Talk To Readers

Talk To Readers

Hello friends ... As you know, this blog has been made for the knowledge of Sanatan Dharma, so that the people of the whole world should understand the greatness, depth, philosophy, principles, moral values ​​of this Sanatan Dharma. All of you must also know that the knowledge of Sanatan Dharma is available in Vedas, Puranas, Upapuranas, Upanishads and how many religious texts exist, it is very difficult to tell.
Sometimes it is very difficult to include all the things while writing an article.  So it is possible that you will get many articles on the same subject.  Whenever you come to my blog, you should search for the topic you are reading on my blog. For this, search options are available on my blog.
Must read every label of my blog, I believe that you will definitely get to know something new in every article. You will definitely get some new information every time there are many articles on the same subject..
Now I want to tell you why there are many articles on the same subject ??  In many religious texts, stories are slightly different and some are completely different.
My effort is to give people all kinds of knowledge.  You all know that there are so many sources of Sanatan Dharma that it is difficult to find the fathom of this. Only a number of scriptures have been written on Lord Rama alone, so it is not possible to write all the things in one article.  Along with me there are many people who help me in writing articles on some topic day and night. I don't want to do injustice to anyone by putting everyone's efforts together.
That is why if I get any new information, I do not edit the old article. Whenever they bring me information or content on various subjects, I see a new thing in it, so I write a new article again. The main reason is that the stories in different scriptures are slightly different.  I respectfully share his writing art, his knowledge, his passion with all of you on my blog.  Rather, I write a new article so that I can honor their feelings and hard work. Thank you so much to all those who help me in writing blogs and collect materials & contents for me.
Sometimes spelling mistsake, grammatical mistakes, typing errors are possible while writing an article, I cannot deny it. Therefore, the readers are requested to forgive my mistakes and try to understand the subject matter of the blog. Have a doubt  , Will convey through the message. We will all solve it together.  You all know that Hindi and Sanskrit is a very proud language and many of its words will not be available to you in English.  And my knowledge in Sanskrit is negligible. Therefore, the complete translation of some sentences, verses of Sanskrit is very difficult to understand and write. Therefore, some of the sentences will seem strange to you.  Therefore, again, you are requested to ignore these errors and try to understand the main purpose of the article.  I have tried my best to explain everything.  I keep writing many articles on the same subject, so that there is no possibility of doubt.
And finally the readers are requested that whenever you come to my blog, please search the topic on my blog, every label, every article must be read, every time something new, something different will be found.  This is my belief  Therefore, if you get many articles on the same subject, then you must read it.  Thank you

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  1. क्या हिन्दी पृष्ठ उपलब्ध नहीं है।


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