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How the lion became the vehicle of Maa Durga ..

How the lion became the vehicle of Maa Durga ..                   

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How the lion became the vehicle of Maa Durga, all the Gods and Goddesses have a very important place in our religion, as well as their vehicles have their own different importance, in the same way Maa Durga which is symbol of impetuous , power and strength.  While her vehicle, the lion, is considered a symbol of valor and aggression, and the roar of the lion is given the status of mother's voice, there are two stories describing how the lion became a mother's vehicle . Which is like this type ..?

First story: -

              Friends, you know that Mata Parvati had done austerities to achieve Bholenath which lasted continuously for many years, eventually Lord Shiva was pleased and appeared to Mother and accepted her as his wife, but  due to mother's harsh tenacity, her body had become dark colored, once Shiva and Parvati were wandering on Kailash, then jokingly, Shiv ji called Mata Parvati as Kali .
Due to this, Mata Parvati left the Mount of Kailash and went into the forest and started again on austere penance. During the penance, a hungry lion came to Mata Parvati for the purpose of eating her, but seeing the mother absorbed in austerity and due to the mother's effect, he sat there silently, now Mata Parvati was determined that she would continue her penance till she became white, that lion also sat with mother for many years.
Pleased with austerity after many years, Lord Shiva appeared to the mother and after giving a boon to the Gaura Varna and then asking her to bathe in the river and he was disappeared.
After bathing in the river, Mata obtained the Gaur Varna, that is, became white, and called Goddess Gauri, when Mata came to know about the lion in who had spent many years sitting with Mata, Mata was pleased with that lion made him own vehicle.

Second story: -

               The second story is described in the Skanda Purana, which states that Lord Shiva's son Kartikeya fought a fierce battle with the demon Tarak and his two brothers Sinhamukham and Surapadaman in the Devasur Sangram.  In which those demons were defeated, then Singhmukham apologized to Karthikeya and asked for his life, which pleased Karthikeya gave him the appearance of a lion and ablessed him to become the vehicle of Mata Durga .

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