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How was Mother Bhagwati got name Durga

How was Mother Bhagwati got name Durga

Mother Bhagwati became famous by the name of Durga only after killing Durgamasura

Bhagwati Durga gives power and vigor to the entire world.  Durga Maiya is also known as Sriradha in Goloka, Sreesita in Saket, Lakshmi in Kshirsagar, Dakshakanya Sati and Durgitnashini.
Lord Vishnu and Shiva manifest and destroy the world only by the power of Mother Durga.  It is told in Shivpuran that in ancient times there used to be a Mahabali monster called Durgam.  He omitted the four Vedas after getting a boon from Lord Brahma. The Vedas became invisible, then Vedic activity stopped in the world.  There was no tenacity or yajna was being done somewhere.  All this environment was getting polluted. There was no rain on the earth for a hundred years, there was chaos in all three worlds. 
Everyone was unhappy because the well, the river, the lake and the sea were all drying up.  Without water, people were doing crying. There was no water, how would the grain grow?  Gradually the food also got exhausted and people started dying of hunger.  When this misery of the people was seen by the gods, they went to the shelter of Bhagwati and requested for help.
The Gods said to Bhagwati, "O Mahamaya!"  Please protect your subjects.  There is chaos in all the worlds, there is neither water to drink nor food to eat.
Mother, just as you had protected all of us by killing Asuras like Shumbh-Nishumbha, Chand-Mund, Raktabeeja, Madhu-Catabh etc., try to save this world and kill Durgamasura.
After listening to the gods, Mamatamayi mother Durga was pleased and made them show the form with her's infinite eyes's form.  After this, Goddess Bhagwati flowed thousands of streams of tear water through her infinite eyes, due to which made everyone satisfied and all the lands were also watered.
The Rivers and seas filled with full of water.  Fruit sprouts started growing on the earth.  With the blessings of the Goddess, the sufferings of all the people were overcome. After this, the Goddess asked the Gods, what work is still left, then the Gods said that like Mother you have protected everyone by defeating the threat of unwanted drought on the whole world. In the same way, protect the dharma by killing the evil Durgmashura and bringing the Vedas kidnapped by him.  The goddess said avamastu.  After this, the gods worshiped her and returned to their respective places. When Durgamasura came to know about this, he surrounded Devaloka(Heaven) with his demonic army.  Mother saw all this and to save the gods, she erected shield of her Tejomandal(Divine Power) around Devaloka and took a front outside the circle herself.
When the demons saw the goddess, they attacked her.  At that time, Kali, Tara, Chinnamasta, Srividya, Bhuvaneshwari, Bhairavi, Bagalamukhi, Dhumavati, Tripurasundari and Matangi came out of the divine body of Goddess, these ten mahavidyas came out with weapons and innumerable Ma also appeared. They all held the crown of the moon on their foreheads.  These powers destroyed Durgamasura's army in a moment and after some time the goddess killed Durgamasura with her trident.  She then received the Vedas and handed them over to the gods.  The name of Goddess Bhagwati that is Durga name became famous after killing Durgamasura.

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