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After all, why did mother Narmada vow to stay single forever

After all, why did mother Narmada vow to stay single forever

Narmada river is the third longest river after Godavari and Krishna river flowing in central India.  This river is considered to be a special part of Madhya Pradesh.  It acts like a traditional border between North and South India.  It is told about the glory of this river that every gravel and stone emanating from the flow of Narmada has Shiva habitat.

 One of the popular stories is of Maa Narmada, about which very few people will know.

Goddess Narmada was born from Mahadev's sweat.
So let's know about the story of Narmada Maa's marriage:
Narmada, the daughter of King Maikhal, is also known as Reva.  King Maikhal placed a condition for the marriage of Narmada that the marriage of the prince who would give Gulbakavali's flowers to my daughter would be decided.  The opportunity to marry Narmada got a prince named Sonbhadra who brought that flower for Narmada.
Now there was little time left in the marriage and Princess Narmada sent a message to the prince at the hands of her maid Juhila, Narmada having never met Sonbhadra before.  After getting the princess's clothes and jewelry, Juhila went to meet Sonbhadra.
Upon reaching there, Juhila did not tell the prince that she was a maid, and Sonbhadra was fascinated by her, considering her a princess.  After a long time, when Juhila did not return, Princess Narmada herself went to meet Sonbhadra. But going there she saw that Juhila and Sonbhadra were with each other.  Narmada became angry after seeing this scene and was filled with hatred.  Immediately went from there to the opposite direction and never returned. After that, Narmada joined the Arabian Sea instead of the bay of Bengal  and she vowed that she would never marry and remain a virgin.  Till date, Sonbhadra regrets his mistake but Narmada never returned .

It is said that even today, Narmada's lament and pain of sorrow are heard even today in the sound of Chhal-Chhal of her water.  All the big rivers of India come in the bay of Bengal , but Narmada is such a river which instead of the bay of Bengal meets the Arabian Sea.
Importance of Narmada River:

 According to the scriptures, the river Narmada is considered more sacred and superior than the Ganges.  It is believed that on the day of Ganga Saptami, Mother Ganga goes to Narmada mother to purify herself.  By the way, Narmada is just a river form, but the status of Narmada in the hearts of devotees is more than mother.  That is why devotees worship Mother Narmada with their true heart.  Rivers in India are not just the form of flowing water, but also the form of life-giving.  Narmada has immense faith.  Since ancient times, Narmada is considered to be religiously superior to the place of performing austerities of sages. This is the only river in the entire country that is circled.  With immense reverence in mind, hundreds of devotees make their life blessed by completing the journey of about three thousand kilometers.

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