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Gods prohibited Narada ji to enter heaven

Gods prohibited Narada ji to enter heaven

After all, why did the doors of the heavens have to be closed for Narada Muni?

Narada Muni is one of the seven Manas sons of Brahmadev who has been given the title of Brahmrishi.  Narada is called the exclusive devotee of Lord Vishnu.  Despite Brahmrishi, what happened that Narada Muni was not allowed to come to heaven?
We all know that Narada Muni was fickle.  His repeated visits to such a place without calling had become the cause of trouble for all the Gods.  All the devas together took a solution to order their gatekeepers not to allow Narada Muni to enter the heavens.  Therefore, some excuse should be used and ban to Narada.
The next day Narada ji reached Mount Kailash to meet Lord Shiva, then Nandi stopped him and said you go somewhere and play your veena because Lord Shankar is absorbed in meditation stages.  Hearing this, Narad Muni became angry and reached Kshirsagar to meet Lord Vishnu.  There Pakshiraj Garuda did not allow him to enter.  In the same way, he went to every gods, but no one allowed him to enter the heaven.
Narada Muni could not understand how to avenge his humiliation.  While traveling here, he reached Kashi where he met a famous Mahatma.  Narada Ji put his problem in front of him.  After some time the saint said that I myself meditate on the gods, how can I help you?
The saint then said that he has three amazing stones given to the gods, any wish can be fulfilled with every stone.  Narada Ji took all the three stones and moved forward.  While walking, an idea came to his mind that the use of these stones can divert the attention of the Gods.
Narada reached a city where there was a loud crying.  He came to know that the big Seth(Businessman) had died there, then he used one of his stones and brought the big Seth alive.  Going a little further, he showed a beggar who was troubled by leprosy, Narada removed his disease from the second stone and made him a rich man, and finally with the third stone he wished that the three stones would return to him.
After this, he started making obstacles in the cycle of creation by making similar wishes.  All the gods got upset due to this.  They realized that it was not right decision of  ban Narada to enter in heaven.  Narada ji was of a fickle nature, but through him, information of every place was available.
Then all the gods decided that Varun Dev and Vayu Dev would bring Narada.  They started searching for Narada on the earth and found him on the banks of the Ganges.  Narada ji's veena was placed on the banks of the river, which rang due to the flow of the Vayu Dev.  When Veena's ringing, Narad ji's attention turned to Veena, then he found Varuna Dev and Vayu Dev.
Then Narada ji came to know the reason for coming from them.  Varun Dev told him that all the gods are ashamed of their behavior and are calling you back to heaven.  Narada ji, forgetting his anger, proceeded towards Devaloka and shed all the three stones in the Ganges.

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