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Why did Balarama want to drown Hastinapur in the Ganges.

Why did Balarama want to drown Hastinapur in the Ganges.

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Today's story is described in the 25th chapter of the 5th verse of Vishnupurana, according to the story ....
Balabhadra or Balarama was the step elder brother of Sri Krishna who was born from Rohini's womb.  Balaram, Haladhar, Halayudh, Sankarshan etc. he has many names. It is said about Balarama ji that in anger he was adept at teaching all the warriors to the good thing.  It is written in the scriptures that Balram ji had a special attachment with the Kauravas.  Especially from Duryodhana.  Duryodhana was his beloved disciple. Balarama had also reprimanded the Pandavas on his death.  Then what was it that he was going to do while Duryodhana and his entire clan were dragged from the earth and drowning in the Ganges.

 Many love stories have been mentioned in the Puranas.  There is deception in some love stories, and in some stories there is a feeling of colliding with the world to get love. The love of Sri Krishna and Rukmini was also something that affects the youth very much.  Sri Krishna collided with the entire army to get Rukmini and  after victory he married with Rukmini in Dwarka. 
Shamba was the most affected by the love of Shri Krishna, and he was do fight the world in love like father, but the result was different.  Shamba, son of Jambavati and Shri Krishna, was equally beautiful and virtuous as Shri Krishna.  Once, Duryodhana's daughter Lakshmana fell in love with Shamba when she saw him.  Samb was also impressed by Lakshmana and fell in love.

Both wanted to get married.  But Duryodhana did not agree on this.  One day, seeing the opportunity, Shamba  taking Lakshmana in his chariot and going toward  Dwarika.  When the Kauravas came to know about this, the Kauravas came to battle Shamba with their entire army.

The Kauravas took Samb captive and brought him back to Hastinapur. When the Yaduvanshis came to know, they started preparing for war with the Kauravas, but Sri Krishna's elder brother Balaram stopped them and came to Hastinapur to talk to the Kauravas themselves.

Coming here, he said to the Kauravas to send Shamba and Lakshmana to Dwarka.  Then the Kauravas greatly insulted him.  Duryodhana and his family, already angry, did not agree to this.  Even on the repeated request of  Balarama, the Kaurava side was not ready to listen to him.

Balarama became enraged by the behavior of the Kauravas.  Angry Balaram took own plow in hand.  He bound the entire Hastinapur from the plow and proceeded directly towards the Ganges.  Angry, he warned Duryodhana that if he did not leave Shamba, he would immerse the entire Hastinapur in the Ganges.

Seeing the anger of Balaram, the Kauravas made sense in reconciliation.  When Samb was released, he  got Lakshmana married with vaidic rituals in Dwarika by blessing of Balrama.

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