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Consipiracy of lakshagrih against Pandavas

Consipiracy of lakshagrih against Pandavas

The princes of the Kuru dynasty, the Kauravas and the Pandavas, were now growing up.  When Duryodhana saw that the power of Bhimsen, the younger brother of Yudhishthira, was infinite and Arjuna's archery knowledge and practice were unique, his heart started burning. He was deeply jealous.  He, along with Karna and Shakuni, took many measures to kill the Pandavas, but the Pandavas survived the all consipiracy.  With the advice of Vidur, they did not reveal this thing to anyone. Vidur was their true well wisher.  Seeing the virtues of the Pandavas, the citizens and the people there began to speak about their qualities in  gatherings. Wherever they would gather on the platforms, they would orgnised meeting, while insisting that Pandu's eldest son Yudhishthira should get the kingdom.  Dhritarashtra did not get the kingdom already because of being blind, now how can he be king. Shantanunandan Bhishma is also a great religious and obey own promise, he has rejected the kingdom in the past, so how will he take it now? That is why we are right that only Yudhishthira, the eldest son of Pandu, should be made the king, the adherent of truth and compassion. There is no doubt that Bhishma and Dhritarashtra etc. will also not have any inconvenience due to he being king.

He will take care of them with great love. Duryodhana was jealous of jealousy after hearing this matter of the people.  He went to his father Dhritarashtra after getting burnt and bruised and said to him, "Father!  we are hearing very bad things from peoples's mouths. They want to remove Bhishma and you and make the Pandavas king.  Bhishma has no objection in this, but it is a big danger for us.
Already made a mistake, your brother Pandu accepted the kingdom and you also rejected the state you got due to your blindness. If Yudhishthira gets the kingdom, then it will run in his lineage and no one will ask us.  we and our children do not have to suffer like hell by being dependent on others, for this, you think of some trick. If you had already taken the kingdom, there would be nothing to say.  What to do now?
Dhritarashtra got confused on hearing of his son Duryodhana and the policy of his general minister Kanik.  Duryodhana, thinking with Karna, Shakuni and Dushasan, said to Dhritarashtra, "Father! Thinking of a beautiful tactic, send the Pandavas to the Varnavata from here.  Dhritarashtra got into thinking. Dhritarashtra said, "Son!  My brother Pandu was very religious.  He was very good with everyone and especially with me.  He did not even care about own food and drink, would have told me everything and considered my kingdom. His son Yudhishthira is also similar to religious , meriorious, almighty and dignified.  How can we forcefully dislodge him from the dynasty traditional state, especially when his assistants are also very big. Pandu has nurtured minister, army and his dynasty tradition.  All citizens are satisfied with Yudhishthira.  If they spoil and kill us ”?
Duryodhana said, "Father!  I have already regale  to the people by thinking about this future objection with wealth and respect. They will mainly help us. The treasure and the minister are under me.
At this time, if you send the Pandavas with humility, then I will completely capture the kingdom.  After that even if they come there is no harm ”.  Dhritarashtra said, "Son!  I also want the same. But how should I tell them this sinful thing? Bhishma, Drona, Kripacharya and Vidur do not have consent in this.  They have the same love for Kauravas and Pandavas. They may not know this oddity.  If we do this, then why will not those Kaurava nobility and public be angry at us? Duryodhana said, "Father!  Bhishma is a mediator. Ashwatthama is on my side, so Drona cannot goagainst him. How will Kripacharya leave his sister, brother-in-law and nephew.  The remaining thing is Vidur, he has met the Pandavas in secret, I know this but what will he do alone? Therefore, without doubt, send Kunti and her sons to Varanavat, only then my jealousy will pass away ”.
Saying this, Duryodhana was pleased to please the people and on the other hand Dhritarashtra appointed some clever ministers only for this task, who praised Varanavat and encouraged the Pandavas to go there. According to Dhritarashtra, if someone praises that beautiful and prosperous location, then some would praise the city. Somebody talks about the annual fair there.
In this way, the Pandavas' mind became eager to go there after hearing the praise of Varanavat city.  Seeing the opportunity, Dhritarashtra told them, “Dear sons!  People praise Varanavat city very much. If you all want to go there, come there once. Nowadays there is a big boom of the annual fair there.  Look, you all will give lots of donations to Brahmins and singers and come back here with joy and glory, like the deities. ”  Yudhishthira immediately understood Dhritarashtra's demeanor.  Seeing himself helpless, he said, "Okay, command like you, what objection do we have". He humbly said to the elders of the Kuru dynasty, Bhishma, Somadatta etc., Dronacharya, Kruipacharya etc. ascetic Brahmins and Gandhari, Vidurani etc. The Pandavas humbly said, “We are going to Varanavat with my companions with the permission of King Dhritarashtra. You all bless us with a happy heart that sin cannot touch us there ”. Everyone said,

"May you be benefitted everywhere. There should be no harm to anyone.  Always have a good welfare  ”. According to Duryodhana's devious tricks, Duryodhana was very happy when Dhritarashtra ordered the Pandavas to go to Varanavat. He called his minister Purochan in solitude and holding his right hand said, “Brother Purochan!  As I have the right to enjoy this earth, so are yours. I have no such trust and support other than that with whom I can get such secret advice. I entrust you with the task of overthrowing my enemies from the root.  Work carefully, no one should even know.  Pandavas will stay in Varanavat for a few days with their mother Kunti, according to father's order. You go there already with your assistants.  On the edge of the city, build a building with flax, resin and wood, etc., which should be easily kindled by fire. Apply ghee, oil, fat and lacquer mixed soil on its walls.  Even after examining the Pandavas, they do not know this at all.  To keep Mother Kunti, Pandavas and their friends in it. Then if they sleep confidently and set fire to the door.  In this way, when they burn in their house, we will not be blasphemed either by anyone. Purochan vowed to do as Duryodhana had said and left for there.  Going there, he prepared a grand palace according to Duryodhana. On the other hand, when the time of celebration came near, the Pandavas added fast and superior horses to their chariot for their Varanavat journey .
They humbly touched the feet of the elders, embraced the younger and then started their journey. At that time, many great and old, wise Vidur and all the subjects of the Kuru dynasty started following Yudhishthira.  Seeing the Pandavas depressed, the fearless Brahmins said among themselves, 'King Dhritarashtra's wisdom has slowed down. That is why they favor their boys.  His religious vision seems to be fading.  The Pandavas have not spoiled anything.  They are getting their father's kingdom, then why does Dhritarashtra not tolerate this as well.  Do not know how the divine Bhishma is suffering this injustice.  We don't want all this.  We can not even tolerate all this. We will all leave Hastinapur and walk there, where King Yudhishthira will live.  Hearing this kind of talk of the people and knowing their grief, Yudhishthira said to them, “Well wishers!  King Dhritarashtra is our father, supreme recognition and guru.  Whatever they will say, we will do it silently.  This is our vow. If you are our friendly and well wisher people, then greet us and blessedly leave us and return. Hearing the religious talk of Yudhishthira, all the citizen gave blessings and returned to the city after praising them. On returning everyone, Vidur ji, who knew many languages, said to Yudhishthira in sign language, “The moral man should understand enemies's mentality and protect him from it.
There is such a weapon, which is not of iron, but can destroy the body.

If anyone understands this enemy's fetch , then he can avoid death.  The fire burns the grass and the whole forest. But the living beings in the hole protect themselves from it.  This is the way to survive. The blind do not know the way and directions.  Do not understand without patience.  Understand my point well. Traveling leads to knowledge of the path.  The constellations indicate direction.  Whose five senses are in control, enemies cannot harm him.
Hearing Vidur's gesture, Yudhishthira said, "I have understood all your things very well".  After this Vidur returned to Hastinapur. When the five Pandavas reached Varanavat with their mother, after hearing the news of the Pandavas' presence, the citizens of Varanavat came to their arrival site to receive the offerings of auspicious items according to the ritual law .
 All directions were echoed by his cheering and sound of praise .  Yudhishthira used to look like this among the people, as if Devraj Indra himself. Duryodhana's minister, Purochan, held them with respect at the place fixed and tried to satisfy them with food, beds, postures etc.  The Pandavas started living there happily.  There was often a crowd of citizen at their residence. Similarly, after ten days, Purochan discussed the Pandavas with that beautiful name but conspiracy palace .  With his inspiration, the Pandavas went there with their house materials and started living in that grand palace (Laksha Bhavan).  Dharmaraja Yudhishthira, seeing the house from all around, said to Bhimsen, “Brother Bhima!  Look?  Each corner of this house is made of fire-burning materials.  This is evidenced by the mixed smell of ghee, lacquer and fat. The artisans of the enemy have cleverly constructed it by drenching flax, resin, bulrush, grass, bamboo etc. with ghee.  Certainly, the idea of ​​purochana is that when we start defiantly staying in it, then set it on fire and burn it. Vidur had already understand this thing.  That is why they gave us the information with affection ”.  Bhimsen said, "Brother!  If this is the case, why should we not return to our first place Yudhishthira said, "Brother Bheem!  We should stay here with great care by hiding our information. There is no anybody know doubt about our face or expression or behaviour. Let us find the path of exit.  If Purochan gets to know from our mood, he can burn us with force.  He no longer cared about condemation or wrongdoing. If we are dead then why would Pithama Bhishma and others be angry at Kauravas or will they be angry?  The anger of that time will also go in vain. If we run away from fear, Duryodhana will find out from his spies and get us killed.  He is currently an officer.  He has assistants and treasure.  We do not have all three things.  Come, we stay here and wandering in the forest and explore the paths.  Once the safe tunnel is built, we will escape from here and no one will be able to know that the Pandavas have survived. ”
Bhimsen agreed to his elder brother and calmed down.  There was a great confidant of Vidur digging a tunnel.  He came to the Pandavas and said, "I am very skilled in excavation work. I have come to you by order of Mahamana Vidur.  You trust me  Vidur has told me as an indication that 'While walking I had said something in

Yudhishthira in code-language and he said' I have understood your things well '. Purochan is about to set fire soon.  What should I serve you? Yudhishthira said, "Brother!  I believe in you. There are like-minded Vidur like us, so are you. Treat us as your own and as they protect us, so do you. You save us from the fear of this fire. This house has high walls all around, there is only one door ”.  Then the tunnel digger assured Yudhishthira to work on the pretext of cleaning the trench. He built a big heavy tunnel in the middle of that house and put it on par with the ground.  Purochan was always at the door of that palace.  Purochan may does not get know and see something, so the mouth of the tunnel is kept completely closed.
The Pandavas used to spend the night in that palace with their weapons carefully.  Throughout the day, they roamed in the jungle on the pretext of hunting.  Even if there is no faith, they make similar efforts as if they are full of believers.  Apart from that digging artisan, no one knew about this situation of the Pandavas. Purochan saw it happen for about a year, and the Pandavas are living in it with great faith.  He was very happy. Seeing his happiness, Yudhishthira said to the brothers, “The sinful Purochan is thinking that we are cheated.
But actually he has got cheated.  So, now we should leave this place.  We should flee from here by burning the arsenal and Purochan ”. One day Kunti made a Brahmin meal to give alms.  Many women also came.  When everyone ate and went away, then by chance a Bhil woman came with her five sons to ask for food. All of them were already drunk after drinking alcohol, so the consciousness was empty and sleeping in the lakshabhawan.  The midnight when everyone was asleep, at that time the storm was going on, there was darkness. Bhimsen reached the place where Purochan was sleeping.  Bhimsen first set fire to the door of that house and then ignited it all around.  Highly flames started coming up. The five brothers entered the tunnel with their mother.  When the unbearable heat and ferocious light of the fire spread all around and the crackling and falling of the building began to rage, the citizens awoke and ran there.
Seeing the terrible plight of that house, everyone started saying that “Purochan must have created this trap with the inspiration of wicked Duryodhana.  Its sure, this is his conspiracy . Dhritarashtra's selfishness is damned! Alas Alas ! They directly and truly killed the Pandavas! Purochan also got good results!  That ruthless one also burnt to ashes in this.  In this way the citizens of Varanavat surrounded the palace crying and weeping all night. The Pandavas went out of the tunnel with Mata Kunti into a forest.  Everyone wanted to run away from here soon, but all were helpless due to sleep and fear.  It was impossible to walk quickly due to Mother Kunti. Then Bhimsen took Mata on his shoulder and Nakula-Sahadeva on his arms and took Yudhishthira and Arjuna with both hands and took them quickly.  At that time Bhimsen reached the banks of Gangaji at a great speed.

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