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Know why Parshuram could not defeat Bhishma Pitamah in war ??

Know why Parshuram could not defeat Bhishma Pitamah in war ??

We all know the story of Mahabharata.  According to beliefs, this war between cousins ​​Kauravas and Pandavas took place about 5000 years ago in Kurukshetra.  This region is present in Haryana today. This war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas lasted for 18 days and the Pandavas, who were the symbols of dharma in this story, finally got success to take over the throne of Hastinapur. By the way, do you know that this was not the first war fought in Kurukshetra.  Even before this, a fierce war was fought in Kurukshetra, which was astonishing to all. This battle in Kurukshetra was fought between Bhishma Pitamah and Parashurama when the Kauravas and Pandavas were not even born.  The special thing is that Bhishma was a disciple of Parashurama.

The war of Mahabharata lasted only for eighteen days, but the battle of Lord Parshuram and Bhishma lasted for twenty-three days and the gods had to come to earth to stop this war. According to Mahabharata, Lord Parashurama is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Bhishma Pitamah is an incarnation of Vasu, Vasu is also a form of Lord Vishnu.  Therefore Lord Parashurama and Bhishma are incomparable in both glory and might.

In the Dwapar Yuga, girls of the Kashi royal family were married in Hastinapur for years.  But when the King of Kashi decides to marry his three daughters through Swayamvara.  And do not invite any kind to the prince of Hastinapur. Then Bhishma Pitamah takes this as an insult to Hastinapur, and he reaches Kashi. Also defeats all the kings who have come to participate in the Swayamvara by his power. He kidnaps Amba, Ambalika and Ambika and  return Hastinapur along with these three princess. He want to do marries them to his younger brother Vichitravirya.

But at the same time, Amba speaks her wish to Rani Satyavati, that she loves Shalva Naresh.  And in the swayamvara, she did not express her desire in the  royal court due to fear of Bhishma Pitamah, hearing this word of Amba, Bhishma Pitamah respectfully sends Amba to the King of Shalva. But Shalva was greatly hurt due to the defeat by Bhishma Pitamah at the Swayamvara in the royal court, and sent his girlfriend Amba back to Bhishma Pitamah. And told that he does not accept the donated item.

Amba then considers it an insult and proposes marriage to Bhishma in the royal court.  But Bhishma Pitamah rejects Amba's proposal because of his promise to remain unmarried for a lifetime. And considering this to be a gross insult, Amba approaches the sages-saints to adopt the life of the Sadhvi.  Among the same sages-saints, she meets her maternal grandfather, Hatrovahana, who had gone to forest for penance in childhood , who was a friend and also a childhood's friend of Lord Parashurama. Hotravahana felt very sad to hear Amba's story.  Then he said that you go to Lord Parshuram on my behest.  He will definitely take away your sorrow and pain.  He is also my friend ,when this conversation was going on, then Parshuram ji's dear servant Akitravran came and he said that Parshuram ji is coming here right now.

After some time, Parashurama went there and said O daughter!  Tell me what is your purpose  ! At this, Amba told her story.  Then Lord Parshuram said, I will send you to Bhishma.  He will do as I say.  If he does not listen to me, then I will finish him.  Amba said "Do as you please".

Lord Parshurama was the Guru of Bhishma Pitamah,  after hearing the order of Lord Parashurama then he immediately approaches Lord Parashurama.  And he tells him all the events, and also makes him realize own vow and commitment. But Lord Parashurama does not properly understand the situation due to his anger, and inspires Bhishma to fight with himself.  Bhishma Pitamah did not want to argue more with his guru.  And due to obey for his order, he get ready for war.

The war of Mahabharata which lasted 18 days while this fierce war between Lord Parashurama and Bhishma lasted for a full 24 days.  And in this war, all the Divyastra and Brahmastra were also used.  While the Brahmastra was not used in any way in the Mahabharata.  This war between Lord Parshuram and Bhishma Pitamah was fierce. Which this war ended without any result, though ideologically and in principally, the defeat of Lord Parashurama in this war happens.  The complete description of this war is mentioned in Chapters 181 , 182 and 183 in Amba Kand of Mahabharata.  As we know, there is a fierce battle for 24 days between Lord Parashurama and Bhishma Pitamah, in which many divyastra and Brahmastra are also used. Due to which the whole world starts to get destroyed, and the sky and hades are also on fire, and the sea water starts drying up.  As we know Lord Parashurama was an incarnation of Vishnu and when he presents for battle without chariot in front of Bhishma, Bhishma Pitamah requests him to come on the chariot.  Then Parashurama tells Bhishma that all the land is his chariot, wind is horse, speed is charioteer, and Vedmata Gayatri, Saraswati and Parvati are his armor.  After this fierce battle between Lord Parashuram and Bhishma started.

On the very first day of the battle, Lord Parshuram killed Bhishma's charioteer and injured Bhishma and dropped him from his chariot.  At that time there appeared eight Brahmins, who were actually eight Vasus, they caught Bhishma falling and did not let him fall to the ground. After this, Bhishma saw that the place of his charioteer on the chariot of Bhishma was now handled by Mother Ganga.  Bhishma bowed down to his mother and prayed to leave from there.  Mother Ganga went away from there blessing Bhishma. After this Bhishma again appeared on the battlefield.  This time Bhishma left his vajra-like arrows on Parashurama's chest.  Due to this, Lord Parashurama also fainted for a while but immediately gained consciousness and he held a large bow like a palm tree in his hands. With this, it was sunset and both of them had to stop the war. After this, the next day morning again there was start battle of Lord Parashurama and Bhishma. In this war, Parashurama would dominate Bhishma and sometimes Bhishma would dominate Parashuram. When the battle between Bhishma Pitamah Lord Parashuram goes on for many days without any result. Then both Bhishma Pitamah and Lord Parashurama use their divyastra.  So sometimes Bhishma Pitamah faints, then sometimes Lord Parshuram faints, and war does not reach any result.  And both are badly injured.

In this way, the war of Lord Parshuram and Bhishma continued for twenty three days.  Now Lord Parshurama was also started worrying about how to defeat Bhishma and the war go ended and here Bhishma also started praying to the gods at night. Bhishma prayed to the gods that "O Dev! I see no end to this fierce war, I am not able to defeat Lord Parshuram in any way and the world is being destroyed by this ongoing war. So therefore tell me a way in which I can defeat my guru and my Gurudev should not get any harm. "

On that night, in the dream Bhishma saw  those eight Brahmins, who were handled to Bhishma when he falling from the chariot.  They said to Bhishma "You are like as our form. We give you this Parshwapnastra. Your guru Parashurama cannot be killed in any way." He has no fear of death but he do not even know about this Parshawapnastra.  Due to this Parshawapnastra's effect, he will subject to sleeping state in the war & become disenchanted with the war, and you surely  will be win .  " And you will not incur the sin of killing any Brahman.

Then Bhishma Pitamah asks those eight brahmins about the method of operating this weapon. Then those eight Brahmins said to Bhishma "You took this weapon in your former body (Bhishma was also Vasu in a previous life). So you will know the method of operating it yourself. You only remember it." Having said to this secret mystery,all those the eight brahmins were disappear .

After this, the battle of Bhishma and Parashurama started again the next day.  Fierce war ensued between the two.  When Lord Parshuram and Bhishma Pitamah both destroy each other's weapons. At that time Bhishma remembered Prasavapanastra. As soon as that terrible weapon appeared, the atmosphere of the war zone started to change.  Inauspicious signs started appearing from all directions. Then there is Akashvani in the sky, which prevents Bhishma Pitamah from using this weapon on Lord Parashurama.  It is clearly mentioned in Akashvani that son Bhishma you will insult your's guru by using this weapon.  Hearing this, Bhishma Pitamah stops using this weapon. At that time the gods also came to the sky and said to Bhishma, "Bhishma should not use this weapon on his Gurudev, it will be insulting him." By obeying the gods, Bhishma returned this weapon.

After this, Bhishma and Parashuram started fighting with each other again.  Now both wanted to end this war, so both the warriors left Brahmastra on one another.  Both the Brahmastra collided with each other.  Due to this, what gods and demons also started saying to protect us. Seeing the fierce war going on between the two, all the gods , ancestors of Lord Parshuram and ancestor of Bhishma Pitamah appear in the sky and make both of them aware of their existence and responsibilities.

Now eight Vasu, Mother Ganga and Naradji appeared there.  They explained to Bhishma that by returning Brahmastra to end this war, on the other hand, Parashurama's father Jamadagni and Parashurama's grandfather Maharishi Hrichik also appeared there. He called upon Lord Parshuram to the motto of Brahmin dharma.  At the same time, the gods also stood in the sky and said to Lord Parashuram, " O God, you should end this war. The time for Mahatma Bhishma's death has not yet come." When Lord Nara will be born as Bhishma's dynansty in the form of Arjuna, the son of Indra, he will cause Bhishma's death with the help of Amba, born again as Shikhandi.  Therefore, you should not interfere with the plan of god and return your Brahmastra. In this way, Lord Parashurama and Bhishma both returned their Brahmastra at the behest of the gods and sages.  Lord Parashurama blessed Bhishma and ordered him to go back to battlefield .  Then Bhishma Pitamah says to his guru Parashurama, that I was fighting to obey your command, I had no purpose to fight. After this Parashurama left from there.  After this Bhishma also returned to Hastinapur. That is, this war proves that both were equipped with parallel powers. And it was not possible to defeat both.  And the war of both was destroying the creation.  Therefore, this fierce war was try to averted by using the Parshwapnastra weapon.

And in this war, Lord Parshuram also did not use Parshu on Bhishma Pitamah.  Which was obtained by Lord Parashurama from Lord Shiva.  That is why he got the name Parashurama from Rama. The Parshu and Sudarshan Chakra is a unique divyastra, held by one person in one era.  Brahmastra can be many, Divyastra can be many.  And many individuals may have.  But Parshu and Sudarshan Chakra are two such weapons which are under the same person in one era. And which are not used on the same power holder and incarnations and parts of God.  The main motive of all this event and war was that the way Lord Parashuram sacrificed his wrath by the arrow run by Lord Rama in the Treta Yuga.  Similarly, due to the defeat suffered by Bhishma Pitamah in Dwapar Yuga, he should sacrifice his weapons and lead the life of a Brahmin.

When Bhishma Pitamah triumphs in this war.  So Amba gets angry and tells Bhishma Pitamah that " I will be born again and again, and the become reason for your death. Seeing that her revenge was not complete, Amba did the harsh penance of Lord Shiva. Shiv was pleased and gave her a boon that she would be born as Shikhandi in the next birth.During the Mahabharata war, it was the Shikhandi, under whose guise Arjuna injured  Bhishma by arrows.  Ultimately, Amba became the cause of Bhishma's death.

This whole incident teaches us that Bhishma Pitamah never insulted Amba, nor did Bhishma Pitamah have any motive to snatch Amba's love.  But Amba's life is suddenly affected completely by the thoughtless work done by him. In which Amba was not at fault.  Due to the remorse of this guilt, Bhishma Pitamah recognizes the hidden Amba as Shikhandi.  And to pay off her debt, he tells Arjuna the secret of his death. Bhishma Pitamah was a very great man but due to the pledge and emotional decision taken by him, not only he but the whole of Hastinapur ceased to exist.  And his life was also very struggling. While he always made sacrifices for others, he never asked for anything in life.  Therefore every person should always work thinking thoughtfully. We should not make such a personal decision.  Which is fatal to us and other people's lives.

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