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Lord Vishnu's maya and Narada

Lord Vishnu's maya and Narada

Devarshi Narada gave birth to 50 sons.

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Once Narada ji asked Lord Vishnu that "Lord, what is your maya (illusion) that fascinates the whole world. Please tell me the secret of this.

Then Shree Hari end the things of Narada and said that " Munivar what is your job with maya, this is the important for humans trapped in worldly fascination". You can ask for some more boon, but Narada ji too stubborn, he repeatedly insisted on showing maya to God.  Then Shri Hari Vishnu accepted him and as soon as Srihari held Narada's finger, the next moment both of them had reached a place called Shwetdeep.
There Vishnu ji took the form of an old Brahmin.  Then Shri Hari Vishnu told Narada that Narada this place is considered as good as the pilgrimage centers.  One should take a bath before entering this city.  After saying this, Prabhu came back soon after taking bath in the lake. After that Narada ji went to take bath and as soon as he took a dip in the lake, his form had changed into Divyakanya(Divine girl)and Prabhu had also disappeared from there. Now Narada ji, as the girl, tried to get understand that mystery then King Taladhwaj arrived and seeing the beautiful girl said, "O beautiful, who are you from and which place are you have came ??
Hearing this, the girl said, "O Bhupathi, I do not have any relative in this world. Now you are my shelter, then King Taladhwaj took her to his palace and married her." After some time, the girl became pregnant and on completion of time she gave birth to a Tumbi ie pumpkin who had 50 divine children.  All those children were put into a very large kund(tank) which was filled with ghee.  By doing this, those childrens immediately reached the teenagers stages .
Then they too had children and due to the influence of maya their number started to increase and in a few days the number of sons and grandchildren of the queen also increased a lot. Due to the high number, there was a dispute among them about the throne which became so violent that they started fighting among themselves and died.  Seeing the destruction of own dynasty in front of their eyes. The king and queen were very sad.  Just then a Brahmin comes with his two disciples and meets the sadded King & queen explaining to them that you are all mourning in vain.
All this is maya of Shri Hari Vishnu.  The maya of the Lord is such that hundreds, Chakravarti kings and thousands of Indra are destroyed in the same way.  As the lamp extinguishes strong wind. Vishnu with the influence of maya, the creatures of the whole world, whether animals or birds or any human, enchantingly sing and cry. Saying so, the Brahmin holds the hand of the queen and says that Narada ji  this is maya of Vishnu which was created by Shri Hari himself. Now you have seen the illusion of Vishnu. Now take bath and fulfill your duty by offering tribute to your dead sons.
Saying so, Srihari bathed Narada in the same lake where he became a girl after bathing.  After bathing again, he came back to his true form, which the king was surprised to see when Shri Hari Vishnu held Narada's finger back and the next moment Lord and Narada came back to Baikunth Dham. Lord Vishnu came back to Baikunth Dham and said to Lord Narada , Munivar my illusion is very painful.  It is about to bond, so that is why I have kept the sage-saints free from it.  How did you like my illusion.

Narada Ji could not give any answer to Prabhu and Narada started walking from Baikuntha Dham while chanting Narayana-Narayana .

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