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Know about Lord Ganesha

Know about Lord Ganesha

Ganesha is a formless divinity who is established in a supernatural shape for the benevolence of the devotees.  According to Hindu mythology, he is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Gan means group.  This whole creation is a group of atoms and different energies.  If there was no supreme rule ruling the group of different entities of this whole creation, then there would have been a lot of upheaval in it.  Ganesha is the master of all these atoms and groups of energies. He is the supreme consciousness which is omnipresent and establishes a system in this universe.

Adi Shankara has very beautifully described the essence of Ganesha in the Ganesh Stotra. 

Although Ganesha is worshiped as an elephant-headed god, this shape (form) actually reveals that formless (parabrahm form).

He is 'Aj Nirvikalpam Nirakaramakam'.  That is, Ganesha is Ajam (unborn), Nirvikalpa (without any qualities), formless (without any shape) and he is the symbol of consciousness, which is omnipresent.

Ganesha is the same energy that is the reason for this creation.  It is the same energy through which everything is visible (manifest) and in which everything will dissolve.

Story of the birth of Lord Ganesha.

We all know the story of how Ganesha became an elephant-headed god.  While Parvati was taking bath, Shiva entered the room.  Seeing this, her friends were embarrassed. Maa Parvati had appointed Nandi to supervise the door at that time. But Nandi could not stop Shiva, because Nandi is one of Mahadev's ganas. Then Maa Parvavati's friends told her to appoint a gana for herself who would follow his orders only. And when she realized this, she removed the filth from her body and made a child from it.  Then she told the child that while she is taking bath, he should guarding the door. When Shiva returned, the boy did not recognize him, and blocked his path.  Lord Shiva then beheaded the child and went inside.
Parvati was very surprised to see this.  She explained to Shiva that the child was his son, and she begged Lord Shiva to save his life at any cost.
Then Lord Shiva ordered his assistants to go and get a head from anywhere that was sleeping facing north.  Then Shivji's assistant brought the head of an elephant, which Shivji attached to the torso of that child and thus Lord Ganesha was born.

** Facts of thought in the story of Lord Ganesha.

Why Parvati had dirt on her body ?: Parvati is a symbol of happy energy.  Their being dirty means that any festival can be royal, it can have attachment and can shake you from your center.  dirt is a symbol of ignorance, and Lord Shiva is the symbol of supreme simplicity, peace and wisdom.

  • Was Lord Shiva, who was a symbol of peace, so angry that he beheaded his own son?  And why elephant head on Lord Ganesha's torso?  So when Ganeshji stopped the path of Lord Shiva, it means that ignorance, which is the quality of the brain, does not recognize knowledge, then knowledge must win over ignorance.  To show this, Shiva had beheaded Ganesha.
  • Why elephant's head ?: Elephant is the symbol of both 'knowledge power' and 'karma power'.  The main qualities of an elephant are - intelligence and spontaneity.  The giant head of an elephant is a sign of wisdom and knowledge.  Elephants never escape the obstacles, nor do they stop them. They only remove them from their path and move forward - it is a symbol of spontaneity.  Therefore, when we worship Lord Ganesha, all these qualities are awakened within us, and we take these qualities.

  • ** Ganesha's symbols and their importance

  • 1 . Ganesha's large belly signifies generosity and total acceptance.
  • 2 . Ganesha's raised hand is a symbol of protection - that is, 'Don't panic, I'm with you' and his bowed hand, with the palm facing outward, means eternal charity, as well as an invitation to lean forward.  - It is a symbol that we will all meet in this soil one day.
  • 3 . Ganesha is Ekadanta, which means concentration.  Whatever they hold in their hands, they all have some meaning.
  • 4 . He has a curb in own hands, which means - awake, and loop - that is, control.  With awakening, a lot of energy is produced and distraction can occur without any control.
  • 5 . Ganeshji, why does the elephant-headed god walk on a small vehicle like a rat?  Isn't it very strange?  Again, it has a deep secret.  A rat cuts the ropes and cuts them apart.  A rat is like a mantra that can completely cut off the unique layers of ignorance, and reveals the ultimate knowledge of which Lord Ganesha symbolizes.

  • Our ancient sages were so intelligent that they represented divinity as these symbols rather than words, because words change over time, but the symbols never change.  So whenever we meditate on that omnipresence, we should keep these deep symbols in our mind, like the elephant-headed God, and at the same time remember also that Ganesha is within us.  This is the knowledge with which we should celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi.

  • Friends, this is some information about Lord Ganesha.  Further information of Lord Ganesha will be given on this blog.  Thank you

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