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Story of Mahishasura Slaughter

Story of Mahishasura Slaughter

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           Earlier I had told how Mata Durga originated from the luster of Tridevo and all the gods, and which parts of the goddess were made by which god's luster, and which god gave which weapons and power, but in this version ,I will tell you how Mata Rani destroyed all Asura generals and Asura army including Mahisasura.

Friends, when Goddess Durga appeared and all the Gods gave weapons to the Goddess, then the Goddess started laughing loudly and her lion also started to roar there . Due to which all the three world started shivering, as well as the throne of Mahisasura started to shake, due to which all the asuras started getting frightened, then the roaring Mahisasura stood with arms in his hands. And the whole demons, equipped with armor and weapons, ran with Mahisasura aiming at the roaring place .

And when they went ahead and saw the goddess, who was illuminating the three worlds with her radiancy, the earth was being buried under the weight of her feet . The seven abyss and the three worlds were shivering with fear from their bow's sound. After that, the monsters attacked on goddess Durga and fierce battle was start.  All kinds of weapons started cruel sound in all four directions, at that time the great demon named Chikkur was the commander of Mahishasura.
All the demons started fighting with Goddess Durga, Chamara entered into the battle ground along with the other Chaturangini army . Along with 60000 monster Rathis, a monster named Udgara also entered in battle ground, a monster named Mahahanu also started fighting with one crore maharathis . At the same time, Mahaditya named Asiloma fought in the war with five crores rathi, Vashkal reached the battlefield with elephants, horsemen, and one crore soldiers, Mahishasura himself stood in that battle ground surrounded by many thousands of chariots, elephants, horses and soldiers .
Imagine, what millions of monsters and Mata Rani alone what was the scene at that time. At that time, those monsters started fighting with goddess Durga with khadag, mushal, axe, sword, spears and innumerable weapons.
Some demons were attacking her with weapons and some with power and some were throwing  loops on the goddess, the goddess also filled with anger and destroyed all the weapons of the demons from her weapons .
They were showering weapons on the goddess, the lion of the goddess there also hunted the monster like a deer in the forest . When the goddess left the exhale again & again, then immediately revealed in hundreds-thousands of ganas , and started fighting with the demons, Mahadaitya were getting killed by the stroke of the goddess . How many demons have been cut into two by her sword blows, how many have their necks cut off, while how many demons have been battling the goddess only with the torso, even after being cut head . The chariot, horses, elephants, demons all over the land got fulfill , thus seeing the goddess fighting the demons, the demon commander Chakshur came forward to fight with Maa Durga, and started fighting with the goddess .
But then the deities killed his charioteer and the horse, then Chakshur, the demon commander, attacked the goddess left arm with his sword and attacked on the lion , but his sword broke, then the angry goddess cut him in hundreds pieces.  When the demon commander was killed, Chamar rode on the elephant and started fighting with the mother, but then Devi's vehicle lion jumped and killed Chamar along with the elephant . In the same way, Udgara was also killed at the hands of the goddess, the goddess full of anger killed Vaskal, Tamra, Andhak with her arrows .Three-eyed Parmeshwari killed the monster called Ugraas, Ugravirya, and Mahahanu with the trident, Vidal's forehead cut off with sword . Sent Durdhar and Durmukh to Yamlok with her arrows.
Three-eyed Parmeshwari struck the monster named Ugraas, Ugravirya, and Mahahanuh from the trident, cut Vidal's forehead with aDurdhar and Durmukh had sent to Yamlok by her arrows.Seeing the destruction of his army in this way, Mahishasura, taking the form of buffalo, started killing the goddesses's ganas, crushing someone with his hooves, killing someone with his power . He killed somebody with his horns and go forward . In this way, he struck the goddess's vehicle lion, killing the goddess's ganas, causing fierce anger to the goddess, on the other hand mighty Mahishasura also furiously started digging the earth with its hooves, and throwing the mountains on maa Durga from its horns and then start roaring .
In this way, seeing the angry monster coming towards her, Goddess Chandika threw a loop on that monster and tied it, and because of being tied to the loop, he gave up the form of buffalo .
And immediately appeared as a lion, as soon as Jagdamba wanted to cut his head, he started to appear as a man with a sword . Then the goddess pierced him with the shower  of her arrows, but then he appeared as an elephant, and with his trunk started pulling the goddess's vehicle lion and roaring . Then the goddess cut his trunk, then that monster took the form of buffalo again, at that time the angry Jagatmata started laughing with red eyes and that monster started roaring .

While speaking, Mother's face was turning red with anger, Devi said, "O foolish till I am drinking honey, then you will roar, after then the gods will roar . Because , you will be die into my hands, saying that the goddess sprang up and climbed over that Mahishashura, then pressing on her feet hit and attack on the monster's neck with a Trishul(trident) . Due to the under feet of the goddess, Mahishasura started coming out of his face from his other form, but he was able to come out from the half body, even after half the body came out, that monster started fighting with the goddess Durga . But then the goddess cut his head, and Mahishasura came to an end, seeing all the gods were very happy, and started showering flowers on the mother, and started celebrating the slaughter of a great terrorist demon, then all the gods started praising to Jagadamba .

Friends, how did you like this story, must tell me in the comment box .


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