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God, avatar and divine stories -3

God, avatar and divine stories -3

Friends, the third part of the series of avatar is presented, I hope you will like this article as before. The link of Part-2 will be given to you at the end of the article. And if you want to read all the parts then go to see  label (The Avatar series).If you like my article, do share it on social media.  A link to the previous article will also be found at the end of the article.  Till then you earn knowledge from this article and wait for the next article.  Thank you

The grace which Nandramani Yashoda Maiya received from the Supreme God Vishnu, neither Brahma ji nor Shankar ji nor his wife Lakshmi ji ever received it. Today the description of Baal Leelas of that Paratpara, Parabrahma Parmeshwar, as Lord Krishna, without Yashoda maiya, is impossible. Whoever did the feel of this story can understand its immortality.

At one time, Drona, the great among the Ashtas vashus ,prayed to Brahma ji, “O God!  When I will take birth on earth, then my devotion be fix on Lord Shri Hari Shri Krishna's feet ”. Who knows the leela of the creator, when Vasu Drona was praying to Lord Brahma ji, at the same time his wife Dhara Devi was also standing there with him. Dhara Devi did not say anything with her mouth, but her every breath was asking for the same from God, which was asking her husband, Lord Brahma, who was standing there at that time, that is, she was also asking Lord Krishna as her son there.  The creator Brahma said, "thaastu- it will be," and became disappear . In intervals of time, Dhara devi, who was born with due to the glory of this boon, took birth in India as a daughter of a 'Sumukh Gope' of Vrajmandal on earth and the daughter of his wife Patla. This was the time when the incarnation of Shri Krishna was going to happen on earth.
Sumukh and Patla named their beautiful girl Yashoda.  On getting older, Yashoda was married to Vrajraj Nand.  Vrajraj Nand was a Vasu named Drona in his previous birth, whose chirasangini Dhara married him as Yashoda.
In fact, there is a Yashoda in the eternal leela of God.  She is the eternal mother of Lord Krishna.
As the son of Yashoda, Purushottam himself incarnated Lord Shri Krishna.  When God was incarnated, Yashoda ji's age had fallen. Earlier, Yashoda with her husband Nand ji  how much they tried to have children but did not have got children. So, when the son was born, then what was his joy to say? Yashoda got a son, in this joy, the whole of Vrajpur was immersed. Kansa inspired Putna came to kill Yashoda Nandan.

She gave his poisoned breast to Yashoda Nandan's mouth.  But Yashoda Nandan drank her life along with her poisonous milk.  While leaving the body, Pootana ran towards Madhupuri with Shri Krishna.  Ahh !  At that moment Yashoda's life also ran as if followed by Pootna.  Yashoda's life returned only when life was communicated to him, when the son was brought by the Gosundaris to lap her chest.
Yashoda Nandan was progressively increasing and in the same sequence, the joy of Maiya was also increasing. Yashoda Maiya could not bear happiness to see her son.  Sometimes after putting the son to sleep on the cradle, she would bliss in such a way that he does not have the sense of the surrounding world. In this way, Shri Krishna Chandra, having received mother's love, had passed today for eighty one days, but mother felt as if I had seen her son's siren face sometime back. Today she was put to sleep after raising her son under a huge bullock cart.  At the same time, a big heavy monster named Kansa inspired Utkach came and entered the bullock cart. He wanted to kill him by dropping the bullock cart on Yashoda Nandan.  But before this, Yashoda Nandan overturned the bullock cart with his little tender feet and put an end to that Utkatch life.
Here, when mother heard the dreadful word of bullock cart fall,  then she had been thinking that my son was no more.  she had weeped and cried, and then fell down . With great difficulty, the gopis succeeded in breaking her unconsciousness . Opening his eyes, she looked at his son, seeing that she started crying to herself.

She started say with crying while execrate ownself "Oh Oh ! My child is more delicate than flower, only three months old, and the bullock cart collapsed near to him the ground and broke. Even after hearing this, my life did not come out, I am still alive with the same life, so it is true that I am more harsh than vajra.  I am mother only to be called, my motherhood, my mothering is damned.
Yashoda maa would sometimes pray 'O Vidhata! When will my day come, when I will see my son walking, when I will get satisfaction of ears on hearing of his first word, '- sometimes she asked to Krishna.  While fulfilling the desire of his mother, Shri Krishna started speaking and then standing and walking. In this, one year was completed,  mother Yashoda celebrated her son's first anniversary.  On the other hand, the elusive demon of the elusive Kansa would be sorry to see the leela. This time Kansa sent the Trinavat monster.  He came and flew into the sky, blowing Krishna.  Seeing this, Yashoda fell down on the earth.This time nobody had the hope of mother's life.  But when Shri Krishna returned after killing Trinavart, the gopis brought him from the body of the monster, then Yashoda's consciousness immediately returned. When the day came, when the night came - Yashoda used to know this only after being told by someone.  To awaken them from this condition for a moment, as if Krishna had did this leela to eat soil.  'Her son Shri Krishna has eaten the soil', as soon as Yashoda ji's eyes became aware.

She started looking at his mouth and then saw the whole world located in his mouth, saw the origin of infinite universe and his end.  Seeing it, she trembled once, but it was in these that the vaishnavi maya of Shri Krishna expanded and she forgot everything.
Yashoda used to forget, but the days were getting fulfilled.  In Yashoda's unknown, his son's second anniversary also arrived.  Then upon seeing her Krishna became two years and two months old.
But now Krishna had become so fickle such that he does not let Yashoda rest for a single moment.
He would go to the houses of the gopis and break the pitchers of curd. One day he also broke the pot of yogurt, which had been safe in his family for years. Mother tied Sri Krishna in a mortar for the purpose of intimidation. The whole world will be sacrificed on this effort of Yashoda for eternity.
Yashoda's Krishna uprooted the two Arjuna trees from the root by making this connection.  Then the residents of Vraj were extremely distraught to protect Yashoda Nandan.  Pootna, Shakta, Trinarat - So many times Narayana saved her Krishna, but now here in this gokul, there should not be even a single moment.  The Gopas had decided this after consulting - just, the moment to go to Vrindavan. This is what happened, Yashoda came to Vrindavan with her Krishna.  After coming to Vrindavan, many heartfelt leelas of Shri Krishna spread. The third year of Shri Krishna  was not yet completed, yet he started going to the cow grazing forest. He killed Vatsasura-Bakasura etc. in the forest. When mother Yashoda used to hear the details of these events, her life started to shatter with the fear of the son's evil, immediately lapping her Krishna from the chest and banning him exit from the next day, but then, after convincing everyone, naive mother would also agree.

During the summer of the fifth year, he did Kaalia nag daman leela..  No one has the ability to portray the condition that Yashoda ji saw when he was tied up in the bond of Kaliya. No one has the power to describe how much happiness Yashoda felt in listening to the unique activity of Krishna in the sixth year. The seventh year was the year of dhenuk-salvation, Govardhan mountain raised leela in the eighth year,Sudarshan was fred in the ninth year,in the tenth year he did many joyous child leelas, Arista was fred in the eleventh year, on the Dwadashi of the Falgun month of the twelfth year, the Keshi monster was fred. On these occasions, the emotions of joy or sorrow erupted in Yashoda's heart, Yashoda herself would drown in it, and also immersed the entire Vraj.
Thus eleven years, six months, Shri Krishna continued to illuminate Yashoda Rani's home, but now it was  time to going to Mathura,  came to Akrur to take Shri Krishna to Mathura.  It was the evening of Phalgun Dwadashi, Akrur as if it had dropped a huge fire on Yashoda's heart. Nand kept explaining to Yashoda all night, but Yashoda was not agreeing in any way.  In any case, the son was not allowed to visit Kansa's Mathura. At last Yogmaya expanded Maya, Yashoda became confused.  Even though she did not give permission, but till now she was not protesting, she did shed tears.
Who did not cry seeing the sad condition of Yashoda Rani while leaving.  Ahh !  Whether the living world, the root world, everything had come to a standstill. Troubled, Yashoda was not even doing auspicious work during his journey.

She was so confused that she was not able to give any worthy things - or perhaps forgot to give it to her son, suitable for her motherhood. Mother was weeping continuously, only Sri Krishna in her heart, the land was pulsing due to her continue weeping.  In that extremely touching scene, infinite patience was required to be enlightened. The chariot started with Shri Krishna. The print of the chariot wheels began to be engraved on the ground, as if the earth was expressing to the pierced heart of Yashoda.
Saraswati ji might not even have the ability to describe in real detail what happened to Yashoda disconnection of Sri Krishna .  Yashoda maa was really deranged.  From where Shri Krishna  was sitting on the chariot, she used to come daily.
She woke up crying "Hey!  Is there no one in Vraj who can stop my going son and catch him?  Look, the chariot is going up, my life is being taken, I am not able to run, someone should run and grab my Krishna! " Sometimes animals, birds and humans - whoever would come in front of the sight, she would send many messages to Vasudev's wife Devaki. A wanderer went and told this message of Yashoda to Shri Krishna.  Shri Krishna sent Uddhav to console him.  Uddhav came, but could not wipe the tears of Jagadishwar's mother.  He did not have that much power. Yashoda Rani's heart became calm when she met Krishna in Kurukshetra.  She got new life by sitting on her lap, applying his Kanha with her heart.  When Yashodarani returned from Kurukshetra, his Kanha returned to Vrindavan with him in her heart.  Very few people can understand this mystery.  The desolate world of Yashoda re-settled.

On the other hand, Sri Krishna, the ruler of the universe , was about to end his leela.  That is why he sent his mother Yashoda in advance. At the last moment when he sent Radha off, he also placed his mother Yashoda Maiya on the same divinity plane of Goloka, bowed to him and along with Radha Kishori, Yashoda Maiya also entered, in his continual Golok Dham where her Kanhaiya was standing… to welcome her.
Once Brahma ji also suspected that Shri Krishna was the God.  The person who tied the creatures in the bondage of maya showed such leela that the Creator too got overwhelmed. In this story context, there is a sense of the infinite number of avatars.  In what forms does the most kind-hearted Srihari accept for us, this experience also occurs to a devout heart. I will discuss this story later.

The rest will continue in the next article.....

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