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How the thief Brahmin became Kubera, the god of wealth.

How the thief Brahmin became Kubera, the god of wealth.

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                      There are two stories related to the birth of Kubera.  The first story which is prevalent in folktale while the second story is described in Shri Varaha Purana.

According to the first story: -

                In ancient times, there was a Brahmin named Gunnidhi who was the knower of all the Vedas.  He was of very religious nature.  He was a believer in religion.  But it has been said that there is quality comes from the companion .  This is also true for quality  from the companion, due to the bad companion with the gunnidhi, his good qualities were ended and Gunnidhi became the top-notch gambler and thief.  And gradually lost all his wealth in gambling.  Gunnidhi's mother knew that Gunanidhi was trapped in a bad association , but due to the love of her son, she could not tell Gunnidhi's father in time.
As a result, Gunnidhi's rich family started eating alms and begging, and Gunnidhi's father left home and went to the forest.  The whole family started stumbling upon here & there for food.
One day when Gunanidhi went out in search of food, no one gave him food.  So, Gunnidhi distraught with hunger left for the forest. On the way, he saw some Brahmins who were carrying material to offer to the Lord, seeing that the hunger of Gunnidhi became stronger.
Therefore, Gunnidhi came after those Brahmins to Lord Shiva's temple and when the Brahmin started offering prasad to Lord Shiva and singing bhajan-kirtan, Gunnidhi sat there for the purpose of stealing food. When all the Brahmins fell asleep after finishing the Bhajan Kirtan, knowing the right time, he ran away with the offerings prasad to Lord Shiva, but then a Brahmin saw Gunanidhi running out of the temple and the thief shouted as a thief, after hearing this, the city guards fired arrows at him.  Gunnidhi died from this.  It is believed that the night Gunnidhi stole the material was Shivaratri.  Unknowingly, he followed the fast of Shivaratri. Bholenath is Bholenath ! Then how can his fast go empty.  So by grace of Bholenath, Gunnidhi became the king of Kalinga in the next life and due to unwavering faith in God, the great Shiva also made him lord of wealth and treasurer of the gods who became famous as Kubera, thus a thief and the gambler brahmin became the god of wealth by the grace of Bholenath.

According to the second story: -

                  Which is found in the Varaha Purana, in which it is said that Kubera was only in the form of air.  He wore the body at the behest of  Brahma Ji, this is the time when Brahma Ji was creating the universe.  Then suddenly a strong wind came out of his mouth.  That air started flowing rapidly all around.  Due to strong winds, dust started spreading all around.
Then Brahma ji asked him to take a body to calm the air.  Therefore, according to the order of Lord Brahma, he comes in front of Brahma, taking an air body.  Due to this, Brahmaji gives him the name Kubera and also gives him the boon of becoming the god of wealth.
Friends prevail about Kubera that he has three legs and 8 teeth.  He is described as a demon in the Shatapatha Brahmin and belong to dynasty of Ravana.

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