deer's family, the hunter removed his hard heart from living violence and made him soft and kind forever.
All the Dev Samaj (Gods society) from Devalok were also watching this event. As soon as the event ended, the Gods and Goddesses made flowering on them. Then the hunter and deer family attained moksha '.

This is the message of Shiva Katha

 According to the story of the hunter, Mahadev also gives the results of the fast inadvertently.  But in fact Mahadev was pleased with the kindness of the hunter.  Despite noticing his family's suffering, the hunter let the deer's family go.This compassion really makes that hunter superior to those pandits and pujaris(priests) who want to please Shiva only by night awakening, fasting and milk, curd, bel-leaf etc. The most important thing in this story is that in this story special emphasis is laid on 'Unknowingly worshiped'.This does not mean that Shiva accepts the worship performed in any way, or Bholenath cannot distinguish between known or unknown worship inadvertently.Actually the hunter was not worshiping Shiva.  It also means that he was not even wishing for any kind of wish.  He give time and life to the deer family which is similar to Shiva worship.  Shiva means welfare.  It was due to the welfare of those innocent creatures that he got to know the Shivatatva and get darshan of Shiva.

It is also not necessary to have Mahashivaratri day for doing charity.  There are four types of Shivaratri worship in Purana.  Monthly Shivaratri, First Adi Shivaratri, and Mahashivratri.  The last Shivaratri mentioned Purana is - Nitya Shivaratri.  In fact every night is 'Shivaratri' if we immerse ourselves in those supreme welfare Ashutosh Bhagwan and follow the path of welfare, that is the true fast of Shivaratri.

The ritual

Several types of garlands of marigold flowers are offered to Shiva. On this occasion Lord Shiva is consecrated in many ways. Jalabhisheka: by water and Dugabhisheka: by milk.
Very early in the morning, the temples of Lord Shiva are gathering with devotees, young people, ladies and old men who all come to worship the traditional Shivalinga and pray to the Lord.
Devotees bathe in holy places such as Ganga, or (in the Shiva Sagar of Khajuraho) or any other sacred water source at sunrise. These are rituals of purification, which form an important part of all Hindu festivals. Clean clothes are wear after the holy bath, devotees carry a pot of water to the temple to bathe Shivalinga. Women and men both pray to Surya, Vishnu and Shiva. The bells and "Shankar ji ki jai" sound resonate in the temples. . Devotees revolve the Shivling three or seven times and then offer water or milk on the Shivling as well.

According to Shiva Purana, six things must be included in Mahashivaratri Puja:

Abhishekam of Shiva Linga with water, milk and honey. Bel leaves which represent the purification of the soul, sandal paste is applied to the Shiva Linga after bathing. It represents virtue;. Fruits, which reflect longevity and satisfaction of desires;
 Burning (dhoop) incense, wealth, yield (grain), lamp which is conducive to the attainment of knowledge and betel leaves which mark satisfaction with worldly pleasures.

Shivratri in india

Central India has a large number of Shiva followers. Mahakaleshwar Temple, (Ujjain) is the most revered temple of Lord Shiva where every year a large congregation of Shiva devotees come for worship on the day of Maha Shivaratri. This festival is celebrated with great religious fervor at Jeonra, the Math Temple in Seoni and two other places called Tilwara Ghat in Jabalpur.
Mahashivraatri is the most important festival for Kashmiri Brahmins. It is celebrated in every household as the marriage of Shiva and Parvati. It starts 3-4 days before the festival of Mahashivaratri and continues for two days after that. In the south India Mahashivaratri is widely celebrated in all temples in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

Shivaratri in Bangladesh 

The Hindu celebrates  Mahashivratri in Bangladesh. They fast in the hope of receiving the divine blessings of Lord Shiva.
Many Bangladeshi Hindus visit Chandranath Dham (Chittagong) on ​​this special day. Bangladeshi Hindus believe that a woman / man who fasts and worships on this day gets a good husband or wife. Because of this, this festival is very famous here.

Shivratri in nepal

 Mahashivratri in Nepal Pashupatinath temple.
Mahashivratri is widely celebrated in Nepal and especially in the Pashupatinath temple. On the occasion of Maha Shivaratri, the Pashupatinath temple of Kathmandu is thronged by devotees.
On this occasion, Yogis, Jogis, Nathji and devotees from different places of the world, including India, come to this temple, Shiva, who is considered the beginning of yoga tradition and Nath Sampradaya, is considered as the first Guru.....According to tradition, the position of planets on this night is such that a powerful natural wave of energy flows in the human system.

It is considered to be physically and spiritually beneficial, so this night awakening has also been advised in which artists from various fields trained in various forms of classical music and dance performing throughout the whole night.

Shivaratri is considered particularly auspicious for women. Married women pray for the happy life of their husbands and unmarried women pray for a husband like Lord Shiva, who is considered as the ideal husband ...

May all your lives be blessed with peace and happiness

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Human qualities of Lord Shiva

Human qualities of Lord Shiva

These human qualities make Bholenath the God of the common man ---

Among all the Gods and Goddesses, Bholenath is the only one who is worshiped by gods, humans and demons.

According to the scriptures and the Puranas, Shiva is Adi Dev and since the beginning of creation man has been worshiping him. The reason for this is that Shiva has certain qualities that connect him to ordinary humans.

In the Leela stories of Shiva, such qualities and character of Shiva are mentioned which are not of any other deity.

This quality of Shiva motivates him from devotion common humans to all saints and Mahatmas to Shiva devotion. So let's know these amazing qualities and character of Shiva.

 Shiva's relatives and their leela----->

The first feature of Lord Shiva is that he lives in family life like a human. Lord Shiva has settled his family with Goddess Parvati and his family also has two children, Karthik and Ganesh.
In some Puranas, his daughter is also mentioned, his daughter's name is Mansa Devi. This goddess is the Kuldevi of the serpents. In folklore, a sister of Shiva is also mentioned. His sister's name is Asavari Devi.
Asavari Devi and Parvati's relationship is depicted in the same way as the in-laws have the relationship of sister-in-law(Husband's sister) and sister-in-law(wife) In this form, Lord Shiva is seen very close to human beings and humans consider them to be the basis for forging family relationships.

Shiva's wife disconnection----->

In Shiva's pastimes, suffering in the disconnection of his wife and getting angry and trying to take revenge also brings him closer to human beings.
Lord Shiva has many marriages. He was married to Daksha's daughter Sati before Goddess Parvati. Even after Lord Shiva's refusal, Sati reached her father's yagna. This insulted Shiva and Sati and Sati sacrificed her body by jumping into the Yagna Kund.
This caused Lord Shiva to suffer in disconnection and sent his gana Virbhadra to kill Daksha. Shiva started to cry like a mad lover.
 The picture of love and disconnection towards wife is found in Shiva Leela is like a common man. Therefore man finds Shiva close to himself.

Shiva Parvati's amazing love Leela --->

Another aspect is found in Shiva's Leela stories of displeasure and anger. The relationship between Shiva and Goddess Parvati looks similar to that seen in the married life of ordinary humans.
The love of Lord Shiva and Parvati is eternal and immortal. Despite both being the same body and the same soul, many times in married life, Lord Shiva goes to austerities with the get offense of Goddess Parvati, and sometimes Goddess Parvati goes to her maternal home after getting angry with Shiva.
Such things will be seen in our married life too. But after getting angry, just like ordinary people try to convince their partner, similarly Shiva and Parvati also try to convince each other. This Leela of Shiva Parvati attracts common householders. Such a leela does not appear among any other deities.

Shiva's Bhangia form ---->

Lord Shiva is said to provide enjoyment and salvation. Worship of any other deity can only bring salvation or enjoyment. But Shiva has the ability to grant both types of boons.
 The ability to offer enjoyment is because they have a form of ascetic and yogi .
In this form, Shiva ji is cool in himself. He is a complete recluse, he neither fears his insults nor wants respect.
This is possible only with Shiva. The common man also wants to forget everything and get excited. This quality of Shiva also brings man closer to Shiva.
But later on, ignorant devotees like us did not accept this virtue of Shiva and believed that Shiva was a drunk, bad luck is complete, those who can win the kama themselves, can consume Kamadeva, why would they need to be drugged. ..We have to completely change this thinking and ideology towards Shiva.

The Yogi Form of Shiva ---->

Shiva is considered the ultimate yogi of all the deities. They live with family. Maintains the family.
 He also loves love own wife, but despite being self-reliant, supreme power, he indulges in yoga and meditates to connect his self with God.
This form of Shiva gives a message to common householders that in order to attain salvation, you do not necessarily have to sacrifice family. Even if you remain a yogi in the family, you can attain moksha.
 This Yogeshwar form of Shiva has also been attracted to humans and has been meditating on them from householder to yogi.

Shiva's Kaal Bhairava form ---->

In the scriptures and the Puranas, drinking liquor is a sin. But many humans consume alcohol. In such a situation will they become a partaker of sin.Lord Shiva is gracious to every devotee, whether he offers milk and drink milk or offer alcohol and consumes alcohol. 
Alcohol is not offered to any other deity. Shiva is the only one who accepts alcohol in his Kalabhairava form. Shiva is considered beloved and close to humans due to his virtues.

The Nataraja form of Shiva ---->

Usually when a person is very happy, he dances, sings. The same quality is found in the character of Lord Bhole Nath. Lord Shiva also dances when he is happy.
 It is mentioned in the Natyasastra that Lord Bholenath has given birth to dance and singing. Therefore Lord Shiva is also called Nateswara and Nataraja.
This quality of Shiva is similar to ordinary humans. Therefore, man sees Shiva attached to himself and has devotion towards Shiva. The dancers and singers decorate the Nataraja form of Shiva at home to get Shiva's grace.

Shiva's makeup love ----->

You can hardly find the story of the decoration of the Gods and Goddesses. But his adornment is also found in Shiva's pastimes.
 Lord Shiva is adorned. They like to decorate a lot. It is a different matter that their makeup is not color lacquer and gold-silver jewelry.
They do their makeup with the help of pyre's ash. . Sandalwood is applied on the forehead and other parts of the body and wears a garland of snake and garland of the neck.
 This quality of Shiva's character also connects man to his personality and behavior.

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Amazing Shiva

Amazing Shiva

Lord Shiva is devoid of form. That is, Shiva is eternal, infinite. They have no desire for anything. He is also compassionate and can show a form of "Rudra "in case of anger. Linga is the image of God's creative power, so it is a representation of Lord Shiva. The relationship of God and Jeevatma(soul of species) can be understood by strength and devotion. Shakti is present in Shiva and devotion resides in the individual soul. It is the combination of Jiva and Shiva through devotion.

Lord Shiva was given the name of Vaidyanath because of his ability to keep the sick, care of helplessness and the elderly healthy, to keep the animals safe and to have knowledge of all kinds of medicines. He became famous by the name of Sadasiva by giving wealth, happiness and good fortune. Lord Shiva is always steadfast and immovable, so he is also known by the name of Sthanu . Since they become happy very soon, they are also called Ashutosh. Being Ambika's husband, she is also known as Ambikeshwar.

One of the other names of Shiva is also Sarvabhuteshu. Sarvabhuteshu means Panch Mahabhut (five elements) (earth, fire, water, air and sky). It is clear that every creature and substance in the world originates from the Panch mahabhut. It is said that they have considerable yoga. With this yoga, they grow and survive. If the elements deteriorates, then all beings and matter in the world can be destroyed. It all depends on the desire of Bhutesha. This is the reason that Shiva is called the Parmatma (Supreme Soul) due to being an omnibus. Shiva's throat became blue due to drink poisoning. With this, he was called Neelkanth.

Shiva also has a name Rudra, which is probably based on the qualities of Pralayaprankari(devastating), Mahakrodhi (excessive anger) or sanharak (destroyer) . During the holocaust the fire that occurs, heavy rain, drought and lightning etc. are all replicas of Rudra.

Lord Shiva is called Pashupati because he is the lord of all the living beings because he is also the lord of spirits. He is also the God of the Gods. He is also the god of the gods and the god of the demons.

Therefore, Dashanan (Ravana) worshiped Shiva and sacrificed his ten head and received a boon from Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is also the creator and destroyer. He is also a yogi and a bhogi. He is also a deity and also a dual form of Adradhanarishwara.

 His strength and creativity are endless. Shiva, despite being one, has many forms. Some of his famous forms are - Nataraja, Sharabh, Batuk, Kshetrapala, Mrityunjaya, Shivlinga, Trimurti, Harihar, Pashupati and Adradhanarishwar. 

The origin of human race is also believed to be from Lord Shiva. Hence, to know the nature of Lord Shiva for every human being is necessary.
Lord Shiva is described as pure knowledge in the Aughardani Shiva-Veda and Agamas. Lord Shiva is also the original place of all vidyas.  This divine knowledge of him is automatically realized. There is no one like Lord Shiva in knowledge, force, will and action power. He is called Maheshwar due to the main cause of everyone, protector, guardian, preserver and controller. He is eternal because of their no beginning and no end. In spite of Lord Shankar Digvasan giving immense blessings to the devotees,  Bhasma-Vibhushan despite being the ruler of infinite virtues , Trilokyadhipati even he being a samsaaswaasi , Adradhanarishwar despite being a Yogiraj, he live with with Parvati ji despite being he is Kamajit  and he is cause of all incident despite being causeless.

Being ashutosh and Aughardaani , he quickly gets pleased and forgives the entire faults of his devotees and gives own himself along with religion, artha, kama, moksha, knowledge-science to the world.

Harihar Roop- Once all the gods together went to Vishnu to find out the reason for the whole world being disturbed. Lord Vishnu said that only Bholenath can answer this question. Then Vishnu said that all the gods should do penance to please Shiva, as a result, all the gods were freed from sin. Now all the gods started thinking about how this unity occur between Satvaguni Vishnu and Tamoguni Shankar. Vishnu ji knowing the thought of ​​the gods and made them see his Harihar form. The gods worshiped Lord Vishnu and Bholenath Shankar i.e. Hari and Har together in one body.

Panchmukhi Shiva
 When there was nothing at the beginning of universe. Then the first Dev Shiva took the Panch Mukha for the creation of Shrishti(universe). Five elements ie water, air, fire, sky, earth originated from the five faces of the Trinatradhari Shiva. Therefore, these five faces of Shri Shiva are considered to be the basis of origin of Panchatatva Srishti. Wishing for the welfare of the world, many incarnations of Lord Sadasiva took place in various kalpas in which his Sadyojat, Vamdev, Tattpurush, Aghor and Ishaan avatar are prominent. These are the five distinct idols of Lord Shiva. And in whose ten hands respectively are trident, tunk (chisel), sword, vajra, agni, nagraj, ghanta, ankush, paas and abhaya mudra.

Mahamrityunjaya- Lord Mrityunjaya is irrigating the head with nectar of water with two urns in his upper two hands. In his two hands, he has taken the garland of Mrigamudra and Rudraksha respectively.He has two nectar-urns in his hands. Two other hands have covered the nectar urn. Thus, with eight hands, situated on Mount Kailash, seated on the lotus flower, Trinetra holding the crown of Balachandra on the forehead, That is Mrityunjay Mahadev.

The word 'Shiva' means 'Kalyan'(welfare). Shiva is the  Shankar. 'Shan' also means 'welfare', 'kar 'means the doer, that is, the benefactor. Many names of Lord Shiva are found in the Puranas. The history of Lord Shiva's names is based on his many leelas, actions, form, qualities, dham, vehicle, ordnance etc.

Of these, five names are particularly prominent - Ishaan, Aghor, Tattpurush, Vamdev and Sadyojat. Shiva being the lord of the whole world is called 'Ishaan', for purifying those who do blasphemous deeds is called "Aghor". By being able to gain status in their souls he is called ‘Tatpurusha',  due to of destroying the baddeeds called ‘Vamdev’ and being has childlike "clean and pure" heart is called 'Sadyojat' .
Moon-Sun-Agni(fire form) as having three eyes, he was called 'Traymbakeshwar'. All beings from Brahma to the real world species are considered animals, hence they are called 'Pashupati' because of protecting them from ignorance. His 'Mahabhishaka' name is very favorite among the worshipers of Shiva. Due to the deity of the gods, they have been continuously worshiped under the name 'Mahadev'. The name ‘Sahastraksha’ is a sign of his sovereignty. God of all knowledge and all elements so therefore, he is called 'Maheshwar'.

Chandrashekhar Shiva is also known as ‘Pustivardhana’. This name signifies affirmation, nurture and their grace power. Lord Shiva tied the Ganges in jatajuta, hence he was called 'Gangadhar'. After catching the Kalkut poison with its yogic power and holding it in the gorge, he is called 'Neelkanth'. At the same time, on the request of the gods for the quenching of that poison, took the moon on its forehead and he called by the name 'Chandrashekhar, Shashishekhar'.
Chandra and Ganga — both fire-brigades on Lord Shiva's forehead — are the cool elements to calm both their third eye fire and the Kalkut poison in the gorge.  Kalkut poison in the gorge and wearing the serpants in the throat, their 'imortality' is clear. From  Asura, Monster, Yaksha, Bhoot, Phantom, Vampire, Betal, Dakini, Shakini, Snake, wicked - all whom worship, the same Shiva is 'Parmeshwar' (Supreme God).

Various names of Lord Shiva. He is worshiped by many names like 'Nilgrivi', 'Nilshikhandi', 'Kritivasa', 'Giritra', 'Girichar', 'Girishya', 'Kshetrapati' and 'Vanik'. Shiva has also been called ‘Mrityunjaya’, ‘Trinetra’, ‘Panchavaktra’, ‘Khandparashu’, ‘Adinath’, ‘Pinakdhari’, ‘Umapati’, ‘Shambhu’ and ‘Bhutesh’ due to his qualities. They are 'Pramathadhip', 'Shuli', 'Ishwar', 'Shankar', 'Mrid', 'Shrikanth', 'Shitikanth', 'Virupaksha', 'Dhurjati', 'Nillohit', 'Smirhar', 'Vyomkesh', ' The names 'Sthanu', 'Tripurantak', 'Bhavuk', 'Bhavik', 'Bhavya', 'Kushalaksham' etc. are also named.

In the Puranas, Lord Shiva is said to be the presiding deity of learning, hence he is also called ‘Vidyatirtha’ and ‘Sarvagya’.

Lord Shiva is worshiped with eighteen names, among which Shiva, Shambhu, Neelkanth, Maheshwar, Natraj, etc. are prominent. Lord Shiva bears the Ganga on his head and the moon is on his forehead. They are considered to have five heads, each of which has three eyes. Lord Shiva is a trishuldhaari with ten arms.

Shiva is also called Mrityunjaya.  No one can win by death.  But since Shiva is indestructible and immortal, he is also called Mrityunjaya.  He is also worshiped in Trinetra form.  It is said that once Lord Shiva's both eyes were closed by Parvati ji, darkness enveloped the whole world.  When everyone got distraught, a third eye was born on Shivaji's forehead.  With this, all the darkness was dispelled. Lord Shiva is also worshiped as Shitikanth. One whose throat is blue is called Shithikanth. Khandparasu is also a name for Lord Shiva. It is said that at the time when Lord Shiva threw Trishul to destroy the Daksha Yajna, trishul was hurting  Narayan ji when he was penance at in Badarikashram. Then Nar abhimantrit a straw and threw it at Shiva. That was in the shape of Parshu. Shivji cut it to pieces, so he got this name.

 Apart from this, Shiva is also worshiped under the names Pramathadhiva, Gangadhar, Maheshwar, Rudra, Vishnu, Pitamah, Sansar Vaidya, Sarvagya, Paramatma and Kapali. Lord Shiva is known by the name 'Pitamah' as ​​the father of the Gods and Shiva is also worship by Brahma ji.


 Those who do not know all the three worlds and all the things of the three periods are known to them as eternal, from which they are called Sarvgya(omniscient) .

 Ghosts and demons are found all around Baba. He is called the 'Lord of Ghosts'. Ghosts also indicate inauspiciousness and fear, but it is the power of Lord Shiva that he takes the fallen from the fallen to his refuge. Shiva teaches the Advaita of Vedanta. Shiva is the one who renounces the difference between good and bad can know Advaita. The form of Shiva is the root of Vedanta. Can we not adopt this quality of Shiva in ourselves? Can we not rise above distinction? By coming to Shiva's shelter, knowing his nature can also become your natural quality.


 This is the quality of Lord Shiva, the biggest symbol of service and ownself taking suffering of others. He is called 'Neelkanth' only for taking poison in his throat in the interest of others. Except the stories of legend, consider this form of Mahadev. This form of renunciation is not seen in any period. This is the reason that Shiva is also the god of gods. This is the reason why he is also the most powerful. This quality of Shiva teaches us that the one who bears the suffering of others is powerful, the welfare of those who achieve selfishness is not possible. Every human can bear this quality of Shiva.


 Kal(time) means time gives us experiences of life. We cherish our memories with this time. We live with past experiences and desires for the future. One only can conquer Kaal who is currently alive. One who is presently awake in this dormant world, he is above time. Lord Shankar is called Mahakal, because he is a perfect yogi and fully awakened. Mahakaal is beyond of time. The bondage of Kaal is the same one who is entangled in the existence of Kaal. This form of Mahakal gives us the power to get beyond the time i.e. to rise above the thinking of the past and future. We can all absorb these qualities.


 One who does not distinguish, one who does not contemplate time, one who is always compassionate with the sadist will be Bhola (innocent).This world calls such a form as Bhola (innocent).
Mahadev - Mahadev means great divine power.
Bholenath - Bholenath means gentle heart, pioneer in compassionate and easy forgiveness. It is believed that Lord Shankar on easily happy to anyone.
Lingam - a symbol of the entire universe.
Nataraja - Nataraja is considered the god of dance because Lord Shiva is the lover of Tandava dance. The word "Shiva" means "auspicious, self-respecting, indulgent, gentle, kind, generous, friendly". The root of "Shiva" in folk etymology is "shi" which means all things are pervasive and "va" means "incarnation of grace". In the Rigveda the word Shiva is used as an adjective, as an adjective for many Rigvedic deities including Rudra. The word Shiva has also given the meaning of "liberation, ultimate liberation" and "auspicious person". This adjective has been used to address many deities, especially in the Vedic layers of literature. The word evolved from the Vedic Rudra-Shiva in epics and Puranas as the name Shiva, as an auspicious deity, who is "the creator, preserver and destroyer". Mahakaal the god of time, this is the form of Lord Shiva who governs the dimension of time of the universe.

 Sri Shiva is called 'Paramatma' by being combined with the above mentioned qualities and being the soul of all beings.

 Lord Shiva is called 'Kapali' by cutting Brahma's forehead and holding his skull in hand for several days.

 Apart from these, there are twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva which are specially worshiped in whole India. These include Somnath, Mallikarjuna, Mahakal or Mahakaleshwar, Omkareshwar and Amaleshwar, Kedarnath, Bhimshankar, Vishwanath, Trimbakeshwar, Vaidyanath Dham, Nagesh, Rameswaram and Ghushmeshwar etc.

In the Puranas, Lord Shiva is said to be the presiding deity of learning, hence he is also called ‘Vidyatirtha’ and ‘Sarvgya’.

Shiva Darshana: Ashtamurti
A description of the formless and great form of Shiva is found in the Shivpurana. One of the names of Shiva is Ashtamurti. The names of these Ashtamurtis are as follows - Sharva, Bhava, Rudra, Ugra, Bhima, Pashupati, Mahadev and Ishaan. These Ashtamurtis establish the earth, water, fire, air, sky, field, sun and moon respectively. This gives a sense of all expansiveness.
Inspired by devotion, the devotees have given many names to Shiva. Some devotees have considered Shiva as 'Ardhanarishwara', while some have called him 'Madanajit'. Someone called Shiva as 'Bhasmdhari'.
Shiva, like the parents at the time of the Holocaust, puts everyone to sleep, ends everyone's sorrows, so they are called 'har' and implant them all in their form at the time of the Holocaust he provide the ultimate peace, hence 'Sadasiva'. All sattva guna are manifest from them, so they are clean 'kapoor-gaur'.
During the Holocaust, there is no one other than them, the universe becomes cremated, at that time only "ashes and bones" are left. There only Shiva live on that time in the same way, hence he is 'Chita-Bhasmalapi' and 'Rund-Munddhari'. He knows the past, the future and the present -so this he is called by 'Trinayan'. Vrisha means religion; Shiva is known to ride on the ox, that is, he resides in the heart of the Gods, he is righteous, from which he is called 'Vrisavahana'.

Shiva is also called Kapali, Digambar, Bhasmnath.Shiva has both fierce and G entle forms. The Puranas describe the 'Kapali' form under the terrible form of Shiva. This form of his form is frightening. They are fierce. Being undressed is called 'Digambar'. Bhasma is embodied on the body and hence is called 'Bhasmnath'. There is a skull's kamandal in his hand, narmundmala in his neck, and cremation is his favorite place to live.

That's all, Mahadev has many names. There are many mysteries, stories behind each name. It can never be possible for a despised creature like me to write to all, because big scholars, gods, sages, saints, ascetics are unable to tell about whom. So what are my qualifications.

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Incomparable Shiva

Incomparable Shiva 

Shiva is Adi Dev. Understanding or knowing Shiva is like to know everything. The ultimate compassion that is placed on his devotees, due to which this creation has been possible, is the only Shiva. Shiva is the most generous and benevolent in this universe. .

In many forms, Shiva is the only donor . All the gods and goddesses of the whole world are prosperous , but Shiva has possesses everything , then despite he is vairaagi (recluse) . Because of that they are formless and real form of full Brahm.

How many poisons does Shiva take every moment, what to say?

Daksha Prajapati did kanyadaan to own daughter Sati, Shiva was son-in-law. But once a occasion Daksha came to the presence of all the deities in a meeting, all the gods and sages started bowing to Daksha in respect, but Shiva did not say anything. Due to this incident he understood disrespect for ownself, he started insulting Shiva as the lord of ghosts,  rejected from Vedas, but Shiva did not say anything.

After some time Daksha Prajapati organized a very big yagna in the Kankhal area, inviting all the goddesses, deities, sages, monks including Asura, Navagraha, Nakshatra Mandal but did not call Shiva. The yagna was organized due to the insult of Shiva. Shiv Devotee Dadhichi left the yagna and while going way he directly said to Daksha "without Shiva it is a inauspicious occasion" .

This is the condition of the arrogant people, when they come with a little power, they consider themselves omniscient. On seeing the Chandradev with Rohini, Sati had know that she was going to my father in the yagya and also she was surprised that  "Why he did not invited us" ? She went near Shiva and said that Swami my father did not invite us in the yagna, yet I want to go.

Shiva explained to Sati that being invoked is the same as death, but Shiva gave the order when Sati stubbornly prayed. When Sati committed self-immolation after hearing Shiva's blasphemy, Shiva revealed Veerabhadra and Kalika with his jata. Sent to destruction of Daksha Yagna with innumerable ganas. As a result, Daksha was also beheaded with arrogant Gods and Demons.
Then it was the mercy of Shiva that he was pleased with the praise of Brahma ji and gave life by giving Daksha an animal face.

Shiva is the whole creation. Shiva has a form of "Mahamrityunjaya" who gives amruit(nectar) to all. Today, nature has turned against us, because we are destroying that divine nature. We have probably become more intelligent scientists. So, if we have become qualified, then why do we not find the science of changing "the pestilence, earthquake, impurities of Ganga with other rivers and devils thinking."

Science has been there in every era. Even in the time of Krishna in the universe, there was no lack of devilish tendencies in this creation, then there was a war like Mahabharata. Today, those devilish creatures are developing more in the society,  we will have to commemorate Shiva, be pleased with praise, then there will be balance. So many people are doing it today. God blessings, divine visions are also happening more and more, but do our eyes ever seek God?

Shiva is always standing in front of us, can we see them, no! The reason is always weary of seeing our eyes with meaningless things, due to which we are no longer energetic, we are anxious to see with the third eye. But we do not even have the way to do devotion. Even we have to be distraught for Shiva.

We are enemies of our family, of our children, of our new generation, who are taking their ego towards destruction , because of body, mind and intellect, we are diseased. Here we will be healthy only by praying to mruityunjay Shiva.

Shiva's mercy is the only support to avoid this odd situation. What is death? It is not just about the death of the body, it is the death of our desires. Many physical needs of our life, decadence of dynasty and society and any lack It is also death.

Shiva ji has the largest position in Trinity , his form is described in the Puranas and Vedas as follows - Shiva is a baaghamdhaari , Goddess Ganga resides in Jatas on his head, he has Tripunda on his head, he has 3 eyes. , There is a trident and a damru in the hand, there is a moon on the head, they are base of  the creation and destruction of the universe, his Ardhangini's name is Durga, she is also called Parvati, Chamunda, Shakti. Shiva's ride name is Nandi.

Shiva is the form of God. Shiva's is among the major deities of Hinduism. His name is Rudra in the Vedas. He is the conscience of a person's consciousness. His name of Ardhagini (Shakti) is Parvati. His sons are Skanda and Ganesh.

Shiva is seen as a yogi in most paintings and is worshiped as a linga. Lord Shiva is called the God of Destruction. Lord Shiva is noted for both a gentle form and a raudra form. Shiva is considered different from other gods. Shiva is the ruler of the origin, operation and destruction of the universe. Lord Shiva is believed to be the god of destruction in the trinity.

Shiva is the source of eternal and creation process and this period is the basis of astrology. Though the meaning of Shiva is considered to be welfare, but he has always possessed both rhythm and holocaust.

In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is called by many names.

 he has always sacrificed himself to the gods, in such a way, there is greeting to Lord Mahadev.

 Rudra - Means Rudra who creates and destroys sorrows.
 Pashupatinath - Lord Shiva is called Pashupati because he is the owner of animal birds and living beings.
 Ardhanarishvara - The name Ardhanarishvara came into being from the union of Shiva and Shakti.
Mahadev - Mahadev means great divine power.
 Bhola - Bhole means gentle heart, kind and easily forgiving. It is believed that Lord Shankar easily pleases anyone.
Lingam - It symbolizes the flame of light and the whole universe.
 Nataraja - Nataraja is considered the god of dance because Lord Shiva is the lover of Tandava dance. Rudrabhishek is performed on Shivaratri four times every three hours at night. With this, the Kalparp Dosh and all the household defects are removed.

 Shiva ji gets delighted very quickly, he is also called Ashutosh.

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|| Shri Ghumeshwar Jyotirlinga ||

|| Shri Ghumeshwar Jyotirlinga ||

 This is the last Jyotirlinga in Dwadash (Twelve) Jyotirlingas. It is also called Ghushmeshwar, Ghudrneshwar or Ghrishneshwar. It is located near Verulgaon, twelve miles away from Daulatabad in the state of Maharashtra.

This legend is described in the Puranas about this Jyotirlinga - Near the Devgiriparvat in the south, there lived a very bright Taponishta Brahmin named Sudharma. His wife's name was Sudeha. The two had a lot of mutual love. He had no trouble of any kind. But they had no child.
Astrology-calculation showed that child birth cannot be possible from Sudeha's womb. Sudeha was very keen on children. She urges Sudharma to remarry to her younger sister.
At first Sudharma did not think about this. But in the end, he had to bow to the wife's insistence. They could not defer his request. He married his wife's younger sister Ghushma and brought them home. Ghushma was a very gracious and virtuous woman. She was the exclusive devotee of Lord Shiva. She used to worship him with true devotion of heart by making one hundred and one parthiv (soil ) shivling every day

By the grace of Lord Shiva, a very beautiful and healthy child was born from his womb just a few days later. The birth of the child  cross the pleasure of both Sudeha and Ghushma. Both days were passing by very comfortably. But do not know how soon after a few days a misconception was born in Sudeha's mind. She started thinking, I have nothing in this house. Everything belongs to Ghushma.
She also took control of my husband. She also has children. This bad thought was slowly-slowly grow in her mind. Here Ghushma's child was also growing up. Gradually he became young. He was also married. By now, the sprouted form of Sudharma's mind had taken the form of a huge tree. Finally one day he killed Ghushma's young son while sleeping at night. Taking his dead body, she threw it in the same pond in which Ghushma used to throw the parthiv Shivling daily.

Everyone came to know about this in the morning. There was a furore in the whole house. Both Sudharma and his daughter-in-law beat their heads and wept bitterly. But Ghushma, as usual, was engrossed in worshiping Lord Shiva. As if nothing has happened. After finishing the puja, she started to leave the parthiv Shivlingas in the pond. When she started returning from the pond, her beloved Lal (son) was seen coming out of the pond. He came as usual and fell at the feet of Ghushma.
As if he was come to walking around from somewhere. At the same time Lord Shiva also appeared there and started asking Ghushma to ask for the boon. Mahadeva was extremely angry with Sudeha's scandalous work. Shiva was looking forward to cutting Sudeha's throat by his trident. Ghushma folded her hands and said to Lord Shiva - 'Prabhu! If you are happy with me, then forgive my unfortunate sister. Surely she has committed a very heinous sin, but by your mercy I got my son back. Now you forgive him.

My one more prayer is, for the welfare of the people, you should stay in this place forever. ' Lord Shiva accepted both of these things. Appearing as Jyotirlinga, he started living there. He became famous here by the name of Ghushmeshwar Mahadev because he was adorable of Ghushma devotee .

 The glory of Ghushmeshwar-Jyotirlinga is described in great detail in the Puranas. His darshan is unfathomable for both people and the world.

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