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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Holi and Holika Dahan

Holi and Holika Dahan 

First of all a very warm greetings to all of you "Holika Dahan"in advance.

Holika Dahan is a festival usually celebrated a day before Holi, which is celebrated every year on the full moon of Falgun. It is also called Chhoti Holi or Dhudkheli. Today, "Godhuli " bath or Holi is of great importance. Godhuli means playing Holi from the dust blown by a cow. It was also believed about Shri Krishna that his attractive personality is due to the "Godhuli bath". In villages and towns, it is customary to play Holi from dust and mud. In many places people play Holi with its ashes after burning Holika. The next day i.e. on Holi, Holi is played with wet and dry colors and delicious dishes, especially "pua" are enjoyed.

Although there are many stories behind Holika Dahan, but the most famous one, which is named to this day, is the story of Holika. This is a very ancient story which is described in the Satyuga from the Narasimha avatar of Lord Vishnu. Narsingh avatar he took for the slaughter of Daityaraja Hiranyakashipu. Hiranyakashipu came under the pride and announced in the entire state that everyone should worship only him. On the other hand his own son Prahlada became an exclusive devotee of Lord Vishnu. Seeing his own son as a devotee of his enemy, Hiranyakashipu decided to kill him.

But what can spoil someone who is in the shadow of Narayan himself? Even after each of his efforts, he failed to kill Prahlad. When he had no other solution, he asked his sister Holika for help. Holika had the boon that fire could not burn her.

On the strength of this boon, Holika sat on a burning pyre with Prahlad so that he could be consumed by burning, but by the grace of  Lord Vishnu, Prahlad's was safe and Holika was consumed by burning.
According to another legend, Holika got a divine dress from the Supreme Father Brahma, which did not have the effect of fire when it was worn. As Holika sat on the pyre with Prahlad wearing her divine dress, by the grace of God, her divine dress came out of her body and wrapped it on Prahlad's body, which saved Prahlad and Holika died with burn.
In many places the character of Holika is not considered that much. It is said that she herself was saddened by her brother's actions and due to the love of her nephew Prahlada, she herself draped her clothes. Only after this failure when Hiranyakashipu tried to kill Prahlada, Narasimhadeva avatar killed him.
Another story we find in the Ramayana which Sri Krishna narrated to Yudhishthira. This story is from the time of Maharaj Raghu, the great-grandfather of Shri Ram. There used to be a witch named Dhondha in his kingdom, on which all weapons-arms, tantra-mantras, fire-water were ineffective. When King Raghu asked Maharishi Vashistha to remedy this, he said that this witch has received this force with the blessings of Mahadev, but he also said that she would be threatened only by frantic children. Hearing this, the king told this to many children, and with his inspiration, on this day, those boys beat the Dhondha witch alive by beating him with sticks. Since then the practice of Holika Dahan has been going on.
It is said that on this day, Lord Shankar consumed Kamdev with the fire of his third eye. On the orders of Lord Brahma, Kamadev had done his job on him to attract Mahadev towards Goddess Parvati, due to which Mahadev had consumed Kamdev in anger.
According to Harivansh Purana, on this day, Shri Krishna killed Kansa's sister Pootana. When Kansa failed to kill Krishna by force, he resorted to deceit. He sent his sister Pootana to Braj where Pootana pleaded with Yashoda to breastfeeding Krishna. He had put Kalkoot poison on her breasts, but Shri Krishna killed Pootana by pressing her breasts between own teeth.

Whatever be the stories behind Holika Dahan, but the essence of all the story is that good always wins over evil and this is the real purpose of Holika Dahan. On this day, we should also consume every evil in us in the fire of Holika Dahan so that only the positivity remains.

Holi is a symbol of love and joy


 Nature and humans and also even in the joy of animal-birds seems to be visible. It has been said in the scriptures that centuries ago, this festival of Holi was called Madanotsava.
Madanotsav is directly related to Kamdev ji, ie the season which makes nature, animal birds, human life full of joy, Holi is actually.
 Social festival of joy, love, color can also be called Holi. It is also a festival to welcome spring season.
 Holi is one of the international festivals that is unique because it is a festival of different colors.
When new leaves, new flowers and plants bloom in the dry trees from autumn in the month of Falgun, understand that Falgun is Holi, Falgun is also the month of collecting new happiness in life.

Why know how Holi is celebrated


 According to the Shiva Purana, Parvati, the daughter of the Himalayas, was performing rigorous penance to marry Shiva and Shiva was also engaged in penance. Indra also had a selfish interest in the Shiva-Parvati marriage that Tarakasura was to be slaughtered by the son of Shiva-Parvati. For this reason Indra sent Kamdev to dissolve the penance of Shiva, but Shiva got angry and consumed Kamdev. The gods persuaded Shiva to marry Parvati after Shiva's austerity was dissolved. On the basis of this legend, the spirit of kama in Holi is symbolically lit by celebrating the victory of true love.
When Kansa came to know by AIR (oracle) that Vasudev and Devaki's eighth son would be his destroyer, Kansa put Vasudev and Devaki in jail. Six sons of Devaki born in prison were killed by Kansas. The seventh son was Balaram, an avatar of Sheshnag, whose sherd was transferred to the womb of Vasudeva's second wife Rohini before birth. Shri Krishna was incarnated as the eighth son. Vasudev took with Shri Krishna to Gokul, Nanda and Yashoda house at night and brought his newborn girl with him. Kansa could not kill that girl and Akashwani(oracle) said that the person who killed Kansa has taken birth. Kansa then assigned the task of killing all the babies born in that day to the demonic Pootna. She went to breastfeed the babies with the form of a beautiful woman, but Sri Krishna killed the demonic effigy. It was the day of Phalgun Purnima. Thus, Holi started celebrating the end of evil.

Holi is a special festival in terms of Tantra


 Lord Shiva is believed to be the original guru of Tantra and he is in fact the Mahadev, the god of the gods. The basis of Tantra Shastra is that the person should be interviewed with Brahma and his Kundalini awakening and third eye and Sahasrara awakened.
Lord Shiva opened his third eye Phalgun Purnima on the day of Holi for the first time and consumed Kamdev. Therefore, this day is the third eye awakening day and the tantrik performs special sadhana on this day so that they can enjoy the flame emanating from the third eye of Lord Shiva and they can absorb the this fire energy,they completely eliminate the raga, malice, kama,illusion, the seeds of anger and attachment.
The festival of Holi comes on the full moon day, and the work that starts from this night has special significance in the whole world because the kama was consumed by Shiva's third eye and spread in an invisible form throughout the world. For this reason, the practice of establishing it within itself is started from this day.
Special spiritual practices related to beauty, charm, captivating, hypnosis, elevation etc. are performed on this day. To remove the enemy obstacle, completely destroy the enemy and make it ashes, that is, intense rituals can be started to completely destroy the obstacles of your life. And special success in these practices is achieved soon.

Kama is not an enemy of life because if you are born in the world, then all these conditions of attachment, desire, wishes and aspiration will always exist and the nature of all of them is work. But this kama should be so vigilant that Shiva, enshrined in humans, awakens his Sahasrara and has the ability to consume them with his intellect.

And then the festival of Holi… a festival that happens between two Mahaparvas!the festival of Mahashivaratri It takes place fifteen days before Holi, and Chaitra Navratri after fifteen days of Holi.

The festival between the middle of Shiva and Shakti, and in a way, it is only on the occasion of contact with the Shakti and Shiva. Where Shiva and Shakti meet, there is an explosion of waves of energy and Tantra is born, because Tantra itself originated with the union of Shiva and Shakti.
This feature is not possible in any other festival, and this is why the festival of Holi is said to be the best festival, the perfect Muhurta of Sadhana, the moment of fortune of the tantrikas.

Why is Holi celebrated and what does it teach.


 Life should be full of colors! Each color is designed for different viewing and enjoyment. If all the colors are mixed together then they will all look black. All colors of red, yellow, green etc. should be different, but at the same time we should also enjoy them together.
Similarly, the roles played by a person in life should be peaceful and separate within them. For example, if a person starts playing his "father" role in the office, then God is the master. But sometimes leaders in our country think first by becoming father and then by becoming a leader.
Whatever situation we are in, we should give our contribution 100 percent and then our life will be full of colors! This concept has been called "Varnashrama" in ancient India. It means - every person - whether it is a doctor, teacher, father or anything else, is expected to play that role with full enthusiasm. Integrating businesses has the opposite effect on productivity.
If a doctor wants to do business, then he should do a separate business and not make medicine his business, instead of giving priority to his doctor's profession. Keeping these different characters of the mind separate and separate is the secret of a happy life and this is what Holi teaches us.
All colors originate from white, but when all these colors are mixed together, they turn into black. Different colors and roles are born when our mind is bright and consciousness pure, calm, happy and meditative. We actually get the power to play all our roles. We must dive into our consciousness again and again.

If we only look outside and play with the surrounding colors, we will be forced to find darkness around us. To play all our roles with full devotion and sincerity, we have to take a deep rest between the roles.

Desires are the biggest factor inhibiting deep relaxation. Desires are a sign of stress. Even a small / trivial desire causes great stress. Big goals often give less worries! Sometimes desires also torture the mind.
The only way is to take care of desires and dedicate them. Being attentive to desires or deeds or meditating is called "Kamakshi".
Alertness reduces the grip of desires, and surrenders easily, and then the nectar stream explodes within. The goddess "Kamakshi" holds the sugercane in one hand and a flower in the other. Sugarcane is very hard and has to be squeezed to get its sweetness. While the flower is soft and it is very easy to extract the juice from it.
Actually the same thing happens in life. Life is a mixture of these two! It is much easier to receive this ecstasy within yourself than to receive it from the outer world, whereas in the outer world it takes a lot of effort. Raise your soul with joyful colors.

Develop your consciousness with the color of bliss.


 This world is colorful. Just like nature, colors affect our emotions and sensations. Such as red of anger, green of bliss, yellow of joy and vivacity, pink of love, blue for expansion, white for peace, saffron for sacrifice and purple for wisdom. Each human being is a fountain of colors.
In the old stories Hiranyakashipu wanted to glorify himself while his son Prahlada was a Vishnu devotee. He made all efforts to change it and also made him sit on the lap with sister Holika in the fire pit but Holika got burnt and Prahlada survived. There is so much depth in Prahlada's devotion that all the deeds, rites and their effects erased from it.
If seen, Hiranyakashipu is a symbol of physicality and Prahlada is a symbol of innocence, joy and reverence. Consciousness cannot be limited to materiality. Hiranyakashipu wanted to get everything by materiality. Any living being is beyond physicality and Narayan is also there.
Holika is a symbol of the past and Prahlada is a symbol of the joy of the present. It was Prahlada's devotion that sustained him in bliss. When joy is in life, life becomes a celebration. Emotions burn you like fire, but if it is like a spray of colors, life becomes meaningful. Feelings are ignorant in ignorance, but in knowledge these feelings add color to life.

Life should be full of colors and not boring . We play many roles in life, their roles and feelings should be clear otherwise the suffering is fixed. If you are playing a father role at home, then he cannot do it at his workplace. When we start mixing different roles in life, we start getting entangled. Mistakes are made.

Whatever joy you experience in life comes from yourself. You leave the person who is seizing you and sit calmly, then it becomes meditation. In meditation, you get more relaxation than deep sleep because you are beyond all desires. It gives deep coolness to the brain and strengthens your nervous system, giving it a new life.
Celebration is the nature of consciousness and the celebration that arises from silence is real. If purity is added to the celebration, it becomes complete. Not only the body and mind celebrate, but consciousness also celebrates. In this situation, life is filled with colors.

Color this "from within yourself" on this Holi


 Holi is a festival of colors. Our attitudes and emotions have many colors like nature. Everyone has a splash of colors, which varies. Your emotions like fire devour you. But when they are like a sprinkle of colors, they bring joy to your life.

Thoughts and feelings


 All thoughts and feelings originate from the Self , which is like the sky element within the body and outside. This sky element rules your life, and you are just like a puppet. The difficulty with human beings is that, they sometimes take time to pay attention to their feelings and thoughts, how what has changed within.
We act without thinking and resolving our feelings. There are many rules for this, but when your feelings are high, then you become a victim of your own feelings. The inner rules are like the watchman and the concierge, but the owner of the house is just emotions. So when the owner of the house intervenes, the concierge has to give way.
Thoughts and feelings come and go but when you go deep inside and feel yourself, then you only find it empty and that is your real nature. When you identify yourself with emotions, feelings and thoughts, you find yourself very small and trapped.
But in fact your inner sky element is very generous and in it you feel complete peace. In those moments when you experience perfection, love and peace, then you feel the spread, limitlessness in yourself which is your true nature. And he is the most beautiful. That is why feelings in ignorance bother you, and in knowledge, those emotions are colored.

Feeling of divinity


 Life like Holi should also be colored in which each color is clearly visible. Each role and sentiment should be clearly defined. Emotional confusion causes trouble. You tell yourself that I will do justice to each role. You can play every role. “I am a good wife, a good boy, a good foster and a good citizen. "Suppose you have all these similarities in you." It is all really present in you. Just let it cook. The harmony in diversity makes life blissful and colorful.

In the festive state, the mind often forgets God. You should experience the presence of divinity in which there is no disconnection of any kind. Do you consider yourself a part of this Earth, Air and Sea? Do you feel yourself dissolving in this existence? This is called divine love!

Do not try to see the divinity. Follow him just and only. It exists like air. You inhale and release the air. You cannot see the air, but you know that the air exists. In the same way, divinity exists everywhere. Only the heart can feel it.
When you are rested to perfection, then you feel divinity throughout the universe. When your mind and body are fully rested, then, the chirping of birds, the movement of leaves, the flow of water is a feeling of divinity in everything, even the fighting of people and the mountain also experience a beautiful and rich divinity.
Beyond all these things there is a power or feeling in existence, that is divinity. When the festival naturally arises, life becomes colorful.

How to play a safe Holi?


If seen in the true sense then yes! Playing Holi is safe if played naturally as per the rules. We wrote this article with answers to some similar questions so that we can know how to play a safe Holi so that no one is harmed.
Holi is a festive festival of colors which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in India. Bhanga and Gujia as well as the dance song everyone gets on this day with delight . But people play Holi with enthusiasm, sometimes forgetting that their body and life is more important than Holi.
On this day most people celebrate each other by applying color. Some people suffer health problems like eye irritation, skin redness and hair color change or loss after playing color. The reason for this is to play Holi unsafely and unfairly.
People used to use natural colors while celebrating Holi in the mythological period, which were less bad and more beneficial for the skin, but now all has turned upside down. Today, colors are being made in big chemical factories to play Holi, which are very harmful for the body. But people are forgetting this and using it.
Some people have even seen the use to engine oil of the car in The place of name of color. In today's modern era, people have completely forgotten the source of those natural colors. For this reason, there is always a risk of allergic reactions to the colors of Holi available in the market.
Many types of skin damage are caused by these colors such as dermatitis, redness of skin, itching, burning sensation, increased dryness of skin, etc. Let us know how we can play a safe Holi in this chemical world today.

Best tips to play happy and safe holi.


1. On the day of chhoti Holi, Holika Dahan is done in most of the states of India, in such a time keep the children completely away from there. Because there is too much fire in such a place.

2. As we have told you that very toxic chemical is being used in Holi colors nowadays which can damage your skin to many extent, so wear clothes that can cover your body at the most.

3. Reduce the use of yellow, green, violet, and orange colors because they are believed to use the most harmful chemical substances.

4. The most beautiful way to avoid side effects or allergies from Holi colors is to make natural colors at home. You can use turmeric, marigold, mehndi, flour as colors. Although they do not work the same as the colors found in the market, but it is also true that these household items do not harm your skin by 1%.

5. Holi color causes maximum damage to the skin, so playing Holi by applying body lotion or oil on the skin gives less absorb to the skin colors, which also reduces the risk of allergy. If there is more sunshine while playing Holi, you can also use sunscreen.

6. While playing Holi, it also affects hair due to the high amount of chemical in the colors and dusty soil . Hair becomes dry or there is also a risk of hair loss. To protect your hair from all this, massage oil thoroughly by applying oil on the head before playing Holi. If you want, you can save your hair as much by covering your head with a cloth or wearing a hat.

7. Another important thing is our eyes, which are afraid of causing more damage while playing Holi, so it is very important to save the eyes while playing Holi. If you use contact lenses, open them before playing Holi and use sunglasses. If the color accidentally gets into your eyes, wash eyes thoroughly with cold water.

8. If you have any kind of irritation or itching on the skin while playing Holi, immediately wash the place with cold water. Then apply aloe vera gel or calamine lotion to that place. Get out of the group immediately because there is a risk of increasing allergy to sunlight.

9. Do not use any more chemical soap or shampoo for bathing or washing your head after playing Holi. You can take a bath from any baby shampoo or soap. Do not try to erase the color by applying petrol or kerosene after playing Holi on your skin in any way, there is a risk of many other types of allergies.

10.If you have asthma or any other breath-related allergy, it is better that you do not leave on Holi. On the day of Holi, asthma patients can be difficult due to the dry colors flying in the air.

11. Drink cannabis and alcohol less on the day of Holi as there is a risk of increasing blood pressure.

12. Wash your hands color thoroughly before eating anything on the day of Holi as it is a time of weather change and during such time there is a risk of viral or bacterial infection. In such a situation, to avoid cold cough, wash your hands with soap and eat something. If possible, make and eat sweets at home because many types of chemical substances are getting mixed in the sweets made outside, which can cause great harm to the body.

13. Many people apply color on unknown people while walking on the way or they sit on a remote terrace and hit them with water balloons. Do not do this at all because it can hurt them. Holi festival is played to share happiness and not to hurt anyone, therefore this thing should be given due attention.

14. Most of the people play Holi on the day of Holi but forget to drink water. Every year the festival of Holi come in the early time of the summer months, in which the sunshine is also strong, so drinking water is always necessary. By drinking the right amount of water, the skin remains healthy and you can avoid urinary tract infections.

15. If there is  skin-related infection or difficult health-related work, take that person to the doctor as soon as possible.

16. Keep your face and skin moisturized after playing Holi. You can also try natural home remedies without chemical, such as applying aloe vera gel, applying gram flour, rubbing cream or applying coconut oil on the face and skin.

The conclusion


 Always take care of one thing, our health is more than everything, so taking care of health is our primary task. Playing Holi is an integral part of our tradition but playing it safely is very important.
But where there are waves of enthusiasm on the one hand, on the other hand some evils have also come. Some people use chemicals such as mud, dust , skin-leaving chemicals on the skin in place of Abir, Gulal on this occasion; Drinking alcohol and speaking profanity. Which leads to enmity in place of friendship. Ugly and dirty laughter make everyone's heart hurt. Therefore, all of them should be discarded.

This festival, which gives the message of love called Holi, is a Vedic Somayagya. In Holikotsava, love is spread by burning of animosity. Holi is a festival of love, union, friendship and unity. On this day, forgetting hostility, one should meet love and brotherhood. Unity, goodwill and love should be introduced. This is the main purpose and message of this festival.

Happy Holi to all of you in advance and our repeated thanks to God ..

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