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Friday, August 7, 2020

The secrets of maa Durga

The secrets of maa Durga

You will be surprised to know the secrets of maa Durga

Maa Durga holds the highest position among the goddesses in Hinduism.  She is called Ambe, Jagadambe, Sherawali, Pahadwali etc.  She has hundreds of temples all over India.  There is more Shaktipeeth than Jyotirlinga.  Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati are the wives of Trideva.  Different information about her story is mentioned in the Puranas.  In the Puranas reveal the mystery of the Goddess in the Devibhagwat purana.
After all, what is the secret about those Amba, Jagadamba, Sarveshwari etc.?  It is also important to know.  Those who have complete knowledge about Mata Rani are her true devotees.  Although it is also true that here in this article complete information about her cannot be given, but I can trying to tell so much, what should you know?
Who is the mata Rani?  :
 1.Ambika: According to Shivpuran, that indestructible Parabrahma (Kaal) expressed the wish of the second after some time.  Within him, the resolve to be one to many emerged. Then that formless God conceived the shape with his lila power, which is the idolless Supreme Brahm.  He is the supreme Brahm Lord Sadasiva.  Alone Sadashiva who wandered in all the direction  to his will, created maa Shakti from his idol(body), which was never going to be separated from his divine body. Sadashiv's strength has been described as the dominant nature, quality of maya, the mother of the intellect element and unvarnished. She is called Shakti Ambika (not Parvati nor Sati).  She is also called Prakriti, Sarveshwari, Trideva Janani (mother of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh), Nitya(eternal) and root cause. There are 8 arms of that Shakti as revealed by Sadasiva.  Parashakti Jagatjanani Goddess, she is endowed with various divine power and takes a variety of weapon power.  Even though one, that maya power becomes many by her desire .  That Shakti is the ardhangini(wife) of Sadashiva, also known as Jagadamba.
2. Devi Durga: There was a great powerful monster born in the dynasty of Hiranyaksha,he was son of Ruru named Durgamasura.  All the deities were stricken by durgamasura.  He surrounded the city of Indra's, Amravati.  The gods were became powerless as a result, they considered it best to flee from heaven.
They ran away and hid in the holes and caves of the mountains and started worshiping Adi Shakti Ambika for help.  The Goddess appeared and blessed the Gods to be fearless. A messenger told Durgamasura all this saga and there was talk of incarnation of the protector of the gods.  Immediately, Durgamasur became angry and went to war with all his weapons and his army.  A fierce battle ensued and Devi destroyed all demons army including Durgamasura.  Since then this goddess began to be called Durga.
3. Mata Sati: Lord Shankar is also called Mahesh and Mahadev.  The same Shankar first married Dakshayani, daughter of king Daksha . That Dakshayani is called Sati.  Sati finished her life by jumping into the yagna of her father Daksha due to insulting her husband Shankar. Lord Shankar wandered from place to place with the body of Mother Sati.  Wherever the parts and ornaments of Goddess Sati fell, Shaktipeeths were built there. After this, Mata Sati took birth in Himalayaraja as Parvati and did severe penance of Lord Shiva and got Shiva again and became famous in the world as Parvati.
4. Mata Parvati: Mother Parvati was Shankar's second wife, who was Sati in the previous birth.  Goddess Parvati's father's name was Himwan and mother's name was Rani Mainavati.  Mata Parvati is called Gauri, Mahagauri, Pahariwali and Sherawali.  Mata Parvati is also considered as Durga Swaroopa.  Parvati's two sons are believed to be prominent, one is Sriganesh and the other is Karthikeya.
5. Kaitabha: According to Padmapuran, both brothers named Madhu and Kaitabh were towards Hiranyaksha in Dewasur Sangram.  According to the Markandeya Purana, Uma killed Kaitabh, causing her to be called 'Kaitabha'.  According to Durga Saptasati, Ambika's power Mahamaya killed both with her yogic shakti.
6.Kali: According to mythological belief, Lord Shiva had four wives.  The first Sati who sacrificed her life by jumping into the yajna.  This sati came in the second birth as Parvati, who has sons Ganesh and Karthikeya.  Then  a third wife of Shiva called Uma.  Goddess Uma has also been called the Goddess of the land.  It is the only temple in Uttarakhand.  Mother Kali is the fourth wife of Lord Shiva.  She killed the terrible demons on this earth.  Kali Mata was the one who killed Asura Raktabij.  She is considered to be the chief among the das Mahavidyas.  
7. Mahishasura Mardini: The daughter of a Katyayan sage from one of Navadurga killed Mahishasura, the son of Rambhasur.  He had the boon of Brahma that he would be killed at the hands of a woman. After killing him, Mother called Mahishasura Mardini.  According to another legend, when all the gods could not win even after fighting with him, then Lord Vishnu said that together with all the gods, worship the Bhagwati superpower due to everyone. A divine glory emerged from the body of all the gods and appeared as a supremely beautiful woman.  Himwan gave the lion to ride Bhagwati and all the gods presented their weapons in the service of Mahamaya. Pleased with the gods, Bhagwati soon assured to free them from the fear of Mahishasura and killed him after a fierce battle.
8. Tulja Bhavani and Chamunda Mata: Worship of Mata Tulja Bhavani and Chamunda Mata is prevalent at many places across the country.  Especially this is more in Maharashtra.  Actually Mata Ambika called Chamunda because of slaying of Asuras named Chand and Mund.  Tulja Bhavani Mata is also known as Mahishasura Mardini.  We have already discussed above about Mahishasura Mardini.
9. Ten Mahavidyas: Some of the ten Mahavidyas are Goddess Amba, some are Sati or Parvati and some are other .  Although everyone is seen connecting with Mata Kali.  The ten Mahavidyas named the following. Kali, Tara, Chinnamasta, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshwari, Tripurbhairavi, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi and Kamala.  Somewhere their names are found in this order: -1.Kali, 2.Tara, 3.Tripurasundari, 4.Bhuvaneshwari, 5.Chinnamasta, 6.Tripurbhairavi, 7.Dhumavati, 8.Balamukhi, 9.Matangi and 10.Kamala .
Navratri: Navratri festival is held twice a year.  The first is known as Chaitra Navratri and the second is known as Sharadiya Navratri of the month of Ashwin.  In this way, the whole year consists of 18 days of Durga, out of which nine days of Sharadiya Navratri are celebrated, which is called Durgotsav. Chaitra Navratri is believed to be for Shaiva Tantrikas.  Under this, Tantric rituals and difficult practices are performed and second Sharadiya Navratri is for Satvik people only for devotion and celebration of mother.
Navratri Vrat: In Navratri, food, along with alcohol, meat and coitus is sacrificed for the entire nine days.  In the said nine days, if a person insults the mother in any way or unknown, they have to face severe punishment.  Many people have been seen dancing to discos and film songs in the name of Garba Utsav.  This is a gross insult to the mother.
Navadurga's secrets : These Navadurga are - 1. Shailaputri 2. Brahmacharini 3. Chandraghanta 4. Kushmanda 5. Skandamata 6. Kakatiyani 7. Kaalratri 8. Mahagauri 9. Siddhidatri.  Parvati Mata is also known as Shailputri, being the daughter of the mountain Himalayas.  Brahmacharini means when she found Shiva through penance. Chandraghanta means a lunar-shaped tilak on its head.  After gaining the power to generate the universe, she came to be called Kushmanda.  From the abdomen to the whole body, she contain the universe within her, which is why she is called Kushmanda.  According to some people, because of being worshiped by a society named Kushmanda, it was called Kushmand.  Parvati's son Karthikeya is also named Skanda, hence she is called Skanda's mother. Pleased with the penance of Maharishi Katyayan, she was born to his as a daughter, hence she is also called Katyayani.  It is noteworthy that just as there are incarnations of Vishnu, so also of Mother.  The daughter of the Katyayana sage killed Mahishasura.  After killing him, she called Mahishasura Mardini.  Kat was a famous Maharishi, his sons was Katyas and the famous sage Katyayan was born in the tribe of these Katyas. Maa Parvati Devi Kaal means that she is going to destroy every kind of crisis, that is why it is called Kalratri.  Mother's color is completely Gaur i.e. Gaura (White), which is why she is called Mahagauri. However, according to some Puranas, when his color turned black due to hard penance, then Shiva processed and washed her body with the holy water of Ganga ji, then she became extremely radiant - like thunder light. Since then, she was named Mahagauri.  The devotee who remains completely devoted to her, gives them all kinds of Siddhi(accomplishments), that is why she is called Siddhidatri.
Tiger and Lion: Each goddess has a different vehicle.  Goddess Durga  is riding on Tiger ,Goddess Parvati on the lion.  Parvati's son Karthikeya is also named Skanda, which is why she is called Skanda's mother. She is shown riding on a lion.  Katyayani Devi is also shown riding on the lion.  Goddess Kushmanda is riding on a lion.  Mata Chandraghanta is also riding on a lion.   Shailputri and Mahagauri ride on bull(Taurus).  Mata Kalratri is riding a donkey, while Siddhidatri sits on a lotus.
According to a legend, Goddess Parvati did austerities for thousands of years to get Shiva in husband form.  The goddess became darker by penance.  One day after the marriage with Lord Shiv, when Lord Shiv was sitting with Parvati, then Lord Shiv joked with Parvati and said Kali. Goddess Parvati was shocked by this thing of Shiva and left Kailash and became absorbed in penance.  Meanwhile a hungry lion arrived there with a desire to eat the goddess.  He sat silently on seeing goddess concentrate in austerity. The lion started thinking about when Devi got up from penance and made her own diet.  Meanwhile many years passed but the lion  stood in its place.  Meanwhile, on completion of the penance of Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva appeared and gave the boon of Parvati Gauravarna i.e. white. After this, Goddess Parvati took a bath in the Ganges and from her body, a dark goddess appeared who called Kaushiki and became Gauravarna Goddess started to call Parvati Gauri. Goddess Parvati made vehicle  the lion who was sitting to eat her.  The reason for this was that lion kept his attention for years by keeping an eye on her while waiting for the Goddess to eat.  Devi took it as the penance of lion and took it into her service.  Therefore, both lion and bull are considered vehicles of Goddess Parvati. 
Community of Goddess: The religion of all the goddesses related to Ambe or Ambika is Shakta.  The Nath sect is considered a sub-sect of the Shaiva sect.  Shakta sect is considered to be the community of Goddess. Indus Valley Civilization also finds evidence of worship of Mother Goddess.  Shakta sect is an ancient sect.  During the Gupta period it was popular in the countries of North-Eastern India, Cambodia, Java, Bornea and Malaya.  After the rises of Buddhism, its influence decreased. Shakta sect is considered under Shaivism.  Shaktas believe that the supreme power of the world is feminine which is why they worship Goddess Durga in the form of God.  In all the religions of the world, God is visualized as a man. That means God may be like a man, but Shakta Dharma is the only religion in the world that considers the creator of creation as mother or woman.  In fact, this is the only religion of women.  Shiva is a dead body, Shakti is the ultimate light.  However, the Saankhya of Shakta philosophy is the same. 
Purpose of Shakta Dharma: Everyone's aim is salvation, yet accumulate power.  Worship the power.  Power is life, power is religion, power is truth, power is everywhere and we all need power.  Be strong, be brave, be fearless, be independent and be powerful.  That is why the seekers of Nath and Shakta sect continue to do different types of yoga and meditation to become powerful.  Achievements continue.
Pilgrimage of Shakti: All the temples of Mata are miraculous.  Everyone knows about the miracles of Mata Hinglaj, Nainadevi, Jwaladevi etc. Apart from 51 or 52 Shakti Peethas, there are hundreds of ancient temples of Maa Durga.  Famous temples of Mother are Tulja Bhawani Temple of Kolhapur, Shaktipeeth of Mother of Pavagadh of Gujarat, Vindhyavasini Dham, Patan Devi, Tulja and Chamunda Mata of Dewas, Mother Sharda of Mehar, Kali Mata of Kolkata, Vaishno Devi of Jammu, Mansa Devi of Uttaranchal, Nayana Devi, etc.
Shakta Dharma Granth: 'Sridurga Bhagavata Purana' is a major book in relation to Durga in Shakta Sampradaya, which describes 108 devipeeths.  Among them, 51-52 Shaktipeeths have special significance.  Durga Saptashati is in this.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Goddess had breastfed the lord Shiva.

Goddess had breastfed the lord Shiva.

Welcome friends,

The story that I have brought today is described in the Linga Purana.

There was a great Asura named Daruk who received a boon through penance and under the influence of this, he started tormenting the gods ,sage and saints like the fire of holocaust. Then  the gods, Brahma, Ishaan, Kumar, Indra, Yama, along with other deities, went to the shelter of Vishnu who was suffered by demon Daruk and said that "O Maharaj, this monster is eligible slaughtered by a woman. And all the gods took the form of women and went to fight.  But the demon Daruk tortured all of them and sent them back.

 Then the gods again went to Brahma ji and narrated the whole agony. Then Brahma ji went to Lord Shiva with all the gods and bowed and said, "O Devesh, solve our problem.
Slaughter of this monster is possible only by a woman, in such a way, you protect us from this terrible monster.  Hearing this, Lord Shiva smilingly said to Mata Parvati that "I pray you for the welfare of world ! O Goddess Kalyani please  kill this monster, who is eligible for slaughtered by women. Hearing this, Goddess Parvati entered Maheshwar's body in a fraction.
Even Brahma could not understand this mystery with Indra etc.  Because all of them were seen sitting undone with Goddess Parvati with Shiva.  This happened because they were all deity fascinated by the maya of goddess Parvati.
Goddess Parvati entered Shiva's body and took her body from the poison located in Shiva's throat. Which was black in color.  Then Lord Shiva produced him out of his third eye. At that time for destruction of demons, and happiness of Shiva, Goddess parvati took new form Kali. Seeing Kali, who is black with poison, the deity ,Brahma and sages started running out of fear.  The third eye in the forehead of that Kali, the moon on the head, the sign of the poison in the throat, and the trident in the hand, showing many types of jewelery and wearing clothes were very terrible.
After that Goddess killed the demoness Daruk, who tormented the Gods,sages and saints by order of Mother Parvati.  But her fire of anger did not calm.  The whole world started burning with the fire of their anger, then to calm their anger, Lord Shiva took the form of a small child in the crematorium and started crying like a small kid.
After all, mother is mother, when the mother look at this little child by motherhood, who was fascinated by maya of God, lifted the child in her lap and started feeding her milk with the aim of silencing him. Then Shiva ji as a child also drank her anger with milk.  Her anger caused eight idols to be called Kshetrapalas. Thus, Shiva in the form of a child drank the wrath of the goddess and the goddess became unconscious.

Then Lord Shiva danced the Tandava to bring the Goddess to her conscious . After some time his consciousness returned. At that time, all the gods including Brahma, Vishnu praised and paid obeisance Goddess Kali and Goddess Parvati .

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Maa Kaali

Form of shri kali

Kali is the Varnashyam of the Goddess. In which all the colors are embedded. Disorders of devotees - He has a residence in the crematorium of zero heart. The life contained in the Bhagwati Chittashakti is located on the seat of a powerful corpse. He has the nectar-proof moon on his red, and he is a triple-headed, uninterrupted woman. Surya Chandra and Agni are the three eyes with which they look at all three. He is suppressing Rajoguna-Tamogun's tongue with bright teeth. Because of being able to follow the whole world, he is an advanced lover. She carries a garland of fifty-nine letters and is free from myriad veil and all creatures depend on her till she does not get salvation.
She cuts the myopia loop of Nishkam devotees with the sword of knowledge, she is the great God who gives real power to the power of Kaal.
Apart from this, the description of the bloodbird Mardini Shri Kali is as follows.
The entire vicious body is shining black. His big scary eyes and tongue are left out of his mouth. Which is dark red in color. He is wearing the posture of Narmundo's garland and severed arms. In his one hand, the Khadga blesses the devotees with the trident in the third, the Khappar in the third and the fourth hand.
Say Jai Mahakali Jai

श्री काली का स्वरूप
काली देवी का वर्णश्याम है. जिसमे सभी रंग सन्निहित है. भक्तो के विकार - शुन्य ह्रदय रुपी श्मशान में उनका निवास है. भगवती चित्त्शक्ति में समाहित प्राण शक्तिरुपी शव के आसन पर स्थित है. उनके लाल पर अमृत तत्व बोधक चन्द्रमाँ है और वे त्रगुनातीत निर्विकार केशिनी है. सूर्य चन्द्र और अग्नि ये तीनो उनके नेत्र है जिनसे वे तीनो कालो को देखती है. वे सतोगुण रुपी उज्ज्वल दांतों से रजोगुण - तमोगुण रुपी जीभ को दबाये हुए है. सारे संसार का पालन करने में सक्षम होने के कारन वे उन्नत पीनपयोधर है. वे पचास मात्रका अक्षरों की माला धारण करती है तथा मायारूपी आवरण से मुक्त है तथा सभी जीव मोक्ष न होने तक उनके आश्रित रहते है
वे निष्काम भक्तो के मायारूपी पाश को ज्ञान रुपी तलवार से काट देती है , वे काल रुपी शक्ति को वास्तविक शक्ति देने वाली विराट भगवती है.
इसके अतरिक्त रक्तबीज मर्दिनी श्री काली का स्वरूप वर्णन इस प्रकार है
सम्पूर्ण विकराल देह चमकते हुए काले रंग की है. उनकी बड़ी बड़ी डरावनी आँखे और मुख से जीभ को बहार निकले हुए है. जो गहरे लाल रंग की है . वह नरमुंडो की माला तथा कटे हुए हाथो का आसन धारण किये हुए है. उनके एक हाथ मे खड्ग , दुरसे में त्रिशूल, तीसरे मे खप्पर तथा चौथे हाथ से भक्तो को आशीर्वाद प्रदान करती है
बोलिए जय महाकाली की जय

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