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Friday, July 31, 2020

The story of Radha and Krishna's separation

The story of Radha and Krishna's separation

This is how Radha and Krishna's love story ended!  Finally Radha's condition was like this ...

You must have heard many stories about Radha and Krishna, but do you know how Radha died or how Radha and Krishna separated.

Radhe-Shyam ... These two words are considered part of unbreakable love.  Even though each other could never happen, but still the name was always taken with each other.  Stories of Krishna's birth, Radha's birth, their friendship are very popular, but do you know how Radha died?  How their love story was left incomplete?

Was Radha fictional chracter?

Many people say that Radha was just imaginary.  reason?  The reason is that anyone who has read Bhagwat says that when Maharas is being described only in Dasam Skanda, at one place Radha has been mentioned that she is also doing rasa and enjoying. There are different descriptions of the gopis of Radha and Krishna in different texts.  In one place it is also written that 64 kala of Krishna were gopis and Radha was his superpower ie Radha and gopis were the powers of Krishna who took a female form.
The gopis has been called Paramhans (in whose mind God lives day and night) on the path of devotion because Krishna lived in their mind for 24 hours.  The real description of Radha and Krishna's love is found in Garga Samhita. Rishi Garga Muni was the Kulguru of Yaduvanshi (Kansa) who was the author of Garg Samhita (i.e. in a way also became Kulguru of Krishna). In the Garg Samhita, the leelas of Radha and Krishna are mentioned .  Radha-Krishna's love is mentioned .  In this Samhita, there is sweet memory of Sri Krishna's leela, in it Radhaji's description of melodious leelas. If Garg Muni was the Kulguru of the Yaduvanshis, then how could it be that he would portray a fictional character in Krishna leela running in front of him?  This is where Radha's proof of truth comes from!

Did Krishna cheat to Radha?

Krishna went to mathura and promising Radha to that he will come back.  But Krishna did not return to Radha and went away.  He was also married to Rukmani.  It is said that Rukmani was the form of Lakshmi and she had never seen Krishna, yet considered him her husband.
When Rukmani's brother Rukmi wanted to marry her to someone else(Shishupal), Rukmani remembered Krishna and said that if he does not come, she will give up her life.  Only after this Krishna went to Rukmani and married to her. Since Krishna left Vrindavan, Radha's description became very less.  When Radha and Krishna met for the last time, Radha told Krishna that even though he is going away from her, Krishna will always be with her from the heart. After this Krishna went to Mathura and completed his work of killing Kansa and the other demons.  After this, Krishna went to Dwarka to protect the people and became popular as Dwarkadhish.

Then what happened to Radha?

 When Krishna left Vrindavan, Radha's life took a different turn.  Radha is married to a Yadav.  Radha played all the rituals of her married life and grew old, but her mind was still devoted to Krishna.

Who was Radha's husband?

Radha's husband is described in the Brahmavaivarta Purana.  It is one of the 18 Puranas composed by Ved Vyas.
There are also different stories about Radha's marriage.  According to some, Radha was married to Anay.  Anay was also a resident of Vrindavan and Radha and Anay were married after an examination of Brihama. Briha kidnapped all his friends and hid them in the forest to find out that Krishna is indeed an avatar of Vishnu.  At that time, Anay was also in the forest and he was also abducted by mistake. After this Krishna took the form of all his friends (with Anay) and then started living in the homes of all the children.  After this, Krishna as Anay was married to Radha. According to another story, Radha was not married at all.  According to Brahmavaivart Purana, while leaving her home, Radha left her shadow (Chhaya Radha / Maya Radha) at home with mother Kirti. Shadow Radha was married to Rayan Gopa (Yashoda's brother) and not Anay. That is why it is also said that Radha was Krishna's maternal aunt in the relationship. They were married in Saket village, which was situated between Barsana and Nandgaon.  That is, Radha spent her married life well, even though she was connected to Krishna with her heart .

How did Radha die?

 According to folklore, Radha left her house in the last days of her life and went to Dwarka to meet Krishna.  When these two finally met, both did not say anything.  Both knew that both were connected with the heart. But Radha felt that being close to Krishna was not giving the kind of happiness that she felt when she was connected to Krishna with heart.  Radha left the palace without saying anything. In the final moments, Krishna fulfilled Radha's final wish in which he heard to Radha by playing the melody of the sweetest flute.  Only after this Radha ji merged with Krishna.  Radha's death is not described in any Purana.

Why could not get Radha-Shyam…

The conversation between Devarshi Narada and Mithila Naresh(King) is told in the Goloka incident of Garg Samhita.  It was due to the curse of Radha and Sridama that Radha and Krishna had to face separation for 100 years.
Another story has been written in the 49th chapter of the Vishvajeet kand of Shri Garg Samhita.  It is said that Radha and Krishna met after 100 years during a solar eclipse that was happening in Kurukshetra.  During this time, Lord Yogeshwar took Radha with his queens and gopis to Dwarka. Here everyone participated in the Rajasuya Yajna which was done by King Ugrasena.  At that time Radha was with Krishna as his wife and it is said that Radha was married to Krishna and she was shadow Radha who became Krishna's maternal aunt by marrying Rayan Gopa.  But only this Yajna is considered to be the proof of Radha and Krishna's marriage.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Story of a Saint of Vrindavan

Story of a Saint of Vrindavan

Jai Jai Radhe Radhe🙏🙏
 In Sri Vrindavan there lived a saintly saint named Pujya Shri Sevadas Ji Maharaj. Shri Sevadas Ji Maharaj did not collect any item in his life. A loincloth, a kamandal, a garland and Shri Shaligram Ji used to keep it together. A small hut was made in which a beautiful coffer was kept. Very few saints used to do bhajan by sitting inside the hut, spending most of their time in bhajan under the tree. If a saint comes, he would give them easy access inside the hut. Once upon a time, a rogue person came there and had his eyes on the beautiful box kept inside the hut. He thought that the Mahatma must have received a treasure which is hidden here. What work of wealth does the Mahatma take? I will steal it as soon as I get a chance.

One day Babaji was doing bhajan behind the hut. Taking the opportunity, the thief entered the cottage and twisted the sandook. Another small box was placed inside that box. The thief also opened the box and saw that there was another small box inside it too. While doing so, he received several boxes and eventually received a small box. He opened the chest and was very sad to see. Only soil was kept in it. He was getting out of the hut, filled with great grief that at that time Shri Sevadas ji came there. Mr. Sevadas Ji said to the thief - Why are you so sad? The thief said - What soil does someone keep in such a beautiful box? You are very strange Mahatma.

Shri Sevadas Ji said - It is appropriate to keep the most valuable item in the box only. The thief said - what valuable item is this soil? Baba said - This is not ordinary soil, it is the holy Shri Vrindavan Raja. Many saints have attained Lord Krishna through the majesty of Raja here. Gods are also tempted to obtain this raja. The king here has a touch of the feet of Shri Krishna. Sri Krishna has kept this Raja in his Shrimukh. The thief did not understand much about Baba and started going out of the hut. Baba said - listen! You are going empty handed after suffering so much, you should get the fruits of hard work also. The thief said - Why do you laugh, do you even have to give?

Mr. Sevadas Ji said - I have nothing to give but this Braj Raj has the ability to provide everything. The thief said - what can soil give to anyone? If you have faith, then this kingdom can be mixed with God itself. It is your business to steal and if you go empty-handed from the Mahatma, then it is also not right. Take this Prasad while you go. Saying so, Mr. Sevadas Ji took a little Braj Raj and applied it on the forehead of the thief. As soon as Raja touched the forehead, he filled in a thief and started chanting the holy names of God - Shri Radha Krishna, Keshav, Govind Govind. His heart became clean and he fell at the feet of the Mahatma. The Mahatma made his life Krishnamay by giving him preaching of Harinam and saint service.

 Radhe Radhe🌹🌹

Raz means the soil that touches the feet of Shri Krishna.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Glory to 32 names of Radha Rani

Remembering 32 names of Shri Radha ji brings blessings of happiness, love and peace in life.  Wealth and property comes, the most important thing in life is love and peace .. This name of Shri Radha makes life calm and happy ...❄

श्री राधा जी के 32 नामों का स्मरण करने से जीवन में सुख, प्रेम और शांति का वरदान मिलता है। धन और संपंत्ति तो आती जाती है जीवन में सबसे जरूरी है प्रेम और शांति.. श्री राधा जी के यह नाम जीवन को बनाते हैं शांत और सुखमयी...❄

1 : मृदुल भाषिणी राधा ! राधा !!
2 : सौंदर्य राषिणी राधा ! राधा !!
3 : परम् पुनीता राधा ! राधा !!
4 : नित्य नवनीता राधा ! राधा !!
5 : रास विलासिनी राधा ! राधा !!
6 : दिव्य सुवासिनी राधा ! राधा !!
7 : नवल किशोरी राधा ! राधा !!
8 : अति ही भोरी राधा ! राधा !!
9 : कंचनवर्णी राधा ! राधा !!
10 : नित्य सुखकरणी राधा ! राधा !!
11 : सुभग भामिनी राधा ! राधा !!
12 : जगत स्वामिनी राधा ! राधा !!
13 : कृष्ण आनन्दिनी राधा ! राधा !!
14 : आनंद कन्दिनी राधा ! राधा !!
15 : प्रेम मूर्ति राधा ! राधा !!
16 : रस आपूर्ति राधा ! राधा !!
17 : नवल ब्रजेश्वरी राधा ! राधा !!
18: नित्य रासेश्वरी राधा ! राधा !!
19 : कोमल अंगिनी राधा ! राधा !!
20 : कृष्ण संगिनी राधा ! राधा !!
21 : कृपा वर्षिणी राधा ! राधा !!
22: परम् हर्षिणी राधा ! राधा !!
23 : सिंधु स्वरूपा राधा ! राधा !!
24 : परम् अनूपा राधा ! राधा !!
25 : परम् हितकारी राधा ! राधा !!
26 : कृष्ण सुखकारी राधा ! राधा !!
27 : निकुंज स्वामिनी राधा ! राधा !!
28 : नवल भामिनी राधा ! राधा !!
29 : रास रासेश्वरी राधा ! राधा !!
30 : स्वयं परमेश्वरी राधा ! राधा !!
31 : सकल गुणीता राधा ! राधा !!
32 : रसिकिनी पुनीता राधा ! राधा !!
कर जोरि वन्दन करूं मैं
नित नित करूं प्रणाम🙏
रसना से गाती/गाता रहूं
श्री राधा राधा नाम

Monday, November 4, 2019

Radha rani's love

Radha means attainment of salvation

 Once the pronunciation of the name 'Radha' attains salvation
 'Ra' means salvation 'Dha' means attainment
 When Krishna went to Mathura from Vrindavan, there was not even a moment of rest in his life.
 He protected the subjects, returned the king to the plundered kingdoms.
 And gave dignity to sixteen thousand women
 Shri Krishna did not win battles with any miracle, but made life meaningful on the basis of wisdom, yoga and knowledge.
 He took the birth of man, protected humanity, protected the rights, he continued throughout his life, never remained stable, where he called, he would continue to help.
 On the other hand, when Krishna left the Vrindavan, Gopis and Radha  they had lost their existence.

 Radha lost her senses in disconnection to Krishna
 As if there is no life, only the body is left
 Radha Krishna's love was such a unique witness that the waves of Yamuna ji, Vrindavan's kunj lanes, Kadamb trees, at which time when Shyam cows came back to feed, the voice of Murali which always existed in the winds.

  Radha wandering in the forests, calling Krishna Krishna trying to make his love to be immortal, even after hearing his call, Krishna did not look back even once

 But no one heard the vibrations of Krishna's heart, even he himself did not get so much time to listen to his heart.
 Distressed by his own family, while lying in the Prabhas region, he felt the prick of the left arrow of 'Zara'.

 Even then he chanted the name 'Radha' while sacrificing his body.

 Who heard 'Zara' and 'Uddhav' who came there at the same time
 Tears started flowing from 'Uddhav' eye
 After giving Krishna's message to all the people, when they reached 'Radha Rani', only they could say that Radha

 "'Kanha belonged to the world, but Krishna was only for Radha's heart

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The compassion of Radha Rani

A Marbari seth went to Braj , he had to stay for a few days.

He had a rule.

Before taking food, he used to feed a saint and then used to do it himself.
One day it was time for lunch, Seth sent servants to go and bring saints.
On that day Shri Ji wished that there was a big bhandara, all the saints went to the bhandara.
No saint was found in the rain.
Servant was show a mad beggar on the stairway of the temple.
The servants thought neither the saint would meet nor the seth would eat nor would he allow us to do eat food .
So he took two red yellow clothes from the market and one put him on the neck to shoulder , put one on his head, and made him tilak and told him that you are a saint.
Our Sethji gives good Dakshina.
Do not say anything in front of Sethji, I will say that he is moni baba.
Took him to Sethji.
Seth ji made him sit, washed the feet, decorated the plate.
The hot pudding was still served, the poor beggar was asking as soon as he saw the pudding and started eating it.
When the saints have food, they pray first and then get food.
Now seeing this Seth snatches food from beggar.
He made his cry, he kept on crying.
Sethji prayed Shreeji, I did my best.
After that Sethji had his meal.
The beggar kept crying hungry.
In the night, Kishori ju came in Seth's dream, Kishori ju said, "Made him hungry and you makes a very big donor.
Seth said, "He was not a saint, he was a hypocrite.
Kishori Ju said, "If Seth had to feed one day, then you are searching the saint element of the him.
I have been feeding that hypocrite for forty years, he has not slept hungry till date, I have not asked till date whether he is a saint or a hypocrite….
Jai to the Albeli Sarkar....
Jai Jai Shree Radhe...

Radha Rani's Leela tradition

Radhe-Radhe .....

Shree Priya- The glory of the anthem of love is incomparable ..

No matter how much you chant, what will that chant be able to do, when the Nayan gets ready while doing Yashgana?

There is great glory of tenacity in the scriptures ...
Dry the body while doing penance, but will this tenacity be able to match the situation when the whole body becomes pulsated while doing Yashgana?
The saints have described the law of many fasts, which leads to peace of sin-temperature-cursing, but will he be able to provide all this warmth, when the heart becomes very moved while doing Yashgana?
The essence is that as soon as Shri Priya is beloved, he sits in the heart and temple, at that moment all the wishes are gone ……
Meaning-less-religion- The desire for salvation ceases to exist….

By the grace of Shri Duet Sarkar, all of our lives are immersed in every moment in the love of Shree Priya.

Jai Shri Radhe


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