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Kansa: The story before Krishna's birth .

Kansa: The story before Krishna's birth .

If we see the relation of Mama(maternal uncle )then there is a very respectful relationship.  The sound of the word Mama is pronounced twice in the sound of the word Maa(mother).  But in the mythological history of Hindus, there have been two maternal uncles who have made this relationship the object of ridicule and cruelty forever.  A maternal uncle Shakuni, a maternal uncle Kansa and both happened at the time of Lord Sri Vishnu's Krishnaavatar.  While Shakuni was the maternal uncle of the Kauravas, Kansa himself belonged to Lord Krishna.
Kansa is one of the biggest villains of our Indian mythology.  His sins were so strong, ruthlessness so intense and tyranny was so inhuman that Dwapar yuga was shivering in his name. He found the name of Kansa Mama in history by ruthlessly killing six children of his own sister Devaki.  Even today, when a maternal uncle crosses the limits of his relationships, he use to received the title of Kansa Mama. 

It is also known to famous in world that Kansa really loved his sister Devaki very much.  His love for Devaki was so intense that Kansa himself carried his sister's doli (palanquin) on his shoulders at the time of her departure after marriage. Kansa was frightened after the listening of Akashvani, which announced that, he will be killed by Devaki's eighth child. And he committed atrocities, which cannot be compared to anyone in history nor imagination.

Despite being children of religious parents, how did such devilish tendencies awaken in him.  He loved his sister more than life ,but how he could torture her?  The answer to all these questions is one and it is astonishing - Kansa was not the real brother of Devaki!  how,

When it comes to the villains of mythology, the name of 'Kansa' definitely comes.  This is also important because the first enemy character of Shri Krishna's leelas was the same.  But in the stories, Kansa's character is described during the marriage of Devaki-Vasudeva and Krishna's birth. Who was Kansa before this and where did he come from is a different story.  In mythology too, the character of Kansa was expanded since the birth of Krishna, while there has been a big reason for his tyrannical nature. Not only sister Devaki and her husband tolerate of his atrocities, but the mother who gave birth also kept burning in that anger and egoSo let us know that mystery of Kansa, which is before Krishna's birth!

Kansa was an Asura in his previous life!

There is no doubt that Kansa was powerful and had immense knowledge of weaponry.  On his strength, he ruled in Mathura for years.  But this is a matter of thinking that how can a human being be so cruel that his own sister, brother-in-law, parents can be imprisoned. Try to kill the unborn nephew.  He wreaked havoc on the public and did all the work that indicated demonic tendencies.

The mystery really starts to open from here.  The secret of Kansa's demonic instinct is tied to his previous birth.  Kansa was born in the demon dynansty before being born in Dwapara Yuga.  His name was 'Kalnemi'.  Kalnemi Asura's father's name was VirochanEven powerful gods were afraid of his devilish tendencies. He had many skills.  He was well versed in armaments and tantra lore.  When the Devasur war had taken place, Kalanemi, while sitting on his lion, fired a trident at Sri Hari with great speed.  But Lord Hari survived his attack and caught the trident coming towards him.
Later Kalnemi was killed with the same trident.  When Kalanemi was slaughtered, the gods became tension free.  But Sri Hari told that one birth of Kalnemi has ended.  His devilish tendencies will wreak havoc again in the Dwapar yuga. Hearing this, the gods became frightened again.  Then Shri Vishnu assured them that when devilish tendencies will expand on earth, I will incarnate in human form to establish dharma.  Only then will he be killed once again.
Shree Hari's  foretelling came true and Dwapara Yuga has arrived.  It has been told in history that this was not true on the birth of Kansa , that he was born in Yaduvanshi king Ahuk's son Ugrasen.  Kansa was born to Ugrasen's house and he was called his father.  But Kansa's real father was Gandharva and his name was Drmila.
According to the legend, Ugrasen was married to Pawanrekha, daughter of King Satyaketu of Vidarbha.  Both King Ugrasen and Pawanrekha were highly religious.  They were always absorbed in the worship of Shri Vishnu.  During this time, people also used to worship Lord Vishnu. Then there was no anger, there was no hatred in anyone.  His adminstration was going well.  There was a lot of love between the king and queen.
Rani Pawanrekha was very beautiful and her playful and cheerful nature was popular among all.  A few months after marriage, Rani reached her maternal home.  Where she was roaming in the park with her friends.  Then Gandharva Dramila saw the her beautiful form.  Godila is also another name of Dramila.  When he saw the queen, he tried to get her at all costs.  He first tried to attract the Pawanrekha by his nature.  But when this did not happen, he used the elusive power to hypnotize the queen. In this way, the relationship between Drmila and Rani Pawanrekha was established while remaining confidential from the world.  After some time, the effect of hypnosis on the queen ended and by then Dramila had also left.  Rani did not remember anything about Dramila.

 She returned to the palace and then returned to her husband Ugrasen.

When the queen returned to the palace, after a few days, news came that she was pregnant.  The entire palace was filled with happiness.  King Ugrasen's happiness was full of joy.  Rani was also very happy.  As soon as nine months were over, his son Kamsa was born. Both Raja and Rani were considering Kansa as their son, while Kansa was the son of Rani Pawanrekha and Gandharva Dramila.
While the palace had a religious atmosphere.  On the other hand, Kansa's nature was aggressive from childhood.  He was given nurture in a good environment.  But Kansha's nature automatically changed like his Gandharva father's conduct.  He grew up behaving like him. Both King Ugrasen and Pawanrekha could not understand how to retouch Kansa's anger and bad behavior.  They would try to get closer to own son.  He kept getting away from them.  Apart from Ugrasen's house Kansa, eight sons and five daughters were born. They were all religious in nature and their behavior was favorable to the family environment.  Kansa was the eldest of all. The names of the brothers of Kansa were Nyagrodha, Shunama, Kank, Shanku, Ajbhoo, Rashtrapala, Yudhmushuti and Sumushitid.  While the sisters were Kansaa, Kanswati, Satantu, Rashtrapali and Kanka.  Now the question comes, who was Devaki, who was taken captive by Kansa. Actually Devaki was Kansa's cousin.  King Ugrasen's mother was Kashya, daughter of Kashiraj. She had two sons.  Devak and Ugrasen.  Devaki was the daughter of Devak.  Despite his devilish instincts, Kansa deeply loved his cousin. Whenever Kansa was angry, Devaki was given the responsibility to agree and convince him.  Kansa never avoided Devaki's words.
Devaki was married to Shursen's son Vasudev.  King Shursen was Yadavvanshi.  His younger brother's name was 'Parjanya'.  Parjanya and Shursen were the children of  Maharaj Devamidh.  Parjanya had nine sons, of whom the third son was Nandababa.  In this way both Vasudev and Nandababa were Yadavvanshis and also cousins. Vasudev had five younger brothers, with whom Kansa's five sisters were married.  In this way all the Kansa sisters including Devaki were married in Vasudev's family.  Next to this, everyone knows the story of Devaki-Kansa.
When Kansa was going to leave Devaki and leave her in-laws, then there was Akashvani announced in the way that Devaki's eighth son will be your destroyer.  After this he attempted to assassinate Devaki.  But Vasudev promised that he would hand over each of every children as soon as they were born. The six sons of Devaki were killed by Kansa.  They were in real six children in his former life.  According to Shri Harivansh Purana, Kansa had six sons of his former birth i.e. Kalanemi.  Who started worship to please Brahma ji. At that time there was the kingdom of Hiranyakshipu and he considered himself as God.  Therefore, he did not like this worship of him. Hiranyakshipu cursed those 6 sons that the father who raised you, will kill you all in the next life.  When those people were born from Devaki's womb, Kansa in the form of Kalnemi killed them all.
After killing 6 sons of Devaki, Shree Shesha (Anant) entered her 7th womb.  Lord Vishnu placed Devaki's womb in the abdomen of Rohini, wife of Brajnivasini Vasudeva, with the help of Yogamaya to save Shree Shesha.  In the time of the 8th son, Srihari himself took a purnaavtar from Devaki's womb. Vasudev carry his eighth son to cousin Nandarai in Gokul and thus Shri Krishna  got another name Nandlal.  The birth of Krishna and the killing of Kansa story are famous in the world.  But we are only talking about the character of Kansa.
Kansa's sisters were married, now it was Kansa's time.  His devilish tendency was so dominating that he took his parents captive and got the entire kingdom in his hand.  He declared himself king of the subjects. As soon as he became the king, he dominated the subjects.  He started atrocities in the name of discipline.  He wanted the world to consider him as a God, so it was necessary that his powers should be expanded.
Therefore, Kansa married two daughters 'Aasti' and 'Prapti' of the then super mighty king Jarasandha of Aryavarta.  In this way he became close to Jarasandha.  Jarasandha was a descendant of Paurava and the whole of Magadha was under him. Since Kansa was the son-in-law of Jarasandha, he too had the same image in Magadha as that of Jarasandha. Through Jarasandha, Kansa befriended the Yadav dynasty king Damghosha of Chedi.  Damghosha was the husband of Lord Krishna's aunt and sister of Vasudev. Damghosha was the father of Shishupala. In this sense, Kansa and Damghosha are also called relatives.  Raja Bhagdant of Assam, an integral friend of Jarasandha and Damghosha, also befriended Kansa. In this way Kansa strengthened his friendship and gradually his influence spread from Magadha to Assam.
He became a persecutor. He tortured sages and saints during his rule. Due to which religious rituals were stopped in the area and an atmosphere of fear and violence was created all around. The outbreak of Kansa atrocities was also on Braj including Mathura. All attempts to kill Krishna failed.  Then he deceitfully called Krishna & Balarama to Mathura.  Where he wanted to slay him at the hands of wrestlers in his wrestling arena, but Krishna killed Mama Kansa and sent to the Yampuri. After Kansa's death, Krishna fred King Ugrasen, Rani Pawanrekha, Mother Devaki and father Vasudev out of jail.  He returned his throne to King Ugrasen.  After this, he ruled till he took over the rule of Vrajnabh. Despite all the evils, it is said that Kansa's instilled a sense of discipline in the subjects for fear of atrocities.  The thieves were afraid of committing thefts.  But this is the second truth that he committed the murders of innocent children.  hurt the dharma.
Note: - Somewhere is mentioned the name of Kamsa's mother is Padmavati and his Gandharva father's name is Gobhila or Godila.  It is also mentioned at some places that Rani Pawanrekha had received the information about the conspiracy of Dramila and she had also told this to King Ugrasena.  All other stories are the same.  I will continue to provide more interesting information related to Kansa to you all from time to time… Jai Shri Krishna

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