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I am an engineer by profession, it has been 15 years working.  Currently I am working in a company owned by the Government of India.  During these 15 years I met many people.  Among those who were of all types, there were some very special, I found that they had a inclination towards spirituality.  They used to solve any problem very calmly, seeing them, I also leaned towards spirituality.  Now I definitely keep reading something.  Whenever I get a chance from work, I definitely write something on this blog for you too.  This effort of mine was going on for the last five years, reading something every day and writing it on my laptop and saving it.  Today when I see the youth, I can see that they have brains, confidence but some lack of tolerance and optimism is seen.  It is very important to have tolerance and optimism in life because these are the basis of family, society and national interest.  In this blog of mine, you have also added such stories with religious stories that will connect the minds of all with faith.
The language of the blog has been kept very easy and simple. Inspirational themes with religious stories have also been given as much space in the blog as possible. There has been an effort to add something for people of all ages. Children have also been noted. Many inspirational stories have also been tried for him. The length of the blog post is not kept long.
                           Thank you. 

Karna an ultimate warrior whose life was always surrounded by struggles.

Karna an ultimate warrior whose life was always surrounded by struggles. In the Mahabharata, as much as the main character was of Arjuna, so...

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