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Dhyutkrida .... A well planned conspiracy against the Pandavas by Shakuni and Duryodhna.

Dhyutkrida .... A well planned conspiracy against the Pandavas by Shakuni and Duryodhna.

Duryodhana always looked at the Pandavas with hatred, but since when he return from Indraprastha, there was no limit to his anger and jealousy.  Seeing Yudhishthira gaining prestige as the almighty king in the Rajsuya Yagna, his heart was burning with envy. Everyone loved the Pandavas.  Therefore, he could not harm them any more and would always worried about their progress.  In such a state, he took refuge of his maternal uncle ShakuniShakuni, who was clever and pretentious by nature, advised Duryodhana to invite Yudhishthira for Dhyutikrida.  Yudhishthira was very much interested in the game of Chauras, but since the Rajasuya Yajna, he took an oath not to touch the dice.

Duryodhana was very happy to hear this plan and asked his father Dhritarashtra to invite Pandavas to Hastinapur for Dhyutkrida.

Dhritarashtra did not like his plan.  He said to his son, "If you continue to behave like this, you will be responsible for your own destruction." Dhritarashtra called Vidur and asked for his advice. Vidur vehemently opposed Shakuni's plan, but Duryodhana got King Dhritarashtra agree to his proposal by threatening suicide.  

Vidur was entrusted with the task of inviting Yudhishthira.

Seeing Vidura suddenly at Indraprastha, Yudhishthira was very surprised and asked, "You seem unhappy, what is the reason for this?"  He replied, "I have been ordered that I invite all of you to dhyutkrida?" I consider such a game as destructive because it promotes enmity and unrest.  Next, do what you think is appropriate. "

Yudhishthira decided that he would accept this challenge as a Kshatriya and would go to Hastinapur.  He walked towards Hastinapur with Kunti, Draupadi and his four brothers. On reaching there, it was known that a special auditorium was built for Dhyutkrida.  The game started in the presence of Dhritarashtra, Bhishma, Dronacharya, kripacharya,Vidur etc. at Krida Bhawan.

Duryodhana said, "Mama Shakuni will throw the dice on my behalf."

Yudhishthira knew that it was against the rules to play bets on anyone's behalf. He also knew that Shakuni would cheat, but he could not say anything.  He started playing.  Yudhishthira lost. He put other ornaments at stake.  Shakuni threw his dice very cleverly and again Yudhishthira's bet was empty.  First the jewelery then the cattle, then the slave-maid, money-wealth, then the palace, then the village, one by one he lost everything.

Duryodhana said, "Now what will be at stake?"

Yudhishthira had nothing left.  He staked younger brother Nakula. He was lost again.  Like the loser gamblers, he kept staking all the brothers one after the other, losing consciousness . Gradually every bet went against him.  After that he staked himself.  Again he was lost.  And thus all the Pandava brothers became slaves of the Kauravas.

"Draupadi!"  Shakuni loudly laughing and said, "You can put Draupadi at stake". Duryodhana also said, "Yes, in this way you can win everything back."  Vidur shouted from the silent audience, "Stop, stop all this." Duryodhana, now finish the game, I will not let any more evil happen. "But Duryodhana did not listen to any thing, he was eager to get the answer of Yudhishthira.

Yudhishthira was thinking, "Draupadi? How can I stake Draupadi on bet?"  Then thought, "I might win this time. Yes, if I play once I can win."  And he also put Draupadi at stake.  The dice were thrown and he lost again.  In this way Yudhishthira lost Draupadi too.

There was silence in the entire assembly - as if all the members's senses were lost.  Duryodhana ordered, "Let that arrogant Draupadi be brought into the assembly, now she is our maid."  He sent his brother Dushasan to bring Draupadi.

Undoubtedly Bhima, Arjun etc. were very angry.  But after losing his royalty, clothes and ornaments, they were all Duryodhana's servants.  Suddenly, Dushasan caught  Draupadi's hairs, dragged her, brought her in front of everyone in assembly . Weeping- crying, humiliated Draupadi begged Vidur ,Dronacharya , Kripacharya and Bhishma, "This cannot be true. Tell me is it true that Yudhishthira has lost me in dhyutkrida (gambling)?"

Bhishma ,Drona, Kripacharya and Vidur bowed their heads with shame.  They were unable to answer anything.

Draupadi then asked the question , "Did Yudhishthira bet himself first? Then how can he stacked me on bet? If he himself was not independent, how could he stacked me on bet, I am an independent woman?" All the people present, especially Duryodhana's brother Vikarna, supported Draupadi that Yudhishthira had lost this right after losing himself.

But Duryodhana roarly  said, "No, when Yudhishthira staked all his possessions and he lost then he was also lost Draupadi on bet." Just then at the behest of Karna, Duryodhana commanded Dushasana, while slapping his hand on his thigh, to make Draupadi clothless.  The gathering was stunned.  Draupadi was fell on her knees, begging Shri Krishna to protect her honor.

Draupadi's cloth was increasing at the same speed as Dushasan was try to undressed Draupadi at a rapid pace.  It seemed that it is impossible to remove Draupadi's clothes.  Dushasan kept pulling her clothes till he was exhausted and crushed.  But still he was not able to undress Draupadi.

Seeing Draupadi sobbing and humiliated, Bhima became enraged.  Enraged, he swore that one day he would definitely break Duryodhana's thigh from his gada( mace ) and drink Dushasan's chest blood.  The all members of assembly were frightened and stunned listening to Bhima's oath.  Dhritarashtra got nervous after hearing all this.

Vidur advised, "King Dhritarashtra called Draupadi and said," I am sorry, my sons mistreated you.  I free you . Tell me whatever you wish, I will fulfill it. "

Draupadi expressed her desire for the liberation of the Pandavas.  Dhritarashtra said to the Pandavas, "All of you go to Indraprastha and rule there peacefully."

But Duryodhana came to his father trembling with anger and said, "What have you done to this? I had taken away everything from them, why did you return them? Call them again, we will play the game once more."  If they are lost this time also, they will have to undergo twelve years of exile and one years of secret residence .  If they are identified then the same sequence will be applied again.  If I lost in gambling, I will also accept the same punishment. "

Immersed in son's love, the weak King Dhritarashtra again called the Pandavas for Dhyutikrida according to Duryodhana's statement.  Duryodhana challenged him and forced him to accept his condition.  The Pandavas lost again.

What a sad moment!  The Pandavas were to remain in the forest for twelve years and after the exile was over, they had to spend one year in the unknown place.  If they are identified, then penalty of living in the forest for twelve years will be paid….
With tearful eyes and a sad heart, all the Pandava brothers left with Draupadi and departure for the forest.  Teardrop flowed out of the eyes of elders and people present.  Everyone was forced to keep watching the game of luck.

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