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Why Karna's life was painful: - know the story of the previous birth of Maharathi Karna.

Why Karna's life was painful: - know the story of the previous  birth of Maharathi Karna.

According to Hinduism, our present day life is related to our past karmas.  It is said that only good karmas and good works can give us a good future and a good life.  Some people also associate Karma with rebirth.  Our present relationship is connected with the karmas of our previous birth. In the same way, whatever happened to some characters of the great mythological text Mahabharata, it was only due to the karmas of their previous birth that they all had to suffer so much pain. Lord Krishna has also said in the Gita that, O Partha soul is immortal, it leaves one body and moves to another body.  Just as we change one cloth and wear another cloth, similarly the soul also moves to another body. Many such examples are found in the Mahabharata itself, which shows that the great warriors of Mahabharata were born previously . All the characters of Mahabharata have been very interesting and mysterious.  Whether it is the patidharma of Draupadi or the pledge of Bhishma, all the characters of Mahabharata inspire today's man in some form or circumstance.

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Today we are going to tell you about such a character of Mahabharata, who despite being a brave warrior in the Mahabharata period, could not get respect in society. 'O' Yes, Karna was the one who, despite being a son of Kunti, had to be ashamed again and again for being a sutputra. As Kunti's son, Karna's name should have come with the Pandavas, but after Kunti's renunciation of Karna, he was get nourish in a suta house due to which Karna became known as Sutputra.  But behind this sad life of Karna, the story of pre-birth is also hidden. When it is talked about the maharathis and warriors of the Mahabharata, the name of Karna is taken at the top.  He was a great warrior and a great archer, but throughout his life he had to struggle to prove himself.  Along with the birth, he did not get the respect he deserved as a warrior.  But Karna's previous birth was also largely responsible for this.

Karna who is known by many names like Suryaputra, Radheya, Vasusena, Angaraja. Karna who was a great archer and great warrior like Arjuna.  Whom grew & nourish by Dhritarashtra's charioteer Adhirath and his wife Radha . Who had to learn war's skill  from Parashurama by lying ,when Guru Dronacharya  to deny him for teaching war's skill.  Who set the example of a best friend and charity.  The same Karna who never got the respect he deserved. Actually, due to Kunti's eldest son, Karna was the eligible for the throne of Hastinapur, but in luck he had to fight against his own brothers.  Do you know what sins Karna had to atone for.  Who was Danveer Karna after all?  Let us tell you.

Actually, the story of Karna is related to his previous birth. The Mahabharata is also a collection of short stories that surprise us.  The beauty with which Vedvyas has threaded thousands of small events together is certainly unique.  One such story is that of the Dambodhav demon who is directly related to Karna and Arjuna & Shri Krishna are also part of it.  This story is actually the story of Karna's previous birth, due to which he had to suffer much pain in the next life also.

This story is from Tretayuga.  There was a mighty asura named Dambodhava who did penance to Lord Suryanarayana for 1000 years.  Pleased with his penance, Suryadev appeared and told him to ask for the boon. In the bless he asked for the boon of immortality, to which Suryadeva told him that "Devotee, it is not possible to grant the gift of immortality because even the Lord Brahma, the creator of the law of creation, does not change his law."

Then the demon said very thoughtfully - "O God! If so, I have done your penance for thousands of years, for that reason you bless me one divine armor for every year. In those 1000 armor I shall be completely safe." Only one man can destroy each armor and also he is the one who meditated for 1000 years like me. Also, as soon as he will destroy my armor, he die instantly. ”Now Suryadev fell into a dilemma. He knew very well that Dambodhav was wanting this boon for  to create disturbance in the world but he was compelled to give him for boon.  Due to the effect of his boon, 1000 divine armor were appear all around him and he became famous as "Sahasrakavacha".

As expected, he created a terror of fear in all three worlds by his power.  Tridev was also constrained that they could not kill him, otherwise Suryadev would be insulted.  There was an outcry in the whole creation. Brahmaputra Daksha married his daughter Murthy to the Manasputra Dharma of Brahmadev.  The atrocity of Dambodhav was not neglected by Murthy and she prayed to Lord Vishnu to take birth from her womb and put an end to the demon. Narayan gave the boon. After some month ,  twin son was born from the womb of Murthy, which was known as "Nar-Narayana".
( In some Puranas and mythological texts, the name of Nara-Narayan's mother is also mentioned as "Ruchi" . The story of the war between Nar-Narayan and Dambodbhav is also different. )

 As soon as Upanayana Sanskara had done, Narayan started the penance of Lord Shiva and Nara went to Dambodhav's kingdom and challenged him.  When that Asura saw a child, he asked to go out laughing. On this Nara said - "O" Sinner! I know about your boon. My brother Narayana is meditating instead of me. We have two bodies but our soul is one. Today I will surely kill you."  Then a terrible war broke out between the two. Dambodhav was surprised to see that Nara is actually getting the power of Narayan's penance.  The war of both continued for years.  On the other hand, as soon as Narayan completed 1000 years of his penance, Nara broke an armor of Dambodhava. Nara died due to boon as soon as the armor destroyed .  Dambodhav was pleased that even though an armor was destroyed, his enemy was also destroyed.  He returned to his city with victory. On the other hand, Mahadev appeared pleased with Narayana's penance and gave him darshan.  Narayana asked to Lord Shiva to give Mruitsanjeevani Vidya as a boon, which Mahadev bestowed on him.  Taking the knowledge of Mruitsanjeevani Vidya, Narayan immediately reached the dead body of Nara and brought him alive. Narayana gave knowledge of Mruitsanjeevani  Vidya to Nara.

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Now Nara went to penance and Narayan challenged Dambodhava.  There was no difference in the form of both, that is why Dambodhava felt that Nara has returned.  The war started again in both and as soon as when Nara completed 1000 years of penance, Narayan broke another armor of Dambodhava. Narayan died as soon as the armor broke, but Nara resurrected Narayana by the knowledge of Mruitsanjivani Vidya.  Now again Narayan went to austerity and Nara challenged Dambodhav to fight again.  This sequence continued and went on till the 999 armor of that demon was destroyed.

When the last armor was left, Dambodhava, frightened, went to the shelter of Suryadev, who made him a part of his own glory and absorbed himself. On the other hand, after completing austerities, Nara and Narayana, looking for him, came to Suryadev and asked him to surrender Dambodhava in front of them.  But Suryadev did not do this to protect the refuge. Nara-Narayana, while rebuking Suryadev, said - "O Suryadev! You have given such a boon to this asura due to indiscretion that the earth was stricken. Because of your boon, both of us brothers have suffered the death of the 999 times. Knowing that his slaughter is inevitable, you are protecting him.  So now you will also have to pay the penalty for it.  Go, we curse you that this asura will get the next birth with your glory and will have to struggle throughout his life.  Not only this, both of us brothers will be born again to kill it in the next life as well. "

It was due to the curse of Nara and Narayana that Dambodhava was born in the Dwapara Yuga with the glory of Suryadev as Karna with the same leftover armor.  Born in Dwapara as Nara and Narayana as Arjuna and Krishna, which eventually led to Karna's death. Due to the combination of Suryadev and Asura, where Karna had the power and incomparable strength of Suryadev, due to the influence of Asura Dambodhava, he abandoned the path of dharma and chose the path of unrighteousness and eventually he got died by Arjuna in Mahabharata war.

Another description of Karna's previous birth is found in the Padmapurana where he was born from the glory of Brahma, which got named Svedja.  He had to fight Nara born from the glory of Narayana, whose name was Raktja.

The story is of the time when the lord Brahma was Panchmukhi(five head).  His four faces recited the four Vedas, but the fifth face always condemned Mahadeva.  Angered by this, Mahadev fought Brahmadev and cut off his fifth head.

Brahmadev was extremely tired by the war and also extremely angry at cutting off his fifth head.  Due to this anger and tiredness, a terrible monster was born from the sweat of his body.  Being born from Brahmadev, his power and strength was extraordinary and at the same time he got 1000 divine armor from the majesty of the Father Brahmaji. He bowed to Brahmadev and asked him who he was and why he was born. Then Brahmadeva named that asura born of his sweat (Sveda) "Svedja" and due to insulted by Mahadev, he ordered him to go to Kailash to fight with Lord Rudra.  Following the orders of his father, Svedja walked towards Kailash, doing terrible cachinnate.

On the other hand, Lord Shiva was about to go to the samadhi in Kailash that his ganas told him that Svedja is coming to Kailash to fight with him. They also discussed the terrible form and power of Svedja and prayed to Maharudra to slay that great demon.  Mahadev then asked Lord Vishnu to find a solution for this and went into samadhi himself.

When Srihari has seen Svedja's rage, he created another Asura with his blood and named it "Raktja" (born by blood).  Raktja was born with the power of Narayana and was similar to him in war skills. With the blessings of Narayana he had 1000 hands and was the owner of 500 divine bows. He asked Narayana why he was born? Then Narayana tells him that in angry Brahmadeva has created an asura named Svedja who is going to ridiculous activity by war with Mahadev. He cannot harm Mahakal but it will increase disharmony between Lord Brahma and Mahadev, so you should go and stop Svedja. On getting Narayana's orders, Raktja immediately stopped Svedja on his way to Kailash and challenged him to battle.

Then a terrible war started between the two Asuras. Both were born from glory of Brahmadev and Vishnudev and also very powerful.  The war between the two continued for many years.  In that battle Raktja broke Svedja's 999 armor, while Svedja cut off Raktja's 998 hands and destroyed 500 bows. Now Raktaja did not have any weapons and arms, but Svedja still had one of his divine armor. Narayan understood that Raktja will be defeated by Svedja in this battle.  Knowing this, he intervened and persuaded Brahmadev to stop the war.

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Raktja felt sad that he could not be defeated Svedja in that war and vowed that he would definitely defeat Svedja in the next birth.  Seeing this desire of Raktja, Srihari Vishnu blessed him that he would also incarnate to help Raktja in the next birth. By the time their war ended, Lord Shiva's samadhi was also completed. He came there and was very happy to see the mighty  of Svedja and Raktja. He by taking both warriors from Brahmadeva and Narayana and then entrusted Suryanarayana with Svedja and Devraj Indra with the responsibility of protecting Raktja.

When in the end of Dwapar yuga, Svedja (Karna) was born as Suryadev's glory and Raktja (Arjuna) with Indradev's glory.  Narayan appeared as Shri Krishna in the same era. Karna was born with that one armor left of him, but due to the deceit of Shri Krishna and Devraj Indra, he had to donate his armor and Arjuna eventually defeated and killed Karna because of his vow of his previous birth.
Friends, this was the story of Karna's previous birth .... Soon I will try to bring the whole story of Maharathi Karna to this blog .... Wait a little till then, I do not know how long it will take to write that article.

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