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Monday, March 16, 2020

Birth, Death, Salvation and God

Birth, Death, Salvation and God

Today, after several days, there was a desire to write about the mind, soul and body.Whatever may be the idea, reading is transmitted from generation to generation through books.  By reading the books of great men, a person is wise and changes his rites and character, and a new thought arises which paves the way .

"Each person is made up of three elements. These are three --- body, soul and mind. In them body is the outer covering of soul and mind is inner. This soul is the vision and bearer. It is conscious, our every action, which we do, every thought that we think leaves an impression on the mind. What we call Sanskar in Sanskrit. All these sanskaras together take the form of a force, which is called character. These mental and somatic actions  The result is which they did own physical life , rituals that force that will be decide the man in which direction go after death .

Posthumously the body merges into the five elements, but the sanskars remain in the mind. Our present life has been determined by the deeds of previous birth. This cycle goes on continuously and in this way man is bound by his own bad deeds.
The soul neither comes anywhere nor goes anywhere, neither is it ever born nor does it ever die. As long as the soul is in bondage it is called a jeewatma(living being), and due to the sacraments it changes from one form to another.  It can only move towards liberation by attaining human form". Bharat Bhoomi (India )is the only place in the world where many great spiritual legends have been born in every era. All have interpreted God, nature and the world at their own discretion. Among them Veda Vyas, Maharishi Valmiki, Adishankarcharya Kabir and contemporary, Ramakrishna  Paramahamsa,Swami Vivekananda and included great men from  to the present day. No great man has criticized this world. Today, the voices of criticism of the world are being heard everywhere.
While none of the Indian monks considered the world wrong.
The common person has always run away from any problem. And the biggest problem is that they considers this world the father of every problem. This is where the misconception that God is the truth and the world is false. This is a debate.  Then why is the existence of the world?
The Gita describes the creation of the world. When God has created the world, then how can this be false? It is only our thinking. No one has been able to find God without coming into the world and till date  Nor any work, which can be divine. Even the God has to come into the world to destroy the Asuras and take the burden off this land.
How can this world be false when God does all the work in the world created by God? Therefore, the world and nature are only a form of him created by God. Do not run away from it. While staying in the world, do not allow the world to enter inside you. This is the factual point.
Birth and death are the two real truths.  If birth happens then death is certain.  The time between birth and death is referred to as life.  Thus birth, life and death, this is the story of every living being.

But the condition before birth, the condition is physique, what is the condition after death?  Where do we go?  Nobody knows this.  What before birth?  What after death?  This is the eternal question.

The scriptures speak of the soul.  It is said that the soul leaves the mortal body and merges with the God, which is called salvation.  The unquenchable soul is born again, that is, it holds a new body and this cycle continues until it attains salvation. The take of the new body of soul is called rebirth.
Death has always been the focal point of philosophical thought.  Since time immemorial, ever since the process of birth came into nature, death has also become a universal process associated with it.  It is a universal truth that anyone who is born is sure to die.  Even after this, philosophical thoughts continue to emerge on death in some form or the other.
It is beyond comprehension that if birth and death are a natural state, then what happiness, what sorrow when they happen?  What kind of event, how mourning?  And if there is an event at birth, there is happiness, then surely death is mourning, there is sorrow.
In this context, some popular beliefs also have to be remembered.  Whether it is alive or inanimate, it is believed that humans neither of them has the power to give life.  The work of giving to life in any element is only and only by nature.  That is why even though humans take credit for the origin of the living world, nature is involved somewhere behind it. Coming to the same point, if it is to be believed that nature plays its role in birth and death, then what is the need to grieve so much, so much sorrow about someone's death?
It is a fact to be noted here that even though birth and death have been considered as nature-provided in society, even if birth-death has been accepted as a process, it is still considered to determine the age of each organism.  The animals, flora and fauna, considering all of them to be living, their age has been determined long ago.
Even if this is the case and it is true, there is no need to express grief on the death of someone even when he is leaving his world after completing his certain age. If a person who fulfills all own responsibilities and fulfills all his obligations, is bidding farewell to this world, then what sadness to bid farewell to him?
It is a matter of thinking that on one hand we all wish to get rid of this cycle of birth and death.  We coming to this world again and again to get salvation.  Even after this, we imagine that our relative be born in our family . Even after such thinking, we express grief over the death of our relatives.  Such a contradiction can hardly be seen anywhere that on one side aspire for salvation and on the other side mourning death.

Yes, one must mourn the death of one who has not completed own age.  Who has not even completed even a small fraction of own age in this world.  Who has not yet understood the duties and responsibilities. Such a death is certainly a matter of mourning.  It cannot be said that the creature that is free from the grooves of its human body at this young age, will be revealed to salvation.  Is it because the ways suggested for attaining salvation are possible today at a young age?

However, getting the salvation of a human being, getting rid of this world, getting stuck in the cycle of re-birth and death are very religious things, somewhere philosophical. In such a situation, whether there is any person's grief or happiness, it depends on the condition of that person, but it is true that the leaving of any human being, leaving with any creature, makes people with him sad.  In the shadow of this sorrow, the world keeps moving forward, weaving new hope with a sorrow.
Now the question arises: what is a soul?  What is body.
 If there is a soul in the body, it is alive.  If the body is soulless then it is dead, dead body.  This means, the soul and body are the pair is called jeeva. The body is made of five elements.  When the body is destroyed, those elements merge into five different elements, that is, the whole body is transformed.
The soul and the body is the combination of the jeeva, hence the soul and the body have a close relationship.  The body is gross, visible.  The soul is subtle, incisive, pungent and invisible.  The body is made up of five elements.  They are elements;  Fire, air, water, soil and sky.  They all form a body and they are obtained from the mother.  When the body is prepared in the womb of the mother, vibrations arise in it, which has been given the name of the soul's entry into the body, that is, the soul has assumed a new body.
Jeevatma is a conscious element that is true, monogamous, scanty, meager power, birth-death, righteousness, performing deeds and reaping its results from the divine order.

Human beings get man-birth according to the deeds of their former lives.  If virtuous deeds are more than sin deeds in the account of human deeds in a human birth, then a man is born otherwise they are born in animal, bird, insect, moth etc. according to the karma.

In this birth, we are born in human species .  This means that before this birth, we must have been human beings and our auspicious actions must have been more than inauspicious deeds.  A rule is working in the world that someone who is born must die.  Therefore, birth is sure to happen at death. It is known that at death there is no absence of the soul but he lives in the sky and air and according to the accumulated deeds of previous birth, God determines his caste, age and enjoyment and gives him birth.  A man whose auspicious deeds are less than inauspicious deeds takes birth in the lower species .  By looking at the lives of humans and other species in the world, this rule proves to be absolutely .
From childhood to old age, we continue to hear and read news of the death of human beings and animals for many reasons.  Sometimes our own acquaintance and relative dies in our presence.
Some die in a sleepy state, some die from heart attacks and many people die due to diseases.  Road, rail and many other types of accidents are also the cause of death of many people.  Until the time of death, the breathing process of a human being goes on like a healthy person.  Sudden breathing stops the cause of death.
In the state of death, the heart also stops working and all external and internal activities that occur in the body stop.  After this stage, the body starts dissecting and deforming and deodorant starts coming from the body.  In the state of death, the soul leaves the body.  On studying the scriptures, it is known that  subtle body also accompanies the soul. This subtle body is not visible from the eyes.  It is different from the gross body, which works with the gross body by staying the same in the birth and death of the individual body till the Holocaust period.
The cause of birth is the pre-birth karma and accumulated karma, which is called destiny.  In this birth, we get this destiny in the form of enjoyment of happiness and sorrows.  Human birth is a opportunity in which humans consume the deeds done in the past, that is, they spend them and they also increase the accumulated karma by making new actions and efforts.
This results in the form of birth, caste, age and enjoyment in future.  After considering the purpose of birth, it is known that the repeated process of birth and death gives a holiday for a long period of time and divine joy in that holiday period, which is mentioned in the scriptures as the state of salvation and liberation. This salvation takes place on auspicious interview with God and good life.  God gives us human birth to achieve this salvation state.  This is such a state of the soul in which he does not have even the least grief. In this state, the living person lives in the contiguity of God, infinite happines and pleasure like samadhi, and what he desires is almost all fulfilled.  All the creatures in the world have come to salvation once and many times and they have been born and died many times in almost all the species of the world.The reason for this is that God and soul are eternal and continual.  This means that God and soul have neither beginning nor end.  This root nature is also eternal and continual and this work-creation is also eternal by flow.  The origin, status and the stages of the holocaust and the state of salvation and bondage, including the birth and death of the soul, will continue for eternity.

The soul that is born in a man's species gets many more relatives, including parents and siblings, by God. Friendship and other kinds of relations are also established with the people of the society.  He is born as an infant, becomes a child, then a teenager, after which he attains old age by becoming young, mature.

After a few years in old age, one suffers from diseases etc. and dies.  It does not want to die due to the temptation of physical pleasures and family relations and accumulated wealth at the time of death. Although he knows that death is inevitable, yet he desires to live and it is a great affliction when he comes to know about it before death.
As the time of death draws near, many eyes become filled with tears.  It causes fear of death.  In many types of diseases, physical pains are so much that by desiring them, a person wishes to get rid of them, but even at this stage, some favorable and many adverse situations have to go through.  At the time of death, sitting or lying soul and soul leave the body and go into the air and sky.
The power from which the subtle elements of life, mind, intellect, ego, etc. come out in the form of this individual and subtle body is called that power is God.  This state is not only sad and sorrows for the deceased, as well as sad and sorrows for the relatives of the deceased.  All family members have mutual interests and selfishness.
At the time of death and after that, Jeevatma travels to some unknown places before entering any mother's womb.  Being without body, he does not have some knowledge of it.  Ignorant people consider it to be the end of life.  Even those who are knowledgeable do not know that they may have to go to the lower species according to their karma where all the sorrows are afflicted throughout in the life . In such a situation, only true knowledge of the scriptures removes from the sorrow or grief of human beings.  The deeper connection we have with the dead and the more love, attachment, etc., the more sorrow we get.  Our knowledge does not work on this occasion.  Even the knowledgeable people lose their sanity or balance in this situation and begin to cry and cry with a loud voice.
These situations come in the life of all of us.  If we consider it in earlier times and for this, look at the teachings of the scriptures and understand them, then on the occasion of such disconnection, we can remain stable and peaceful.

Human life begins at its birth and ends at death, whereas it is not an end, but a break after which the soul is reborn.  Before birth, there is no confirmed and accurate information about the human soul, where before that soul was there, in which place and in which species?

After death, the body remains in the same form but there is lack of consciousness in it, which appears that consciousness has gone out of that body.  Why and how did this consciousness come out and where did it go?  The solution to these questions is not found in the available literature.
Vedic literature often resolves all these questions when going to the shelter of the Vedas.  The Vedas state that there are three eternal and continual substances in the world which are immortal or infinite.Their names are God, soul and creation.  Both God and soul are conscious beings in which God is universal and soul is a  entity.
In terms of numbers, God is one in this universe and the number of living beings is infinite and numberless in the knowledge of human, but God has complete knowledge of all these living beings, but the number of living beings in the knowledge of God is not unlimited.
Nature is the causal cause of this world of work, which is very subtle and has a trinitarian nature with satta, raja and tama qualities.  God created this world by this trinitarian  nature.  In order to create creation, it is necessary to have the nature of God as truthful, formless, omnipotent, omniscient, eternal, continual, imperishable, omniscient , otherwise it is not possible to create creation from any other entity other than this.
According to the Vedas, the nature of God is such that it can be known by studying Vedas and Vedic literature.  Knowing the form of God and nature, it is possible to have the creation of universe  from God thats prove it. Assigning the creation of God in the Vedas to all the things are truths of the Vedas, also proves it to be true.
 It is also mandatory for God to create one and many consumer for the purpose of creation.  If there is no consumer, then the creation becomes meaningless as it is purposeless.  God cannot be a consumer  because he is of the form of Sachchidananda.  If  God with joyful form is expected of the pleasures of creation, it cannot be said to be full of joy.
The second thing is that in order to enjoy the creation, one has to assume the God will be take  incarnation and the birth of man, which is impossible because he is omnipresent and supreme power . If God is believed to be born or incarnated in the human form, then it shows the incompleteness of that ubiquitous conscious power, which brings the power of God into doubt.
If this is so, then he cannot create  and operate this universe properly.Because in the pre-Holocaust period, the enjoyment of things for him will not be available to him.His existence will be interrupted which cannot be helpful in his work of creation.Therefore, it cannot be accepted that God has created this creation for himself.
Now the question remains for whom did God create this creation?  The answer is that this creation has been created for conscious beings who are eternal and mindless, trapped in the cycle of birth who is  to eternal, continual, imperishable, immortal, monogamous, infinite, sinful and virtuous deeds has happened.  The nature and sanskar of doing the work that a man does many times become his, and he does that work according to the need and rule.  God has been creating and destroying this creation since time immemorial. Pralaya means that the universe will dissolve in its original form, the trigunas nature.  According to the sin and virtue of the human beings, who get death before the holocaust, the God  have to do the work of providing happiness and sorrow to them again. On the completion of the period of the Holocaust, God has to create a new creation and God has to do the work of providing happiness and sorrow to them according to the karma of the previous kalpa.  At the end of the Holocaust period, God creates a new creation and according to the karma of the previous kalpa, gives them happiness and sorrow. This is the purpose of this creation.  Just as the deeds of human beings are going on in this kalpa, in the previous kalpa after the catastrophe, the same way will continue.  This state of actions of creatures is a never ending process. It will never end. Creation after holocaust and holocaust after creation has been and will continue even further, this is the principle of logical and rational view of origin and destruction of universe .
It is also necessary to know that if the good and bad karma of the person is equal and the good karma is more than bad karma , then the soul gets human birth and if the bad karma is more, then gets in birth animals, birds etc. ie lower grade species . Animals, birds etc. are called punshiable birth and human birth are called benificial birth.  In this birth a human  soul also indulges in the results  of earlier deeds and also performs new deeds.  These good & bad deeds form the basis of future birth. In the context of death, it is also necessary to know that death is called causeless loss, which is a great sorrow in itself.  Every human being and other beings are scared and plagued by the grief of death.  Everyone wants to avoid the sorrows that come in life.  The only way to avoid these sorrows is that humans do not act inauspicious and sinful.
If there are no sins, there will often be no sorrow.  If you consider the body, then there are painful deformities such as growth, decline and disease, etc. It also depends on the time and circumstances of the country.  In old age, many people suffer from various diseases and sorrows.  All beings or humans want to avoid them.  We also get its remedy from Vedic literature.
For this, while doing auspicious work, a person has to try to link with God by knowing God and living soul etc. Yoga practice is the method of worship, following which the attainment of samadhi, it is possible to linked with God. The attainment of Samadhi means the attainment of conscience and after death on its basis, from birth to death for a long period of time, as a 'moksha' holiday, there is full enjoyment from the connection of God.

Human beings are always beset with sorrows, physical and mental. If they have gained some wealth and enjoyment through great labor and suffering, then what is the benefit from it. A greedy and enjoyer always suffers. Due to fear, they are  unable to sleep and remains suspicious of everyone.  Just like a honey bee accumulates honey, in the same way people accumulate wealth with great pain, but only someone else consumes it.  Trishna is such an object, which is not fulfilled even when the pleasures are obtained according to the desire, due to which a person has to wander in the cycle of life and death. Things like listening to the topic enjoyment, in fact, they are absolutely untrue like the water of deer craving and this body is also consumed by them.  This world is such a dark well, in which Kalsarp is always ready to bite.  The man who desires the subject has fallen into it.  Even a person with false subjects and disease, knowing his moment's brittleness and impermanence, does not deviate from it. Human mind also has a very bad plight, it is extremely evil in itself, apart from being guilty of sin, lusts.  He is often unhappy due to his wishes and is distraught with joy, mourning, fear, public opinion, money, wife, son, etc., and does not contemplate the nature of God.  Man has become extremely frightened by the continuous cycle of birth and death and the karma indulgence generated by both.  It is its own and it is other  - befriends someone and enmity with someone with this type of discrimination. In order to know the self, man should leave the 'I' and 'my' false feeling due to ignorance in body, mind etc. and by immersing himself in the divine, understand that the soul is eternal, pure,  One, the field, shelter, formless, light itself, the cause of all, is broad, single  and uncovered.

Awakening, Dreaming, and sleeping are the three intelligence stages .  The experience of these stages through which it is the most past is Sarvakshi Parabrahma.  For attaining salvation, it is necessary that through the karmic states of human intellect, one can recognize the spirit present in them.  Birth by virtue and deeds - This cycle of death is due to not separating soul from body and nature. Therefore, man should treat the substances and subjects with different names as much as they are applicable and should always worship the one who is eternal in his heart, self-perfected, self-respecting, the ultimate truth, the infinite God, because of the do of his bhajan.  Ignorance is put in the cycle of death and salvation is attained.
The ten means of salvation are famous - silence, celibacy, scriptural listening, penance, self-study, self-righteousness, interpreting scriptures with tips, chanting and samadhi.
To attain salvation, to be a Brahmin, a deity or a sage, full of virtue and various knowledge, charity, austerity, sacrifice, physical and mental purity and the pursuit of great vows is not enough.  To attain salvation, it is very important to please Shri Bhagwan and Sri Bhagavan is pleased only with undying love and devotion.  Due to the devotion of Sri Bhagwan, demons, yakshas, ​​demons, birds, antelope and many sinful creatures have also attained salvation. The person who concentrates the mind while listening to the stories of God in the true sense, possessing the equality in all beings, avoiding hatred from anyone, renunciation of attachment, with compassionate and  kindness the experience of the real nature of God.  Because of knowledge, it is separated from the states of intellect and does not engage in anything other than the divine. It is like looking at the sun from the eyes of the self. Pure inter divine self realisation receives the unique divine.
Salvation is given great importance in almost all religions throughout the world, there is a belief that there is nothing in the world beyond the salvation of the soul.  Even it is said that there is only one goal of the birth of a human being, this goal is only to attain salvation!  Every person also wants to get salvation after death so that he can get rid of the cycle of birth and death.  The person sees all the species  (animals, animals, birds, insects, moths etc.) in addition to him, he does not want to be like them, so he also desires salvation.  It is also worth pondering whether the desire for salvation teaches humans to hate other living beings other than the body. Most people who desire salvation are afraid of worldly problems, who do not want to face these problems again, and desire salvation for fear of the birth of eighty-four lakh kinds of species to the soul.  How people who fear salvation from the world and seek salvation is also a very big question because everyone also knows that salvation is not met with fear.  People who are interested in subjects like God, Moksha, Shanti, Ananda, Love, those people are always striving to know the secret of Moksha, how many of them achieve their goals by getting their knowledge and gaining knowledge.  It depends on utilizing it properly.

What is salvation, how is it attained, when is it attained, why is it required by one who is attained!  All such questions cause confusion because all the information about Moksha is half-complete, it is not that there is no right answer to any question in the world, answers are available to all kinds of questions in the world .  Need to find  The law of nature is the end of what has arisen, if there is any question, the answer is also in this world itself, but the right knowledge is kept very secret.  If the knowledge of the secret of salvation is known to all, then one task will be reduced for the person to do it and it will become difficult for the person to spend time of his life, hence also his knowledge has been kept confidential.

Not knowing about the birth of the soul puts a question mark on the salvation because there is a belief that the soul is not born, if the soul is not born then how will salvation also happen!  Due to lack of complete knowledge, an ordinary person does not consider himself worthy of salvation.  He understands that only those sitting in special class or religious places etc. can get Moksha, whereas Moksha is related not to religion but to the soul.  Religion is for the world, there is no religion for the soul, the soul is pure and does not need to be purified by any method or action, religion is a means to keep the mind busy, religion to confuse the soul  The system has not been arranged.  Religion teaches the joining and the separation of spirituality, both are opposite of each other, it is very important to understand one thing that those who want salvation in religion cannot get salvation and those who want worldly pleasures in spirituality always fail in their hands.  Will look  There is no salvation without renouncing religion and there is no worldly happiness without renouncing spirituality.  One should use both religion and spirituality according to his need.
Due to the need and compulsion of the past, or it may be that some people have combined religion and spirituality for their personal benefit, which makes it difficult to understand the difference between religion and spirituality, which results in such fear and confusion.  Was born whose patients can be seen in every home today.  In the name of God, salvation, peace, joy and happiness, we all know the trade that is happening all over the world.  Fear is created by resorting to worldly desires, situations, problems, needs, constraints, which every person wants to avoid.
There is something in all religions that is not right in other religions, for example eating meat in one religion is right, while eating meat in another religion is not right.  It simply means that religious people have spread such things / rumors in the society according to their convenience, need and compulsion which have no logic or basis and to convince people all those things were linked with religion that people  Follow these things in fear of religion . Religious people are more timid, they always fear that they may not commit any sin or they do not hurt anyone's heart due to which they have to bear the penalty.  The punishment that is received after death, in the punishment of those punishments, is said to be such that nothing is more than fooling, as it is said to be put in a big pan of hot oil, etc. etc. Those who tell this thing should be asked that you also say that if the body feels hot or cold, there is no effect of fire, water and air on the soul, then who will pour the soul from the body in hot oil after death and  How will the soul suffer, because only the body gets suffering. If after death how one soul (who is a Yamdoot) will catch and punish the other soul (who is an ordinary person) because both souls are air, we also address the soul with words like air ball or bubble of water.
 Let us understand logically some popular things that frighten and confuse ordinary people.

Salvation and selfishness

All actions in the world are for selfishness. Everyone knows that nothing happens in the world without selfishness.  Devotion, charity, service, good faith, good deeds, love, etc. are also due to some personal selfishness, even if it has the selfishness to avoid the results  of deeds done in previous lives, even if it is in the next life.  Whether it is the selfishness of meeting or the selfishness of salvation.
It is also said that the karma which is selfish in doing it, that karma is unfruitful (no result of that karma is received) and it is also said that there is no karma which has no result .  The ordinary person does not understand what to do, how to do it and why!  Whether to do or not to do deeds, and if you do, why do it when the fruits of that deed are not found!
Everybody wants to know the secret behind God, Karma and Moksha, these three words, but the person is so busy in fulfilling the requirements of the day that there is not enough time to discover these secrets and those who have time do not know it.  How to use time to find time.  It is the compulsion of all people to fulfill the selfishness of the present and live life in fear of the future.
Some people have spread many more things to spread fear and confusion for their personal benefit, with the help of which they do the work of fooling others.  It is good to preach or listen to someone and to entertain them, but the person's own convenience, need and compulsion to live are in advance, without selfishness, the person will not have the desire to act, and if  If there is no desire then how will the world go!  It is also said that give up wishing, consider that if there is no desire then there will be no desire for salvation and why would anyone in the world believe in religion!  If desire is not needed in the world then why should it exist in a living being!  There must be a desire, but the desire should not be such that one is at a loss along with one's profit.  Desire is a means of nature for the world to run on its own.

Salvation and heaven-hell

The definition of moksha by religious people is that after death the soul frees itself from the cycle of birth and death and dwells in Baikuntha / heaven and salvation is attained only by following the path of religion.  It is also said that heaven and hell are on this earth, if heaven is here, then after heaven, which soul goes to heaven is a serious question!  Because of not having the right knowledge, the person ignores such questions because even the person teaching them does not know the truth of this matter.  According to every person, he gets salvation only from the knowledge he has because he has been told as much!  There is also a truth that deceiving oneself does not bring God or salvation.  It is not even sure whether a person who preaches to an ordinary person will get salvation or not, whose own salvation is not known, how can he show the path of  salvation to others!

Salvation and worship

Even assuming that there is a heaven where the souls who have attained salvation reside, it means that many celestial souls (who have reverence and belief in the person or who are worshiped) will live there.  Because their salvation is already there.  It is also believed that after reaching heaven, the soul does not want to come to the earth and be trapped in the cycle of birth and death again, because salvation is attained only after millions of births.  In which heaven the souls who have attained salvation reside, and if heaven is in the sky, can divine spirits come to the earth?
A person remembers divine souls every minute to fulfill worldly needs and compulsions and also believes that divine spirits are pleased with me through prayer, meditation, name calling, chanting, worship, etc.  Will work  Some people even tell such an experience as if the divine spirits have come to do the work of a person themselves.  If celestial spirits come to earth and help people who are seeking help, then it simply means that they have not got any happiness or any peace in heaven because all their time is spent in doing work of crores of people.  God or divine souls are not the servants of anyone who will come to do any work of anyone, the person's own work results in the work of being and not being.
A person has a habit of depending on others, so whenever he considers himself mentally, physically or financially weak, he takes help of any name, picture, tangible, mantra etc.  If the person does not have any faith in the living and does not have hope from them, then he goes to the shelter of religion.  By doing this, his time is also spent and he feels that someday some power / divine soul will come and do his work.  This is the best action to entertain, because after a time, when the patience of the person starts responding, then the faith and trust of the person weakens.  At such a time, his main goal is to get salvation from worldly problems, even the idea of ​​salvation of soul does not come in his mind.  The elimination of hope and faith from religion helps a person to know, believe and discover the formless.

Salvation and soul

 It is also believed and said that after the death of the body, the soul has no relation with any other living person or worldly object, the relationship belongs to the body and does not belong to the soul, if a soul comes to any living person then it  The soul is called a phantom, which is not considered auspicious, and the devil only wanders here and there and causes harm.
All the souls wandering in the world have qualities and disorders such as deeds, anger, greed, attachment, ego, love, hatred etc. which end only after moksha or salvation is attained only after these vices end!  It also means that no divine soul comes to the earth on praying because all the divine souls are seated in Baikuntha / heaven and they do not love anyone because they have been saved and if any divine soul is a person  He comes to earth to do the work, it means that his salvation is not there. If spirits wandering in the world without body and salvation (both) are called phantom and it is not considered auspicious to be with some place or person, then to say or understand in the name of faith that a person's actions are done by a divine soul  Well, think about how right it is yourself.  Anything happening in life depends on one's own actions.  Improvement in one's own karma is needed to avoid karma, not to ask for forgiveness.

Salvation and action

 Everyone believes that whether or not something happens is based on the organism's own actions and its fruits, even the divine souls do not escape the task, so how the ordinary soul survives from the results and confuses even more.  The person desiring salvation is fooled by all the sufferings and problems by showing a dream of salvation which is simple because no one wants to face the problem.  It is also believed that the actions of crores of people are done by the grace and powers of the divine souls, so they are worshiped etc. to please them, as well as it is said that every living being resides in God.  If every living being is inhabited by God, then there is no need to worship any other soul or divine spirit because the soul where God himself is, is itself a divine soul.

Salvation and wisdom

It is very important to walk on the path of knowledge for salvation because without (divine) knowledge God, salvation cannot be a true knowledge of the results.  There is reverence and faith in devotion which helps the mind to connect with God.  To do karma one must have knowledge through which one knows what will be the fruits of the mind and what will be the result of the karma of the soul.  In order to gain knowledge, it is necessary to have a Guru who teaches selfless tricks with the help of divine knowledge of God and salvation.

Salvation and forgiveness

 Whatever the person does, he has to bear the results  of own actions, and the age of karma does not end without consuming the fruit.  A propaganda is even more spread that by apologizing, the fruit of bad karma is eliminated, due to this propaganda, crores of people take the shelter of forgiveness to avoid their karma.  If you have done karma, then be prepared to bear the fruit because one karma is only an excuse to be another karma, one karma is formed by doing any karma and no karma is finished and neither can be done.  When a person apologizes, his own energy works in such a way that the courage to fight any worldly problem or suffering comes.  This is a mental process, because the person has a habit of being dependent on the other, so forgiveness gives the person morale, apart from this, we all know how many people get the answer of forgiveness.  The truth is that anyone who has to suffer has to suffer.

Salvation and blessings

There is great glory of blessings in the world, it is said that a person who has blessings in his life can never have any trouble and if trouble or problem arises, then he automatically ends with the effect of blessings.  It is believed that the blessings received from the gurus and elders and elders have more effect, for this, the person also helps others from time to time, behind which the person's blessing is selfish.  The blessings of all people are not effective, because it depends on the desire, need and compulsion, etc. of the person seeking and blessing the blessings.  Blessing is also an instrument of God in suffering a result.

Salvation and god

The ordinary person becomes more confused by the fact that the soul is part of God, on hearing this, the first question that comes to his mind is that the person who is formless, who does not have any form of color, will be part of it and being  After that how does that part get into the body etc.  No one tells where God is, it is said to be distraught that there is God in every particle, in every living being, there is almost a lot of people agreeing to it because they do not have so much time and choice.  Is that they think about it seriously.  It is a matter of thinking that where God is himself, why there are disorders like anger, greed, fascination, ego, jealousy and hatred because God does not have such disorders, if God has all these disorders then why is God only because  Everyone has heard that there is no disorder in God and due to the influence of God, man is free from vices and attains salvation.
With this, we end this discussion.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Birth and Death are not separate

Birth and Death are not separate

How long have we been?  Since birth?  Or since naming?  Was not it before ?  Or will not live after death?  It can be said that the  being existence is life and the absence of that 'being' is death.  The basis of both is born.  Then the same old question - first egg or chicken? " Born or died "before?  If born, there will also be death.  Are two sides of the same coin?  Then what is that coin?  Why play the plate at birth and mourn the death?

If we consider, we find that the cycle of birth-death continues uninterrupted.  We are coming and doing own role in the world. Even in body and mind, the game goes on.  Thousands of cells continue to birth-die every moment.  There are so many ideas and thoughts and options coming.  Age is decreasing in every breath, body is getting shabby. It is dying  Not a single moment is stable.  The childhood dies when it  is young and the youth also dies when this is old. There is no way to stop it.

Everything is mortal. We all know that one day we too will die, everyone will get separated. Everything will be missed.

Without knowing where we have come from, where we will go and what our destination is.  Is there any purpose of our being or just to live like this? After death we do not live.  Our memories and names also end after some time.  Just like how many names, faces and relatives are not there.  Looking at the beautiful face, the graceful body and the impish body, it turns into a weak body.
Dominating and overbering voice becomes a supplicant of grace.  Slowly everyone keeps getting up. Illness - old age or any event - by accident.  It is so amazing that we do not want to talk about death even knowing everything is going to be temporary and ending. Do not even take its name - want to hear.  We  want to remain blindly engaged in worldliness as if we will never die .
The relationships in which we remain forgotten and bloated are so raw that the behavior of everyone changes as the body blows its life.  An attempt is made to remove the dead body as soon as possible.  Wife - The same body of the beloved who did not feel like separating, starts feeling haunted.  How much to decorate them, put fragrant Saint, etc. It does not look beautiful.  There is a fear of spending the night alone with that dead body. The wife who is filling the prowess of the body also weeping and separate to the death  body.
Munshi Prem Chand is called by a character in one of his novels - Life is immortal.  Death is only a threshold of rebirth.  The Path to a Higher Life.  The death on which the family weeps is also a death.  The heroic death is the one on which the world cry and the householders rejoice.  Divine death is better than divine life.  There is no life that does not end even.

Successful death is more important than a successful life.  What is in the success of life?  In raising life-capital.  Virtues are the life capital. They are the result of virtuous actions.  And meaning?  To understand the secret of life.  To know what we are, how far we will go.  This is the real purpose of life.  Is the ultimate effort.  The death that gives something positive to the society, warns people and leads them to the right path, that is meaningful death.

On the contrary, people believe in the success of life in the post-money.  The money came in anyway.  May the rights prevail.  Long ago, I had read a novel saying - Successful life is synonymous with happiness, atrocities and slyness.  The lives of the Mahatmas I know were not successful.
Our theology has given a deep discussion on birth-life and death.  Thousands of years ago Geeta proclaimed-
One is the body, the other is the living body in it ie (soul). The body continues to die birth and death. Soul is never born and does not die.  It is unborn, constantly living, eternal .  It is not killed even if the body dies or is killed.
There is never any disorder in soul.  This is 'Naay hanti na hanyate' - neither dying, nor killing.  It can neither burn a fire and wet the water.  Moreover, no other weapon in the world can kill or destroy it. They can kill the body only, not the soul that is in it.  All weapons are made from the earth element itself.  They have no access to the soul before the body.
Dies are those in which there is a disorder-change. There are six vices in the body - it is born, looks powerful, changes, increases, decreases and destroys.  The body is devoid of all these disorders. The body is born and dies.  The Gita says (Lord Krishna),one who is born dies and one who dies is born.
Half the age, the body begins to weaken, the power of the senses starts to decrease.  In this way the body, the senses and the inner being etc. have weathering, but the soul remains unaffected by them all.
There would be a reduction in its regular element.  In the three stages of childhood, youth and old age it remains the same. We do not stick to the body. Swami Ramsukh Das says that the object nascent is automatically destroyed and does not have to be erased.Who does not nascent never erased. We took 84 lakh birth, but no body was with us. The wisdom power to know this was not in those bodies, but present in this human body.
In Gita Krishna explains  to Arjuna that even if the body dies, the soul does not die.  That is, it is not lacking, so it is unfair to grieve.  The same message is found in the poignant context of Bali slaughter. Lord Rama said to tearful Tara when  she was seeing the dead body of her husband-

क्षिति जल पावक गगन समीरा, पंच रचित यह अधम शरीरा।प्रकट सो तनु तव आगे सोवा , जीव नित्‍य केहि लगि तुम रोवा।

Made of earth, fire, sky, water and air, these five elements are lying body in front of you. Life is eternal.  It is neither born nor dies, so for whom are you crying?
Swami Ramsukh Das says - The sadness of bodies dying does not come from dying, but the desire to live.  If I live, I have this desire and have to die, then I feel sad.  That is, we have unity with the body, when the body dies, we start to die, only then there is sorrow.  But one who does not accept his unity with the body, does not feel sad when it dies, but there is happiness.  The joy of getting new clothes.
After considering it, we find that neither do we ever born nor did we ever die.  Only transforms.  The body comes from the soil and gone into the soil.  Every living being eats and produces only things produced from the earth.  All beings depend on each other for diet.
All beings including humans are interconnected with the sky element, like an ocean bubble.  Isn't the bubble looking different from the ocean?  Let's have a new birth.  Enjoy your new birth-death.  Eradication of ego is supposed to be the birth of death and equality.

Birth and death are not separate, there are two ends of the same life.  Birth is not the beginning of life nor death is the end of life.  There was life even before birth and life is going to happen after death.

Life is the eternal truth.  But we all have linked life with birth and death.  This false illusion has been kept in mind in such a way that it has started showing the truth.  Man's life started only once and will continue till liberation and salvation.  Life will never end.  The difference is that right now it is physical life where it is the elusive world.
Maya has held it.  Then that end of life will come one day when after leaving this earthly body, the soul will go through the subtle body and go on a infinite journey . But life will not end then.  That life will still be there. Renounced earthly life and attained unearthy life.
But then life remains - the life of the soul, of the subtle world.  The goal that the creator had given, to what extent that was able to achieve it, the ultimate power he had sent to do the work, how much he was able to do - we have to assess it, we will have to account and then the condition of incompleteness of the work  In this, due to not being able to achieve the goal set by being trapped in the illusion, you will have to enter the earth again.  Because the earthly world is the only karmabhoomi.  Do not know how many times the creature had to come in this earth.
Whoever is born in this world, it is inevitable to die. But still people experience grief at death and happiness at the birth of someone. While this is a simple process of a physical change happening regularly , Like childhood after birth, then comes puberty, old age and finally old age, similarly death is also a physical condition of that birth.  After death only body change , the rest does not change anything .

Common people are afraid of death thinking that all this will be lost in the next life. But it is beyond the truth. You will get everything as you have thought and found here. Only change of person, place and relationships  The reason for fear of death of common man from seeing this type is unfounded. It should be believed.
 In the Gita, God has clearly said ---"वासांसि जिर्नानी यथा ...............नारोपराणी|"That is, the way we change clothes when the clothes are torn, similarly the body changes only when the body is damaged. This is how we should understand death.

Therefore, according to God, death is only the change of one state of the body. Nothing else changes in it. So it is unnecessary to be afraid of death.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Life achievements


Life achievements

* Shiva only does it and Shiva gets it done, *

 * Why are you show off ?
 * you don't even breathe in your hands

 ✨ Shiva is the only one who put to sleep and awoken up from sleep. 

 If you do work, you get results
 See you today if not today.
 The deeper the well,
 That much sweet water is available.
 Of every difficult question in life,
 Life is the solution.

 * "It is not necessary that the name of God comes on the tongue at all times, that moment is also of devotion when man-to-man is useful !!" *

 You take a stone and kill the dog, you will see that the dog runs away in fear.
 Now again take the same stone and give it to a honeycomb.  Then see what bees do for you?
 The stone is the same and you are also the same.  The only difference is that the dog was alone and in the bees group,
 There is power in solidarity, unity.  If we are not united then neither our country will change nor our own society!

 * Life is a test. *

 Most people fail in this….
 Because they copy others.
 They do not understand that their question papers are different.

 A lot of time habit
 Is it good,
 Whatever it is, passes away!
 "Successful man happy
 No more
 Happy man succeed
 Sure happens

 Beautiful lines ....

 * In a crowd of crores *
 * Only a handful of people *
 * Make, *
 * Creates the same *
 * From criticism which *
 * Don't panic ... *

 How amazing is it?

 * Man has 70% water in his body, *
 * But whenever hurt *
 * Then blood comes out *
 * Human's heart is made of blood, *
 * When the heart is hurt *
 * Then water comes out of the eye !!! *
 * One who touches the heart ... * 👣

 * Oh God - when I cleaned the mirror, I saw "I", and if I cleaned the "I", you saw "."

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