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Sahastrarjuna:- An ultimate warrior who defeated Ravana in battle.

Sahastrarjuna:- An ultimate warrior who defeated Ravana in battle.

Ravana is not interested in any introduction.  Ramayana is the written history of Ravana's powers. Ravana was one such Pandit, Mahapandit!  To kill whom Lord Vishnu himself had to be born on earth. Ravana, the great scholar and powerful who shook Indra's throne and even to Mount Kailash, had to face defeat once.

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O Yes!  According to the mythological story, Ravana was defeated by Bahubali , the Haihay dynasty emperor of the Mahishmati kingdom.  Not only this, he also imprisoned Ravana in his kingdom.

After all, who is Bahubali who defeated Ravana, let's know -

 According to Hindu mythology, Arjuna was the emperor of the Mahishmati kingdom and the son of the Haihaya dynasty's king Kartavirya and queen Padmini. After then Kartavirya he became the king of the Mahishmati kingdom.  Being the son of King Kartavirya, he is also called Kartavirya Arjuna. Maharaja Kartavirya and queen Padmini sought a blessing to Lord vishnu for a mighty son after many years of rigorous penance  on the Gandhamadan mountain . With the blessings of Srihari, he had a son named Arjuna.  With the blessings of Lord Vishnu, Arjuna was full of power and capacity .  After the death of his father, Arjun assumed the throne of Mahishmatipuri on the banks of Narmada.

The fifteenth chapter of Navam Skandha in Shrimad Bhagwat Ji, 'Character of Ritchik, Jamadagni and Parasuramji' states that Kartavirya Arjuna pleased  Dattatreya avatar  of Lord Narayana with his hard penance.  In return, Kartavirya Arjuna obtained the blessing of receiving one thousand hand from Dattatreya.

Kartavirya Arjuna pleased Atri's son Dattatreya after performing austerities for ten thousand years.  Pleased with this austerity, Lord Dattatreya told Arjuna to ask for boon, then he asked four boon: - "

First- I want to get the strength of thousand hand, which I can reveal at anytime with my require . Second - "If ever I indulge in unrighteous work, then any sages-saints will come there and stop me". Third- "I may be keep the people happy by following the dharma by conquering the earth through war". And the fourth boon was like this -"during the war I would be killed by a more powerful warrior than me".

As a result of these four boons, a thousand hand of Arjuna were made manifest by the desire of warWith this, he also got senses power, incredible wealth, valor, fame, indomitable courage and physical strength by the grace of Lord Dattatreya.

Due to all these qualities and thousand of hands, he was also named Sahasrabahu.  At the same time due to muscle power, he was also called Bahubali.

On the basis of boon, he had killed many enemies by conquering the earth including islands, sea and cities. No emperor of the world could equal Kartavirya Arjuna in the qualities of might, victory, yajna, sacrifice, penance, yoga, scripture ,war skill etc.

He was a yogi, so with shield-sword, bow-arrows and the chariot always appeared to protect the subjects in the seven islands. He used to protect yagyas and fields.  He used to make clouds by using his yogic force and make it rain as needed.  Nothing was ever destroyed in his kingdom.  The subjects were happy in every way.

According to the mythological texts and Puranas, there are many names of Kartavirya Arjuna's name Hayhayadhipati, Sahasrarjuna, Dasgrivijayi, Sudashen, Saptadravipadhi, Kritaviryanandan, Chakravatara, Rajeshwar, etc.

According to Hindu mythology, he once fought a battle with Lankapati Ravana who was ultimate scholar and great devotee of Lord Shiva.  Whose story are like this, which are also the main attraction of today's article. Now let's move on to the story.......

At the time of his digvijay(conquest of world in all direction), Ravana conquered all the countries-territories and reached Mahishmati Nagar situated on the banks of Narmada.  At that time there was the rule of the Haihayavanshi king Kartyavirya Arjuna who was also called Sahastrajun due to his 1000 arms. By his power he had spread his empire to the Himalayas and there was no one in the world who dared to fight him.

After reaching his kingdom, the idea of ​​worshiping Lord Shiva came to Ravana's mind and he sat down to worship on the banks of Narmada. He made a Shivling of Narmada's river sand and ordered his servants to bring fruits and flowers, etc. and began preparing the worship.Somewhere away from him Sahastrajun was playing in the Narmada river with his wives.His wives requested him to show his power to in front of them once. Knowing their wish, Sahastrajun stopped the waters of Narmada river with his 1000 arms. Because of this, the water of Narmada started rising up on the other side of his arms and that rising water accidentally destroyed the Shivling made by Ravana.

When Ravan saw this, there was no limit to his anger.  He ordered his minister to go and find out who is responsible for that due to this his Shivling has damaged. On the orders of Ravana, the minister went ahead and saw an astonishing scene where Kartavirya Arjuna was stoping the waters of the Narmada with his 1000 arms. Then he came back and informed Ravana about that. When Ravana heard this, he too was surprised.  He thought that if he defeated such a powerful king, his fame would spread further in the world.  Thinking this, he sent his commander Prahsta as an envoy to the Haihayavanshi Sahastrajun. Prahast's fame was also great, so when Sahastrarjun saw Prahasta as a messenger, he welcomed him and asked him the reason for coming there.

Then Prahasta said - "O Maharaj! I have come as a messenger of my lord Lankapati Ravana. He wants to dueled with you. His order is to either  you dueled with him or hand over the kingdom of Mahishmati to him and go into the forest himself. If you did not do this, then be ready to see the destruction of your entire family.  Lankapati Ravana has also defeated the gods himself with his might.  So my suggestion to you is not to fight him and  hand over your kingdom to him. "

Hearing the talk of Prahasta, Kartavirya Arjuna said while laughing  - "O Prahasta! So you are the messenger of Ravana who himself snatched away the his kingdom & Pushpak Vimana from elder brother Kubera? It has also come to the hearing that he keeps abducting the weak girls. It is believe that after receiving boon from the  Brahmaji and Mahadeva, he has started thinking himself to be omnipotent.  I have heard that he is Dasanana, but is there so much strength in his twenty arms that he can withstand my thousand arms?  So go and tell him that he should leave the persistence of the children and return to his kingdom. "

Then Prahasta said - "Maharaj! Perhaps you are not aware of Lankesh's power. I myself do not want to diminish his fame by mentioning his power and that is why I request you to reconsider your decision." Why do you want to throw your innocent people into the fire of war in vain?  Rakshasaraj also does not want this massacre, that is why he has only sent a proposal of dueled with you. Now the decision is in your hands. "

Then Sahastrarjun said in anger - "O demon! If you had not come as a messenger, I would have killed you by saying so. But okay, it seems that it is necessary to break the arrogance of your lord's strength. You go and invite him to the Mahishmati on my behalf. I will try to explain him once more.  If he does not agree, I will definitely fight him and send him to Yamaraja. ”Then after hearing this, Prahasta returned to Ravana.

On the invitation of Kartyavirya Arjuna, Ravana entered the city of Mahishmati. His face's glow was amazing. Sahastrajun welcomed Ravana and provided him proper place for sit. After hospitality, Sahastrajun once again explained to Ravana that there is no justification for fighting without any reason, but Ravana was submerged in his strength. He rejects Sahastrajun's proposal of peace and challenges him to war again.

Kartavirya Arjuna was also a Kshatriya.  He could not reject the challenge of war.  He too accepted the invitation of the rivalry of Ravana.  The next day, both warrior met at the royal battle field. When the two great warriors came across each other in full gallant form, it seemed as if the both warrior fought together would win the whole world. When the time of war came, they both gave each other a final warning.

Kartavirya said - "O Ravana! I have no doubt about your valor, but still I am giving you one last chance. From here take service of my hospitality and return to Lanka and rule in peace. Why are you becoming enemies of your life ? " On this Ravana said - "Mahismati's king! I do not have doubt even on your power, but everyone has their limits. But I am Lankesh and I have no limit. You probably do not know that I myself have forced to flee Devraj Indra from heaven. So, if you want, accept my authority and rule over Mahishmati. "

Now there was no hope for a treaty, so a terrible war began between the two.  At first both of them kept measuring their muscle power and soon both understood that their opponent is not an ordinary warrior.  So now both of them decided to use their full power.  Sahastrajun revealed his 1000 hands.  Seeing this, the people of Mahishmati started to clamor.

Seeing this, Ravana also took his Darshanan form.  Seeing his terrible form, the demon heroes started to laughing with joy.  Now both of them clashed with their full strength. The war of both continued uninterruptedly for many days, but the decision of defeat and victory could not be decide. Even after fighting for so many days, both were not tired .  Both warriors's weapons go in vain and started fighting with hands. A lot of time passed while attacking each other.

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Finally, Sahastrajun grabbed Ravana with his 1000 arms in such a way that he was unable to move.  Ravana put all his strength but he could not get rid of Sahastrajun. Sahastrajun held Ravana with so much force that Ravana was unable to take breath and became unconscious. Then Kartavirya put Ravana in chains and put him in prison.  Ravana's army was driven out of the city, but they stayed outside the city to protect their king.

Prahasta imedeately reached Ravana's grand father Maharishi Pulatsya and told him all the things. Then he reached Mahishmati to redeem his grandson. When Sahastrarjun came to know that Saptarshi Maharshi Pulatsya, who belonged to  very close to his deity Lord Dattatreya, had come to his kingdom, he himself came to welcome him at the entrance of the city. He duly worshiped Maharishi and asked him many questions of knowledge.  Then Maharishi Pulatsya cleared all his doubts and blessed him.

Then Sahastrajun asked him the reason for coming there. Then Maharishi Pulatsya said - "O Rajan! I have heard that my grandson Ravana is a prisoner in your prison. After defeating him you have shown your valor and Ravana will also regret his actions. But now its my wish you set him free."Then Sahastrarjun said - "Maharishi! Your wish is the same as your command. I am very sad that you had to come here for such a small thing. If you had sent the message, I myself  would have freed Ravana."

Saying this, Sahastrajun called Ravana with respect. When Ravana saw his grandfather there, he bowed to him, but even Ravana's head  could not rise due to shame. When Maharishi Pulatsya saw Ravana in such inferiority complex, he returned Ravana's confidence by giving him a variety of preaching. At his command, Ravana befriended Sahastrajun and returned to Lanka with his army.

Kartavirya Arjuna remained the Chakravarti Samrata rich of all types by wealth-property and enjoyed all the happiness till long time. Meanwhile, neither his power was weakened nor his wealth was destroyed. What was the point of  be destroy his wealth, he had such an effect that only the remembering of his name, others was also got own  lost wealth.

Once hungry - thirsty Agnideva begs King Arjuna. Then that warrior gave his entire kingdom to Agnidev in alms.  After getting alms, Agnidev, with the help of Arjuna, scorch all the mountain forests etc. of his kingdom. He also scorch the desolate homage of the Maharishi Vasistha who was famous by the name of  Aapava.  Maharishi Vasistha's desolate ashram was scorch.

That is why he cursed Sahastrarjuna - "O Sahastrarjuna! You have become so impious that even this holy ashram of mine does not leave without scorching. Now your death is near. You will face a warrior who will be more  powerful than you. He will definetly defeat you in battle and also kill you." Dattatreya gave four boons to Arjuna.  Out of them, Arjuna had enjoyed the happiness bestowed in the three boons and now it was time comes for the fourth boon to be converted into reality. As per Arjuna's wish, Dattatreya Muni gave him the fourth boon of being killed by a more powerful warrior during the war. This fourth boon conferred by Dattatreya was converted into a curse by Vasisthamuni. As a result of this curse, Parashurama, who is called the Anshvatara of Lord Vishnu, killed Kartaviriyakumar Arjuna in the battlefield.

Many stories of Sahasrabahu are found in Mahabharata, Vedas and many Puranas, and the stories are also very different.  According to the Puranas, every year Sahasrabahu Jayanti is celebrated just after Diwali on Kartik Shukla Saptami. The Bhagavata Purana narrates the birth story of the origin of Sahasrabahu Maharaj by Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi.

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