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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Why do Lakshmi and Ganesha worship together on the occasion of Diwali ??

Why do Lakshmi and Ganesha worship together on the occasion of Diwali ??

Diwali is celebrated as an auspicious occasion for Lord Rama to return to Ayodhya, although Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are welcomed in every house on this auspicious day.  Worshiping the forms of Goddess Mahalakshmi is the most important part of Diwali. It is said that on the night of Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi goes to each house and blesses everyone with great wealth.  The festival of Diwali is mainly the festival of the goddess of wealth Lakshmi, and the worship of Lord Ganesha, a symbol of auspiciousness. It is well known that Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, fortune, luxury and prosperity (both material and spiritual), while Lord Ganesha is known as the destroyer of obstacles, the protector of intelligence, art and science . We all have seen that it is always a tradition to worship Lord Ganesha with Lakshmi. Both are always worshiped simultaneously.  In such a situation, many people are eager to know why this is so?  What is the reason for worshiping Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha together?  Today we are making this revelation in this article.  Let's know why this happens-
Since no celebration is considered complete without invoking Lord Ganesha, it is no exception.  Ganesha is considered the deterrent of all obstacles.  Therefore, he is worshiped first to get rid of all the obstacles that hinder our development.  Along with this, the forms of Goddess Mahalakshmi are worshiped. It is said that on the night of Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi goes to each house and blesses everyone with wealth.  But the question is why Lakshmi and Ganesh are worshiped together.  There is an interesting story behind worshiping Lakshmi and Ganesh together on Diwali.
According to the religious scriptures, Goddess Lakshmi once fall in arrogance about her wealth and powers.  While in conversation with her husband, Lord Vishnu, she continued to praise herself, claiming that she is the only who one worthy of worship.  Because she bless all the worshipers with wealth and property. Thus on hearing non-stop self praise, Lord Vishnu decided to overcome her ego.  Very calmly, Lord Vishnu said that despite having all the qualities, a woman remains incomplete if she is not the mother of children.
Motherhood is the ultimate bliss a woman can experience and since Lakshmi ji did not have children, she cannot be considered complete.  Goddess Lakshmi was very disappointed to hear this . With a sadly heart, Goddess Lakshmi went to Goddess Parvati to ask for help. Since Parvati had two sons, she requested the goddess to allow her to adopt one of own sons to experience the joy of motherhood.  Parvati ji was not ready to give her son to Lakshmi . Although she was known that Lakshmi ji does not stay in one place for long time.  Therefore, she will not be able to take care of her son. But Lakshmi assures her that she will take care of her son in every possible way and that she will be blessed with all happiness.  Realizing Lakshmi's pain, Goddess Parvati let her adopt Ganesh as own son. Goddess Lakshmi became very happy and said that whoever worships Ganesha with me, I will give them all my siddhi and prosperity.  Therefore, since then those who worship Lakshmi for wealth should first worship Ganesh.  Those who worship Lakshmi without Ganesha do not receive the grace of Goddess in full, it is believed. Hence, Ganesha as well as Lakshmi are also worshiped on Diwali.  Also, it is also believed that getting wealth without intelligence will only lead to misuse of wealth.  Therefore, one must first acquire intelligence to spend money properly. In order to gain wisdom, Lord Ganesha is worshiped and prayed for good wisdom and after this, Shri Lakshmi ji should be worshiped in scriptural manner.

Another relevant question - why Lakshmi and Ganesh are worshiped, not Lord Rama?

Since time immemorial, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are worshiped on Diwali.  However, many devotees still have a relevant question in their mind and that is - why Lakshmi and Ganesh are worshiped on Diwali, not Lord Rama. This seems an obvious question as Diwali reminds Lord Rama returning to his kingdom Ayodhaya with mother Sita and brother Lakshmana  after own 14 year of exile.  During his exile, Lord Rama conquered the ten-headed demon Ravana. To explain this question, we have to refer to Hindu mythology.  According to popular belief, when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after his exile, he first worshiped Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi.  Since then the tradition of worshiping Lakshmi and Ganesh started on Diwali. It evolved into a "Diwali Puja" to worship Lakshmi and Ganesh on the night of Diwali. If you look closely, you too will appreciate the concept of Lakshmi and Ganesh worship on Diwali.  Lord Rama himself was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu - the protector of the universe. His worship Lakshmi and Ganesha remind us that we should always remember God first on this earth.  Being the king of Ayodhya, he worshiped Lakshmi and Ganesh to pray for the goodness, happiness and prosperity of the masses. He believed that due to their blessings there would be all-round happiness in his kingdom.  People will be healthy, intelligent and wealthy and will move on the path of truth and righteousness.  As Lord Rama represents "Ram Rajya", he gives the message to follow his ideals and follow his tradition.

That is why by worshiping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, we not only worship Lakshmi and Ganesh, but pay our true tribute to the King of Kings - Lord Rama.

By worshiping Lakshmi and Ganesha, we invoke wisdom, intelligence, health, wealth and prosperity in our lives.  Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of all wealth and prosperity.  Whereas Lord Ganesha is considered as the god of learning, intelligence and success and prosperity. He remind us that money is useful and blessing is only when someone has the wisdom and knowledge to use it.  It also reminds us that wealth is only a means of acquiring material things in this world. Ultimately spiritual wealth is needed to attain eternal happiness.  So, we should worship Lakshmi and Ganesh religiously on the night of Diwali and welcome their blessings in our lives.  We sincerely hope that our explanation will clear any confusion in your mind as to Diwali Puja,  and why Lakshmi and Ganesh are worshiped on Diwali and not Lord Rama.

Additionally we have seen that Lakshmi, Saraswati and Ganesh are depicted together.  People are also eager to know about the relationship in them.

When there is no Saraswati (knowledge, skill), Lakshmi (wealth, prosperity) also departs .  When Lakshmi is not there, the person starts working on skill and knowledge improvement to attract contemplation and Lakshmi. We have called this a deviation in our lives.  Even in this case, we should not be interrupted, because one goddess then comes another, and both are important in our lives.  In both cases, whether you have an abundance of Lakshmi or Saraswati, you can be arrogant if you lack knowledge and wisdom (Ganesha).
These go on in our lives, if we are not able to manage both Lakshmi and Saraswati to experience ecstasy and eternal happiness and achievement.  To keep the two together, intelligence and knowledge are required. Lord Ganesha is the god of wisdom and intelligence .  With the presence of knowledge and intelligence, we pay equal respect to both Lakshmi and Saraswati.  Both Lakshmi and Saraswati are associated with knowledge and intelligence, and therefore they never go into the presence of knowledge and intelligence.  The message conveyed to the people through illustration, to maintain Lakshmi and Saraswati, requires knowledge and wisdom (Ganesha).

Friday, October 25, 2019

Surefire remedies for Deepawali

Surefire remedies for Deepawali.

 Deepawali is the most loved festival of Maa Lakshmi.  There is no better auspicious day to get the blessings of Laxmi ji, in this material age, happiness, prosperity and opulence is not possible without the blessings of Mother Laxmi, we are here to achieve good luck, success and desired fruits.  Here are some very simple remedies which are considered to be the best time to do five days of Diwali: ---

 1- There are five festivals of Deepawali, Dhanteras, Chaturdashi, Deepawali, Govardhan Puja, Yama Ditiya.  On these five days, light a lamp (four small and one big).  Before placing the lamp, place their pedestal, then place the lamp on top of rice, rice.  With this, there will always be an prosperity of money in the house.
 2- At the time of worship in the morning of Deepavali, fill pure water in brass or copper lotas and mix it with some turmeric and keep it in the worship, after worship, sprinkle this water with yellow flowers in the whole house and the remaining water is basil or  Place the banana plant in the tree, now do this activity after regular puja, Mother Lakshmi will always be pleased at home.
 3- If you give a red cloth to your wife at the time of Deepawali worship, then the lasting grace of Mother Lakshmi will always remain on you, try to make sure that your wife does not know about the gift given by you in advance.  Would be awesome  But you must also give a gift to your mother and sister.
 4-On the day of Deepawali, every night in the house and main door should be made of wheat in the house and light a lamp of pure ghee on it, which should keep burning throughout the night. This helps the mother Lakshmi enter the house at night, this remedy is very  Is considered effective.
 5- In business, it is a proven experiment to benefit wealth by pleasing Lakshmi.  On the night of Deepawali, camphor is burnt and put pure chali in it, then after making the pudding of the ash you will get, tie it in a red napkin yakpade and keep it in the vault / money place, gives an unexpected success in business, opens up new sources of income.  .  Praying to Goddess Lakshmi while offering incense / incense sticks daily on it.

 6- On the evening of Deepawali, go to the peepal tree with a betel nut and copper coin in your hand, bow to them and say your wish, then offer a betel nut and copper coin and come home after taking the head.  Bring the same peepal leaf in the morning the next day, wash it and put it under tilak and keep it under your cushion, then there will not be any kind of obstacles in the business.
 7- On the day of Diwali, bring seven gram flour laddus on every evening and every Wednesday after that and keep them out of the house after using them on the home owner seven times, feed those laddus to the yellow cow on the second day.  So the income of the home owner starts increasing continuously.

8- Offer scented incense incense sticks to the mother in any Lakshmi temple on Deepavali, (by burning some incense / incense sticks in those packets, pay obeisance to the mother).
 9- On the day of Diwali, at night, black mole is used seven times by the heads of all the family members and throw it in the north direction of the house, then the money loss stops.
 10- After worshiping Goddess Lakshmi on the night of Deepavali, all the rooms of the house should play conch and damrun in every corner of the house. By doing this, the alakshmi / poorness comes out of the house and mother Lakshmi enters the house.
 11- On the day of Deepawali, make a swastika with kumkum at the main door of the house and make basmati rice piles and tie it in a betel nut on it, it is a perfect use of wealth.
 12- Amavashya is celebrated on the day of Deepawali, so make sure to remember your ancestors, offer them in the morning and offer food to an old and poor person or donate power as it is, by doing so, that person gets blessings of his ancestors and in the house  Happiness remains peace.

 13- If a person is not getting the pleasure of the house even after trying a lot, then on Diwali, consider a hungry person to be a god and make him love food and buy a little good and feed the cow.  Then on every Friday, feed the hungry person with the rule and feed the cow good on Sunday, do this for 1 year, you will not even know how your years long wish will be fulfilled.

 14- If you feel that your business / job is not progressing, then on the night of Diwali take raw cotton and dye it with pure saffron and tie it in your business place, remembering Maa Lakshmi on the day of Bhai Dooj.  Experiment definitely leads to growth in business.  Employees can tie it to their table / wardrobe / drawer anywhere.
 15- If you bring sugarcane root in the morning in the morning on Deepawali and bring it to worship at the time of worshiping Lakshmi at night, then doing so will lead to unbreakable Lakshmi in the house.
 16- On the night of Deepawali, while going to the place of worship at the business place, eat sweet curd mixed with pure saffron and leave the house and after that worship Goddess Lakshmi, then there is a business in that business.
 17- Break five peepal leaves in the day of Deepawali and bring them to the house, after worshiping Lakshmi at night, put any sweet made of cheese, milk on those leaves and offer it to the peepal tree and say your wish,  Success will start in the works.
 18- At the time of worship of Goddess Lakshmi on Deepavali, offer fragrant perfume and saffron to the mother, by applying tilak and perfume of this saffron for the whole year from the next day, going to work gives financial success.
19- If you are suffering from home trouble, the peace of your home has gone away, then after the worship of Mother Lakshmi on Diwali, take 2 gomti cycles and put vermil in a box first and then place them on it and then close the box.  Keep it in a secluded place of the house.  Do not tell this to any member of the house, there will be peace in the house soon.
 20- At the time of Lakshmi Pujan on Diwali, place 2 akiks at the feet of Lakshmi.  At half-night after worship, dig these two in any corner of the house and dig in the ground.

 21- Before the end of the night, in the Brahma Muhurta, the women of the house, while knocking something in every corner of the house, said that, O Alakshmi, now you go away from this house, because here Lakshmi's residence has been done so that house.  Laxmi reserves increase day by day.
 22- Read the Vishnu Sahastranam, Lakshmi Sukta on Deepavali and if possible, play their cassettes.
 23- At the time of Lakshmi Pujan, wash 11 cowrie with Ganga water and offer it to Lakshmi Ji and apply turmeric kumkum on them.  The next day, tie them in a red cloth and keep them in the vault, this leads to a definite increase in income.
 24- Buy a new broom on the day of Diwali, do a little cleaning before it, then keep it aside and use it from the next day, it will run away from poverty and Lakshmi will arrive.
 25- Put a red and a white right stone at the feet of Maa Lakshmi in worship. The sum of both makes Chandra Mangal Lakshmi Yoga, after worship keep them in your purse.
 26- On Deepawali, light an oil lamp under the Peepal tree and bow to the Peepal, say your wish, also meditate on Maa Lakshmi, then return and do not look back. You will definitely get the blessings of Maa Lakshmi.  Do it quietly
 27- On the day of Bhai Dooj, a handful of whole Basmati rice should be left in the flowing water, remembering Shri Maa Lakshmi, this increases the money grain.  Every man must do this experiment.
 28- If you are suffering from home trouble, the peace in the house has gone away, then after worshiping Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Diwali, take two gomti chakras and place vermil in a box first and then place it on it, then in a secluded corner of the house.  Keep it and do not tell it to anyone; the affliction will end in the house.
 29. Along with Lakshmi Pujan on Deepawali, worship black turmeric, then keep this black turmeric in your money place / vault.  This will benefit money.
 30. On the night of Deepawali, keeping the handhajodi in a vermilion and placing it in a casket / vessel in a vault increases the wealth.
 31. Before the worship of Diwali in the evening on Deepavali, you must get any poor honey woman by your wife to provide sweet ingredients, the material must have a perfume.  Due to the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, there is no shortage of money in that house throughout the year.
32. Mother Laxmi is very dear to (kaurie) her.  To get permanent blessings of Maa Lakshmi, on the day of Diwali, you must put beautiful flowers of clams on the main door of your house and also keep it clean from time to time.  Do not let the dust and dirt settle on it at all.  This keeps the blessings of Mother Lakshmi at that house.
 33. At 12 o'clock in the night of Deepawali, take black mustard in your right hand and cut three rounds on the roof of your house.  Chanting the mantra should be thrown, this money stops loss, the sum of the debt is strong.  This is a very effective experiment, it can be done on any moonless day, but it is soon done by doing it on Diwali night.
 34. On the day of Deepawali, the head of the house must give some gift to all the members of the house after worship.
 These are some very easy remedies, out of which possible, if you do them with full devotion, faith and sincere heart, you will get permanent happiness property in life.

Why do you burn Yama's lamp?

"Why do you burn Yama on the day of Dhanteras"

 According to tradition, on the evening of Dhanteras, a lamp named Yama is placed on the threshold (outside) of the 
house and they are worshiped and prayed not to enter the house.  Do not hurt anyone.  If seen, this religious belief is inspired by human health and longevity life.

There is also a mythological story about the giving of a lamp in the name of Yama - there was a time when there used to be a king and his name was Him.  When King Hima had a son, he named his son Sukumar and made his son's horoscope with his Rajpurohit.
 After making the horoscope Rajpurohit got worried.  Seeing his anxious posture, King Snow asked him - "What is it, Rajpurohit!  Are you feeling worried?  Is there any flaw in our son's horoscope? "
 Listening to the Rajpurohit king said - "No Maharaj it is not like that ... I may have done some inadvertence while making the horoscope, due to which I see some accident in the horoscope.  I suggest you get it done once by the famous astrology of the state. "
 The king was a little apprehensive and asked again - “Purohit ji!  We have no doubt in your horoscope, you have been our confidant for years.  Please tell us what's the matter? "
 Rajpurohit said - "Maharaj!  After calculating the birth chart of the prince, we have come to know that the prince will die on the fourth day after his marriage by the bite of the snake. "
 King Snow shouted shouting - “Rajpurohit ji…!  What are you saying…?  There is definitely an error in your calculations, once again look at the horoscope carefully.  If you had not been our Rajpurohit, perhaps you would have been lying on the deathbed at this time. "

 Seeing the wrath of King Snow, everyone in the Rajya Sabha got scared.  Purohit dared to say - "Sorry Rajan ..!  But if you have any doubt then you can follow the suggestion given by me. "
 After that King Hima got his son's horoscope made from 3-4 famous astrologers of the state.  But the result remained the same.  Maharaj Snow and his wife began to be extremely worried.  The king warned everyone in the court that no one should describe this to our son, otherwise the consequences would be terrible.  King Snow feared that if his son came to know about this, he would die of worry of death.
 Well…!  Time passed and Prince Sukumar grew up.  Finally came the time when the age of the prince became marriageable and marriage proposals of beautiful princesses started coming for the prince from many nearby states.  But fearing the death of his son, the king was unable to approve any proposal.  Seeing this, the Queen said - Maharaj!  If you similarly reject the marriage proposals of all the kings, what will our son think?  Due to fear of birth chart, we cannot keep our son single for a lifetime.  And then death will be caused by the bite of the snake, if we increase the security in the palace, it is possible that before killing the snake's prince, we kill that snake.  Se, whose name was Nayana, gave permission for the marriage of his son.  Princess Naina was beautiful to win, intelligence was equally sharp.

 Before marriage, the king also conveyed the prophecy contained in his son's birth chart to the girl's side.  At first the bride's father flatly denied this relationship.  But when Princess Nayana came to know about this, she requested her father to give her approval for the marriage.  The king could not refuse his daughter's talk and agreed to the marriage with a mind that was apprehensive for marriage.  The marriage ended well.  Princess Nayana was a determined girl.  She had decided to protect her husband's life.  As three days passed.  King Snow and Princess Nayana waited for the fourth day with complete preparation.  According to his plan, gold and silver coins and diamonds and jewels were spread on any route through which the snake was feared.  The entire palace was illuminated for the night with lights so that the snake could be seen easily.

Not only this, Princess Nayana also did not let Sukumar sleep and requested that we want to hear the story today.  Prince Sukumar started telling the story to Nayana.
 The time of death began to come to a close and Yama, the god of death, started to move towards the earth.  Because the cause of Sukumar's death was snake bite, Yamaraja took the form of a snake and attempted to enter the chamber of Prince Sukumar and Princess Nayana inside the palace.  As soon as he entered the room of the snake, the glow of diamonds and jewels sparked his eyes.  Because of which the snake had to find another route for entry.
 When there wanted to enter the room, there was a noise of coins crawling on gold and silver coins.  Which made Princess Nayana attentive.  Now Princess Nayana also held a sword in her hand and asked the prince to tell the story.  Seeing the opportunity to bite, Yamraj became a snake and had to sit in one place by dying the horoscope.  Because now even if he moved a little, Naina would have known from the sound of coins where the snake is and she would have killed him with the sword.  Rajkumar Sukumar told one story first, then told the second story and thus when narrating, Suryadev knocked on the earth, it was not known that it was morning.  Because now the time of death had passed, Yamdev could not defeat the life of Prince Sukumar, so he went back to Yamlok.  And thus Princess Naina defended her prophecy and protected her husband's life.  Prince Sukumar could never know what was the secret of his horoscope.  Why did his wife request to hear the story on the fourth day of marriage and why did he hold the sword while listening to the story?
 It is believed that since then people take out a lamp in the name of Yama outside their house on the day of Dhanteras for the happiness and prosperity of the house so that Yama does not harm his family.

Who Was Dhanvantari

# Who was Dhanvantari, who is worshiped on DHANTERAS *

 * There is special worship of Lord Dhanvantari on Dhana Teresa.  He is considered to be the creator of Ayurveda and the physician of the Devtas. The 12th incarnation(Avtaar) of Lord Vishnu was of Dhanvantari, in the 24th incarnation. *

 * We get three stories in relation to the birth of Dhanvantari: - *

 * 1.  Dhanvantari I, born of Samudra Manthan: It is said that Lord Dhanvantari originated from Samudra Manthan.  They came out of the sea with an urn of nectar (Amruit Kalash) for which there was a war between the Devas and the Asuras.  The story of Samudra Manthan is found in the Puranas like Srimad Bhagavat Purana, Mahabharata, Vishnu Purana, Agni Purana etc.

 *2.  Dhanvantari II, son of Dhanva: It is said that in the Kashi dynasty, a king named Dhanva pleased BRAHMDEV (BRAHMAJI) by worshiping him and got a son named Dhanvantari as a boon.  It is found in Brahma Purana and Vishnu Purana.  This was the second birth of Dhanvantari, born of Samudra Manthan.  Dhanva was the son of Kash, the founder of the city of Kashi. We find two dynasties in the Kashi dynasty tradition.  According to Harivansh Purana, there was a Dirghtapa from Kash, Dirghtapa to Dhanva Dhanwa to Dhanvantari to Ketuman, Ketuman to Bhimrath, Bhimrath to Divodas while according to Vishnu Purana, Kash to Kashyya,  Kashyya to Rastra Rastra to Dirghtapa , Dirghtapa to Dhanvantari, Dhanvantari to  Ketuman, Ketuman to Bhimrath and Bhimrathto to Divodas. 

 * 3. Dhanwantari III, son of Veerabhadra: 1 When the sage Galavas was distraught with thirst, while wandering in the forest, a girl named Veerabhadra, carrying water from the pitcher, quenched his thirst.  Pleased with this, the gala sage blessed that you will become the mother of a worthy son.  But when Veerbhadra said that he was a prostitute, the sage went to the ashram with him and he made Kush's floral etc. and placed it in his lap and he was revered by inviting Vedic mantras and called the same Dhanvantari. Extension: First two of the above  The stories are more valid.  According to the first story, after the combined efforts of the Devtas and the demons were calm, there was churning in the sea itself, due to which Lord Dhanvantari appeared with a golden urn of nectar in his hand.  Scholars say that during this time many kinds of medicines were produced and after that nectar came out. *

 * Although Dhanvantari Vaidya is considered the birthplace of Ayurveda.  He studied the flora of the world and showed its good and bad effects.  Out of thousands of texts of Dhanvantari, only Dhanvantari Samhita is found, which is the basic text of Ayurveda.  Adi Acharya Sushruta Muni of Ayurveda received this sermon from Dhanvantariji.  Later Charaka etc. carried on this tradition. It is said that Dhanvantari was around 7 thousand BCE.  He was the son of King Dhanva, the king of Kashi.  He made important research on surgery.  His great-grandson Divodas finished him and preached to the disciples like Sushruta.  The battle of Dasharajna took place during the time of Divodas. * * The biggest scientific experiment in Dhanvantari's life is that of nectar(Amruit). Golden urn of nectar(Amruit Kalash) is associated with his life.  Dhanvantari had mentioned the use of making nectar(Amruit) in the golden vessel itself. He said that Brahma and other Devtas had invented the nectar (Amruit) called Soma for the destruction of a little death.  According to Dhanvantari, etc. Ayurveda, there are 100 types of deaths.  There is only one death in them, Ayurveda diagnosis and treatment are the only attempts to prevent the remaining premature death.  Dhanvantari gave one measure of age modulator *

 He was born on the day of ‘Dhanateras’.  Dhanvantari is the adorable Devta of healing, health, age and glory.  His mention is found in Ramayana, Mahabharata, Sushruta Samhita, Charaka Samhita, Kashyapa Samhita and Ashtanga Hridaya, Bhava Prakash, Shargadhar, Srimadbhavat Purana etc.  There are many other Ayurvedacharyas by the name Dhanvantari.  

What to do on the day of Dhanteras?

What to do on the day of Dhanteras?

Dhanteras is the festival celebrated on the Krishna Paksha Trayodashi in Kartik month.  Dhan Teres is also known as Dhan Trayodashi and Dhanvantari Jayanti.  It is believed that on this day the father of Ayurvedic medicine, Dhanvantari Dev, appeared by taking the amruit kalash from Samudra Manthan.  Hence Dhana Teresa is also called Dhanvantari Jayanti.  When Dhanvantari Dev appeared with the churning of the ocean, at that time he had an kalash full of amruit in his hand.  This is why there is a tradition of buying utensils on the day of Dhan Teresa.  Deepawali begins with the festival of Dhanteras.

 Scriptural law of Dhanteras 

 1. Udayavipini Trayodashi of Krishna Paksha is celebrated in Dhanteras Kartik month.  Here by Udayavipini Trayodashi means that, if the date of Trayodashi begins with the rise of Sun, Dhanteras should be celebrated.
 2. In the Pradosh Kaal (three Muhurats after sunset) on the day of Dhan Teres, a lamp is also offered to Yamraj.  If on both days, whether or not Trayodashi Tithi touches Pradosh Kaal, then in both the cases, Deepdan is done on the second day.
 Worship of Dhanteras and religious rituals
 The greatest wealth of human life is good health, therefore, this festival should be celebrated for the attainment of health-like wealth on the incarnation day of Ayurveda, Dev Dhanvantari.

 1. On Dhanteras, there is a law of worshiping Dhanvantari Dev.  Performing worship with Shodashopachara i.e. 16 activities.  These include Asanas, Padya, Arghya, Achaman (scented drinking water), Bath, Clothing, Jewelry, Gandha (saffron-sandalwood), Flower, Dhoop, Deep, Naivedya, Achaman (pure water), Dakshinukta Tambool, Aarti, Parikrama etc.

 2. There is a tradition of buying brass and silver utensils on Dhanteras.  It is believed that buying utensils leads to wealth prosperity.  On this basis, it is called Dhan Trayodashi or Dhanteras.

 3. On this day, lamps should be lit in the main gate and courtyard of the house in the evening.  Because the festival of Deepawali starts with Dhanteras.

 4. On the day of Dhanteras, in the evening, a lamp is offered for Yama Dev.  It is believed that by doing this, one gets freedom from the fear of death god Yama.

 Wish you all a very happy #Dhanateras.  We hope that the blessings of Dhanvantari Dev remain on you and you remain healthy and healthy.

Ram and Sita in Deepawali

Ram and Sita in Deepawali

πŸ’ Jai Raghunandan Jai Siyaram.  πŸ’

 πŸ’Hearty greetings of the holy festival of Deepawali And good luck.  πŸ’

 On this Diwali worship Shri Lakshmiji with Shri Narayanji.  Because loving woman remains happy with her husband and not alone.  When Laxmiji is alone, she rides an owl.  The owl is stupid.  When Lakshmi ji rides on you alone, you also become an owl.  Don't be stupid  When Sri Lakshmiji comes with Sri Narayana, she comes riding on Garuda and she also abandons her fickle nature (settles down with you).  Garuda's wings emit Veda sound to make you intelligent.
 Ravana wanted to get Sitaji (Sri Lakshmi) without Sri Rama (Shri Narayana) and he also brought Shreemati Sitaji but foolishly looted his entire kingdom.  Shri Sitaji and Shri Ram Ayodhya came together on Deepawali and not alone.
 Therefore, on Diwali, Shri Sri Sita Ram (Sri Sri Lakshmi Narayan) brings both of them together and worship.  When Panditji recites the puja, do at least 15 minutes of Hari Naam Sankirtan with the family at home and office - Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.  Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare Kirtan According to the Vedas in Kali Yuga it is most beneficial.
 If you do the meditation of this mantra, then soon Shri Sri Lakshmi Narayan comes to your place.  You are humans and not animals - understand the specifics of religion.  Don't do anything blindly, even if the wrong tradition has been going on for more than thousands of years.
 Day of Deepawali is Shri Sri Sita Ram Ji:
 Today common people have forgotten why Deepavali festival is celebrated.  On the day of Diwali, Lord Sri Sri Sita Ram, along with Shri Laxman, returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile.  In this joy, the people of Ayodhya decorated the entire Ayodhya with lamps.

 Today we have forgotten to offer prayers to Lord Sri Sri Sita Ram.  We should light the lamps on Deepavali and invite Lord Sri Sri Sita Ram to our place and we should especially worship them and offer them a variety of dishes.  On this day Lord Sri Sri Sita Ram is in great joy as he met his devotees.


The folktale of Dhanteras:

 (Why did Lord Vishnu give such a huge curse to Goddess Lakshmi)

 In North India, the festival of Dhanteras is celebrated with full devotion and faith on the day of Trayodashi of Kartik Krishna Paksha.  In addition to Dhanvantari, on this day, Goddess Lakshmi and God of wealth Kubera is also worshiped.  Apart from the story of Dhanvantari being born behind celebrating this day, another story is also prevalent.  It is said that at one time Lord Vishnu was coming to visit the dead land, then Lakshmi Ji also requested him to walk with her.
 Then Vishnu said that if you believe what I say, then come back.  Then Lakshmi ji agreed to him and came to the ground with Lord Vishnu.  After some time, Lord Vishnu reached a place and said to Lakshmi that you stay here till I come.  I am going towards south direction, do not come there.  When Vishnu left, Kautuhl woke up in Lakshmi's mind that what is the secret that I have been denied in the south direction and God himself went away.
 Lakshmi could not keep up with her and as God moved forward, Lakshmi too followed.  Going a little further, he saw a mustard field which had lots of flowers.  Seeing the beauty of mustard, she was enchanted and went ahead after plucking flowers and doing her makeup.  On going further, Laxmi Ji broke sugarcane from a sugarcane field and started sucking juice.
 At that moment Vishnu came and seeing Laxmi ji was angry and cursed him that I did not allow you to come here, but you did not listen and committed the crime of stealing the farmer.  Now you should serve this farmer for 12 years in the crime of this crime.  Saying this, God left them and went to Kshirsagar.  Then Lakshmi started living in the house of that poor farmer.
 One day Lakshmiji told the wife of that farmer that you bathe and worship this Goddess Lakshmi made by me, then cook the kitchen, then you will get what you ask for.  The farmer's wife did the same.  Due to the effect of worship and the blessings of Lakshmi, the farmer's house was filled with food, money, gems, gold etc. from the second day itself.  Lakshmi completed the farmer with money.  The farmer's 12 years were blissfully cut.  Then after 12 years Laxmiji agreed to go.
 When Vishnu came to take Laxmiji, the farmer refused to send him.  Then God told the farmer that who let them go, they are fickle, they do not stay anywhere.  Could not stop them very big.  She was cursed by me, so she was serving you for 12 years.  Your 12 years of service are over.  The farmer stubbornly said that no, I will not let Laxmiji go.
 Then Laxmiji said, O farmer, if you want to stop me, then do what I say.  Tomorrow is teras.  You must clean the house tomorrow .  Keep a lamp of ghee in the night and worship me in the evening and keep it for me by filling the rupees in a copper vase, I will reside in that vase.  But I will not show you at the time of worship.

 With this one day worship, I will not leave your house for the whole year.  Having said this she spread in ten directions with the light of lamps.  The next day the farmer worshiped according to Lakshmiji's narrative.  His house was full of money.  For this reason, Lakshmiji was worshiped on the teras day every year.

 Special,,,,,,, special,, reading this legend, we remember the basic principle "Astey", that is, "Yama" (law of law) of not stealing, as propounded by the sages!  In this story, an attempt has been made to tell that what sin is accumulated as a punishment for stealing in our destiny (fate), which we have to suffer in the next life!

 There are many ways of getting wealth on Dhan Teres, but more than all the measures, the sacred hymn of Dhanvantari, the god of wealth and healing.

 It is love to live, in the true sense, by continuing to do Sattkarma!
 Good morning ,,, Have a nice day!
 Mangalamna: Lord remove darkness (ignorance) from your life

Mystery story of Ganesha worship with Goddess Lakshmi

Know why Ganesha and Lakshmi are worshiped together?  What is the relationship between the two

 Friends, whenever we see a temple or picture, along with the idol of Ganesha, we also see Lakshmi Mata along.  But there will be few people from us who will know what is the relation of Ganesha to Lakshmi Mata, why she is worshiped together.
 According to a legend, Lord Vishnu once resided in the Kshira Sagar with Mata Lakshmi.  The two were discussing among themselves, in the meantime, Lakshmi left the mother's mouth that no one could walk without worshiping her.  Every person in the world worships only to receive me.  It did not take long for Lord Vishnu to understand that Goddess Lakshmi became proud of herself.
 Lord Vishnu is determined to end the pride of Lakshmi Mata.  Lord Vishnu took a sarcasm at Lakshmi Mata and said that a woman is not considered perfect unless she has no children.  Lakshmi Mata had no children, so she became very sad on hearing this and she went straight from there to her friend Parvati Mata and told her the whole thing.  Parvati ji knew very well that Lakshmi Mata's mind is very fickle and she does not stay in one place for long.

 But Parvati could not see the sorrow of Mother Lakshmi.  That is why he entrusted his son Ganesha to Lakshmi Mata and said that you should make your adopted son out of it.  Lakshmi Mata was pleased to hear this.  He blessed Ganesha, whichever person wants to worship him, he will not get the my blessing without worshiping Ganesha.  If you look at the idols of Lakshmi and Ganesha carefully, you will find that the posture of Lakshmi Mata is slightly higher, whereas the posture of Ganesh ji is slightly lower because his position is the son of one.

Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth in the broom!

# Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth in the broom!


 # Definitely read in Dhanteras special-

 Mythological scriptures state that in a house where the broom is insulted, there is loss of wealth, because the broom is considered to be the abode of Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth.
 According to scholars, Mahalakshmi is disrespected by the footing of a broom.  The mop sweeps out household waste and is considered a symbol of poverty.  The house where there is complete cleanliness, there is wealth, property and peace.  Conversely, where there is dirt, there is a abode of poverty.
 All the members living in such houses have to face many kinds of financial troubles.  That is why the emphasis is on keeping the house completely clean so that the poverty of the house can be removed and the blessings of Mahalakshmi can be obtained.  By sweeping away the waste of impoverishment from the house, the broom i.e. Mahalakshmi provides us with wealth, happiness and wealth.
 According to Vastu science, the broom is only for the dirt of the house
 It does not remove, but also brings poverty out of the house and brings prosperity in the house.  The importance of broom can also be understood that to overcome diseases, Sheetla Mata holds a broom in one of her hands.
 If the broom accidentally gets a foot, then you should pray for forgiveness from Mahalakshmi. When the broom is not used in the house, then it should be removed from the eyes.
 In this way, some caution tips have been adopted for broom, among them you are like: - Do not apply broom after sunset at the time of sham, this causes financial problems.

 Never keep the broom standing

 Should, it causes discord.
 For your good days to never end, we should never allow the broom to be footed or kicked even by mistake, if this happens then mother Lakshmi will be angry and leave our house.

 Always keep the broom clean, do not leave the throat.

 Do not keep the old broom in the house. The broom should never be scattered outside the house and it should not be burnt.
 The broom should never be kept outside the house or on the roof.  It is considered inauspicious to do so.  It is said that by doing this, the fear of theft in the house arises.  The broom should always be hidden.  It should be kept in such a place from where the broom is not visible to us, any member of the house or outside.

 By sweeping cow or any other animal

 Never be beaten by beating.

 If the family members have left the house for any particular work, then they should not sweep immediately after they leave.  It is considered to be very bad ominous.  Doing so may leave the person facing failure in their work.

 The old broom should be replaced on Saturday.


 To see a broom in a dream means loss. A small broom should be hung behind the main door of the house.  This keeps the grace of Lakshmi in the house. 

 In the northeast corner of the house of worship, sweep and dustbin should not be placed, because by doing this negative energy increases in the house and there is no barkat in the house, so according to Vastu, if possible, to clean the house  Keep a separate clean cloth.
 Those who live on rent, they rent a new house or build their own house and enter the house, then make sure that your broom does not remain in the old house.  It is believed that when this happens, Lakshmi stays in the old house and the development of happiness and prosperity stops in the new house.

 !!  Jai  Mahalakshmi Maata !!

Deepawali Special Issue

🏡️🏡️!!  Maiya Jai ​​Laxmi Mata !!. 🏡️🏡️


 Deepawali special issue: ~ Religion in my eyes ... Dha-dharna or did, R- is from the Sanskrit "kar" is hand.  M-by me or I, the idea that I voluntarily held, the idea that I applied to life to run my life.  Religion is not the root, religion is not the burden of keeping the traditions, but among the elders, scriptures, gurus, society, customs prevalent in the society, which we choose according to our compatibility and according to our ability, that is the religion ... More  The religion that we choose was the same, whether it was class or place in our society, the religion of the parents went with them, whatever religion you choose became yours.

 The same rule applies in worship, devotion and service, whether your prayers are to get something from the Lord or to receive the Lord, but there is also a third way to be very reluctant to go to it, and that is "to become like the Lord".  That too in this life… !!

 Let us give you some special information for this Diwali today .....

 Bury this thing under this tree on Diwali, all your troubles will be finished: ~
 Even before the arrival of Diwali, its effects have started appearing in homes and markets.  Everyone is preparing to celebrate this year's biggest festival in a good way.  According to the scriptures, the festival of Diwali is very auspicious.  There are many chances of getting success in whatever work is done on this day.  God listens to you the most these days.  Not only this, if you do any remedy or trick these days, the results are also seen quickly.  Keeping this in mind, today we are going to tell you a very special and unique solution.  If you do this remedy on Diwali, then many problems in your life will be eradicated automatically.
 On the day of Diwali, after taking bath, bring 5 leaves of Peepal.  Make sure that all these leaves are green and not cut or torn from anywhere.  Now come home with these leaves and put a red cloth in front of God.  Put these five peepal leaves on this cloth as well.  Now place a rupee coin on the first leaf.  This coin will help in removing your money related problems.
 On the second leaf you make a swastika mark with vermilion(Sindoor) and water.  This will boost your luck and all the work will be done easily.  Put some grains of wheat and rice on the third leaf.  Due to this, there will never be a shortage of food in your house and it will remain forever  Make a cross mark on the fourth leaf with the help of kajal.  You will never see anyone's evil eyes and the enemy will not be able to spoil your hair either.  Finally put your five fingerprints on the fifth leaf.  For this, you dip your fingers in turmeric solution and print it on the leaves.  This will remove your bad luck and bad luck.
 Now perform the aarti of God.  After the aarti is finished, first of all aarti is offered to God, second aarti should be given to the five leaves placed on this red cloth and in the end you also take this aarti yourself.  Now fold your forehead in front of God and tie this red cloth and make a bundle of it.  Keep in mind that the five leaves and the materials placed on them should be in this red colored cloth.  Now take this bundle and go to a peepal tree.  Here, worship Peepal with Kumkum and Turmeric and apply 5 incense sticks.  Now dig a pit in the ground under this tree and bury this bundle of red color in it.  Now when you go from there, do not look back and see the peepal tree.

 If you do these remedies on Diwali day, you may get very shocking results.  Bhagwati Annapurna ji fill all your treasuries.

 πŸš© !!  Jai Srilakshminarayan !! 🚩

Ganesha worship with Mother Lakshmi

Mother Lakshmi - Shri Ganesh is worshiped together on Diwali.

Diwali is a very ancient cultural festival of India. On this day we worship Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and Lord Ganesha, the God of wisdom and wisdom. We all know very well that no auspicious task is ever accomplished without Ganesh worship. Ganesh ji is the provider of wisdom. He is the destroyer of destruction and Vighneshwar. If a person has a lot of wealth and lacks intelligence, then he will not be able to use it properly. Therefore, it is also necessary for a person to be intelligent and wise.
Only then can the importance of money be understood. Ganesha's huge abdomen is a symbol of greater wealth. And the scent is a symbol of sharp intelligence. Also, worshiping them also ends the troubles. The importance of simultaneous worship of Ganesh Lakshmi and the grace of both is told through many stories. There is a legend in the mythological texts that why Lakshmi ji is worshiped with Ganesh ji. Let us know why this happens.
Once, a recluse sage craved to enjoy Rajsukh and worshiped Lakshmi. Laxmi ji was pleased with her worship and gave her a blessing by giving her a darshan that she would get high status and honor. The next day he reached the recluse Sadhu Raj Darwar. He was proud after getting boon. He pushed the king, causing the king's crown to fall down. The king and his courtiers ran to kill him. But in the meantime, a black serpent came running out of the fallen crown of the king.
Everyone was shocked and considered the monk as a miracle and started cheering him. The king was pleased and made the monk a minister. Because of that the king's life was saved. The monk was given a separate palace to live in. He started living gracefully. One day he took the king out of the hands of the monk and pulled him out. Seeing this the courtier also ran back. As soon as everyone went out, an earthquake occurred and the building turned into ruins. The same monk saved everyone's life. Therefore, the honor of the monk increased. With which a sense of ego developed in him.
There was a Ganesh idol in the palace of the king. One day the monk removed the statue from there saying that this statue is not good at all. Ganesha became angry with this work of the monk. From the same day, the wisdom of the monk who became that minister deteriorated. Then the king got angry with the monk and put him in jail. The monk started worshiping Lakshmi in prison again. Laxmi Ji appeared and told her that you have insulted Ganesha. Therefore, worship Lord Ganesha and please him.
After getting the order of Laxmiji, he started worshiping Ganesha. This caused Ganesh ji's anger to calm down. Ganesha came in the dream of the king and said that the monk should be made a minister again. The king followed the order of Ganesha and decorated the monk by giving him the rank of minister. In this way, the worship of Lakshmiji and Ganesha started simultaneously. God of wisdom must also worship Ganesha with Lakshmiji because even if Lakshmiji comes, it is difficult to stop him without the use of intelligence.

In this way Ganesha is also worshiped along with Lakshmiji on the night of Diwali.


Rules to animate the lamp in worship


In Hindu scriptures, one of the things which is important during the course of worship is the burning during the worship. Gods and Goddesses are pleased by lighting a lamp while performing worship. However, it is also believed that given should be lit at the right time and in the right way only then God gets his blessings. We are telling you that what needs to be kept in mind while lighting the lamp.

Lighting a lamp is important because with this method, the end of any worship is considered as offering fruits and flowers, bathing and meditation is a part of worship, in the same way it also has different importance.
It is believed that illuminating in front of God is to remove darkness from one's own life.
Although a lamp of ghee is considered good for lighting a lamp, but on different occasions, different oils and different kinds of wick are applied.
Like on Saturday, lamps should be lit with mustard oil instead of ghee
Always try to make two things interlocked
A wick given is considered auspicious only when it is flowering ie in the middle
Two-spoke lamp completes worship
The lamp you are going to burn, should never be broken or broken
Burning a lamp is better than burning a broken lamp
This leads to all the virtues of worship
If you burn a lamp, then add ghee or oil to it and pull the wick upwards. This will keep the lamp burning till it is finished, extinguishing the lamp in the middle is not considered auspicious. Especially in the midst of worship.
Throw the wick of the extinguished lamp in the soil instead of putting it somewhere
Throwing a wick in the trash kills all the auspicious effects
These mantras chanted while lighting the lamp !!!!!!
Deepjyoti: Parabrahm: Deepjyoti: Janardhana:.
Dipoharatime Papam Sandhyadipam Namostutte.
Good luck, wellness, health, happiness, wealth.
Shatruvriddhi Destruction: Deepajyoti: Namastuti.
Keeping the flame of the lamp towards the east increases the lifespan.
Keep in mind that keeping the flame of the lamp towards the west increases the misery.
Money is benefited by keeping the flame of the lamp towards the north.
Never keep the flame of the lamp towards the south direction, because of this there is mass or loss of money.
The lamp symbolizes knowledge and illumination. Deepak has special significance in worship. The tradition of lighting an odd number of lamps is generally going on. Actually, the reason for lighting the lamp is that we remove the darkness of ignorance and make effort for the light of knowledge in our life.
According to our religious scriptures, it is considered mandatory to light a lamp at the time of worship. Aarti and lighting a lamp of ghee brings happiness and prosperity at home. With this, Lakshmi resides permanently in the house. Also, according to our scriptures, * Panchamrit is considered very important in worship and Ghee is considered one of those Panchamrit.




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Take precautions in Deepawali ……

According to the scriptures, do not do these 7 things on the days of Deepawali

During Diwali, many types of remedies are taken to please Goddess Lakshmi, worship is done, but along with these remedies, some precautions are also necessary. It has been told in the scriptures that we should not work during the days of Deepawali. If the forbidden works are done on Diwali then Lakshmi grace is not attained even after taking many measures.

Know here what are the things not to do in Deepotsav…

Do not sleep till late in the morning

Although one should wake up early in the morning everyday, but there are many people who wake up late in the morning. According to the scriptures, one should get up in the Brahma Muhurta during Deepawali. Those who keep sleeping till sunrise in these days, do not get the grace of Mahalakshmi.

Do not insult parents and elders

On Deepawali, keep in mind that under no circumstances should there be any irreligious work. Honor parents and elders. People who disrespect parents do not have the grace of the gods and goddesses and perseverance. Do not cheat anyone. Do not lie. Treat everyone lovingly.

Don't keep dirt in the house

There should not be any dirt in the house on Diwali. The corner of the house should be clean and clean. There should not be any smell in the house or around the house. Fragrant substances can be used to clean the house along with cleaning.

Do not get angry

Don't be furious on Deepawali and shouting loudly is also inauspicious. Those who get angry or shout loudly these days, do not get the grace of Lakshmi. A calm, pleasant and pious atmosphere should be maintained in the house. Lakshmi resides in homes where there is peace.

Do not sleep in the evening

Except under certain circumstances, one should not sleep during the day or in the evening. If a person is ill, old or a woman is pregnant, she can sleep during the day or in the evening, but a healthy person should not sleep during the day or in the evening. According to the scriptures, people who sleep at such times remain poor.

Do not debate

In these days also keep in mind that there should not be any quarrel or quarrel in the house. All the family members should live with love and maintain an atmosphere of happiness. In homes where there is quarrel or strife, there is no grace of the Goddess. Make sure that you do not debate or quarrel with anyone outside the house as well.

Don't get drunk

According to the scriptures, any type of intoxication is prohibited in these days. People who get intoxicated on the day of Diwali are always impoverished. The peace of the house can be disturbed in the state of intoxication and all members have to face mental stress. It should be avoided. Otherwise there can be debate and even Lakshmi Puja is not done properly.

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