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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Goddess Parvati told Lord Shiva that she needed her own palace

Goddess Parvati told Lord Shiva that she needed her own palace

We all know that Sri Hanuman had set fire to Lanka.  But do you know that all this was due to the curse of Maa Parvati.  So, let us know what happened to the mother Parvati whom to cursed and sat fired to Lanka?

The story goes that once Maa Parvati invited Vishnu and Lakshmi to dine on Kailash.  Then Maa Lakshmi asked her how she lived amidst such cold winds.  That too when she has lived the life of a princess.  This hurt Mata Parvati a lot.  A few days later, Mother Lakshmi invited Goddess Parvati to come to her Baikuntha Dham.

Mother Parvati reached Baikuntha Dham with Shiva on the invitation of Lakshmi.  Seeing the splendor and opulence of Baikuntha Dham, Goddess Parvati ji also felt that she should have a palace too.  She realized that all the gods live in their palaces, so Mahadev, the god of the gods, should also stay in the palace.  Goddess Parvati started stubbornly thinking that Mahadeva should also stay in the palace and our palace should be better and grand than Indra's palace.

Mahadev tried hard to explained Goddess Parvati.  But Goddess Parvati did not listen to him and she stubbornly said that she wanted a palace which should not be anywhere in the three worlds.  Mahadev explained to Goddess Parvati that I am a yogi, I will not be able to stay in the palace for much longer.  There are many rules and criteria of living in the palace.  The palace is not suitable for us.
Goddess Parvati was not affected by the talk of Lord Shiva.  She remained on her head.  Finally, Lord Shiva called Vishwakarma ji after losing it.  He called Vishwakarma Ji and said that he build a palace whose beauty is  greater than to the palace in all worlds and that palace is neither on earth nor in water.
Vishwakarma started searching for a place which was according to Lord Shiva's direction.  While traveling, he found a place which was covered with water from all the sides.  Three beautiful mountains were seen in the middle.  There were different types of flowers and vegetation on that mountain.  It was Lanka.
Vishwakarma ji told Goddess Parvati about that place.  Goddess Parvati was very pleased to hear about the beauty of that place and ordered Vishwakarma to build a huge city.  Vishwakarma Ji, while introducing his art, made a wonderful city of gold there.
After the palace of gold was built, Parvati ji got the auspicious time entrance to the house.  Vishrava Rishi was appointed as Acharya.  Invitations were sent to all the gods and sages.  All the gods praised the palace very much.
After Griha pravesh(home entry) Mahadev told Acharya to ask for Dakshina(fee).  Mahadev, with his maya (illusion), filled the mind of Vishrava with greed for that city.  Due to Mahadev's illusion, Acharya asked for Lanka in Dakshina.  In Dakshina, he asked for Lanka, Goddess Parvati could not stop Mahadeva from donating Lanka.
After donating Lanka, Parvati ji felt very angry at Vishvara's audacity.  She cursed him in anger that by taking advantage of the simplicity of Mahadeva, you have captured my beloved palace.  One day one form of Mahadeva will be burning that palace and with that the destruction of your dynansty will begin.
According to the Ramayana story Lanka got his son Kubera from Vishwa, but Ravana took out Kubera and grabbed Lanka.  Lord Hanuman, an incarnation of Shiva sat fire to that Lanka due to the curse and the destruction of Vishrava's son Ravana, Kumbhakarna and his dynansty was start .  Vibhishan survived by being in the shelter of Shri Ram.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Mandodari told Hanuman ji the secret of Ravana's death.

Mandodari told Hanuman ji the secret of Ravana's death

The present time is becoming so amazing.  People have started quarreling over small things and nowadays a new news is published in the newspapers which people call as "Road Rage".

What a wonderful activity that someone's car touched your car and you are in anger, if any overtook your car, then you turn in anger and a quarrel begins.  We also forget that our parents or wife and children are waiting at home.  What will happen to them if something untoward happens?  What will happen to their expectations?

Competition is good, but what is there that can kill someone.  It is only natural to feel angry, but what if the family suffers from it?  Competition also takes place among devotees but in a healthy form.  The purpose of the devotee is to serve God and please him. While serving God, gradually his mind becomes so clean that it becomes his nature to encourage others.  Jealousy is not visible at all.  Perhaps this is why our elders used to tell us that son do everything but also worship God because he knew that this will make our mind clean and at least we will not quarrel with anyone and we have a sense of respect to others and we will not be jealous by someone's progress.

When Lord Sri Rama went to Lanka to take Sita ji, Ravana sent his relatives and sons to battle, but the war between Rama and Ravana continued from Tritiya of Ashwin Shukla Paksha till Dashami Tithi.  For a total of thirty-two days, there was a war between Rama and Ravana, Ravana was knowledgeable as well as very powerful.  It was very difficult to kill him.

The world knows that Vibhishan ji told Lord Shri Ramchandra ji that Ravana would die if he shot an arrow in Ravana's navel. God knows to everything , did he not know that Ravana would die by hitting with an arrow in Ravana's navel?  He knew, but the lover of devotees despised his honor in order to increase the value of the devotee.

But Vibhishan told Prabhu Shriram that Ravana could be killed only when his navel was hit.  Also, Vibhishana had also told about a special arrow.  With which Ravana could be killed.  Without this it was impossible to kill Ravana.

Vibhishana gave the solution to kill Ravana, Ram Bhakta Hanuman ji allowed Rama devotee Vibhishan to take credit for this, while Ravana's slaughter is at the root of Shree Hanuman. Ravana, Kumbhakaran and Vibhishana did hard penance to please Brahma. When Brahma ji appeared and everyone asked for his boon.  Ravana asked that he be immortal.

Brahma Ji said, "To give immortality is not to possible of his power."

 On Ravan's request again, Brahma Ji gave an arrow to Ravana and said that take this arrow and I can do so much that till this arrow is not hit in your navel then you will not end.  Ravana took that arrow and got it placed inside the pillar just in front of his royal throne inside his palace.

In the battle, when Lord Shri Ramchandra separates the head of Ravana from his body, then Ravan's head falls on the ground, but in a few moments he again gets back to his place.  Many times when this happened, Vibhishan gave the reason for Ravana not to die.  Hearing everything, Hanuman Ji said that you should not worry and tell where the arrow is.  Vibhishan ji said that I do not know this but only Ravan or his wife Mandodari know where this arrow is.

What was it then? Hanuman Ji took the form of a Brahmin after taking orders from God and started touring the famous places of Lanka as a great astrologer.  In the form of Jyotishacharya, Hanuman Ji used to tell the future of the people of Lanka wherever he went, and also tell the glory of Ravana to everyone.

After several days, the news reached the ears of Mandodari that a Brahmin is telling amazing things about Ravana.  Mandodari was also anxious and called the Brahmin.  The Brahmin told wonderful things about Ravana also say another thing that Mandodari did not know.  In many cases, he also told about the penance of Ravana and the boon of Brahma ji and some started speaking in such a way that the arrow is not safe.  Mandodari came to his notice and said to him, making sure that the arrow is safe.

The Brahmin said that I also know that the arrow is safe in every way and only Ravan and you know about it, but I am afraid that if you will let anyone in your female society fellow or any spy of those forest dwellers show that arrow. Impressed by Hanuman's eloquence, he left Mandodari's mouth that O Brahmandev!  You can be absolutely sure that any detective can not find or see that arrow because that arrow is very safely placed in the pillar in front of his throne in the royal palace.

On hearing this, Hanuman ji came into the real form and with a punch with the slogan of "Jai Shri Ram", he broke the pillar and took away the arrow from it and gave it to Lord Shri Ramchandra Ji and after then Ravana's slaughter was possible .

Shri Ram  attacked Ravana's navel with the same arrow.  In this way Ravana came to an end.  If this mystery could not be known, Ravana would not have ended despite the fact that Vibhishan had told Shri Rama that Ravana's death was in the navel. Despite this, the truth is that Mandodari, even though mistakenly, had given such information about Ravana to the opposing side which should not have been given.  … And if this information had not been made public, Ravana would never have been killed, Sita ji would never have been released and Sri Rama's vow to kill Ravana would never have been fulfilled.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

No any devotee is like than Hanuman ..

No any devotee is like than Hanuman ..

Ramanuraga( affection for Rama) of Hanuman ji is well known but his Krishnanuraga(affection for Krishna) is also no less.  In Lanka, if he ended the lineage of the wicked Ravana in association with Lord Rama, he favored with Krishna and Arjuna in the Mahabharata war for the establishment of dharma and the destruction of unrighteousness.  He himself was sitting on the chariot of Arjuna carrying the flag.

After the Mahabharata war, Shri Krishna asked Arjuna to get off the chariot.  After Arjuna, Shreekrishna also left the chariot and also Hanuman including with flag,  disappeared from chariot and Arjuna's chariot was destroyed by burning.  Seeing this Arjuna was surprise , Lord Krishna said that your chariot had already been burnt to ashes before the divine arrows of Bhishma, Drona, Karna and Ashwatthama. Thats only one reason is that immortal Hanumanji was on your chariot, so your chariot was safe.

Very few people know that Hanuman ji celebrates Ram Navami every year in Ayodhya with great pomp.  On the banks of Saryu he feed Bhandara with own hands to the Rama's devotees.  To solve the doubts of Devarshi Narada, Lord Shri Krishna also sat with Naradaji in a pangat(row) in Ayodhya.  Hanuman changing his form,he was serving Prasad with utmost devotion to the devotees of Rama , when his eyes fell on the feet of a sage.  He recognized him and fell at the feet.  He started saying - Lord, why did you come to Hanuman, I myself was going to come to Dwarika.  Just I was waiting for your order. Devarshi Narada apologized to God and said that I am sad that I doubted your devotee that he would not recognize you in the changed form. After all Hanuman ji is Hanuman ji.

Hanuman ji is a devotee of Rama.  He likes the same form of Prabhu Shriram.  For ages and years, he contemplate and remember the same form of Lord Shri Ram. He knew that Lord Krishna and Lord Rama had no difference , yet when he met Sri Krishna, Balarama ji and Rukmani ji in Dwarikapuri, he expressed his desire to see them in their own form of Ramavatar and all three fulfilled his wish.  While going to Vaikunth loka, Lord Shriram ordered Hanuman and Jamwant to stay on the earth and told them that he would give darshan to them when he incarnated in Dwapar. When Lord Krishna was accused of stealing the Syamantak Mani, he reached the cave of Jamwant in search of it.  He also fought with Jamwant.  It was during this war that he showed his Rama form to Jamwant. Jamwant became refugee and presented him to his beloved daughter Jamwanti, including Syamantak Mani.  At that time Hanuman ji had become known that Prabhu had appeared to Jamwant ji.

At that time Hanuman ji was doing penance on Gandhamadan mountain.  Even after thousands of years of penance between Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga, he did not see Lord Rama in the form of Lord Krishna, then Shiva ji reminded Lord Vishnu when he would give darshan to Hanuman.  He  was not satisfied to Krishna form, then he asked him to show his Rama form.
Very few people know that in Dwarikapuri he went on Lord Krishna's orders and destroyed the garden there as just like he had done in the garden of Ravana.  He had also said to Ravana that the tree breaks by saying fruit, the monkey has this nature but he did not say this to Krishna.

Meanwhile, he also broke the pride of God's vehicle Garuda and Sudarshan Chakra.  Garuda was proud that there is no one more powerful and faster than that.

When Lord Krishna came to know that a monkey was ravaging the garden of Dwarka, he asked Garuda to go with the army and tackle that monkey out of the state, but Garuda said that he is enough to tackle a monkey away.  and he went to the garden alone.  Did not take the army together.

There he used his force on Hanuman, then the mighty Hanuman ji wrapped him in his tail and he suffocated.  Hanuman ji left him after his pleading .

Garuda ji rushed to Lord Krishna and said that Maharaj is not an ordinary monkey.  Then Lord Krishna said that give him my message that Lord Rama has called him.  By the time Garuda reached the garden, Hanuman ji had reached Gandhamadan mountain.  After reaching there, Garuda gave the message of the Lord to him and also said that he should sit on his shoulder, he would bring him to the Lord as soon as possible.  Hanuman Ji said that you go, I am coming and Hanuman ji reached Lord Shri Krishna before him.  There he saw his in the form of Rama. Seeing Satyabhama sitting next to him, he said where is Mother Sita and what maid has you kept in her place.  Satyabhama's ego went away.  In fact, when Lord Krishna had given the Parijat tree to Satyabhama by bringing it from heaven, then she had an ego that the , she is only most beloved wife of God .

Shri Krishna had broken her arrogance through Hanuman.  The arrogance of Sudarshan Chakra was also broken by Hanuman.  At the time when Garuda ji went to call Hanuman, at the same time God told Sudarshan Chakra that he should stand at the door and not let anyone come in. Sudarshan did the same but Hanuman, not wanting a delay of one minute from Lord Rama, pressed the Sudarshan Chakra under his teeth and when Krishna asked that no one stopped him at the gate, he removed the Sudarshan Chakra from his teeth.  Put it at the feet of God and said that it was becoming a barrier in my with you.

Meanwhile, Garuda ji also came.  Seeing Hanuman before him, he realized the inferiority of his flying speed.  Balarama was also defeated by Hanuman in a mace battle, but he did all this with without arrogance.  Mahabali Bhima's ego was also broken by Hanuman on the Gandhamadan mountain.  He could not move the tail of Hanuman.  The skills of war that Hanuman had taught Bhima were very useful to Bhima in the Mahabharata.  

Thursday, August 6, 2020

What is the reason behind offering sindoor to Hanuman ji?

What is the reason behind offering sindoor to Hanuman ji?  Know here

Why Hanuman ji is offered sindoor, know- religious significance

Sindoor has great importance in Hinduism.  Sindoor is considered to be auspicious.  Sindoor is also very fond by Hanumanji. Though many Gods and Goddesses like Ganeshji, Mataji and Bhairav ​​Maharaj are offered sindoor, but Hanumanji is mainly offered sindoor.  Today I am telling you that why sindoor is offered to Hanumanji?
Hanumanji is a dear devotee of Shriramji.  Hanumanji also takes the same thing from which Shri Ramji benefits.  Rama and Sita always sit in his heart.  He is ready to do anything to get the blessings of Lord Rama.

Sri Hanuman, the supreme devotee of Lord Rama, is the one who imparts strength, wisdom and knowledge. Devotees offer sindoor to their adorable Sri Hanuman with great love.  It is believed that offering sindoor pleased Bajrang Bali. But have you ever wondered why Hanuman ji is offered sindoor and why does he always wear a sindoor colored cloth?  Though sindoor is a symbol of good luck and energy, but two stories are popular about offering sindoor to Hanuman ji. Lord Hanuman is an ardent devotee of Shri Rama.  Hence he is also called Rambhakta Hanuman.  Worshiping Lord Hanuman, the supreme devotee of Shri Rama, removes every obstacle in life.  Lord Hanuman is worshiped on Tuesday.  Many people offer sindoor to Hanuman ji on completion of the vow.

There are two very interesting stories behind offering sindoor to Lord Hanuman.  Which only few people know.

According to this legend, Lord Hanuman once saw Mother Sita applying vermilion in her forehead.  Seeing this, he wonderfully asked her why she had applied this sindoor on her forehead. Sita ji while answering the question of Brahmachari Hanuman said that by applying sindoor, my lord (Husband) has longevity and he remains happy .  She also said that my husband is be pleased on me. Hanuman ji was very happy to hear this.  He thought that if Shri Ram could be happy with sindoor with little quantity , then if I applied sindoor on the whole body, he would be very happy with me also and by applying sindoor on the whole body, Shri Ram would become immortal. Hanuman ji presented himself in front of Shri Ram by applying sindoor on the whole body.  When he reached the meeting, Shri Ram started laughing at seeing him and was very happy to see Hanuman ji's love.  Seeing Sri Rama happy, Hanuman ji became strongly convinced of Sita ji's words.  For this reason, sindoor is offered to the devotee Hanuman.
Ramji was shocked when he saw Hanuman in this form.  When Rama asked Hanuman the reason for applying sindoor all over his body, Hanumanji clearly said that this will make you immortal and I too will get your affection like mother Sita.  Hearing this, Shrirama got emotional and embraced Hanumanji.  Since That Time, sindoor is very dear to Hanumanji and Hanumanji is happy on offering sindoor.
If we talk about scientific vision, then according to science, every color has a special type of energy.  The sindoor is a symbol of energy and when the devotee tilak(applying sindoor on head) with it after offering Hanumanji, the energy center between the two eyes becomes active.  Doing this brings good thoughts to the mind.  At the same time, the energy of God is attained by offering ghee mixed sindoor to Hanumanji, obstacles are eliminated.
According to another story, when Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya with his wife Sita after the Lanka victory, the monkey army was given a farewell.  Mother Sita took off the garlands studded with precious pearls and diamonds from her neck and wore him while giving  presents to Hanuman ji. Lord Rama was not mentioned in any of the beads or diamonds of the garland.  Therefore Hanuman ji was not happy.  Then Sita ji applied sindoor on the forehead of Hanuman ji.  Sita ji told Hanuman ji that she does not have anything more important than this.  Since then Hanuman ji started to be offered sindoor.  Sindoor is a symbol of boundless energy.  This brings positiveness in life.  Hanuman ji gets positive energy by offering sindoor and oil , red cloth and touching the idol.  People who are suffering from Shani Dev must offer oil and sindoor to Bajrang Bali.
Sindoor is also given great importance in Hinduism.  According to Indian tradition, sindoor is considered the crown of any suhagan's (married wowam whose husband is alive) forehead.  Sindoor is also used for the well-being of married life.  It is said that sindoor is mainly orange in color.  Women use it for good luck and makeup.  A marriage without sindoor cannot be imagined.  It is linked to Mars.  Therefore it is considered to be auspicious.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Story of maa Vaishno Devi

Story of maa Vaishno Devi

You must have heard the name of Vaishno Mata of Jammu.  Today, I am telling you the story of her, which is listened and heard in Jammu and Kashmir for years.

It is believed that once the mother of the mountains, pleased with the devotion of her supreme devotee Pandit Sridhar, saved his respect and gave proof of her existence to the whole creation. 2 km from present-day Katra town's in the village of Hansali situated at a distance of, Pandit Sridhar, the supreme devotee of mother Vaishnavi lived. He used to be sad because he was childless. One day he called for kid girls to worship Navratri.  Mother Vaishno herself sat among them in disguise as a girl. After the worship, all the girls went away, but mother Vaishno Devi remained there and said to Shridhar - 'Invite everyone to your home Bhandara'. Sridhar agreed to that divine girl and Bhandara's message gave the nearby villages.  
While returning from there, along with Baba Bhairavnath ji, he also invited his other disciples for food. All the villagers were surprised to get the invitation of food, which girl is she who wants to get food to so many people? After this, many villagers came to Sridhar's house and gathered for food. Then the girl 's form mother Vaishno Devi started serving food to everyone with a amazing pot.
While serving food, the girl went to Bhairavnath.  Then he said that I would rather eat meat and drink than kheer-puri.  Then the girl's form mother explained to him that this is the food of the Brahmin's house , here does not use to eat meat. But Bhairavnath deliberately kept his point and stand for this matter. When Bhairavnath wanted to catch the girl, the mother knew his treachery.  Mother changed into air and flew towards Trikuta mountain.  Bhairavnath also followed her. It is believed that there was always Pawanaputra Hanuman stay around  to protect the mother.  According to the belief, at the time also Hanuman was with her to protect mata. When Hanuman ji felt thirsty, at his request, Mata drove an arrow from the bow on mountain and drew a stream and washed her hair in that water. Today this holy water stream is known as Banganga, whose drinking or bathing of holy water removes all the tiredness and suffering of the devotees. During this, Mata entered a cave and meditated for nine months.  Bhairavnath also followed her and came there. Then a sage said to Bhairavnath that what you consider a girl is Adishakti Jagadamba.  So give up the pursuit of that superpower. Bhairavnath did not listen to the sage.  Mata then made her way out of the other side of the cave.  This cave is still famous as Ardhkumari or Adikumari or Garbhajoon. Before the Ardhkumari is also mother's charan paduka.  This is the place where Mata turned around and saw Bhairavnath. Out of the cave, the girl assumed the form of a goddess.  Mata warns Bhairavnath and asks him to return.  Still he did not agree.  Mata went inside the cave.  Then Hanumanji fought with Bhairava outside the cave to protect Mata.
Bhairav ​​still did not give up, when Veer Hanuman started becoming weak, then Mata Vaishnavi took the form of Mahakali and killed Bhairavnath.  The head of Bhairavnath was beheaded and fell into the Bhairav ​​valley of the Trikuta mountain, 8 km from the Bhavan. That place is known as the temple of Bhaironath.  The place where Mother Vaishno Devi killed the stubborn Bhairavnath is famous as the Pavitra Gupha(holy cave) or 'Bhavan'.  At this place Maa Kali (right), Maa Saraswati (middle) and Maa Lakshmi (left) are entombed in the cave as Pindi. The combined form of these three is called the form of Mother Vaishno Devi.  Along with these three grand pindis are statues and yantras etc. installed by some devout devotees and former kings of Jammu Kashmir.  It is said that after his slaughter, Bhairavnath repented of his mistake and begged for forgiveness from the mother. Mata Vaishno Devi knew that Bhairava's main intention behind attacking her was to attain salvation, she not only liberated Bhairava from the cycle of rebirth, but gave him a boon saying that my darshan will not be considered complete till then, Unless a devotee will see you after me. According to the same belief, even today, after visiting Goddess Maa Vaishno Devi, the devotees go uphill to climb to see Bhairavnath by covering  8 kilometers.  Meanwhile, Vaishno Devi assumed the shape of a rock with three pindi (head) and meditated forever. Meanwhile, Pandit Sridhar became impatient.  He headed the same way towards Mount Trikuta, which he had dreamed of, finally he reached the cave gate, he made her rituals of worshiping the 'Pindis' in many ways, the goddess was pleased with his worship, she was in front of him.  Appeared and blessed him.  Since then, Sridhar and his descendants have been worshiping the goddess Maa Vaishno Devi.

Story of Vaishno Devi's origin

The glory of Maa Vaishno Devi located in Jammu is incomparable.  The devotees reach the levee of Maiya with their wishes. Bhaktas Vatsala Mata loves her devotees like her children and fulfills wishes.  No one devotee returns disappointed from the levee of the devout mother.  Mother Vaishno Devi sits on the 'Trikut Parvat' as the three pindis of Mahakali, Lakshmi, and Mahasaraswati.  Where every year many devotees come to see the mother and climb hard steps of hill.

The Ashuras did tortured many times on the earth and when the earth started sinking from the burden of their atrocities, then the divine powers incarnated in the divine form and have liberated the earth from sin . Once Maa Lakshmi, Maa Kali, and Maa Saraswati decided to create a Divya Kanya(Divine Girl) with all their powers to end the tyranny of the Daityas in the Treta Yuga and to protect the saints. A girl appeared from the divine light coming out of their eyes, with a trident in her hand and situated on the lion .  Looking at the three great powers, the girl said, "O great powers, why have you generate me, please tell me what is the purpose of my creation."

Then the three great Goddesses said - O girl to protect the dharma and to destroy the iniquity, we have produced you, now you obey us and take birth in South India as the daughter of Ratnakar Sagar.  There you will be born out of the part of Lord Vishnu, you will do the work of righteousness by self inspiration.
Taking the permission of Mahadevis, the divine girl went to Sagar's house at the same time and got situated in the womb of his wife.  That girl was born on time.  The face of that girl was amazing and supernatural like the Sun.  Ratnakar Sagar named that girl as Trikuta. In a few days Trikuta attracted all the sages to her with her divine powers, that is, all the sages started considering her as a divine avatar.  Trikuta used to worship Lord Vishnu very strongly and ascendant, for this reason everyone called her Vaishnavi.

When became 9 years old she came to know Lord Vishnu has incarnated in this earth as Lord Shri Ram . Then she considered Lord Rama as a husband and decided to do hard penance to get him.

After a few more days, Trikuta went to the beach to meditate with the permission of her parents.  She started living in a small hut disguised as a Sadhvi.
In those days Shri Ram's wife Sita was abducted by Ravan.  One day while searching Sita, Shri Ram ji, with his Vaanar sena, came there and saw that divine girl meditating and said - O beautiful lady, what is that reason or what is the purpose for which you are doing such austere meditation.
Trikuta opened her eyes when asked by Shri Ram, and Shri Ram Ji is standing with his brother Laxman and Hanuman.  Seeing him, the joy of Trikuta was not limited.  After she greeted the Lord with happiness, she said with a gracious gesture - To receive you as husband is the reason of my penance.  Therefore, please adopt me and give me the results of my penance.

Then Lord Shri Ram Ji said - O Sumukhi, in this incarnation, I have decided to be  kept one wife.  Therefore, I cannot fulfill your desire in this birth, but you have meditated hard for the purpose of achieving me, therefore I promise you that while returning from Lanka with Sita, I will come to you in change disguise form and at that time if you will recognize me.  Then I will adopt you.

Shri Ram ji went towards Lanka with his army.  In Lanka, he had a fierce battle with Ravan and eventually Ravan died.  After that riding on Pushpak viman were coming  with Sita, then he stopped the viman and said to Sita and Laxman - you all stay here, I will come in a while. After that Shri Ram Ji took the form of an old monk and reached in front of Trikuta, Trikuta could not recognize him, then Shri Ram Ji appeared in his real form and said - O Devi, according to the earlier statement you failed the test. Therefore, you meditate for some time, when I will be incrate 'Kalki avatar' in the Kaliyuga, then you will become my companion, at that time in the three peaked Manorama cave on Manik mountain in North India, where the three great powers reside there you will also stay and become immortal.  Mahabali Hanuman will be your guard and you will be worshiped all over the earth.  In the name of 'Vaishno Devi', your world glory will be famous.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Hanuman ji's role in Mahabharata

What was the importance of Hanuman present on Arjuna's chariot? 

Hanuman ji is the most popular god of entire India.  There is hardly any village where there is no Hanuman temple.  His great popularity in his youth is due to his strength, wisdom and knowledge and he is the giver of all these.  Which is most important for the youth.

Hanuman ji's role in Mahabharata

In those times people used some flags, like every political party uses a flag today.  The Congress party uses the flag bearing the 'claw' symbol, the other party uses the 'lotus flower' symbol.  Similarly, in ancient times, they used Hanuman because it is a sign of victory and Krishna chose it because whatever action Krishna took in his hands, he always won.

He told Arjuna "It would be better if you accept Hanuman as the flag", so he chose Hanuman.  He listened attentively to Shri Krishna.

Hanuman was a symbol of victory in the previous era, when Rama fought the most prosperous state of Sri Lanka, he fought that battle with a less of Vaanar soldiers, his team was very weak.  And the party that was against them was very powerful who had a lot of power and wealth. It is said, Sri Lanka was so rich in those days that the roof of every house was made of gold there.  It was the city of gold.  The pillars of each house were filled with precious stones. So when Ram went to Sri Lanka with Lakshmanan, he said that 'this city is incredible!  But even though it is very full of gold and very rich, I would still like to visit my motherland.  For me, my motherland is better than heaven. ' Therefore Lord Rama went back to Ayodhya after winning the war.  Hanuman was a symbol of victory over direct weakness.  One who looks physically weak but spiritually powerful.
The Pandavas were only five and the Kauravas were hundred.  It was not equal in any way for the fight, there should be equal number of people on both sides to fight.  Therefore, to give justice, moral and emotional strength to Arjuna, Krishna said, 'We keep Hanuman as our flag.  So think that if they can do this, then you can do it now.

 Krishna always used to say this.

This has happened in the context of Mahabharata, let us understand it through a story now.

Success mantra: learn by mistake and proceed success.
Human beings work very hard to get ahead in life.  But when he does not know how to succeed, he gets frustrated, stops working.  If we look at this from another point of view then the failures in our life give us experience and protect us from making mistakes.  Therefore, a man should never be discouraged, he should keep working hard.  One day it will come that the fruits of hard work will turn into success.  This is the story of Arun.
Arun enthusiastically prepared for the exam.  Despite this, he could not top it and he remained very depressed and disappointed.  In the grief of failure, he gave up trying as before.  When Arun's trouble was found out by his teacher, who was his guide, he called him to his house one day.  He asked Arun the reason for the problem.  Arun told them that 'he worked hard day and night but the results did not come as he wanted, so he is desperate.
After listening to Arun, the teacher asked him to walk in the garden with him.  He took it to the tomato plants and said that look at this spoiled and dead tomato plant. When I had sown this plant, I watered it from time to time, also fertilized and pesticide.  Sprayed, but still it damaged .  So what ?, Arun said.  After giving so much hard work, so much money and time, if we do not get the result we want, then what is the benefit of doing so much?
The teacher said that it is not so and pointing to a door, he said that once you open this door and look.  Arun opened the door and saw that there were huge tomatoes in front of him.  He asked, where did all these come from?  The teacher said, the loss of one tomato plant does not mean that all the plants have gone bad.  Similarly, you worked hard but could not top it, but it does not mean that your day and night hard work went bad and you failed.
Many things matter while taking the exam, including speed of writing, health, mood and more which is not just a measure of hard work.  What you learned will work at every turn of your life.  Not getting what you want despite working hard does not mean that you have failed.  This means that you have climbed another ladder to reach success.

Lesson of this story:

 - If we lose today, we can win tomorrow.  It is not a mature decision  to left the trying to improve the grief of defeat.
 -Instead of getting frustrated, think about where we have missed.

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Story of curses(PART-07)

Story of curses(PART-07)

Hello friends, I am presenting to you again with the seventh part of the curse series. You have liked this series very much, thank you very much for this.At the end of the article, all of you will get a link to the sixth part. Friends, if possible, share my article on social media too, so that I can keep getting excited.

48. Rishi Durvasha cursed to Devraj Indra.

Maharishi Durvasa was the  younger son of Mahamuni Atri and Sati Anusuya, who were born from a part of Lord Rudra.  He was the brother of Chandra and Dattatreya and was famous all over the world for his anger.  As if curse was kept on the tip of their tongue.  No one knows how many humans on earth become part of their anger and curse, but they did not leave Devraj Indra himself.
Once the sage Durvasa went out to visit the forest.  Suddenly he felt a very strong and unique fragrance. The fragrance was so good that Durvasa could not resist himself and started moving towards the fragrance.  After walking a little distance, he saw a very beautiful woman sitting on the banks of the lake.  There was a wonderful floral necklace around her neck that was shining like light and this pleasing fragrance was emanating from that necklace.  Seeing a single woman sitting in the forest like this, he was astonished and they reached her.  Seeing a Jatajot Yogi coming to her like this, that girl immediately got up and bowed to him.

Durvasa asked in a surprised voice, "O Goddess, who are you and what are you doing alone in this dense forest?"  The girl told him that her name is Vidyadhari and she is the goddess of air.  Durvasa greeted him and introduced himself, saying that "The garland of flowers you have worn seems to be extremely rare. It is impossible to have such a pleasing fragrance and such a bright light in any flower on earth." From where did you get the garland of flowers? "The goddess said on her question that" Your statement is true.  It is not a simple flower but a garland of very rare Parijat flowers, which are found only in heaven.  Pleased with my service, Pawan Dev himself has given me this unique necklace as a gift. "After knowing about that necklace, Durvasa expressed his desire to receive it, on which Vidyadhari gladly returned to her abode by giving him that necklace as a gift.
After some time Durvasa went to Swargalok to meet his father and saptrishis where he saw Devaraja.  Thinking that the necklace of Parijat flowers is not fit to live on earth, Durvasa gifted that necklace to Devraj.  He thought that Indradev would be happy to find this unique necklace but Devraj started ridiculing that gift.  He said that "O Maharishi. You are resident of the earth, that is why you feel this necklace is amazing, but it is heavenly world and innumerable flowers of this type are in our garden.  What shall I do with it?  But now that you have given me as a gift, then I present this Parijat Mala to Airavat. "Saying this, Indra put that garland on the forehead of Airavat. Thus, knowing the garland kept, and its intense smell caused great inconvenience to Airavat and Airavat ruined that garland by getting into the intoxicant of that intoxicating smell.
Durvasa got very angry seeing his own gift given as an insult in front of himself.  He said to Indra in an angry tone, "O Indra! You disrespected such a gift given to me by your wealth and opulence. You also forgot that the value of the gift is not seen and it is always priceless." I curse you that the pride in which you insulted me so much will be snatched away from you forever and the heaven ruled by you will be devoid of wealth and prosperity. "
Indra was horrified after getting such a curse and apologized to Durvasa again and again, but the angry Durvasa did not forgive him and departed from heaven.  Indra and other gods lost all their wealth and luckless as they left. As soon as Shukracharya got this news, he asked the demons to attack heaven.  Under the leadership of Daityaraja Bali, he invaded the heaven world and removed Devraj Indra from his post.  Indressed, Indra had to hide with the other gods to save his life.  After being released from heaven, Devraj reached the Supreme Father Brahma and asked him to protect himself. Brahmadev told Indra that you have lost your wealth due to your ego, so now you have to recover it by your ability.  On this, Indra asked for a solution to reclaim his wealth, then Brahmadeva consulted with Narayana and suggested to the gods and demons to churn the sea. So that they can reclaim their property.

49. Durvasha rishi cursed to Lord Shiva.

You must have known that Sage Durvasa was the 11 incarnation of Lord Shiva, and who does not know about the wrath of Muni Durvasa, but hardly you know that Muni Durvasa cursed Lord Shiva also.
When Mata Sati sacrificed her body, she was took  born with name Mata Parvati as a Himachal's daughter, and she also performed austerities to attain Lord Shiva. Pleased with the penance of Parvati, Lord Shiva agreed to the marriage, then all the gods were happy .And started preparing for the marriage of Lord Shiva in full swing, when all the gods and Shivganas on Mount Kailash were celebrating the marriage of Shiva.
That's when Muni Durvasa comes with his mother Anusuiya, to whom seeing Narada says to the sage Durvasa, "O Munishrestha, will you leave your mother and go back?"  Then Durvasa Muni says, "Why are you saying that brother, I have also come to go to Shivaji's wedding, hearing this Narada Muni shrugs and thinking that" Muni Shrestha is all right but you  Anger comes quickly, due to which you curse, if you get angry during this marriage, the meaning of marriage will be lost.
Then Muni Durvasa said that "It will never happen because I have promised my mother, that I will not be angry, nor curse anyone, then Nandi comes there and takes his mother to a separate room and  Durvasa went where Shiva was there. All the gods and all the Shiva were there laughing, singing and having fun, seeing Muni Durvasa, all the Shiva's ganas also asked Muni Durvasa to join the dance song and started laughing, seeing Muni Durvasa felt that all Shivgans are insulting me.

Therefore, the angry Durvasa ji, forgetting the promise given to the mother, cursed all the Shiva's ganas that "Seeing this terrible form of yours, all the girl sides people will become unconscious when you go to their door and cursed Lord Shiva that "In this form you will not be married to Parvati, as soon as he cursed . Then Narada ji said" O Muni how have you done this, with great difficulty, Shivaji was ready for this marriage and you made a terrible disaster by cursing ,Oh laughter the Shivaganas did it,Then how appropriate it is to curse Lord Shiva, because of the curse of Durvasa, all the gods and ganas present there were worried, what will happen now, because with great difficulty, Lord Shiva was awakened from samadhi, if Shivji re-established samadhi.  So anybody do not know how many ages will break meditation.
Hearing Narada ji, Durvasa also started thinking with a sad heart, how I had done it, I had promised my mother that I would not be angry nor curse anyone. Now silence spread all around, what will happen now, when Lord Vishnu came there and said "Munishrestha, don't you mourn at all, this incident  has been done according to the pre-planned of Brahma ji, Mahadev and Parvati marriage also to be certain . So, forget what happened and prepare to walk in the marriage, when Shri Hari Vishnu said this, everyone smiled on their face and again all started preparing for Shivji's marriage.

50. Rishi Durvasha cursed to Hanuman's mother.

It is said that Mata Anjani was Apsara Punjikasthala in the gemot of Devraj Indra in her previous birth.  She was extremely beautiful and playful by nature, once in her fickleness, she had committed indecency with a fiery sage while doing penance.
Angry, the sage cursed Punjikasthala to become a monkey with a monkey-like nature, after hearing the curse of the sage Punjikasthala began to apologize to the sage, then the sage said that your this form will also be the ultimate glory. You will be give born a son whose fame and reputation will make your name immortal for ages and years, Anjani got a blessed with a brave son.

There is also another story in this context that, once the sage Durvasa went to Indra's gemot, during that time rapt Punjikasthala was trying to attract the attention of the gemot repeatedly, due to which the sage got angry.  He cursed them to become monkey .  Due to this curse Punjikasthala was born in the house of a monkey named Viraj and was married to Vanararaj Kesari.

Due to the curse of the sage, in the Treta Yuga, Anjana had to be born on earth as a female monkey, Indra who holds the command of the creation of the earth, there were thousands of nymphs (servants) in the gemot (palace) of Indra in heaven, among which  One of them was Anjana (Apsara Punjikasthala). Pleased with Anjana's service, Indra told him to ask for the boon she wanted, Anjana hesitantly told him that she had the curse of an ascetic sage, if Indra could get him free from it.  Indra asked him to tell about that curse, what do he advice to get rid of that curse.
Anjana started telling him own story, Anjana said when I was playing in childhood, I saw a monkey doing penance, it was a big surprise for me, so I started throwing fruits on that ascetic monkey,  It was just my fault because he was not an ordinary monkey but an ascetic sage.
I disturbed his penance and in anger he cursed me that whenever I love someone, I will become a monkey.  On my much begging and apologizing, the monk said that despite my face being a monkey, that person's love will not diminish on me. After narrating her story, Anjana said that if Indra Dev could get her free from this curse, she would be very grateful to him. Indra Dev told her that to get rid of this curse, Anjana would have to go and live on earth, where she would meet her husband.  Anjana will be freed from this curse after giving birth to Shiva's avatar.
Accepting Indra's order, Anjana came to earth and had to be born on earth as a female monkey .  Marriage with Kesari The effect of that curse was to end only after giving birth to Shiva's avatar .  And started living as a hunter.
In the forest, she saw a powerful young man fighting a lion and was attracted towards him, as soon as the person's eyes fell on Anjana, Anjana's face turned like a monkey.  Anjana started crying loudly, when the young man came to her and asked the reason for their pain, Anjana disguised her face and told her that she had become ugly.
Anjana saw the powerful young man from a distance, but when she saw the person near her, she found that his face was like a monkey.
Describing himself, the person said that he is  Vanarraj Kesari, who can come in human form whenever he wants.  Anjana's monkey face could not stop the two from making love and Kesari and Anjana got married in the forest.
There is a legend in the Puranas that Kesari and Anjana got married but the children were deprived of happiness.  Anjana went to the Matang Rishi for solution of her sadness, then the Mantag Rishi told her - Pappa (many people also call it Pampa Sarovar) is Narasimha Ashram in the east of the Sarovar, Swami Tirtha is on Mount Narayan in the south direction.  By bathing in it, meditating and fasting for twelve years, you will get son happiness.
Anjana, after taking permission from Matanga rishi and her husband Kesari, was engrossed in the penance of her adorable Shiva, near Swami Tirtha on the Narayan mountain.  Pleased with her  penance , Shiva told her to ask for a boon, Anjana told Shiva that in order to be free from the curse of the sage, she had to give birth to Shiva's avatar, so Hanuman as a Shiva's avatar be born from her womb  .

51. Rishis cursed to Hanuman ji.

The saga of Bajrangbali is read in many theology.  Not only in the Ramayana and Mahabharata times, but his fame is still intact.  Do you know that despite the immense powers, they have to remember their strength?  In childhood, Hanuman ji was very naughty.  Apart from this, he did many leela which were not possible for children of his age.  Many a times when he would reach the ashram of sages and saints and do something in the ignominy of his childhood, which would disturb sages austerity. As time progressed, Hanuman's ignorance grew.  Because of this, his parents as well as sages living in the forest were worried.  One day his parents went to the ashram of sages and saints and said to them, "We have received this child under the influence of hard austerity. All of you  may bless him."

The sages and saints decided among themselves to decide that if the child Hanuman forgets his powers, then his naughtiness can be controlled and his well being is in this.
The rishis of Angira and Bhrigu dynasty cursed Hanuman ji, "You may forget your strength and glory forever but only when someone reminds you of your powers, only then can you use it."
Due to this curse, Hanuman ji's power and strength decreased and he started living as a quiet child.

52. Durvasa rishi cursed to Krishna and Rukmini ji.

Whenever we remember Dwarkadhish Shri Krishna, Radhe and Krishna come out of our mouth.
 Radha's name is associated with Krishna as if these two names were never separate.  But the truth is also that Radha and Krishna could never be together. It is another matter that according to some legends, both were married but according to most stories, their love could never be fulfilled.
Dwarkadhish Krishna was married to Rukmani, besides he also had 16100 queens and 7 patranis.  The relationship between Krishna and Rukmini is also considered ideal but do you know that there is not a single idol of his beloved queen Rukmani in the temple of Dwarkadhish.  Actually, the reason for this is a curse due to which Krishna and Rukmini had to live separately for 12 years and for this reason they do not even have any idol in this temple.
 A few kilometers away from Dwarkadhish Temple, Rukmani's temple is built in a different part.  The story of this curse was recited to the devotees who came here for a time.
If the religious beliefs were to be talked about as the basis, then this curse was given by Durvasa Rishi to Krishna and Rukmini.
 In fact, after marriage Rukmani and Krishna reached the ashram of Durvasa Rishi and after there they invited Durvasa Rishi to eat food with them in the palace, Durvasa Rishi accepted this invitation but kept a strange condition for them.
He said that he would not go to the palace in his chariot, he would go with them only on the condition that if he would arrange a separate chariot for him, Krishna agreed to this condition but both were upset that they had this condition  How would we complete it because they had only one chariot at that time, because they themselves came there, so they separated the horses from that chariot and both got themselves connect with the chariot.
After walking far enough, when Goddess Rukmani got thirsty, Krishna hit the toe on the ground and both of them quenched the thirst from the Gangajal that came out of it, but neither of them thought that they even asked Rishiwar about this  needed.  The sage Durvasa got angry on this and in anger, he cursed the goddess Rukmani to stay away from Krishna for 12 years and also said that the place from which Krishna has drained water will become barren.
To get rid of this curse, Goddess Rukmini did penance to Lord Vishnu and then pleased with her penance, Lord Vishnu liberated her from this curse.
 Due to the curse of Durvasa Rishi, water is still offered  in this temple.  According to religious beliefs, pitriganas get water by doing so.

53. Durvasha rishi cursed to Shreekrishna.

Friends ,God take avatar to destroy the sinners in every yuga on this earth and establish dharma on this earth again by eliminating all the sinners.  Friends, when Lord Krishna incarnated on earth, he had already decided how to leave the earth and return to his Baikuntha.  As soon as the work of Lord Shri Krishna was completed on earth, Lord Krishna left his body after suffering from the arrows of a hunter.
It is a matter of time when sage Durvasa came to Dwarka, the palace of Lord Krishna.  Then Lord Shri Krishna and Goddess Rukmani did great service to the Durvasa Rishi and both followed all the commandments of Durvasa Rishi.  After that Durvasa Rishi told Goddess Rukmani to make Kheer. After that Goddess Rukmani makes Kheer for Durvasa Rishi, after becoming Kheer, Durvasa Rishi taste that Kheer and then asks Goddess Rukmani to apply this Kheer on Shri Krishna's entire body.

Lord Shri Krishna knew that Sage Durvasa has gained so much power from his austerity that if this Kheer is applied to my body, then my body will become completely of vajra so that no weapon of any kind hurts my body.  Will be able to  After that Shri Krishna thought that when my work on earth is complete, then my body will become of vajra due to which I will not be able to go to my Baikuntha, so Lord Shri Krishna did cause doubt in the mind of Goddess Rukmani with own illusion.
Goddess Rukmani starts thinking in her mind that how can I put this sage's tasted kheer in my lord's feet.  After that Rukmani applied the tasted kheer of Durvasa rishi to Lord Krishna's body.  After that the body of Lord Shri Krishna became that of Vajra but the place on his foot where Kheer was not coated was not made of Vajra.
Sage Durvasa told Lord Krishna to put Kheer on his feet, but Lord Krishna refused to do so, which made Rishi Durvasa angry and cursed Krishna that his legs would become weak and that is the will be reason for his death.
After that, as soon as the incarnation work of Lord Shri Krishna is completed on this earth, then Lord Krishna is sitting in a resting state under a tree, then, with the inspiration of Lord Krishna, a hunter named Jara comes there and due to Lord Krishna's maya  In the place of Lord Krishna  he sees a deer and the hunter shoots an arrow at Lord Krishna, so that the arrow of that hunter goes to the feet of Lord Krishna and Lord Krishna thus returns to his Baikuntha again.

54. Gandharva Kumar cursed to Yamraj's daughter Sunitha.

This story is described in Padma Purana
Sunitha was the daughter of the Yamaraj.  She was defiant in the pampering of parents.  She saw that her father used to punish the sinners.  She did not understand the difference between sin and virtue, so in sports she would interrupt someone's good work and start beating someone without any reason.
She used to be very happy by doing such a wickedness work.  One day Sunitha started beating a Gandharva Kumar, who was sitting in Yogamudra in his worship .  When Gandharva Kumar used to groan with pain, she would jump with joy.  She considered him a game.  She would tell her fathers of this kind of misdeeds.  The father would keep quiet, considering her naughtiness as a child-friendly game.
Neither would he stop Sunitha from doing this, nor explain.  This went on for many days.  One day Sunitha started beating that Gandharva Kumar while he was doing worship.  When unbearable he cursed with anger, "You are the daughter of Dharmaraja.  You will be married to a sage son.  You will also have a worthy child, but part of your evil deeds will permeate in it. "
Sunitha also told this to her father.  Now Dharmaraja felt that he had made a big mistake.  By not paying attention to the habit and nature of the child, he did not give knowledge of good and bad.  As a result, she got a curse, but now the time had passed.  Said, "Daughter!"  You did not do a good job by beating innocent ascetic.  You got this curse because of doing bad deeds.  Still be careful and focus on good work. "
Time passed by.  When the girl grew up, she worried about her marriage.  Knowing his curse, no one was willing to marry him.  Who would be the father of a sinful son born to him.  When there was no solution, Rambha apsara taught her Mohini Vidya.  Apsaras were expert in this work.  Now Sunitha has been expert in fascinate anyone.
One day Rambha took with her and went in search of the groom.  On the banks of a river she saw the Atrikumar Anga.  Sunitha became fascinated on seeing the Anga.  She also captivated the Anga on the strength of Rambha's maya and her mohini vidya.  Seeing both of them enamored with each other, Rambha got both of them married.  Both started living happily. A few days later they had a son named Ven.  According to the Atri dynasty, he was rich in religious, virtuous and Rajoschitta qualities like his father's Anga.  Everyone would praise him very much in ethics and behavior.
He had all the signs of being in a good family, but due to a mother's bad luck due to which she was cursed, gradually  bad deeds started appearing in Ven also.  He also became an atheist in association with some atheists and evildoers.   He started to feel God, Vedas, Puranas, Shastras, etc., is lies.  He began to understand Yajna, Sandhya etc. as hypocrisy.
 When he became  an adult.  He no longer believed what his parents said.  His interference in the kingdom increased so much that father became helpless.  Anga was a king , but the command was run by Ven.  Sunitha was understanding that the result of her rites had come down in this cursed son.  Nobody had control over his persistence and arrogance, all were constrained.
People started feeling sad due to these deeds of Ven.  The King Anga started getting inadequate.  When he was defeated after explaining to Ven in all ways,  one day frustrated Anga secretly left the house to avoid notoriety.
Anarchy escalated without the king.  The sages made Anga son Ven a king and explained, "Unhappy with your misdeeds, your father renounced the kingdom.  Now consider your state responsibility and give happiness to the people by doing good work. "
But Ven became more and more arrogant as a king.  Said, "Don't you give me knowledge."  I myself am very knowledgeable.  God, dharma, scripture etc. will all be established by my order.  My only command will be dharma, scripture will be the word.  Now you people go according to my command and see in me the shadow of God, dharma and scripture. " The actions of Ven with such ideas increased chaos in the country, all religious and hospitality were closed.  The security of the people is no longer there.  The wicked were dominated, religious works ceased.

Everything has an end . When the pot of sin was filled, the sages and people revolted.  Captured Ven and tortured him and removed him from the post of king.  He became helpless due to the loss of power.  Now he became dependent on the kindness of others. When the sages deemed Ven's disease incurable and wanted to remove his sin by force, then they quickly grabbed Ven and churned his left hand very well.  As a result of this hand a black and short man was born.  All of Ven's sins as that man came out.  The sages were very happy to see this. Now he churned Ven's right hand.  With this, Lord Vishnu appeared as Prithu to bring forth his boon.  Ven's atheism was also completely removed after the release of sin.  By the grace of the Saptarsis, Ven had attained his former stage.
He went to the banks of the Narmada.  He practiced severe austerities while staying in the hermitage of Trinavindu.  God appeared to them and asked them to assure them - 'Watts!  In order to save you from the curse your mother had received, I gave your father the gift of getting a worthy son.  Now you return home.
The sages consulted the people and established their son Prithu as the king.

Surely even a person from a good family becomes forgetful of his dignity due to bad thought  .  Forgetting his dharma & dignity causes everyone's grief and in the end he is destroyed by his own conduct, so one should avoid wrong association and bad deeds.

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Existence of Hanuman

Existence of Hanuman

Crores of devotees worship Lord Hanuman, the most regarded of Hinduism. Believe them, trust them. In every age, these devotees have learned courage, valor, strength, innocence, compassion and selflessness. This is not only true about them. There is a truth related to them, this God of Hindus is still alive. Let us look at the signs which are proving that even today Lord Hanuman is in existence.

There is evidence

 The first proof of this is that every one of us has heard the stories of Lord Rama and Lord Shri Krishna leaving the earth, but till date has anyone heard any story of Hanuman leaving from here. Nor is any information related to it mentioned in any Hindu scripture. Apart from this, there are other facts which prove that even today Lord Hanuman is in existence on earth.

1. Hanuman ji is chiranjeevi 

 It is said that Hanuman ji is Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi means eternal in Hindi. It means always living in existence. Overall, according to Hindu mythology, Hanuman Ji has been considered the only one of all the Gods of this religion to live forever on earth. He is said to be one of the eight great eternal characters of this religion.

2 . There is no story of his departure even in the Puranas

 Lord of the monkeys, whom we have been hearing since around the times of Ramayana and Mahabharata. We know his existence from being with Lord Rama in Treta Yuga. Evidence of their existence has been found till Dwapara Yuga, which was the time of Lord Krishna. Still evidence of their existence has been found in Kalyug.

3. Monkeys will always meet around Hanuman temples 

It also cannot be a coincidence that most of the Hanuman temples are crowded outside the monkeys. If you are not sure, then go to any big or small Hanuman temple and see. You will see a herd of monkeys jumping there very easily. You can see its scene by going near their temple itself.

4. There is also evidence of this

There is also strong evidence that the existence of Pawanaputra is still intact in the world, but he is not easily seen by the eyes of ordinary people. It is told in the Vedic Puranas that his true vision requires true devotion and true passion from Lord Rama.

5. Rama's name will help in his darshan 

 It is said that wherever Lord Rama's name is taken, Hanuman ji's presence is definitely there. When a true Rama devotee remembers him with full devotion, he is always seen by Lord Hanuman and is always around him. There is as much truth in this story as in other proofs.

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When Shri Krishna destroyed the ego of his devotees.

When Shri Krishna destroyed the ego of his devotees.

Lord Krishna and Queen Satyabhama in Dwarka
 Were seated on the throne together, near Garuda and
 Sudarshan Chakra was also sitting.  Divine glory on the face of three
 Was reflected
 Queen Satyabhama spoke to Shri Krishna in many things
 Asked, Lord, you incarnated(AVTAAR ) as Rama in the Treta Yuga
 Took, Sita was your wife.  Do they me
 Was even more beautiful?  Got it
 That Satyabhama is proud of her form.

 Then Garuda said that God what in the world
 One who can fly even faster than me. Sudarshan Chakra also,
 He  could not keep up with the proudly and he also got up. Said to
  God, in big wars I
 You have got Vijayashree.  What in the world from me
 Is anyone too powerful?
 God was smiling dimly.  Shreekrishna understood that
" All three devotees have arrogance and
 The time has come to destroy his ego."
 Thinking this, he said to Garuda, O Garuda!  you
 Go to Hanuman and say that Lord Rama,
  is waiting for you with Maa Sita.  Garuda
 He went to fetch Hanuman with the permission of God.
 Here Shri Krishna told Satyabhama that Goddess you
 Get ready as Sita and Dwarkadhish himself
 Took the form of Rama.  Madhusudan's Sudarshan Chakra
 While giving permission to say that you are at the entrance of the palace
 Keep watch  And remember that according to my command
 No one should enter the palace.
 At the entrance of Chakra Mahal after getting the permission of God
 Be deployed.  Garuda approaches Hanuman
 Said, O monkey!  Lord Rama, Mother Sita
 Waiting to meet with you in Dwarka

 Have been.  You go with me  I am on your back
 I will sit there and take it there soon.  Hanuman
 Modestly said to Garuda, you go, I come.  Garuda think
 I do not know when this old monkey will arrive.  Well
 I walk to God.  Garuda quickly thinking
 Fly towards Dwarka.  But what is this, Garuda after reaching the palace
 We see that Hanuman was already in the palace
 Sitting in front.  Garuda's head bowed with shame.
 Then Shri Ram told Hanuman that Pawanputra you
 How did you enter the palace without permission?
 Do you
 No one stopped the entrance?  Hanuman hands
 Sudarshan Chakra with his head bowed while connecting
 Removed and placed it before the Lord.  Hanuman
 Said that this chakra
 had stopped me , so keep it in my mouth I come to see you
 Bhagwan  I'm sorry.  God smiled dimly.
 Hanuman asked Ram with folded hands
 Lord!  Today you give in place of Mother Sita
 Gave so much respect to Maid
 Sits on the throne.
 Now Queen Satyabhama's ego disbanded
 It was the turn of  He had an ego of beauty,
 Which was broken in a moment.  Rani Satyabhama,
 The pride of the three Sudarshan Chakras and Garuda was crushed.
 They were thinking of God.  With three eyes
 Tears started flowing and they bowed down at the feet of God.  wonderful
 Lila is of God.

The egoism of his devotees to his Done away only by devotee....

Was there really love between Karna and Draupadi?? Know the complete truth with proof.

Was there really love between Karna and Draupadi?? Know the complete truth with proof. The time of Mahabharata is said to be five thousand y...

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