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God, avatar and divine stories -4

God, avatar and divine stories -4

Hello friends, I am presenting infront of you a new article of Avatar series.I hope you will like this article as before. The link of Part-3 will be given to you at the end of the article. And if you want to read all the parts then go to see  label (The Avatar series).If you like my article, do share it on social media.  A link to the previous article will also be found at the end of the article.  Till then you earn knowledge from this article and wait for the next article.  Thank you

Avatar means to come down, to incarnate, to express what was not seen, to be a manifestation.
There are many reasons given by God to take incarnation, it is also a reason to take off the problem of the earth. When there is loss of dharma and increase of wrongdoing, then God

incarnates, for the protection of devotees and the destruction of sinners.  And for the establishment of dharma. Kunti says that God incarnates only to perform the audible and memorable leela for those who are suffering from ignorance of desire and bondage of karma in the world, the devotees kept listening &remembering to the character of the Lord again and again and kept rejoicing and crossed the Bhavsagar.  This is also the reason for the incarnation of God. Krishna himself also explains to Uddhava that some gopis who could not attend his rasa vihara because they were stopped by the kinsmen, they attained to Shri Krishna only by remembering Shri Krishna's leelas.
At the time of incarnation, the body of God is not made of five elements like our body, neither mayic nor body .it is unnatural and consisting of pure intelligence . God does not born from the mother's womb due to karma-bandhan but appears.  This is called manifestation.  Realization is as if born.  After Leela, God goes to his abode along with the body.  This is called emergence. Like our bodies, his bodies do not destroy and originate.  There is no difference between body and soul in the body of God.  Just as there is a conceited soul of an ordinary body, there is no conceit of the body of God. In the incarnation period of God, the body is divine and all the functions of this body are done by God or it can be said that all work is done by the power of God.  Now the question is also sometimes raised that how can one who is everywhere be one point, how to live in one body?
It can be understood that fire is present in

formless form in every place where there is wood. When a fire is offered at one particular place, it cannot be interpreted to mean that fire is only one place and there is no fire in the wood of the other place.  God is omnipresent, everywhere.  However, avatars can be exclusively in the body, it is not surprising. Just like the soul who holds the body remains in the whole body. Giant creatures such as camel or elephants have soul all over their body.  But it remains exclusively in the heart. In this way, the omnipotent God is specially taking a body for incarnation. It does not mean that the rest of the places have become empty of God, they have lost their place.  God incarnates in every species .Body of an Avatar is unique. His eyes can do the work of ears, nose, skin and tongue; and in the same way any other sense organ works like all the other sense organs. Lord  does not reveal His real Self to all---- only a devoted  few can see His actual form during Avatar period.The Sanskrit word Avatar means coming down. Descension of the Almighty from His divine abode on our earth that is material world mayic is Avatar. His abode is Omnipresent like Himself. Therefore God does not have to go anywhere in the sense of moving from one place to another as we do. He just appears avirbhav, is not born like you and I. We come into this earth through a mother's womb in bondage to our karma . The Supreme One, however, is not in shackles or bonds of nature prakriti . Rather prakriti is in his control.Such a body is free from disease, want, hunger and other evils that plague human body. His body appears to go through the stages of birth, infancy, childhood and teen age  (Ram and Krishna never go beyond adolescence).

 God's body is not Body plus Soul. In such a body there are no gross,  subtle or causal bodies .
From the above cited scriptures it is clear that when righteousness is on the decline and unrighteousness is on the rise, then to protect the virtuous, punish the evil ones and to establish dharma ie.good order  Lord comes into manifestation in every age yug.
The people who have a devotional set of mind are of the view that Lord is a Being  full of grace. His coming is a blessing for those who are His devotees. They can see Him, feel Him, hear His voice, can touch Him and can even participate in His divine activities -leela. The Lord gives an object of remembrance so the devotees can liberate themselves. Hence it is also said that avatar is to liberate devotees. Since He is infinite His purpose cannot be finite. Omnipotent can come into this world for any reason He thinks fit-- the reasons of  His coming  cannot be put down into words. It should be remembered that when He is on earth in a particular form, all are not able to know him, or recognise him as God. Only the fortunate few who treat him as and think of him as God are able to “see’’. From others He hides behind the veil of His is Maya. To them He looks like an ordinary human being and not omnipotent. In Kans’s akhara where bow competition ,dhanush yagya was being performed people saw krishna in different forms according to their own feelings; to some He appeared as a young boy, to some others as a strong man and still  to others as their very death . When God Himself appears, such appearance is vimbavatar . This is of two types--the major one is shakshaat avatar , the minor one

is aveshavatar. Aveshavatar is also of two kinds. First one is  Shakti Avesh , second is roopavesh . In the first one it  is only power -Shakti which is manifested in a person, while in the second one the divine body enters a living entity, the one in whose body God goes in becomes divine. When Lord comes on this earth in a body the maximum potencies, Kala  are 16. This should not lead one to believe that the almighty has only 16 powers. No! He has infinite. On earth maximum potencies needed are 16. These have been named kala by the learned. When these kalas are in manifestations, it is called Kalavatar . When the power is 1 upon 16th part  of the kala then we have Ansha avatar. One manifesting even lesser than this is Vibhuti avatar . Not for a minute, get the erroneous idea that one avatar has less powers and the other more. This is just not  the divine  law. The divine cannot be broken into fractions. Where ever He is He is whole and in all His fullness. From this we can safely conclude that each avatar has infinite power, only those potencies which are necessary for the purpose of the avatar are revealed, the others remain dormant. That is 16 Kala of Krishna avatar , Ramavatar of 12 Kala, Mohini Avatar and Parashuramavatar are all equal and God.  In Purnavatara, God incarnates in the chaturvyuh.
Vasudeva, Balarama, Pradyumna and Anirudh - they are the vyuh of Krishnavatara and Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna are the vyuh of Ramaavtar. Gunaavatar are depands on guna ie ..Vishnu Satgun, Brahma Rajoguna and Rudra Tamogun. This is a permanent avatar.  Yugavatar in every era, like Rama in every Treta, Krishna in

every Dwapara;  Kalpavatars come in every kalpa.
Vishnu is the permanent avatar of the positive force satgun, the negative force or tamogun is manifested as Shiv the destroyer, while Brahma  the creator represents rajogun.
Archavatar depends on the faith and belief of the worshipper. God takes the form of the idol or the photo that the devotee worships. It is a sacred and secret relation between the Lord and his devotee bhakt . According to Brahmand Puran  Archa Avata is of four types--1)Self manifested eg Shriranga, Prayag,2) Divine  that is  established or made by Brahma or Devas eg Madhav in Kashi, Ramaa Madhav in  Hastishell, 3) Made by some god realised soul eg Lord Vishnu’s Idol  by King Shivi in Nandi Puri,4) Icons established by man and temples built by man eg uncountable  The power of these idols extends  for three  yojan, one yojan, two kos and one kos respectively.This Avtar is always available, and at all times.  Whether  it is a time when God is in manifestation(avtar),  or a time when God is not in manifestation. During avtar-time,it is rather difficult to have faith--who can believe that a man crying hysterically for his wife and askinq trees and creepers whether they have seen her is Omnipotent.This happened in Ramavtar.However,faith can be easily be established in an idol. Arachavtar can be of stone,mud,wood,paper or anything,even imaginary.  As far as showering grace is concerned ,this Archa Avtar has given grace to maximum number of souls.It began in treta yug when people started disrespecting one  another,the learned hit upon the idea of Omnipotent in idol .

Then the antaryami lives within each one of us, He is the Indwelling Lord. He can give darshan that is show himself to  devotees in the form of “ishtamoorthy’’. And we all  live in the same body with Him. Both of us  are like two birds on a tree. However, He is different from us . He is only an observer while we  are doing our acts  that is karma with attachment. This truth is repeated in our scriptures- After finishing the work, the avatar returns to abode with his body.  Their form looks according to the sentiment of the people.  Not everyone is the same --- in Sita-Swayamvar, the same Ram-Lashman appeared to different people in different forms. It is again mentioned at the cost of repetition that all the Avatars have equal powers, only the power necessary for the particular  purpose  is used; other powers which are infinite are kept in quiescence or abeyance eg. Narsingh Avatar Parshuram Avatar Mohini Avatar, all had equal powers .Only a portion of divine Majesty and Glory is manifested in accordance with the demand of the circumstances. Of twenty four Avatars mentioned in Bhagvat full Glory is shown forth by only two. Ram And Krishn bring to surface  all Glory, all Majesty and all the Power. For instance in Narsingh avatar, the only task was to bring an end to Hiranyakashyapa. Dispensing wisdom was not done by this particular avatar. Kapil Bhagwan imparted knowledge only, He did not kill demons. Likewise Mohini avatar brought  out only feminine beauty in order to distract the asurs, the war- like powers of Chamunda remained concealed. The following incarnations of God are mentioned in the Bhagavata; their renewable source is Narayan. Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan and Sanatkumar Varah,Narada, Hansha, Haygreeva

,Nar -Narayan,Kapil,Dattatreya,Yagyarupa, Rishabhdev, Raja Prithu,Matasya, Kurma, Dhanvantari, Mohini, Narasimha,Vamana, Parashurama,Vyasa, Rama,Balrama, Krishna,Buddha and Kalki. In this way, the incarnations of God are numerous.
While explaining the mystery to Narada Ji, Brahma ji says: "When it is time for creation of the world, then there is austerities, nine Prajapati, Marichi etc. sages and in my [Brahma] form; When it is time to protect the world, then in the form of dharma, Vishnu, Manu, gods and kings
and when it is time for the holocaust of the world, then the divine elements of Almighty God appear in the anger form of snakes and demons, etc., with adharma, Rudra and anger.
Brahma was born to four boys.  They were the first son of Brahma.  their names were Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan and Sanatkumar. They are also the forefather of Shankarji.  The scholars consider them to be the Shakti avesh incarnation of God, they preached self knowledge.
Once they went to meet God in Vaikunth, Lord's gatekeeper Jai & Vijay stopped them at the door. Angered, they cursed them to fall from Vaikuntha; Jai and Vijay became demons thrice and they were slaughtered by the hands of God three times.
Hiranyaksha was got killed by the Varaha avatar , Hiranyakashipu by Narsimha , Ravana and Kumbhkarna by lord Rama, Shishupala and Dantavaktra by lord Krishna.
They once asked Brahma ji: "Father!  The mind penetrates into the subjects, that is, it penetrates in the qualities, the qualities also fit into the mind's one instinct, how to separate these two to achieve liberation? "  Lord Brahma could not answer, remembered God, appeared in the form of a Hansa (swan), and preached self knowledge to the Sankadikas.

He called world was called luxury of mind.  Body and soul told separately.  Said to be in the bliss of the soul. Just as the awakened person does not believe in the dream body ,thing etc., in the same way, a person who is engaged in yoga neither consider the woman, son, wealth etc. and nor his body to be his own, when he absorbed the self object. He starts to consider himself as different from the body.  God described himself shelter as Yoga, Sankhya, Satya, Tej, Sri, Kirti etc. and said that all the qualities are inbuilt in him but they are devoid of all the qualities. To cross the ocean of the world, scripture recommend to make the feet of God as a boat.  All these places come and go without interruption.

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