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Why did Bhishma have to lie on the bed of arrows .

Why did Bhishma have to lie on the bed of arrows .

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                    Pitamah Bhishma One of the characters in the Mahabharata, known for his  brahmcharya(celibacy) vows and muscle power, who devoted his entire life to the service of Hastinapur, while he could sit on the throne if he wanted.  But he kept his word throughout his life.  But still he had to lie on the bed of the arrows.  But why...?

According to the story: -

        When the war of Mahabharata ended and the Pandavas became the conquerors, all the Pandavas, including Krishna, reached there to seek blessings from Bhishma where the pitamah Bhishma was lying on the bed of the arrows. And when all the returning to met Bhishma, then the pitamah Bhishma stopped Lord Krishna and ordered all the others to leave.  Pitamah called to Shri Krishna and said, "O Madhusudan, you are omnipresent. You are the lord of creation. Please tell me which of my deeds I am suffering unbearable pain on the bed of arrows in this way.
Listen to whom Lord Krishna said, "O Pitamah, you yourself are wise. Do you not remember the deeds of your previous birth? Then Bhishma said that" I remember the deeds of my last 100 births in which I have never done any bad deeds . Then Shri Krishna says that "O Pitamah you are absolutely right, but do you remember your 101st birth which Bhishma was surprised to hear because he remembered the deeds of a hundred births, how could he not remember his 101st birth? Then Bhishma said, "O Madhusudan, please tell me what abominable deeds I had done on the my previous 101st birth. What was the reason of this my plight .
Then Shrikrishna said "Listen carefully pitamah, you were a prince at birth in last 101. And you were very fond of playing hunting. Once you were going through a forest, you stopped in the shade of a tree to rest and after a while, when you were ready to walk, a Karkata from above meant that a multi-legged animal fell on your horse's neck which you lifted with own arrows and threw it back and went from there. But when you threw that Karkata back, he fell backwards into the thorn bushes and countless thorns of bushes spear into his back, whatever he tried to get out of that bush,  thats thorns would have given more trouble. He lived in the same condition for 58 days and he kept praying to God day and night that you should die in the same way as I am dying in the year of suffering.
But your virtuous deeds were so strong in that birth that the sin could not be brought to mature.  Hearing this, Pitamah questioned that "Madhusudan if that sin did not result in that birth, then why did it happen in this birth?", Shri Krishna said, "Pitamah, when Duryodhana had tried to Chirharan of Draupadi in assembly, if you want , you could have stopped it, but you didn't it.  Because of which all your virtues have waned and the sin of 101st birth has a chance to come to mature.  Because the results of karma is suffered at some time or another time.

The war of Mahabharata lasted for 18 days, out of which Bhishma fought for 10 days.  The Pandavas, troubled by the war skills of Pitamah, then  Bhishma himself told the remedy for his death. Bhishma Pitamah stayed on the arrows of the bed for 58 days, but due to the blessing of desire death of his father, he did not give up his life and on the utrayan of the sun and on the day of Makar Sankranti, he gave up his life as he wished. It is believed that at the time when the war of Mahabharata was going on, Arjuna's age was 55 years, Shri Krishna's age was 83 and Pitamah Bhishma was about 150 years old.

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