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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Story of Panchmukhi form of Hanuman ji

Story of Panchmukhi form of Hanuman ji

The glory of Hanuman ji is everywhere.  Hanuman ji has got the title of Bhakt Shiromani, while at the same time he has also got the title of Veer Shiromani.  According to Hindu mythology, Hanuman ji is avatar of lord Shiva.  There is no other powerful in this world like him.  There is no such of work which is impossible to Hanumaan.  It is believed that Lord Hanuman killed Ravana's brother Ahiravan by taking an avatar in the form of Panchmukhi.

Hanuman Ji removes all kinds of pains and problems that come on his devotees.  It is believed that Lord Hanuman is a deity who very easily to pleased .  There is no need to do much in his worship. Perhaps this is the reason that in today's time the number of devotees of Hanuman ji has also become very high.  Hanuman ji is a devotee of Rama and by going to his shelter all the problems of the devotees are removed.  Bajrangbali is the god of Kalyug.  Hanuman, a devotee of Lord Rama, removes every calamity of his devotees.  It is said that just by having darshan of Bajrangbali, all the sufferings of a person are removed.  Hanuman ji is worshiped or Hanuman Chalisa is recited to remove all kinds of disasters in the house.  Even Lord Hanuman is worshiped to avoid the wrath of Shani Dev.

We all must have seen the Panchmukhi form of Hanuman ji.  But do you know the secret of his five-faced form.  There was a very special story behind this, about which we will introduce you today.

The glory of Panchmukhi Hanuman ji is incomparable. Panchmukhi means one who has five faces. Hanuman ji also once took five faces to kill enemies. Panchmukhi Hanuman started to be worshiped from that time.

The five faced Virat (gigantic) form of Hanuman ji i.e. Panchmukhi avatar represents the five directions.  Each form has a face, trinetra (three eye) and two arms.  These five faces are Narasimha, Garuda, Ashwa, Vanara and Varaha. The five faces of Hanuman ji are reputed in east, west, north, south and upward direction respectively.

Panchamukhi Hanuman's the east faces is of a "Vanara".  Whose divinity is like the glory of innumerable suns.  By worshiping Hanuman's  east face, all enemies are destroyed soon.

 Panchmukhi Hanuman's the west face is of "Garuda".  Which is in the form of sankat mochan(crisis redemption).  This face is also considered devotional and also destroyer of black magic, negativities and ailments.

The face of Panchmukhi Hanumanji towards the north is of "Varaha".  Worshiping him leads to the attainment of  long age, learning, fame and strength.  Not only this, by praying this mouth of Hanuman daily, you get respect, wealth, property and good health.

The south facing form of  Panchmukhi Hanumanji is that of Lord "Narsingh".  Lord Narsingh removes the fear, anxiety and discomfort of his devotees soon.  By worshiping him, devotees become patient and patiently accomplish their tasks.

The upward face of Shri  Panchmukhi Hanuman is like a "horse".This form of Hanuman ji is to provide shelter to the devotees suffering.

Thus it is clear from the above discussion that Hanumanji's Panchmukhi form is popular / reputed as the provider of all attainment.  By offering regular worship of this Panchmukhi Hanuman, all kinds of wishes of the devotees are fulfilled soon.

Hanumanji is very kind and gracious.  One who provides strength, intelligence and vidya. His remembrance becomes a worsening work.  He destroy all kinds of sorrows in a moment.  

Hanuman ji is considered to be the lord of all ages, whether it is Satyuga or Dwaparyuga.  But ever wondered how Hanuman ji became Panchmukhi, there is also somes story behind Hanuman ji's Panchmukhi form.  Let's know the whole story.

The first story:------

The great warrior Meghnad had a fierce battle with Laxman in Lanka.  Meghnad was eventually killed.  Ravana, who was still arrogant in his power, got a little tense after hearing the might of Rama's Sena(army), especially Laxman.

Ravana's mother Kaikasi after seeing something sad to Ravana , she told  Ravana to remember his two brothers Ahiravan and Mahiravan, which they were live in Patalloka .  Ravana remembered that both of them had been his childhood friends.

Ravana had almost forgotten both of them after becoming the king of Lanka.  Ravana knew very well that Ahiravana and Mahiravan were great scholar of tantra-mantra, profond in  black magic and they ultimate devotee of maa Kamakshi.

Ravana invited them and told them to kill Shri Ram and Lakshmana with their deceit and tanra-mantra .

Vibhishan came to know about this through messengers. Vibhishan got worried due to the involvement of param mayavi like Ahiravana and Mahiravan in the war.

Vibhishan felt that the security arrangements of Lord Rama and Laxman would have to be tightened further.  For this, he felt best that this task should be handed over to Param Veer Hanuman ji.

Shree Rama-Laxmana's hut was built on Mount Suvel in Lanka.  Hanuman ji pulled a security circle around Lord Rama's hut with his tail.  Neither any  mayavi demon could enter nor tantra-mantra could affect this security circle.

Ahiravan and Mahiravan reached their hut to kill Shri Rama and Laxman, but they failed in front of this security circle, unsuccessfully.  In such a situation, they did a trick.  Mahiravan took the form of Vibhishana and entered the security circle.

Ram and Lakshman were in deep asleep on the flat stone rocks.  The two demons took both the brothers with including stone, without any sound and went their residence Patalloka (Hades).

Vibhishan was constantly alert.  He soon came to know that something untoward has happened.  Vibhishan was suspicious of Mahiravan, he started worrying about Ram-Laxman's life.

Vibhishan told Hanuman ji about Mahiravan and asked to follow him.  Wandering in Lanka in his form was not suitable for Rama's devotee Hanuman, so he took the form of a bird and reached the town of Nikumbhala in the form of a bird.

Bird's form Hanuman ji heard the birds talking about Sri Rama-Lakshmana in Nikumbhala town.  The birds was telling that now Ravana's victory is confirmed.

Ahiravan and Mahiravan will sacrifice Rama-Laxman.  All war will just end.

It was only by talking to birds that Bajrang Bali came to know that both demons have taken Rama-Lakshman in sleeping mode and took them to Hades to offer sacrifices to Kamakshi Devi. 
Vibhishan said that no demon in the army of Ravana has the ability to take my form, this work can only be done by  Patalaloka's demon Mahiravana. 
Hanuman ji towards to the Hades with high speed and immediately reached there.

Hanuman ji met a wonderful guard at the entrance of the Hades.  Half of his body was of Vanara and half of fish.  He stopped Hanuman ji from entering Hades.

The gatekeeper said to Hanuman ji that without defeating me it is impossible for you to go inside.  There was a fight  started between them.

Contrary to the hope of Hanuman, he proved to be a very powerful and skilled warrior.

Both were very powerful.  There was a fierce battle between the two, but he could not stand in front of Bajrang Bali.

Eventually Hanuman ji defeated him but could not keep from praising that gatekeeper.

Hanuman ji asked that hero, O hero, introduce yourself.  Your forms is also such that it is becoming curious.

The hero replied - I am the son of Hanuman and born of a fish.  My name is Makardhwaj.

Hanuman ji heard this and was surprised.  He started listening to Makardhawaj.  Makardhwaj said- Hanuman came to quench his tail's fire in the sea after Lanka dahan.  The sweat fell from his body into sea.

At that time my mother opened her mouth for food.  My mother took that the sweat in her mouth and got pregnant.  I was born from that.  When Hanuman ji heard this, he told Makardhwaj that I am Hanuman.

Makardhwaj touched the feet of Hanuman ji and Hanuman ji also embraced his son and explained the whole reason for coming there.  He asked his son to help protect his father's Lord.

Makardhwaj told Hanuman ji that the demons would be coming soon for sacrifice.  It is better that you change your form and sit in the temple of Kamakshi.  Ask them to do all the puja from outside the temple.

Hanuman ji first took the form as a honey bee and entered the temple of mother Kamakshi.  Hanuman ji greeted mother Kamakshi and wished for  his success and then asked- O mother, do you really want to accept the sacrifice Shri Rama ji and Lakshman ji?

On this question of Hanuman ji, mother Kamakshi replied that no-never  Hanuman .  I want the sacrifice of wicked Ahiravana and Mahiravan.  Both of these are my devotees but also unrighteous and tyrannical.  You make your efforts, you will be successful.

Five lamps were lightening in the temple.  In different directions and places, the mother said that this lamp has lit to my delight by Ahiravana, the day these will be extinguished together, his end will be ensured.

Now Hanuman touch the feet of Goddess, as a result the idol enters the earth and Hanuman stands there instead of Goddess himself.

Meanwhile, the noise of music and instruments started being heard.  Ahiravana, Mahiravan was coming to offer sacrifices.  Hanuman ji now took the form of mother Kamakshi.  When Ahiravana and Mahiravan were about to enter the temple, then the female voice of Hanuman ji echoed.

Hanuman ji said- I am Kamakshi Devi and worship me from outside the temple today.  The worship of Mother Kamakshi Devi started. A lot of chanting started. 

Finally Rama-Laxman was put inside the temple as a sacrificial sacrifice.  Both were unconscious in bondage.

Hanuman ji immediately freed them from bondage.  It was now his turn to leave the Hades, but before that, by sacrificing Ahiravana-Mahiravan in front of Mother Kamakshi, he had to fulfill mother Kamakshi wish and also dues to punish both the demons for their actions.

Now Hanuman ji told Makardhwaj that he should take special care of Lord Rama and Lakshmana lying in unconscious state and together with him waged war against both demons.

But this war was not easy.  Ahiravan and Mahiravan had died very hard, then they would have become alive as five form.

In this critical situation Makardhwaja told that Ahiravana has a wife Nagakanya.

Ahiraavan has forcibly brought her . She does not like him but she depressibly live with him, she definetly know the secrets of Ahiravana's death. You should be asked the solution for his death.  You go to him and ask for help.

Makardhwaj kept the demons entangled in the war and Hanuman reached the wife of Ahiravan there.

He told Nagakanya that if you tell the secret of Ahiravan's death, then I will kill him and give you freedom from his clutches.

Ahiravan's wife said- My name is Chitrasena.  I am a devotee of Lord Vishnu.  Ahiravana fall in love on my form and kidnapped me and imprisoned here, but I do not like him.

But I will tell the secret of Ahiravana only when my wish is fulfilled.

Hanuman ji asked Ahiravan's wife Nagakanya Chitrasena that what do you want in exchange for telling the secret of Ahiravan's death?  You tell me your condition, I will definitely accept it.

 Chitrasena said- Unfortunately, a demon like Ahiravan brought me by kidnapping.  This spoiled my life.  I want to turn my bad luck into good luck.

 If you promise to marry me to Shri Ram, then I will tell the secret of the slaughter of Ahiravana.

Hanuman ji got into thinking.  Lord Shree Rama is a conscientious wife.  He is fighting with the Asuras to free his wife Goddess Sita.  He will never accept the matter of marriage with anyone else.  How can I promise?

Then started thinking that if the proper decision is not taken in time, then the life of lord is in trouble.  In a state of confusion, restless Hanumanji took a path that even the snake might die and the sticks did not break.

Hanuman ji said - Your condition is acceptable but I also have a condition.  This marriage will happen only if the bed on which Lord Ram occupies you should remain safe.  If it is broken, I will withdraw from the promise by thinking it as a bad omen.

When the bed is not broken by the seating of the great Ahiravan, how will it be broken by the sitting of Shri Rama!  After thinking this, Chitrasena got ready. She revealed the entire mystery of the end of all the demons, including Ahiravana.

Chitrasena said- It is a matter of childhood of both the demons.  Some mischievous demon friends of these two caught a Bhramari(Bumblebee) from somewhere.  For their entertainment, they were harassing that Bhramari with thorns repeatedly.

Bhramari was not ordinary Bhramari.  She was also very elusive but for some reason she was caught.

Hearing the agony of Bhramari, Ahiravana and Mahiravan took pity and rescued her after fighting with their friends.

Mayavi Bhramari's husband also came to hear his wife's anguish.  Pleased with the liberation of his wife, that bumblebee had promised that we all bumblebee species together will deeply indebted to your help .

These bumblebees mostly live near their bedroom.  These are all in large numbers.

Whenever there is an attempt to kill both the demons and they are about to die, bumblebees puts a drop of nectar in their mouth.

Due to that nectar, both these demons also become alive after dying.  Many of their forms are due to the same nectar.

The number of times they have been given life again, their new forms have become.  So you have to kill these bumblebees first.

Hanuman ji returned after knowing the secret. Makardhwaj kept Ahiravana-Mahiravana entangled in the war.  So Hanuman ji started eradicating the bumblebees.  After all they could not face  in front of Hanuman ji.

When a lot of bumblebees were die and only a few were left, they all lie at the feet of Hanuman.  They all pleaded to save life from Hanuman ji. Hanuman ji was calm.  He assigns a task, forgiving them.

Hanuman ji said- I forgive all of you but on a condition that you all leave immediately  here and enter the bed of Ahiravan's wife and make it completely hollow as soon as possible.

The bumblebees immediately departed to enter the bed of Chitrasena's bed.

Here Ahiravana and Mahiravan were surprised by the disappearance of their miracle but they continued the elusive war.

Hanuman ji ended the bumblebees's work, yet Ahiravana and Mahiravan were not coming to an end at the hands of Hanuman ji and Makardhwaj.  Hanuman ji got worried after seeing this.

Then he remembered the word of Kamakshi Devi. Devi had said that Ahiravan has the siddhi that when the five lamps are extinguished simultaneously, then only he will be unable to take new forms and his slaughter may be possible .

 Hanuman ji immediately took the form of Panchmukhi.  Varaha Mukha(face) in the north, Narasimha Mukha in the south, Garuda Mukha in the west, Hayagreeva Mukha towards the sky and Hanuman Mukha in the east.

 After that Hanuman ji extinguished all five lamps simultaneously by his five faces.

Now all their fears of being born again and staying alive for a long time were over.  Both the demons were killed soon at the hands of Hanuman ji .

After this, he took measures to remove the unconsciousness of Shri Rama and Laxman ji. Both brothers regained consciousness. Chitrasena also came there.  Lord Hanuman said- Lord!  Now you are free from the deceit and bondage of Ahiravana and Mahiravan.

 But for this we had to take help of this Nagakanya. Ahiravan brought it up forcefully. She wants to marry you.  Please marry her and take with you.  By this  she will also get liberation.

Hearing Shri Ram Hanuman ji got confused.  Before he could say anything, then Hanuman ji said - Lord, you are liberator.

The secret of killing Ahiravana told by her.  Without her, we would not have been able to save you by killing them.

 She should also get liberation.  But you don't worry. You only just do for the Chitrasena who saves all of our lives that you just sit on this bed and I do the rest of the work.

 Hanuman ji was doing to do all the work so fast that both Shri Ram ji and Lakshman ji got worried due to this.  They want want to took some step that by then Hanuman ji grabbed the arm of Lord Rama.

Hanuman ji, holding the arm of Lord Shree Rama , made him sit on the huge bed of Chitrasena.

When Sri Rama was able to understand something that then the hollow bed  broke down.

The bed collapsed.  Chitrasena also fell on the ground.  Hanuman ji laughed and then said to Chitrasena - Now your condition is not fulfilled, hence this marriage cannot take place.

You are free and I arrange to send you your abode.

Chitrasena understood that he had been tricked.  She said that he was tricked.

It is very unfair for the servants of Maryada Purushottam to trick someone in front of him.  I will curse Hanuman.

Chitrasena was going to curse Hanuman ji that then Shri Rama understood this whole drama.

He explained to Chitrasena - I have vowed  to in this avatar only one wife.  That is why Hanuman ji had to do this.  Forgive him.

 Angry Chitrasena was stubborn to marry him.  Shri Rama said- When I take the incarnation of Shri Krishna in the Dwapar yuga , then I will make you my wife in the form of Satyabhama.  She agreed to it.

Hanuman ji took Chitrasena to her father.  Chitrasena was granted the boon by Prabhu to become a wife in the next life.

 In the desire to become the consort of Lord Vishnu, she consumed herself in the fire.

 Sri Rama and Lakshmana, along with Makardhwaja and Hanuman ji, returned to the Suvel mountain in Lanka.

The second story------

According to another legend, once a demon named Marial steals the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnu and when Hanuman ji comes to know about this, he takes a pledge that he will regain the chakra and give it to Lord Vishnu.

Marial the demon was adept at changing forms at will, in addition he was extremely powerful.  Lord Vishnu blessed Hanuman ji to end the marial, along with the power of air ie Garuda-mukh,  Narsimha-mukh for fear-generating , Hayagriva mukh to attain enlightenment and Varaha mukh was for happiness and prosperity. 

Parvati ji gave to him lotus flower  and Yama-Dharmaraja gave his weapon  called  loop.  With blessings and powers of all these, Hanuman ji succeeded in conquering Marial. Since then this Panchmukhi form was also recognized.

The Third story:------

Once a terrible demon with five faces appeared.  He asked for a boon from Brahmaji by doing austerities,  no one could kill me in this world, even if someone killed, someone like me could kill me.

On receiving such a boon, he started creating a fierce rage in this world.  All the Gods and Goddesses prayed to God to get rid of this trouble. Then on the orders of God, Hanumanji took a Panchmukha form with Narasimha, Garud, Ashwa and Varaha.

And killed that demon. For this reason, it is believed that the worship of Panchmukhuman holds the same results as the worship of all the deities.

All our vices are overcome by worshiping Panchmukhi Hanuman. Enemies are defeated.  Hanumanji removes all the tribulation soon.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Why Yamaraja was die ??

Why Yamaraja was die ??

Ever since God is there, since then he has devotee and since God has stories, since then the story of devotees begins.  Without devotees there can be no legend of God alone;  Because also the devotees are part of the Lord's leela.
No one can win death.  Brahma himself also merges into Parabrahma by death at the end of Chaturyugi. But Lord Shiva has defeated death many times, hence he is called 'Mrityunjaya' and 'Kaal ka Kaal Mahakal'.
God is also the Lord of the his dear devotee .  The death does not have the right at him.  If Yamraj also forces him, then death (Yamraj) also dies.  This story is not imaginary but is based on the life of the great Shiva devotee King Shwet.
Yamaraja is considered the god of death, if Yamaraja himself is the god of death then how is his death possible?  This is strange to hear & read, but the Vedas and Puranas have told a story about the death of Yamaraja.  Before knowing this story, let us tell some special things about Yamraj, who takes the responsibility of killing all the lives…
Yamaraja had a twin sister also known as Yamuna.  Yamaraja rides buffalo and Yamaraja is worshiped under various names such as Yama, Dharmaraja, Mritu (death),  Aatank(terror), Vaivasvata and Kaal.  Yamraj is considered very cruel and ruthless by nature.  But Yamraj had to give up in front of Savitri's Pativrata dharma.

The creator writes, Chitragupta says, yamdoots take them and Yamraj punishes.  Not only the time of death, the place is also fixed.  Yamrajji is sitting in one of the ten directions in the south.  Know who is Yamrajji, the complete secret of his life in this regard.

Suryadev's son Yamraj's grandfather's name was Rishi Kashyap and grandmother's name was Aditi.  Suryadev had two wives.  One Sangya and another Chhaya.  Vishwakarma's daughter Sangya was mother of Vaivaswat Manu, Yama, Yami, Ashvinikumardvay & Revant, and Shani, Tapati, Vishti and Savarni Manu from Chhaya.

Vaivasvata Manu is the ruler of this Manvantara.  Yamraj gives the results of the good-bad deeds of the living beings.  Yami is the previous form of the Yamuna River.  Ashvinikumarvadawya is the Vaidya of the gods.  Revant lives in his father's service.  Shani has been distinguished among the planets. Tapati married married with Somvanshi King Samvara.  Vishti entered into the constellation called Bhadra, and Savarni Manu will be the ruler of the eighth Manvantara.

Yamraj's wife's name is Devi Dhumorna.  Katila is the son of Yamraj and Dhumorna.  Yamraj's scribe is Chitragupta, through whom he keeps track of the deeds and virtuous-sins of all beings.  In the book 'Agrasandhani' of Chitragupta, there is an account of the sin and virtue of every living being.

Yama is considered the suzerain of ancestor in the Vedas.  Yamaraja is mentioned in a story of Nachiketa in the Upanishads.  For Yama, the other name Pitrapati, Kritanta, Shaman, Kaal, Dandadhar, Shraddhadeva, Dharma, Jeevatesh, Mahishdhwaja, Mahishavahana, Shrinapada, Hari and Karmakar are used.  According to the Puranas, the color of Yamaraja is green and he wear red clothes.  Yamraj rides a buffalo and has  gada(mace) in his hand.

The city of Yamraj is called 'Yampuri' and the palace is called 'Kalitri'.  The name of the throne of Yamaraja is 'Vichar-Bhoo'.  Mahadand and Kaalpurush are his body guards and Yamdoots are his followers.  Vaidhyat is the gatekeeper of Yamraj.  Two strong dogs with four eyes and wide nostrils are the keeper of Yama Dwar.

According to the Puranas, Yamaloka is believed to be 86,000 Yojana distance to the south above the earth.  A Yojana has about 4 km.  Yampuri or Yamlok spread over one lakh yojana is found in Garuda Purana and Kathopanishad.  In addition to Yamlok, Sanyamanipuri, the city of Yamraj are also called Pitrilok. 

According to Smriti and texts, there are 14 Yams till now - Yama, Dharmaraja, Mruityu, Antak, Vaivasvata, Kaal, Sarvabhutakshya, Audumbar, Dadhan, Neel, Parameshthi, Vrikodar, Chitra and Chitragupta.

Now we all move on to the story.

The great Shiva devotee Shwetamuni
 In ancient times, Shiva devotees King Shwet ruled in Kalanjar.  Due to his devotion, there was no shortage of food, water in the state.  There was no trouble , malice, worry and famine in the state.  On getting older, the king Shwet  by handing over the kingdom to his son and setting up a Shivling in a cave on the banks of the Godavari river and engrossed in Shiva's worship.  Now he had become Mahamuni Shwet from King Shwet.
Surrounding his cave was a kingdom of purity, divinity and sattvikta.  Muni had spread the light of Shiv Bhakti in the deserted cave.  Shwetmuni had neither disease nor grief;  But now, his age is over, he did not even realize it.  All his attention was focused on Shiva.  He was reciting Rudradhyaya without fear and his heart beats was echoing with the name of Shiva.
When the Yamdoots entered the cave to take the soul of Muni, their body were faint at the entrance of the cave.  They stood at the entrance of the cave and waited for Shwetamuni.  Here, when the time of death began to come, Chitragupta asked Mrityudev - 'Why did not Shwet muni come here till now?
Your envoy have not even returned yet. Such irregularity is not right? '  Hearing this, the enraged Mrityudev himself came to take Shwet muni's life.  But trembling at the entrance of the cave, the Yamdoots said to Mrityudev, "Shwet is no more a king, but he is a great devotee of Shiva and has been protected by him, we are not even able to look at Shwet."
Mrityudev himself entered the Shwetmuni cave with Paas (loop).  Shwetamuni was worshiping Lord Shankar at that time.  Suddenly, wearing black clothes in front of him, seeing the black and deformed body, he was shocked and touched the Shivling and said - 'Mritudev!  Why are you here . You go away from here . When Vrishabhadhwaj is my protector, I have no fear of anyone, Mahadev is present in this Shivling.
Mrityudev unheard and said- 'None of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh can save a creature suffering by me.  I have come to take you to Yamlok. '
Swetamuni fearlessly huged the Shivalinga and said - 'You have challenged the devotion of Mahakal , Lord Umapati is present in every particle.  He definitely protect the devotee by faithfully listening the voice of devotee. '
'I have no fear of your adorable.  You say that there is Mahadev in this Linga, but it is inexplicable, then how is it worshiped? '  Saying this, the angry Mrityudev put paas (loop) in the hand and laid a trap on Shvetamuni.
 Bhairav ​​Baba was standing near to protect Shwetamuni by Shiva's orders.  He warned Mrityudev to return.
Bhairav ​​Baba could not bear this attack of Mrityudev on the devotee.  He attacked Mrityudev with a stick, which caused Mrityudev cool down there.
 The trembling Yamdoots went to Yamraj and narrated the whole situation.  Hearing the news of the death of the Mrityudev, the angry Yamraj came there with his army (Chitragupta, Adhi-Vyadhi etc.) riding on the buffalo with Yamadand in hand.
 Shiva's gana were already standing there.  Shivputra Karthikeya left Shaktiastra on Yamraj, which also killed Yamraj.  The Yamdoots went to Lord Surya and told the whole news.
 Hearing the news of his son's death, Lord Surya along with Brahma and the gods came to the place where Yamaraja died with his army.  The gods praised Lord Shankar.
'Our appearance is subject to faith' - Lord Shiva appeared after saying this.  
The gods said- 'Lord!  Yamraj is the son of Surya.  He is the Lokpal, you have appointed him as the controller of the dharma-adharma system. His slaughter is not right.  Without him the work of creation will become impossible.  So make him alive with the army or else the chaos will spread.
Lord Shankar said- 'I am also in favor of the system.  We are the Lord who are devotees of me and Lord Vishnu. Death has no right on them.  It is also a sin for Yamraj and his envoy to look on them.  It has also been arranged for Yamraj to bow to the devotees.
Lord Shiva accept the request of the gods.  On Shiva's orders, Nandishwar brought the water of the river Gautami and sprinkled it on Yamaraja and his envoys, making everyone alive.  Yamraj said to Shwetamuni - 'You have won me, invincible even in the whole world, now I follow you.  Offer me protection on behalf of Lord Shiva. '
Shwetmuni said to Yamraj - 'Devotees are idols of humility.  It is because of your fear that the Satpurus take refuge in God.  Pleased, Yamraj went to his lok.
 Shivji, placing his blessing hand on the back of Shvetamuni, said - "Blessed is your lingopasana, Shwet!  Faith always win.
 Shvetamuni went to Shivlok.  This place is called Mritunjaya Tirtha on the banks of Gautami.

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