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Story of Jayadratha slaughter

Story of Jayadratha slaughter

There are some interesting parts of the Mahabharata story that many people do not know about.  One is the story of Jayadratha and his slaughter, which is very interesting. 
Jayadratha was actually the husband of Dushala, the sister of the Kauravas and was slaughtered by Arjuna in the war of Mahabharata. Jayadratha received a boon from his father Vriddhakshatra that the man who will be drop Jayadratha's head on the ground , his head would also explode and be killed at that time.  Despite this, Arjun managed to kill it. In such a situation, the question is how Arjun did this work.  The story behind this is very interesting.  The special thing is that Jayadratha's enmity started with the Pandavas long before the war.  However, let us first know the story of Jayadratha and the boon he got and also how his rivalry started with the Pandavas.

**Who was Jayadratha and how his enmity with the Pandavas started.**

Jayadratha was the king of the Indus country and was married to Duryodhana's sister Dushala.  In such a situation he was a relative of the Kauravas including the Pandavas.  According to the Mahabharata legend, when the Pandavas had losen kingdom in gambling and spending 12 years of their exile in forest, they faced Jayadratha at the same time.  Jayadratha was passing through the same forest one day where the Pandavas were staying. It was daytime and the Pandavas' wife Draupadi was returning from the riverbank.  At the same time, when Jayadratha saw Draupadi alone, he started talking about enticing her and taking her with him.  Draupadi warned once or twice but did not accept Jayadratha and kidnapped Draupadi. When the Pandavas came to know about this, they started chasing Jayadratha and stopped him in the middle way.  Bhima was so angry that he wanted to kill Jayadratha.  But Arjuna stopped Bhima from doing so as he is the husband of Dushala.  Bhima did not agree to this and he removed Jayadratha's half head hair and left him.

Jayadratha received a boon from Mahadeva

Jayadratha felt humiliated after being thus defeated by the Pandavas.  Jayadratha then did austerity of Lord Shiva and started asking for a boon to win over the Pandavas.  Lord Shiva was pleased with his penance.  Lord Shiva said that it is not in anyone's power to win or kill the Pandavas, but one day in life, he will outnumber all the brothers except Arjuna in a war. This boon that Jayadratha received led to Abhimanyu's death.  While fighting, Abhimanyu entered the Chakravyuh.  However, the other three Pandava brothers, including Bhima, could not enter after him.  Jayadratha alone stopped everyone.  As Arjuna had gone far away while fighting, it was too late till his return and the Kauravas had done their work.

Arjun avenges Abhimanyu's death

When Arjuna returned by evening, he got the news of his son being killed.  On this, he vowed that the next day he would either kill Jayadratha by evening or take the samadhi in the fire.  The next day, Arjuna finally managed to slay Jayadratha with Krishna's illusion.  Indeed, the Kauravas managed to hide Jayadratha throughout the day.  The Kauravas knew that if Jayadratha was not killed, Arjuna would automatically take samadhi and they would get the benefit of it in the war.
When Lord Krishna saw that the sun was about to set, he created a maya just before that.  Krishna covered the sun with clouds in his illusion as if it was evening.  Seeing this, Jayadratha and his protectors became happy.  Jayadratha started laughing right in front of Arjuna's chariot and started celebrating happiness.  After this, Krishna once again showed his illusion and the sun came out of the clouds.  Then what was Arjuna killing Jayadratha at the behest of Krishna.

Why didn't Arjun's head get torn

Sri Krishna had already told Arjuna about the secret boon that Jayadratha had received.  According to this, the warrior who will drop Jayadratha head on the earth, his forehead will also explode.  Krishna had told Arjuna that he would have to shoot the arrow in such a way that Jayadratha's forehead will be cut and fell in the lap of his father, who is doing penance in Samantakpanchak area at that time.

Arjuna did the same.  Arjuna cut the head of Jayadratha with an arrow, the head flying in the air fell directly into the lap of Vriddhakshatra.  Vriddhakshatra was engaged in austerity at this time with his eyes closed.  As soon as he opened his eyes, suddenly as soon as he saw a head lying on his lap, he got scared and without thinking anything, he threw head on the earth.  Thus his forehead exploded and he was also killed.

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