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Ashwatthama: Why say the most 'hateful' character of the Mahabharata period.

Ashwatthama: Why say the most 'hateful' character of the Mahabharata period.

Every part of the Mahabharata, each character has the ability to capture the mind of any people.  Whether you like any character or dislike it…
But you can't ignore any character!
 In spite of all these characters, if any character of Mahabharata is considered to be the most abominable, then it is not Duryodhana, not Dushasan… Shakuni or any other… but he is Drona-son Ashwatthama.
Yes!  The same Ashwatthama who was a big archer like Arjuna and Karna, then what is the reason behind it being considered the most disgusting?
He only supported Duryodhana and Duryodhana was also supported by Maharathi Karna… Then history consider him as Danveer, Maharathi Karna, so why does history hate Ashwatthama?
If there is talk of supporting Duryodhana, then he was also supported by Gangaputra Bhishma and Ashwaththama's father Acharya Drona, then why does history not blame them as much as Ashwatthama!
Come, to understand this, let's go on a journey to the Kurukshetra…
After all the efforts of peace were unsuccessful, the Kaurava and Pandava armies were face to face in the battle field.  When Maharathi Bhishma was appointed the commander in chief on behalf of the Kauravas, the Pandavas made Drupada-son Dhristadhumna as their chief commander. 
There was a fierce genocide for the first ten days of the war.  Blood shed heavily on both sides, many warriors were killed… but there was no scope of finding results.  Disappointment was growing in the Pandavas' side with the Ganga-son Bhishma standing unbroken wall on behalf of the Kauravas. He had the boon of wish-death.  Then at the behest of Shri Krishna, Yudhishthira himself went and asked Gangaputra Bhisma for the remedy of his death.  After that, we all know that Arjun removed Pitamah Bhishma from the battle ground by raising Shikhandi forward.
But the Pandavas' trouble is not over here!
 After that, like Acharya Drona and Bhishma, who became the chief commander of the Kauravas, he was also a disciple of Parshuram and was also a Guru to teach the Pandavas.  Now the Guru is a Guru… He is well aware of his disciples.
In such a situation, the Guru Drona had taking  four more days during the war and by then the Pandavas realized that like Bhishma, Acharya Drona could not be defeated in direct war. It was to be realized that a conspiracy was hatched against Guru Drona and this conspiracy can be considered as the seed which made Ashwatthama the most despicable character in history.
The Kaurava side was adept at conspiring!
 The killing of Abhimanyu under the command of Dronacharya himself had ruined all the rules of war.  In such a situation, if there is any conspiracy by the Pandavas, then there is a straightforward logic.
Well, Dronacharya stood up as alike wall and every day the 'Chakravyuh' type plan by started causing trouble to the Pandavas.  In this case, call it a conspiracy or a plan… It was plan around the son-fascination of Dronacharya.
What was it that Dronacharya was very upset since his poverty days and then his heart was broken when he saw that his son ie his wife Kruipi was applying rice paste on his mouth .  That is so that Ashwatthama's friends understand that Ashwatthama has come by drinking milk.
Well, that is another story.
 Understand in simple terms that Dronacharya loved his son a lot, without him he was sure to get senseless.
 So the plan of the Pandavas in Dharmakshetra-Kurukshetra was clear that-
 Mahabali Bhima will kill an elephant named Ashwatthama and make a noise that he "killed Ashwatthama".
Hearing his victorious noise, Dronacharya will be shocked, but he will also verify this with the truthful Yudhishthira.
 Dharmaraja Yudhishthira at first deny  to give false verification, but the department ie… Pandavas including Shri Krishna had tremendous pressure on Yudhishthira.
 Seeing no other way, Yudhishthira was finally ready…
We all know the story ahead -
 After Yudhishthira verified the news of Ashwatthama's death, Dronacharya's mental balance was disturbed and he sat in one place and started controlling his disordered breath.
 Meanwhile, Drupada-son Dhristadhumna, who was born for this occasion… cut Dronacharya's head with his sword.
 Later, when Ashwatthama came to know all this, he took it as 'personal'.  It mean how…
Suppose he thought how Pandavas could kill his father by lying like this!
 Shocked him and then he made a dangerous vow to his heart, which made him the most despicable character of Mahabharata.
The war of Mahabharata had ended.
 Many warriors had been killed, even their dynasty had ended.
  Mahabali Bhima had breaking Duryodhana's thigh and he was counting the last breath of death.  Five sons of Pandavas were also killed by Ashwatthama at bedtime.
 In such a situation, there was no hope left of the Pandava dynasty…
 Or was it left?
 Yes, there could have been a child who would have carried the lineage of Pandavas!
 Abhimanyu's wife, Uttara, had a hope of the Pandava dynasty in her womb, and Drona-son Ashwatthama knew this.
Just then he did the worst work of Mahabharata!
 Even after killing the five sons of the Pandavas at bedtime, he was not full of heart…
 Then… to end the hope of the Pandava dynasty, he gave up Brahmashirastra, however, Arjuna also used Brahmashirastra in response, but he later withdrew Brahmashirastra for the good of creation, while Ashwatthama did not know to withdraw this weapon. 
So finally, Uttara's womb was destroyed ... It was Yogeshwar Shri Krishna's grace that the child born out of Uttara's womb got life and later he became famous as Maharaj Parikshit.
 But Ashwatthama was yet to be punished for his act!
Yogeshwar Shreekrishna became enraged by the act of Ashwatthama and this was perhaps the first time of the Mahabharata, when very harsh words came out of Shri Krishna's own mouth!
 Earlier, Shrikrishna had given moksha to other sinners like Shishupala, Kansa.
 But Ashwatthama's crime was not worthy of salvation!
 That is why the 'Mani' of his forehead was snatched at the behest of Shri Krishna and Ashwatthama received a cursed  that he would bear the punishment of his sins for long time.
Not only this, Ashwatthama's forehead where the gem was seated, made a wound, which according to the references, it was cursed and leaking of blood for long time.
 Since then it is believed that Ashwatthama is alive and is still facing the punishment of his sins.
 This work done by Ashwatthama in Dwapar Yuga was the most heinous.  Apparently, despite being a great archer warrior, despite being a paternal-devotee, the act Ashwatthama did in anger and jealousy… no value for his qualities!
It is doubtful whether history will ever forgive Ashwatthama?
 What is the opinion of you readers on Ashwatthama's character and his act?

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