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Monday, February 10, 2020

Shri Krishna killed Eklavya, but why? .....

Shri Krishna killed Eklavya, but why? .....

In the Mahabharata period, the Shringverpur state spread far and wide in the coastal region of Prayag (Allahabad), whose king was Nishadraj Hiranyadhanu father of Eklavya. Shringverpur, situated on the banks of the Ganges, was its strong capital. At that time, the power of the state of Shringverpur was equal to the larger states of Magadha, Hastinapur, Mathura, Chedi and Chanderi.

The valor of Nishad Hiranyadhanu and his commander Giribir was famous.
 The public was happy and prosperous with the affection of Nishadraj Hiranyadhanu and Rani Sulekha. The king use to governed the state with the help of the Amatya (ministerial) council.
Nishadraj Hiranyadhanu received a son by Queen Sulekha named "Abhidyumna". Generally people called him by the name "Abhay". At the age of five years, Eklavya's education was arranged in the elite Gurukul.
Seeing the child's minds and dedication in the field of war skills from childhood, the Guru addressed the child's name as "Eklavya". When Ekalavya was young, Hiranyadhanu got him married to the Sunita, who was daughter of one of his Nishad friends.

Ekalavya wanted to get higher education of archery. At that time, Guru Drona was famous in archery. But he used to teach only Brahmin and Kshatriya classes and was a staunch opponent of giving education to Shudras.

Maharaj Hiranyadhanu greatly explained to Eklavya that Drona will not teach you. But Ekalavya persuaded the father that Acharya Drona himself would make him his disciple after being impressed by his archery . But Eklavya was not right to think - Drona took the plunge and drove him away from the ashram.
Ekalavya was not one of those who gave up and did not want to return home without getting arms education. So Eklavya made a statue of Acharya Drona in the forest and started practicing archery.
Soon he attained mastery in archery. Once Dronacharya came to the same forest with his disciples and a dog. Eklavya was practicing archery at that time. The dog barked at Eklavya.
The barking of the dog was hindering Eklavya's practice, so he stopped the dog's mouth with his arrows. Eklavya shot arrows with the skill that the dog was not hurt. The dog ran to Drona.
Drona and the disciples were surprised to see such excellent archery. He started searching for that great archer, suddenly he saw Eklavya, the archery which he wanted to confine only to the Kshatriyas and Brahmins, he was worried about seeing it go into the hands of the Shudras.
Then he remembered the promise of making Arjuna the best archer in the world. Drona asked Eklavya - From whom did you learn this archery? Eklavya - Acharya Eklavya pointed to the statue made of Drona clay.
Drona asked Eklavya for Gurudakshina as his right-hands thumb, Eklavya cut off own thumb and offered it to Guru Drona.
Kumar Eklavya comes to father Hiranyadhanu after sacrificing thumb. Ekalavya regains skill in archery without his thumbs. In all the archery competitions held in today's era, thumb is not used, so it would be appropriate to call Eklavya the father of modern archery.
After the death of his father, he becomes the ruler of the Shringaber state. With the advice of the Amatya Council he not only manages his kingdom, but also constitutes a strong army and navy of Nishad Bhils and extends the boundaries of his kingdom.
In the Vishnu Purana and Harivansh Purana it is mentioned that after becoming the king of Nishad dynasty, Eklavya invaded Mathura on behalf of Jarasandha's army and almost eliminated the Yadav army. After seeing the outcry in the Yadav dynasty, when Krishna saw Ekalavya with a bow and arrow with just four fingers in his right hand, he could not believe the scene.

Eklavya alone was able to stop hundreds of Yadav descent warriors. In this war, Krishna killed Eklavya with deceit. His son Ketuman was killed by Bhima in the Mahabharata war.
When all the Pandavas were declaring their valor after the war, Krishna confessed his love of Arjuna.
 Krishna had clearly told Arjuna that "What have I done in your love." For this to be called the best archer of the world, for this I get killed Dronacharya, weakened Mahaprakrami Karna and , not willingly killed Bhil son.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Yudhishthira's journey to heaven

Yudhishthira's journey to heaven

After the end of the eighteen-day war of Mahabharata, the Pandavas under the guidance of Shri Krishna made political integration of the whole of India. Time passed, now that time has come when the curse of Mata Gandhari is about to come true, Shri Krishna, considering the demand of time, surrendered his Leela and left for Neej Dham Baikunth and gave directions to Arjuna.

Here in Hastinapur, when Maharaja Yudhishthira came to know that Shri Krishna had surrendered his leela, he was very much pained.
Shortly thereafter, the Pandavas made up their mind to leave the world, giving the crown to Abhimanyu's son Parikshit, and the five brothers, including Draupadi, started preparing for their departure to heaven.
It is the story of the time of the ascension. Maharaj Yudhishthira went to climb the Himalayas. Draupadi and her four brothers fell one by one into the snow and died. Some kind of a dog had survived. He was following Dharmaraja. At the same time, Devraj Indra was present in front of Yudhishthira with the chariot. He ordered Maharaj Yudhishthira to sit on the chariot. Dharmaraja said- 'This dog has walked with me till now. So this will also go with me.
Devraj Indra said- No, there is no place in heaven for those who keep dog. You leave the dog.
Yudhishthira said - Devraj! What are you saying? Renunciation of devotees has been described as a great weapon similar to brahmacharya. That is why I cannot leave this dog for my happiness in any way. I can never attempt to leave the refugees, the weak, and those who want to die, even if my life goes away. This is my eternal fast.
Then Devraj Indra said - O Yudhishthra! When you left your brothers and your wife, then why is your love for this dog?
Dharmaraja descended - Devraj! I have sacrificed those people to die, not in a living state. Because I do not have the ability to give life to the dead. I request you to show fear to the refugee, to kill a woman, to kill a Brahmin, and to reprimand friends - equal to these four types of sins is the sin of renunciation of a devotee. Such is my opinion. Therefore, I cannot leave this dog in any way.
On hearing these words of Yudhishthira, the dharma, which existed in the form of a dog, was revealed. And said - Yudhishthra! You have given up the dog and abandoned yourself to heaven. Therefore, no one can equal you.

Thus ownself dharma and Indra praised Yudhishthra and took him in his chariot to heaven.

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