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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Mandodari told Hanuman ji the secret of Ravana's death.

Mandodari told Hanuman ji the secret of Ravana's death

The present time is becoming so amazing.  People have started quarreling over small things and nowadays a new news is published in the newspapers which people call as "Road Rage".

What a wonderful activity that someone's car touched your car and you are in anger, if any overtook your car, then you turn in anger and a quarrel begins.  We also forget that our parents or wife and children are waiting at home.  What will happen to them if something untoward happens?  What will happen to their expectations?

Competition is good, but what is there that can kill someone.  It is only natural to feel angry, but what if the family suffers from it?  Competition also takes place among devotees but in a healthy form.  The purpose of the devotee is to serve God and please him. While serving God, gradually his mind becomes so clean that it becomes his nature to encourage others.  Jealousy is not visible at all.  Perhaps this is why our elders used to tell us that son do everything but also worship God because he knew that this will make our mind clean and at least we will not quarrel with anyone and we have a sense of respect to others and we will not be jealous by someone's progress.

When Lord Sri Rama went to Lanka to take Sita ji, Ravana sent his relatives and sons to battle, but the war between Rama and Ravana continued from Tritiya of Ashwin Shukla Paksha till Dashami Tithi.  For a total of thirty-two days, there was a war between Rama and Ravana, Ravana was knowledgeable as well as very powerful.  It was very difficult to kill him.

The world knows that Vibhishan ji told Lord Shri Ramchandra ji that Ravana would die if he shot an arrow in Ravana's navel. God knows to everything , did he not know that Ravana would die by hitting with an arrow in Ravana's navel?  He knew, but the lover of devotees despised his honor in order to increase the value of the devotee.

But Vibhishan told Prabhu Shriram that Ravana could be killed only when his navel was hit.  Also, Vibhishana had also told about a special arrow.  With which Ravana could be killed.  Without this it was impossible to kill Ravana.

Vibhishana gave the solution to kill Ravana, Ram Bhakta Hanuman ji allowed Rama devotee Vibhishan to take credit for this, while Ravana's slaughter is at the root of Shree Hanuman. Ravana, Kumbhakaran and Vibhishana did hard penance to please Brahma. When Brahma ji appeared and everyone asked for his boon.  Ravana asked that he be immortal.

Brahma Ji said, "To give immortality is not to possible of his power."

 On Ravan's request again, Brahma Ji gave an arrow to Ravana and said that take this arrow and I can do so much that till this arrow is not hit in your navel then you will not end.  Ravana took that arrow and got it placed inside the pillar just in front of his royal throne inside his palace.

In the battle, when Lord Shri Ramchandra separates the head of Ravana from his body, then Ravan's head falls on the ground, but in a few moments he again gets back to his place.  Many times when this happened, Vibhishan gave the reason for Ravana not to die.  Hearing everything, Hanuman Ji said that you should not worry and tell where the arrow is.  Vibhishan ji said that I do not know this but only Ravan or his wife Mandodari know where this arrow is.

What was it then? Hanuman Ji took the form of a Brahmin after taking orders from God and started touring the famous places of Lanka as a great astrologer.  In the form of Jyotishacharya, Hanuman Ji used to tell the future of the people of Lanka wherever he went, and also tell the glory of Ravana to everyone.

After several days, the news reached the ears of Mandodari that a Brahmin is telling amazing things about Ravana.  Mandodari was also anxious and called the Brahmin.  The Brahmin told wonderful things about Ravana also say another thing that Mandodari did not know.  In many cases, he also told about the penance of Ravana and the boon of Brahma ji and some started speaking in such a way that the arrow is not safe.  Mandodari came to his notice and said to him, making sure that the arrow is safe.

The Brahmin said that I also know that the arrow is safe in every way and only Ravan and you know about it, but I am afraid that if you will let anyone in your female society fellow or any spy of those forest dwellers show that arrow. Impressed by Hanuman's eloquence, he left Mandodari's mouth that O Brahmandev!  You can be absolutely sure that any detective can not find or see that arrow because that arrow is very safely placed in the pillar in front of his throne in the royal palace.

On hearing this, Hanuman ji came into the real form and with a punch with the slogan of "Jai Shri Ram", he broke the pillar and took away the arrow from it and gave it to Lord Shri Ramchandra Ji and after then Ravana's slaughter was possible .

Shri Ram  attacked Ravana's navel with the same arrow.  In this way Ravana came to an end.  If this mystery could not be known, Ravana would not have ended despite the fact that Vibhishan had told Shri Rama that Ravana's death was in the navel. Despite this, the truth is that Mandodari, even though mistakenly, had given such information about Ravana to the opposing side which should not have been given.  … And if this information had not been made public, Ravana would never have been killed, Sita ji would never have been released and Sri Rama's vow to kill Ravana would never have been fulfilled.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Lord Ayyappa is unique son of the father Lord Shiva and mother Lord Vishnu.

Lord Ayyappa is unique son of the father Lord Shiva and mother Lord Vishnu.

Our tradition is story-oriented.  Many stories for the same event will be found in the Puranas.  Then there is a difference in the stories in the north-south as well.  We north Indians do not know much about Lord Ayyappa of Sabarimala.  According to the legend Lord Ayyappa is believed to be son of father Lord Shiva and mother Lord Vishnu.

If we look at the mythology of Lord Shiva and Vishnu, both the gods created many leelas for human welfare.  Lord Vishnu, along with his twenty four avatars, has presented many example for the betterment of human beings.  Lord Shiva, with his meditation, anger and sacrifice, has given us a message to do Satkarma(good deeds) in every form.

But now let's consider who are the children of Shiva and Vishnu?  There are many avatars of Lord Vishnu and he was accompanied by many families and children.  Mahadev  is considered to be the only one family, in which he has two children as Ganesh and Karthikeya.  But this is not the whole truth.  There is also the third child of Shiva, it is worshiped as Lord Ayyappa.

The mystery lies in that Lord Vishnu gave birth to the third child of Shiva.

That is, the child of two men!

 So let's know this secret related to the birth of Lord Ayyappa!

Lord Vishnu took Mohini avatar for distribute necter in gods.

In Kalyug it is common for two men to have a relationship.  With the help of science, men have started giving birth to children, but in mythological history, it is surprising to have children of two male deities.  Before you reach a decision and make any unwanted perception, first understand this mystery!

If you have read or heard the mythology, then you will definitely remember about the Samudramanthana( sea churning) between the gods and the asuras.  In the Samudra Manthan, one name is mentioned repeatedly, which has been called Mohini.  In fact, when Amrit(necter) came out of the sea during the churning of the sea, a dispute arose between the gods and the demons about its sharing.

Then Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini avatar and took the urn of nectar.

 Mohini was so beautiful that the focus of the demons was more on the appearance of beauty of Mohini than a pot of nectar.  During this time, deceit happened and Mohini gave to the gods to drink nectar while the demons  getting only simple water.

 But Mohini's character is not limited only to the story of Samudramanthan but there is another story ahead of it.

Mahishasura's sister Mahishi received a boon from Lord Brahma.

Actually, a demon named Mahishasura was inhabiting the earth.  Who had crossed all the limits of his ego and tyranny.  Troubled by the atrocities of Mahishasura, the gods prayed to Mother Durga for help.  After this, Goddess Durga killed Mahishasura.

 But violence and arrogance did not end with Mahishasura.

Mahishasura's sister Mahishi was deeply saddened by her brother's death.  She was angry with the gods and that is why she started doing intense penance to make herself powerful.  She worshiped Lord Brahma.  Lord Brahma was pleased with this worship done continuously for many years.  Then Mahishi asked to a boon from Lord Brahma for herself immortality.

Lord Brahma said that it is against the laws of creation.  The one who is born is sure to die.  She can decide the condition of her death, but cannot postpone it.  Mahishi found the middle way.

 She asked for a boon that I want my slaughter to be done by the son of Shiva and Vishnu.

Lord Brahma accepted her request and gave him a boon.  Mahishi felt that this is never possible.  Since the union of two gods and then children cannot be born.  Due to this arrogance, she created chaos from the earth to the heavens.  Once again, the gods were trap in trouble.

Mohini gave birth to Shiva's son.

This time again all the gods reached the shelter of Lord Shiva.  They said that there is no solution in the boon that Lord Brahma has given to Mahishi.  The offspring cannot be born with the union of two men.  This is why none of us can kill him.  In a way, she has become immortal.

 After this, the gods reached Lord Vishnu and requested him to solve this problem.  Although they were realizing that there could be no solution of this boon.

 But something else was written in future. 

Lord Vishnu sent his avatar Mohini to Kailash.  Lord Shiva recognized him after seeing Mohini.  Mohini proposed love to Shiva.  Since Shiva was a yogi and Kama lust never got involved in his weaknesses, he declined her offer to meet Mohini.  But Lord Shiva kept the honor of Mohini's love.

Shiva gave his semen to Mohini, which is called Parda(mercury).  Shiva and Mohini got together without making a relationship like this.  Since Mohini was an incarnation of Vishnu, it is also called the union of Shiva and Vishnu. Due the influence of Parda ,Mohini had pregnant and she gave birth to a son.

In the Puranas, this son was known as 'Harihar' or 'Manikanta'.  Lord Ayyappa, who is worshiped in South India,he is the 'Harihar'.  Ayyappa is the child of Shiva and Vishnu, so he possessed the powers of both the gods.  Later, he killed Mahishi and freed the gods from her atrocities.

Lord Ayyappa is also known by the name 'Hariharan'. Hari means Lord Vishnu and Harn means Shiva. The sons of Hari and Harn i.e. Hariharan. They are also called Manikandan.  Here Mani(gem) means gold bell and Kandan means neck. That is, the God who holds the gem in the neck.  He is called by this name because his parents Shiva and Mohini tied a gold bell around his neck.

According to the mythology, after the birth of  Ayyappa, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu who became Mohini , they tied a golden necklace around his neck and placed him on the banks of the Pampa River.  Then Rajasekhara, the king of Pandalam, adopted Ayyappa and raised him like a son.  King Rajasekhar was childless.  Presently, Pandalam is a city in the state of Kerala.

Shortly after Ayyappa started living in the king's palace, the queen also gave birth to a son.  The queen's behavior changed for adopted son Ayyappa after having a son.  Raja Rajasekhar understood his queen's mistreatment against Ayyappa.  For this he apologized to Ayyappa.

The queen feared that the king loved his adopted son very much, it may possible that he give his throne to him.  In such a situation, the queen pretended to be sick and sent information to Ayyappa that she could be cured by drinking the tigress's milk.  Her plan was to get Ayyappa killed by a demonic Mahishi living in the forest.  Ayyappa went to the forest to take the tigress's milk for his mother.  When the Mahishi tried to kill him but there Ayyappa killed Mahishi and bring the tigress's milk,  but he also  brought the tigress for the mother while riding the tigress.

When Ayyappa came out of the forest riding the tigress, all the people of the state were surprised to see him alive and riding the tigress.  All cheered Ayyappa.  Then the king understood that his son is not an ordinary man.  At this he apologizes to Ayyappa for the queen's bad behavior.  Seeing his father upset, Ayyappa decided to leave the kingdom and went to heaven, asking the father to build a temple in Sabari (hills).  His purpose behind building the temple was to leave own memories on earth at the father's request.

According to the wishes of the son, Raja Rajasekhar built the temple in Sabari.  After the construction of the temple, Lord Parashuram built the idol of Ayyappa and installed it in the temple on the holy festival of Makar Sankranti.  In this way the temple of Lord Ayyappa was built and since then this form of God is being worshiped and the temple is the center of the faith of the devotees.

Near the temple, a flame appears in the dark night of Makar Sankranti.  Crores of devotees from all over the world come every year to see this flame.  It is said that whenever this flame is seen, noise is heard along with it.  Devotees believe that this is a divine flame and God ignite it himself.  It has been named Makar Jyoti.

This legend is quite popular in South India, while there is no mention of Lord Ayyappa in North and East India.  There is a Sabarimala temple in the state of Kerala in South India.  It is believed that Ayyappa resides here.  Apart from this, temples of Lord Ayyappa are found in almost every street in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka.

Since the birth of Lord Ayyappa, it is clear that in Hindu mythology, the story of meeting of two gods is described.

 So don't be surprised the next time you hear the name of Lord Ayyappa from the mouth of a South Indian!

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

When Lord Vishnu was defeated by the demons

When Lord Vishnu was defeated by the demons.

According to mythological scriptures, there was a ferocious demon named Sridama who used to harass the gods and was a disciple of Shukracharya from childhood.  He had divine powers and body like Vajra by grace of Guru , he took away the heavens from the gods with his strength and might and drove them out of heaven, all the gods became unhappy and reached the shelter of Brahma Dev.  Brahma Dev went with them to Narayan.
Narayan asked the reason for coming to the  Baikunth to all, when Brahma told him all about Sridama Asura, hearing this, Vishnu said, "O Gods!  Don't you worry, soon the end of Sridama is near, you will soon get rid of his atrocities. "
Shri Vishnu gave promise and send off to all gods .  When Sridama came to know that all gods had gone to seek help from Vishnu, he was very angry and he planned to steal Narayana's Shreevatsa.  When Sri Vishnu came to know that Sridama was planning to steal his Sri Vatsa, then Sri Vishnu challenged Sridama to battle then there was a fierce battle between Sridama and Vishnu.  Shri Vishnu used the divine weapons on Sridama but all of them remained resultless.  Vishnu understood that Sridama's body became like Vajra by the grace of Shukracharya.
Therefore, Sridama could not be killed with any arms or weapon.  In this war, Sridama was stronger than shrivishnu.  Lord Vishnu had to leave the battle and Sridama captive Vishnu's wife Mahalakshmi.
worried due to Mahalakshmi, Vishnu reached Kailash and established "Harishwarling" there.  Narayan reached Badri area and took 1000 Brahmakamal from there and started worshiping Shiva.  Narayan used to offer each Brahmakamal with a name of Shiva.  In this way Narayan worshiped Shiva with 999 Brahmakamalas and chanted the name Shiva and composed "Shivasahastranam Stotra".
When Vishnu started offering the last Brahmakamal, he saw that a Brahmakamal has disappeared.  Vishnu could not leave worship and go to bring Brahmakamal.  Then Shri Vishnu remembered that the gods called him as Kamalnayan.  Vishnu took his right eye and offered it to Harishwarling.  Parameshwara Shiva immediately appeared there.
Parmeshwar Shiva was pleased with Lord Vishnu and told him to ask for the desired boon .  Vishnu heard the words of Shiva and told that the whole world is terrorized by the terror of Sridama, the gods have been expelled from heaven and Sridama has also kidnapped Lakshmi.
Due to the grace of  Shiva devotee Guru Shukracharya, Sridama is fearless and all weapon does not affect his body such as Vajra.  Therefore, you provide me with the divine weapon from which powerful demon Jalandhar was killed.  At that time, the Mahatejasvi Sudarshan Chakra appeared with the right arm of Shiva.  With this Sudarshan Chakra, Lord Vishnu destroyed Sridama and freed Mahalakshmi from Sridama and liberated the gods from fear of the demon Sridama.

Friday, October 2, 2020

Know that 6 Sri Krishna's brothers who were killed by Kansa just after being born ... !!!

Know that 6 Sri Krishna's brothers who were killed by Kansa just after being born ... !!!

Mythological stories are proof that whenever iniquity has increased on the earth, God (Bhagwaan) has incarnated to eliminate it.  Lord Shri Krishna is thats great super hero, who taught the whole world to stand against unrighteousness and injustice.

Today we are telling you about those 6 babies who were killed before the birth of Kanha.
 It was the time of Dwapar yuga. At that time the kingdom of Mathura was in the hands of the Kans. Kans was an autocratic and stone heart king.  By the way, he loved his sister Devki but since he came to know that Devaki's eighth son will be the reason for his death. Since then, he kept her in the dungeon. Due to this desire not to take any kind of risk, Kansa also killed the first 6 babies of Devki.

Who were those 6 babies.

In Brahmaloka, there used to be six gods named Smara, Udrith, Parishvang, Patang, Kshudramrit and Ghrini. These were the eligible of Brahma's grace. Brahma's grace and affection always showered on them. He underminds the trivial matters and mistakes of these six and ignored them. For this reason, pride started to grow slowly due to these success in all six.
They started insulting anybody and also they understand anybody is little in front of them. One day in such a manner, they even disrespected Brahma in talk. Brahma was enraged by this and cursed them that you all will be born on earth in the demon dynansty. This led to the wisdom of those six and they repeatedly apologized to Brahma.  Brahma ji also felt pity on them and he said that you all will have to take birth in the demon dynansty but your previous memory will remain. 
In time, all six of them were born in the house of demon king Hiranyakashyap. In that birth, they did not do any wrong thing due to knowledge of previous birth.  They spent all these time doing austerities of Brahma to please him.  Brahma, pleased with it, asked them to ask for the boon.
With the effect of the demon's nature , they asked for the same boon that our deaths should not happen at the hands of the gods, nor from the Gandharvas, nor should we die from animal and disease!  Brahmaji disappeared after by saying thaastu(as you wish).
Here Hiranyakashyap was angry with his sons for worshiping the gods.  As soon as he realized this, he cursed the six that your death will not be at the hands of a deity or a Gandharva, but all they will definitely killed by a demon's hand. Under this curse, they were born from Devaki's womb and were killed at the hands of Kans and found the place in the Sutal loka.
After the Kans slaughter, when Shri Krishna (Krishna) went to the mother Devki. Mother desired to see the 6 babies who were killed on birth. Prabhu fulfilled the mother's wish by bringing those 6 infants from the sutal lok.  By the propinquity and grace of Prabhu, they again found the place in Devaloka.

॥ Jai Shree Krishna ॥

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

What caused controversy in Ganga and Saraswati

What caused controversy in Ganga and Saraswati.

In the scriptures and the Puranas, Saraswati has been called the goddess of knowledge.  This goddess of knowledge once did something that no one could even imagine.
Due to that one mistake, Goddess Saraswati got such a curse that she become river had to descend on the earth.  The result of this curse was that  maa Ganga also became a river and Goddess Lakshmi became the beloved Vrinda i.e. the basil plant.

The desire to write any specific information on Goddess Saraswati was arising in my mind for a long time.  So today I will tell you about a dispute between Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Ganga.  This story is found in some mythological texts.  According to the story, Lord Vishnu had three wives - Lakshmi, Ganga and Saraswati. The trio always use to tried to keep Narayan happy so that they could get his special love.  Goddess Lakshmi and Mother Saraswati became jealous once upon seeing Srihari's greater love for Goddess Ganga.  On this Lakshmi ji did not say anything, but Saraswati ji told lot of maledictory to Lord Vishnu for this bias.
Lakshmi maa tried to stop her, but due to anger she continued to reproach Narayan the same way.  She also called Goddess Ganga as a misogynist.  Fed up with this quarrel, Lord Vishnu went out of Vaikuntha for some time. Saraswati felt very sad to see Narayan going out like this, but she also understood the reason for this activity to Goddess Ganga.  In the same anger, she was ready to hit the Ganges.
Seeing this sin, Lakshmi could not stay away from this matter and she came in between them.  She tried to calm them down by explaining both.  Goddess Ganga calmed down due to this, but the anger of Saraswati increased further.
Thus, due to coming in the middle, she got angry and cursed Lakshmi to become a tree.  Goddess Lakshmi immediately turned into a basil plant due to the curse of Saraswati.  Seeing innocent Lakshmi being cursed in such a way, now Ganga was also angry.  She cursed Saraswati to become a river and flow on the earth.  Unhappy with this, Saraswati also cursed Ganga to become a river and carry the ash & bones of humans.
When Lord Vishnu came back, he came to know about the curse of Saraswati and Ganga.  At the same time, seeing Lakshmi transformed into a plant, he felt immense sorrow.  Due to the calm nature and well-being of Goddess Lakshmi, he thought it appropriate to keep her with her as his wife. Thinking that such a situation could come back, he decided to sacrifice Goddess Ganga and Goddess Saraswati.  When both came to know of this, they apologized to Lord Vishnu. Then Srihari said that the Ganges will descend on the earth to wash away the sins of humans.  At the same time, she will stay in his feet as partially, in the kamandal of the Shree Brahma and also in the jatas of Mahadev.  Saraswati will also flow with her on the earth and will also live with him as a partially. Only Goddess Lakshmi will live in Baikunth, becoming his wife completely.  Along with this, he also took the form of Shaligram and marry the Tulsi form of Goddess Lakshmi.  It is said that Ganga and Saraswati have been flowing on the earth as a river due to each other's curse since then. Goddess Saraswati's curse has ended, that is why she has returned to her abode and Goddess Ganga will also be completely disappeared by completing her curse by the end of Kali Yuga.  But even today, the confluence of Ganga and Saraswati can be seen in Prayag.
This story can be read in detail in Brahmavaivart Purana and Devi Bhagavata Purana.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Know why Narada Muni did not stay in any place…

Know why Narada Muni did not stay in any place…

Narada Muni is an dear devotee of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu and  his every heartbeats always praise Lord Shri Hari Vishnu and Goddess Mother LakshmiBrahma ji is the father of Narada Muni Narada Muni always used to travel in the three worlds and exchange information.  Narada Muni is not only respected by the Gods and Goddesses, but also all the demons including the King of Asurlok also respected him.
According to the Hindu scriptures, Brahmaji asked Narada to take part in the works of creation and to get married, but Narada refused to obey his father. At the same time, in anger, Brahmaji cursed Devarshi Narada to remain unmarried for a lifetime.
According to the same beliefs, Devarshi Narada was the first such communicator of the universe i.e. a journalist who used to exchange information from one world to another.  He always kept wandering here and there in the three worlds.  This is also a mythological story behind his habit.
Narada Muni is considered to be the Manas son of Brahma.  Narada ji is the ultimate devotee of Lord Vishnu.  There is a belief about him that he does not stay anywhere in one place. he always wandering here & there.  There is a big mystery behind this habit which is hidden in this story.

Why Narada muni does not stay in any place ?

 According to the story, in mythological period time King Daksha's wife Asakti gave birth to 10 thousand sons.  Despite having so many sons, none of them took the reins of creation .  It is said that all these people came in the company of Narada ji and Narada ji had taught everyone to follow the path of salvation. Later Daksha married Panchjani.  Due to which he had a thousand sons.  Narada ji also taught these sons of Daksha to stay away from all kinds of temptation and walk on the path of salvation.  The king Daksha was so angry with Narada that he cursed Narad Muni and said that you will always wander around and will not be able to stay in one place for long.  Narad Muni never stays in one place due to this curse.

Friday, August 21, 2020

The story of King Shwet in the context of the glory of Annadan.

Annadanan's Mahima Katha .... from Bhavishyapura.

The story of King Shwet in the context of the glory of Annadan.

The king Shwet used to eat flesh of his own body.

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Raja Shwet who used to eat the flesh of his own body, but his flesh never dwindled, but what was the reason? What was his deeds ? That he had  to get to eat the flesh of his own body, let's know  through a story, which is mentioned in the Uttar Parva of Bhavishya Purana,

According to the story:-

In ancient times, there was a Chakravarti king named Shwet who conquered in many wars, performed many Yajna rituals, performed many kinds of charity and performed many virtuous work, all the subjects in his kingdom were happy and prosperous.  And finally, after renouncing the kingdom, went to the forest . And whing doing austerities he died and went to heaven . He use to roamed the heaven with the Gods, Gandharvas etc. , and the Apsaras served him . Indra also respected King Shwet very much, the king got all the happiness of the divine clothes ornaments etc. in heaven .

But at the time of meal, he had to come to the earth and eat the flesh of his former body daily, even after eating meat daily, the flesh of that former body did not decrease due to the deeds of previous birth . Thus every day King Shwet became very distraught by eating the flesh of his own body . One day he went to Brahma ji and bowed that and he said, "O Parampita, by your kindness I am enjoying the happiness of heaven, all the gods also respect me very much.  But this sinful hunger is never calm, thats reason  I have to go to earth every day to eat the flesh of my former body.  What disgusting sin deeds did I do, because of which I do not get good food, please free me from this trouble .

Hearing the agony of King Shwet, then Bramhaji said, " O Rajan, you have done many kinds of charity, performed yajna,havan, rituals , virtuous work and satisfied the gurus and peoples. But while living on earth, you have never provided food to the peoples, today you are suffering this pain due to not providing food, no more charity than food. That's why, O Rajan, till you do not go to earth and provide food to the needy peoples, till then you will have to suffer this pain.

Hearing this, King Shwet took orders from Bramhaji and immediately reached earth, where he searched the needy peoples and arranged  food for them. When King Shwet donate grains and  gave food etc. to the needy on earth, then King Shwet was freed from his guilt, and like other people in heaven, he also got good food. 

This was a story .... After a few days I will bring an article to the before you all regarding the importance and glory of food donation .

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Story of Varaha Avatar

Story of Varaha Avatar

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Lord Vishnu has taken a total of 24 avatars.  Varaha is the third incarnation after Matsya and Kashyapa.  Varaha means shukar(Boar).  Through this incarnation, the first step of the divine with the human body took place on earth. The face was Shukar(boar), but the body was human.  At that time, a monster named Hiranyaksha captured heaven by his power and took the whole earth under him.  Hiranyaksha means Hiranya means gold and Aksha means eyes.  One whose eyes are fixed on the other's wealth is Hiranyaksha.

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत ।
अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् ।।

This verse of Srimad Bhagavad Gita means that I am born myself when dharma is in dangerous situation  and unrighteousness prevails.  The stories of Lord Vishnu's Dashavatar describe the significance of this verse told by Lord Krishna. The eighth avatar of Vishnu was Shri Krishna himself, his 9th avatar is considered Mahatma Buddha but there are differences on it.  The tenth incarnation is yet to be found, at the end of the Kali Yuga, there are stories of the incarnation of the tenth avatar Kalki.
But here we will talk about Varaha, the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu.  Actually, it is believed that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Varaha, his third incarnation on the third day of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapad i.e.Bhadon month. Therefore, Shukla Tritiya of this month is also celebrated as Varaha Jayanti. Let us know what was the need for Lord Vishnu to come into Varaha form. Who was it that caused unrighteousness to spread everywhere?

According to the legend, Jai and Vijay, the gatekeepers of Baikuntha Lok, stopped 4 Rishikumaras at the gate while going to Baikuntha Lok, due to which they were cursed that both would have to live being demon on earth for three births. In the first birth, both were born as the sons of Kashyapa and Diti and were called Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaksha.  Both started harassing the Earthy humans.  The tyranny of Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaksha was increasing on the earth.  Hiranyaksha started torturing people on performing Yajna ,havana etc.

                   Two stories related to the story of Varaha Avatar are prevalent in the public mind, the first story is described in chapter 13 of the Bhagavata Purana.

According to the 1St story(Bhagavata Purana)

When the Parampita Brahma was creating the universe, he saw that the earth is submerged in unfathomable water and it is impossible to create the creation without the earth, Brahma ji kept thinking for a long time how to get the earth out of this bottomless water.  Brahma Ji was thinking in such a way that then a Varaha of equal size of thumb came out from his nose hole and stood up in the sky.

In view of Brahma ji, that small Varaha  became huge like an elephant in an instant, which Brahma started thinking that which divine creature has appeared here in this boar form, it came out of my nose but in a moment of the  become equal to the mountain.  This is definitely the leela of Lord Vishnu, Brahma ji was thinking that he started roaring loudly and entered the water very fast. When he was entering in the water, divine light was coming out of his eyes and due to taking the form of a boar, he began to search earth by sniffing .
After reaching the abyss, Varaha incarnation Lord Vishnu saw the earth, then holding the earth on his molar, brought it out of the water, but then mighty Hiranyaksha attacked him there. Due to which the Lord became angry like sharp edge the Chakra and he killed him with his leela like a lion kills an elephant. At that time the whole body of the Lord became red with blood as if he had come to hit a red mound of soil.  And took the earth out from water and set the earth on space.
Then all the Gods and Goddesses including Brahmaji praised and worshiped the Varaha Avatar!

According to the second story: -

               There were two demons named Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu who received a boon from Brahmadev that no one could defeat them in the war nor could anyone kill them. After getting boon, both of them started thinking of themselves as immortal. And  they began to understand himself as equivalent to lord Vishnu and in the desire of conquering the three worlds, they went towards Indraloka(Heaven) to do battle. When Indra came to know about this, he left Indraloka(Heaven) and ran away.
When both the demons could not find any in Indralok, Hiranyaksha reached Varun's capital Vibhavari city and said that Varun Dev  you had defeated the demons and performed the Rajsuya Yajna, now you have to defeat me in battle. Come and fight with me, Varun got very angry after hearing about the monster, but he knew the boon of Brahma ji, so  he said calmly that Hiranyaksha you are a great warrior . Therefore, there is no strength in any of the three worlds apart from Lord Vishnu that he can fight with you, so you go to him only, he can calm your longing for war.
 After hearing Varuna, Hiranyaksha went to Devarshi Narada and asked where to find Narayana. Devarshi Narada also told Narayana's address and said that O demon king Narayan has taken the form of Varah at this time to remove the earth from the abyss.
Now knowing the address of Narayan, Hiranyaksha also reached the abyss, where he saw Varaha God carrying the earth on his molar. Then that ungodly monster said to Lord Varah, "Hey, wild foolish animal, where are you taking this earth, Brahma Ji has given this earth to us, you lowly animal, you cannot take the earth from here.  You are enemy of demons and monsters , so today you will not be survive  by my hands.
He sometimes called God shameless, sometimes a coward, sometimes cheater, but Lord Varaha smilingly took the earth out of the abyss and set it on top of the sea, while the demon Hiranyaksha was continue uttering abuses to Lord Varaha. Then God said that the  you foolish demon would only say that war would also happen. Hearing this, Hiranyaksha attacked on Lord Vishnu. A fierce war broke out between Lord Varaha and Hiranyaksha. The demon attacked the god with gada(mace )trident and all kinds of divine weapons, using his maya (illusion), sometimes he used to make bones rain, and sometimes the rain of blood , sometimes he would disappear and sometimes he would be appear .
But Lord Vishnu was not distracted, he had destroy all the maya(illusion) of that demon. When Lord Vishnu kept hoaxing that demon for a long time, he kicked one of the demon's face with a strong kick, which caused his eyes to come out and that he was become poweless and fall on Earth like a mountain .After that Lord Varah killed him. As soon as he conquered Hiranyaksha, Lord Varah made a loud roar that caused the three world to tremble.
Happy with the slaughter of Hiranyaksha, all the Gods and Goddesses started showering flowers on Lord Varaha.
This was the story of Varaha Avatar.  There is a description somewhere that Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu were powerful from birth itself.  Both did not do penance of Brahma ji, but after the slaughter of Hiranyaksha, Hiranyakashipu obtained a boon by doing penance of Brahma.  Somewhere there are also descriptions that Hiranyaksha himself hid the earth in the sea so that the creation work is obstructed.  Well, whatever the reason, whenever I will write the story of Varaha Avatar and Narasimha Avatar, I will try to clarify these points.

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How was Rishyamuk mountain get named Rishyamuk: -

How was Rishyamuk mountain get named Rishyamuk: -
Ravana made a mountain from the bones of sages.
There are many mysterious places in Hinduism which have been constructed in a different way.  But today, the place I am going to tell about which you might be surprised to hear about and do not even believe.  So let's tell you about this place-
 Today we are discussing about a famous mountain of the Ramayana period.  Please tell that this mountain has been mentioned many times in Ramayana.  Its name is Rishyamuk Parvat.  It is said that there is a description of an interesting story related to this name of the mountain.
"Rishyamuk Parvat" This is the same mountain where Vanararaj Bali was also afraid to go, and when Bali became thirsty for the blood of his brother Sugriva, then Sugriva made this Rishyamuk mountain his residence.
Because Sugriva knew that when Vanararaj Bali and the demon Dudumbhi fought, Bali killed Dudumbhi and threw away one yojan(approx 12-15 KM) to his body, and a few sprinkles of blood of dead Dudumbhi flying in the air fell into the ashram of the Matang Rishi, who was located on the Rishyamuk mountain .           
So the sage Matang came to know from Tapobal that this sin was done by Bali, then he cursed Bali that if Baali will come in the one yojan area of ​​Rishiymuk mountain in future, then his death is certain . So Bali got to scared after hearing the name Rishyamuk mountain.

How was Rishyamuk mountain get named Rishyamuk: -

In Tretayuga, there used to be a giant monkey named Rikshiraj on Rishyamuk mountain, once someone asked him "O Rikshiraj how this mountain was named Rishyamuk mountain.
Riskhraja then said, Ravana, after receiving a boon from Brahmaji, started creating a ruckus on the earth, and began to obstruct the yajna-havan of the sages, so many sages persecuted by him formed a group, and mute on this mountain. Muk (Silently) started opposing Ravana.
During this time, when Ravana was going from there for the purpose of conquering the world, he saw that millions of sages were gathered on that mountain, so when Ravana asked his minister, why are so many Mahatma Rishi gathered here.  So the minister said that "O Raksharaj (Demon king), all these sages have gathered here to stay Muk (silent) to oppose you. Hearing this, Ravana got very angry and angry Ravan ordered to kill all the sages. 
After getting the orders of Ravana, all the demons attacked on those sages, the bones and remains of those sages became this mountain.

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Story of curses(PART-08)

Story of curses(PART-08)

Once again I am present in front of you with interesting stories of the curse series.  Thank you very much to people who come to my blog and make me respect, increase my spirits. Enjoy the eighth part of the curse series with them and understand the vastness and depth of Sanatan culture. And also share on social media  So that more and more people have knowledge of it.At the end of the article, all of you will get the seventh part link.

55 . Brahma ji and king Daksha cursed to Narad ji.

When Lord Brahma was creating the universe, he had four sons.  They set out for penance.  After this came the turn of Narada Muni.  Narada was fickle by nature.
Narada, who pronounced the Narayan-Narayan all times own mouth, he was get cursed to remain unmarried.  According to the Puranas and scriptures, Devarashi Narada, who is called the messenger of Devaloka, is one of the seven Manas sons of Brahma.  Narada, one of the exclusive devotees of Lord Vishnu, used to transmit information while circling from one world to another.

Today I am telling you that although Narada Muni was fall in love many times but still did not marry anyone, the reason was the he got curse by his father, he was being unmarried in whole life.  A story is mentioned in the Brahmavaivarta Purana, Brahmakhanda, in which Narada got the curse of his father Brahma to remain unmarried for a lifetime.
 According to the story when Brahma said to Narada Muni, 'You help me in the creation of the universe and get married.  He refused his father.  Brahma became very angry on hearing his disregard.  He cursed Narada to remain unmarried for a lifetime and said, "You will experience love many times in your life, but you will never be able to get married even if you want to."  You run from responsibilities, so you only have to run around the world.  In this way Narada got cursed and he wandered from one world to another for ages.

King Daksha also gave curse to Narada ji to keep wandering.

 Because of another curse, Narada ji always had to wander around.  It is said that Asakti, the wife of King Daksha, gave birth to 10 thousand sons.  Narada Ji taught salvation to all the sons, due to which all of them mind was overcome by fascination. Daksha then married Panchajani and had a thousand sons.  Narada also taught these sons to stay away from fascination.  Enraged by this, Daksha cursed Narada ji that he would always wander around.

56 . King Daksha cursed to chandradeva.

 It is said that human beings should behave very thoughtfully.  Even a mistake done by him can invite a big disaster.  A similar story is also found in 'Shivpuran', in which Chandradeva was got curse due to his conduct.
According to the story of Shiva Purana, in ancient times, King Daksha married 27 of his daughters including Ashwini to Chandradeva.  Chandradeva was very happy as the husband of 27 girls.  Girls were also very happy to get Chandradeva as a groom.  But this happiness could not last long.  Because after a few days Chandradeva became more fascinated on one of them Rohini.
When King Daksha came to know about this, he went to explain to the Chandradeva.  Chandradeva listened to him, but after a few days, his attachment to Rohini again intensified.  When King Daksha came to know about this again, he went to the Chandradeva in anger.  He said that 'I have already explained you.  But it seems that my words had no effect on you, so I curse you that you will be suffering from tuberculosis. '
Soon after this curse of King Daksha, the Chandradeva became clouded by tuberculosis.  His light kept on going.  Sage Muni was very upset after seeing this.  After this, all the sages went to the shelter of Lord Brahma along with the sage and deity Indra.  Brahma Ji told him a solution.  According to the remedy, the Chandradeva had to meditate on Lord Shiva in Somnath and then according to Brahma, after Lord Shiva appeared he could be free from the curse of Daksha.
Chandradeva followed the order suggested by Brahma.  He continued to do hard penance for Shiva for six months.  Lord Shiva was pleased to see the harsh austerity of the Chandradeva.  Lord Shiva appeared to the Chandradeva and told to ask for the boon. Chandradeva asked the boon to say, 'O God, if you are happy with me, then give me freedom from this tuberculosis and forgive all my crimes'.  Lord Shiva said that 'the curse that has given you is also not an ordinary person.
But I will try my best to find the middle path of this curse. ”Shiva while taking out the middle path of this curse, says to the Chandradeva,“ There are two paksha in a month, one paksha of it will keep you growing. But on the other paksha you will also be weak. That means your light will be reduced.  This mythological mystery is the Shukla and Krishna Paksha of the Moon in which they grow in one side and they decrease in the other.

57 . Nandi cursed to Daksha and Brahmins.

According to the legend of Shiva Purana, once Sati's father Daksha organized a special religious program.  Mahadev was also invited in it, but he did not bow down to Daksha because of following the dignity of being God himself.  Daksha felt bad about this.  And Daksha said that not only being God, but being his son-in-law, Bholenath should have also bowed down.
Angered by this, Daksha cursed Shiva Shankar and said that he would never get any part in any yagya.  Angered by the curse on Shiva Bhole, Nandi cursed Daksha for wearing a goat-like body and being proud and humiliated throughout his life.
And Nandi cursed all the Brahmins present in the religious event as well and said that all these scholars, even though they are pundits and learned, should become knowledgeless in their old age and poor and poor will live their lives.  And these scholars will have to go begging from house to house of all castes for their livelihood.


Shani Dev is the son of Surya and Chhaya.  His vision is frightening. Such vision of Shanidev is due to a curse he received.  In today's article , I will tell you about the terrible curses got received by Shanidev. In astrology, Shani Dev has its own importance and it is said that if Shani Dev becomes happy on someone, then he crosses the life journey . It is said in the scriptures that Shani Dev walks with a limp, due to which his speed of movement is much slower than the rest of the planets and it takes him two and a half years to go from one zodiac to the next. But do you know how Shani Dev was lame?  If not, today I am saying to you the story of Shani Dev being lame, so let us know the story of Shani Dev being lame.

58 . Shanideva's wife cursed to Shanideva.

Shanidev had two marriages.  The first wife was named Neelima and the second wife was Manda.
Manda is also called Dhamini.  Manda was the daughter of Chitraratha.  Shanidev was a devotee of Krishna.  He was once absorbed in the meditation of Lord Krishna.  Then his second wife, Dhamini, came before him with a desire to have a son.  But Shani, engrossed in meditation, did not pay attention to her and remained engrossed in praise.  She kept waiting for a long time but Shani did not answer. Then Manda got angry and cursed Shanidev that whatever he looks at will be destroyed.  When Shanidev realized that he had made a big mistake.  By then it was too late.  Since then, Shanidev only looks at those who have to punish them for their sins.

59 . Maa Parvati cursed to Shanideva.

Whenever we know about our life through horoscope.  It is often seen that all the planets change the zodiac at a rapid speed, but the motion of Saturn is very slow.  Even Saturn stays in the same zodiac for years.  The cause of this slow motion of Shani is nothing but the curse given by  maa Parvati .
Once Shanidev reached Mount Kailash. He had his eyesight down. Mother Parvati asked him the reason for this. Then he said that anyone could be hurt a lot by his eyesight.  Hearing this, Mother Parvati began to ridicule him and called her son Ganesh there.
As soon as the sight of Shani fell on Ganesha, his head broke from the torso.  Then in anger, Parvati cursed that he would become devoid of limbs.
Due to this curse, Saturn became lame and his movement slowed down.  When Parvati ji's anger subsided, she could not take back her curse, but to atone it, she gave a boon to Shani that he would be the king of all the planets.

60 . Shanideva's stepmother cursed to Shanideva. 

Shani Dev was cursed by stepmother, due to which he became lame.  Actually, this story describes Shani Dev's father Surya Dev and mother Sangya Devi.
According to the legend, the heat of Surya Dev was not able to bear his wife  Sangya Devi, due to which he prepared an image similar to his body and named it Swarna.
Sangya ordered Swarna to serve the suryadeva in my absence and get wife happiness.  After giving this order to Swarna, she went to her father's house.
Surya deva was not able to recognize Swarna as the Sangya , meanwhile Swarna had five sons and two daughters from Suryadev. Swarna used to take care of her children but started ignoring the children of noun.  Then one day the boy, son of Sangya, Shani was hungry, so he asked his mother for food.
Then Swarna said, now you stay for a while, first I will offer food to God, feed your younger siblings and then give you food. Hearing this,  Shanideva got angry and he raised his leg to kick the food, then Swarna cursed the boy Shani that your leg may break now.
Due to fearing of curse, Shani went to his father Surya Dev and narrated the whole story.
Then the Suryadeva understood that no mother could curse her child like this.  Then Suryadeva became suspicious and he got angry and asked, "Who are you?"
Swarna was terrified after seeing the surya's face and revealed all the truth of the Sangya.  Then the Suryadeva told the boy Shani that Swarna is not your mother but she is a mother's model, so her curse will not go in vain but it will not be so harsh.
This means that your leg will not be broken by curse, but you will walk with a lame life.  It is said that from then till today Shani Dev walks only after limping and this is also the reason for his slowing movement .

61  . Pipalad rishi cursed to Shanideva.

Pipalad rishi was the supreme ascetic and learned sage of the Vedic Sanatan period.  Piplad was born under the Peepal tree, consumed the leaves of the Peepal as a food and under the Peepal underwent severe penance, which earned him the name Piplad.  Rishi Piplad ji is also considered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva, due to which he received a place of worship.
There are some stories in relation to Pippaladji, according to one of which when there was a famine in Tretayug at one time, then Kaushik Muni left the house with his family and left to take care of the family elsewhere. But being unable to follow the child, he goes away leaving his son in the middle of the journey under the Peepal tree.
When that child wakes up from sleep, he does not find his parents there and starts crying.  After a while, he starts to feel hunger and thirst, then he sees the peepal leaves lying near him, distraught with hunger, the child calms his hunger with those leaves and quenches his thirst by drinking the water of a pond situated nearby.  That child likewise, after taking leaves and water every day, is engaged in the meditation of God.

Once there Devarshi Narada ji approaches that child and in the opposite condition too, affected by the humble spirit of the child, completes all the appropriate rites of that child and gives them knowledge of Vedas and Puranas.  He asks the child to do devotion to Lord Vishnu, so that child would regularly do devotion to Lord Vishnu and be absorbed in meditation, pleased with the devotion of that child, Lord Vishnu appears in front of him and gives that child yoga and gyaan.  He teaches that child becomes a Maharshi.
After the passage of time, the child asks about the causes of his sorrows due to curiosity.  He asks Narada Muni ji that why he had to suffer so many sorrows and separation from parents at such a young age, why I have to suffer so much.
Hearing the questions of that child, Narada tells them that Shani is the cause of your sufferings due to which you have to suffer many problems, Piplad gets angry after listening to the statement of Narada Muni and curses Shani Dev, due to which Shanideva fall sky into the mountain on Earth, causing one of his feet to hurt.
Seeing such plight of Shani, Brahmadev, along with other devas, approaches Piplad and pacifies his anger.  He tells them that there is no fault of Shani in this, he only gives results to the person according to his deeds, so you place the dashed Shanideva in his place and Piplada muni follow the orders of Brahmadev.
 Another legend has also been associated with Piplad Muni in which Piplad has been called the son of Maharishi Dadhichi.  Maharishi Dadhichi had donated his bones to the gods for the slaughter of the demons of Vritrasura and when his wife Suvracha started going to the pyre to become Sati with her husband,  then is there a voice in the sky that Maharishi Dadhichi has the glory in your womb, which is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Listening to Akashvani, Suvracha postpones her wish for some time and after the birth of a son, leaving her under a Peepal tree, she becomes Sati.  Animals and birds nurtured this baby and Som taught him all the genres.
As he grew up, he came to know that his parents had to face death due to the cruelity of Shani.  Enraged by this, Piplad meditated by sitting under the Peepal tree to please Brahma Ji.
Pleased with this, when Brahma Ji asked him to ask for the boon, Piplad asked for the Brahmand and hit Shanideva with brahamdand, when Shanideva sat on the Peepal tree .  This broke Shani's feet.  Shani Dev became unhappy and started calling Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva came and pacified the wrath of Pippalad and protected Shani.
There is another story of Shanideva walking limp, although its does not mention curses. However, it is necessary to have knowledge of the story.  The history of Shanidev's walking limp is also associated with Ravana's anger as well as the short age of his son Meghnath.
Ravana was a great scholar of astrology.  Ravana wanted his son to have longevity and no deity god could take his life.  So when Ravana's wife Mandodari was pregnent , Ravana wished that his future son should be born in such planetary constellations so that he would become super-powerful, skilled warrior and stunning.
It is due to this desire that Ravana ordered all the planets to be in auspicious and best position at the time of Meghnath's birth.  Because all the planets were very afraid of Ravana, so at that time all the planets except Shani Dev had sat in auspicious and high position as per Ravana's will.  Only Shanidev was the only planet who was not afraid of Ravana at all.
Ravana knew that Shanideva protects the age, but he also knew that Shanideva would not be easily auspicious by obeying him.  Therefore, Ravana, using his force, also kept Shanideva in such a position, that the life of his future son could be increased.

But Shani is the god of justice, so Shanidev may have been in the position of Ravana desire, but he tilled his sight during the birth of Meghnad, due to which Meghnad became shortage.  Ravana became very angry with this act of Shani and Ravana, in a fit of anger, hit Shani's feet with his gada.  Since then Shani Dev walks with a limp.  And that's why they move slowly.

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