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Friday, August 28, 2020

Maharishi Dadhichi donated his bones to the gods

Maharishi Dadhichi donated his bones to the gods
                  Who does not know Muni Dadhichi, who sacrificed his body and protected the gods and all the three worlds,  Vishwakarma by making Vajra from his bones gave to gods, then Indra killed the monster called Vritrasura. But do you know that once Maharishi Dadhichi drank the weapons of all the gods, which is described in the Brahma Purana .

According to the story:-

Once all the gods including Yamraj and Indra come to the ashram of Maharishi Dadhichi, they all came there after defeating the demons and monsters, due to which all the gods were very happy. Muni Dadhichi also paid due respect to all the gods and asked the reason for coming to the ashram, then all the gods said that Munivar, we have conquered all the great demons and monsters, now we have no fear of them. We are very happy, so we do not see any benefit of keeping our weapons, we cannot even carry the burden of these weapons, when we keep these weapons in heaven, the demons detect them and steal them, so we Keep these weapons in your holy ashram.

Here, there is no fear of demons and monsters. Because of your chanting and austerity, the whole region is holy and safe and there is no one to equal you in austerity, then Muni Dadhichi said that it is okay as you all think it is appropriate. But then the Muni's wife said, "What do you need to do in this? If you place these weapons in the ashram, then the enemies of these gods will also envy you, and if any weapon is stolen or destroyed, then also these gods will be angry. Therefore, I do not think that your thought is appropriate, after listening to his wife, Dadhichi Muni said that "I have already said yes to the requests of the gods, so it is a great sin to be dissuaded. 

Hearing this, all the gods put their divine weapons and arms in the Dadhichi muni ashram and went back to their respective abode, after the gods had gone, Muni Dadhichi stayed in the ashram with his wife and did penance. Thus 1000 divine years passed but none of the gods came to take back their weapons, then Muni Dadhichi said that "Gods and Goddesses do not want to take their weapons from here. And the demons envy me, now you tell me what to do, then the  Muni's wife said that I had already said that this work is not right, now do what you think is appropriate.

Because the great brave and ascetic warriors of the demons will surely steal it today or tomorrow . Then Dadhichi Muni to get bathed those weapons with water while reciting the holy mantra to protect those weapons. After then sage Dadhichi drank that water. Due to this all weapons were became powerless and useless. All weapons was destroyed one by one according to the time, this was the reason for which Maharishi Dadhichi's bones were needed to kill Vritrasura.
Because the great brave and ascetic warriors of the demons will surely grab it today or not tomorrow, then Dadhichi Muni bathed those weapons with water while reciting the holy mantra to protect those weapons. 
Then this holy water drank by Dadhichi , and all these weapons became simple and inferior and lost their power one by one in time. This was the reason for which the bones of Maharishi Dadhichi needed to kill Vritrasura.

Later the gods came and said to Dadhichi - ‘Muniver!  Great fear of enemies has come upon us.  Therefore, give the weapons that we had kept with you at this time. ”Dadhichi said -“ You have not come to take them for a long time. Therefore, in fear of the demons, I have drunk those weapons.  Now they are located in my body.  Therefore, whatever is appropriate, say it. ”Hearing this, the gods said to respectfully -“ Munishwar!  At this time, we can only say that to give weapons. ”The Brahmin said -“ All weapons have been absorbed in my bones.  So take those bones only. " At that time, the wife of Dadhichi, who spoke dear words, was not with him.  Gods were very afraid of her. Not seeing her, then gods said to Dadhichi- 'Viprawar!  Whatever you have to do, do it fast. ”Dadhichini, abandoning his life, said -“ Gods!  You happily take my body.  Take pleasure in my bones.  What job do I have for this body? ' Then sage Dadhichi gave up his life.

Seeing this, the gods said enthusiastically to Vishwakarma - "Now at this time you have to make many weapons ." Vishwakarma said - "Gods!  This is a Brahmin's body.  How do i use it. Then only his bones will be left, then I will make their weapon. ”Then the gods said to the cows -“ We make your tongue like Vajra.  For the sake of our interest, for the purpose of making weapons, remove skin of Dadhichi's body in a moment and get the pure bones. 'By the order of the gods, the cows did the same. They took bones by licking Dadhichi's body and gave it to the gods.  The gods went into own abode with enthusiasm and the cows also returned to their place.

When sage Atreya created heaven on earth.

When sage Atreya created heaven on earth.

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The creation of heaven on earth is strange to hear, but it is true, it is described in the Brahmapuran, which tells how sage Atreya created heaven on earth, let us know how and why it incident occured, and what happened after that.

According to story:-

Atreya was the son of Maharishi Atri.  Maharishi Atri Maharaja received wealth from Prithu and gave it to his sons and went to the Vanaprastha Ashram himself.  His son Atreya was living an ascetic life with his wife by building an ashram in Tapovan.

Once he went to Amravati, the capital of Devaloka with some sages and was stunned to see Indra's assembly in the splendid city of Amravati. So much opulence, splendor, beauty, amazing and wealth. After seeing all this and thinking about this, his mind got confused.  Comparing Indra in his life, he was distressed by the ascetic life of his Tapovan and he started thinking, "What is my life like disgusting. How is it going in the absence.  See the life of Indra in heaven, how magnificent it is and my life is that of a monastic ascetic ascetic. " Just like a beggar.

The seeds of jeolousy fascinated with desire grew in his mind.  Chanting and penance were forgotten when he returned.  There was only one concern as to how to get prosperity like Amravati. Stoicism and devotion had forgotten.  Now 24 hours, life's like Amravati and Indra started worrying.

Seeing his condition, his wife explained a lot that why have you fallen in love with wealth & prosperity, you are a sage?  Our own dharma-karma is superior.  It is painful to look others with jealousy . 
But when nothing came to Atreya's mind, the wife said, "You go to the sage Twasta and tell him own sorrow."  He is very capable.  He can do anything with his Tapobal, if he will be happy, then by creating Amravati for you, he can even give you Indra's post. ”

A person suffering from desires has no conscience.  Atreya immediately went to the sage Twasta and told his wish, "Maharishi!  Please give me the opportunity to enjoy the same pleasure like heaven once with your Tapobal. "
Sage Twasta understood all thing that Atreya's mind would not calm down once he enjoyed the same happiness, so he said, "Instead of following the tradition of sage Atri, you started wishing for the glory of Indra.  Ok, I manage to fulfill your wish.  For you I create the opulence of Amravati. "

After being convinced, Atreya went.  When he came to his ashram, the scene there was changed.  It felt as like heaven had come down.  He forgot his tapovan and ascetic life. In the grandeur of heaven, he found himself as Indra & his wife got herself as Shachi form, and began to enjoy the happiness like as gods.

The demons came to know that another  Indra has also been born on the earth.  Amravati is settled.  The opulence  of heaven has also been there, so just the demons said that  we will have chance to conquer another heaven . Now we will defeat another Indra.

All the demons attacked Atreya's Amravati.  Indra of heaven was full of divine power.   He could face the demons.  Atreya was a  ascetic. So he did not knowledge of war skills and weapons?  He ran away as soon as demons were attacked.

Till some time ago, he was happy by enjoying the pleasure of heaven.  Now to save his life, he ran away with his wife to find a hiding place.  At last he did not find any shelter, then  again he run away and went to the sage Twashta and say, "Rishivar!  Life is under threat. If life will not exist now, what will opulence do to enjoy?  You remove this Amravati generated from your Tapobal.  I also saw the sadness of being Indra.  My hut was the best. "

The sage Twastha laughed and said, "Atreya!  Man has this tendency that he is not satisfied and happy with what he has. He is dissatisfied and unhappy to get what he does not have, but keep one thing in mind, the opulence and grandeur which is seen from outside, how much sorrow and tragedy is going to be seen from inside, thats does not  come to visible. Seeing the splendor of Indra, you fell in fascination, but when you saw him directly, you came to know that even in that happiness, he is always unhappy with the fear of the attack of his enemies. "

Then the sage Twashta immediately assimilated that heaven, and returned to his ashram with laughing, the demons also returned to Patalaloka(Hades), and Muni Atreya also resumed the ashram with his disciples and wife after learning the lesson. On seeing both aspects of happiness and sorrow, Atreya became enlightened and he became happy in an ascetic life.

**** At some places, there is also a description that on the insistence of Atreya, Vishwakarma created heaven on earth. The story is just like the first.  At the request of Atreya after the demon invasion, Vishwakarma assimilated the heaven of the earth.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Know why Narada Muni did not stay in any place…

Know why Narada Muni did not stay in any place…

Narada Muni is an dear devotee of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu and  his every heartbeats always praise Lord Shri Hari Vishnu and Goddess Mother LakshmiBrahma ji is the father of Narada Muni Narada Muni always used to travel in the three worlds and exchange information.  Narada Muni is not only respected by the Gods and Goddesses, but also all the demons including the King of Asurlok also respected him.
According to the Hindu scriptures, Brahmaji asked Narada to take part in the works of creation and to get married, but Narada refused to obey his father. At the same time, in anger, Brahmaji cursed Devarshi Narada to remain unmarried for a lifetime.
According to the same beliefs, Devarshi Narada was the first such communicator of the universe i.e. a journalist who used to exchange information from one world to another.  He always kept wandering here and there in the three worlds.  This is also a mythological story behind his habit.
Narada Muni is considered to be the Manas son of Brahma.  Narada ji is the ultimate devotee of Lord Vishnu.  There is a belief about him that he does not stay anywhere in one place. he always wandering here & there.  There is a big mystery behind this habit which is hidden in this story.

Why Narada muni does not stay in any place ?

 According to the story, in mythological period time King Daksha's wife Asakti gave birth to 10 thousand sons.  Despite having so many sons, none of them took the reins of creation .  It is said that all these people came in the company of Narada ji and Narada ji had taught everyone to follow the path of salvation. Later Daksha married Panchjani.  Due to which he had a thousand sons.  Narada ji also taught these sons of Daksha to stay away from all kinds of temptation and walk on the path of salvation.  The king Daksha was so angry with Narada that he cursed Narad Muni and said that you will always wander around and will not be able to stay in one place for long.  Narad Muni never stays in one place due to this curse.

Friday, August 21, 2020

The story of King Shwet in the context of the glory of Annadan.

Annadanan's Mahima Katha .... from Bhavishyapura.

The story of King Shwet in the context of the glory of Annadan.

The king Shwet used to eat flesh of his own body.

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Raja Shwet who used to eat the flesh of his own body, but his flesh never dwindled, but what was the reason? What was his deeds ? That he had  to get to eat the flesh of his own body, let's know  through a story, which is mentioned in the Uttar Parva of Bhavishya Purana,

According to the story:-

In ancient times, there was a Chakravarti king named Shwet who conquered in many wars, performed many Yajna rituals, performed many kinds of charity and performed many virtuous work, all the subjects in his kingdom were happy and prosperous.  And finally, after renouncing the kingdom, went to the forest . And whing doing austerities he died and went to heaven . He use to roamed the heaven with the Gods, Gandharvas etc. , and the Apsaras served him . Indra also respected King Shwet very much, the king got all the happiness of the divine clothes ornaments etc. in heaven .

But at the time of meal, he had to come to the earth and eat the flesh of his former body daily, even after eating meat daily, the flesh of that former body did not decrease due to the deeds of previous birth . Thus every day King Shwet became very distraught by eating the flesh of his own body . One day he went to Brahma ji and bowed that and he said, "O Parampita, by your kindness I am enjoying the happiness of heaven, all the gods also respect me very much.  But this sinful hunger is never calm, thats reason  I have to go to earth every day to eat the flesh of my former body.  What disgusting sin deeds did I do, because of which I do not get good food, please free me from this trouble .

Hearing the agony of King Shwet, then Bramhaji said, " O Rajan, you have done many kinds of charity, performed yajna,havan, rituals , virtuous work and satisfied the gurus and peoples. But while living on earth, you have never provided food to the peoples, today you are suffering this pain due to not providing food, no more charity than food. That's why, O Rajan, till you do not go to earth and provide food to the needy peoples, till then you will have to suffer this pain.

Hearing this, King Shwet took orders from Bramhaji and immediately reached earth, where he searched the needy peoples and arranged  food for them. When King Shwet donate grains and  gave food etc. to the needy on earth, then King Shwet was freed from his guilt, and like other people in heaven, he also got good food. 

This was a story .... After a few days I will bring an article to the before you all regarding the importance and glory of food donation .

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

How was Rishyamuk mountain get named Rishyamuk: -

How was Rishyamuk mountain get named Rishyamuk: -
Ravana made a mountain from the bones of sages.
There are many mysterious places in Hinduism which have been constructed in a different way.  But today, the place I am going to tell about which you might be surprised to hear about and do not even believe.  So let's tell you about this place-
 Today we are discussing about a famous mountain of the Ramayana period.  Please tell that this mountain has been mentioned many times in Ramayana.  Its name is Rishyamuk Parvat.  It is said that there is a description of an interesting story related to this name of the mountain.
"Rishyamuk Parvat" This is the same mountain where Vanararaj Bali was also afraid to go, and when Bali became thirsty for the blood of his brother Sugriva, then Sugriva made this Rishyamuk mountain his residence.
Because Sugriva knew that when Vanararaj Bali and the demon Dudumbhi fought, Bali killed Dudumbhi and threw away one yojan(approx 12-15 KM) to his body, and a few sprinkles of blood of dead Dudumbhi flying in the air fell into the ashram of the Matang Rishi, who was located on the Rishyamuk mountain .           
So the sage Matang came to know from Tapobal that this sin was done by Bali, then he cursed Bali that if Baali will come in the one yojan area of ​​Rishiymuk mountain in future, then his death is certain . So Bali got to scared after hearing the name Rishyamuk mountain.

How was Rishyamuk mountain get named Rishyamuk: -

In Tretayuga, there used to be a giant monkey named Rikshiraj on Rishyamuk mountain, once someone asked him "O Rikshiraj how this mountain was named Rishyamuk mountain.
Riskhraja then said, Ravana, after receiving a boon from Brahmaji, started creating a ruckus on the earth, and began to obstruct the yajna-havan of the sages, so many sages persecuted by him formed a group, and mute on this mountain. Muk (Silently) started opposing Ravana.
During this time, when Ravana was going from there for the purpose of conquering the world, he saw that millions of sages were gathered on that mountain, so when Ravana asked his minister, why are so many Mahatma Rishi gathered here.  So the minister said that "O Raksharaj (Demon king), all these sages have gathered here to stay Muk (silent) to oppose you. Hearing this, Ravana got very angry and angry Ravan ordered to kill all the sages. 
After getting the orders of Ravana, all the demons attacked on those sages, the bones and remains of those sages became this mountain.

After all, why did mother Narmada vow to stay single forever

After all, why did mother Narmada vow to stay single forever

Narmada river is the third longest river after Godavari and Krishna river flowing in central India.  This river is considered to be a special part of Madhya Pradesh.  It acts like a traditional border between North and South India.  It is told about the glory of this river that every gravel and stone emanating from the flow of Narmada has Shiva habitat.

 One of the popular stories is of Maa Narmada, about which very few people will know.

Goddess Narmada was born from Mahadev's sweat.
So let's know about the story of Narmada Maa's marriage:
Narmada, the daughter of King Maikhal, is also known as Reva.  King Maikhal placed a condition for the marriage of Narmada that the marriage of the prince who would give Gulbakavali's flowers to my daughter would be decided.  The opportunity to marry Narmada got a prince named Sonbhadra who brought that flower for Narmada.
Now there was little time left in the marriage and Princess Narmada sent a message to the prince at the hands of her maid Juhila, Narmada having never met Sonbhadra before.  After getting the princess's clothes and jewelry, Juhila went to meet Sonbhadra.
Upon reaching there, Juhila did not tell the prince that she was a maid, and Sonbhadra was fascinated by her, considering her a princess.  After a long time, when Juhila did not return, Princess Narmada herself went to meet Sonbhadra. But going there she saw that Juhila and Sonbhadra were with each other.  Narmada became angry after seeing this scene and was filled with hatred.  Immediately went from there to the opposite direction and never returned. After that, Narmada joined the Arabian Sea instead of the bay of Bengal  and she vowed that she would never marry and remain a virgin.  Till date, Sonbhadra regrets his mistake but Narmada never returned .

It is said that even today, Narmada's lament and pain of sorrow are heard even today in the sound of Chhal-Chhal of her water.  All the big rivers of India come in the bay of Bengal , but Narmada is such a river which instead of the bay of Bengal meets the Arabian Sea.
Importance of Narmada River:

 According to the scriptures, the river Narmada is considered more sacred and superior than the Ganges.  It is believed that on the day of Ganga Saptami, Mother Ganga goes to Narmada mother to purify herself.  By the way, Narmada is just a river form, but the status of Narmada in the hearts of devotees is more than mother.  That is why devotees worship Mother Narmada with their true heart.  Rivers in India are not just the form of flowing water, but also the form of life-giving.  Narmada has immense faith.  Since ancient times, Narmada is considered to be religiously superior to the place of performing austerities of sages. This is the only river in the entire country that is circled.  With immense reverence in mind, hundreds of devotees make their life blessed by completing the journey of about three thousand kilometers.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Mother Gandhari - a strong and constrained woman

Mother Gandhari - a strong and constrained woman

Who was Gandhari who wanted to make Duryodhana as Vajra body

Gandhari is one of the influential female characters of Mahabharata.  Gandhari was Dhritarashtra's wife and Duryodhana's mother.  Shakuni was her brother.  Let us know who Gandhari was and what power she had.

Gandhari's character is at the forefront of India's glorious women who had learned to live by ideals as well as her principle of husband's devout.  She had prevented the husband and her sons from going on unrighteousness and wrong path.  Her life is the story of a woman forced into the love of husband and son.
 One of the women mentioned in the Mahabharata story is Gandhari.  Gandhari is considered a virtuous woman and an ideal woman.  Gandhari  was the daughter of a king named Subal of the Gandhar country.  Being Gandhar country, she got his name Gandhari.  Gandhari was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva.  After the war of Mahabharata ended, Gandhari went into the forest with her husband, Kunti and Vidur.

Was blindfolded only after getting married to Dhritarashtra

 When Gandhari was married to the blind Dhritarashtra, Gandhari also blindfolded.  Gandhari said that when my husband is blind, she has no right to see the world.  Gandhari's brother Shakuni was not happy with this marriage.  Being a devotee of Shiva, Gandhari was given the boon by Lord Shiva to become the mother of hundred sons. When Gandhari was married to blind Dhritarashtra, she too had her blindfolded.  As long as she lived, she did not remove her blindfold.  He had not even seen the face of his 100 sons.

Many ominous incident occurred on Duryodhana's birth

Gandhari named his first son Duryodhana.  It is said that when Duryodhana was born, at that time there were many ominous things.  Duryodhana started speaking as soon as he was born.  Then Vidur and the scholars asked Dhritarashtra to abandon this child.  Scholars and astrologers said that if you want to protect the Kaurava dynasty, then abandon Duryodhana, otherwise no one will be able to stop being evil.  But Duryodhana could not be abandoned in Putramoh(Affection of son's love).

Gandhari did not want the Mahabharata war

When her husband Raja Dhritarashtra agreed to Duryodhana and gave his consent to play the game of gambling, Gandhari warned Dhritarashtra that " should never take such an incurious decision by complying in the words of the moron children, the old and the wicked intellectuals."  You should not get your entire family destroyed by complying into the words of the son with affection. 
After recognizing the character of Duryodhana, she always asked Dhritarashtra to bring him on the path of dharma, calling him arrogant, sin-wise, greedy, bad companion , inconsiderate.  Even the Dushasanas were prevented from making mistakes, considering Krishna and Arjuna invincible and suggested way to compromise them.

Gandhari termed the 13-year exile given to the Pandavas as an unfair, unjust decision .  The obstinate Duryodhana never obeyed his mother Gandhari.  While going to war, she told Duryodhana how she can bless him, while the innocent Pandavas are the victims of his injustice.

Gandhari did not want the war of Mahabharata.  Before the war of Mahabharata started, when Lord Krishna went to Hastinapur as a peacekeeper for the treat0y, he proposed to give five villages to the Pandavas in front of Duryodhana, but Duryodhana rejected this proposal.  When Gandhari came to know about this, she asked Duryodhana to accept Sri Krishna's proposal.  Gandhari also told Duryodhana that it is in your welfare  to accept the things that Lord Krishna, Bhishma, Dronacharya and Vidur have told you.  But Duryodhana did not listen to the advice of Mata Gandhari and the result came in the form of war of Mahabharata.

Gandhari wanted to make Duryodhana's body like as a vajra 

It is said that in order to provide like iron-strength to his son Duryodhana, she told him to stand before her with an open body, then the light of her eyes would make his body become iron-like.  Duryodhana was in semi naked , so his half body only got iron power.
When all the Kauravas died in the war of Mahabharata, Gandhari decided to make Duryodhana as a vajra.  Gandhari had received this boon from Lord Shiva that whomever she would open her eyes and see anyone in nagnavastha(naked), thereof whole body would become of vajra.

Gandhari told Duryodhana that after bathing in the Ganges, he should appear in naked  in front of her .  But Lord Krishna knew this and on the way, Shri Krishna stopped Duryodhana and said that even after being so young, you would go in naked form to the mother.

Duryodhana got into the words of Shri Krishna and wrapped the leaves on the thigh and appeared before Gandhari.  When Gandhari opened the bandage with his eyes and saw him, her divine vision could not fall on the thigh, due to which the thighs of Duryodhana could not be of the vajra and in the end this led to the death of Duryodhana.

When Gandhari's hundred sons were killed in the fierce struggle of Mahabharata, she cried up in a sad mood that despite being the mother of hundred sons, she became sonless.  All her daughters-in-law are mourning as widows.  In the pile of dead bodies, looking at her dead sons, she looked very helpless, screaming with compassion. When Bheem, Yudhishthira, Nakula, etc. went to console Gandhari and apologize for the crime of her daughter-in-law, when forgiving, as soon as Gandhari's eyes fell on Yudhishthira's fingernails from the lower part of her eyes, his nails became black. Bhima and his brother hid in fear behind Yudhishthira. She considered as main factor the death of all her sons to Sri Krishna.  Gandhari, distraught at the sons's death, cursed Sri Krishna by saying: "If my dynasty is destroyed, then your dynasty will be destroyed and you too will be killed like an orphan."

Later Gandhari apologized to Krishna for these misdeeds.  Krishna smilingly said this: “Mother Gandhari!  This curse of yours is the law of God.  Your words will be true literally.  Please accept my greetings. "

Yudhishthira and all his brothers left no stone unturned in the service of their uncle and aunt Gandhari, but they also had to listen to the satire of being killer of sons from time to time.  For 15 years they lived in the palace with Yudhishthira.

From Yudhishthira, they asked for the permission to going to forest , which was rejected by Yudhishthira, but at the behest of Maharishi Vyasa, he ordered the exile along with Gandhari, Kunti, Vidur and Sanjay.  Going to the ashram of Maharishi Ved Vyasa in the forest, Gandhari expressed her desire to see the 100 dead sons again for the peace of mind of her husband Dhritarashtra and widow daughter-in-law. At the same time, Abhimanyu for Subhadra, and the five sons of Draupadi again show glimpse, they prayed to reduce their attachment and grief, which was completed by Ved Vyas.  In the last moments of life, Gandhari, Kunti and Dhritarashtra self sacrifice their lives.

In the history of Mahabharata, the character of Gandhari emerges not only because of her superiority in female characters, but also presents a psychological form of both good and bad feelings of the heart.  Her life is a great character saga of a forced woman trapped in the dilemma of wife and affection of sons.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Hinduism and the story of coconut's birth

Hinduism and the story of coconut's birth

  How was coconut born   

Have you ever thought or tried to know how the coconut was born, because in our religious rituals, coconut has been described as an important fruit, which we also call Shreephal .

In India, all kinds of religious activities, including worship, rituals, yajna, havan, have been a symbol of people's faith and belief in God since time immemorial, and the use of coconut mainly as a Shreephal in all religious activities has been happening. Let us know how the coconut was born. 
According to religious beliefs and folktales, the coconut was originated by Brahmarshi Vishwamitra, whose story is also related to King Satyavrata, King Satyavrata who was a great and religious king .King Satyavrat performed all the yajna-havan and charity, even after being blessed he wished that he could go to heaven from the earth, but he did not know how to reach heaven . During the reign of King Satyavrata, Brahmarshi Vishwamitra also exist, who left his home & family for the purpose of doing penance and went to the Himalayan peaks . Even after a long time, he did not come back, when Vishwamitra's absence caused a severe drought in his area, and the family of Brahmarshi Vishwamitra started to wander hungry and thirsty here and there . Then King Satyavrat took care of his family, and took care of the responsibility, and after a long interval when Brahmarshi came back, his family told about the benevolence of King Satyavrat, so that the happy Muni reached the palace to meet the king. 

Even after a long time, he did not come back, when Vishwamitra's absence caused a severe drought in his area, and the family of Brahmarshi Vishwamitra started to wander  hungry and thirsty here and there .तब राजा सत्यव्रत ने उनके परिवार का भरण पोषण किया, और देख रेख कि जिम्मेदारी ली, और लम्बे अंतराल के बाद ज़ब ब्रम्हर्षि वापस आये तब उनके परिवार ने राजा सत्यव्रत के उपकार के बारे में बताया, जिससे प्रसन्न मुनि राजा से मिलने उनके महल जा पहुंचे,And thanking King Satyavrat and asked him to ask for a boon, on hearing this, King Satyavrat immediately conveyed his desire to go to heaven to Vishwamitra . Because King Satyavrat knew that if Muni Vishwamitra wanted, he could send him to Swargalok with his power, and that is how Brahmarshi Vishwamitra immediately made the path of heaven for the king with the power of his penace power .  And blessing and asked to depart, now King Satyavrat was not only happy and went out towards the heavens smiling dimly, but as soon as Satyavrat reached the gate of heaven, Devraj Indra pushed him down,And thanking King Satyavrat and asked him to ask for a boon, on hearing this, King Satyavrat immediately conveyed his desire to go to heaven to Vishwamitra. Because King Satyavrat knew that if Muni Vishwamitra wanted, he could send him to Swargalok with his power, and that is how Brahmarshi Vishwamitra immediately made the path of heaven for the king with the power of his penace power. And blessing and asked to depart, now King Satyavrat was not only happy and went out towards the heavens smiling dimly, but as soon as Satyavrat reached the gate of heaven, Devraj Indra pushed him down.

Due to which King Satyavrat fell on the earth, now the disheartened Satyavrat again came to Brahmarshi Vishwamitra and narrated the whole story, which the enraged Vishwamitra reached heaven . Then Guru Vrihaspati intervened and suggested that lets create a separate heaven for Satyavrat, because no human with body can come from heaven on earth, so it will not break the dignity of heaven and Muni Vishwamitra promise will not be false.Due to which King Satyavrat fell on the earth, now the disheartened Satyavrat again came to Brahmarshi Vishwamitra and narrated the whole story, which the enraged Vishwamitra reached heaven. Then Guru Vrihaspati intervened and suggested that lets create a separate heaven for Satyavrat, because no human with body can come from heaven on earth, so it will not break the dignity of heaven and Muni Vishwamitra promise will not be false. 
Then, as ordered by Devaraja Indra, Guru Vrihaspati and Muni Vishwamitra, a second heaven was constructed between the heavens and the earth, a pillar was built to keep it stable, the pillar turned into a tree in time, and after the death of King Satyavrata, his head became a fruit which we call shriphal or coconut .

Then, as ordered by Devaraja Indra, Guru Vrihaspati and Muni Vishwamitra, a second heaven was constructed between the heavens and the earth, a pillar was built to keep it stable, the pillar turned into a tree in time, and after the death of King Satyavrata, his head became a fruit which we call shriphal or coconut,हिन्दू धर्म में भगवान की पूजा के लिए मनुष्य की बलि दी जाती थी, इस प्रथा को रोकने के लिए नारियल चढ़ाने की प्रथा शुरू की गई।
Coconut is considered auspicious in Hinduism.  It is also known as Shriphal.  In which Sri means Lakshmi.  Coconut is considered to be the fruit of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu.  That is why coconut is break before doing any auspicious work. According to mythological beliefs, when Lord Vishnu incarnated on earth, then he brought Lakshmi, Kamadhenu and coconut tree with him.  Coconut is believed to be the abode of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.  Therefore, he has great importance.  Shriphal is considered to be the beloved fruit of Lord Shiva. It is believed that by offering coconut to your revered god, all your money problems are destroyed.  It is believed that consuming coconut eliminates the weaknesses of the body and makes the body strong.
There is a legend behind the breaking of coconuts before starting auspicious work.  At one time, sacrificing humans and animals was very common in Hinduism.  Then an Acharya started offering coconut in place of human sacrifice to stop this tradition. Coconut has often been considered as the head of humans.  Coconut jatas can be compared to human hair, its outer part which is hardened compared human skull and coconut water can be compared with human blood. Often people lay the foundation of work, then first of all, they start by breaking the coconut.
No worship is complete without coconut, but have you ever wondered why men always break coconut?  Why elders or pundits of the house refuse women to break coconut.  Let's know the story behind this.
There is also a story behind it in the scriptures.  Actually it is believed that coconut is not a fruit but a seed.  Women give birth to babies, so how can they harm the seeds, so they are prevented from breaking the coconut.
It is also believed that coconut is the first fruit on earth sent by Lord Vishnu and no one has the right over  break this fruit except Lakshmi ji, so no other woman can break it.
Sanatana dharma has shown unity with the nature of religion.  Here, the five elements of nature are categorized into water, land, fire, air and sky, the primacy of one God among all the things in the universe.  In this sequence, their importance has been established by giving special place to animals, trees, plants, fruits, flowers. Some beliefs of Hinduism are surprising, such that women cannot break coconuts considered to be very holy.  Coconut is used during worship or at the beginning of any auspicious task.  Home entry or any new work is also started by breaking coconut, but women are not allowed for this.
In this case, astrologers are of the opinion that in Hinduism, women are considered as the image of just like Lakshmi and their superiority has been talked about, yet traditionally women were not given the right to break coconut during worship or in any other form. This privilege is confined exclusively to men.  Have you ever wondered why this happens?
According to astrologers, coconut has traditionally been considered as the seed of new creation.  Its story is related to the creation of new creation by Brahmrishi Vishwamitra, then he first created coconut as the first creation, it was considered to be a replica of human being. It is worth mentioning that according to astrologers, coconut is considered as a form of seed and it has been seen to be associated with breeding.  Women are the factors of childbirth, that is why it was prohibited for them to break the coconut as a forbidden act.

According to their opinion, women give birth to a baby from seed and hence it is considered inauspicious for women to break coconuts like seeds.  After offering the Shriphal to the Gods and Goddesses, only men break it. Although it is not authentically written in any religious text, nor has it been instructed by any deity.  Due to social beliefs and believes, at present Hindu women do not break coconut.  All this has remained a part of our customs over the years due to social beliefs and traditions .

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Why do crows have a black color .

Why do crows have a black color .

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                    Have you ever wondered why crows are black in color?  According to religious beliefs and legends, the color of the crow was white at first but due to the curse, it became black.  Because according to Hinduism black color is considered inauspicious. 

Therefore, the crow is also considered a symbol of inauspicious, according to popular folk tales: - In ancient times there was a great sage.  Who once sent a crow to search for the nectar and also warned that he would only find it and not to drink.  Then the color of crows was white.
That crow started wandering in the forest mountain, river, drain in search of nectar everywhere, from this end of the earth to that end, after a long gap he finally found the nectar but when the crow reached near the nectar and saw the nectar, his intelligence was corrupted .  He got a thought in his mind that if I should ownself drink nectar and will become immortal, so he drank the nectar, but when the sage thought about it and remembered his words, he was very sorry.  But now he had drunk nectar .    So the repenting crow returned to Maharishi.  When the crow reached the sage.  So Maharishi asked the what crow brother got amrit or came back in the same way.  Ashamed crow said that O Munivar Amrit had got it, but seeing it, my intellect got corrupted.  And I drank it myself, listening to it, the sage was filled with anger and said that even after stopping me, you drank the nectar. You have disobeyed me.  Has violated my command.  You will surely get its punishment.
I curse you that your color will turn black.  Although you have drunk the nectar.  Therefore you will not have any disease nor will you get old, so you will always receive premature death and the whole world will condemn you, only for 14 days of Shraddha, you will be respected and for the rest of the days you will only get reproach.  Therefore, for 14 days of Shraddha, crows are treated as Pitra form(ancestral) and are fed .

Although I do not think that there is any truth in this story, but it is prevalent in public stories, people believe, so I have written it, what do you think, please tell me in the comments, thank you .

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