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How Dhritarashtra died

How Dhritarashtra died,

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How Dhritarashtra died, whether he committed suicide, or whether someone murdered him, if you don't know, this post will be read till the last, along with how Kunti and Gandhari died.

According to the story: -

    When the war of Mahabharata ended and the Pandavas emerged victorious, Yudhishthira and Dhritarashtra performed the Shraddha of all Kauravas, Pandavas and other maharathis .
With them Dhritarashtra himself performed his own shraddha, and went to the forest with Gandhari, Kunti, Vidur and Sanjay to do penance, after 16 years Yudhishthira went to meet him at his ashram, where Vidur died, and his soul merged in Yudhishthira , because they were both incarnations of Yamaraja . At the same time, Vyas ji, at the behest of Gandhari, also resurrected all the Kaurava Pandavas killed in the Mahabharata war for one night, a few years after the same incident Dhritarashtra went to bathe in the Ganges . And after bathing, he was returning to his ashram, that there was a severe storm which ignited the fire, which spread across the forest on seeing it . Now Dhritarashtra, Kunti and Gandhari were ascetics, so due to the extreme austerity and fasting, everyone was very weak, due to which they were unable to escape from there .
Therefore, seeing this form of fire, Dhritarashtra said to Sanjay that "Vats you go to some place where this fire cannot harm you. Hearing this, Sanjay said that "Maharaj, it is not right for you to die by this fire, your body should be cremated with unbearable fire, but at this time there is no way to get rid of it . Dhritarashtra then said, "Sanjay, we have voluntarily abandoned our worldy life, so this fire is not harmful to us . Losing one's life by the combination of water, air and fire or by fasting is considered to be extremely enjoyable for ascetics .
So you leave here soon, do not worry about us, then Sanjay revolved around Dhritarashtra with Gandhari and Kunti. And said, "Maharaj, now you have to do yourself in yogi form, then Dhritarashtra took samadhi according to his instructions and stopped the senses and became like a wood . And after Sanjay left from there, that furious fire burned Kunti and Gandhari along with Dhritarashtra and consumed it . Narada ji went to narrate this incident  to Yudhishthira, making Yudhishthira very sad, but who can change the appetency of God .

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