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Story of Draupati's previous birth

Story of Draupati's previous birth

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                  The story of Draupati's previous birth is also mentioned in the Mahabharata and in the Bhavishya Purana, today I will tell you about both stories .

According to the Bhavishya Purana: -

This is the event of that time, when the Pandavas lose their entire kingdom in the gambling from the Kauravas, and are going to the forest wearing mrigacharm, then the best people of the city also walk with them, seeing Yudhishthira fall into thinking. He was thinking about that arranging your own food in the uninhabited forest is a very difficult task, then how will I feed all these excellent people?
Thinking this, Yudhishthira goes to Muni Maitreya and told all the agony, which Muni Maitreya hearing and says that Dharmaraja I will tell you an ancient thing, which I saw with my divine vision, listen carefully.
Once upon a time, a poor Brahmini lived in a Tapovan(Forest), she used to worship the best people(Sages &Saints) daily even in this condition, once the sage Vashistha reached her hut, Brahmani welcomed him too, seeing the devotion to the Brahmani, the sage Vashistha was extremely pleased , and said to ask for the boon, then the Brahmini said, "O Muni, please tell me some method so that I can become a husband's beloved, brave son's mother, good luck, wealthy and worthy of praise in this world,"
Then Vashistha said, O Subrata(Auspicious lady), you fill the pot of moong and rice in the pot of clay and after making it worship with sandal, place a vessel of water and ghee, worship it with flowers, deepak, naiveidh and then donate the food to the needy peoples.
This donation should be done on Sunday, Sankranti, Chaturthi, Ashtmi, Ekadashi and Tritiya, by doing this you will get all that you want, by obeying the sage Vashistha, she started donating food every day.
Therefore, O Partha, by effects of the same virtue, the same Brahmani Draupati has been born as your wife in this birth, and the hand of the draupati will never be empty in giving charity, because this Draupadi will be part of Sati, Shachi, Swaha, Savitri, Arundhati, and Lakshmi.  Which substance can be rare wherever she lives . If this Draupadi donates food from her hands, then she can satisfy the whole world, then why do you worry about these little superior citizens.

According to Mahabharata: -

            Another story which is mentioned in the Adiparva of Mahabharata, in which Vyas ji states that Draupati was a sage girl in the previous birth, according to whose best deeds no one was accepting own wife, then she started hard austerity of God.

Due to which Bholenath pleased and asked her to ask for a boon, then the girl said, "Lord, I want a husband full of all virtues,

1: - I want a husband who follows dharma,

 2: - I want a husband who is as powerful as Hanuman,

 3: - I want a husband who is the best archer in the world,

 4: - Want a husband who is the most beautiful in the whole world,

 5: - You give me the husband who is the most tolerant,

Hearing this, Shivji said thastastu and became disappeared, now that girl had inadvertently asked to Shiva for the boon of husband five times, so she was born as a Draupati and became the wife of the Pandavas.

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