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Sunday, January 5, 2020

|| Shri Ghumeshwar Jyotirlinga ||

|| Shri Ghumeshwar Jyotirlinga ||

 This is the last Jyotirlinga in Dwadash (Twelve) Jyotirlingas. It is also called Ghushmeshwar, Ghudrneshwar or Ghrishneshwar. It is located near Verulgaon, twelve miles away from Daulatabad in the state of Maharashtra.

This legend is described in the Puranas about this Jyotirlinga - Near the Devgiriparvat in the south, there lived a very bright Taponishta Brahmin named Sudharma. His wife's name was Sudeha. The two had a lot of mutual love. He had no trouble of any kind. But they had no child.
Astrology-calculation showed that child birth cannot be possible from Sudeha's womb. Sudeha was very keen on children. She urges Sudharma to remarry to her younger sister.
At first Sudharma did not think about this. But in the end, he had to bow to the wife's insistence. They could not defer his request. He married his wife's younger sister Ghushma and brought them home. Ghushma was a very gracious and virtuous woman. She was the exclusive devotee of Lord Shiva. She used to worship him with true devotion of heart by making one hundred and one parthiv (soil ) shivling every day

By the grace of Lord Shiva, a very beautiful and healthy child was born from his womb just a few days later. The birth of the child  cross the pleasure of both Sudeha and Ghushma. Both days were passing by very comfortably. But do not know how soon after a few days a misconception was born in Sudeha's mind. She started thinking, I have nothing in this house. Everything belongs to Ghushma.
She also took control of my husband. She also has children. This bad thought was slowly-slowly grow in her mind. Here Ghushma's child was also growing up. Gradually he became young. He was also married. By now, the sprouted form of Sudharma's mind had taken the form of a huge tree. Finally one day he killed Ghushma's young son while sleeping at night. Taking his dead body, she threw it in the same pond in which Ghushma used to throw the parthiv Shivling daily.

Everyone came to know about this in the morning. There was a furore in the whole house. Both Sudharma and his daughter-in-law beat their heads and wept bitterly. But Ghushma, as usual, was engrossed in worshiping Lord Shiva. As if nothing has happened. After finishing the puja, she started to leave the parthiv Shivlingas in the pond. When she started returning from the pond, her beloved Lal (son) was seen coming out of the pond. He came as usual and fell at the feet of Ghushma.
As if he was come to walking around from somewhere. At the same time Lord Shiva also appeared there and started asking Ghushma to ask for the boon. Mahadeva was extremely angry with Sudeha's scandalous work. Shiva was looking forward to cutting Sudeha's throat by his trident. Ghushma folded her hands and said to Lord Shiva - 'Prabhu! If you are happy with me, then forgive my unfortunate sister. Surely she has committed a very heinous sin, but by your mercy I got my son back. Now you forgive him.

My one more prayer is, for the welfare of the people, you should stay in this place forever. ' Lord Shiva accepted both of these things. Appearing as Jyotirlinga, he started living there. He became famous here by the name of Ghushmeshwar Mahadev because he was adorable of Ghushma devotee .

 The glory of Ghushmeshwar-Jyotirlinga is described in great detail in the Puranas. His darshan is unfathomable for both people and the world.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Bhimeshwar Jyotirlinga

Bhimeshwar Jyotirlinga

 Bhimeshwar Jyotirlinga fulfills all desires…

 Sri Bhimeshwar Jyotirlinga is situated on the Sahyadri hill, about 100 km from Pune. It is also called Bhimashankar. The legend about the establishment of this Jyotirlinga is described in the Shiv Purana that in ancient times there was a great demon named Bhima. He lived with his mother in Kamarupa Pradesh. He was the son of Kumbhakarna, the younger brother of the demon king Ravana, the Mahabali (powerful) demon. But he had never seen his father.

Kumbhakarna was killed by Lord Rama before he could be sensed. When he attained puberty, his mother told him all the things. The Mahabali demon became extremely angry on hearing of his father's slaughter by Lord Ram, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Now he started thinking of the solution of the slaughter of Lord Hari.
He did hard penance for a thousand years to achieve his desired. Pleased with his penance, Brahmaji gave him the boon of public victory. Now that demon began to torment all beings due to the influence of that boon of Brahma. He attacked Devaloka and drove all the gods etc. and Indra out of there.

Bheem was now new king of the entire heaven.

After defeating the gods, he attacked the great Shiva devotee King Sudakshin and made him captive with ministers and followers. In this way, he gradually acquired his authority over all the worlds.
Due to his atrocities, Vedas, Puranas, scriptures and smrutis were completely omitted. He did not allow anyone to do any religious act. In this way, all the work of Yajna, charity, meditation, self-study etc. stopped.
Fearing the horrors of Bhima's atrocities, the sages and gods went to Lord Shiva's shelter and asked him to take care of himself and all other beings. Hearing this prayer, Lord Shiva said- 'I will kill that tyrannical monster soon. He has also arrested my dear devotee, Kamarupa-Naresh Sudakshin along with his servants. That tyrannical demon is no longer entitled to live any longer. '
After receiving this assurance from Lord Shiva, the sages and the gods returned to their respective places.

Here, King Sudakshin, lying in the prison house of demon Bhima, meditated on Lord Shiva. They were doing archana( Worship) by placing the parthiv(earthly) Shivling in front of them. Seeing them doing this, the demon Bhima attacked the parthiv Shivling with his sword. But the touch of his sword could not be found with the Ling that the Shankaraji appeared from within him. With his roars, he burnt the demon there.
Seeing this amazing act of Lord Shiva, all the sages and gods started praising him there. They prayed to Lord Shiva that Mahadev! Now stay here forever for public welfare. This area has been described as impure in the scriptures. From your abode it will become the ultimate sacred virtue area.

Lord Shiva accepted all this prayer. There he started living forever as a Jyotirlinga. This Jyotirlinga of his became famous by the name of Bhimeshwar.

This story is given in full detail in Shivpuran. The glory of this Jyotirlinga is unfailing. The results of its philosophy never go in vain. All the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled by coming here.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Sri Rameshwar Jyotirlinga

| Sri Rameshwar Jyotirlinga ||


This Jyotirlinga was founded by Maryada Purushottam Lord Sriramandraji. Its glory is described in detail in Skandapurana. This story is told about it - when Lord Sri Ramandraji was going to attack Lanka, he worshiped it by making a Shivling from the sand of the sea.

It is also said that Lord Rama was drinking water while staying at this place, that there was a voice in the sky that you drink water without worshiping me? Hearing this speech, Lord Shri Ram made a Shiva lingam from the sand and worshiped it and asked Lord Shiva to win the victory over Ravana. Mahadeva gave this boon to Lord Shri Ram with pleasure. Lord Shiva also accepted everyone's request to reside there as a Jyotirlinga for public welfare. Since then this Jyotirlinga sits here.

A second story about this Jyotirlinga is said in this way -

 When Lord Shri Ram was returning after killing Ravana, he made his first stop on the Gandhamadan mountain across the sea. There many sages and saints came to see Lord Shri Ram. Honoring them all, Lord Rama told them that due to the kill of Ravana, a descendant of Pulasya, I have been charged with the sin of brahmahatyaa , you  theologian tell me some way of absolutness . Hearing this, all the sages and saints present there said with one voice that you should establish the Shivling here. With this you will get rid of the sin of killing Brahman.

Lord Shri Ram, accepting this, ordered Hanumanji to go to Mount Kailas and bring Shivalinga from there. Hanumanji reached there immediately but he did not see Lord Shiva there at that time. So they started doing penance by sitting there to get their darshan. After some time, Hanumanji returned with Shivling after getting the darshan of Shiva, but by then, the work of establishing the linga had been done by Sitaji here in the hope of passing away auspicious time.

Hanumanji was very sad to see all this. He narrated his agony to Lord Shri Ram. God told Hanumanji that the reason for the establishment of the first linga is that if you want, remove this linga from here and remove it. Hanumanji started getting rid of that linga with great pleasure, but even after doing a lot of attempt, he did not moved own place.

In the end, he tried to uproot the Shivling by wrapping it in his tail, yet he remained unmoved as ever. On the contrary, Hanuman ji fell on
by pushing and became unconscious . Seeing that blood started flowing from his body, all the people got very upset. Mother Sita started crying mournfully on the body of her Hanuman, beloved of her son.

When the unconsciousness was removed, Hanumanji saw Lord Shri Ram as the ultimate brahma. God enlightened him by telling him the glory of Shankar. The linga brought by Hanumanji was also established nearby.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

|| Shri Nageshwar Jyotirlinga ||

|| Shri Nageshwar Jyotirlinga ||

 This famous Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva is located about 17 miles from Dwarkapuri in Gujarat province. The scriptures of the philosophy of this sacred Jyotirlinga are told in great glory. It has been said that the one who will listen to the story of its origin and greatness devoutly, will get rid of all sins and enjoy all the pleasures and in the end will attain the ultimate holy abode of Lord Shiva.

In connection with this Jyotirlinga, this story is described by the Puranas-

 There was a big religious and virtuous Vaishya (buissnesman) named Supriya. He was an exclusive devotee of Lord Shiva. He was constantly engrossed in their worship, worship and meditation. He used to do all his work by offering it to Lord Shiva. With mind, speech and deeds, he was completely immersed in Shivarchan(worship of Shiva). Due to his devotion to Shiva, a demon named Daruk very aggressive with him.

He did not like this worship of Lord Shiva in any way. He constantly tried to make sure obstacles of Shiva's worship . Once, Supriya was going on a boat and going somewhere. The evil demon Daruk, seeing this opportune occasion, attacked the boat. He captured all the passengers in the boat and took him to his capital and imprisoned him. According to his routine in the Supriya prison, he started worshiping Lord Shiva.

He also began to inspire other devout travelers to Shiva devotion. When Daruk heard this news about Supriya from his servants, he became extremely angry and came to that prison. At that time, Supriya was sitting with both eyes closed at the feet of Lord Shiva. Seeing this pose of that Supriya , the Monster scolding him in a very fierce voice said- 'Hey wicked Vaishya! You are closing your eyes and thinking what there are the fuss and conspiracies here at this time? Even after he said this, the meditation of the divine Shiva devotee Supriya was not broken. Now Daruk monster got completely mad from  anger. He immediately ordered his followers to kill Supriya and all the other prisoners. Supriya was not at all distracted and frightened by his order.

He started praying to Lord Shiva for the liberation of himself and other prisoners from the concentrated mind. He had full faith that my adorable Lord Shiva would definitely rid me of this disaster. Hearing his prayer, Lord Shankarji immediately appeared as a Jyotirlinga, situated on a shining throne in a high place in that prison.

In this way, he appeared to Supriya and also gave him his Pashupat-astra. With this weapon, after killing the demon Daruk and his assistant, Supriya went to Shivdham. This Jyotirlinga was named Nageshwar according to the order of Lord Shiva.

  ♥♥ Om Har Har Mahadev♥♥

Monday, December 23, 2019

|| Shri Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga ||

|| Shri Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga ||

 This story is told about its establishment - Once Rakshasraj Ravana went to the Himalayas to do austerities to get darshan of Lord Shiva.

He cut off his head one by one and started offering it to Shivalinga. Thus he cut off his nine heads and offered them there. When he was ready to cut his tenth and final head, Lord Shiva appeared in front of him, very pleased and satisfied. Holding the hand of Ravana, who was trying to cut the head, they stopped him from doing so. He also added his nine heads as before and, being very happy, asked him to ask for the boons.

Ravana, as a boon , asked Lord Shiva permission to take that Shivling to his capital Lanka. Lord Shiva gave him this boon but also imposed a condition with him. He said, you can take Shivling but if you place it somewhere on the way, then it will become immovable there, you will not be able to lift it again.

Ravana accepted this and picked up the Shivling and left for Lanka. On the way, he felt the need to toilet  in journey . He held the Shivling in the hands of an aheer (Lord Ganesha) and went for freeing toilet problem . That Ahir felt the weight of Shivling too much and he could not handle it. Forced, he placed the Shivling on the ground.

When Ravana came back, even after trying hard, he could not lift the Shivling in any way. Finally, after getting tired, after making a mark of his thumb on that holy Shivling, he left it there and returned to Lanka. After that the gods like Brahma, Vishnu etc. came there and worshiped that Shiva Linga. In this way, they returned to their respective dhams(destination) by doing his honor there. This Jyotirlinga is known as 'Shri Vaidyanath'.

This ShriVaidyanath-Jyotirlinga is about to give eternal results . It is eleven fingers high. It has a thumb-shaped girdle on top of it. It is said that this is the mark that Ravana made from his thumb. There is a law to offer water to pilgrims from far and wide. The glory of this Jyotirlinga is very famous for the cure of disease.

It is told in the Puranas that a person who visits this Jyotirlinga gets rid of all his sins. The grace of Lord Shiva remains on him forever. The physical, divine, physical troubles do not come to him, by the grace of Lord Shankar, they gets rid of all obstacles and all diseases. They attains the ultimate peaceful Shivdham.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

|| Sri Triymbakeshwar Mahadev Jyotirlinga ||

|| Sri Triymbakeshwar Mahadev Jyotirlinga ||

 This Jyotirlinga is located 30 km west of Nashik in Maharashtra province. This story is described in Shivpuran about the establishment of this Jyotirlinga.

Once the wives of Brahmins living in Maharishi Gautama's Tapovan got angry with his wife Ahilya on something. They inspired her husbands to do damnifying work for sage Gautama. Those Brahmins worshiped Lord Shree Ganeshji for this.

Pleased with his worship , Ganesha appeared and asked him for the boon, those Brahmins said - 'Prabhu! If you are happy with us, then somehow get Rishi Gautama out of this ashram. ' On hearing this, Ganeshji exhored him to don't ask for such a boon. But they remained firm on his request.

Eventually, Ganeshji was forced to accept his word. To keep the mind of his devotees, he took the form of a weak cow and started living in the field of sage Gautama. Seeing the cow grazing the crop, the sage took a straw in his hand with great softness and grabbed it to remove from field . As soon as those straws were touched, that cow fell there itself. Now there was a big cry.

All Brahmins gathered and called Sage Gautam, and started to condemn Rishi Gautama. Rishi Gautam was very surprised and saddened by this incident. Now all those Brahmins said that you should leave this ashram and go somewhere else. Staying close to the cow-killer will also cause us sin. Being compelled, the sage Gautama started living with his wife Ahilya a curse away from there. But those Brahmins made their stay there too difficult. They started saying - 'Now you have no right to do the work of Vedas and Yajna etc. due to cow slaughter. Sage Gautama prayed to those Brahmins with utmost persuasion that you should give me any remedy for my atonement and salvation.

Then he said- 'Gautam! You can revolve the whole earth thrice by telling your sins everywhere to everyone. Then return and fast here for a month. After this, after doing 101 circumambulation of 'Brahmagiri' you will be purified or bring Gangaji here and bathe with water and worship Shiva with one crore earthly Shivalingas. After this, bathe in Gangaji again and revolve this Brahmagari 11 times. Then bathing the earthly Shivalingas with the holy water of hundred pots will save you.

According to the Brahmins' statement, Maharishi Gautama completed all those tasks and became fully meditated with his wife and started worshiping Lord Shiva. Pleased with this, Lord Shiva appeared and asked him to ask for the boon . Maharishi Gautam said to him- 'Lord, I want you to free me from the sin of cow slaughter.' Lord Shiva said- 'Gautam! You are completely sinless. The crime of cow slaughtering was fraudulently imposed on you. I want to punish the Brahmins of your ashram who have done this fraudulently. '

On this Maharishi Gautam said that Lord! I have received your darshan for his sake only. Now consider them as my supreme interest and do not be angry with them. Many sages, saints and deities gathered there, approving Gautama's talk and prayed to Lord Shiva to stay there forever. They obeyed him and located there in the name of Trimbakam Jyotirlinga. Gangaji brought by Gautam ji also started to flow near there under the name Godavari. This Jyotirlinga is supposed to provide all the merits.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

|| Shri Vishwanath Jyotirlinga ||

|| Shri Vishwanath Jyotirlinga ||

 This Jyotirlinga is located in the famous city of Kashi in North India. This city does not disappear even during the Holocaust. At that time, God takes this holy city on his trident and puts it in place once again. This city is also said to be the beginning of the universe.

Lord Vishnu pleased Lord Shankar by doing austerities at this place. Agastya Muni also satisfied Lord Shiva at this place with his penance. The glory of this holy city is such that whatever creature here loses his life, he gets salvation. Lord Shankar preaches the 'Tarak' mantra in his ear. Under the influence of this mantra, even sinful to sinful beings easily overcome the obstacles of Bhavsagar.

Sin people, even the ungrateful person, if death is achieved in this Kashi region, then he does not have to come again in the bondage of the world. Explaining the importance of this city in the Matsya Purana, it is said - 'Kashi is the only supreme spirit for humans who are suffering from chanting, meditation and knowledgeless and sorrow . Dashashwamedha, Lolark, Bindumadhava, Keshava and Manikarnika are these five question pilgrimages in Sri Vishwanath's holy area . Due to this, it is called 'free zone'.
 Lord Vishnu pleased Lord Shankar by doing austerities at this place. Agastya Muni also satisfied Lord Shiva at this place with his penance.

In the Puranas, this story is given in relation to this Jyotirlinga.

 Marrying Lord Shankar Parvatiji, he was living in Mount Kailas. But Parvatiji did not like to spend married life in his father's house there. One day he said to Lord Shiva - 'Take me to your home. I do not like to live here. All the girls go to their husband's house after marriage, I have to stay in the father's house. ' Lord Shiva accepted his statement. Mother Parvati came with Mahadev to own holy city of Kashi. They came here and established themselves as Vishwanath-Jyotirlinga.

A person gets rid of all sins and bad results by worshiping this Jyotirlinga. Lord Shankar takes all the responsibility of the devotees who visit Shri Vishwanath daily from the rule. Such a devotee becomes the eligible of his supreme abode. The grace of Lord Shiva is always on him

 Har Har Mahadev ♥♥

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

|| Shri Kedarnath Jyotirlinga |

|| Shri Kedarnath Jyotirlinga ||

 This Jyotirlinga mountain is located on the top of the Himalayas called Kedar. In the Puranas and Shastras, the glory of Shri Kedareshwar-Jyotirlinga has been described repeatedly. The natural beauty of the place is seen here. The temple of Kedareshwar Mahadev situated on the banks of Punyamati Mandakini river in the western part of this peak, by its form, gives us the message of moving towards religion and spirituality.

To the east of the peak is the most famous temple of Badrinath on the picturesque banks of Alaknanda. Alaknanda and Mandakini - These two rivers join at Rudraprayag below. This combined stream of both rivers comes down to Devprayag and joins the Bhagirathi Ganga. In this way, those who bathe in His Holiness Gangaji also get a touch of water washing the feet of Shri Kedareshwar and Badrinath.

The legend is described in the Puranas about the establishment of this extremely holy virtuous Jyotirlinga - the great land of the ancient jewels, the abode of the holy, ascetics, sages, siddhas, deities, the great land of the Himalayas called Kedar of the Himalayas, the great sage Shriner and Narayana. He practiced very difficult penance to please Lord Shiva for many years.

In the Puranas and Shastras, the glory of Shri Kedareshwar-Jyotirlinga has been described repeatedly. The natural beauty of the place is seen here. The temple of Kedareshwar Mahadev situated on the banks of Punyamati Mandakini river in the western part of this peak.

For several thousand years, he continued to chant the name Shiva, standing on one foot, without food. With this austerity, he was discussed in all the realms. The deity, sage-monk, Yaksha, Gandharva all began to praise his practice and restraint. Lord Brahma, the father of the pasture, and Lord Vishnu, who brought up all of them, also began to praise the asceticism of Mahatapasvi Nara-Narayana, in the end, Lord Shankarji too became pleased with his difficult meditation. He appeared directly and appeared to both those sages.

Nar and Narayan worshiped Lord Bhole Nath with a wide variety of sacred hymns and mantras, with a vision of Lord Bholenath. Lord Shiva was very pleased and asked him to ask for the boons . Hearing this talk of Lord Shiva, both sages said to him, 'Devadhidev Mahadev! If you are happy with us, then for the welfare of the devotees, please always establish your form here forever.

By staying here, this place will become very holy in all ways. The people who worship you here will receive your Avinashini devotion. God You must accept our request to establish your form here for the welfare and salvation of human beings. '
 Hearing his prayer, Lord Shiva accepted to live there as a Jyotirlinga. This Jyotirlinga is known as Shri Kedareshwar-Jyotirlinga due to its location on the Himalaya-Shringa called Kedar.

What the Nar and Narayan have said about this Jyotirlinga and this holy place, while asking the Lord Shiva, is literally true. Devotees worshiping this Jyotirlinga and bathing here, along with the attainment of cosmic results to the devotees, along with immovable Shiva bhakti and salvation.

Monday, December 9, 2019

|| Shri Omkareshwar-Shri Mamaleshwar Jyotirlinga ||

|| Shri Omkareshwar-Shri Mamaleshwar Jyotirlinga ||

 This Jyotirlinga is situated on the banks of the holy Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh. At this place, Narmada has split into two streams, forming an island in the middle. This island is called Mandhata-Parvat or Shivpuri. A stream of river flows north and south of this mountain.
The south current is considered the main stream. The temple of Shri Omkareshwar-Jyotirlinga is situated on this Mandhata-Parvat. In the past, Maharaj Mandhata pleased Lord Shiva with his penance on this mountain. This is why this mountain came to be called Mandhata-Parvat.

Within this Jyotirlinga-temple one has to go through two chambers. Due to being dark inside, the light keeps on burning here. Omkareshwar Linga is not man-made. Nature itself has created it. There is always water around it. The entire Mandhata-Parvat is considered to be the form of Lord Shiva. That is why it is also called Shivpuri. People revolve around it devotionally.
Located on the banks of river Narmada.  At this place, Narmada has split into two streams, forming an island in the middle.  This island is called Mandhata-Parvat or Shivpuri.  One stream of the river flows north and the other south.

A very heavy fair is held here on the day of Kartiki Purnima. Here people offer gram lentils (Chana daal) to Lord Shiva, the Shiva Aarti of the night is celebrated with great grandeur. Pilgrims must visit it.
There are two forms of this Omkareshwar-Jyotling. One is known as Mamaleshwar. It is a short distance away from Omkareshwar on the south bank of the Narmada, despite being separated, both are calculated in one.

The story of the Linga having two forms is given in the Puranas in this way - Once Vindhyaparvat worshiped Lord Shiva for six months with Parthiv-Archana. Pleased with his worship, the lord Shankaraji appeared there. He gave Vindhya his desired  boon . On the occasion of this boon achievement of Vindhyachal, many sages and sages also appeared there. On his prayer, Shivji performed two parts of his linga called Omkareshwar. One was named Omkareshwar and the other was Amaleshwar. Even though the place and temple of both linga are separated, the power and nature of both have been considered the same.

The glory of this Jyotirlinga is described in detail in Shivpuran. The sacred result of Narmada-Snan is also described, showing the virtue of the philosophy of Shri Omkareshwar and Shri Mamaleshwar. Every human being must visit this region. The attainment of both cosmic and otherworldly gains is easily achieved by the grace of Lord Omkareshwar. All means of wealths , dharma , kama , salvation become readily accessible to him. Eventually he also attains the supreme abode of Lokeshwar Mahadev, Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is going to bless the devotees without any reason. Then what is to be said about the fortunes of those who come here and see them? All the best virtuous paths are opened to them forever.

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