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Importance of dana(Donation)

Importance of dana(Donation)

In every religion, Dana (donation) has been considered very important.  While giving charity gives freedom from attachment, the faults of life also go away.

Donation has been important in life since time immemorial.  The saga of sages-saints and daanveeras(great donor ) is full of in history.  The biggest donor is believed to be Lord Shiva, who does not refuse to give anything to any petitioner.  Donation is the identity of India and charity should be such that one hand is donated and the other hand does not to get known.  Secret donation is very important. Annadana, Vashtradana, Vidyadana, Abhaydana, Dhanadana, all donations make a person a part of virtue.  Donation protects money, age and honor.  Donation protects a person's age and health.  It is said that a donation made by a human being gives its benefit to seven generations.
Donating can also relieve the suffering of the Navagraha.  Donation of different items removes different problems, but if you donate, do it by thinking.  It is written in the Vedas that you can earn with hundreds of hands and donate thousands with hands.
The person who gets happiness by donating gets the infinite grace of God.  Donation makes a human being superior and virtuous.  Giving charity to needy people leads to amazing virtue.

In Sanatan culture, great importance of dana(donation) has been told.  While glorifying charity in mythological texts, it is described as essential for both enjoyment and salvation.  It has been said in the scriptures that by donating and performing charity according to one's own ability, one gets all the happiness in Ihloka(worldy life) and attains salvation in the hereafter. Therefore, in normal circumstances, human beings donate for the accomplishment of a particular work on date-festivals, pilgrimages.  There are four types of effort mentioned in the mythological scriptures.  Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

Similarly, in Sanatan culture, certain rites are of great importance.  One of these is charity.  Three types of donors are described in the Vedas.  Which is uttam( perfect),  madhyama(middle) and  nikristha(inferior).
The charity which is given for true knowledge  as the advancement of dharma progress in the category of good charity ie perfect dana.  Self-made donation falls into the category of madhyama(medium) donation and the person who donates to a mischievous person like prostitution, sinner,weicked person etc. is called a bad donation ie nikristha(inferior) donation.
Annadana, Vastradana, Vidyadan, Abhyadan and Dhandana, all these donations make a human being a part of virtue.  By donating anything, the mind gets rid of worldly attachment.  To leave all forms of attachment and emotion starts with charity and forgivenessIn Sriramcharitmanas, Goswami Tulsidas has said that there is no dharma like Parhit(to do welfare of other people ) and there is no sin like giving trouble to othersWhenever there is talk of charity, the name of King Harichandra, donation of Karna etc. is taken first. The scriptures elaborate on giving donations. It is said about charity that we should learn from nature to donate, just as trees give fruits for philanthropy, rivers give water for philanthropy, in the same way human beings should also donation. The peace we get by helping others has no value.  Donation has special importance in every religion.  According to religious beliefs, donation brings a sense of sacrifice and renunciation within a human being.

Donation is such a work, through which we are not only able to follow the dharma properly but we can also overcome all the problems of our life.  Donation is considered infallible for age, protection and health.  To get rid of all the problems of life, charity is also important.  By donating, it is easy to get relief from the suffering of the planets. According to astrology experts, different problems are overcome with the donation of different things, but without giving thought to wrong donations, you can also be harmed.  Sometimes, good planets can give bad results due to wrong donations.  According to astrologers, it is also written in the Vedas that one should earn with hundreds of hands and donate with thousands of hands.

The person gets satisfaction from donating.  Donation is considered a work of virtue.  There is a lot of importance of donation in the scriptures.  It is said that by donating one gets renewable virtue.  Not only this, by donating, the results of our inadvertent sins are destroyed.  The importance of charity is described in the Vedas and Puranas.  It is said that a person who does not have mercy in his heart cannot donate.  It is said that donations should always be made directly by hand.  Donations made directly by hand are considered auspicious. Regarding giving donations, astrologers say that we should use the same thing that we use.  As if donating torn clothes should never be donated.  You should donate clothes as you wear.  Donating clothes always keeps the financial condition good.  Donation should always be done by someone who uses the donated item.  It is said about donating metals that the disaster caused by donating metals is averted.  On the other hand, there is no lack of food in life to donate food grains.  Donating unripe grains is always considered good. There are also many psychological benefits of donating.  Donating brings openness in mind and thoughts.  The power of attachment from charity weakens.  It is said that giving up every kind of attachment and emotion starts with charity and forgiveness.  Donating is sacrificing the importance and affection of the person making the donation.  Donating opens many glands of mind.  Donating brings immense satisfaction.  Many types of defects can be eradicated by donating.

A single-handed donation returns with thousands of hands.

We get what we give, we all know this thing about charity.  Donation, that is, the spirit of giving, the senseless spirit of giving.  There are four types of donations in Hinduism, food donation, drug donation, knowledge donation and assurance of protection and organ donation has special importance in modern perspective. Donation is a virtous work by which we not only follow dharma but also perform our duties towards society and creatures .
But charity is glorified only when it is done selflessly, if it is donated in the desire to get something, then it becomes a business.  The thing to understand here is that giving is not as important as 'feeling of charity '. If we are giving something to someone, but the feeling of giving is not the desire, then that donation is false, it has no meaning.  Similarly, when we give and there is a feeling behind it, like virtue will be found or God will give something in response to this, then our eyes are only on taking not to giving, otherwise it is  a deal?
Donation means enjoyment in giving, a sense of generosity is a feeling of love and kindness towards the mere creature, but when the selfishness of getting something is hidden behind this gesture, does it remain charity?  It is also written in the Gita that do karma, do not worry about the result, our authority is only on our karma and not on its result. Every action is a reaction, it is a simple law of the world and science, therefore, with respect to our free heart, charity according to our ability and heartly, in addition to making a better society, it also helps in acheaving our own personality and according to the rules of universe its result we will definitely get it in future.
In today's perspective, the importance of giving donation  has increased because we have forgotten to give(donation) in the blind race of modernity and materiality.  Every relationship was first watered from the heart with love tolerance. But today!  Today we do not have time because we are all running and do not have heart because there is no time to think!  Yes, but we have a lot of money and intelligence, so now we invest in everything, that is, relationships or love! So we have forgotten to give with selflessly.  Even if we give, we will first think about what the thing is getting  and that is why families are crumbling, society is crumbling.
When we are unable to give our rights to our loved ones, how will we be able to donate to the society?  If we understand the scientific aspect of giving, when we give something to someone, then we have not to right of that thing, it comes under the possession of the recipient.Therefore, by this work of giving, we try to overcome our attachment to some extent.  Donating has a psychological effect on our thoughts and our personality, so our culture teaches us giving donation, not to take it from childhood.  We should got donate it with the hands of our children so that these rites come in them from childhood.
Donation should be of money, it is not necessary at all, bread is given to the hungry, treatment of the sick, our time to a distressed person, proper counseling, clothing, cooperation, learning as required, all of them when we understand the need of the front and we giving.  We do not expect to get anything, it is all charity. In Ramcharitmanas, Goswami Tulsidas ji says that there is no dharma like Parhit(think about others welfare) and there is no sin like suffering others.Donation of knowledge(Vidyadana) is the best donation among charities because no one can steal it nor it ends but in the course of time learning grows and by educating a person we would make him such a citizen to donate in future.  Those who provide support to the society and not depend on the society.
Similarly in today's perspective, blood and organ donation is needed.  What else can be better than the charity which protects the life of an organism?  Our scriptures describe the sage Dadhichi who donated even his bones, Karna who had donated his gold's teeth to the suppliant even in his last days. Nature teaches us to give, the sun gives its light, the flowers its fragrance, the trees its fruits, the rivers its water, the earth shatters its chest and gives its crop on us with both hands. Despite this, neither the sunlight nor the fragrance of the flowers, nor the fruits of the trees have diminished nor the water of the rivers, so the donation comes back to us with many hands after giving with one hand, the condition is that it is selfless.  It should be done with reverence for the good of socieity.
Everyone praises the donor.  Raja Shivi, Muni Dadhichi, Karna are still immortal due to charity.  Whatever you have - money, things, food, strength, intelligence, knowledge, it is the ultimate dharma, humanity or duty to give it to any other creature on his need, whether he asks for it or not .  Nature is giving everything to creatures  without asking for it.  Even God, whether we ask or not, gives us according to our ability and need.  Therefore, he also expects us to give what we have to others. There are many such incidents in the scriptures that no matter how much Yajna, chanting, penance, yoga, etc., which does not help the poor, does not get heaven or happiness.  A person who does not have the feeling of charity in society or society is not called civilized. It is condemned and its downfall, because the society will be happy, unhappy, and affluent - and more cooperation will be needed.  Therefore, cooperation is necessary for the survival and progress of society. At the time of donating, you should not be ego in your mind, of arrogance, to earn merit or to do favor, you should be thankful to that character that he has gratified you by instilling goodwill in you.  There should be gratitude to God that he made you worthy of giving something.
Donation should always be done as per your wish.  Donation made under any pressure never gives auspicious results.

 Whatever items are given in charity, they should always be of the best class or at least the same as you use yourself.  Low-class items should not be donated.

 Always donate to the person who is deprivation and eligible.  Donating to a weicked and rich person is not fruitful.
If you want to donate to a Brahmin, then keep in mind that the Brahmin is sattvik, virtuous and a devotee of God.  Donating to a Kusankari(weicked) Brahmin is fruitless.

 If you have to donate for the planets, then donate the same planet which is troublesome.  Donating to favorable planets can put you in trouble.

 Before donating to an outsider, consider whether there is any absence in your family.  First arrange a dependent on yourself, then donate.

 Donation is considered the simplest and best means to get rid of all the misdeeds done in life.


Tulsi Das ji has described great importance of donation in Ramcharitmanas.

प्रगट चारि पद धर्म के कलि महुँ एक प्रधान। जेन केन बिधि दीन्हें दान करइ कल्यान॥103 ख॥
#Bhava - There are four stages of dharma like Truth, Mercy, Tenacity and Donation, out of which donations are predominant in Kalyug, in whatever way charity is given welfare, charity is great welfare. And mental development occurs so donations should be given.
सो धन धन्य प्रथम गति जाकी।
In another couplet, Tulsidas ji has told that the importance of charity is that there are three uses of charity, the first of those three experiments (donation, enjoyment and accumulation) is there, and welfare is the blessed one.
Sri_Bhagavata_Gita (17 chapters)
Shree Krishna Bhagwan has revealed the importance of donation inside the Gita and has divided it on the basis of all the three qualities because there are three types of human tendencies which are called gunas can also be called Satvik ,Rajasic ,Tamasic.
दातव्यमिति यद्दानं दीयतेऽनुपकारिणे। देशे काले च पात्रे च तद्दानं सात्त्विकं स्मृतम्‌॥
Such donation which is our duty to donate, is given in recognition of this duty and towards which donation is given.  There is no hope of getting anything from him in return and the donation which is given in view of Desh(country) Kaal(time) Patra(eligible) is a satvik donation.
That means I have to donate because it is my duty because the dharma according to the country and it has to be given to the time and the eligible . It means from where the food is available somewhere, it is not there to do Bhandara . Just like in a market nowadays you see that all the food facilities are available, people start to doing bhandara, patra(eligible) means that who is being donated, who is he, what he needed . If a beggar is an animal bird or a Brahmin, it should be donated accordingly.
यत्तु प्रत्युपकारार्थं फलमुद्दिश्य वा पुनः। दीयते च परिक्लिष्टं तद्दानं राजसं स्मृतम्‌॥
Rajas is opposite to Satvik donations in charity, in this the donor gives charity in terms of benevolence and wants to get something in return for that donation and such donation which also hurts the giver.
At the time of Durga Puja, stop trucks / buses / rickshaws, force them to get pamphlets, then they are unwilling to give donations to charity, at first sight they donate because they think that donation will go to Durga Maa , but he has trouble in giving it to him, because he is unable to give whatever he wants to donate according to his earnings. Any donation that is given for selfish fulfillment, which the donor donates due to some purpose, is a  Rajas dana like if I pass the exam, I get a good job, I get a good salary, I win lottery will be my job.  That should become work, I should go abroad etc.

अदेशकाले यद्दानमपात्रेभ्यश्च दीयते। असत्कृतमवज्ञातं तत्तामसमुदाहृतम्‌॥
Tamasik dana is very dangerous , it is disgusting, in contrast to the above things, all the demerits are like this is not given by anyone looking at the country and time and the eligibility , and there is no truth in this donation nor merit.  If there is no any command in it, such donation is called Tamasi Daan. In which the donation which is given only for the evil of other and only by giving charity without taking into consideration dharma comes in this.

Couplets of Kabir ji

दान दिए धन ना घटे, नदी ने घटे नीर ।अपनी आँख देख लो, यों क्या कहे कबीर ॥
Kabir ji is saying that nothing decreasing by donating, it is like if the water drained from the river, everyone must donate.
तिन समान कोई और नहि, जो देते सुख दान I सबसे करते प्रेम सदा, औरन देते मान।
There is no man like that who gives happiness to others.  Those who always love and respect others.  Donation of happiness in any way to others is also a donation. Kabir has expanded the definition of charity.
जो जल बाढ़े नाव में, घर में बाढ़े दाम । दोऊ हाथ उलीचिये, यही सयानों काम ।।
Kabir ji is saying that as you are driving the boat and there are many holes in it and water starts increasing inside the boat, then when the wealth ,fame, prosperity in the house starts increasing, then use your two hands and hurry the boat.  Start draining the water from it and start donating the money that has come from your home, then peace will also begin to come. This is the work of wiseman.

 Rahim ji
देनहार कोई और है भेजत सो दिन रात I लोग भरम हम पै धरै याते नीचे नैन ।
Rahim ji says that even I donate, but God already donates the donations that I give and people think that I am giving donations, this is the grace of God, that's why my eyes bow down (  It was the specialty of Rahim ji that when he used to donate, he used to eyes bow down.)


It has also been mentioned in the scriptures about donation that any person should give at least one-tenth of his earnings in charity if he brings ₹ 100 in his monthly salary, then at least to donate ₹ 10 .  Donating does not mean that you donate money only. Donation does not require any special status.
When does one experience eternal happiness?  When you leave your most beloved thing in the world for others.  What is that thing of the world?  Money.  People are very fond of money.  So let the money go, drain it.  Only then will you know that the more you let go, the more will come.
God has not made everyone the same… If someone on earth is rich then someone is poor… In such a way, whoever is capable, they must donate to the needy.

Donation has been given great importance in our place.  It is considered mandatory to spend a part of your income as donation.  Our forefathers had declared charity as an essential dharmik duty by associating unbreakable relationship with dharma.  There are big idols of charity in our literature and even today we are following the tradition of charity in some form or the other.  From the poor to the rich, everyone donates something according to their situation.  It is as if giving has become a part of our nature. But like other traditions, faults have also arisen in the tradition of charity.  Instead of misuse of donations, misuse has started increasing.  Behind the donation, the instinct of reverence, goodwill, sacrifice and good use should be replaced by many distortions.  Very few people know why to donate, who should donate, how to donate.  The lyricist explained the donation as saying-
दातव्यति यद्दानं दीयतेऽनुपकारिणे।
देशे कालेच पात्रे च तद्दानं सात्विकं स्मृतं॥
यत्ततु प्रत्युपकारार्थं फलर्मुाद्दश्य वा पुनः।
दीयते च परिक्लिष्टं तद्दानं राजसं स्मृतम्॥
अदेशेकाले यद्दानमात्रेभ्यश्च दीयते।
असत्कृतमवज्ञातं तत्तामसमुदाहृतम्॥
"Donating is the duty of man, knowing that the donation which is given by taking care of the country, time, eligibility without any desire, is a sattvic donation."

 It is a rajsik donation given to fulfill any desire by receiving tribulation or feeling of revenge.

 The charity which is given without hospitality, without taking care of the country-time-eligibility , with neglect or contempt, is tamsik charity.

In the practically also, there are mainly three emotions behind the donation.  A donation is given to someone who is empowered as a scholar, ascetic public leader, philanthropist, scientist, artist etc.  In this, reverence is the main one. The second type of charity is given to the poor people without power, through compassion and kindness.  The third type of charity is given by the ego, to beat the donor of your charity, to buy fame, for some profit, to grow.
Now we can see what is the status of charity in our society?  The excellent nature of charity is becoming very extinct and in its place a flood of rajasic, tamasic donation has come and it is not able to become a part of society in the same way as the food given to the patient of diarrhea.  On the one hand, the cultivation of roses is going dry and on the other hand we are irrigating thorns, shrubs.  What irony prevails in the name of charity.  The truth is that there should be no feeling of donor behind charity.  It is a natural duty of life.  Kalidas has said.
“अदानं हि विसर्गाय सताँ वारिमुचामिच्ययते"
Just as clouds take water from the earth and then rain on the earth itself, similarly the gentleman renounces whatever he receives."  In society, we have collected, received from the world itself, then it has to be sacrificed for the society, for the world.  Donations are such a simple basis.  Then what is the right to say "I am donating.
In Vinoba's words, "Donation means not throwing away but sowing."  On the surface of society, charity is a type of farming.  What is given should mature and help in the progress, welfare, development of the society.  The body of society should be strengthened by charity, only then it is charity.  Otherwise, in the name of charity, you have to destroy your wealth, property and resources, waste them.
Its next part will be published tomorrow… which will be mainly based on the glory of Annadan.

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